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NEW FF ...THE UNEXPECTED updated page 39 (Page 6)

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Chapter  5

 Vickram walked out of Dr. Suman's   hospital office, disappointed at  not being able to see her for his appointment today.  He was told due to some unexpected  emergency   she had to rush  off  and  that  he had to  make another appointment.  He decided he would call her later and find a better time to meet.

He  wanted to know how soon he could start the get the ball  rolling on his divorce proceedings,  now that he  decided  that is what he wanted he  did not want to  wait too long.   He also wanted this to be as easy  as possible for Reva.  He did  not want  her suffering any   undue  stress  or setbacks because of this.  Dr. Suman had asked for a few months,  he was  willing to  wait,  but  he had a few  questions.

Ever since his declaration 2 weeks ago, Reva was acting different...quite, calm. Even go far enough to start cooking again something she had not done so far back even he could not remember. She said it relaxed her. Even Neeranjan and his mother backed off with their remarks, although his mother was starting to make noise about children and grandchildren he did his best to ignore.

Vickram  was pulled out  of his musings when  as he  walked out the hall and  over  herd the conversation  of the two people in front  of him.

"Did  anyone get in contact with  any  of  Gulabiya's brothers?"  the  doctor  asked the nurse

"No Doctor…I  am worried   it is  almost lunch  time and Sugni still   has not moved, when we tried to talk to her  she just keeps saying her mother  will wake's like she  dose not want to accept it" The nurse  said  sadly.

 Sugni? Gulabiya? What was going on Vickram  wondered.

"Excuse me Doctor?"  he said ,  they  both stopped  and turned to him.  "Sorry I could not help over hear your conversation. Is  Gulabiya  back in the hospital?"  He asked .

"And you  are?" the Doctor asked looking at him.

"Oh  Sorry  Vickram …Vickram Singh a friend of the family."

"OK..Sorry but  Gulabiya  died earlier this morning due to heart failure…we tried our best but…" He shook shook his head sadly. "Her daughter Sugni has been her since last night, and she did not take the news well, she dose not want to believe her mother is gone, she is sitting in the waiting room insisting  we come back here and  help her mother."

"Oh  my  God!"  Vickram said  shocked.

"And  where are her uncles?"  he asked.

"No one showed up since last night, for a few minutes. She seems all  alone…they  should be here at a time like this, we were hoping some one would turn up to visit …but  no one is here yet and it is almost lunch time!..If…you could probably  talk to her…she can't stay  here and arrangements need to be made." The Doctor said sympathetically.

"Yes..yes   I will..Please can you arrange for the bills and I will clear it and whatever else needs to be done. Thank you  doctor." 

The nurse who had left while they  were  talking came back  with a small bundle she was carrying  as she told him it was Gulabiys belongings she had with her  upon admittance.. She showed Vickram to the waiting room.  "it is so sad, to be alone at a time like this she seems so lost."  The nurse commented.

Vickram could only  imagine what she must be going through . As he entered the little waiting room, he spotted  Sugni sitting in the corner of the  waiting room on a chair, her arms wrapped around her middle.  She did look lost.

He walked up to her and touched her shoulder, alerting her to his presence. She looked  up at him. As  she smiled slightly . "Thakur Mallick  ,  Maa  is in the hospital…they are  working  on her…but I don't understand  what they are saying…can you talk to them please.." she  pleaded, ,eye eyes filling with tears.

"I will…but  Sugni I  need you to come with me…I'll take you  home."

"Home? No no  I  can't go home Maa is in there…she needs me…I have to stay  until they fix her."  She  said. Vickram closed  his eyes, her words and heart broken expression tugging at him. This poor girl.

"Ok we  won't leave…but can you  come out side with me…it might be easier to talk …please."

She stood up and followed him outside. He walked towards  his jeep , where he asked her to sit. She did.  He sat next to her, as he turned  to look at her.  She was watching the  hospital doors.   He knew she was trying hard to convince her self, but she was failing.

"Sugni…your mother  passed.." He began

"Maa is  going to be ok…she is just a little sick…look I should be back there…" She said, cutting him off.

"Sugni…look at me." He said  sternly. She did not. Taking the little bundle that was her mothers belongings  he placed it on her lap quietly, she looked  down at the bundle as  if in shock.

"I am sorry  Sugni…she is gone." Silently  she  shook her head a tears ran out of her eyes.

"Sugni …you need to go home …things need to be arranged…you  can't stay  here" He said quietly.

"No…noo  I can't leave her…" she said feebly.

"Do you want to make this harder for her?" he asked

"No." She shook her head.

He placed his hand on her s…"Then we should make sure she doesn't  have any  more trouble right? We need to go home…that's all everything else will be taken care off  just come home  ok?"

