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NEW FF ...THE UNEXPECTED updated page 39 (Page 3)

payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2013 at 3:13am | IP Logged
WOW vinnie
Fantastic writingClap
I love this alternative way the story could have gone.
Please can we have one chapter a day pleassseBig smile

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OmkaRaman IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ronshaan

Originally posted by ramkideewani23

Evil Smile 

Okay. Firstly. I will start with this...Dr. Suman?Shocked ROFL Vickram Ji u better keep extra 4 eyes on the doctor ji. I don't trust her. Besides she got bad recordsEmbarrassed I can only imagine Bhushan pushing away Suman right nowROFL Can't see her as a Doctor...bad records jiD'oh 
Two...Thnks for actually writing Maa Sahib's name  out...Never knew itEmbarrassed Embarrassed Approve I know it was something sounding close to Gulabiya JiEmbarrassedBig smile
3rd- What is Rewa up to and who was she talking to? Yes I'm a curious cat rite now...Wait no I hate catsAngry I am a curious rat rite nowThumbs Up That sounds betterCool 
4th- Gulabi--somethingEmbarrassed Okay maa sahib cares about saving Rewa Vikram marriage and forgets about her daughter's plight?Shocked What kind of mother are u Gulab Jamun Ji?Shocked Shocked 
5th- If I was Vickram, one straight right been catching NeranjanAngry How dare he call Vickram a bas*tar*?Angry Angry 

Okay so now my final analysis. Story moving pretty fastThumbs Up I think Vinnie is purposely doing this for me to not miss a chapter like the last timeWink I missed Sugni today.Cry Overall superb episode..Clap Wait y am I calling it an episode?Geek Overall superb ChapterClap Can't wait for the next one, as I am at the edge of my seatBig smile Wanna know what Rewa ji is up to. And what Gulab Jamun will do to keep her son and Rewa togetherBig smile

Nice oneStar
wow simmi u r so funny
gulab jamuun hahahahhahaa good one ...
oh yes DR suman .. good point u have there ... and niranjan cursing vikram ... very bad !!!
any ways good points !!!
LOL I'm trying to be entertaining here. Yeah I can't remember to spell her name. So Gulab Jamun sounds very closeLOL

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ronshaan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 July 2013 at 6:52am | IP Logged
even do I simi so its funny
Maa saheb ka nam gulab jamun but yes
hope vinnie wont write it in her story hahahahahaha

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OmkaRaman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2013 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ronshaan

even do I simi so its funny
Maa saheb ka nam gulab jamun but yes
hope vinnie wont write it in her story hahahahahaha

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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HAHAHAH  you  guys  funny! 

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2013 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
THANK YOU EVERY ONE for your kind  comments   and encouragement.   Ronshan, Sara, Simi , julie, Payal  and Rose.. Sorry  I am feeling to lazy  to make individual   responses  forgive me.  Please  enjoy  chapter 3 and  leave your ever so valuable comments  for me  ...thanks you!!! 

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter  3

"Thakur  Maalick, Thaur  Maalick'"  Sugni  said  out of breath  as she  ran through the  fields  to  meet up  to Vickram  who was sitting   at his usual spot on the tractor, over-looking   his workmen  perform  their  jobs.  They  were  very  good and he did not have to be there'but  sitting in the   midday  sun  watching them  was  more welcome that sitting at home listening to his mother and  brother in law make  snide comments  about  him.

He looked at  Sugni as she was running towards  him, for some reason  she looked extra bright  today, something  was different  with her but  he could not  put his finger on it.  

"Where is the fire'why  are you  running like that?"  He asked as she finally  stopped  at his side,  huffing and puffing'

"Wa..water.. water " She said.

Taking his water  bottle from his side  he passed it to her which she accepted gratefully opening it and taking a few gulps.

"Thanks ! " She smiled as she cached her breath. "I  was running form some mad  dogs na'.who started chasing me ! I  thought for  sure I was going to get bitten 'but  thank  Sita  Miya 'I  ran  so fast na'they  never had time to catch me"   She  laughed. Vickram  joined her.  

"Come have  a seat'all  that running  must have made you tired!"  he said  as he extended  his  hand for her to jump up and sit on the drivers side of the tractor.  She did, gingerly  as she was holding a small package in one hand..

"So what brings you  here?" He asked afte she  settled.

"You!"  She said

"Me?"  He asked

"Yes!  See  today  is  my  birthday and  I  made some of my  favorite Prasad to offer'so I thought I would give you some."  She said extending  the small bowl  to him.

"Thanks." He said accepting it, "your birthday huh? Well many  happy  returns of the day!"  He  smiled.

"No no no  don't return it  eat it!" She said,  Vickram   laughed   and she looked at him   confused.

