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Hello  Every  one.  I  am starting  a new FF  called the THE UNEXPECTED and I  hope you all enjoy  it as you did  my  other 2  stories.  Please  leave your  comments  and reviews   so i  know if you  are liking it.
 Special mention  to  Sara who  came up with the  title and  beautiful  Cover photo of  this story. Thank you  so Much Sara  for all your help!!  Love you  lots!!!
 So without  further Adieu  I  present to you chapter one  of ...THE  UNEXPECTED



Chapter  1

Sugni was walking down the dirt road carrying her small bundle in her hand ,  happily listening to her friend Champa who was telling her about her plans  to meet with her  boyfriend Rattu  after he finishes  his work  at the Haveli. Their conversation was interrupted but the sounding of a horn coming from behind her. Turning around, her face burst into a bright smile as she saw her Thakur  Malick. He stopped the tractor he was on and smiled back.

"Thakur Malack you? Why are you making all that noise?" she asked '

"Hey  Sugni'tell me  are you  why  are you  making a trail  on the ground  with those  clothes?  What's up 'you a  washer woman now?"  He  chuckled.

"Haai  Sita Maiya!"  Sugni  said  as she  saw  the  shiny  sari  dragging on the ground behind her, hurriedly  she started  to  pick it up,  while  she kept talking.  "Thank you  Takur  Malick!, Oh  Gosh  Roopa  mousi would  kill me if I  spoiled her clothes! You  know'I  had  to convince her to lend it to me ' we  needed  it for the show!"

"Show?"  he asked. Curious  as to what she was  up to  know, seems like every  time  he saw her she had some  weird  idea to turn into a job'he had to admit she was innovative.

"Yes! A dance  program!"  she said  with a smile,  he looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You  doing Raai again?"  He asked ,  he could not hide the disappointment in his voice.

"No no No" She said  shaking  her head vigorously.  "I told you  I  won't do it Naa'this is  more like a play  for everyone, like they  do on the TV'everyone is invited'You  will come na'please? I  swear  it will be  very nice 'not like Raai!'   She said

"When is  it?"   he asked

"Tomorrow under the old banyan tree in the village  center!"  she said

"Tomorrow? 'Sorry  I can't make it I  have to go to the city  tomorrow for some work."  He said . She looked disappointed.

"Oh"  She wished he  could be there.

"But  I will wish you  all the best  and I  hope your show is a success'are you going to the village center?" he asked.  She nodded.

 "Come  I'll drop you'that is a long walk!"  he said.

With out hesitation she hopped up to the back of the Tractor, Champa was looking a little  hesitant but slowly  followed her friend.  Sugni spent the  rest of the ride  telling  Vickram  Thakur  Malick about her plans for the show.

A few minutes  later  they  were  at the  Village center, Sugni waved   him  bye as  she turned  to walk to the tree, where they   began  cleaning around  the tree, preparing to set the stage for  tomorrow.

"I don't understand  you  sometimes Sugni," Champa  said  as she began  sweeping  under the tree.  " I  mean you  always  say  that  all the Thakurs wants  from us bedni's  is to use us and discard us and you  don't trust any'yet since  I came back from the visiting  my aunt in the village, you changed'the Sugni I knew would never  talk to a Thakur like that, or take a ride from  one'what happened you  changed your mind about them?"

"No" Sugni  said as she stopped  sorting the cloths ' she sat under the tree.  "A lot happened  while you were gone  last year Champa, but you've been so busy  with Rattu  since you came back  I did  not get a chance to tell you!'

'Well  what happened?" Champa  said  'sitting next to her child hood friend.  Both  Champa and  Sugni were born into the Bedni tribe, both of them were  the daughter of  Thakurs, but in the eyes  of  the community  and  law ..they  were  father less. 

See the Bedia  tribe is an old indian tradition  where the poor village women  dance and entertain the  rich and  powerful  Thakurs.  It is how they  make their living .  These old school  Thakurs, use these  poor helpless women  for their pleasure, by  following some old distorted traditions.

