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NEW FF ...THE UNEXPECTED updated page 39 (Page 37)

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Shocked ShockedShocked CHAPTER 30???? Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
Unhappy  OMG This is so mean.. she hasn't even brought up the topic of the FF in a while.. and now its at chapter 30Ouch Cry  

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Simi that shows how long u were away
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Hi Vinnie, i'm really sorry for not leaving my comments for the previous chapter. Hope i'm forgiven. Nevertheless, i absolutely love both chapters, fantastic job. Impostor Reva's reaction on learning about Sugni and Vikram was a treat...she deserves it .She wants to be thakurine so let her get the full doseEmbarrassedBig smile. I love how Vikram dealt with herClapClap.  
The last chapter was amazing, the way Vikram asked Sugni to call him by his reminded me of the episode in PSH season 2 and him teaching her about the printer and sweet. As for impostor Reva, i can't believe herOuch...she has no idea Ma Saheb is on to herEvil Smile...i can't wait for her to be exposed and thrown out of the haveliEmbarrassed

Vinnie, can we please have the next chapter ASAP?Big smile

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"Hey   Bhagwan!"   Vickram  said as he perused the paper at the  breakfast table.  "Neeranjan  have you  seen this?"

Neeranjan  looked  at his brother in law with  disinterest.  To say  things were tense  around the  table was an understatement.  Vickram was sitting at the  table with  Sugni at his side,  Reva  was  as usual  in her room   for the past two weeks  refusing to sit at the same table with  them, choosing instead  to have  breakfast in her room.   Maa Thakur  also  stayed  upstairs  with Reva. Neeranjan  came down to  get  breakfast for them and  take it back upstairs. 

Vickram acted as though that was usual, saying if they  wanted to join them they  were  welcome. Sugni  however  felt bad because Maa Thakur also  did not come down, she told Vickram she would  stay  away she did not mind...but he said no since she had to leave with him when he did he would rather they had breakfast together. Maa Thakur he knew was playing the part of siding with  Reva. Still it did not sit well  with  Sugni.

"what is it?" Neeranjan asked.

"Look the paper,  Dr. Suman  apparently  has been  suspended  from her practice due to  a police investigation of  misconduct and malpractice!" he said  shocked.

"What?"  Neeranjan asked 

"Look it's in the it." he said  handing it  over o him.

"Oh My  God!" Neeranjan said looking at the paper.

"how did this happen?" He asked

"Well details are vugue  but apparently the police got a tip have to wonder she has been  Reva's  Doctor  for so long now...Maybe we should get her a second  opinion...who knows   how this  doctor  was treating her..." Vickram said.

"Hmmm..." Neeranjan said as he took  the paper and began walking  towards the stairs in a  daze.  He could not believe the  news.

"Umm  Neeranjan...aren't you  forgetting  something?" Vickram asked .

"huh?" He said

"The  tray?" Vickram said  pointing  to  the  tray  he had with the  food.

"Ohh." Neeranjan returned to the table retrieved the tray and went upstairs to no doubt tell Reva this new development.

Vickram leaned back in his chair as he looked at Sugni after Neeranjan  left and winked.   This development would  definitely  shake them up further.  Thanks to Amrita's contacts  she was  able to get  her police  friend to  make some inquiries  on the good doctor, and  he found evidence of her conducting some underhanded  business.  The  Law  will take care of her for sure.

Amrita  was still digging into  Neeranjan background to  find something, no luck so far but she would keep at it.  Vickram had full confidence in her.  In the  meantime he and Sugni  kept on with the act. In reality  what he was doing was  training her not just to become his  assistant, but to  help him  in the setting up of his factory.

Sugni was a fast  learner for sure she mastered the laptop  and  typing   up the  documents.  He would look with  amusement as she took her time typing the documents  for fare of making any  mistakes, but pretty  soon she  got the hang of  it.  

He encouraged her to  read and  learn more about the  ins and outs  of business operations,  and  was  pleasantly  surprised that she actually  found it  interesting, asking him  questions as how  it al fit into what he was doing here, with the fields and  factory.   Seeing her interest  Vickram   decided  she  just might be a valuable  asset to his  factory  when he got it off the ground  in a few years hopefully. Until then he would  teach  her all she needed to know.  It was unconventional  true, but  nothing about Sugni was conventional  really.

