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AarYa FF(Dil Hi Toh Hai) # 2 Final Part - Page 36

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Hi Friends,

I begin with a "Thank you" to all of you for reading my attempts to come up with an entertaining and exciting AarYa FF. Each one of you has been so encouraging, and supportive in this journey that I'm here on my second thread.

Please continue to be with me'.as we move on to the next chapter'..



Chapter Twenty Six



                        Aarti sat pondering over what she had just told Yash. Armaan belonged to Maanav undoubtedly. He was going to fill the void in Maanav's life after Arpita's demise.

But what will it do to her?

Will she able to begin the day without a having a look at that beautiful face which had become a source of her smile?

What will she do after Yash left for work?

For whom will she make those lovely dishes to feed with stories to tell?

Will Armaan not miss her?

Will he be able to cope with this change?

Will he call Maanav as Papa as he did call Yash.


Yash came out and saw Aarti in deep thought. He caught her concealing her tears as she became aware of his presence. Yash knew he had to spend a few moments with her. Moments to make her relaxed, moments to help her gather herself from this news and moments that would give her the warmth and support that she was'nt  alone in this.


Yash sat down next to her as Aarti smiled at Yash.

Yash: Aarti, I understand what you are thinking though you may not say it. This had to happen sometime as you are fully aware why Maaanv left Armaan with us actually ---- you. It was only because of Arpita's wish isn't it? And if we look at it from his perspective, maybe only now has he healed himself of Arpita's grief, so having his son with him will only hasten the process of a rejuvenated happiness in his life.

Aarti: I understand Yash. I fully do. That's the reason I don't think we should make a big scene out of his return and parting with Armaan. And Yash, let's not forget soon, we'll be blessed too with a little one and so we can overcome this with greater ease. My only concern was Armaan and his reaction to this. For after all, he has been with us since he was 9 months old and now he is nearly two. Hope he does remember his Dad and Dadaji/Dadiji.

Yash: He will, Aarti and we'll help him out in the next few days till Maanav comes.

Now Yash comes closer to Aarti and hugs her. Aarti rests herself in his arms as he asks her: How is this little one?

He had moved his hands to Aarti's stomach now. She held on to his hands and both of them sat as if they were embracing the little soul waiting to see the world around. Nothing felt more heavenly than the feeling of being responsible of creating a new life --- a wonder of wonders --- a joy unmatched --- a bliss that was inexplicable.




Next morning, and the days after that, saw Aarti on the job of trying to keep Armaan happy. She spent time with him playing and talking and trying to do whatever she thought would be in his best interest. One evening, while she was busy with him, she had got an album of Maanav's family and sat down with Armaan close to her.

She pointed out to Maanav's picture and said: Who is this?

Armaan kept wondering what he should say.

Aarti: Say Papa. He is your Papa, Armaan.

Armaan quickly got down from the seat and went running to a nearby table on which Yash's picture was there, reached out for it and got it.

He pointed at it and said: Papa ---- Papa.

Aarti smiled: Yes, but this is your Papa too. Armaan, look here, and this is your Mumma.

She pointed out to Arpita's picture and said that.

Armaan quickly climbed up on the sofa and gave Aarti a kiss and hug and said: Mumma --- Mumma.

Aarti hugged him back. She said: Yes, I am your Mumma beta but this is your real Mumma.

She never wanted to hide the truth from the child that he was not their real kid. She knew he would not have understood it then but slowly Armaan would get to know as he grew and also in no way was their love for him going to diminish in any way just because of telling him the truth.

This became a daily little game when Aarti had introduced Maanav, his Dad and Arpita, his Mom to Armaan.




            The day arrived when finally Maanav had to come. Aarti and Yash went with Armaan not to the airport but after he reached home. Armaan was with them and Maanav's mom first came and she was thrilled to see that he had really grown. She reached out to him and Armaan actually went to her peacefully. She was very happy. So were Aarti and Yash.

Maanav came and saw Armaan with his mom. He first greeted Yash and Aarti, thanked them before he went towards Armaan. Armaan by now was walking in the room. He came across a picture of Arpita and quickly said pointing towards Aarti: Mumma---Mumma??

Aarti went to him and hugged him and said: Yes, she is your Mumma. And who is this?

She pointed towards Maanav.

Armaan ran towards him and said: Papa

Maanav was thrilled beyond words. He simply carried his little bundle who now was actually bigger than he had seen and showered him with kisses

Aarti and Yash wanted to leave quickly to make it easier for Armaan and themselves on the first day of separation.

As they drove back, they reminisced of the wonderful times they had with him. His voice ever so sweet, his pranks ever so naughty, his presence warm and loving all over their heart and soul.

