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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #14, Pg 123, Epi 159

indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 6:21am | IP Logged
faraq nahin padta is rapidly moving toward faraq padta hai as we get into thread #14. heady days at ipk. but perhaps what's kind of super thrilling is that the day we post episode 150, ipk will go on air again.

yes, a second run of ipk.

on star india's life ok channel, overseas feed. some of us at blast will get this re-telecast, some won't, but i know we will all celebrate. we'll rejoice and yell and shout and do a salaam e ishq even maybe, what say. when everyone thought it was over, we didn't. we were here with a thing called "vishwaas," a bunch of "paagals" (oh yes, if he'd seen us, he'd have said that in that holi way and i presume i don't have to tell you who "he" is), and we were ready to see episode 1 on 3 december. it ain't over till it's over, picture abhi baki hai... bahut baaki hai. channeling filmi khushi here.

 finally, even the channel had to accept, what's great is great...

is it wishful thinking to imagine all our love also had something to do with keeping ipk centre stage and very hot?

faraq, in the end, padta hai. you can act cool, pretend it's just another show. even run scrolling titles passing the buck and the blame. but sachha pyaar it always was, and that makes a difference. beyond trp and petty politics.

here's wishing ipk a fabulous rerun. may you get several, plenty, and more new viewers, may you spread extreme dhak dhak and the meaning of love all around the universe... and beyond. and may there always be rabba ve.

blast from the past thread #14. this is not a members only thread, do join in, only requirement, you gotta love ipk.

Welcome all to BFTP fourteen
Brothers baffled in devising a scheme
From coctail party to new year date
ASR is on time and NK is late

Here's to the creators of this post

The IPK banner is designed by Arshihamesha. The gif banner is by Roshini1494. The Thread #14 banner and the Second Century collage are by supriya.arshi. DurgaS and indi52 have written the poem/introduction/blast notes. Rabba Ve and NK's music edited by Katelyn.

the story is entering a changing phase as just days before the year changes the lovely la leaves letting nannav's naughty nk to make his way into rm. nk's character was a temporary one, introduced only to induce jealousy traits in arnav. a character who was openly pursuing the female lead and everyone enjoyed that, of course mainly because they got to see a possessive and jealous arnav. some even arguing that khushi is better off being with nk than with arnav. the character of nk proved to be another feather in the cap of ipk. never before a character, introduced half way into the show, has been loved so much that he had to be recalled on public demand. haye re nand kishore, didn't the show start from these words? and now here's nand kishore, aka, nk, proving that he had always been a part of arnav's paagal family.
and while on it, nand kishore's darker version, shyam is changing into a more menacing being, conspiring to give fatal shivers to his rs. it is the start of a series of attempts he makes to eliminate his wife, one of the many heinous acts that remain undisclosed till the end.
and what do we see here, devyani and madhumati, heads of their respective families have now changed into dancing competitors? the jugalbandi of these two is enough to blow the daylights off the stern and strict ms. madhubala.

Please scroll down for Rules, Index, and more IPK love

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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and if you're wondering about rules no. 8 and 9... they are: have fun and have lots of faraq.

Riddle No. 14Big smile:

Why is a cold ASR better than a hot ASR?! Wink

dear all, please start posting answers on the thread immediatement
(french word from georgette heyer that is demanding to be used), ze riddle maker will appear at the appropriate hour with the answer.


"The Contagious Case of the THOBDA"

it was a regular day at blast, thread #12, blazin' blasters discussing all things ipk, when barundiwani said three little words that changed everything.

replying to indi52's, "you and i will go slowly, take our time, look into soft brown eyes that suddenly flare up in gussa and add a note of burnt sienna, and take the scenic route to nirvana," she said she was ready to do that beacuse it was becoming impossible not to linger and watch certain scenes repeatedly, thanks to someone's,

"devastatingly yummy thobda."

indi52 fell off the chair laughing but agreed, "he makes the word thobda groovy. gah. ami, love you for that thobda. now please explain to katelyn the nuance of that extreme word."

wiwy posted a deadly visual to which barundiwani quoted a song:

Khoobsurat Hai Woh Itna
Sahaa Nahin Jaata
Kaise Hum Khud Ko Rokh Le
Raha Nahin Jaata

durgas shot back promptly:

