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Thanks to each and every reader of this story... for the overwhelming support they provided through out the last two threads...!!

We are nearing the end of this story, as you all know the mystery is now solved.

Thanks for your patience people.. I know you suffered a lot from the starting because of my cliffhangers..LOL

Thread One ~ Index ~

Chapter 1 Page 14 - Memories

Chapter 2 Page 23 - Revelations

Chapter 3 Page 31 - Dard-E-Mohabbath

Chapter 4 Page 42 - Breathing!

Chapter 5 Page 51 - Inseparable

Chapter 6 page 60 - Realizations

Chapter 7 Page 71 - Your Infectious Smile

Chapter 8 Page 83 - Leaving You Behind

Chapter 9 Page 94 - I Have Always loved You!

Chapter 10 Page 103 - MINE!

Chapter 11 Page 113 - Search Of Love  

Chapter 12 Page 122 - Yearnings! 

Chapter 13 Page 129 - So Close

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Chapter Fifteen : Silenced! 
Chapter Sixteen : I'll Find You! 
Chapter seventeen : Losing You!
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Chapter 22 : Come Back To Me!

Chapter 23 : Trust Me

Chapter 24 : Khushi

Chapter 25 : Pay Back

Chapter 26 : I have got everything

Chapter 27 : Let me be your hero

Chapter 28 : Love



Chapter 29 : To a place where there is no pain! = Scroll Down please
Chapter 31 : All Mine Forever

Chapter 32 : You are my life

Chapter 33 : We are complete now!

Chapter 34 : Hungry!

Chapter 35 : Caution: I Have An Infectious Smile


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This update is dedicated to "Nickysweet"  Thank You For your wishes Nicky... Hug

Chapter  29



 To a place where there is no pain!



"His condition is very bad, you should have brought him little earlier, I mean the day when he stopped taking those drugs.."

Dr. Mehta said thoughtfully while Sam rubbed his chin hearing the same. Lavanya stood next to him as she looked inside the glass door where Prabhu was lying with all those tubes n viles around him.

Sam slumped back onto the chair while Lavanya sat next to him, her hands automatically reaching for his.

"We should have consulted with the doctors before we stopped him from doing drugs.. I did not know that it will cause his life.. now what?"

Sam asked frustrated at himself and Lavanya sighed.

"Doctors are doing their best Sam, just keep faith in God.. nothing will happen to Prabhu…" She assured while she herself was unsure of the same.






"Are we going to Sonipat?"

Khushi asked stucking her head out of the car while Arnav shook his head smiling slightly. Vishesh folded the newspaper he was reading as he heard his daughter's delighted voice after ages.

"I cant wait to meet Avni and Astha andyeah uncle too" Khushi said almost giggling with happiness.

Arnav looked at her glowing face as she recalled her previous meetings with them years back. He kept stealing glances at her and then he reached for her hands which were on her thighs and grabbed it smiling widely as he concentrated on the road ahead.

Khushi looked sideways at him and the way his hands were been entwined with hersm making her blush profusely.

Vishesh watched them leaning back onto the seat and a smile broke out on his face on its own accord. What a heartless monster he was in the past! He thought looking away instantly as recalled all those times when he scolded Khushi for meeting with Arnav, and the last time when they both were trying to escape, he was the one who stopped them threatening to take his sisters life. Khushi had agreed to go with him not having any other option to save him and his family from the danger he caused.

Khushi blushed breathing heavily as Arnav squeezed her hands resting on her thighs.

"Arnav.. Please.. Dad's looking.." She whispered shyly averting her gaze from his smirking ones.

"Dekhne do.." He whispered back holding her hands possessively while Khushi sighed in defeat.

Arnav's phone beeped at the exact moment flashing a message, while he parked the car to the sideway.

He checked the message and his face grew serious as he placed the same on the dashboard, not meeting her gaze.

"I need to get back to the hospital once I drop you two at home.." Arnav said plastering a smile on his face while Khushi looked at his tensed face.

