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NEW FF ...THE UNEXPECTED updated page 39 (Page 38)

croziaxx Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2013 at 12:34am | IP Logged
great episode vinnei, so finely rewa is fake as we expected ..sugani is very issmartCool than the actual one taking care of her future hubbyEmbarrassed
and party time  for MT-SUGANI dosti .com PartyDancing
and that rewa soup me poison ...please force her to drink this herself ..Angry
nice  episode next chapter soon please 
BTW how r u ?  hope well,  take care love u..Hug

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ronshaan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 October 2013 at 3:31am | IP Logged
it was power pack chapter
nice progress
sugni to fight for vikram was great and overall it was nice
mouli hmmm good name for her
keep it up
payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 October 2013 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Just caught up with the chapters I missed while I was away.
This story is really riveting.  Well done.
The last chapter can be sumed up in one phrase - "Desperate times, Desprate measures"
Please may we have the next chapter soon... Cannot wait to find out what happened to the real Reva and how TVS deals with this fake one.

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 October 2013 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Loved the chapter Vinnie.
Sugni throwing Reva out was great!
Glad to see MT melting a bit towards Sugni and hopefully she will realise they really love each other by the time Molly is gotten rid off.

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 November 2013 at 7:06pm | IP Logged

Chapter  33

"You are awake !"   Sugni said  moving  towards  his bed side as he sat up

"What's going  on?" he asked ..."Why  was she...' he asked

Sugni looked at Maa Thakur, she did not want to upset him, but she  could not lie to him either. 

"She  was just  calling attention to herself as usual."  Maa Thakur  said. "She  probably   thought she can now that you are  not   100 %. Forget it... Why  don't you go get cleaned up and I'll see about sending up some dinner." She said.

"Yes that is  right... Forget it.!"  Sugni said.  Vickram  looked at the two of them.  He knew there was more here, but  he would  find that out later.

Maa thakur  took the  poisoned  soup and left. She  was  sure by now  Reva  would be  locked back in her room.

After  Vickram had his bath and  a light sandwich  that  Maa Thakur  prepared. He was sitting  observing Sugni who was acting strangely.  She was fidgety  as though she  could not sit quietly , he knew something happened that upset her and  he wanted to know  what.

"Sugni." He said looking at her as she  was sorting out his   shirts  for the third time.


"Come here please" he said.

She came over to the  bed,  "yes?" She said.

"Sit" he said patting the space  beside  him. She sat. "What?" She asked looking at him.

"What's  wrong?" he asked  her.

She  looked at him , and shook her head as she smiled slightly.

"I  know something is.  Tell me."  He said  holding her hand.  Sugni  looked down at their hands for a few  moments, then burst into tears.

"Hey   why are you  crying...What's wrong?" He asked confused by  her reaction  .  But instead of answering  him , she leaned forward , as she hugged him  resting her head on his   chest.

"I don' t want to do this anymore."  She said

"Do what?" Vickram  asked.  Even more confused.

"play this game anymore...If something happens to you..." She trailed off...saying it was too painful.

"Hey...Sugni...nothing is going to happen." He said.

"You don't know that." She said pulling  back to look at him.  "She's not going to stop,  until she  accomplishes what she wants, the  pills, the accident , and now..." She trailed of.

"And now ?" he asked.  She said nothing but closed her eyes.  "Sugni what happened?"

Reluctantly  she told him about the soup  being   drugged.   "She won't stop. If  something  happened to you..."

Vickram closed his  eyes in anger...tempted to go and throw her out at this  moment. The only  thing that  was stopping him was  Sugni.  Seeing her upset was not boding well with him.

"'ll be alright.." he said,  pulling back to look at her"Look at me...nothing is  going to happen to me.  ."   He said.

"How?  We made no progress in the case. And all she is doing is plotting against you ."  She said  as she looked at him.  Almost losing him  shook her up more than she   thought.

"Vickram, I can't lose you too...I already  lost my  mother and I can't're all I have." She said, tearfully.

Vickram  hugged her , comfortingly.  "Hey are not going to lose me. I promise it'll be alright. Come can't break down on me now...then what would I do? Hmm  You're my strength here you know that. The reason I don't go off and do something I   am sure to regret later. Don't cry."

"How can they be so  bad? Why?"

"I don't know  greed  makes  people do the  strangest things I  guess. But if there is a God they  won't get away with it" he said.

 He looked at her as he wiped her tears. "This will be over soon.  I  promise. Just hang in there"

"I'll try...but I am not feeling  al that strong  right now."  She  said.

"Come  here!" Vickram said stretching out on the bed, she joined him lying to his  side  resting her head on his  shoulder as the embraced each other. For a while they    lay in silence each offering the other solace in the moment.

"Sugni...I know  this is not easy  for you...but we got this far. But I can't do this without you. As long as we are together  I can face anything. No matter what they  do. "

"I am not going anywhere!" she  said. "I just want this to be over."

"And it will be...but maybe  we are taking the wrong approach..." he said  thinking...

"What do you   mean?'  She asked   looking at him.  He had a contemplative look on his face.

