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KTLK FF:Mere Jeewan Saathi[Th:2] Recap & Ch12-Pg132

Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Hello my dear Dearies...Big smilecute manga girl waving smiley

I feel on cloud nine to open the second thread of my Fanfic,

Mere Jeewan Saathi...cloud nine emoticon

It has been an awesome experience writing till now, n hope to continue this way...Big smile

Here's the link to thread-1

Lets hold hands again on this thread, to continue our journey to the Family drama...

I want to specially thank all my dear friends who have been a constant support in filling my pages...
Nevertheless, a special mention to My Editor, Suja di... Without your constant guidance, this wont have been possible...
Another, very special thanks to my dear, Soul-sis, Tupu di, who has behind the scene, taken care of all the rights and wrongs in the ff, n has been my biggest appreciator and criticiser at the same moment...
Another little, small Thanku, to my Teekhi Mirch, Mithee, who has finally joined in the brigade of my helping hands... She sits on my head and keep hitting Dandaas on my head...
Last, but not the least, Anu Aunty, I've thoroughly missed u in this thread... Hope to see u soon here...

My very cute special thanks to Anjani DiDeepali di(Deepa17),Ena, Mithee, For generously filling my thread... Thank u guys...Big smile Keep it going ok!cheering clapping emoticon
Love u guys...

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Ashutosh and Nidhi seemed stunned for a moment seeing Mallika infront of them, almost peeking into their privacy, and giving her reactions, written all over her face... Not much then a few seconds later, Ashutosh regained his composture and Held Nidhi's wrist and took her along with him to the hall leaving an equally irritated Mallika behind... Making Nidhi sit first, and then himself, he had a quick breakfast, and signalled Nidhi to come as soon as she finishes eating, only after making sure, she had, had atleast required breakfast, so that she does not starve herself and the baby, in his haste to talk... Nidhi finished the breakfast, and got up to wrap things up, but was stopped by her In-laws... "Bas beta... Bohot ho gaya tumhara... Kitna manaa kiya hai, that don't over do yourself, Par nahi... Sunti hi nahi... Saara din ghar mein idhar se udhar lagi rehti hai... Servants hain na Nidhi... Why then?" And before Nidhi could even speak a word, her Mother-in-law in an almost anger, pointed a finger towards her- "Dekho Nidhi... This is the last time, you've over-done yourself... Ho gayi shaadi, baaki sab hum sambhaal lenge... And dare you keep juggling all the work at yourself, till your baby gets healthily born... Till the delivery, no more exertions... Is that clear?" Nidhi smilingly yet obediently, nods her head, like the most sincere student of the class has been scolded for her extra activities...


Soon, Nidhi remembers, Ashutosh has called her... She immediately turns and took long strides to climb the stairs, when she hears another lot of scoldings at her back- "Sambhaal ke beta... Aaraam se seedhiyaan chadhna Nidhi..." And along hears her MIL grumbling to her husband- "Aapse aur Ashu se main keh-keh ke thak gayi hoon, ke delivery tak room neeche shift kar le... Par nahi... Both the men don't get it... Bachhe paida karo toh pata chale na, ke kitni pareshaani hogi usko saara din upar-neeche hote rehne mein.." Nidhi smilingly shook her head and carefully climbed the stairs to their room... Yet again, Ashu was standing infront of their wedding photograph...


N: Kuch kehna chaah rahe thhey aap?


A: (Turning around to look at her) Nidhi... I think, we need to talk...


N: (Chuckling) Ashuji... Ismein naya kya hai...? You keep talking... Don't you?


A: (Exasperated) Nidhi... Mazaak nahi... I seriously want to talk to you about...


N: (Cutting his sentence, while completing herself) Dr. Mallika na?


A: Haan Nidhi... I don't know, how far my instincts are correct, but I still feel, Mallika yahan Rohan ke liye nahi aayi hai... She has something else in her mind... Specially, after her looks at us in the kitchen...