"What is it, Arnav?"

Khushi asked squeezing his left hand and he shook his head, pushing back the wayward tendrils behind her ear.

"Its.. Prabhu… he is at hospital and his condition is little critical..."

Arnav sighed while Vishesh removed his glasses wiping the same.

"Is anyone there with him, at the hospital?" Vishesh asked wearing his glasses almost mechanically while Arnav looked at him through the mirror.

"Yes.. Sam and Lavanya is there on duty..." Arnav said changing the gear leaving Khushi's hands for a second and then grabbed her hand smiling down at her.





Avni and Astha were on a cooking spree as Arnav had called them few hours ago that Khushi bhabhi would be coming to meet them. Rajveer could not help but smile at his daughter's excitement as they fried heaps of jalebie's for their Khushi bhabhi.

"Avni..Did you put salt in this lassi?" Astha asked slapping her head while Avni groaned rubbing her head.

"Yes I did... Did you clean the guest room?" Avni asked stucking her tongue out.

"It's all done... Okay" Astha snapped back at her smiling widely.

"Babu ji…"

They both exclaimed reaching his sides in lightening speed.

"Arnav bhai called?"

They both asked in unison while Rajveer smiled hugging them sideways.

"Yes they will be here in few minutes"

He did not get to complete his whole sentence and found his both daughters running here and there, arranging the living area.


He exclaimed walking towards his room, while he placed the fresh cut lilies on the new flower vase.






Astha and Avni almost ran to Khushi and the next moment they were hugging the life out of her. Vishesh looked at the affection they shared as he wiped a lone tear that escaped his eyes.

Arnav cleared his throat raising his eyebrows at his sisters while Rajveer grinned at him.

"I am here…" He said while Avni and Astha shared a look as if they already know that he is there.

"Hey bhai.." they said in unison hugging him sideways.

Their eyes fell on Vishesh's form leaning onto the car and they almost left Arnav running towards Rajveer and hiding behind him.

Arnav watched the same and reached for their sides, pulling them out of Rajveer's as he drew them towards Vishesh.

"This is Vishesh Agarwal.. you Khushi bhabhi's papa" Arnav said introducing them to Vishesh.

"Namaste…Uncle.."They said folding their hands politely while Vishesh touched their head blessing them.

"Jeete raho.. and I am sorry for all those misgivings in the past.."

He said down casting his eyes while Rajveer walked towards him.

"Lets forget the past.. Vishesh ji…" He said extending his hands towards Vishesh while he shook his hands nervously.

"Uncle this is our home.." Arnav said as they walked inside. he had his hands encircled around Khushi's waist while she blushed looking everywhere except anyone's face in particular.

"Arnav.. please I can walk" She whispered into his ears all embarrassed.

"Yeah right… I can see that" He said pulling her upclose to his body, while her legs almost left the ground.

Avni and Astha grinned at their bhai and bhabhi while they passed on the lassi glasses to Vishesh and Rajveer.

"Bhai…you can leave her hands now.." Avni said to Arnav in a teasing tone while others just grinned looking at their flushed bodies as they sat on the couch dangerously close.

"Sorry Avni, I cant… I have got her back after so damn long waiting… leaving her is just impossible.." He said staring down at Khushi's already red face while Avni and Astha sighed looking at the duo who were busy in their own world staring into each other's eyes with so much love…

"But I'll have to leave her here with you all for few hours, as I have got to reach the hospital, you know Prabhu's condition is getting worse than I thought.." Arnav said pulling Khushi along with him as he walked towards his bedroom.

"Khushi, no wandering around the house, you will rest in this room until I come back from Delhi… is that clear?" He asked while kissing her hands possessively.

Khushi nodded her head agreeing with him, while a small smile stretched across her lips. Avni and Astha stifled a laugh while they accompanied them to his bedroom.

"Bhai, she is not any inmate of yours" They said highfiving while Arnav raised an eyebrow at them that was enough for them to Shut Up.