"Hmmm...where is my  phone?" He asked . Looking at the  side table.  Finding it he  took it and  made a call.  Sugni  looked at him in confusion.

"Hey  Amrita how are you?"

"Good  Vickram , how are you...I was  going to call you  tonight... how is Sugni?"

"She is here..a little shaken up but fine."

"Shaken up...why what happened?" Amrita  wanted to know.

"Hold on let me put you on speaker ."   turning on the speaker phone he told  Amrita  about the accident.

"Oh my  God , are you  alright?"

"Yes I am alright."

"Look I think we need  to step things up a little." Vickram said 

"Ohh ..what you have in mind?"

Vickram told her what he had in  mind, as Sugni looked at him with  raised eyebrows.

"But what if she runs..."

"Then the police will get her." He said.

"Ok I'll get on it..." She said.  "One more thing ...why did Reva change  her insurance  beneficiary ?" She asked

"What...what insurance?  she did not  have one as far as I knew." He said.

"That is strange...according to   investigations ...Reva  had a life  insurance policy  that her father  took out for her for the sum of some  2 million  dollars... the beneficiary   was Neeranjan for years until it was changed  not  to long before her accident...she named  You  as the  beneficiary. " 

"What?, no one never mentioned this to me..."

"Well apparently  her father did it  when she was  a teen. When  she had her  accident and was declared  dead the  insurance company  had started  investigations  on her demise...but it was stopped when she returned"  Amrita  revealed

"So you did not know about this?"

"No...first time I am hearing about it." He said

" Question is  why  would she suddenly   change  her from her brother to you?"

"Good  question."

"Well  we will find out ..I'll let you know what develops " 


She hung up . Leaving  Vickram and Sugni  exchanging   confused and  curious looks as to what that was about.



Molly  was pacing her room the  next morning  , how dare  she dare  she   speak  to her like this. Ohh  no  that  two bit  tramp won't get away  with it. When she  was finished  with her  she  would be  sorry  for  crossing her  paths  that is  for sure.   Thanks  to  her meddling  Vickram did not  have to soup she  spiked..other wise all now she would have  been  happily  morning  her  husband.

She was interrupted  by  the  ringing  of her  phone.


"Hello madam... how is life in the  Thakur's house?  Grand  I am sure."  Said a voice she did  not recognized.


"Hmm...I am sure  the welcomed you back with  opened arms ...but tell me would they   be  so  accepting  when they  find out you are nothing but an imposter...?"

"What...who is this?"  Mollly   said  as she pulled the  phone to look at the called id...Private.  Her blood ran cold.

"Ohh calm down  darling... your secret is safe with me...for a price of course!"  the voice laughed  condescendingly...

"I don't  know what you are talking about"

"Tut tut tut... nice try  doll...but that won't work... I know  you are an imposter...I know all about yours and Neeranjan's plans to be a widow ..."

Molly  was about to hang the phone up when the voice said.

"Naaa...hang up on me and the next call I make will be straight to Vickram...with evidence...before  the next  hour is  up  you will be  gathering you clothes from the side  walk... Wanna  try  me?"

"Wh-Wh-What do you want?"  she asked,  this could not be happening.


"What two million...I can't get that type of money!"  She said

"ohh don't give me that ...that is  Thakur  Vickram Singh  two million is a drop in a bucket for him... I am sure you will find a way... Don't worry I will give you  time ... two weeks... I will call  you in two do what you have to...And  don't even think about running  cause I  am watching  slip and it's straight to jail  you  understand. Have a nice day."  The line went dead.

Molly  sat on her bed in shock.  What just happened.  She  was being black mailed... but how by no ..the only  persons  who knew the truth of her identity  was  Neeranjan , and this was his brain child  he would  not sabotage it all now for a measly  two million.  The other person was the  Dr. Suman...who was currently  suspended and a greedy  little  witch.  But would she  stoop that low.

True when people were  desperate they  did  desperate things but still.  On impulse  she  dialed the number for  Suman.   After   three  rigs she was directed to voice mail.

"Damn it ...Where are you Suman...if you are  trying to screw with me better think  again!!!"

Getting up she began  pacing...

"Molly  did not get this far too seems  that  everything is  just going down the drain...ever since he picked up with ...Enough...time to get   rid of  her... how... how  think think  think !!! " She  said  as she paced...

 There was  a knock on the door. 

"Who  Is  it?"


She opened the  door as she let him in.

"Had  fun?"  She asked

"Good   because  we got some problems... Some one  knows about  us they  are  threatening   to  reveal   my  truth to Vickram  if I don't cough up two million dollars !"  she said.

"What ? Who..." he said  shocked...

"Well I am thinking   it is Suman...she is the only  one  and we all know how  money  hungry  she is...did  you get a hold  of her?" She asked.

"No not since   the article on the paper..."
Molly  nodded, more  an d  more she was  convinced  Suman was the culprit.  Seems she had  another problem to deal with .

"Alright...I guess  we have to deal with her as well!'  She said.  "But now it is important to  split the love birds up.  Sugni has  to leave this place !" She said.