"No 'Many  happy  returns, is a way  of  wishing  you  all the best"  he  explained.

"Ohhh'.I see" she said  feeling a little dumb.

"Anyways, your  birthday huh!  'I  should give you a  gift." He said  reaching for his wallet.

"No..No ..No  I don't want anything" She said  hurriedly  befor he could open th e wallet

"It's a gift Sugni" he  said.

"NO  I  can't accept it, please no" She said

"Oh  right'. principles'."  He understood'Sugni was a very prideful girl. But he still wanted to give her something.  His  eye fell  on  the bunch  of  keys  in the ignition.  Taking it, he removed one of the key ring  ornament   he had attached to the bunch.

"It's  tradition to give some one something on their birthday,  so 'you  can accept this from me right? Look  it's not money  and it's used, sorry  about that'.but  I think  you  will like it'you  believe in Sita Miya na?"  He said  handing her the key  chain'  "for  luck"  he said

Sugni  looked at the key chain in hi s hand , not sure she should take it,  but she did not want to  insult him by  refusing  his  gift'and he was right  it was tradition.  Smiling slightly  she  took the  small key chain that  had a small  intricately  designed figrine  of  Sita Miya  on it. That made her smile more brightly..she  touched in to her forehead reverently.  "thank you!" She said sincerely. It was the best gift.

"You are  welcome"   He  smiled  , which she  returned, as she looked at him , only  now noticing the bruise he  had  on his cheek.

"Oh  my  God!  what happened to your face"  She asked in concern.  'it looked painful.  Vickram touched  the  blue mark  on his face  compliments  Reva, it was not the  first such  bruise he got and he was sure befor his divorce it won't be the  last.

"Ahh  nothing, I small accident'" he said

"oh'you  should be careful  na." She said sternly' "it is painful?"  she asked looking at him  with concern.

"yeah"  he said  not sure if he meant the mark on his face, or  if his pain was something else.

"You  know , one day  I was running  like mad to reach  home and I hit my head  bang on the door,  I  swear  maa  told me  I  look like  I  had two heads  when it started swelling, "  she laughed' "but she  put some hot water and salt on it and it helped no  pain and  the swelling went down 'it was good as new in a few days'you  should  try  that!"   She said.

"Hmm OK"  he said.  "How is  your mom?"  he asked.

" She is good, but'"  Sugni sighed sadly , the happiness in her eyes dimming a bit.

"But what?" He asked

"She  is back to doing Raai now'  I just wished she would'nt" 

"Yes'but sugni  what else can she do'.she needs to work right?"  He said,   he did  not like the practice but he was practical to know if they  did not work she did not eat.

" I  know'but  still'"

"Then  why  don't you come back here"  he said. " You can work in the fields and make enough money  to feed your family  that your mom does not have to  dance again'I guarantee that"  He said genuenly.

"I know'"She said. "But  Thakur Mallick,  you saw what happened the last time'and really  I don't want to put mom  in any  more trouble'I  would love to work here, but when I remember what happened" She shook her head.

"But that is not fair!"  She exclaimed.

"No it's not'and if you want to you can always come back'I will make  sure  no one dose anything to your mom!  You  don't have to be afraid of him Sugni"   he said'he remembers  very  well  what Jwala  put  Sugni and her mother through  just because  Gulabiya   was kind  enough to help him  look for  some employees.  Vickram knew it was more the fact that HIS  bedni  was helping and working for  Vickram  that made him take that step ,  than any  other reason.  He shook his head at the man's pettiness.

"Thanks but we'll manage"  She said,  "I will find something."  She said she always did  some how

"ohh was your little  show?" He asked as  he remembered  her telling him about it  a few days ago.

"It  was  good,  the Viliagers  came and  every  one  clapped and enjoyed it'" She started, telling him  how her performance was received. Vickram listenen to her indulgently,  realizing  she had a knack for talking  fast and long'.  listening to her   was the same as  being there as he did not think she missed a detail.

"Thakur Mallick'we are done for the day."  One of the  workers  came up to him  to inform him it was  5 PM.  Vickram  nodded looking at his watch as the others  started leaving.

"5  o'clock 'OMG  I  am dead'.I  was supposed to  help mom  get ready  for  later'and I am here chatting'she will  kill me '" Sugni said as she jumped off  the tractor.

"Wait'I'll drop you!" he said.

