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TTB #4 Imp note on Pg 64

molten_lava IF-Rockerz

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molten_lava IF-Rockerz

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Arnav hurried towards the main door, quickly glancing at his watch, hoping that he wasn't late for the Church atleast this week. He had made plans for himself and Khushi and he wanted to see through them.

When he stepped outside, he observed his father, Dadi and his sister already getting into another car and he knew he had to escape before they caught hold of him. But Dadi was quicker than her grandson and knew that he was upto some mischief and hence, called out to him loudly.

"Arnav, aren't you coming with us?"

"Actually Dadi, I'll come in another car. I've got some work to do after church." Arnav blabbered, hoping that Dadi would buy his lie. But Dadi was Dadi and she saw right through his lie at the instant he had opened his mouth. However, when she observed Khushi walking upwards the slope, a mischievous smile flitted over her own lips and she let go of the matter instantly.

"Ok, but reach on time." She warned him, stepping inside the car and Arnav observed the car speed away out of the Raizada Manor gates, leaving behind him and Khushi to themselves.

And making sure that no one was around, he ran towards Khushi, who looked up at him, quite taken aback at his presence.


"I thought we could go together to church." Arnav suggested, nearly panting at all the hurrying around. Outstretching his palm, he waited for her to react and for a second, his hopes nearly dashed fearing that she would reject. But she didn't. Instead, she smiled at him warmly and placed her hand on his, letting him lead the way.

As they walked towards the car, he could see her smiling from the corner of his eyes, and like a moth drawn towards the flame, his eyes were all for her, instantly noticing how her hair had been left open and brought to the front on her right shoulder unlike her usual style of clipping it up. And he observed, how much he liked it, this way. The creamy neck on her left side was visible to his eyes, and so was the mole at the juncture of her collar bone.

"You look pretty today." Arnav finally said it out aloud, the words that were simply bubbling to burst out from his mouth, from the time he had set his eyes on her today. And the way Khushi blushed in response to his compliment simply made his knees go jelly, while his stomach somersaulted with excitement.

"Even you look nice today." Khushi replied and he observed that she was shy for the very first time.

He didn't know what was up with today's atmosphere. Why were they suddenly feeling extremely conscious of each other? Was that was happened when two people were deeply in love with each other?

As they reached the garage, he suddenly stopped midway, and without thinking twice, he pulled her towards him, and all he could see was her neck.  He wondered how it would feel to kiss her right there, just beneath the little mole. Would it tickle? Or would it be pleasurable?

A small smile curved his lips as his eyes wandered to her innocent ones, gazing right at him, anticipating the moment eagerly, as if she knew what was going on in his mind. His fingers climbed up her neck on their own, trying to clear away the few strands of hair that were sticking around the mole, and he was sure he felt her slightest shiver at his touch, her breathing suddenly becoming laborious and rugged.

She looked away, turning her face to the other side, only to arch her neck for him, and he knew that inspite of her hesitation, she wanted this.

And feeling elated at her reaction, he bent forward, about to claim that mole, when suddenly, they were interrupted by a loud cough, which sounded more like a crow croaking, and Arnav turned around to annoyingly look at the person who had interrupted their precious moment, guessing well in advance who it could possibly be.

And there stood Ranvijay, smiling cheekily at both of them, as Khushi suddenly tried to move away from him. However, Arnav didn't let go of her. Instead, he wound his arm tightly against her waist, pulling her even more close to him.

"You wanted something?" Arnav demanded his future brother-in-law furiously, nearly killing him with his glare, while Ranvijay's smile only deepened even more widely.

"I'm coming along to the church with you guys." The latter replied, and without waiting for their response, he went and sat directly next to the driver's seat, fuming Arnav even more.

"Why are you coming to the Church?" Arnav asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at him.

"Arnav, I'm going to get married there in a week. So don't you want me to visit it atleast once? And Khushi, what a pleasant surprise that you are here. I'm sure you will help me get acquainted with the Church." Ranvijay now turned to Khushi, who to Arnav's annoyance, began smiling at the other man.

"Sure." Khushi eagerly nodded her head, and Arnav noticed, how easily she slipped away from his hands, happily taking the back seat in the car, a strange sense of fear suddenly overwhelming his heart.

However, Ranvijay's voice broke his reverie and grumbling under his breath, Arnav drove to the Church, the plan for the say suddenly turning awry, all thanks to this kebab mein haddi.


He traversed his eyes around him, to observe if anyone was looking at them. But all people were busy listening to the sermon by the priest. And knowing that this was the best opportunity, he slowly glided his hands towards her lap, where her hands lay and entwined their little fingers, a chuckle nearly escaping his lips at her surprised reaction.

Even though both their eyes were focussed to the front, he knew that their little fingers were talking all that they wanted to say. At first, she hesitated like always, pulling away her little finger. But soon, their fingers slowly started to entwine, forming a mini battle with each other about who would outwit the other.

She was smiling and he was sure about it, even without glancing at her face. Afterall, he doubted if anyone else had been so acquainted with her, like him, knowing intricate details about her behaviour which even she was oblivious to.

