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Chapter 24

Thakur Mallick,

 How are you?. I  am just writing this  letter to let you  know that  I  spoke to Champa, who told me that she was hired as my  replacement.  Thank you for doing that. I  know she needs  the job.

 She  also told me that you have not been  keeping well. Thakur Mallick, please take  of yourself. You  have  a lot of responsibilities I  know,...and I would feel very  bad if  I am responsible for your state of health.  You are a good  man Thakur Mallick, and I  don't want you to feel that because if what  happened you have to give up. Please don't!

I  am sorry  things had to be this way. I am sorry for all the  pain  I may have unknowingly  caused.  But I am not sorry  that I met you, or for  or friendship or anything. You have always been some one I  looked up to  and respected and that has not changed.  So please don't let  the incident spoil it for you.

 I  arrived  in  Mumbai, At  R.K.Ji office  fine. Both him and his wife are very  nice people and I am  learning a lot form  Mehima  meemsaab.  Every  one is nice here. Thank you  , for once again showing me a way  out.

This is my  last  letter to you. I had to, because  hearing you are unwell has left me uneasy. I'll be ok, and I would like to know you are doing ok to. If  I can ask you  one favor, I would ask that to see the old Thakur Saab, the  one with a smile on his  face no matter what is going on  inside.. Maybe I  have no right to ask  that, but I  will any way. And yes, remember no matter where I am  or where you are just remember there is someone who  will always  care about you, no matter what.


Vickram folded the worn piece of paper he Champa handed him two weeks  ago, after she got it . He must have read it  a hundred times since  then.  Her concern  over  his health, even  from far away  was touching. He was happy  to know she  was doing  well.  He did  speak to R.K. after  so he knew she was there. He trusted them to  take care of her.

Vickram  closed  his eyes  and sighed. It had been a month since she left.  A month in her new life.  He was happy  to know she  was  good, moving on. He though was stuck it seemed in this dead end cyle. Reva's reaction to his  showing her the divorce papers  was as expected she threw a fit and  Dr. Suman had to take her into the hospital.  She spent a day and returned home  the next day.  After she returned home she acted like nothing was wrong  and was  to his chagrin  acting more affectionate towards him.  Dr. suman  told him she want to take  Reva to the city to consult with  another  doctor on her condition, as she was also perplexed as to why  Reva was not seeimg to understand her marriage was over.

Two weeks  later  Reva and Neeranjan  left with Dr. Suman  for the Dr. visit. Suman  told him she would call If he was needed as this was just a consultation. He was fine with that  he did not have the strength to deal with her erratic behavior any  more.

At least it gave him a few days  peace and quite.  She returned a couple of days  ago saying she wanted to explore the city a bit  hence the delay.  However she was still acting  like nothing was a miss., all of a sudden being all  attentive and carring towards him.  He was  sure it was another delay  tactic, but Suman and the consultant  said that Reva was just not wanting to face  the reality  of the situation and if he  were to  bring it up at the moment  it was likely  she would end up  totally  insane.  So he was again waiting for them to  tell him it was OK.  He did  warn the suman that this time he would not wait indefinitely  and if she did not find a solution he would find another Dr. to help.   She  did ask for  a little  time  saying that she would wait until the consutltant can  come here and help her in treating reva , as he was  out of  the country  for a few weeks  if she could have that much  time. After talking to Him, Vickram Agreed to wait until he was back.  In the mean time he was told to not bring it up and  behave normally  towards her.  he could not remember a time where he was "normal " with Reva.

"Vickram Beta..."  His mother  knocked on the door to his room.

"come in."  he said slipping the  letter under his  pillow.

"It is after  8 A.m. and you are not up!.. are you  feeling better?.I am telling you , I think you  should see the doctor.!"  . She said. She was worried about him. Apart from his disheveled state he seemed to have  adopted, he hardly  ate, he  was pale, and he seemed  to sleep a lot. The Vickram she knew was always on the go. He loved going  out and seeing about the lands.  Now if he went he hardly  stayed the day and would come back home only  to  come up to his room.

She thought  after she   told him she accepted his  decision  to  get the divorce he would be happier. But it seemed to her he was getting worse.