Yash: Aarti, you must remain cheerful and we'll come and meet Armaan every day.

Aarti: I will Yash. Don't worry about me. I only hope he copes well and adjusts soon in his new home which is actually his true home.

They land at the Scindhia Mansion to see all waiting for them. Gayatri, SP and Prateik were all missing Armaan already. Yash tells them that he was fine at Maanav's place and they needed to move on now.


After a while, Aarti was anxious to know if Armaan had eaten his food or not. She was tempted to call up Maanav's residence. But Yash came there. He gently pulled the mobile from her hand and asked her to sit beside him.

Yash: Aarti, just let him be with his Dad. Don't get so anxious. He would have eaten. He'll sleep well too. We will anyway go tomorrow and find out how he has adjusted with them. Give them a chance to understand him too.

Aarti nodded and finally had to accept that it wasn't easy for her. She had got used to him even before he was born which made her sort of obsessed about him.

She however promised to Yash that she would try to remain cool as she was aware of her condition too.




                        A week later one evening, Dr. Paridhi came for her regular visit to check Aarti. She found Armaan missing and got to know about Maanav's return. Aarti was keeping well and Dr. Paridhi was happy with her health. She was about to leave when she saw Prateik. This time she wasn't getting into any kind of a talk with him. She walked quietly her way and out of the house. Prateik saw her and was surprised that she had conveniently avoided him. Now with Armaan too not at home, he needed someone to talk to, someone to just share his feelings of loneliness. He felt bad that his behavior towards her had caused her to avoid him. Paridhi had decided to move on and she started working overtime in the hospital too.


Gayatri and SP were keen on settling Prateik. They wanted that a new daughter in law came soon so that their family could be complete. Prateik however wasn't interested in marriage and Aarti knew the reason.

Gayatri: Yash, why don't you tell Prateik that you too were like him when we were keen to get you married?

Yash: Ma, let him be. If he finds the right girl he will say "Yes" instantly.

Gayatri: But when will that be?

Prateik: Never Ma. I won't marry at all.

SP came there and asked everyone to leave Prateik alone. He did not want a discussion which Prateik disliked.

Prateik wanted to leave the place then and excused himself, took the car and began to drive. Unknowingly, he found himself driving towards the hospital. He was unaware of it till he had actually got down and asked the receptionist there if Dr Paridhi was around. He got to know that she was there and he sat down waiting for her to finish for the day.

Paridhi came and saw Prateik there. She wasn't sure if she should be ignoring him in the hospital. She walked up to him and said: Is everything alright Prateik? Hope Aarti is okay? She was fine when I met her in the evening.

Prateik: She is fine Doctor.

He then added softly: Since it is a hospital I'm using Doctor for you Paridhi.

She smiled and asked him the reason for being there. Prateik did not say anything. Paridhi took leave from him and started leaving for her hostel.


Outside the hospital ---


Prateik: Excuse me, Paridhi. May I drop you?

Paridhi thought for a moment and then agreed.

In the car, both were silent for quite some time. Later Prateik broke the silence.

Prateik: I am sorry for that day, Paridhi.

He kept driving as he spoke. Paridhi was silent. She wasn't taking any more initiative.

Prateik looked at her and then down and got silent again. They reached the hostel. Paridhi got down after saying "Thank you" to Prateik.

Prateik got down after her and watched her walk. He wanted her to stop and talk to him. She did not. He could see that he needed to do that extra bit now. He was driven by some inner force and held on to her hand. Paridhi stopped and but did not turn. It was a touch that probably she had wished for some time back but had to console her mind against it then. Today, when her wish was seemingly getting fulfilled there was a hesitation in her.

Prateik walked and stood in front of her, still holding her hand. She kept her gaze away from him. She could not look up.

Prateik: I want to talk to you Paridhi.

Words weren't coming out of her mouth. She wasn't sure if she should let him talk or let go of this probable friendship or even something more''. in the days to come'..



Hope you all enjoyed this chapter'..

I am aware that I've kept you'll waiting ---- but sorry I was busy'..

Next chapter - 

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Wonderful update! And congrats on the new thread.

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So good of Aarti to make sure Armaan goes through a smooth transition in accepting Maanav and his parents!!!!
Looks like Paridhi will make Prateik work hard for her!! Good for her!!!!

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Congrats for the new thread!Thumbs Up I 'm falling in love with this story day by day!

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Congrats Shanthi for second thread..

Love it..Beautiful update...My heart goes when armaan first calls yash and aarthi as papa and mumma...Hope time heals wounds of aarthi and yash...

Prateek and paridhi...i hope their friendship turns to love soon

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Awesome Heart

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