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Arshi OS: Nothing's gonna change my love for you

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 5:18am | IP Logged

Hi everyone.

My First ever OS and the incentive behind this is a writer from this forum. When I mention her name, she requires no introduction everyone knows her and knows what brilliant writer she is. To me, when I first wrote my first ever piece, she was my inspiration. The writings she brought, not just retained the essence of true IPKKND but she also showcased what our show could have been, had the production not messed it. I don't even know if my words would ever justify how beautiful and astounding her writings are, but I will try. Rasgulla_SP, Saiyu as we know her, wrote the fiction Finding Solace that recited the tale of an Arnav who was so flawed yet so sexy. Who has not fangirled over her that Arnav?

She gave us our very own fairy tale of IPKKND, An Arshi fairy tale. Again, now words for the brilliance she presented there as well. A universe so quite different from our show and yet she weaved the whole tale so magnificently. If I give a blow by blow rundown of each phase and chapter of it, it is going to take threads and days to point out everything awesome in that.

Her OSes, the ones that chronicled a whole story in just few words, again displayed her skills of how to bring a story which is complete and perfect. I just bow my hands down to this lady.

This OS is my attempt to write something, that popped into my mind when I was reading Take Me Now, a beautiful piece from her index.

I know, this is not anywhere close to what she writes, but I attempted.

Not just an inspirational writer she is so good a person to talk to. She even proofread this Os for me and that was really a task, what with dozens of mistakes I madeLOL. Thank you Saiyu for that too.

So I dedicate my OS to Rasgulla_SP, my inspiration for this'

Nothing's gonna Change my love for you




                                     Khushi's voice quivered, as she for the first time in years prayed to the Deity her mother so much believed in.

Her mother'

  "MAA'" she whispered, breathe caught in the throat, as she choked on that sacred word.

"Please help me maa' I am so scared MAA'" words were gushed, strained. Deep sobs rattled her chest, as melancholic tears flowed down her cheeks, through those heavily smudged eyes.

She cried for her mother to help her, but she knew no one was hearing. She was alone, all alone, serving the sentence that destiny has pronounced on her. Not just destiny, she herself had half of the credit to take.

The black Kohl kajal she had applied in the evening, before she stepped out for her yet another striving convention, was blotched, mixing with the tears of pleasure at first and then the ripping despair. Her eyes have now turned dark, black and hollow. So similar to her soul. So similar to what she has become.





The chaos have taken some other Avatar and she knew in the deep recesses of her mind that finally, it was the inception of an end. Finally, she could now wait for the result of her deeds, to take a form. She had heard that Karmas make you pay back, that there was no running away. You reap the fruit of what you sow and now the time has come.

She had no clue when she had sunken so low in the abyss of darkness and direness, when she had given herself completely to the mendaciousness and unworthiness, that  her reality was now hidden somewhere cloaked behind the walls and walls of evil and repulse. Her soul was tainted and her being was tainted.

She felt hollow, like everything was sucked from within her. The baleful form that her being has taken was the proof of decaying soul. Despair was not a word just enough for what she felt. She had lost her family a long time ago, but today she just lost everything.

Maa was gone...

Payal was gone...

She had traded her virtue a long time ago...

What was left was integrity and today she lost that too.


Not today. No, that happened a long time back. Today, just the realization of it ensued.

She screamed' A blood-curdling scream. Her throat ripped due to the effect of it. She folded her arms across her abdomen and bent over it, pressing her whole form together and left another scream.

Blood seeped through her wounded throat, as she did not stop letting out those soul shaking screams of agony and despair.

Those words still rang in her mind. She tried to diffuse those voices with her own screams, but they were etched in every nook and corner of her mind. She covered her ears and screamed, choking this time on her blood.

Time passed, but the pain did not recede. Screams continued, as she tried to bury the emotional pain with the physical one. 

Finally, the retrospection drained all her energy and her insides started to go numb. She slowly slumped onto the cold marble floor, pressing her knees to her abdomen and crossed her arms across her chest.

The plush room, of her stylish, swanky apartment was left in dark, in harmony with her mood'

Tears still flowed down her cheeks, but they were silent. As if now they did not need any more reasons for their presence and just flowed, unhindered, and silent'





"Miss Gupta... Miss Gupta is it true that you have slept with Mr. Shayam Jha to push the deal that your company is to sign with his?"