"I am fine maa...just  tired is all."  He said.  He did  feel  a lot tired , he  did not know why...maybe he was coming down with the flu.  But really  Vickram  knew there was not a doctor on earth   who  could cure what ailed him.

"come down for  breakfast beta, and ...and I  have a surprise for you!" She said.

"What?" he asked, " surprise? Maa what?"

"Well even I was surprised...but I...Oh  forget it...come down and see for yourself  ...hurry  up we are waiting on you !"  She said looking at him.

Sighing Vickram got up making his way   to get ready  for the day.  Fifteen  minutes  later he made his way  downstairs to the  dining table  where  his mother , Neeranjan, and  Reva  were already  seated.  Vicram took his seat at the head of the table.

"morning jeejaji!"  Neeranjan greeted.

"morning." Vickram  mumbled. Not paying attention to any one .

"Sahib  tea!"  Reva said placing a cup in front of him.

"Thanks."  He said taking the tea and  having a sip.

"Vickram.  Mr. Sparks called he  is supposed to meet you at the fields  he said,  I  told him you  were unwell and said you  would  meet him here instead if he won't mind."  His  mother said.

"Ohh I forgot about that." Vickram said. "Yeah sure, what time?"

"He said he  should be here by  mid morning.. I  instructed Rattu to  make sure he gets here."  She told him.

"I am sorry  maa, it totally  slipped my  mind."  He said. It was unlike him. He was not one to neglect his responsibilities.  He was starting to really  worry  her now.

"Maa ji.I  think Sahib  is to overworked...maybe Neeranjan can help him." Reva said.

"yes Geejaji...I mean..." he stoped as he saw  Vickram  shaking his head.

"It's ok Neeranjan.  I can handle it. I've just been a little off I'll be fine.!"  Vickram said.

Before any  of them could  respond Champa  came out  and began bringing the breakfast to the table.

"Where is um..."  Maa sahib asked.

"Right here maaji"  Said a voice  that has been haunting Vickram for over a month  now.  Vickram  watched in disbelief as  she  moved to stand next to him. Slowly  surreal  he looked up into the most beautiful face he ever saw and wondered if he was in some strange  dream. This  could not be , she in Mumbai leading a new life , yet here she was. Yes this had to be a dream.

The spoon she was holding slipped out of her hands and onto the table knocking over his tea cup, confirming that  he was indeed awake and not dreaming.

"You stupid fool!" Reva  exclaimed!

"I-I am sorry  ma'am..." Sugni said  hurriedly taking a napkin and mopping up the liquid.

"Sugni..." Vickram said looking at her. "What are you doing here?"

"She came this morning!"  Maa Thakur  answered the question.  Her Aunt got better and  she  decided to come back. She even helped champa make breakfast!"  Maa Thakur said.

"I don't understand." Vickram said still looking at her.

"What's there to  understand?  You told her she  could come back  when she was ready. Did'nt you say  that?" She asked  looking at Vickram perplexed.   She  thought he would be happy  about  Sugni coming back since he was always  so protective of her. And she was a hard worker , Champa was doing a good job ...but  some how Sugni was more efficient. And Maa Thakur realized she did miss her around here.  Sugni was one of those who took  the initiative with out waitng for instructions, unlike  others.  And within a short time Maa Thakur  was confident that she can handle the work with no supervision.

With  Champa  she always  felt she had to be there over seeing things with her. although when she did her work  well. It just was not the same.  And sugni had a sort of sunny   personality   you  could not help but like her.

"y..yes..I did" He said.

"Excuse me!" Sugni said as she made her way back into the kitchen.

Thowing the  soiled  napkin in the bin  she sat on the kitchen  chair as she   had to fight with everything she had not to break down and cry.

"Sugni"... Champa came in the kitchen.

"Champa what...happened to him?" She asked  tearfully.  She was still  in  shocking disbelief over what she just saw.  She never expected in her  wildest imagination that she  would see him in such a sate!

"Sugni...pull yourself together ...if they  come in here and see  you  like this they will wonder." Champa said looking at the door way  anxiously.  Grabbing the  last  dish  she went out side to return a few moments  later, Sugni was still in the same spot.

Champa touched her friend on the shoulder.