"If she gets out of this room and hurts herself in anyway, you two will the punishments.." Arnav said lifting Khushi in his arms while his sisters eyes rounded at the vision infront of them.

They have seen their favorite hero lifting his heroine every now and then in their favorite daily soap, which ended few months before. They have not got over the same and seeing their bhai lift their bhabhi just like the show made them nostalgic.

"Bhai, you look like ASR when you lift Khushi bhabhi in your arms.. so dreamy.." Avni said sighing while Khushi and Arnav raised their eyebrows.

"And bhabhi, you look like KKGSR.. ASR's wife…when you stare at our bhai with so much love in your eyes" Astha said resting her head on Avni shoulder.

Arnav snapped his fingers infront of their dreamy faces after placing Khushi on the bed with care.

"Will you two please get out of my room? I need to talk something personal with your bhabhi.." Arnav said eyeing at Khushi and she flinched at his hot gaze.

"Ofcourse bhai.. take all your time.."They said grinning before leaving the room.

Arnav sighed climbing onto the bed beside Khushi while his sisters voice boomed inside the room once again.

"Don't forget to close the door Bhai.."

They shouted and ran from there. Arnav grinned looking at Khushi as he locked the door from inside. Khushi down casted her eyes as she saw him approaching her slowly and her heart sped up at the look his eyes created. He was like a thirsty man at a desert who seemed to approach an oasis.

Arnav sat on the edge of the bed, his hands caressing her anklets and then touching her wounded ankle at once. He lifted her left leg slowly and kissed the anklets, his eyes boring into hers.

Khushi breathed heavily as his lips grazed her sensitive skin and then he hovered over her form, his breath inches away from her lips and she closed her eyes, waiting for his heated kisses like an impatient woman.

He caressed her cheeks with his knuckles as he moved those loose tendrils behind her ear, which was blocking his vision and then touched her trembling lips with his eager thumbs, feeling the softness of the same. He leaned closer feeling her shallow breaths driving him completely crazy and he touched the corner of her lips with his. Pressing firm kisses all over her face, her eyes, her nose, her flushed cheeks and then her beautiful chin and then finally stopping at her quivering lips, which was now begging for his one touch?!

"Kiss me…  Khushi.." He demanded capturing her every breath and she fluttered opened her eyes, staring into those dark eyes, which had captured her heart long back.


He whispered onto her lips, his soft lips almost brushing with her plump ones and she gulped hard.

Khushi touched his face, feeling his stubble as she leaned closer, her hands moving onto the nape of his neck and then she pressed her lips onto his demanding ones.

She pressed kisses all over his face and then captured his lips caressing the seam of his upper lips with her tongue and he groaned his hands automatically reaching for her nape, angling her head for a better contact with her sinful mouth.

He kissed her like never before and she gave into his demands completely lost in the web of desire for the man who mattered the most to her.

They broke apart looking into each others eyes with ragged breathing.

"I Love You So Damn Much.." He said cupping her face lovingly while she smiled at his confession.

"I Love You Arnav…. I cant wait to be yours forever…" Her words shot through his veins like fire as he slanted his lips against hers, tasting the every nook and corner of her mouth, exploring everything.

"I need to go now…" Arnav said breathlessly as he got off the bed in hurry, he arranged his tousled hair and turned around to restrain himself. He was already hard and yearning for her while, she watched his face closely as he avoided meeting her gaze.

"Khushi stop looking at me like that.." He said turning around as stared down at himself and then met her gaze.

"This is what you do to me… you know how cruel you are? You innocent Agarwal?"

He said with a chuckle while she blushed furiously averting her gaze from below his waistline while her eyes only wanted to devour him.

"I'll be right back.. and no wandering around.."

He said pressing a butterfly kiss onto her forehead and she closed her eyes sighing at the contact.

"I'll miss you.." She whispered cupping his cheeks while he covered her soft hands with his.