Wah, thobde ne kya kamaal dikhaya,
Aapko phir se kavi banaya...

and so in the process of explaining "thobda" came poems, shayari, swoons and more. in between, the whole world claimed the word... bombay, delhi, uttar pradesh, and other more exotic locales. there had never been a more fought over word.

thobda looked at a young man and said, "yeh tumne mere saath kya kar diya, barun."

our dear collage maker supriya.arshi started creating fabulous edits for each poem with the contributor's name. three of them are ready, and here. as more come we shall add on.

this case comes to you from: ArshiHamesha,
BarunDiwani, chalhov, cinthiann 1758,
DurgaS, indi52, Katelyn, salooni, supriya.arshi and wiwy. 

added on 8 july, BarunDiwani's song for thobda.

Rules Poster by ArshiHamesha. All "Thobda" edits by supriya.arshi.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Blast from the Past #13

                         GIF by Katelyn




Arnav Khuch Bhi Theek Nahin Karta...

[Arnav can't do anything correct!]

By: ArshiHamesha

Arnav naam keh loag khuch bhi theek  nahin kar sakte'...[ People with name of  Arnav can't do anything right] Khushi claims her Laad Governor can't do anything right'...let's explore her claim'...

First meeting he saved her from falling yet scared her by locking her up, questioning her, and at the top breaking her dori'... dori of her trust'... yet didn't forget lightening fire in her to get even with him'... which she did try in Dargha but he broke her hope by flashing her trust as a joke over media yet didn't forget giving her the key of his life. Third meeting in Delhi, during accident she tried to reason with him and he called her gold digger hiding his happiness behind his surprise seeing her there yet did lose her brain over her thoughts. Fourth meeting in the office his astonishment seeing her in his den was overwhelming and her accusations made him lose the balance of his brain. He didn't hesitate making her fall from his office yet didn't forget making sure she must land safely. Since then he tried making her life miserable and all but each time indulged in her magical pull by pulling strings of hate yet didn't forget her safety and keeping her around.

Red beauty tamed her beast at the cost of his ferociousness over her. She became a victim of his severe acrimony ending up in collapsing building which resulted in building stronger ties in between two hearts yet he didn't forget giving and taking marks as a symbol of Union. In return she showed him his avatar in her by resigning him yet he didn't forget to break her fast as written divinely through his hand during Teej. She slammed his awakening feelings, his mehsoos over her presence by leaving him for Hamesha...'yet he didn't forget a single moment of her presence around him. 

She popped up in his closet  to give him life this time learning to forget his surroundings around her presence. He showed her joy by giving her aukat [status] speech yet didn't forget picking up her payal as her presence to touch. He barged in her house by insulting and degrading her throwing money at her yet didn't forget relieving her and her family pains as a Horus, an Ultimate protector.

Their proximity became inseparable magnetized pull each moment till she collapsed in her arms. He tried to ignore her presence around her by flipping his thoughts with his girlfriend yet couldn't resist the divine beauty to touch with his lips. The fear of losing his control over a girl made him ruthless by shoving her aside and breaking her heart yet ended up shattering himself in pieces.

He dragged her around with his demeaning looks and gestures while throwing insulting daggers of insults over time yet his heart and mind didn't forget to bind her with him for forever divinely. His furious actions in his rage brought red beauty  at shattered state by breaking her and his own dreams. Her distress made him restless and antsy but he showed her unrelenting side of him yet didn't forget to awake her feelings and apologize to her. He declared to ignore her when she proved his Gold digger theory wrong yet couldn't resist to share his innermost secretive feelings with her. Her engagement awoke a jealous and covetous side of him  showing her his ferocious and inexorable side of him yet ended up apologizing and giving up his fierce grim for her.

They both joined hands for their siblings and her innocent reliance on him moved him internally and he ended up breaking his bond with his girlfriend. The breaking news of her broken engagement brought smile of hope yet he ended up having a new rival NK in his den.

Both hearts were ready to mingle and started to beat at a same note yet circumstances raised a raged and as an obdurate layered with complexity in him  yet he tied the knot with her for not allowing himself let go of her while protecting her form a sinister .