"Sugni, remember why you are here?" she  said

Sugni nodded.

"But I don't even know if..."She said  looking  at the door way.

"you  have to be  strong here Sugni, if you breakdown, and he is breaking down then everything is just lost. Ok. He'll be OK. You're  here now.!" She said.

"I am not sure I'll help"

"I am sure you will!"  Champa said with confidence.   She was right  Sugni  thought  she  would serve no purpose  if she  broke down over the situation. There was a reason and  a purpose she  had  by  returning and she had to remember that.!

Taking a deep breath  Sugni   got up and  began helping  tidy  up the kitchen. Waiting  for the  right opportunity.

After  breakfast  Maa Takur  came  into the  Kitchen,   "Sugni..." She said

"yes Maaji"

"Here beta," She said  handing  Sugni a  key. "The guest house. It's just like you  left it."

"thank you!" Sugni  said accepting the key.

"It's ok. Listen  Vickram  has an important meeting  they  will be staying  for lunch...and Reva  has a Dr. appointment. Will you  see that all the food is prepared properly ."

"Yes Maaji."

"I am going to get some rest. You know I  missed your beet juice. It really helped me feel better."

"I'll make some don't worry!"  she said with a smile.

Sugni  started  getting  Lunch  ready  and  was busy  in the kitchen   she did  not get to see much  of Vickram,  Mr. Sparks  arrived shortly  after  breakfast and he and Vickram  were in his study. 


It was lunch  time before  Vickram  emerged form his Study  with  his  guest.  As anxios  as  he was to speak to Sugni  he did  not  get a chance  due to his  talks  with  Mr. Sparks .  a leading   architect  to discuss  his plans on his  other phase in  his project  the factory.  Mr. Sparks was a bit surprised  by Vickrams approach  to his business, and he could not help but mention it.

"You  really  want  endevour on running  this mill on manual labour? ...I  mean you  will loose money  that way. ...the other way  you can  keep up with the market and make better profits.!"  He Said.

Vickram  nodded.  "I  know. But you  see if I  do that  I benefit my self.  The people around here need an opportunity  like this to better themselves and I  am  trying to provide that. I  am not saying that we won't have state of the art machinery  and equipments of course we will...but  a bare minimum. "

"That admirable...but Mr. Singh human  labor  is not  always reliable. Especially  in this fast paced world we live in. Unfortunately  some people don't appreciate it."  he said. Vickram  knew that  very  well ...when he wanted  people for the field work.

"It's different here...these people  are thirsting for a way  out.  Mr. Sparks...sometimes  big  profits  is not all that matters. " He said. "giving back to the place you were  born in  means a lot!" 

"That is true" Mr. Sparks  conceded.  It was not often he came across someone like  Vickram  Singh.  His  respect for the business man  grew in the short meeting and he was eagar to work with  him in his project. 

As  Vickram sat down to have lunch, Sugni came out to serve them.  Again Vickram  was wondering why  was she here.  She  served  them  quicly  and quietly  befor moving back into the kitchen. He despritely  wanted to  talk to her ...but he knew he had to wait.



Finally  after  lunch was served and the kitchen  put to order Sugni  ventured out into the Guest  house.  Part of her was avoiding   coming in here and  putting her bag, but she could no longer put it off.  Walking in  she was bombarded  with   the memories of that  night. All that happened. Not that she thought she  would ever forget...but being back in here everything came back with much clarity. The way  he sat on the chair with his heart broken  face. Telling her  about how he  felt. The kiss...the  touch. Sugni Shook her head. As she walked into the  bedroom. It was put away and the bed  made. But she remembered the rainy  night. Sugni  closed her  eyes and sighed  wondering if she did the right thing by  coming  back here. It's not that she had a choice really   She knew that  if she stayed there and not  do anything she could never  live with herself.

She  just did not think that  seeing him again and being back  here would have this effect on her. Remembering  what she  saw this morning, and the state he was in strengthen  her resolve  that  she  did  indeed  make  the right choice. She took a deep breath and set out unpacking her bags.

The knock on her front door came. It  was night time . nine  o'clock.  Every  one else was either  in bed or in there  rooms, the kitchen was closed , and there was only  one person who would come here at this hour.

