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The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

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springkissed Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spicySugar..

well I can't say I'm surprised. If we were to neutrally analyze TBP since the beginning, RaHi weren't tagged as the end game anyway. Yes, in S2 MANY subtle hints were dropped which rather increased our hopes that we'll get what we've always wished to see but those hints were taken in a wrong way by us. Honestly, in this case the blame lies 50-50.

Frankly, I don't bother much if RaHi aren't paired up romantically. It's no big issue if their friendship, which was always magical to begin with, is retained throughout the course of the show. I don't care who they are paired up with but fact remains, since the beginning RaHi have been integral and they better remain so.

Two main pairs since the start - RaHi and KiSha, the latter being romantic and former being platonic. The thing which will make me take out all the bazookas will be this: RaHi being sidelined to give attention to other couple. I don't think this will be taken out too well by ANY RaHi fan. We can live with RaHi not being end game as couple and will take all the blame in this for reading into things which never existed in the first place. But this you can't deny, RaHi are best friends, always together and will remain together. Despite having priorities in their respective lives, how can two friends still maintain that special and unique bond with each other. That's the only plausible track left for them and it better be fulfilled.

I guess I sounded a bit threatening but I'm not. Because in all honesty, I am not asking for something impossible. As friends hi sahi, RaHi tou are together na. So, that friendship should and must be retained. It should grow, it should face troubles, it should be together till the end. It. Must. Be. THERE!

This ain't cheating us if we don't get RaHi as a romantic couple, real cheating will be that the only thing they share, friendship, is sidelined to accommodate the comforts of another character. Sue me for being selfish if you feel like it.

Here you can say, "Don't worry. That won't ever happen." But at the end of the show, it's a show where overnight script changes being don't ain't a big. If not in all manners, in this thing RaHi fans should be thought of.

Yes, I sound bitter and I am. Letting go of something you've held on through thick and thin for a year ain't easy. But even so I, personally, am welcoming any changes with open arms with all intentions of liking, or even loving it, to the best of my abilities. Condition buss itni hai ke core change na ho.

And I'm done on this topic.

Now that everything seems to be set in stone, I agree with alot of your points, especially the bolded lines! Though my diplomatic side won't let me say it, but I feel wronged and cheated somehow. and, I also agree that we will take all the blame in thinking rahi were going to be much more. It's not like we have any choice, but to take that blame and even be called a little delusional at this point..hahaha..I feel like laughing really loudly at such a joke. Yup, I have become bitter over this! But, can't help it, and if rahi are sidelined once again, then It's definitely over for rahi!! I am just angry/frustrated that I have nothing more to say anymore..:/

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lostmymusic. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..DamonCrazy..

^^I agree with Maisy on this one. What WAS confirmed from the beginning that RaHi & KiSha are the LEADS. Compromising that will be unfair.

and frankly, it's not too much to ask.

One more thing - fix Avi-Panchi please! Don't make the ever lasting comical couple...explore them as well!

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ridhya Groupbie

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 6:29am | IP Logged
this is utter shock of the century that rahi aren't the end game..
i am sorry sir but if rahi turn to be romantically involved its not a cliche not at all ghisa pita.. its a new and unique concept bcz rahi are different and there bond is significantly beautifull which has many shades.. but a rich guy and a poor girl is cliche for sure every other story consist of it .. if cliche here we are talking about..
its not the story its the execution that shoud be different..
cliche here we talk abt is girl/boy nok jhokbut sorry to say veeni story can came under cliche ..
rahi has gone through phases of life which we havent scene anywhere nd if so we have seen so but your execution makes it different totally different rv falling for panchi was sweet shock not expected at all.. its not cliche ghisa pita..
secondly from the starting kuch aisa dekhatay jisay hum hopes build up kartay hi na sir.. like whenever kisha see each other hava xhalti hai music changes nd all same goes with panchi , there were alot of scenes where rv comes hold her or even talk the bg changes nd in s1 she felt for him .. ab ap jo bhi kahein but you guys gave us hopes .. some fishy talks some very close promos some not so normal jaleousies some extra emotions that indicated something but now you shatter us saying you dnt wanna make it a cliche..
our opinion differs so i nd may ppl would love if you rethink plzzz ..
we want rahi..
just rahi
just rahi
just rahi
lastly no rahi no tbp :( nd my dz line mekes me sad weather it makes a difference to you or not that alot of ppl are hurt..

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Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 6:52am | IP Logged
Anand sir..I know every best friends should not fall in u say u feel jealous if ur best friends get attached to other mates...even i do feel jealous..everyone does..thats the reality...but whenever its shown onscreen everyone of us think that is the start of a love story...i don't know..but even i have one magical friendship with my childhood friend from school to college...may be thats why i know how much a gifted relationship RaHi share Day Dreaming and before i start to show my disappointment let me say a BIG THANKS to you for giving me RaHi Hug
Let me tel my feelings now...Is it not really unfair to we RaHi fans now??? Sir i know you are trying to thing something new..but what about we fans? our feelings???
Aren't KiSha and RaHi were shown as the lead couples since start??? 
I feel its my mistake...I am a big fan of ur previous show MJHT and Samrat&Gunjan shared the similar friendship  that RaHi share now?? I don't think it was my mistake to see RaHi like SaJan...and i know TBP is always unexpected and not a predictable one...but after a wait of nearly 1 year??? I feel cheated Cry

I appreciate that you guys have built up this romantic fantasy of Ranveer and Panchhi and will be disappointed if it doesn't come to fruition. Our intention was not to let you guys down or hurt you but the relationship we set out to show with these two was never a typical, lovey dovey, couple. Instead we set out to show the kind of relationship that you just don;'t get to see on indian TV or films.