The bedni  women  dance raai for these  thakurs and if she happens  to catch the eye  of one of the Thakurs he can  perform her Sardakhi, by  placing a veil on her head and  paying a small amount of money  for her. She then becomes his  exclusively  until  he is tired of her and then she is free to move on to another one.

Any children from this  union  goes unacknowledged by  the Thakurs  their wives and whatever  legal  children they  have  from that marriage. , the girls  are destined to join  the trade  by  18.   The boys  of the bedni's  turn into pimps, and the burden of taking care of the  house falls on the  women, and their  ability  to dance and  catch  the eye  of a  rich  Thakur.

Sugni's mother Gulabiya, was  a bedni, who did  her best to  see about her family, she even went  far enough to send  he little girl to get a basic education, much to the disapproval of her two brothers and their wives  who  said  that was not  required as Sugni did not need  to know to  read or write to dance.

But it was that school  that made Sugni aware of the fact that the tradition of the Bedini's was a bad one. She  learnt that  there  was other ways to  make money  other than selling your body. She felt disgusted at the stares  she started recieveng  from the Thakurs when ever she  went to help her mother  when she went to do Raai.  And she told her mother she would never  do Raai or have her Sardakhi  done! She would find another way to make money.

They laughed  at her, her mother telling her  that  to when  so many  people are dependant on you'some times  you have no choice.  At an early  age Sugni would move around the village  looking for odd jobs  at   the Haveli's  helping the  Thakurine's  with there  chores.  The pay  was very  small but the satisfaction was big.

Even Champa  was determined not to follow tradition and she  did  the same'until she fell in love with Rattu a village boy, also the Son of a Badni. He promised he would marry  her so she would not have to .  As she was eighteen , Champa's  mother and  Rattu's mother  agreed for that  union.

Sugni however had her uncles  and every  one else   breathing down her neck  to start  going out and perform Raai. '

Champa  was  shaken from her  thougts as  Sugni started her story:

"See  after you left last year, Vickram Thakur returned to Mahawri, I can't remember him. But  every  one said he left here  ten years ago to go to the City.  You  know the strange thing,  there is a story  that his wife  Reva Thakurine, was  crazy."  Champa  looked at her in shock. As Sugni said'" Yes  and he had a hard  time  controlling her'until one day  she dissapreared every  one though she was  dead!  Suddenly  one  day   months  after she shows up out of the blue! And so he took her and his family  and  moved back to Mahawri!"

"What 'where was she?" Champa asked intrigued

" I  don't know'I am just telling you what I  heard  from people gossiping'believe me they  were the hot topic around here for months. Especially because  Reva Thakurine is  so beautiful,  when ever we see her in  the car passing around , every one stops and stares, but  My  God  she is  worse than a  queen'if  she sees you  looking at her  na'she makes such a stink  about it  you  will think someone is  robbing her.!  Thank God  she hardly  sets foot out  of the Haveli!" Sugni said , seriously

"Sugni'" Champa was  now laughing..  "Are you  ever going to get to the  point of the story'you and Vickram Thakur'are you  his bedni?"  She asked

"What!!! ARE you  MAD!!!" Sugni said  horrified.  "No..he is my  friend!" She smiled

"Friend?, since when dose a Thakur  and a bedni  becomes   friends..Sugni 'no no  he is fooling you!"  Champa sad, she was worried for her friend now.  Sugni was always a smart  girl, but Champa  grew up in this village and  Thankurs and Bedni's here have one relationship '.She was sure Thakur Vickram was  just waiting for the time  to  make his  offer for  her.

"But he is'you know I met him the first  time when I went to his Haveli to asks  if they  would let me help them, I  knew  they  had just moved in and was sure they  would need people to help  clean up. So Reva Thakurine  gives me  some of her vases  that were dusty  and  tells me to wash  them. They  were beautiful'I think  One cost'.

"Sugni" Champa  said exasperated'.Sugni had a habit of getting side tracked when telling a story  and  always had to be reminded  to come to the point.