Opening the door Sugni stepped aside to let him him. She closed the door and slowly  turned around . For the first time  today  they  were alone and face to face.

"You're really  here?"  he   whispered.

She nodded. He walked up to her . Very  slowly raised his hand  to caress her face.  Almost as though he thought she would disappear.

"I'm  not dreaming?" He said

She shook her  head. Before she could say  anything he enveloped her in a bear hug.

"Oh thank God...I  missed you so much!" He   breathed. Sugni  stood there  shocked by  this reaction.

"T-thakur  malick?"  She said  as she  tried to step back , but he would not let her go.

"Shhh...just please...Shhh..."  He said  "You're  really  here" ! He  said he  voice craking under all the emotion  running through it. "I missed you.." he repeated.

Unable to  help herself Sugni  Returned his embraced. "I missed you  to." She  said.   They  stood that way  for a long time , just holding  each other not saying anything.  Until  minutes or  hours  later . Vickram  pulled back to look at her.  Caressing her cheeks again wiping away  the silient tears that  were  in her face, he smiled.

"How about a cup of  your tea..." he smiled.

"Ok" she said.   As she  went into  the small kitchen to make it.

Sh returned a with two cups , handing him one as she took a seat  next to him. Reaching over her took her hand, refusing to let it go, not that she resisted it.   It all happened  so   naturally  that it was hard to believe these  two had so much  between  them.  Yet they  did.

"You  look amazing!" he said looking at her. Taking in her  change of attire.  She actually blushed. But then she looked at him and got  serious.

"And you?" She shook her head sadly  as  she  touched his stubbled cheeks.  "What's this?" He shrugged.

"No...this is not right. " She said. "you  must take care of yourself"  she said.

"You're here now na...I  will."  He said.

"Thakur Mallick!" She shook her  head. 

"Forget it...tell me...I  am glad you are here but...what made you come back?" he asked .

Suddenly  Sugni  remembered   what made her make the decision to  return to Mahawri . She came here to tell him , but she did not know how, as it was still unbelievable to her.  And if she was wrong she was sure she would burn in hell, but if she was  a chance  that it was true she could not live with her self if she stood by  and  let it happen. She remembered the kitchen incident this morning, resolving that she was doing the right thing.

She looked at him, into his eyes.  There was  a glimmer of that light in them she  had seen since  that night.  The fact was  she loved him, and whatever she was about to do  it was for that  sake of that love.  Whether they  were together or not was irrelevant  at the moment.  What mattered was that she did  all that was in her power to protect the one  most precious to her.

Taking both his hands in hers  she looked at him. "I  had to come back...I  had to warn you."

"warn me?"  he asked. Perplexed  by the look on her face.

"yes...Thakur Mallick"  She  said ...Aware that what she was about to say  could cause  a lot of  trouble.

"What is  it Sugni?"  He asked when she seemed like she  was about to  say  something  but did'nt.

"You're  in...I  mean  they ...Oh gosh...Thakur Mallick they want to k..kill  you" She stammered Almost choking on the words.

"What?" Vickram asked , even more confused by  her words  "Who?"

"R-Reva...and her brother..."



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I knew it ... she was back because she knows some thing about Reva and her bro even that Dr suman

Reva and her bro Along with that Dr went to the city ... and that time sugni too was in the city ... I guess she saw them (they did not see her else they would Know why she came back and where from she came back)... so she saw them And now is back to save Vikram !!!
any ways very beautiful chapter
I too felt sorry to see Tvs in such state
any ways im glad she finely came back and that hug scene uff it was very romantic well written
why not to add the pics to add the feeling into the chapter
well written chapter
and this time she is the one to unmask reva !!! let's seee
any ways
I would have called this story as PHIR SUBAH HOGI
among 3 stories u wrote
this one is really Phir subah hogi
I think if u would be the writer of PSH it would have been the best show with the best romantic scenes and the best !!!!!!! hats off .. with every episode im loving it more and more
when u feel u reach to an end of the story dont end it ... keep writing ...
at 1st your written stories were hard to me to understand but I must thank u ... people noticing my english is improving so that means allot to me ... thinking about the 1st story that i was feared to read and felt its hard for me this was better

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hey vinnie ! 
this is fantastic really..i love it,love it,love it .. 
when vikram saw her, i was Shocked Big smile Dancing
and that hug Day Dreaming
oh !! sugani know the real face of sis and bro Angry wonderful.. Star
 please give next part soon.. actually this has became  addiction for me now ..i want everyday a new chapter LOL ...i know this is difficult ...  but please try to 1 episode after  2 days.. Embarrassed
love u ..Heart
u r very good writer, u know very well that how to keep the suspense and how to reveal.. Clap Clap 
i liked the most, this quality in this episode... 