"So what  are we doing today?" She asked

"hmm well  how about we  give a break to  to all the reading. I want to show you  something...and I need a break from all the tension in this house!" he said.  Basically  he was treated as an outcast in  his own home, no one  talking to him.  His  mother would only  exchange   words with him, if she heard something, but  Neither Reva or Neeranjan was dumb enough to  discuss their plans  in front of her.

Since she did not like Sugni she  avoided them  like the plague.  Sugni knew this was bothering him, but he never  said anything.

"Ok."   She said as they  got up . They  made their way  outside to the  jeep.

"You want to drive?" Vickram asked

"Huh?" She asked looking at him in confusion. "I can't"

"You want to lern?" he asked.

"!!" She said  breaking into a bright smile.  She always looked at the women in the city  who drove cars with awe. Vickram was looking at her with a strange look on his face at her outburst.  Oh  no! he was joking. "Please???"  She said   giving him a pleading look.  He looked at her and burst out laughing. 

He could not remember the last time he saw her this animated about something...he missed that. These   days there was always  a tinge of sadness in her  eyes. He knew  it was because she was  feeling guilty  that she was the cause of the rift between him and his mother.

"Ok  Sit."   He said  indicating  the driver's side as  he took the passenger seat.

She sat looking at all the   everything in front of her.

"Ok  ...this is  your steering wheel ...your ignition  is to the  side..."  Vickram  showed her   the gadgets on the jeep and explained  how they  worked. After  he was sure she understood  it all he had her start the van.

Very slowly they  pulled off haltingly as  Sugni tried to get the  hang of it.



Reva  stood by  her bedroom window  observing  Vickram and  Sugni as they  prepared to leave.  God they  made her sick. All the time making goo goo eyes at each  other. Vickram was so caught up in her  she doubted he knew what day  it is.  Day  by  day  she had to look at them getting closer, she even  herd Vickram talking  to  someone on the phone that  he wanted the divorce  as soon as possible so he could  get married again!   And now she had to deal with the fact that  Suman   was suspended.   Dimmit everything was going haywire for her.   The walls were closing in and she knew she had to do something and fast.

She  herd  the  door close behind her and  saw Neeranjan  come in.  "Any  luck???"

"no  she is not answering her phones. If the police are conducting investigations they  might want to talk to you...being her patient an all." He said worriedly.  If they  came sniffing around them  that could mean trouble, especially  if they  found out...

"Don't worry I will just play  crazy and you  act outraged ok...relax. "She said Sometimes she wondered  how  he came up with  this plan, really  he was so dumb sometimes.

"Listen I  have a plan...I want  you  I need to contact  one of your men...that accident is going to happen" Reva  said.


"Left ...left..left..."  Vickram said..."Easy  on the the  pothole..!" he said just as she drove into it..."Hey Bhagwan! Ok slow down  stop right  in front of that building!" he said.  As she  stopped.

Vickram leaned back in his seat as he let out and exhausted  breath... "I  think I just had  a mini heart attack!"  He said as he placed his right hand over his heart.

"Ohh Stop it it was not that bad!"   Sugni said, swatting his hand.

"let me explain something to you... The reason   there are breaks in the car is to slow down...or dose not mean to speed up."  He said

" Ok so I got mixed up...only because you made me nervous"  She retorted

"And there was not any one on the  track any  ways..." She  defended herself.

"Hmm hmm..."

"Oh  come on I got us here safely   didn't I?" She said

"Yes  and you probably  ate away   most of the trail in the process"  he  said. She was actually  not that bad, but he  couldn't help egg her on just to hear her argue. He was enjoying seeing the Sugni  that was all confident and  talkative again.

" can drive back  I'll  walk and you can go as slow as you  like...I night get home  faster than you anyway!"   she said.

"Excuse me...are you saying I drive slow?'  he asked. She shrugged.

 "Do you?"  she asked raising her eyebrows as she looked at him  smiling.   Vickram  leaned towards her giving in to the  urge to kiss her. but before  he could she jumped out of the   jeep.  Sighing he came out and went to where she  was standing.

"Wow  this is  nice ...whose is it?"  She  asked  observing the  haveli.

"It's ours." He said. She looked at him.

"My father lived here  before   he built the other haveli.   All these lands  are  ours. "  Taking her hand he led  her through the gate  and into the   building.  Sugni saw  that  the  haveli  was  not in the  best shape , with  windows missing  doors of its hinges,  it had an abandon feel to it.  Leading her  through the back   she saw  what looked like  acres  of vacant land. 