N: Actually Ashuji... Mujhe bhi aisa feel ho raha hai... She is behaving strangely with me... I knew her as my senior in the hospital, while I was doing my internship... Then, I took Medicine, in PG, thus, Neurology department mein unse kabhi zyada baat-cheet bhi nahi rahi, except for any specialised subjects... And when, we fell in love, and her attempts to break our ties, all I saw was hatred in her eyes...

       But, She is behaving very differently today... As if something really grave is in her mind... She wanted to help me with the kitchen work, because she thinks soon she too has to become a part of our family...


A: Exactly Nidhi... Her acts are not normal... Maa-baba are trying to show at ease, but, they are very tensed with her presence at home...

And Nidhi... She once said she loved me... You know that right?


N: Hmmm... Yes... You had told me right at the beginning...


A: I never loved her Nidhi... I swear...


N: (Nidhi was totally dumbfolded with his words... And she immediately took his hands in hers...) Ashuji... You do not have to tell me this... NEVER!!! Ofcourse not after 3 years of solid love with you after marriage... I've never doubted you... And I will never EVER-EVER  do that...

     Ashuji, Dr. Mallika yaha kyu aayi hain, kiske liye aayi hain, kya karke jaayengi, I don't care a damn... All I know is, I trust you... And aap chaahe bhi, toh bhi mujhe dhokha nahi de sakte... I know that... And not now after this... (She places his palms on her protruded  tummy) So, don't worry...


A: Isliye toh aur darr lag raha hai Nidhi... Look, she's herself a Doc, and then a woman too, this cannot got unnoticeable from her eyes... I happened to see where her eyes were laid on the breakfast table, and they were stuck at your pregnant state... N those weren't any soft looks, that usually women give, seeing a pregnant lady...


N: (In an attempt to lessen his uneasiness, tried teasing him) Kya baat hai Ashuji? Aapne toh women psychology par kaafi research kar li hai... Nahin?


A: (Irritated) Nidhi... Please yaar mazaak chodo yaar... I'm a Doc myself, if ever you remember... And I've also dealt with patients and seen during my MBBS and internship days... Maa also used to say this...


N: Achha baba, theek hai Ashuji... No mazaak... Lekin, aap itne serious kyu ho rahe hain...

Arrey, Dr. Mallika jaisi das aur aa jaayein, I don't care... I know, you are there with ME... and nobody else... Mujhe kya chinta hai... Aapko iss baat se bilkul fikar karne ki zarurat nahi hai, Ke agar Dr. Mallika ne kuch kiya toh...

And rahi baat meri aur iski...(She herself pats her belly) Toh, sab log hain na... And most of all, Aap hain na... Aapke rehte mujhe kuch fikar karne ki zarurat hai kya? And maa is very angry today, because she thinks, I over do myself... So, waise bhi, I'll take extra care of myself... Theek hai na Ashuji..?

(Ashutosh simply took her in his arms... Nidhi laid her temple on his chest, resting her face sideways, and hands on his chest...) Dont worry Ashuji... (Then suddenly remembers that she too has to leave for her maiyka, she frees herself from his arms) Mujhe late ho raha hai... Taiyaar bhi hona hai...


She rushes to her wardrobe, and looks at the section, where, little party-wear sarees were hung, separating them from the ones she likes to wear, when in daily routine at the Hospital... But then, frowning, seeing those heavy sarees... Ashutosh comes behind her, and without holding her, just kept his chin on her shoulder from behind...


A: Kya hua? Koi si bhi saree pasand nahi aa rahi? (She shook her head in a clear no) Ok then! Lets try this one... (He extends his hand deep inside the wardrobe and brought out a hidden box from inside...


Nidhi opens the box, excited... It was a bright yellow saree, with green borders... It was something new... She has had a collection of blues, purples, blacks, reds, greens, pinks... But certainly not a bright yellow... but then frowned again...


N: Ashuji... Aapko itne saal ho gaye... Lekin saree kaise gift karte hain, ye nahi aaya... Mujhe aapko thodi na pehen ke dikhaana hai... Mujhe apne maaiyke jaana hai... Blouse aur petticoat bhi chahiye hoga, saree mein fall lagegi... Abhi itni jaldi ye sab kaise arrange hoga?