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I said at the very beginning that I hope it is Sugni that sees Reva for what she is and is the one to expose her.

I am soo glad that this Sugni puts his needs before her own  !!!!!!
I am guessing things are going to get lot worse before they get better. 
I hope we now get to see the shrewed side of TVS . We have seen flashes of his strong character - when he told Sugni was going to stay and if Reva did not like it she could leave, when he told Reva he wanted a divorce, when he stood his ground with MS and when he told the doctor he would not wait indefinately. Now I hope we see the shrewed side, the one that would beat Reva at her own game whilst still protecting those around him (I will never forget how he outsmarted TJS for the haveli keys)
Cannot wait for the next chapter.

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I am so glad  that Sugni is back to unmask Reva. Great chapter. Looking forward to Reva reaction to Sugni back in Vikram's life and MT's reaction when she realises that Vikram was actually love-sick over Sugni.

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Fabulous chapter Vinnie. I completely  enjoyed it. I'm so happy that Sugni is back...obviously not more than was such a sweet moment when  he hugged immediately  reminded me of the scene in PSH when he saw her in Banaras.  I just can't believe that Reva and her brother AngryAngry...wanting to kill sweet VikramEmbarrassed...i'm glad that Sugni is the one who found out their true intention... now the story will surely take a more interesting turn and i guess this will also  be a test of  their love for each other but i know come what may Vikram and Sugni will surely stand by each other. 
oh Vinnie you're just too good and please  don't keep us in suspense any longer. Can we please have the next chapter now? EmbarrassedBig smile

BTW  can't wait for more SugVi moments EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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thank  thank you  Evey  one  for your  beautiful  responses. Ron  thank you  for the pics i  loved it  it was  the perfect touch to the  chapter,
Ron, Sara, Mansi,  Julie,  Rose,  Payal  and every  one else who reads ...i  hope you  enjoy  the  next chapter as much as the  last. Keep reading and  it is the feul that keeps me going!!!  

 Love  Vinnie

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Chapter 25

"What?"  Vickram asked   dazed.  What she was saying  was making no sense.   Why would they  want to kill him?

Sugni  closed her eyes  and took a deep breath.  "I  better start from the beginning.'  She said.

"A few  days ago, I  went to one of  RKji's  Hotels  to pick up a lunch  order  for Memsaab, I had to wait for it, so I took a seat in the   dining area.  I was surprised  when I saw that on the table right  in front of me, sat  Reva  madam, Neeranjan  and that  Doctor lady. They  were laughing at something funny, and I heard them mentioned your name. I got curious about what they were saying  so I moved closer.  Reva  was saying that it was a stoke of genius  by the Doctor to get her to the city  so no one would  know what was  happening. She said that they  needed  to move fast for the plan to work and something about delaying the divorce...because  that was not part of the plan.  And they  needed the plan to go into place before the  divorce  can  go through."

"Plan?? What Plan?"   Vickram asked still not  fully  comprehending what she was saying.

" Sh-She  wanted to be the "Widow of Thakur Vickram Singh" ...she said. Vickram  looked at her with raised eyebrows, " I  know I  thought I heard wrong...but they were all laughing and then her brother said  this time  it would happen. Cause  they  had the Doctor on their side. Then Reva was saying she managed to turn Maaji against  you...with her story of you abusing her and she  thought she  had "the old lady"  on her side  it all but at the last minute  she changed  her mind and was  no longer pressuring you. And now  it seemed that  the divorce could not be  avoided.  I guess they  were talking about Maa Sahib.