"This is  where I  plan to start  the factory." He said.   "we will clear it out , demolish  the building and hopefully start work  sometime  next year."  Sugni  looked out at it.  As he told her about his vision  helping the people  of  Mawhari to get out  of the cycle they  are in. And she could see it.  She knew  this was exactly  what  this  community  needed and was happy  he was   willing to  make it happen. Reaching over she held his hand.

"This  will be so good...we need  this around here." He nodded.  "You can make it happen." She said

"We can...together...right?" he said .  She nodded.

They  stood for  a  while   watching the  land,  as they  envisioned  it in the future.   After  a   while  the returned to the house . Going into what  used to be a  living  room  Vickram  left her  an went outside.  He came back  carrying  a  blanket, a portable radio and  a basket that he laid out, into a make shift  picnic area.

"What's all this.?' She asked.

"I told you...I just wanted to get away. Just not think about anything."   He said. As he fiddled with the radio, looking  for some  soft music.

 Joining him on the blanket, she sat next to him. She opened the  basket. 

"Ok  so how long have you planned this?"  She asked observing that apart from the food, there  was also an assortment of what looked to be  board games,  chess , cards .

"Just  last night. " he said 

"And all of this?" She asked

"Well  we needed something to while away  the time..." He said,  looking at her..."Unless..."

"Unless what?" She said.

 Reaching over he held her hand., moving closer to her..."Unless there is  something else you rather do??"  he said kissing her.  She blushed.

"Stop it" She said

"Why?" he asked  embracing her .  Placing  kisses   on her cheeks and neck.

"Because...that's asking for trouble.." She said pushing  away  from him.  It would be so easy  to give in  to this moment , but she did not want to do anything they  would regret . Taking a  deep breath  to control her own emotions  Sugni declared she was hungry, and  decided it was time  for lunch.  Vickram  just smiled giving her knowing looks.

"Behave!" She said

"What I didn't say anything  !" He said   taking  a drink from his bottled water.  Ok Ok...I will."  He said  better be safe than sorry.

 They  spent the  day   discussing some of  his plans for the factory, playing games, just talking  about anything really  that  had  nothing to do with the situation at home.  It was around four o'clock  that  Vickram decided  he would go check in on the fields and then  head on home,  so  they  packed up and began  heading out.

As they  got to the fields   the jeep began stalling . On closer observation he saw that it was overheating and in need of water.

"I'll  get it!"  Sugni said  taking a water can from the back , Seeing it was empty   she decided to  go  full in at a nearby   stand pipe.  By this time Vickram's  foreman came  over   asking what was wrong and Sugni left both men discussing business.    

Sugni observed another  car heading  their way  with all the   windows up and darkened,  she wondered  which  Thakur that could be, when  suddenly   the car sped up as  she looked on in horror as the car headed  directly to where Vickram and the manager was standing at the side of the  dirt road. Both men moved to the side , but   the car swerved to the  left hitting the  jeep and sending it forward a bit. It then straightened  up and  headed  out a  high speed. 

The whole thing happened so fast   it was confusing.   Sugni ran back over to the jeep , breathing  a sigh of relief as she saw that the  foreman   seemed ok, however that  relief turned into horror when she looked at the front of the jeep to find  Vickram lying on the ground bleeding and unconscious.!


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hEY Vinnie

Nice progresss I guess u r leading us to the end of the story
OH NO CryDead 
any ways - DR Suman is dealing with police so now we have reva and neeranjan
well full drama - allot of romance and in the end ... vikram got injured because of this accident

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Good chapter Vin. We had a little of everything. Glad that Suman is being investigated. 
Loved the Sugvi momentsBlushing and then he got injuredShocked
Next chapter asap! please.Big smile

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Amazing Chapter Vinnie...i loved it alot...especially those SugVi momentsBlushingDay Dreaming (more specifically the picnic momentEmbarrassed). I'm really happy that Dr.Suman has been caught. She and impostor Reva both deserve to pay for their crimes as well as Neeranjan. Obviously impostor Reva is the reason for Vikram's accidentCry...By God, she just won't give upOuch...i really hope she gets exposed ASAP. It is really sweet that Vikram is doing so much to help the people in Mahwari, building a factory will surely help to bring about a positive change in their lifestyle.

Vinnie you're doing a fantastic job, can we please have the next chapter now?EmbarrassedBig smile

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Sugni let out a horrified  scream as she looked at Vickram  who  was lying  there  unconscious.   "Vickram?"  She   said as she knelt   to his side  .  So much  blood!.

