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NEW FF ...THE UNEXPECTED updated page 39 (Page 5)

Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by payal7

Love this chapter
I am absolutely loving the way you are showing the old Sugni-Gulabia relationship wih G being the pragmatic woman she use to be.
The original SugVi are backClapClapClap
Love their friendship. The mutual respect and concern they have for each other is heart warming. I hope this time Sugni is as protective of him as he is and always was of her

 Hey  Payal,
  Thank you  for your  comments,   I  hope that i am  able to maintain  that  through out this story , as the  1st  four months  of Sugvi  is what I  think were  the base , essence and   what   made them  so special . 
 Please keep  reading and leaving your thoughts  as I  love hearing them!

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ronshaan

hi vinnie

nice progress chapter 3
vikram sugni chat was nice to read and yes gulabiya .. Now i can see from where she comes.. she try her best to protect sugni but ... but .. let's see what will happen next.

 Thank you Ron, Smile
  I  hope you  enjoy  this  Sugvi  journey  as you  did  the  other  two.  Please keep ereading and leaving your invaluable comments...

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 7:32pm | IP Logged

Chapter 4

Gulabiya sat with the other bednis, a week later,  in a tent at the side of the   main house, waiting for them to be called, so that they  can start  their performance.  For once she was not taking part in the  gossip these fallen  women shared  about the  Thakurs and  Thakurines.  Tonight she was distracted by her  earlier conversation with Sugni.

 After  listening to the  threats made by  Thakur  Jwala Singh to force Sugni  to join the  tradition one way  or the other, and  hearing the talks of some of her own "friends" who was  saying Sugni was playing it  smart trying to trap a powerful  Thakur, she was concerned.  However, she also believed in her daughter with all her heart. She wanted   to make Sugni's   childhood dream of not becoming a bedni come true. That was part of the reason she agreed  for Sugni to go back to work  in the fields.

She knew come what may, Sugni was right in the sense that Vickram  Thakur would  in deed protect her daughter from Jwala. As she  saw him do so  time and time again. So she was not worried about that, as for  any  consequences  that might have she was willing to endure it  for her daughter's happiness.

 What worried Gulabiya   though, what was scaring her, was Sugni herself.  Sugni was  developing an attachment to  Vickram Thakur that  Gulabiya feared went beyond   just some  weird  "friendship" as  her daughter put it.  It was evident today the way  she defended Vickram. Thinking about it , she realized there was not a day  that  Sugni  wen t with out mentioning him  multiple times. 

She knew  that  Sugni herself was unaware of this fact, but anyone  who know her well could see it in her face whenever they  talked about him.  This had Gulabiya wondering  if it was wise for her to allow Sugni  to work so close  to him.

Yes Vickram Thakur was different from the other Thakurs, she would not deny  that. But he was still a Thakur! And her innocent Sugni who was  even now influenced by him'if   he suddenly  feels that thakur's blood in his veins and starts  seeing her as a bedni then'. Was she  just pulling  Sugni out of the pot to  throw her in the fire?"Oh   Sita miya, am I sending her into a trap? Please  Protect my  baby" She prayed  silently.

She had  told  Sugni on her birthday  she would not stop her  from  going to the fields, but as the days  passed she found herself making excuses  to stop  Sugni from going telling her she needed her to do one thing or the other.  Sugni  was anxious  to go start, but  Gulabiya  kept saying "what is one  more day?"

That   gimmick was up as she had a feeling Sugni was beginning to  see past her  excuses when she came to her today telling her she was  going to join  tommorw.

"But  Sugni.."

"Maa..please  don't  tell me you  need something else!  I  know what you are doin'you  don't want me to go  na."  She  said   knowingly.

"What..why would you say  that?"

"Oh  maa  I  know you'and I  know you are worried about  what people are saying.  Maa  look, tell me this you have known Thakur Mallick since he came here, and even before  he moved from here right?"

"Yes  I remember him."

"And  was he ever like  the  others'you tell me?"