 I saw Reva give the Doctor  something, maybe money  and in return the Doctor handed her  a medicine bottle she said that they  needed to use it it looks natural. She said they knew what to do. Thakur  Mallick  I don't know what   is going on but it's not good.  And then they started saying  some craziness that made no sense."

"What...tell me  everything!"  Vickram said.  His  disbelief  turning into slow anger  over what he was hearing.

"She said she wasn't like the  first  Reva? And  and that  she knew how to play  her cards least she end up like her...Then Neeranjan said he was lucky  he found  her...other wise he would have lost it all.  He said something about his sister being a fool that was why she ended up  where she was.. It was like they  were talking about another person or something.  It sounded like they  did something to her. I don't know  it made no sense to me.

I was going to call you but I was  afraid  maybe they would find out I did. So I came back to tell you myself.  Then when I came this morning... I went to see Ramu  Kaka to let him know I was back and  when I was coming through the Kitchen I saw her in there by herself...she  was putting that pill from the  bottle into the  tea she made for  you. "  She said.  Vickram  recalled her coming in and dropping the spoon, and Reva's  reaction to that.

"That's why you spilled..."  She nodded.

"What ever they are doing ...they've been planning It for a while, by the way they  were talking." She said.

Vickram leaned back on the chair...still trying to  process what he just herd. "Wait're saying that they are planning   to  kill me  and make it look like natural? But they  need to do it before  the divorce is finalized."   She nodded. Quickly  he remembered   all the delays   Dr. Suman  had. Telling him she needed  him to wait a few Months...Reva insisting on going into the city. Reva  telling him she was not giving up the title no matter what.  Vickram s head was starting to spin  with this development.  His blood was running  cold and he felt as though he was going to be sick.  They  were trying to kill him?

"Thakkur  Mallick?" Sugni said , looking at him. He look lost . Oh  God!   "Thakkur Mallick?" She said lightly  tapping his face  trying to snap him out of the daze he seemed to have gone into.

"Huh?"  He said shaking  his head.  Slowly  his anger was beginning to ignite. They  were playing a game with him? , with his life?.  over some materialistic  wealth and status. ? The more  he processed  this  the   angrier  he became  until he felt he would literally  explode.    Getting up from the chair he kicked the ottoman out of the  way  needing to do something about it he  began walking towards the door.

The look on his face was thunderous and  frightening and  Sugni was afraid he might do something he would definitely  regret.  "Thakur Mallick ...Wait  where are you  going?" She asked  standing  up and  swiftly  walking behind him.

"There not getting away with this..." he said   his hand on the door knob.

"NO  WAIT! " Sugni said  holding back his hand. He was breathing rapidly she knew that  in his state of rage if he went into the main house all hell would break loose. 

"You can't...Thakur Mallick...come back  have a seat..." She said

Sugni  I..."

"I know...but just  calm down  a little  think ...please  come back..." She said tugging him towards the  couch.  "Sit ...Please" 

Vickram sat.  Rubbing her hand soothingly  on his fore arm  trying to calm him down. She was wondering how to handle this situation.   "if  you confront them now...they'll never admit it. In fact they'll probably say  you're mad." She said.

"I can't just sit here..." he said

"I know...Shhh..."  She said  trying to  calm him down. "Thakur Mallick..." she said  as he turned to look at her. She caressed his  face looking into his eyes that were  burning with anger and hurt at the moment.

" Dealing  with  this  in anger won't help.  You might just make it worse.  Whatever they are doing  they are being smart about it...turning  you into the bad one. They'll probably  find a  way to turn it around on you  now as well.  All you have to go on is something I  overheard. There is no proof that  it is true. I am not even sure it's true." She said

Vickram  nodded. She was  right . Flying off the handle  would not help.  Taking a deep breath he tried  to get control of  his anger. "You're right."  As he got calmer he started  thinking about what she just told him.  "tell me  again...what was  this about Reva ...?" He asked

"I  don't know , even I  was  confused about that  it was as though they  were talking about another person.  Oh Ummm Neeranjan  said He was lucky  to have found her  when he did...and she saved him for loosing it all.!" She said.