"Aaanyway'while I was cleaning them  one of  them broke as I was taking it  to her, I swear I almost died, Madam  saw the vase on the floor and and started screaming at me, she told me I had to pay  for it. Champa  I was scared , then  she went inside and came back  with a belt and told me I was going to pay  one way  or another.!" Champa was looking at Sugni'this was not unheard of for a thakurine to punish  a Bedni if they  feel they  were wronged. She went through a few  beatings  herself.

"She hit you?" Champa asked, Sugni  nodded.

"She said  I had to get  ten lashes  to pay 'after the first stroke  I thought I was going to black out'I was bracing myself  but the second one never came,  I  look up and I saw  him he was  holding her hand back as he took the belt from her'If her  lash was so hard I was  sure  if he hit me I would die, the look on his face was mad." Sugni said as she remembered how scared she was thinking he would inflict the punishment.. 

"But all he did was glance my  way and  tell me to leave, I  did  not have to be told twice 'I left, that  evening  Ramu Kaka shows up at home  with an envelope telling me that Vickram Thakur  sent my  payment for  help and  he apologized  for what happened.  He apologized!  I  could not believe it. But I was not going back there  that was for sure!"

After that  maa got sick really  sick she fainted doing Raai, and   I needed  help  to get her to the hospital'he was passing by  and  took us he even  paid for  her stay at the hospital. I did 'nt want to take it, but I had no choice. She was there for a week, and you  know   one day  when I went to visit I saw him sitting by I heard him telling her not to worry  about anything, he  would take care of it.  I was wondering what that meant..then remembered  the money  he sent home, the money  he paid  for the  hospital bill'for sure  I  thought he was just like the others. So as he was leaving the  hospital I followed him out'and  I  asked what he wanted,   I said  "Sugni was not for sale' and  Sugni will not  dance but I  promise I will pay you  back  for the bills'.if you give me  some time".  He looked at me  and said "Vickram Thakur  never has  had and will never have a Bedni and he dose not like  the practice of Raai. "

"Really?" Champa said  Shocked

"Yes, before I could say anything  he left..just like that' when I went to my  mom..she told me he came to enquire about her health and he told her he was  looking for some villagers to work in a plantation  he was setting up if she  was willing to  help him by  talking to the villagers .! She was worried that she would not  be able to convince them  he said all he wanted her to do was get them to come see him he would  take care of the rest!   Well the next day  I  saw him   in the village and I apologized for  what I said, he said  it was ok  and he was glad  I  was not following  the traditions. I  don't know Champa , but he seemed  different,  not just by  talk 'he hired  Rattu  and some others and  they  all say  he treats them well as workers'

Then  Mom came home'and  Katari   Uncle and   Hukum  Uncle  started  making a fuss about mom not being able to go out and dance'food was getting  low'one night  Hukum  Uncle comes  home  with   Bamsukhiya 'saying he took an advance for Raai' Mom was fed up  hearing him  she got dressed, but was weak'and  even I did not want to 'I  could not see a way  out..So I  agreed to go." Sugni blinked her eyes to  stop her tears at the memory of that  night..when she had to choose between  her principles and her  mothers  life.

So there  I was dancing  trying to stay  hidden  in the group, after the dance  I tried to sneak out but before I could  I was cornered by  two very  drunk  Thakurs, I  was going to walk away  but the held me back  saying they  would  pay   me good for the night." Sugni shuddered. "Then I saw  Him  taking to some  other Thakurs, I  remembered  what he said at the hospital'so I called out to him'he looked at me  in shock'but he managed to get me out of it. On the drive home  I had to listen to a lecture  about sticking to your guns'and not telling  stories about our lives. I  told him I had no other choice', but after that day  I  decided I  would not let  happen again.  As Mom recovered she tried getting  some of the women and villagers  to talk to him'but no one wanted to work for the other Thakurs did not like that he  was trying  to  have to women  do  any  respectable work'and  you  know them..they  will  not go against their ThaKur Mallick.  She did manage to get a few and she was working in the fields with him for a  while, even I  joined in  things  were going well, then  Jwala Thakur stepped in and told maa  she can't work for Vickram otherwise he  would   see  to it   she  looses  everything.  I  told her not to worry , so what if he was her Thakur Mallick and my  father'how dose it feel to  do something respectable. So she continued. Then  one day   we were  called to the village  Center 'for the panchayat!" The  panchayat  was the village  justice system where a handful of Thakurs   pass judgement and punishment to  poor bednis and their families if they  think   there were breaking the traditions.  What they  said was law'like it or not.