"Ma'am does his wife know about this?"


"How long have you both been in this relationship ma'am?"


"You were last spotted with your PR at Galan Hospital, was that visit for an abortion, as was speculated?"  


"Or are you still pregnant ma'am and that was a visit for your routine check-up?"


"Are you going to marry him ma'am or was it just another fling, added to your strings of them?"


"Ma'am Mr. Jha has denied all this and has said that he considers you as a mere business acquaintance and nothing beyond that. Are you in harmony with him?"


"His wife, Mrs. Anjali Jha too says that there is nothing like this and she believes in her husband, and their marriage is still going strong"



Khushi Gupta did not stop as the cameras clicked away, grabbing her each shot, her each expression, her each step into a still. Public appearances were mundane things for her. Carrying herself unperturbed, through frenzied hordes of paparazzi was a talent she was born with. Her father's suave yet assertive genes came handy in such situations and she was a true daughter.

She tightened the black throw/shawl that her associate had thrown on her, around herself. The situation has gone out of hand and it was another PR nightmare she has created, though the biggest to date.

One of her associates tried to wrap an arm around her shoulders, but she shrugged the already sweating girl's hand away and snorted. She was drunk and her state was disheveled. Her clothes were askew. She had pulled her short, black dress hastily and strapped her heels, as soon as her female associate had called her to inform about the media tumult outside the hotel she visited for her another night rendezvous with the new man her company was supposed to sign the new deal with. She was drunk, but managed to somehow pull herself out of the bed and scuttle outside before someone caught her in the bedroom and a grubby bed. Outside her gang was present to take her away from the situate.

But, the things had not gone right and somehow the news had leaked about her being in an illicit affair with Shyam Jha and also the hotel they were currently staying the night in. She did not know what and how it all happened, but she was caught in the headlights. As soon as she came out, the paparazzi surrounded her and bombarded her with questions. The helpful part was that Shyam had left quickly after they had had sex, because his naive wife called him for some 'karvachauth' fast and they were spared of leaving the hotel together. Khushi laughed, stupid woman.

It all happened within an hour and the uproar was tremendous.

She did not believe in regrets and she had felt none, until a call.


 "Don't be the woman who destroyed Maa Khushi."

She had paused, to stifle the sob.

"My last time is near. I will die any day now. Don't be someone we both hated throughout our life. Think of that woman, whose world you have destroyed. I have never told you anything. I thought you would learn eventually, but you did not. Maa died because of an infidel man, her husband. She would never want her own daughter to be the cause of despair of some other woman for the same reason. Think Khushi. Don't let me die with a regret of having you as a sister. At least be a woman"

The inevitable has happened. The doctor called from the US just an hour after her talk with Payal and informed that Payal has breathed her last and they could not save her. The ovarian cancer, Payal inherited from her mother, had won and Khushi's only family left the world.

Everything crashed as the phone went dead. She was told that Payal's body was to be incriminated without delay and the hospital could not wait for another sixteen hours for Khushi to reach.

Fate took another thing from her. The right to say a last goodbye to her younger sister'



Dark became her companion and she lay there as time chronicled her bleak tale. Her complete life seeped through her mind in snapshots. Good times, bad times, worst times' The first time she had stepped towards dark, the first time she had done the evil'

Something was paining inside her. She did not know what it was. Her conscience or her bruised, bleeding soul.

She could not find any chord to latch on, that could pull her out of these murky depths. The darkness was too thick and she, too weak.

Despondency was slowly overpowering and she was drowning. She wanted to flail her limbs, for a last attempt. Plead someone, to save her. Rescue her, but the bareness had started to reside to deep and even breathing felt a tiresome task now.

Maybe she should give up...

Maybe that would help fighting this pain...

 She finally found a will to close her eyes, to let dark overtake completely...

Then she could rest, with her maa, with Payal and then the pain would go...


Suddenly a bright light pricked into her eyes, blinding her dark accustomed retina. She squinted her eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden bright.

Someone opened the flap of her dark abode.

 A bright light was shinning. Illuminating instantly the darkness with the warm yellow. Darkness inside the room seemed to be receding. Who has come she did not know. However the dark was going. The cold was going.

She did not want to move. She was tired. She did not want to see the light, she was scared.