"I'll miss you too.. sweetheart.." He whispered back overwhelmed with emotions that he had hid deep inside him.

Khushi watched him leave the room as he closed the door behind him.






Arnav reached the hospital before evening and found Sam and Lavanya sitting outside the ICCU where Prabhu has been admitted hours back. Sam and La stood up instantly saluting him as he looked through the glass door and found Prabhu laying numb on the bed.

"Where's Mr. Mehta?" Arnav asked moving towards the Doctors cabhin while Sam stopped him.

"He's at the main lab with our forensics, they could not find out what type of drug Prabhu used, they can only save him after giving him the antidote…"

Arnav sighed pinching the bridge of his nose, while Sam sat on the chair, covering his face in his palms.

"Its all my fault, I would have send the same to the lab, when I took the custody of the same.." Sam groaned shaking his head.

"Is it some rare type of drug.. that Prabhu used?" Arnav asked thoughtfully while he saw Dr. Mehta walking towards them.

"Mr. Mehta.. any chance?" Arnav asked walking towards him while he nodded in negative before entering the ICCU.

Nurses and other Doctors rushed inside the room while Arnav, Sam and Lavanya waited outside with bated breaths.

Prabhu's heart rate was decreasing and he was getting into a cardiac arrest.




"He's no more"

Dr. Mehta said removing his gloves and walked past Arnav sighing heavily. Arnav was stunned would be an understatement he looked at Sam and La who were equally shocked as he was at the moment.

They could not digest the fact that Prabhu was no more and the reason behind his death was drug overdose.

"But how.. Sir? He was on medication for the 2days when he was in the jail, how is it possible to be a case of drug overdose?" Sam asked grewing suspicious at the declaration of Dr. Mehta and the cause of Prabhu's death.

"That's weird, I know you had kept the same with you.. how did he get the powder inside the jail then?" Arnav asked thoughtfully as they walked outside the hospital as Doctors took Prabhu's body for a detailed post mortem.

They drove staright to the police station where Prabhu has been kept for 2 days. Sam was suspicious about few constables who were on duty that night. And he shared the same with Arnav and La.

They reached the police station and found out that the two constables who were on duty that day have been missing from the night itself.







 Precap Below


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Congrats on THREAD 3

i really do love this story!!!
Awww Khushi is excited to go meet his family again and they are excited to meet their Bhabhi
love how he just gripped her hand not caring about her dad and how her dad is ashamed of what he did to these guys
Khushi kissed him!! and she wants him as much as he wants her!!! why wait!!!Wink

aww no Prabhu is dead and it was plannedShocked

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Congrats 4 new thread Di...

Ohhh My God...Ohhh My God...Ohhh My God...
I hugged Arnav...

And I was teasing Arnav...
U know wat Di I was jumping on my bed reading dis update...

"Dekhne Do"  haye...mein te gayi... Blushing

starting 4m anklet n den moving 4wrd... Blushing
simply incredible romance Di...  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Star

Ohh Prabhu is dead... Unhappy  Is Shyam behind the drug overdose??? Confused

I just loved mine n Astha Di's was perfect n funny... ROFL

Di wat will be d punishment given by Arnav...i need 2 know... Embarrassed

Di I Love u sooo much...u r just superb...  Hug

continue soon... Day Dreaming

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Finally it all came where it was left incomplete... Wink

My n Avni's part ws jst perfect JiJi... V wud hv behaved in d sm way as u hv depicted... LOL

Nt 2 4get tht SIDE HUG... Hayeee...  Tongue

Maar Dala JiJi... Approve

Arshi moments were jst 2 PERFECT... Blushing

Luv u loads JiJi... U tuk my heart away wid dis update... Hug

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congrats for new thread Dancing Party
Arshi scane was awesome... Vishesh is now feeling guilt... He should not have done all this in past...
OMG Prabhu is Died... That to with Drug over does... something is wrong...
precap.sounds Awesome.

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superb update.loved it.thanks 4 the pm

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