"' I  will get home faster   on foot " She  said '"Thanks for the gift ,Mallick! And share  the Prasad with  Thakurine  na'"  She waved good bye, the speed with which she entered she left.  Vickram looked at her as she retreated.  He started the tractor and began driving off, he realized he was smiling.  Sugni had  spunk,  she was always  a bubbly  personality  every time he saw  her, bursting with life.  Although  her life was anything but a bed of roses, she somehow  managed  not to let it damper her spirit.  There was only a few times he saw her look anything but happy  , that was when her mother fell ill,  she was scared for sure. He recalled the day  she followed him out  and told him point blank she was not for sale. The look on her face was one of determination, pride and defiance. She had that innocent spark in her , that he knew most  girls  loose  here at an early  age.  He admired her approach to life making the best of what she had. If he was surprised  by  her declaration  outside the  hospital , he was even more surprised  that  she  found him the next day  to apologize for her behavior and for misunderstanding him.

 That was why  seeing her  that  night   with those  Thakurs  dressed  in the  customary  raai  dance outfit, and realizing  she was one of the dancers  came as a shock to him. All her defiance and talk about respectable life not corresponding with what he was seeing.  As he looked at her , her eyes  were pleading with him to help her out of what could have been a very   horrible night for her. She listened  quietly crying as he ranted at her  on the way  home about  saying something and doing something else, and sticking to ones  principles.  As she was   hopped out of his jeep 'she thanked him once more, and told him to save her mother's life, she would do anything even go against her principles, and when people are hungry   principles  sometimes had to be sacrificed, but  that if there was another way  she would find it first before  doing Raai again.   He  watched  as  she walked inside  with an air of helplessness he probably  would never  know, but it tugged at him.

Somehow Vickram was beginning to feel protective of her.  She made it 19 years  in this hell hole  unscathed , but he knew  she might not make it another year'the other Thakurs around here were like vultures   and  to them she was fresh meat.

He wondered if she would not have a better chance outside of this village than in it. Maybe he could help them to find better place, but how?   Her mother and her would not want to accept that kind of help from him. He sighed'well he would keep an eye out for her that was for sure.

As  Vickram turned   drove into  the driveway  of his house ,  he   jumped out of the tractor taking the small  package with him. It dawned on him suddenly  this was the first time in a long time  he actually  had a good time  in the fields, not thinking about the mess that was his life, and all that was thanks to   Sugni.



Sugni   rushed inside her  little house  to the room she shared with her mother. She spotted Gulabiya sitting at the  mirror   applying  makeup , getting ready  for  tonight.

"Sugni where were you?..Bumsukiya will be here soon and I  still have to get  ready!"   She said

"Sorry  sorry  maa! I was just talking to Takur Mallic and I  lost track of  time!" she said  as she walked over  to her mother and began  helping her with her hair.  Gullabiya  looked at her daughter through the mirror as she said that. She  knew that  Sugni  idolized  Vickram Thakur and  she had to admit he was a good  man, but there were a lot of "good" Thakurs around  when  there is a new bedni on the block and Sugni  was that.

"Look at this! Thakur Mallick  gave it to me as a gift! "  she said  handing her mother  the keychain, wit h a smile

"Wow'this is  lovely!! Is this  gold?"  her mother asked  looking at the  little figurine  of the goddess.

"Gold?"  Sugni  laughed " No  maa' he had it  on his own bunch of keys and took it off and gave it to me'why  would he give me something  made of's just the color paint"  she said.   Incospicously   Gulabiya  tried  scratching the  figurine, it did not  get a scratch, confirming  her  suspicions  it  was indeed made of  gold.

"Still  sugni'you  should not have taken it!"  he mother said  with disapproval!

"Maa'I  could not say  no!...he was going to give me money  and  I told him I could not take it'.but he said it was tradition to  give a gift.  So I took it." She said innocently

'Yes it is tradition to become a bedni and do raai to"  Her mother mumbled under her breath.

"What?"  Sugni asked  giving her mother a strange look.

"Nothing!." She said as  she continued  to  watch Sugni  fix her hair  through the mirror. Her innocent smile, her care free  ways. She remembered  the conversation she  had with  Jwala Thakur  Mallick  2 nights  ago, when he called her to his haveli.

Jwala Thakur  had been   Gulabiya's   Thakur Mallick  since she was 19, same age as Sugni, she was one of  many  that  he had. She was his when the mood suited him,  which  lately  was not  much as their were  younger  girls  around now, some of them Sugni's age, to keep him entertained and  fulfill  his needs.

That was why  him seding the car for her the other night came as a surprise.   What he really  wanted to to tell her to  control his daughter,  and it was time  for her to start  following in her mother's  footsteps and  do what she was born to do , Raai.

"She is  making a spectacle of her self running around the village looking for " work", professing not to do Raai and  Sardahai yet dancing  in the village  Square. Riding around in Vicktam Thakurs  Tractor! Like some two bit tramp! Control your daughter  Gulabiya, stop this  nonsense and  let her start  following the traditions, or I  might  have  to arrange for that myself'you  hear me?"   He told her.