After some thought   she said. "No  he was never seen running around after girls like the others, but then their mother had him under strict control, even back then the family  was different. And if he did  see  people in trouble he did help unlike the  others.'

"Well he still does the same"  Sugni said. "Maa you  told me  people are known for their actions  not who they  are by  birth. I  learned  early  on  what these  Thakurs  give., believe me Maa, he is nothing like that, he has a good heart.  I  know you worried about  me, but look not with a mother's eyes but as a woman, would you really  rather me dance and  and endure all those nasty stars and comments'or out  in the fields during the day working hard, but not having to feel ashamed at the end. It's my  dream that is coming true'but I can't enjoy  it if you are not happy  for me. Trust your Sugni, she will not do anything wrong maa."  Sugni said  earnestly.

Gulabiya caved in front of her daughters  logic. She was right, this was her chance for a better life, and she was probably  letting her old bias  come in the way  of her daughters happiness.  "Ok  have my  blessing, from my  heart. I am happy and I will not  try  to stop you any more'you go to the fields'and tonight I will dance  in happiness for  your new  start and  this will be my  last Raai 'for you!'  She  said,  knowing  that would be the seal to let Sugni know that she was truly  happy  and ok   with that  decision.   Even  though she accepted it'there were still that lingering doubts but she shook it off.  Sugni will be fine. '

The pain  started  in her chest  as she began  dancing, she tried hard to  take  breaths  and   ignore it, but  she could not , as she began  feeling  faint.  She  heard  the  screams  of the ladies  around her, as she felt herself falling to the ground'then  suddenly  everything went black'.


Sugni  rushed into the hospital , frantic to find where  her mother  was.   She was  horrified  when Bamsukiya  came at her  door step to inform her  Gulabiya fainted again while dancing and was rushed to the hospital,  she begged him for a ride  to get here, and now  here she was.  She finally  found a nurse who told her  her mother was in the cardiac ward.

She was pacing the  halls wondering where she should go when a Doctor and a nurse  walked into the  hallway.   "Any  member  of  Gulabiy's  family  here yet?" he  asked.

"No doctor."  The nurse said

"I..I am here 'I am'"  She sai d  running to them, they  both looked at her. Sugni thought the  doctor had a  sympathetic  look on his face.

'And you are?"  The Doctor asked.

"S..Su..Sugni  , her daughter,  how is my  maa?"  she asked

"We are trying to help her'I  would like to ask you a few questions."

"O K" 

"Did  your mother know  she had a heart problem?"   The doctor  asked

"Heart problem?"..Sugni shook her head'

"Has anything like this  happen before?" He asked

"Uh ..yes..once"  Sugni answered.  Suddenly  she was very  scared. What was she supposed to do here. She explained to the doctor her  mother's last visit to the hospital.

"I  See'I am  sure who treated your mother, must have told her  she had to give up extreme  work and that includes  dancing., but she was dancing tonight.'  Sugni stared at the  doctor, maa told  the doctor said she  was  fine all she need was some rest and she will be back to normal soon.   Her mother was lying , and  she continued dancing knowing fully  well  Sugni would never  agree  if she  knew the truth.

"Haai  Sita maiya, please protect my  maa!" she prayed.

"Sugni we are trying our best to  help her, but we are unable to get her heartbeat under control  which  is a problem'. We have to keep an eye on her."  He  said.."It dose not look good"  he said sadly.

"Ca..can I  see her?"   Sugni asked.

"Yes'come with me'"

 He led her to  Gulabiya's bedside. Sugni was even more worried  now looking  at all the machines  hooked up to her mother.  Why  maa , why  didn't you tell me?- Sugni  thought.   She  sat at her mothers bedside holding her hand.

"Maa?" She said softly.

"She is asleep, with the medication."  The nurse said softly.  "She might wake up in a while,"

"Thank you." Sugni  said politely. "Get better soon maa'please'and  and  don't worry'I  promise  you won't dance  again.. I will work'and take care of you." She said "Just get better please.!'