"Thakur Mallick  What happened?  I  mean they said she had  disappeared for a while before you came back? But what really  happened?" Sugni asked

 "...I  was away  on a business  trip  and um  Maaji  called and told me she  went driving and  did  not return.  I came back and the police had found  the car she was driving ...bloodied but she was not in it. It was abandoned in the woods. Funny  she had no business being there..bu t  with her she sometimes got these   whims  to go somewhere.  If I was'nt around Neeranjan would go with her. But when we asked him he said  she  stopped  for gas and asked him to get her some  snacks, only  to drive off and leave him behind.  We looked for her for months  and could not find her. The police finally  told me  they  think we should give up...thinking she probably  got attacked  by  animals or something." Sugni grimaced at that.

"Then when I was about  to give up,  Neeranjan comes  with her. She said  she fell unconscious and lost her memory and began wandering  when she got up, some people found her and put her in a hospital where she was admitted.  Then one  day  they  herd her mumbling  an address and  called Neeranjan who got her."  He  finished  looking at Sugni. "Convenient huh?"

"So he did not tell you  that they contacted him or anything?"

"No  he simply  showed up with her   just as I was about to leave for Mahawri.!"

"Wow" Sugni  said . This  story  was unbelievable.

"Maybe..." Vickram mused. "Who he returned  with was not Reva at  all.   Maybe she was some one else. Thinking back  on it. She looks  like Reva, She acts like Reva...but she never felt like Reva." He said

"What do you  mean?"  She asked.

"I mean...she was more cold, I  don't know " he said


"Yeah.." Vickram said thinking. "See Reva  was erratic. A lot of it was because of her illness. She never  liked seeing people upset , if she knew she upset some one by  her behavior she  try to apologies or  make up for that behavior. Yet  ever since her return it's like she enjoys being mean. .."  he trailed off  lost in thought.   His mind  going  over the past year  trying to connect the dots.

"But then...if this isn't her...what happened to her?  What did they do  to her?"  She asked.

"I don't know ...but  I'll find out. First things  first.  I  need to  prove this for myself. If this is true."  He said.

"How?" She asked  curious  to know.

" I  don't know ...let me think...let me think  ..." he  said   tapping his forehead."There's one way!   But I'll need your help. Will you?'

"Yes..but what would I have to do.' She asked

He explained  what he wanted her to do .

"But  what would that prove?"  She wanted to know.

"let's just say  it's a sure way  to know if  she is who she says she is or someone  else, depends on how she reacts to it."

"Hmmm...ok even I  want to know ...maybe I am wrong"  She said.

"I don't think you are. In  some weird  way  this makes sense."   He said. He sighed tiredly.

 They  both sat in silence  for a  while ,  each  lost  in their own thoughts about  what was just revealed. Both  in disbelief that  someone could  stoop that low as to do this . And wondering how to deal with it.  

. Reaching over and holding her hand again, moving closer to her , until ther was hardly  any  space between them Sugni  bent her head looking at  her lap, closing her eyes.  She may  have come back here  to warn  him but the fact remained she left  for a reason. Her principles.  She knew coming back here would have some consequences , she was  putting everything  she  believed in on the line here. Sugni could fight  everything...but she was losing this battle with her  heart and her principles.

"Sugni?" He said. She shook her head, not daring to look at him.

Vickram placed his  hand on her chin , gently  lifting her head to look at him.

"look at me." He whispered.

Sugni swallowed hard, as she  slowly  opened her eyes to look at him. Memories of the last time they  were both  here  flashing through her brain.

"This is not easy  for you  , is it being back here?" He asked.  She shook her head , no it wasn't.

"Yet you came back , despite everything.."  He said.

 "I had to...I couldn't just  sit  and do nothing. I  mean if some kind of weird   unreal dream I'll be happy...but if there is any  truth  in it  you should  know." She said.  "I just did'nt think  it would be this hard."  She said.

"I am sorry Sugni..."  He said

"You  know the  hardest part?"   She said looking at him.


" Seeing you at the table this morning...I felt like it was my fault. Thakur mallick, I  lerned a few things  being away and I realize . Nothing is really as simple  as we all wish it was, Marriages , divorce, love.I had a lot of principles growing up, my own version of  what was right and wrong, and now I would  give it up just to see you happy.   " She said, her heart giving in , as her brain gave up the fight. "Theres just somethings  you can't fight no matter how hard you try."  She said tearfully. Vickram looked at her as her words sank in. The realization that she was willing to give up everything she ever   believed in for him was over whelming and daunting. She was the last person on earth he wanted to hurt, yet  he was the reason she was crying.  If he could'nt make her happy   then he had no right to make her miserable yet, now that she was here again  he wondered if he could survive losing her a second time around.