A: Kya hai na My dear wife... Tumne na apne husband ki abilities ko underestimate kar liya hai... Iss baar no mistake... Saree ke neeche dekho, sab rakha hai...


Nidhi actually smiled at his thoughtfulness, and placed a small kiss on his cheeks, turning a little sideways...

She went into the washroom, and came out only in her blouse and petticoat Holding her saree in her hands... Ashutosh's face lit up seeing her, but then thought to tease her...


A: Ab ye kiske liye hai Mrs. Nidhi Ashutosh Mathur? Aapko toh aapke maaiyke jaana tha na?


N: Shut up! Aap nahakar aaye hain, washroom geela ho raha hai, meri saree gandi ho jaayegi... Thats why... Mujhe aapko free show dene ka koi shaukh nahi hai...


Ashutosh split into laughter at her words... And seeing him laugh, Nidhi herself smiled and blushed at the same time...

Nidhi deftly wrapped her saree around herself, unlike the initial days of marriage, when wearing a saree seemed to be huge a task then... not because, she didn't know how to wrap it, but because it took a lot of time for her to make it neatly, and would end up, Ashu helping her, and he himself getting lost in the myriad of emotions invoking him...


Nidhi smiled at her these sweet 3 years... They have been a transformation period for both of them... Ashu again came from behind, and held the strings of the blouse that were still loose open...


A: Ab nahi bandhwaogi dorein? Pehle toh kitni baar khulte they na ye? (And both of them burst into laughter... Indeed, they won't forget that dori scene among them, when they fought at some petty thing)


 Ashutosh after making sure, that Nidhi would not need any help right now, walked down the hall... Nidhi quickly adjusted her mangalsutra, wore a pair of polka Jhumki in her ear and Sindoor in her maang, brushed her hair and giving a final look at herself, carefully walked down the room...

Anji was ready too in a olive green chiffon saree, with zarbdosi work done on it, and soon enough, Armaan came to home, who was constantly being persuaded to have breakfast, to which he joked- "Ghar ki betiyon ke sasural ka paani peena bhi  mere liye paap hai.."

But then, Finally Nidhi came to the scene, and as cutely as in her childhood, when she played 'ghar-ghar', she used to offer him tea in her kitchen kit cup and saucer; just tilted her head sideways, and then said –" Bhaiya ye maine banaya hai... Aap mere haath ka nahin khaayenge?"... This was more than this elder brother could resist... His this little sister, although his cousin, has always been a darling to him, basically being the just next sibling to him...

He immidiately sat at the breakfast table, and with mere tasting what his sister made, he asked the permission to take his sisters along...


Ashutosh went to see them off to their car, while Anji walked with Armaan, Nidhi took small steps towards the car... Some unfathomable uncertainity written all over her face, that nevertheless wasn't missed by Ashutosh... He just put his arm around her shoulder and said- "Bilkul tension mat lo... Sab theek ho jaayega..." After shaking her head in a yes, she proceeded towards the car door, which Ashu graciously opened it for his lady...

Armaan clearly instructed the driver to drive carefully and slowly, making sure, the car does not get much shocks with the pits on the road, causing any inconvenience to Nidhi...


Soon, they reached at the Verma mansion... Shyama Taayiji, along with the other members of the house, was well waiting with the Aarti ki thaali... Nidhi made Anji stand right infront of her mother, while she herself stood aside... Taayi ji, shifted herself to stand infront of Nidhi, and started doing her Aarti... Nidhi was perplexed...


N: Taayi ji... Pagphere Anji ke hain... Aap meri Aarti kyu kar rahi hain?


Shyama: (Putting a small tilak on her forehead) Kyuki, tum iss ghar ki badi beti ho...Aur phir garbhwati ho... Bade saubhagye ki baat hoti hai beta... (Nidhi bent down to touch her feet) Arrey ladki... Pair nahi choote beta wo bhi iss haalat mein...