"Jwala accused us of going against the traditions by siding with Vickram Thakur'he was using  maa as  an example  to all the other bedni's who wanted to  leave the tradition of  raai.  Vickram showed up and tried to talk  get them to listen ..but the villagers were scared to get involved  between the two Thakurs so they  stayed quite.

Mom got banned from performing Raai,  you  know  it is like a death sentence.  I was still willing to work 'but then  Hukum and  Katari   said  If I did  I would  kill them all .  But Vickram Thakur  was like an angel to us 'he helped us with food when no one else would..he went back to the  panchayat and  some how got  them  the change their minds about us'mom went back to Raai'and just to be safe I  decided to leave  the fields  to and he tried to tell me not to , but I could not see my  family  in any  more trouble.He  told me  he was  always there  if I needed help'not as a Thakur  but as my  friend 'and he has been  since then. " Sugni  said  as she finshed her story.

"Wow.." Champa said'unbelievable  that a Thakur would  do all that!

"You know in the year since he has been here'many  girls  have done their Sardakhi'and  not once  have I seen him there. He really dose not like it not just saying that."

"Well he is  one of a kind!" Champa  agreed 'now she understood Sugni's reaction earlier.

                       ///***** \\\\\*****/////*****\\\\\

Vickram  stood  in the  fields   over looking  the  workers  performing  their tasks. It was a pity  he had to look outside the village to get other workers  when there were  so many  here who could  benefit  from this.

In the  ten years  he had been away  nothing has changed. Jwala Singh  still has his hands firmly  around these  helpless people's throats. He enjoyed making Vickram  work  harder..but Vickram was not one to sweat the small stuff'if he  likes his position of   power let him keep it'his intention  in coming back here was not to show how powerful he was'but  really  to live a peaceful life  where he grew up. He may  hate  the  bedni tradition that the village was famous for'but  he loved the land and the quite pace of the village life.

His  phone rang and he looked at the caller  Id. Reva. Vickram sighed. So much for a quite life.


"Sahib..Sahib  where are you?"  his wife asked.

"I  told you  Reva I am in the fields" he said,  He herd her laugh sarcastically.

"what do you want ?" he asked curtly.

"when are we going back, Vickram, I  hate this Godforsaken place."  She said

"I told you..we are here to stay'listen I  am not  in the mood for this argument'I will see you when I get home bye."  He ended  the call.

Vickram  wondered  what joke  life  was playing  on him, eight  years ago his mother insisted that it was high time he got married. She found  the girl and against his better judgment he  complied.  Reva was easy on the eyes  that was for sure, all she had was a brother Niranjan, her parents  having  dead years ago.

Soon after marrying her he found her behavior odd at times  she would be perfectly  normal and at other times she would  act  literally  crazy  accusing him and  others of wanting to get rid of her' or telling him that she hated the sight of  him'what frighten him was her  violent behavior towards others and herself. After consulting a doctor he was told that his wife was bipolar. He was told to have her institutionalized'but after leaving her  there for  a few weeks he could not  stand to see the way  she was being treated. So he took her home resigning himself to take care of her.