She nodded silently not saying a word, as she hugged the bundle to her chest. Vickram started the  jeep   driving out  of the  parking lot and towards  her home.

The trip to  Sugni's house was a quite one. Sugni  was sitting in a daze  quietly  crying  not paying attention to her surroundings.  Vickram  made one stop home to pick up Rattu instructing him to  take care of whatever needed to be done and over see  that it all took place properly.  He had a feeling   Sugni's  uncles  would not be of much  use.

Vickram  pulled  in front of Sugni's house ,  sounding  the horn.  The  door  opened  and  Four people  walked out.  Vickram  shook his head, they  seemed   so unconcerned  about their  sister and  niece. 

" Vickram Takhur Mallick!?"  Hukum asked as  came to  the front to the   jeep. Sugni was still seated  like she had no idea they  were  there.

Vickram  told him  what happned to their sister.  As Hukum  broke down.  Soon every  one  was crying . Vickram and  Rattu  seeming to be the only  level headed  ones.  Champa  who lived   two houses  away  cam e over to  find out what was going  on. Vickram turned to her. "Please take Sugni inside…help her out."   He said

"Yes  Takur mallicK" .   Champa  took Sugni and  led her into the house.   He then turned on Hukum and  Katari.  "look you  two have a lot of work to do, preparations to be made.  Sugni  has been through a lot. And I  don't expect her to handle this alone . She was your sister too." He said  to them.

"Yes…" Hukum turned to Katari. "we have to go to Jwala  Thakur Mallick…maybe he will help us with some money…"  He said.

"Don't   worry  about it…that is taken care off…just see about things here." Vickram said. 

He left them to make preparations as  he  went back to the hospital to  finalize the body  and  clear her bills.

The Funeral was a small simple affair, Gulabiys  fellow  dancers  turned out to pay  their  respects to her, Vickram showed up  which  was  surprising to every  one that a Thakur actually  cared  enough about a bedni to  make sure she had a proper  funeral. Jwala  Singh  did not  even bother  to show up   for the woman  he brought  twenty  one years ago.  Not that that was so unusal no one expected anything different.

Sugni  was in a daze  through it all, accepting condolences not really  aware of the goings on aound her until it was time to see her mother off to the cremation grounds.  Where  she broke down a little, but controlled it wanting to see everything was done  right . Her aunts  and uncles for once showing  her  concern for her loss by  leaving her  on her own.

The  thirteen  days of mourning  passed in Sugni's house as though time  stood still.  Sugni spent her time keeping herself busy , not thinking of the loss she  cleaned  the small house then cleaned  it again,seeing to everything that was needed for the rituals  even  if it was done already.  Nights were the hardest  where  try  as one might to keep busy  the  quite crept in and she would see that empty  bed that was her mothers that first night was to hard  , so she  moved outside   catching  restless winks. .

As the final  ceremony  in honor of her mothers  death ended  thirteen days  later Sugni was forcing herself to  stay  around with the people and  accept more condolences . All she wanted to do was go back to her room. Champa was also helping cleanup and Sugni though to join her for something to do than  receive pitiful looks. She was also beginning to hear  whispers about now it was her turn to join the ladies  in Bumshukiys's  truck and start  taking care of home.  She ignored  those.

As she was making her way to her   Champa who was  folding some sheets she over herd  her uncles  talking to each  other.

"I will ask him  when he comes…I  mean we do need money  now that  Jiji  is gone…Sugni will not be well enough to work yet…We all know he will help  …he saw all to all this… but you  know… I went to Jwala Thakur and he also gave me some money for  jiji's teervi!...why  wouldn't he  she was after all his bedni."

"Did you tell him Vickram Thakur was helping?"  Katari  asked his brother.

"Yes that is why  he gave me money…"  Hukum chuckled like it was a joke.

Sugni  was disgusted   at her  uncles attitude , knowing fully well they  would take advantage of  Thakur Mallicks  kindness,  she was about to give them  a piece of her mind but remembering that their was people around she stopped.  Feeling a bit suffocated she decided to go out for a walk , hurriedly  leaving to go to  one place she might get some peace.

Vickram  walk  into  Sugni's  house, sorry  that  he missed the ceremony  but as  he was about  to leave  he had to attend to a very  important  phone call  that could not be avoided. He looked around at some of the  guest but did  not see Sugni anywhere. He  did  not get a chance to talk to her properly  since the  funeral, She was upset and he wanted to talk to her  but she was surrounded by   her aunts and Champa and  Vickram thought they were there to take care of her. 

Spotting Champa   Vickram walked over to her.