Armaan: (Teasingly butted) Haan-haan!!! Khoob chadhaao isko sar par, dekhna iska bachha will be born a brat... (Nidhi made a fist and gave him tight on his arm) Offo!!! Ye ladki bhi na...


N: Mujhe kuch bhi bolo, mere bachhe ko kuch nahin haan!!! Bichaara mera bachha... paida bhi nahi hua, aur uske Mama pehle se hi uski buraayi karne lage...


Ar: Achha baba... sorry baby... Aapko sorry... Aapki mummy ko nahin... (Nidhi mocked him another punch... And then, she was told by Shyama to enter)


As soon as Nidhi entered, she was handed the thaali... "Ab tum iski badi behen ho... Tum hi Anji ki Aarti karo..." And Nidhi does the honours...


Now, when Nidhi was done, with all of the welcomes, when she looks at the pitiable Neeti...

Indeed, she was trying her best at being Normal... Nidhi looked at Dadi, when she started saying...


Dadi: Nidhi, bachhe, pehle thoda kuch khaa le, phir karne baithna baat-cheet...


Nidhi: Nahi Dadi... Maine bohot zyada naashta kar liya tha, abhi mujhe bhook bilkul nahi lag rahi... Waise hi badi ajeeb-ajeeb si feelings hoti hain... Kabhi toh lagta hai, ke itni bhook lag rahi hai, ke abhi marr jaungi... Aur kabhi sara din aisa lagta hai, ke peit bhara hua hai... Main thodi deir se khaa loongi...


With this Nidhi turned to look back at Neeti, who was very patiently standing behind her... Nidhi just took Neeti by her hand, n took her to their room...

 As soon as They reached in, Nidhi's looks just softened seeing her, and open her arms to embrace her younger sister... Neeti too, came flying into them... There cannot be any other peaceful place for Neeti, at date, than her sisters loving arms... Both sisters kept standing there for minutes... Nidhi too did not break the hug, she very well knew, this is well needed... Not any longer than that, Nidhi felt those baby tears rolling from her sister's cheeks... Nidhi just put a hand on her head, running her fingers through her hair, in a gesture, that she can understand her pain... Slowly, those silent tears turned into little sobs and then a whole hearted cry... Nidhi made no attempt to stop her crying... She needed a let-out...

After sometime, when Neeti regained some semblance, she innocently looked at her sister with those pain filled eyes...


Ne: Di, am I so wrong in judging people? I thought, that Rohan too likes me in the same manner, that I like him... But...


Ni: No Neets, you are not alone there... We too had some where the same thoughts...


Ne: Di, I don't know why, but I feel so ditched... As if my heart has broken into pieces... What not have I thought about my future and all... It feels like I was flying in the air with the parachute of my love,and suddenly it stopped working and betrayed me, and now, I've fallen down on a hard rock with a thud...


Neeti kept sobbing, and it might have reached out of the room... Because, Shyama Taayiji came in with a glass of water... Nidhi made her drink it, to cool her agitated body from constant crying... Shyama Taayiji sat beside her on the bed, and put her hand on her head...


S: Neeti beta... Tumhe pata hai, jab tumhari maa guzri thi na, maine usse  waada kiya tha, ke main uski betiyon ki maa banoongi... Beta, maine har mumkin koshish ki hai, ke kisi haal, tum dono behno ki zindagi mein uss jagah ko poora kar sakoon... Aur isi koshish mein, maine Armaan aur Anji se zyada dhyaan tum dono par diya... Aur beta, ek maa hone ke naate, apne bachho ke dil mein kya chal raha hai, bohot khoob samajhti hoon... Aur tumne bhale hi kuch na kaha ho, lekin main sab samajh rahi thi... Tumne apni behenon ko batana sahi samjha, theek hai... Lekin beta, jeewan mein pyaar ki nakaamiyaabi, jeewan ka ant nahi karti hai Beta...