"OH  MY  GOD ...Thakur Mallick!" The foreman said. Thinking quickly  Sugni turn to him.

"We need to get him to the hospital   quickly ...can you  put the water in the  van please?" She asked desperately.  Doing as she  said ,  he then  helped her to place Vickram in the van.  The foreman   sat in the  back  with Vickram  as he had  no idea how to drive as Sugni sat in the  driver's seat as she  was about the  start the  jeep,  Vickram's phone  started  ringing. 

Sugni was about to ignore it but  some  instinct told  her to check.  Seeing  that it was from home, she  pressed the answer button, before she  could say  anything however  Maa Thakur's frantic voice came   over  the phone:

"Vickram!  Oh thank God,  Vickram I have been calling you  for  hours...why  didn't you  answer. Listen be carefully  she ...she sent some  goons after  you   to  cause an accident I heard  her on the phone, son  be careful please."

Sugni  remembers Vickram switched  off his phone  when they  were at the haveli and must have turned it back on as  they  go to  the field.

"Maa  Thakur...!"  Sugni said.

"You!...Wh..where is Vickram?" She asked.

"He had an accident...I am taking him to the hospital now..."

"What  where  is he I want to talk to him!!! Is  he alright?" She asked frantically.

"I  don't know...he is unconscious...Maa Thakur ...I have to get him to the can meet us there please?"

"Ok Ok I  am  coming."  She hung up.   Sugni started  the jeep and pulled  off.


"Ok  It seems  that when he   he  tried  jumping out  of the  way   the car  hit the  jeep and  it him , and he fell in the  ditch on a stone."  Explained   the foreman to Maa  Thakur as they  waited  for the doctor  to come out and  tell them something about Vickrams' condition.  She got  there mare minutes after  Sugni  who was standing in a corner trying to stay  out of Maa Thakurs  way, but she could not leave. She had to know that he was alright. 

For now  MT  seemed to  be ignoring her, asking the   foreman what happened.  Sugni just stood in a corner and prayed. Thank fully  she was not accompanied by  Reva or Neeranjan.   Sugni   tried not to think of the fact that this was not some random accident  but was  deliberately  caused by  Reva.  How dare she !!!

The doctor  entered  the  waiting   room.   "Doctor , how is   my  son?"  Maa Thakur asked.

 "He  suffered  a concussion  when his  head  hit the  stone,  and  a few  bruises   and   scrapes. But other than  that  he should  be ok.  He is awake and anxious to  go home,   but it is advisable he  stay  here  overnight so we can  keep an eye on him. " the Dr. said.

"Can  I  see  him?"

"Of  course  where is  Sugni?"  The Doctor  asked.

"Here" Sugni  said  coming closer to join them.   "he  was asking for you worried, it is  important he suffer no further mental stress  at this point,  would you  come with me."

"Yes"  She said.

Both women followed the  doctor  into  the room , where  Vickram  was.  Sugni went over to his bed, looking at him, his head was bandaged and  blood  free he had the beginnings of a   five o'clock  shadow  and he looked pale.

Caressing his face she looked at him sadly. "How are you?"

"I am good, are you  alright?"

"I am fine. See nothing  happened to me." She smiled

 "I want to get out of here but they  won't let me..." he said. Holding her hand as he leaned back and closed his eyes.

"Shh you need to stay  here, and do as they  tell you."  She said

"You stay?" he asked...

"I will, but I go get you some fresh clothes and  be back..." belatedly  remembering  Maa Thakur in the room, Sugni   said.

"Maa Thakur is  here worried,  I'll just go home and come back  soon ok..." she said letting go of his hand.

She   moved to leave as she  looked at Maa Thakur  who was looking  at her harshly. "Maa ji  you will stay  with him until I return with Rattu... I  need to get some  clothes  for him..."  Stonily  she nodded.

Sugni  left  in the jeep,  having Rattu following  behind to bring her back. The house was  quite when she got there.  Most  likely  they  were  both in their room, Sugni  avoided  even  thinking about it  all  concentrated on was the  matter at hand and that  is  getting  what she came for.  After  packing   the necessities and  taking a quick  bath herself   she came back  downstairs  in twenty  minutes,  ten  minutes after she  was  walking  back into the  hospital.

As she approach  the  door, she saw that  Maa Thakur was still at his side but he looked to be asleep. Walking into the  room quietly she went  to the place the small bag. Maa Thakur made a move to get up.