And if he had thought that this was the only intimate thing they could do in the Church, in front of all other random people, she proved him wrong, the very next second, as he felt her feet slowly climb his ankle, her toes tickling the skin above the hem of his sock.

And suddenly, he felt the urge to giggle, Yes, giggle like a kid, knowing the fact that apart from the two of them, no one else around them knew their secret.

He felt stupid and silly at the same time, as she inched even more closer to him, her body pressed intimately to his side. If only, this had not been the Church, he would have definitely wound his arm around her shoulder, and anchored her head on the crook of his neck.

Looking back at the altar, for the first time in his life, he genuinely prayed. He prayed that his Kukku would always be beside him, just like this and he prayed to give him strength and courage so that he could always protect her and keep her happy.

To last their bond, their friendship and love for eternity.

And as if she knew, what he was praying, he felt his fingers being reassuringly squeezed by hers and he turned to his side, to look into those hazel eyes and all he could see, was love and love.

And more love.

Only for him.

And then, his worst nightmare came true when suddenly, the hazel eyes were replaced by dark brown ones, and poof! All he could see was Ranvijay, grinning like a fool at him and Arnav wanted to cry in despair, thinking that all of it had just been a day dream.

All thanks to the nincompoop beside him.

"What is he doing?" Arnav heard Ranvijay whisper to him, pointing at the priest for the hundredth time and he knew that if this wasn't the church, he would have already hit him with his shoe to shut his mouth.

"You are not allowed to talk inside the church." Arnav whispered back, only to hear a soft 'Sshh' from Khushi who was not even sitting beside him, all thanks to Ranvijay who had conveniently placed himself between the two.

If only, this had not been the church'

Why God, why? Arnav stared at the altar in despair, praying that this nightmare of Ranvijay sitting beside him would finally end.

"Are you even a Christian?" he once again heard Ranvijay, who seemed to have taken up a mission to annoy him. When Arnav glared back at him, Ranvijay continued. "Then why you no pray? See, Khushi. See, see." Ranvijay pointed at Khushi beside him, who was busy saying the prayers.

"Did my sister only have to find you out of all the guys in the world?" Arnav stared at the person next to him, only to have Khushi glare at him with annoyance for disturbing her by talking audibly.  Wow, this was great. Absolutely great. So Khushi is annoyed at him? What a perfect Sunday, all thanks to Ranvijay.

His dreams remained just dreams, and he knew he had to be satisfied with occasional glimpses of Khushi when she knelt down or when Ranvijay's arse would finally stop blocking his view.

And after an absolutely torturous hour at the church, Arnav finally heaved with relief, when the mass finally ended.

As if that one hour torture wasn't enough, Ranvijay followed them like a puppy even when they walked out of the church. And Arnav knew, he had to find his sister to get rid of this annoyance.

"You both, how much were you talking?" Khushi finally spoke, hitting both of them on their arms, while Arnav whined in protest for hitting him.

"Don't ask me. Ask him. You seem to have all smiles for him." Arnav murmured sarcastically with a grumpy face, just like a kid whose favourite toy had been snatched away from him.

"Arnav, he is new to all this. Naturally, he will be inquisitive. And it's your duty to guide him." Khushi defended her new found friend, while Arnav scowled even more at her reply.

"Thank you Khushi." Ranvijay immediately replied, grabbing the opportunity and said, "Why don't you take me to the Priest's office. I want to have a word with him."

"Sure." Khushi nodded keenly, walking towards the main office, only to stop midway and turn back, remembering something. "Arnav, you can go home. I have some work with the Father here. Is it alright?"

"But'" Arnav groaned in protest, only to have her silence him with her. "Please? It's important. And I will be late."

He wanted to argue, tell her that he would wait for her, but when the rest of the family approached him and his father urged him to come along with them and leave the car to Ranvijay and Khushi, he was left with no other choice than to retreat in defeat, observing the back of Khushi tugging along his brother-in-law and walking towards the office.

And yes, the first pangs of teeny-weeny jealousy finally stirred in his heart, observing insignificant others receiving more attention than him.


"All set to go?"


"Good. Do you remember the plan?"

"Very well."

"Well, then, here are your tickets, Lavanya."

The latter, looked up to find him bent closer to her, his lips nearly brushing past her ears, while she hastened the zip of her boots.

"What time is the flight?" she asked, taking the tickets from him.

"In another four hours. You should be reaching there by dawn. And in an hour or two, you will be reaching Dehradun from Delhi and from there, I've arranged to drop you right at the doors of Raizada Manor." The man replied, as he bent down on his haunches to help her wear the other boot.

"You know that he has been ignoring my calls for several days now." Lavanya added, her hand reaching out to her phone lying on the bed.

"It's his sister's wedding. He must be busy."

"Do you think he suspects us?" she asked, worry creasing her forehead.

"Definitely not. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been having this conversation here." The man explained, his green eyes focussing on a distant thought in his head.

"When will you be arriving there?"

"Two days before the wedding. My family isn't really fond of me."