The love continued  blossoming in the soil of hate and rage yet his heart and mind got surrendered under her innocence and love and he declared their heartbeats as one

Evil tried seeping in, to intrude, to mingle with the essence of this blossom flower of divine love yet two hearts found each other's proximity with unbreakable TRUST and he ended up declaring his LOVE for her. Both crossed the limits of mortality and their heartbeats found each other through miles to convey their messages. They both ended up in each other's arms to solemnize their souls yet fate brought another distance in between them to reveal the Evil but he ended up shaking her trust again.

He vowed her by hook and rook by declaring her rights over him and his rights on her  by mingling their souls yet Krishna played another game with them. During this game he announced her rights on him in front of the world by showering his on her with love, passion and vehemence of his affection by turning on fire in her. She submitted herself to him to complete their divine souls. Evil games tried their best yet he stamped the final seal on their divine relation by  making her his Ardhangini.

[Ardhangini'...Now the literary meaning is "ardh" meaning half & "angingi" means body. The whole word means wife is half the man since soul is one. The other half is man ofcourse! Both man & wife share authorities & responsibililties equally. Divine title indeed, hence even Lord Shiva's one incarnation is in the form of half man & half woman.]

Yes Arnav doesn't do anything right by doing everything right'...'though he doesn't say everything right yet Khushi didn't claim that'...did she? '...



The Drool CornerBig smile

A not yet registered but lethal and total trademark of the BFTP thread, created by BarunDiwani. Aye hayeee.

Top banner credit Risha_ipkknd

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DurgaS IF-Dazzler

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Picture credit: supriya.arshi  
We've come a long way together blasting away on these threads. Most of us can be identified with a single or a group of words. Let's take a look at some of these.
Alanki, Risha & Siaa - The original creators
Cynthia - Freshly baked titles
ArshiHamesha - Symbolisms
Indi - Our magical rambler
BarunDiwani (Ami) - Drool corner
Samin - Colourful posts
Anita - Marathon runner, sarcasms
Sohara - Incredible vocabulary
Chalhov - Our all-rounder cool coolbie
Wiwy -  The riddler
Katelyn - Audio and Video incharge
Supriya - Amazing editor
Horizon - Inquisitive posts
 Durga - Poems and parodies
Rebecca & Charlotte, Ritu & Goofy - Regular visitors
DS Nair, Ragvir, AR Eternal Love - Silent readers

Picture credit: wiwy
Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
..Anita..'s Index  - For impactful analysis and hilarious comments
ArshiHamesha's Index  - For detailed analysis replete with symbolisms, connections, pauses
BarunDiwani's Index  - For indepth analysis and the superhit drool corner
Chalhov's Index  - For picture stories and songs
cinthiann1758's Index  - For detailed takes and interesting titles
DurgaS's Index - For original poems and parodies
indi52's Index- For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
Katelyn's Wonderland - For a collection of promos, vms, sbs/sbb videos
samin6's Index - For out of the box reviews of episodes
sohara's Index - For analysis replete with new words and vms
supriya.arshi's Collages - For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits
wiwy's Index - For some mind-boggling riddles
Some other links:
Blasters' Takes Index - Links of Analysis, picture edits, poems, videos, etc. 
Thobda poems - Poems and parodies by the blasters on the thobda
News updates - Last but not the least, updates about the happenings on the thread 
 * * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
* * *

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DurgaS IF-Dazzler

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Warning: Music player is on!  There are 2 tracks: Rabba Ve and NK's Tune 
Music Player credit: Katelyn  
Picture credit: BarunDiwani  
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
(by cinthiann1758)
Picture credit: supriya.arshi
With a Spanish flare the music blares, with castanets clanging you can almost see the Flamingo dancers dancing, he comes prancing in.  The colors of India around his wrist on a sweatband, rolling in his suitcase, shades on his eyes, knapsack hanging over his varsity jacket, he is supercool.

He is Nand Kishore.

NK for short or Nanheji for Kushi.

Arnav's long distance cousin has entered the RM and the lives of the Raizada's and all of IPKKND.  His eccentric flare will bring a comedic relief to the recent serious IPK. 

It will also bring Arnav's jealousy.

NK's arrival will help Arnav's realization of his relationship with Kushi and his true feelings will unfold.  He knows he feels for her but continues to hide them; pushing them down into the recesses of his heart and building his crumbling wall back up around it.  From the first moment he sees Kushi and NK together he is flummoxed and seething.  Akash's little comment that they make a perfect couple aggravates him.  