Nidhi: Absolutely Neets... Look... You are hardly 23 baby... You have a long-long life ahead... See, you have your MBBS Final year Exams ahead... Concentrate on your studies, and then Internship... You won't have time to think back on all that... Love is not the end of your life dear... Jab zindagi mein tumhare liye jo likha hoga na, wo tumko mil hi jaayega... Now just buck up... Leave all that behind... Your family and your bright life and future is waiting for you...


"Bilkul!!!" There came a manly voice from behind... All the 3 females looked towards the door... There stood The eldest Son-in-Law of the house, Ashutosh... All the 3 of them stood from the bed... Nidhi, because she hadn't expected him here right now, and neither did he tell her about his plan... Shyama Taayiji, because her "Jamayi Babu" had come, And Neeti, because there stood, the brother of the man she loved...

Ashutosh immediately went to Shyama and touched her feet, and then looked at Neeti...


Ashu: Neeti, tum ye soch rahi hogi, ke Rohan ke bhaiyaa aaye hain... Nahin?


Neeti guiltily looked down at his correct guess... But, Ashutosh covered it up by side hugging her...


Ashu: Nahin Neeti... Tumhare saamne Rohan ke bhaiya nahi, tumhare Jeeju hain... I've not come here to advocate Rohan's decision or something... When I'm myself equally surprised with his announcement, and have no ounce of knowledge, where this will all lead to, how will I say anything in that favour...

      Look at Me Neeti...(When she looks at him, with those similar doe eyes as of her sister, he just softly held her chin in his fingers) Neeti, as your brother in law, all I would say is, the guy that doesn't reciprocates your love should be left behind and move on... (Then having a far away look in his eyes) Neeti, one sided love never bears fruits, they just grow thorns in them, which is going to prick into someone or the others life... And all it leaves is bleeding hearts...

(Then coming out of his inner thoughts) Just think this way, that, that guy did not deserve you... (There were again little last of tears that came out of her eyes, that Ashutosh immediately wiped)  Na-na... No Neeti... Dont flow your tears for a guy, who never cared for them... Coz, if he did, he wouldn't have let them flow... so stop crying...

Just regain your strength, show everybody, that you are Neeti Verma, and not any next door girls, that keep crying for someone, who has never thought his relation with you, more than A friend... Concentrate on your studies, and then Internship, I'll take care of it... And you'll see, you'd be enjoying your life while learning... Theek hai? (On her vehement nod, he smiled back at her... And then looking around in the room, he tried cheering up her mood)  Arrey yaar Neets, I haven't heard your song from such a long time... Come one, pick up your guitar, and sing something for ur Jeeju...


Neeti: (With a rueful smile) Jeeju, not today... Aap please kuch gaaiye na... Mujhe aapko sunna hai... Some good songs... Emmm... That can help me gain my composure back...


Ashu: Alright..!!! Thats for you my Saali sahiba... (And he wordlessly took a chair and adjusted the guitar chords to his convenience and started)


Zindagi ki yehi reet hai
Haar ke baad hi jeet hai
Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi
Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai
Haar ke baad hi jeet hai
Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi
Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai
Haar ke baad hi jeet hai

Zindagi raat bhi hai, savera bhi hai zindagi
Zindagi hai safar aur basera bhi hai zindagi
Ek pal dard ka daanv hai
Dusra sukh bhari chhaaon hai
Har naye pal naya geet hai
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai

Gham ka baadal jo chhaaye to hum muskuraate rahe
Apni aankhon mein aashaaon ke deep jalaate rahe
Aaj bigde to kal phir bane
Aaj roothe to kal phir mane
Waqt bhi jaise ek meet hai
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai
Haar ke baad hi jeet hai
Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi
Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi


When he finished Singing, he looked up at a clapping Neeti, and the rest of the family gathered up in the room hearing him sing, clapped for him... It was then, his eyes fell on Nidhi... She has been standing awestruck, seeing her husband so efficiently handling everything out... A genuine smile was on her sisters face, and that made Nidhi all the more content... Her soft unblinking eyes mouthed a wordless, I love you and a Sincere Thank you, meant only for Ashutosh...