Vickram   hugged her as she  cried  no one told her being in love was this painful.  "Don't' s not your fault. You're not responsible  for anything.  You know for my  whole life  I've  done what everyone else wanted me to do . Until I could't handle it any more, my  marriage was  at the point where  it was feeling  not like a responsibility but  a weight that was dragging me down. Then I fell in love and for the first time  I realized how empty my  life really is. Sugni if there was anything  in my life  worth anything, it was you. You were the only one  who  did not see me as some  sort of self-centered cad.  Whenever  I felt like  I was drowning ,  you somehow pulled me out of it unknowingly.  You are the reason, I survived  this long., the reason I crawl out of bed in the morning. The reason I face  every day. If it wasn't for you I probably  wouldn't." He said.

"Why does this have to be so hard?" She asked.

"I wish I  knew, I wish I  knew. You've just been   caught in some twisted game of fate that it seems  none of us have any control of really" Pulling back  he looked at her.

"Sugni...don't do this to yourself ...I"ll arrange for your ticket tomorrow  and you can go back." He said.

",  I  won't go . If I go back now I'll go crazy  wondering  what's going on here." She said. There stared at each other .


"I know, it's  wrong. Thakur Mallick,  apart  form my  mother , the only  person who cared about me and my  well-being  has been you.  Whenever I was in trouble  or needed you, you've always been there for me. And  now,   for me to go back and leave you alone , I could never live with myself if I did that.  Besides when you  love someone, you  don't leave them  when they  need you  the most do you?"" She said softly.

Vickram felt his  own resolve  to  send her back  wobble.  He could no more do that, than he could  stop his  own heart from beating.

"You're  sure about this?" he asked  her. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath and nodded.  He knew  she was still battling  with herself .

"Come here."  He said, opening his arms to her.  Sugni  knew that  this was the moment of no turning back. Everything she ever boasted about  saying she would never do , she was about to throw out the window. And this time  she could not blame  anyone  else  for this  but herself. Maybe  she made that choice  when she decided to come back...or before then  on that rainy  night   when she let him in here. Unlike the previous  hug  which was  one of comfort and  compassion.  This one meant so much more. It was her  embracing a life she swore she never would.  It was her choosing her  heart over her brain.

Slowly She leaned into  his embrace  as she rested her head on his chest as his arms  closed in around her.



"I love you." He said .  She felt him kiss the top of her head.

"I love you."  She whispered.

"I promise you  something, right  now," He said.  "Until  this  whole thing is resolved,  and until I am not free  from my  marriage, I  promise you there will never be anything more than this between us.!"   At this Sugni lifted her head to look at him. Not sure she understood what he meant.

"I know  how much your principles mean to you  Sugni, your dreams of leading a respectable life.It took a lot for you to do what you just did, and I am not going to be the one to destroy  that.   You're not a bedni, and I'll never treat you  like one. I  promise." He said.

Sugni  sat up to look at him.  A part of her albeit a small part of her relived.  Then again she did not know why   this should come as a surprise. This was her Thakur Mallick. She remembered having a conversation  with him once , when she told him she knew that he would not let her go down the wrong path, even if she wanted to.  And so true he lived up to  her conviction.

"But I just ask one thing..." He said.

"What's  that?"

"If there is any part of you that has any  doubt , or want to leave now I won't stop  you. Because this  is not going to be easy. And it could get ugly, where people around here have a lot to say about things they  don't know about. If you want to go..."

She  shook  her head. 

"You sure?"

She nodded.

"This is your last chance...because  after this... I won't  let you go!"  He said, pointing a warning finger  at her .

 She laughed "I am sure ...I am not leaving." She said. This   time  she hugged him.  "I'm  here to stay!"

"Thank you  Sugni!..."  Vickram  whispered.  Despite all that was wrong in his world at the moment, at least there was one thing  that was  right. ...

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