^ Sir if this is the case?? why u did not came up with this confirmation earlier itself???
You definitely know RaHi has a lot of fan and we all go crazy even if we get one hug of them...and even after all our reactions, you must know how much we love RaHi???
you can't expect us to see RaHi as friends and accept a new girl for RV Ermm I m not saying you are wrong...If you are right about ur thoughts..even we are...and whats up with Panchi being in love with promo??? <-- i seriously want answer for this Sir...

and I don't know what to say..Its really a big shock for all of us...and i wish u confirmed it all before itself..I would have never loved RaHi so crazy if u have told all this before be honest my only reason for watching TBP is RaHi only...but i feels like i love my reason to watch the show and it will seriously hurt me and take a really LONG time to accept that RaHi are meant to be Cry

I could not say more...I m sorry sir if i offended u in any way...I m just in tears and do not know how to my feelings..I m just heart broken Broken Heart

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 7:01am | IP Logged
so FINALLY an official confirmation...Broken Heart

i STRONGLY disagree with u if u THINK makin RaHi a couple wud sound "cliche"...i WUD hv agreed had the other pairings were unique... TBP mein Frndship Tracks hv been UNIQUE n i LOVE tht too.. But love tracks were NEVER unique...

But come on vich show is not cliche when it comes to Love Stories? The UNIQUE-ness lies in the way a love story is shown...So v RaHi fans HAD hopes ki when the friendship angle ws SO BEAUTIFULLY n SOO UNIQUE-ly ws shown till nw,v thought it wud be the same too when it comes in showin their love track too...

But here toh something else is goin...!!!

Nywz thnx for tellin this now Sir...this will clear out all the tiny weeny hopes v had on RaHi angle..

Personally, RaHi ws the reason i started watchin TBP in S1...n RaHi ws the reason i left the show evn before s1 ended as i had enough of seein RaHi sidelined...And also again RaHi ws the reason i again came back watchin the show twice in the hopeless hope of somethin solid wud happen for RaHi...

But seems nw there wnt be ny need for me to comeback to this show...

Just wanna say thanks for givin RaHi...Its a SAD thing tht in ur eyes they were never a couple..But in our eyes(v were made to think lik tht with whtevr shwn till nw)they was,is,will ALWZ be a COUPLE..!!!

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Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 December 2010
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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Sir i don't know but i feel like telling this...If you wanna show RaHi has a BFFs till end...Pls show them like that itself..Pls don't romantically connect them to others...Cry you may think that i m a RaHi fan and thats why i m telling this...but seriously I am not able to connect to VeeNi at all..Its not that i m complaining...but i tried my level best to watch the show neutrally..even there best friend scene looked like a forced one Ermm

and you know what was even worst??? Ranveer telling that he was alone till today Stern Smile come on..when u tel RaHi have just a magical relationship/friendship and all that...why must RV feel alone??
His moti was always there for him...then why he felt alone??? 
Even if we got love of our life, It will be always BEST FRIEND who can always understand our feelings not our LOVE...there are lots of ego issues between a couple but not between BEST FRIENDS...I wonder why u started VeeNi track like RV needed a best friend and rukmini came in???
you yourself told Panchi will be his best friend forever...
So i would say make KiSha the only couple of TBP and pls pls don't romantically involve Ranveer and Panchi with others Ermm 
None of us can see them with others Cry 
I wish i can make you understand that RaHi are meant to be Cry 

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yushna Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 7:39am | IP Logged
hi sir..

please atleast once read this..

noy clearing our xonfusions and letting us fall for rahi and knowing that rahi has a big fan base and now breaking our hopes, all the rahi fans are bitterly hurt..
i just cried..
when fans hopes something from cvs and cvs gives the total opposite it hurts..
i feel cheated aswell
start mai clear hona chai tha ..
1 year of rahi fantasies is too much and now suddenly equations changed?

rahi are not cliche .. and they wont be even if they are romantically involved or get married in the show..

you gave us promos and such dialogues which indicated the couple factor ..

why that? if your plans were to only keep rahi as friends?
this friendship is different and will be different whatever turns it take..
this post of yours is not digested by us..
do something..
kisha nd rahi were the leads nd when you talk about leads (couple thing and romantically getting involved comes to the mind)
clarification was needed much before now we cant accept it .. when we are deeply in love with them
have some mercy on us sir
do justice to rahi fans

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CutielovesChocs IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 March 2008
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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 7:48am | IP Logged
I'm speechless, honestly. I can't think of anything more to say than what's been said here, but woah. I'm just..speechless. 

Thank you Anand Sir, for taking time out and talking to us on IF, our adda, but all I've got to say is this: 

I fell in love with the unique bond that Ranveer-Panchi shared, and I agree with what you've said up there, but this unique bond has so much potential! Cliches, I don't want to sound rude either but it isn't as if a few haven't been explored already. And I'm not saying this as an ardent Ranveer-Panchi shipper. I'm simply saying that I can't find that connection that Ranveer-Panchi have with another anywhere else. Not with Ranveer-Rukmini and not with Panchi-Avi/Omi. And obviously, that goes with your point that RV-Panchi share something so special that it can't be compared. I get that. 

Ranveer-Panchi have so much potential! And even if it happens to be 'cliched', it becomes completely different, you know why? Because RV-Panchi's characters have begun to develop so much depth! And the fact that Kunal-Palak play the roles effortlessly! Their chemistry is simply amazing, and urgh, I'm running out of words here, except the fact that there is SO much potential!

Yeah, feeling disappointed and heartbroken, but like Mais and Shaz have said, we'd probably be over this with time, but we we'd completely lose it if this unique bond is lost somewhere. That's all. 

Wow, so much for being speechless. 

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