But, its warmth was calling her. Melting the chill, that has frozen her insides. She wanted to get to it, yet she did not want to move.

A form emerged out of the light, right from the middle. A strong silhouette, gaining a shape slowly'

The glow of brightness and warmth surrounded it. And, he started walking, towards her'

Covering the distance between them, he walked with grace and strength. With each step he took, warmth seeped inside her. Like he was anchoring her soul to breathe again, like he was rebuking the darkness to step away from her

Finally, he reached her. Stopping deftly in front of her defeated form

 His face, his handsome face looked worried. His eyes, terrified. Why did he look like this? He was her savior and he must not be sad. She has to ask him to not be sad.

"Khushi'" his panicked voice reached her.

"Ma'am what happened to you?" he said again. His voice was strong, but strained.

She wanted to smile at him, but where was the strength? He has come again. Like always, whenever she would mess things up. Whenever she would fail'

To hold her, to correct her. If she fell, he was always there to break her fall, to straighten her. And, today yet again.

"Arnav'" she wanted to say his name, call him.

She took his name in many ways. With command, when she wanted to call her personal associate. With admonishment, when she pointed his mistake. With easiness, when she wanted to call her best friend.

He knelt down beside her.

"What have you done to yourself Khushi?" he whispered, as he gathered her broken form in his arms. She went to him readily, he was warmth. Looked him into the eyes, his soft, molten brown eyes. Tenderness seeped through them. For her?

"Why? Why did you not reach for me?" he whispered again, as he slowly brushed away those messed hair from her face.

Why had she not called to him? She knew he would come. He was always there on her very beck and call. Even when she would be ridiculous, even when she would be stubborn, even when she would be stupid and commanding. Never complaining, always being beside her. 

But, she had forgotten him again. Like always.

"Something is aching Arnav'" she rasped, out of her wounded throat.

He nodded. "Tell me where. Tell me where it aches and I will take it away" he promised

She continued looking into his eyes, they were urging her to move, to breath and reach to the paining area. Her trembling, frozen hand reached to her throat. His eyes followed. Then his hand traced lightly the skin of her throat. He did not know the true nature of her wound, yet he was doing everything he could. The wound was internal, yet his touch appeased it.

"Here?" he asked, as he massaged lightly. She wanted to give in the tenderness, wanted to close her eyes and rest in the protection of his essence. But, she was scared, scared to close her eyes, lest he vanished. His going away would be far more excruciating then the paining parts of her anatomy. So, she rested against him, as he continued to try and reduce her torture.


"I am filthy Arnav. I want to wash away. Take me to the bath" she said, her voice horse with torn throat.

He nodded and picked her up. He held his collar tightly, with whatever strength was left.

He carried her quietly to the bathroom and settled her on her feet, beneath the shower. He turned to go away, but she held his arm. He should not go. She would lose her breath if he did.

"Please don't leave me. Not you too'" she said.

He looked at her, with gentleness that shook her soul and cracked her heart.

He nodded and tuned on the warm shower.

Khushi stood beneath it, numbly, just one hand holding to shirt, fisting it.

She stared blankly at the tiled shower walls. Voices shouted at her again.

She screamed again and trembled. This scream took everything, all her power and he swayed, giving in to the hollowness. 

But, she did not fall. Arnav had his hands around her, holding her to himself.

Tears streamed down her face and she leaned onto him. Giving her whole weight to him and he supported it.

"Payal is gone too Arnav, I am all alone in this world now"

She felt him stiffen beneath her. But, she did not have the strength to look up.

He gathered her closer and stepped beneath the shower himself, with her. Water flowed down his strong, muscular body, and he looked at her. His face was impassive but eyes burning.

She whispered her heart then "I should go too Arnav. I am tainted and ruined enough. My soul is already dead and Heart I never head"

Arnav tightened his hold on her "Never, ever say that. You cannot go and your soul is still there. I will repair it, I will mend you Khushi. Please do not ever say that" he closed his eyes at the last words. Water still cascaded down his handsome face.

She looked at him. She wanted to believe him. But, was she strong enough?

"Take your strength from me" he whispered, as if reading her mind. "And your heart" he kept her palm over his heart "Let it beat with mine. I have got enough strength both of us"

Her heart gave a jolt suddenly, as she felt his strong heart thumping under her palm. Something changed within her just then and her own heart started to beat in sync with his.