"Well then. I'll see you in another four days. Until then, take care of yourself." She replied, as she stood up and wearing the overcoat, she held her suitcase and tugged it towards the door. "Don't drink too much. I won't be there to take care of you." She replied, turning around to face him.

She observed a faint smile curving his lips, reminding her exactly of his nephew and a smile broke out on her own face, as she bent forward and captured those lips.

"You know, there are only two things I cannot stay away from. Money and alcohol." He replied against her lips, tasting the strawberry gloss on them. "But now, I guess you are my third obsession."

"I love you," Lavanya replied, smiling at him as she hugged him.

"I love you too." He smiled, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

And turning around, she walked out of the door, set out to accomplish what they had been plotting for the past two years, the fall of Arthur Raizada and his son, Arnav.

And Rob Raizada could already taste his victory, as he poured himself another drink. 


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molten_lava IF-Rockerz

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Important Note:

My life is going through an important change, where I won't be having much time to type this story anymore. I want to discontinue this FF, but that would mean leaving you all hanging in the air midway, and even I don't like it. 

So, be prepared for rare updates, maybe once a week or once a fortnight. Not sure if I can manage to write this FF, but with whatever little time I will get, I will write this FF.

Thank you.

And yes, you can limit your comments too, because I won't be having time to read all of them.

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Dee_J IF-Sizzlerz

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congratsBig smile


I am first after ages on this update. In fact couldn't comment for last 2 updates...always thought of commenting but forgot sorry for thatEmbarrassed
So for this update, It was such a cute scene.
Just like having his first love, arnav had tried every way to spend time with khushi.
I am liking dadi & ranvijay hereWink
Dadi, because she is way too sweeter here & letting arnav be with khushi <3
and ranvijay, cause he is helping khushi & also arnav in accepting those feelingsEmbarrassed
Haww! Lavanya the Censored
So now I got few things clear.
Rob did something wrong with khushi in the past, and arnav saw everything yet didn't say anything so this is his guilt!
And now this rob is plotting to bring the raizada heir down?
I wonder what is the problem.Confused

Already waiting for nextSmileBig smile

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Stimmy Senior Member

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Congrats on new thread Smile

I was literally checking the thread everyone hour for the update Smile

as usual awesome update..
Dadi is very smart and so is Ranvijay..i am already in love with both of them..Ranvijay is really habab mein kaddi Big smile

So lavanya is coming with lots of story to unfold as well as past..

Looking forward to it..but i am worried for khushi

hope arnav manages to keep her happy as he promised in the church..

Waiting for the update ..but no hurries,take your time..personal life is more important..
Wishing you all the very Good luck. . Smile Smile

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Barun_Addict IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 6:51am | IP Logged
sorry for late editing...Embarrassed
congrats for the new thread...Party
now this was such an awesome update...
both comedy as well as serious...
i love rannvijay...LOL
i know he troubles arnav a lot
but still...ConfusedLOL
n these lines made me go...ROFL

And then, his worst nightmare came true when suddenly, the hazel eyes were replaced by dark brown ones, and poof! All he could see was Ranvijay, grinning like a fool at him and Arnav wanted to cry in despair, thinking that all of it had just been a day dream.

All thanks to the nincompoop beside him. ROFL ROFL ROFL

n wtssup with this rob raizada ??
n la...ShockedShockedShocked
while reading about la in this FF i thought she was nosey poker but a positive character...
but ye to chhupirustam nikli...Confused
i m damn sure that rob raizada is the culprit...
but why does he want revenge from arnav n arthur ??ConfusedConfusedConfused
n i m damn sure anjali n RK's wedding would be no less than bomb blast
with sooo many revelations...
n its ok for me
if the frequency of the updates decrease...
u cope up with ur own problems first...
that's much more important...
but please don't discontinue this FF...OuchEmbarrassed

P.S.  Please dont make aman negative as well...!!!LOLLOLLOL

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IronButterfly IF-Dazzler

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I can't comment on the chapter today because i'm upset after reading your note.

Hope everything turns out well for you.
Wishing you lots of positivity.

May the force be with you.
Take care.
God bless

Edited by IronButterfly - 01 July 2013 at 8:10am

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AquaSandhya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 7:00am | IP Logged
I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with this update for three reasons. 

1. This is the first update that was free of the intense pain that your updates evoke in me.

2. First time, I felt that the update was afiller

3. OMG OMG OMG ... Lavanya is cheating...she is not an air head ... WOW WOW WOW

I officially declare that I maybe more in love with Ranvijay than Arnav. Did you set out to do this...make me fall in love with him...the guy i hated with such intensity and absolutely did not trust? I have no doubt you did. But on a serious note...I love Ranvijay. I love him not only because he puts a smile on my face but also because he seems to be totally unaware of Khushi's social status and encourages and is rooting for arnav and Khushi. Even dadi i can understand...but Ranvijay coming from the background that he does surprises me in the best way possible. I was laughing loudly reading about his antiques annoying arnav and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his friendship with Khushi. 

My second point about the udate being a filler...i take back. I guess you needed a light one to spring that lavanya and ROb surprise. Baap of all surprises. Shocked 

But this so far has been the funniest chapter of TTB for me. Loved it like always LOL

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