It was not easy  but he did. He  tried to make the relationship  work but it was not easy . Then one day   while he was out of town  , his mother called  him to tell  him Reva  left home  and did  not  come back' he went looking for her all over 'but did not find her..what he did  find was his car in a badly wrecked  state, blood stains that belonged to  her  covering the  seat, sitting in the woods outside the city  limits.  After months  of searching  he was  told to give up'most likely  she was dead. After spending eight years married  to her, it was weird not having to take care of any  one.   Then he decided to return to his roots..away  from the city  life..Just as he was about to leave he was shocked when Reva and her brother showed  up at his door step.  Apparently   she somehow made it out the car after her accident and made her way  to  the street where  she was taken to the hospital  by  some passers by.  She could not tell  them what happened  as she  had no memory  of it'then one day  in her sleep she was mumbling   an address, which turned out to be her brothers.

After her return she seemed different though more calm maybe  but she  had a mean streak in her that to him was  disturbing.  They  way  she  treated the  servants around here he disliked and  warned her on many  occasions  not to  treat them that way. He put his brother in law  in charge of  keeping her calm when he was  not  there'but sometimes even Neerajan  can be careless'

Like the day  he came home and saw her physically  abusing Sugni,  that fact that  she hit another innocent human being for no reason  was one thing , but  seeing  Neeranjan standing there and watching her do it was in excusable.  He made sure he took  them to task  for it.

She hated  life in the village, she said she was feeling  suffocated, and  she was doing everything she could to make his life here miserable as well, nagging him about leaving.  Standing there looking around at his land, Vickram realized he was tired. He could not do this anymore; dealing with her was slowly killing him.  He could not handle the constant nagging, her erratic behavior.   He spent eight years trying to make the best of it, but no more.

And this time his mother was not going to tie him down with talks about reputation, responsibility or keeping his vows. He decided he wanted a divorce'.


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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 3:24am | IP Logged
b4 starting to read
i loved the cover pic well made very beautiful i loved it !!!
nice work sarah and nice title vinnie
ill read and leave my views

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Hey vinnie .. this was much much better then Phir subah hogi .. to b honest you took the story from that jeep track changed some things in the story and wrote it very well.. I guess now the readers will understand why vikram was tired of Reva.
its good to c that u used some of the show stories like the 1st rai and sugni asking help from vikram / vikram helping sugni and her mom in every posible way
i liked it
you wrote it very nicely !!
keep it up

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Vinnie I love it!!! Brilliant!! I love how you used the tractor scene and I love that we get to see why Vikram had a tough time with Reva. I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter and please don't take your sweet time about it like meLOLWink

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OmkaRaman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
OMG OMG Its actually hereHug
1st - Superb job done by Sara with the Signature MontageHeartDay Dreaming
2nd-Vinnie u beat my record...U didn't waste timeLOL 

Story started with a bang. The tractor scene, magnificentBig smile. Rewa wanting to go away from Mawari and Vickram battling to keep cool with her craziness and wants...I am dying to read the rest. 
Sugni and Vickram friendsEmbarrassed Haaye haayeCool 
We finally get to see the Sugni that doesn't believe in being a bedniClapClap Thnks to VinnieStar
Waiting on next chapterBig smileStar

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rose.lavender Senior Member

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Wow!Vinnie,another superb and fantastic start to your new FF.Clap
Also,thanks to Sara for the title and montage as well-they are both beautifulThumbs Up
I do love the tractor scene too.
Guess this is another logical way in which the original story should have been told-not the garbage we were subjected to in the last 8 months of the show.
Once,again,thanks for starting another one Vinnie-your'e going GREAT GUNS!Thumbs UpDancing

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Sorry Sara.Embarrassed I forgot to mention that I absolutely love the montage. Great job.Star

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 July 2013 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ronshaan

Hey vinnie .. this was much much better then Phir subah hogi .. to b honest you took the story from that jeep track changed some things in the story and wrote it very well.. I guess now the readers will understand why vikram was tired of Reva.
its good to c that u used some of the show stories like the 1st rai and sugni asking help from vikram / vikram helping sugni and her mom in every posible way
i liked it
you wrote it very nicely !!
keep it up
Thank you   Ron,  Yes i used the events of the original and just used it to suite  my  purpose...that I hope makes a little more sense.  Keep reading  and i hope you will enjoy  the  rest of what is to come!!!

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