"Why Arnav? I am so broken, beyond repair. So tarnished and so dire"

"Shh'" he kept a finger on her lips "Because I love you Khushi. Always have and always will'"

"In spite of what I am? In spite of everything" she could not help asking, this selfless man. His eyes shone with truth and burned with the intensity of his love for her.

"Yes, My Love. Nothing's gonna change my love for you'"




Khushi woke up with a jolt. She sat on her bed, covering her naked form with the blanket. Wiping the sweat off her brows, she ran a hand through her slightly damp hair.

That dream again. So many years have passed, but nightmares still haunted her. She pressed her palms firmly to her furiously heaving chest.

She looked around frantically, for her husband, for her savior, for her angel, for her life'

There he was, sleeping beside her. His toned chest uncovered, as he lay bare after their intense love making from the last night.

Khushi blushed, as she thought of all the nights of their mutual passion. The sign of their intense love for each other, which took a physical form burning them with its power. He was so passionate, so insatiable. So like her.

 She bent down to tenderly kiss his jaw as she remembered the past four years of their togetherness. He had saved her from herself. Saved her from destroying herself and then introduced her to the most beautiful thing in this world. Love.

His love for her helped her to heal. He was always there beside her. Every time she needed him, as he promised. During those straining sessions with the counselor for her depression, he was there. When she had stepped into the media for the first time after that horrifying incident, he was there. And on all other difficult or easy occasions in her life, he was there beside her. He had mended it all, from her ripped throat to her ripped soul.

He was her heart, her soul and her breathe after that. She had needed him on every step, for every decision in her life. For her company or for herself, she always looked for him first while making any decision. His single nod would prompt her or stop her.

She had finally known what love was and what life with it was.


Arnav stretched beneath her suddenly and opened his eyes.  He smirked finding her close to his lips

"Needy again, are we?" he teased her. She blushed.

"Shut up" she hit him lightly over his chest.

He chuckled and tucked her forward, to kiss her lips. He sensed her mood

"What is it, Sweetheart?" he asked tenderly

She took a deep breath and adjusted herself to snuggle closer to him. There was no point denying him,

"It was the nightmare again"

He turned towards her more, pressing her closer to himself. His eyes filled with worry and that look tugged at her heart. He kissed her again, "What can I do?" he asked his voice helpless.

Khushi smiled against his chest and said "Just hold me and be with me"

"Always" He whispered "I Love you Khushi"

"I love you too Arnav, with all my heart, with all my being" she murmured, her eyes teared. But, she controlled those tears. Nothing hurt him more than her tears and she would be damned if she let him see those, even if they were of love. 

"And nothing's gonna change my love for you, sweetheart" he said and pulled back for another kiss.


Please do let me know what you think and hit like if you like it Smile

My other one shot 

Are you ready?

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I do not deserve so much praise really. I do not consider myself a good enough writer. But if I have inspired you to pen this then lemme tell you I am deeply honored Smile

Now to the story.

See, you are better than me. I cant write angst. But you did and did a great job of it too.

This is the 1st time I am reading of a philandering and wasted Khushi... who sleeps around for deals, isnt with her dying sister, who has turned into a woman her mother would hate.

But I love happy endings.

And you gave me just that. Bringing our Arnav, dear saviour... who brought healing, love and passion to her life.

Fixed it for her.

Obviously it will take time for Khushi to let go off her past but Arnav hain na. Sab sahi hoga Wink

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I cant believe this is your first ever OS dear...!!

So beautifully written!!

And not to forget that this one is dedicated to one of the most talented writers of IF.. Rasgulla ji...

Back to the story..

It was sad in the start.. I was biting my nails all the way.. Felt sad for Payal and her last words broke my heart ji!! Unhappy

Khushi tried to harm herself.. Thank God Arnav reached there before worst would have happened..!

Loved the ending.. Arnav's love truly changed her...
So beautiful...

Do write more ji..


ps : Rasgulla... I'm on the forst page LOL
dinka chinka

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 5:28am | IP Logged
sob... Cry
such a fantastis os
loved it
thanks fr d pm

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 5:34am | IP Logged
amazing OS...

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Jus awesome yaar...lovedd it...jus wow...

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Amazingly written...loved it

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Beautiful os

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