"Hey  Champa  did  everything  happen ok?" he asked

"Yes  Thakur Mallick, "  she asnswered

"Where is  Sugni?" He asked

"She got upset, and she  she went for a walk…there  is only  one place she would go  at a time like this. The temple"

"hmmm….Ok" Vickram said  walking  back out.   The temple was a shot  walk from here so he decided to  foot it. He spotted  her sitting   on the stairs  of the temple.

"Sugni?' He said   sitting next to her.

She wiped her face  as she  smiled  slightly 'Thakur  Mallick, hello"

"hello."  He said  sitting  quietly  at her side

"I am sorry." She said as he looked at her confused. "I  did not come out to thank you for all your help,  if mom was here na ..she would  tell me I was being rude."

"Sugni…you don't have to thank me…it would be wrong of me  not to help at this  time. Whatever you  need..just  ask."

She looked at him. "You  helped  so much, and because of you  she got a proper…" She shook her head not wanting to say  it…"But  please don't listen to  my  uncles now…they just ..want to take advantage…please we will be fine." She said, knowing very  well what her uncles give.

"Sugni..don't worry  about them ok…I  know how to deal with them.  Just think about you ok."  He told her.

She shook her head… "It's like they don't even  care that she's …that she is …go..gone"  She said her ters spilling  from her  eyes.  

 As long as  Sugni  knew her mother she was  always  with a smile on her face.  She  worked hard , but she took care of  the house and her brothers. She  even did  what  the other bedni's  did  not do,   she  sent Sugni to get an education.  She listened as Sugni   went on and on about what she learned.  She told her one day , she got a sense of satisfaction  seeing Sugni  have a carefree child hood, that she did not have.

Her mother  sacrificed a lot for her family, and  Sugni  seeing them happy and just as  she was about to get some rest of her own…she left. Her mother was her security  blanket..she knew no matter what  she always  had her mother to  run to with her problems, her  joys  her sorrows. Her mother was her best friend.  Now she was gone. Sugni had no idea how  she was going to go on now. Suddenly  she started to cry  in earnest, all the tears and fears  pain and loss she was feeling came spilling out as she wept bitterly.

"She is  gone…She left  me…Why…Maaa!""  She cried as she  wrapped her arms around herself letting out some heart wrenching sobs.  Not  able to just sit by  as she  cried   Vickram did  the only thing he could do at the memonent  was offer her a bit of comfort.  Putting his  arm around her shoulders,  as he pulled her close resting her head on his shoulder.  He patted her  arm gently  as she cried.

"I  know…it's …" he said.

"She was all I  had…the only  one who  understood me…now she gone…" She  wept.

"I know…"  they  sat there   for a  long while , her grieving and him  offering her the comfort she needed.

Belatedly  Sugni's  brain kicked in and she  realized  that  this was not right. Only  it did not feel wrong. Wiping her eyes  she straightened up.  "I _I am sorry  Thakur Malick  I should not have…"

"Sugni..stop it…you  have nothing to apologize for. At times like this we need a shoulder to cry on, our friends.  People who care about us." He said.

"I don't know how to go on with out her" She sobbed.

"Sugni…I  know you feel  lost , maybe even cheated  right now…it was her time…but  even if she is  not  here in the  flesh, I am sure she will always be with you, watching you.  You  just have to pull yourself together now make her proud of you, right."

"I guess" She said. 

"You know when you are ready, you can  start to work.  Take a few days  then come back out to the fields, will you  do that?" He asked. She  nodded.

They  sat for a while more in silence.  Sugni lost in  thoughts  of her mother.

"It's getting  late…are you  ready  to go back."  He asked  checking his watch.

"Yes…I just want to say  a prayer…Please" She said   indicaing the temple.

"Go on I'll wait for you" He said , she stood up and  made her way  inside the temple.

Sugni  went into the temple  and offered a small prayer for her mothers   happiness , and strength. As she  wiped her tears  knowing she really  had no time to be weak here.

"I love you maa…always"  She said . As she made her way out of the temple.  The short walk home was  silent but comforting. Sugni looked over at Vickram  who was walking with his hands in his pockets.  She did not know much  but she knew he was indeed   different  from every  one else she knew. Apart from all the help  he provided  this time,  his quite  strength, his comfort meant more to her than she could say.  Her respect and  admiration fro this man just  grew ten fold.   "Thakur Mallick?"  She  said


"Thank you for being my  friend.   For being here…I could not have done this with out you."

"Sugni you.."

"I  know , you  say  I don't have to …but you know  what you  did for my  mom,  now and before,  for be so different.It's  good to know not all Thakurs, not all men are bad. And thank you  for showing me that. I just want to say that."  She  said quietly.

"Thank you  Sugni…"  he replied

"Huh?"  She watched him confused.