"It's ok...I'll leave you  and go outside." She  knew  Maa Thakur was uncomfortable with her here.

"No...i-its'  ok...he was mumbling your name... It makes no sense I stay  here...I am  sure  Reva  will want to  hear  what happened. I ll  go  home any  change let me know ok." She said.

She nodded.

As Maa Thakur left Sugni tucked a sheet over Vickram as she sat  holding his hand.

"Sugni..."  he  said squeezing her hand

"Shh I am  right here go to sleep" She said  caressing his face gently.

The door  opened and Maa Thakur   walked back in.  Sugni Stood up.

"No stay...I forgot my  bag."  She said as she  walked up to the side of the bed and retrieved her purse.  She began  walking out  when she  stopped at the door and looked back. "Take care of him."  She said  as she left. 


The next day  Vickram  was given  the  OK to  return home, but he needed  a lot of bed rest  as he was still suffering from the  concussion. The Doctor  recommended   some medicines  and  told  him to return  in about a week  to check his progress but until then  he needed  to rest  or it could  get worse.

Reva  made no appearance in this time  although  when  Maa Thakur  told her  he had  an accident   she  cried uncontrollably  saying how in the world did  this happen.   She would have rushed to the hospital but Maa Thakur said  that  with  Sugni  there it would just make a scene  and she did not want that.  The  real  reason was she  did not want her anywhere near Vickram. 

Sugni settled Vickram in  his room and  all of her time was spent at his bedside  , taking care of him. 


Two days  after Vickram   returned  Reva  paced her room  , she was disappointed at the fools spoiled all her plans  and all  he suffered  was  a  serious concussion.  And now  Sugni was   not leaving his side.   Damn   why  was all her plans  going   awry  all  of a sudden,  she  wondered .  Even  Neeranjan  left her lone to go look  for some  wh**e  she supposed.

Nooo Nooo  she did  not come  this far  to  fail now...  "Think Think...Molly think..."  She said  resorting to her   real  name in the privacy  of her room.   She  remembered  how she   came to be here  over a year ago.

She  was  working the   red-light district in the city  of  Mumbai, looking for a way  out when   Neeranjan visited  the place she worked for.  He saw her and had the most strangest reaction she ever saw, calling her a  ghost.  Everyone thought he  was mad.  But he returned the next day  specially  requesting her. 

She remembered he inspected her like she was  some kind of specimen...then he told her  he had a proposition for her , if   he helped her out  she could be  richer than she ever thought. All she had to  do was impersonate  his dead  sister.

It sounded  too good  to be true... but it was  much  better than  where she was at now.  So she took months  of training  to be like  Reva, to learn to talk, walk and especially  the madness  part but she did.  Then the  day  came when he brought her in front of the  family.

The plan was supposed to  be simple all  she had to do was pretend to be  the mad   wife for a while and  soon they  would  make  sure  Vickram  had an accident  and  she would be the  widow,  splitting  everything  between then  50/50.   Just the thought off all that money  had her going crazy , these  people  were filthy  rich, she  had hit the jack what if the man had to meant nothing to her. She came   from  a place  where  prostitutes  were  both  cheap and disposable ... where  girls  disappeared   without a trace and no one cared enough  to  miss them.   She   was in a  few  tight spots herself.  So she figured hey   if one dude gotta  die   for her to   live it up...why  not.  

It was by  some miracle  that  Neeranjan  managed  to find Dr. Suman  who was not above giving false diagnosis  if the  price was  right.   In the  year   she had  been   in the house, they  tried a few times  getting Vickram into an accident,  but luck was on his  side  it seemed. 

Then  Dr. Suman  came up with the brilliant plan  to   slowly  poison  him and it was working well to,  when suddenly,  he  fell in love with that  skank !   And  wanted a divorce.  No no ... that won't do. Her eyes  fell  on the bottle of   pills  the  good  doctor gave them  it was more than enough  to finish  the  job, all she had to  do was  somehow get it into his food. But how?

Coming out of her  room   Reva/Molly   made her way to Vickram s  room.   Through the  open door she saw Sugni  sitting at his bed side and wondered if  she would ever leave him.  Sighing  she  made her way  to the kitchen  to  find   Champa preparing what looked like a  small pot of soup  on the stove. 

"Who  is that for?" She asked.

"Thakur Mallick" Champa answered.  "He needs  light food."

"Ok..."  she said   smiling to herself. Perfect.   "Champa  when you are done  here , would you  go into the  store room and  get me some potatoes...I  am feeling for some   fries."