A while after  Sugni was   called out of the ward by  a nurse who told her she had  company.  Company  turned out to be her  two  uncles,  Hukum and Katari'Katari  was  smelling  strongly  of alcohol and  Hukum  had  red  eyes. After  so many  hours  they  now show up!  Sugni could not  hide the  irritation on her face.

"We came as soon as we heard. How is  she?" Hukum asked Sugni.  Sugni  shook her head in disgust  at that blatant lie,  this village was the size  of a pin where  news travels faster  than fire. Yet they  claimed  they  now found out.

"Resting." She said, she did  not bother to tell them  the extent of her condition  as she knew it would not matter to them much. The stood  looking at each other awkwardly . Finally  Hukum cleared his throat.

"Um..Sugni, did  Jiji (sister) , get paid  for tomight?" he asked.   Sugni  looked at her  uncle in anger'how dare he think of money   at a time like this when his sister was  fighting for her life  inside the ward.!

"Wow'Mamaji'you are  too good'.that is  what you came to find out'what you ran out of money    to buy  your drinks!"  She said scathingly. 

"Aaye'Sugni'how dare you talk to me like this." Hukum  said

"How dare  you  come here and ask such  a disrespectful  question'your  sister, my  mother is fighting for her life'she is in here because  of you pressuring her to go back and do Raai , when she  should not be. For your  happiness ..see the result??? And you  come here and  the only  thing you can  ask  is  if she got paid???  Shamless!" Sugni said turning her back o him'. If they  had no respect for her mother she had non for them!

"Sugni'you  misunderstood'all I wanted to know is if she got paid '.so I  could go pay  the hospital bill naa'if that is not enough..we can asks   Jwala to he.."

"Enough Mama'stop  with the lies, I  know what you want' their  is no need to use this as an excus to go begging to  Jwala Singh. As for the hospital  bill I will pay  it somehow.  Now would you like to see your sister? or  is that too much ?"  she  asked.

It was embarrassment more than anything else that made the brothers go in  to see their  sister for a few minutes.   After a few   minutes, they left quietly not even bothering to say good bye to Sugni. Not that she expected any, she was constantly at loggerheads with her lazy good for nothing uncles, who did nothing but complain to her mother about the lack of money, and pressuring her to get Sugni to join the trade!

 The soft  moaning from the bed drew Sugni's  attention as she saw her mother  stirring.

"Maa?" she  breathed.


"I am right here!"  She said. Gulabiya opened  her eyes and  looked at her daughter's face. Sh e looked tired, and her eyes  were telling the story  of how  worried she was.  She closed her eyes and sighed.

"I'll go call the doctor."  She said making a move to get up.

"No..stay..i want to talk to you  first please." She said   holding her hand.

"What maa? You  know how worried you had me,  but it will be alright..the doctor will help to make you better I am sure." She said smiling. "Just rest  Ok .."

Gulabiya looked  at her child,  knowing she had to be string to face what  was to come. Thinking about it made her sad. But  she needed  to make Sugni understand '

"Sugni please'just listen please."

"Ok  baba  , what?" Sugni  said sitting straight as she smiled at her mother..

"Sugni'you are such a brave and daring  girl.  And I am sorry   I could not do more to give you the respectable life you wanted"  She said honestly.

"Maa'stop  we, you are the best mother'don't talk like that'just  rest and get better."

" NO  Sugni 'listen  I want you  to always listen to your heart, and don't let anyone not even me, tell you  should  not  do that. Don't give up on your dreams. No matter what happens. And honey  you need to be  strong to face these  people'but you are strong'just don't forget it matter what ok!"  She said, her breathing shallow.

"Maa..stop all this talk'I  don't like it."  Sugni said, farrowing her brows. He mother was scaring her It almost felt as  though she was saying'. No no no  she would not think like that. Her mother will get better!