"Thank you  for  considering me a friend…for  looking past my  title and trusting me. And  I  am happy  and honored to have  a friend like you!" He said.  He  smiled  softly  which she returned.

They made it home to find  most of the  guest gone. The few women coming over to tell  Sugni   they  are there  to help should she  need it. She nodded politely.  She noticed them looking at her and Vickram standing at her  side and she was sure that would make the gossip rounds  soon.  She found  she no longer cared.  The one to answer to was no longer here, and Sugni  knew she had no reason to be ashamed,  Maa was seeing this from where she was she was sure.

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sara1993 Goldie

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WOW Vinnie, that was a very, very emotional chapterCry. It was so heartbreaking to see Sugni in that state. I just can't imagine what she must be going through .I know her journey now will be a tough one as she has lost her only support but despite all the future obstacles i really hope she will prove to be the person  her Mother saw, that strong , brave, determined girl. 
By God, i just can't believe Sugni's Uncles...their sister just died and all they can think about is moneyOuch
I am also wondering what Reva is up to. It will be pretty interesting to see how she tries to prevent this divorce,OMG i can't believe  i nearly forgot to mention that it was a wonderful  SUGVI momentBig smile...Sugni's respect and admiration for Vikram and his concern and care for her are just phenomenalEmbarrassed

It was a very well writen chapter Vinnie. I completely enjoyed it. You are just too goodSmile

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Another fantastic chapter Vinnie.
Like Sara I am also curious as to what Reva and Dr Suman are upto!!!
Sugni looked over at Vickram  who was walking with his hands in his pockets.
That sentence bought the promo scene to mind where they walk along each glancing at the other at different points before Suni runs up to a tree and ties a promise note. I don't know if that was what you intended but it sure bought back a good memory.
Mutual respect and admiration as well unwavering support was the bed rock of SugVi. It comes from knowing the character of the person both instinctively and from their words and actions. That is why the story went downhill from Reva Manzil track.

Edited by payal7 - 16 July 2013 at 1:34am

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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vinnie .. awesoome chapter

I loved it very well written
vikram to help sugni from the day she lost her mom to the day they were in the tample !!
very well written
her brothers Useless as always and careless too.. she was lucky to have him around else she had to deal with the loss alone !!!
Well done I loved it !!!

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 July 2013 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Wow Vinnie. Another brilliant chapter. You captured Sugni's feelings perfectly. And like Payal, I also thought of that promo too when I read the line about his hands in his pockets. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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OmkaRaman IF-Rockerz

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Very sad episode it was. I felt Sugni's pain. I am very happy that Vickram helped her out and not Jwala. But I am beginning to fear  the idea that the villagers have about Sugni-Vickram. Let's see how they handle this. So Rewa back to normal. Don't worry she'll freak out again when the divorce paper comes for real. Plz continue soon.

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rose.lavender Senior Member

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Posted: 16 July 2013 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Vinnie,that was a very heart-wrenching chapter!Cry
I do have to admit to all of my friends here that when I read it I cried-no joke.
But,Vinnie,I am a very sad that Gulabiya died, before she could have really seen a respectable/romantic relationship brewing between SUGVI, as I would have wanted to read her tantrums and doubts about Vikram's true love for Sugni( after he would've divorced Reva!)
I like the scene when they were returning home from the temple- A LA  one of PSH promo that was never shownCry.
Hope we read about the next promo as well that we never saw:
The one whereby he saw her at the bottom of the stairs of the temple (where THAKURS only are allowed) and then he decended,took her hand in his and lead her up to pray-that would be awesome as well.
Once again Vinnie,another award-winning chapter-just mind-blowingClap

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sara1993

WOW Vinnie, that was a very, very emotional chapterCry. It was so heartbreaking to see Sugni in that state. I just can't imagine what she must be going through .I know her journey now will be a tough one as she has lost her only support but despite all the future obstacles i really hope she will prove to be the person  her Mother saw, that strong , brave, determined girl. 
By God, i just can't believe Sugni's Uncles...their sister just died and all they can think about is moneyOuch
I am also wondering what Reva is up to. It will be pretty interesting to see how she tries to prevent this divorce,OMG i can't believe  i nearly forgot to mention that it was a wonderful  SUGVI momentBig smile...Sugni's respect and admiration for Vikram and his concern and care for her are just phenomenalEmbarrassed

It was a very well writen chapter Vinnie. I completely enjoyed it. You are just too goodSmile

Thank you  Sara, SmileSmile
 Sugni  is  going through a very  tough time at the moment. The loss of  some one that important at such a young  is  is  very   traumatic. 
 Reva  will  be revealed as time  goes by   don't worry!  I  am  happy  you  are enjoying it ... thanks for the support and keep  reading and  reviewing!!!

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