 "How ? she is stuck to his  side!' Neeranjan  said

 There must be a way...something... I just want to get he away  from him"  she said.

After a few minutes of thinking  Neeranjan  got an idea...

" I know how to do it... but it will cost us ...  Give me a few days  I'll   handle it." he said.

""Alright...once she is  gone...Vickram will be easy  pickings.! See  we were working on this in the  wrong  order...!"  Molly  said. Neeranjan laughed.


A few  days  later:

Vickram  was finally  given   a clean bill of health  by  his doctor  to resume his  work  as normal.  He got caught up with what he missed  in the  fields. Sugni  was at his side  through it all .  So much  so  the field workers  and   other villagers  were beginning  to take notice of them. 

Sugni  noticed it  as she was  walking  around  the fields one day and was listening to a conversation  between  two of the   village women who were  working in the fields.

"You  really  going to do  your   Sardakhi  Reshma?"  Another  girl , Shivani  asked. As they  were  weeding the  plots.

"Yes...the  money  is good and the  Thhkur is   nice. Maa said I was fortunate  that he made the offer.  $20,000. will  help Maa  with her  doctor bills."   Reshma said.

Sugni stopped as she joined the  girls . Reshma  was  just  seventeen and   Shivani  was  about the same age.  They  were  one  of the few willing to work . So it was Shocking to Sugni to hear  that  Reshma would  rather do her sardakhi.

"Reshma?  Is your  mother sick again?" She asked, knowing sometimes desperate times called for desperate measures.

"No -No. She is  well thank God...but  now she can't dance"

"So you are going to do your Sar Dakhi?? I  mean you're working here na...aren't you making  enough?"

"Yes it gets us by...but with the"

"Well maybe if you  talked to Vickram...he  will help you..." She said. "you  don't need to  go  entertain some old Thakur!" She said. 

Reshma laughed,   as Sugni  watched her.

"Please..Sugni...don't" she said  shocking Sugni. "Don't  come  with some lecture that being a bedni is of all people. Don't give me that look because I  choose to follow   the tradition. "

Shivani gasped..."Reshma what are you saying..."

"Ohhh  I am just saying what  everyone else is thinking.   I am  seeing it on her face... she  thinks  I am  doing something wrong...a least  every  one will  know what  I  am doing and I am  not  pretending to be  doing something else.  Am I right  Sugni?"


Sugni  stood in shock at the words coming out from her mouth. She knew this would  happen eventually, she thought she was prepared, but  Reshma's words stung  nonetheless .
"What  you're  going to run to Thakur malick and get me fired...go ahead  I was leaving in a few days any way. I am not ashamed of who I am Sugni...or my  tradition...unlike you.  I am a bedni.  And Unlike you...I  don't pretend to be some  high and  mighty   girl with  big dreams when all you really  areis somebodies plaything!'

"I am not..." Sugni said.

"Oh can it... everyone knows that is a lie. Everyone  knows   Thakur Malick  told his wife...he is with you...that you  are not only  living in his house but bedroom as well. Am I  lying? What  you  think servants don't talk... So don't you stand there and  try and judge  me! Funny  naa... all these  years  your mother  would  walk around with  pride saying her daughter is  different...I  wonder what she would say  now."

Sugni felt as though the  bottom  had fallen out  of her world, as she looked around , it felt as though   everyone was looking at her, when in reality   no one  was paying attention to  their  conversation. She looked over and Saw Vickram on the phone busy  with what he was doing. Normally  she enjoyed interacted  with the villagers in the  fields as they  reminded her of home... but not  now...

Trying desperately  to control herself ...Sugni turned and  ran out of the fields away  from them all and back to the haveli...blinking  back tears the whole  time...

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ronshaan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 1:51am | IP Logged
hii vinnie
very nice progress, well i did not think that will be what niranjaan thinks... so good !!! very good
i liked the progress and sugvi scene

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Interesting developments
Why do I get the feeling that Reva and Niranjan are about to incur TVS's wreath !!!! The man is and always was fiercely protective of Sugni so if anything happens to her GOD HELP THEM

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sara1993 Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2013 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
Hey Vinnie,
Chapters 32 and 33Embarrassed are absolutely amazing, i'm happy to see that MT is warming up to Sugni, i'm sure that pretty soon her perspective about Vikram and Sugni's relationship will change and she will accept them wholeheartedly. As for MollyAngry  there are  no words in the English dictionary that can describe her, she just won't give up, i'm wondering what Neeranjan has up his sleeves for Sugni but no matter how hard they try they can never separate  Sugni and Vikram and get hold of Vikram's wealth.

The SugVi moment in the last chapter was sooo sweetDay Dreaming but the last part of it was so sadCry, i feel so sorry for Sugni but i guess it was bound to happen as nothing can be hidden in that society but i'm sure Sugni will get through this phase. The  important thing is that she knows what's the truth and what's not.

Vinnie, you are doing a fantabulous job, you're killing us with suspense, please, please can we have the next chapter nowBig smile

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