It was when Dadi made the move... "Arrey chalo bhai sab ke sab, dopahar ho gayi hai Ranga Damayi babu bhi aatey honge Anji ko lene... Jaldi-jaldi table par baitho, tab tak Servants khana laga denge... Sab saath baith ke khayenge..." Nidhi was about to protest, when there came a strong look from her dadi... "Chup! Ek dum chup Nidhi... Tumko khaana na bhi ho, lekin bachhe ke liye itne waqt bhukha rehna achha nahi hai... Chalo thoda kha lo..."

Sure enough,as they sat on the dining table, when Ranga entered too... All had lunch and then, finally taking the permission to leave, All the four, Ashni and Ranji left for their home...


The rest of the afternoon was spent in taking rest, and then getting ready for the reception, for all the members of both the families... Nidhi finally took Anji out in the party area for the reception, where she proudly introduced her for the first time as her "Devrani..."

Late at night, all retired to their respective rooms...


Rohan too did go to his room, and laid down, trying his best to sleep... But, sleep was very far away from him... After shifting multiple number of times in his bed, he finally gave it up... He felt he needed some fresh air, so wearing his room slippers he went upstairs to the terrace,and sat at his favourite corner there... Breathing in multiple times, he closed his eyes to calm himself down, but, all he could see from the black background of his mind was a hurted face of his Ashutosh Bhaiya on his obnoxious behaviour, and his rude voice, in the manner he talked to his elder brother... Some guilty, hurted feeling crowded his mind, and some thick tears began to take place in his eyes- "I'm very-very sorry bhaiya... I could have never thought to talk to you this way, in my wildest dreams even... But, Mallika ji, is my love... Just like you are feeling unsure about my feelings towards her, I too felt the same initially... "Dr. Mallika? In my life? How can this be possible?" were my own words... But, the way, she made her way into my heart, made me assaured that, this relationship is nothing but pure love, I ceased to think anything of the past, that she once loved you, and was your friend, and gave her the way into my heart...

Main aapko bataa nahi sakta hoon, ke mere dil ko kitni takleef hui aapse aise baat karke... Bhale hi mera kehne ka tareeqa ghalat, badtameez, but, mera intention bilkul aisa nahi tha... I love her bhaiya... And I'm sure one day, you would realise, that your younger brother wasn't that wrong... By saying, that I'll prove my love for Mallika ji, to you, was in no way a challenge to you... It was, just I wanted to make you stay assaured, that your brother has not made that bad a choice... Bhaiya, main naadaan ho sakta hoon, lekin bewakoof nahi hoon...

Bhaiyaa, mujh mein shaayad iss waqt itni himmat nahi hai, ke main, aapka samna karke ye sab keh paaon... Lekin, From the bottom of my heart, I love you very much, just like or even more than I've loved my parents... Jis din mere andar itni shakti aa gayi, aapse sar jhuka ke maafi maang loonga, lekin abhi tak ke liye, All I want to say is, I'm sorry bhaiya... N i love you..."


That somehow gave him a little calm feeling, and he headed towards his room, wiping his eyes off...

Comments and/or likes are most welcome...Big smile

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Congrats Aazeen..
So mallika is here is using Rohan to get back to Ashu. Hope Ashni don't suffer any harm because of her.

Loving the Ashni interaction.. The gift very nice.

Armaan .. Nidhi scene apt for the occasion.

Nice welcome at maiyka.. Reminded me of the actual pagphera in the show.

The icing on the cake was Ashu showing up in his role as jeeja.

Rohan's self thought in the end nice.. But feel sad for him.. Hope does not suffer too much because of mallu.

Nice update.. 

Now keep the updates regular.

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Originally posted by deepa17

Congrats Aazeen..
Thank u di...Big smile
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Reservation ko fill kab karogi aazeen?

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Originally posted by sonyjknum

Reservation ko fill kab karogi aazeen?
Today night...Big smile

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Congratulations for Thread 2

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