No one can look at her, laugh with her, dance with her or even have her no matter what he says or does; in his head he believes that.

Then do something man!

The cocktail party will bring hurt to Kushi, when he says words to her about her broken engagement and how much fun she is having right after.  Those words only come back to burn him when NK walks her home and he waits for him seething.  If this all bothers you so much

Then do something man!

NK's entry will flourish ASR's love forcing him to respond.  Things he would never do or want to do.  He doesn't want his walls crumbled.  He doesn't want to feel. He doesn't want to let her in.

He doesn't want to do something! 

But he has too. 

He is compelled. 

He is attracted.

He is mesmerized. 

He is feeling something.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

He is a catalyst of love in the form of a silly, lousy Hindi speaking cousin with the nickname, NK, has entered our story.

 Let's explore what happens. 

Shall we?Wink 

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Congratulation Heart Jewels Congratulations

all di's 
         well done love you all               

what an damakedaar entry of 14, 
the most beautiful phase of ipkknd 
and altogether with new thread 

you all have hit till now very cleverly hitted all target 

from    to  

and prove our power again my rerunning 

so its time for scelebration and dance and dreams of taking it to 100 
hello hi bye bye 
for you all 
some gif 
credit to uploader and some me 

congrats again Big smile

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Katelyn IF-Rockerz

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Wow, Indi and Durga, thank you so much for putting this fabulous thread together!  Hug  Cat Icons Bravo to you both!  Clap Well done on your poem/introduction/blast notes! Star 

Indi, Wiwy and Arshi awesome job on "The Contagious Case of the THOBDA!"  Thanks Supriya for those  special edits!! Thumbs Up
Supriya: Your Thread #14 banner, the Second Century, and Blasters collages are fantastic! By the way, love your "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" edit as well!!  Thank you!  Star
Arshihamesha: Your IPK banner is wonderful!  I tremendously enjoyed reading your "Arnav Khuch Bhi Theek Nahin Karta..."  Every single lines stood out for me, so it's difficult to choose!  I love every beautiful words you've written!  Thank you so much for this unforgettable walk down memory lane!  Hats off to you! ClapStar
Ami:  Eagerly waiting for your drool corner!!  Missing you dear!!
Wiwy: Love your edit!!  Your riddles always stir up a lot of fun and excitements in our thread!  Thank you! Star
Cynthia:  Thank you for the awesome introduction of NK!  He is very much needed to shake up our man's heavily guarded emotions!  Looks like we're on the same wavelength!!  I'm so glad to include NK's entry tune in the music player!  What a perfect match to your post!! ClapStar
Big congratulations to all Blasters/Boasters and all silent readers!  Let's all continue to rock this thread!  Such thrilling moments ahead of us!!  Time to celebrate not only for our thread but also IPKKND's retelecast! Party  party.gif  Monkey Icon Cici  Monkey Winks

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 11:35am | IP Logged

aaj mausam hai suhana 
shadi mai jana ka hai bahana
(its time for wedding bells) 
la la la
kya rang chada hai pyarr ka.
(colors of love is strong) 
badal raha hai dil  laad governor ka
(that has change the heart of asr) 
la la la 
aakhon se ishare , toh kabhi 
hothon se pyare 
(they talk through 
eyes or sometimes it is sweet on their lips reside) 
ta ra ta ra ta ra
dhak dhak dhak 
 uchalta  maan dono ka
karta hai kahin bahane
(jump the heart 
with many excuse) 
hu hu hu hu
aaya hai mausam suhana 
laya hai izhaar ka bahana. 
(had bring cnfession time with it)
oh ooh oh
 saj gayi hai mehendi ki kaliya 
chank rahi hai chudiya
(mehendi is being put
and bangles are dancing in hands)  
ha ha ha ha 
haldi ka hai  yeh ishara
aane koi hai 
ek mod ashiyana
(haldi hinting 
that it time for love season)
la la la la  
aaj mausam hai suhana 
pyarr mai dubne ka hai bahana
(its tie to drown in love) 
oh oh oh 
oh oh oh 
hum toh hua ja rahe hai pagal 
(we are getting mad)
dekhar yeh adhaliya 
(seeing this naughtiness)
kehte bas yehi 
(this only come in mind)
what the what the what the 

sorry not getting more this time 
so tried something 
do correct me 
i will wait.

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