"Shh  the doctor said  that you  need to rest , and to call if you got up ..I am going to find him'I will be back.  She said as she walked out the door.  Sugni  returned a few minutes  later , with doctor in tow.

 Sugni fell  asleep  at her mother's bedside,  she refused to leave until the  doctor  told her that her mother was out of  danger.  He mother  told her  to go get some rest but Sugni said no.  She was not leaving. 

The  incessant beeping of the machine awoke Sugni  from her chair as she looked over at her mother, who was  struggling to breath. "Maa'Maa" She  shook her  but got no response.  Scared out of her wits  sugni ran down the hall  way alerting the nurses about something being wrong.

She looked on in horror as the  doctors and nurses rushed to her mother's side trying to resuscitate her,   then she was asked to leave by  one of the doctors and was sent to the small waiting room . "Oh  Sita Miya , help her please please" . She prayed as  she sat in the chair wondering what was happening.

Sugni  never felt more alone and helpless than she did at this moment.  Sitting here by  her self.  It seemed like hours but was probably  minutes  when she saw the doctor coming to her .  She  looked at him, something in Sugni's brain telling her this was not good., she knew before he said it 'but she did not want to hear it.

"Ms. Sugni?" he said  softly  looking at her  with troubled eyes.

"Yes?" She said.

"I am am afraid I have some bad news'your mother'"

"My  mother needs you, why  are you out here'you should be in there  helping her..go   go  go on she  needs you."  She said quickly.

"I  am so sorry , we  tried everything  we could, your mother is no  more!"   He said  coming to stand close to her. "Is there someone we can call for you'another family  member  "  He asked  Kindly.

But Sugni was not hearing him. "No  No'doctor she  can't leave me'no '" She  looked at him "You go back there and help her'I 'll sit right here'you work on her go ..go " she said  sitting on the chair.  She closed  her eyes  shutting him out.  She wrapped her arms around  her middle'what a funny  doctor making jokes at this  time. No her mother was ok'She was going to get better.


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sara1993 Goldie

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Shocked Vinnie, you killed Gulabiya. I can't believe it. I am at a loss for words. I had a feeling from the previous chapter that something was wrong with her but i never expected that she would  be dead in the next chapterOuch

 Sugni and Gulabiya's before death scene was amazing . I loved it. Even she could see that there is something deeper than Sugni's trust and admiration for Vikram. I have to say you are doing a fantastic job in portraying Sugni's character, she  reminds me  soo much of the old Sugni, with that admiration and trust  she has for Vikram, the love and respect she  has for her mother and the way she stood against her Uncles... it was also very touching  to see how Gulabiya was willing to give up anything to ensure Sugni's happiness and even in her last breath she was  thinking only about Sugni's happiness. I don't know what you have in mind Vinnie, but i am thinking that maybe this is how Sugni and Vikram will grow closer to each other; Sugni's pain in dealing with the loss of her Mother and Vikram's stress with Reva will sort of create a situation where both of them will end up being each other's support and eventually love will start to blossomEmbarrassedLOL

I love the way this story is shaping up Vinnie... please, please  hurry up and post the next chapterTongueWink ...oh and rest in peace GulabiyaCry

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
Vinnie what a sad chapter. I am actually crying here for Gulabiya. I guess I am in shock like Sugni. You really have an amazing talent. 

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ronshaan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 2:51am | IP Logged

Hello Vinnie

very well written chapter
I liked it .. well so sorry for sugni she lost her mother and u could tell it by her mother's last words to her
oh that's good she said she will allow sugni to work with vikram but I wonder what will hukum and kathari do now .. will they force sugni to do sardakaii what will be next
any ways waiting for next chapter
well written i liked it

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 4:29am | IP Logged

A very unexpected development vinnie !!!!!

I do feel sorry for Sugni. She is now a very vunlerable girl who has lost the one person who stood between her and the vultures circling.
Looking forward to the next chapter. Please can we have it soon

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OmkaRaman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Shocking twist. I feel bad for Sugni. Waiting for next instalment. Plz Continue

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