"Yes  Ma'am"  Champa said.

Reva   took her water bottle and left the kitchen  but she stayed close monitoring  Champa's  movements.  As soon as she  saw  Champa  leaving for  the store room, she took a quick glance k upstairs seeing no  movement, knowing she had  only  about a minute she  quickly opened the  steaming  pot of soup and dumped in a handful of the pills  stirring quickly  , watching as it dissolved in the heat. Quickly  she   walked out the kitchen and   back  upstairs  before  Champa could return.


Sugni  was sitting at  Vickram's bedside.  The  medication the doctors gave him to rest had  him sleeping strongly,  she would sit  until he awoke.  She knew it  was probably   crazy, but  she felt she did not want him out of her sight.   Looking at the clock  she  saw  that  he would probably   be  waking up  soon and she was sure he  would be hungry. She  left Champa to look after the  soup she had on the stove and asked her to bring it up when it was done.

Getting up she  went to  retrieve some fresh  clothes   for him when she heard voices  in the  hall way. 

"It's ok  Ma'am  I'll  manage"  Champa said.

"Nonsense  give the tray  to can go see about the potatoes ..go on...I  can serve my  Husband.!"

Wondering what was going on, Sugni looked as the door opened and Reva walked  in  holding the tray with the food. Walking into the   room  with a  sense of authority,  she placed the  tray  on the bedside  table  completely  ignoring  Sugni's presence in the room.

"Sahib...Sahib???"  She  said shaking him as he began to stir.

"What are you doing here?" Sugni asked...

"What dose it look like I am  duty  as a  two bit  tramp is  going to tell me  I  can't come in here.  In fact  why  don't you  leave ...NOW" Reva  said looking  at her.

"Excuse me?" Sugni said looking at her.

"Ohh  what you  think I would just sit back and watch you  fawn over my  husband and say  nothing...Oh  you had your fun  but it is  over...Now  leave!"   She  said again, as she sat  at his side  pretending to  straighten the sheets.

Sugni looked at her stunned ...where was this sudden concern  coming from.  For the past two days  she was neither seen or heard from . From the  corner of her eye she saw  a movement  in the corridor.  She looked to see Maa Thakur  making some sort of gesture she could not understand.

Coming into the room  Maa Thakur looked at them. 

"What's all this noise?" She asked ... "Reva  what is this?..."

"Nothing Maaji ... I  am  just  asserting my  rights !...she has no right  to be in here."  She said .

"Reva  Vickram wil be upset and  that is  not good for him...please  not now..."  Maa Thakur said.

"Then ask her to leave..." Reva said   not budging from the chair.  

Maa Thakur   walked  over to Sugni and  took her  elbow she started  half shoving half walking her out.

"Listen girl  I don't want a scene ...leave.."  As they  approached the door very  softly  Maa thakur whispered  to her..."that soup is poisoned...please..." She shook her head as she loosened her grip on  Sugni's arm. Sugni  looked at  MT  who was looking at her with a pleading expression on her face . She realized this was just  an act.

Pulling her hand away  Sugni said in a loud voice..."NO!!!!"   Moving  over to the bed she grabbed Reva  and   pulled her off the chair with so much  force the chair  overturned.

"You get out!"  She said  pointing her finger at her.

"how dare you!"  Reva said

"How dare you...come in here and pretend to be some kind of caring wife  when the you  are the reason he is   in this state  in the  first place!"  she cut  her off, angrily.


Realizing that she  might have said to much   Sugni closed her eyes trying to get a grip on her anger.

"Yes...We all know your marriage is over,   he wants a divorce  but no... you  can't give him that.  You  claim to love him and be his wife... Very  well where were you  when he was brought into the hospital,   all you  do is push him away  ...listen  woman... you can   stop with your fake tears , fake concern and  fake   duty  as a wife  cause you are none...If you  were I would not be here."   Reva stood looking at her in shock.

"He wants nothing to do with you... not when he is awake and  definitely  not now...and I  don't want you anywhere near him you hear me????"  She said  as she led her t the door, "Get out!"

"You can't"

"Yes I know why  because I  love him...and I am not going to sit around here  and watch you  put him under any  more stress because of some power trip... Get  out!."   She said again this time shoving  her out of the threshold and  shutting the door in  her face  and locking it.

"Thank you!" Maa Thakur said.

"Thank you!...for telling me."

Turning  away  from the door they both turned to see  Vickram awake and looking at them.

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