"Yes. Thakur  Mallick" Gulabiya  said compliantly. She knew  this day  would come and now every one was wondering when Sugni  would finally  join.   Her Sugni was different,  from the day  when she was nine and  came back home from school  telling  Gulabiya she will not dance. When she went out and helped   the  thakuines  for small change and handing  it to Gulabiya  with a look of  pride on her face, to make  "respectable" money.   Gulabiya did not have the heart or will to stop her.

Looking at  her now, Gulabiya's heart sank, her baby  was  being pulled into this life and  she could no longer stop it.  And she was afraid  she  did not have the strength to fight for her, she remembered what the doctors said'.no  she would not think about that. She had to do what she  had to do for her family and  her Sugni'

"There all done!"  Sugni  said   as she  looked at her mother  with a smile.  "What's wrong maa, you  want  another  style?" She asked .

"No it is  perfect!" She said with out looking at  it.  "Sugni..sit  please"  Sugni sat , curious  about what  this was about.

"Sugni'listen'I know  you think highly  Of Vickram  Thakur'and yes he helped us out a lot'but Sugni  he is  Thakur'and  there is a line between him and Us'and when you cross that line Sugni into their world'well  it's when you are a Bedni!" She said

"What!'Maa'what are you saying?" Sugni  said  shocked at her  mother's words.  "Nooo'He is know that'he is a friend and  he never did anything except  help me, us, when we needed it!"  she said  defensively.

"Sugni'this is not paint!"  She  held out the  keychain to Sugni. " It's expensive, this could probably  buy  us  groceries  for  a  year! Yet he "gave" it to you'just like that?"

"Yes..maa it's not what you think'you  don't understand'."

" I  don't understand?" Gulabiya  cut her off, giving her a  stern look.   "Sugni  you are becoming  gossip around here, you  know that?"  She shook her head.

"People are starting to notice and talking, about you  riding  around with him,  going out to the fields to see him, the way  he stops  to talk to you  every time  he sees you  walking, or you calling out to him in that manner, like he  is Champa'Sugni  a Thakur and a bedni  cannot be  "friends"  like you  think." Sugni shook her head at Gulabiya's  words

"I agree, he is  a good man and  honey  sooner or later men just want  one thing from us. Sugni  you've ran around here enough'I " she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she  did not know if she could say  this.

"I think it's  time for you  to  start coming with me'to dance"   She said

"What ..Nooo '.Maa  noo'" Sugni  said , the words hurt more  because it was coming from her mother, who  knew  that was the last thing she wanted.

"Sugni 'what choice do you have? Running around  being insulted by  these thakurines  all the time, for  a few  cents?  I can't dance forever Sugni'it's who we are  honey'.I  know  you will probably  hate me for saying this  but what choice do we have?" She asked helplessly , as  tears rolled down her eyes. She cursed her  helplessness, today  whatever feelings she might have for    Jwala Thakur,  died when  these  words passed her lips.

"I  have a choice!" Sugni said defiantly' "I'll go back to work in the fields'Thakur Mallick will take care of us! He said he would"  She said  "But I won't  do raai  or  Sardakhai'I  won't be a  bedni!"  She said.

'Sugni'I  don't"  Gulabiya started

"No'Maa you are wrong'Vickram Thakur is not like the others.  You won't understand it'because there has never been anyone like him around here. But he is  different, not like the  others' What he did  for us,  he did  not have to maa.   I  trust him. You  now why?  Cause when he looks at me all I see is concern and genuineness, there is nothing  in there that makes me feel unsafe, and I  know  I have been getting those  looks  for a long time now. "   Gulabiya  looked at Sugni,   she listened to her, what  she was seeing and hearing  scared her more than  if someone actually  made an offer for her.  One can fight  society  maybe'but  one  could not fight  themselves. she closed her eyes. "Oh  God  she prayed silently   protect her from herself."

"Ok'I won't stop you from working there.  Sugni  just  remember one  thing, you  don't have to get your sardakhai  done to be a bedni."  She said

"What  dose that mean?" sugni asked  confused.

"Never mind'I am getting late"  she hugged her. "Be careful Sugni'please just be careful"

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OmkaRaman IF-Rockerz

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Okay first I hate Rewa. She hit VickramAngry Angry  I'm gonna ace her terriblyAngry Angry Angry

Can't Gulabiya wake up and see Vickram is different? Look how long SUGVI knew each other. Yet he didn't take advantage of her. Clap 

SUGVI part was funny. ROFL Sugni ROFL 

I like the spirit of Sugni. She maintains she wouldn't dance. I hope she lives and fulfill her dreams.Approve

Another well  written episode... 
Plz continue soonBig smile Big smile

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