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Kya Yahi Pyar Hai (cont.): Episode 60 on Page 1

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..:Character Sketch:..

..:Kya Yahi Pyar Hai (Episode 1-57):..

Summary: This is a love story about Priya and seven of her new friends. Priya has just come back to India from Londan after leaving India at the age of six. She makes seven new friends... Manisha, Anurag, Pritem, Arjun, Mitesh, Jyoti, and Naina. Everything starts off well but slowly things starts to change as everyone begins to develope feeling for someone else. Someone whom they never excepted to fall in love with. Some are in the fear of losing a loved one that has always been on their side. Some don't realize that they're in love and if they do they don't want acknowledge it. 

Summary Cont. : Priya and everyone has just came home from the hospital after the explosion. Everyone comes to know Priya will be leaving for London in a couple of days. Everyone decides to stay with Priya and her parents on her last days in India.

If you have not read the story or want to refresh your memory, I have placed a link to previous parts below the Character Sketch above, so please do look into that. For every one who have been waiting for me to continue, thanks for the support and sorry for the wait, life is just scary/amazing at times. But I am back, shall we begin...

Genre: General/Romance/Drama 
Language: English
Status: WIP 
No. of Chapters Updated: Episode 60 on page 1.

..:Index of Episodes:..

Page 1: Episode 58 - 60

Credit of the Summary, Genre, Language, Status, and No.of Chapters Updated layout goes to coolniyu.

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Episode 58

The next morning, Naina wakes up alone on the bed and begins to wondered where the girls were.

Naina: (getting off the bed, putting on her slippers) Did they even come back to the room?

She walks to the door, opens it and walks down to the living room. She finds Arjun sitting on the couch sleeping, facing the room she slept in. She walks further into the room and finds everyone sleeping. Mitesh legs and arms spread around one couch. Pritem is hugging a pillow on the floor. Anurag lying on another couch. Priya and Manisha on another couch sitting with Jyoti head on Manisha lap. Naina begins to giggle seeing everyone sleeping in such a manner. Hearing Naina giggle Arjun wakes up and begins to admire her. With his head laid back on the couch and face raised towards Naina, he grabs Naina hand. 

Naina: (scared) huh? (turns around to see who grabbed her hand)

Arjun: (still sleepy) you didn't come back last night.

Naina: (looking away from Arjun. Trying to lightly pull her hand away from Arjun) I 

Arjun: (still holding her hand. cutting off Naina) I waited for you.

Naina looks up at Arjun. Kiran walks into the room and Naina pulls her hand away from Arjun. Arjun sees Kiran and sits up.

Kiran: (shaking her head) oh God these kids are still sleeping. And would you look at Mitesh, he is (rushing over to the couch he was sleeping on, slapping his shoulder to wake him up) Mitesh chal uth, (Mitesh slowly wakes up from his sleep) You a grown man sleepy like a kid, get up and straighten yourself out (Mitesh gets up and sits up and begins to admire her yelling. While picking up Mitesh blanket from the floor, she nearly steps on Pritem) Look at your friend here with his butt in the air. (She slaps Pritem on the butt. Pritem jerks up from his sleep, hitting the side table, which drops a glass of water on to Anurag face)

Anurag: (Jumping out of the couch, wiping his face) What the **** (after he wipes his face, he is shocked to see Kiran standing in front of him) I am sorry!

Kiran: (grabbing him by the ears) You do not use that language in my house, you boys act like your little high school boys. I probably might have to treat you as such. (pulling him by the ears to the door) Now go upstairs, wash your mouth out with soap, get ready and come down stairs for breakfast. (she releases his ear. Anurag just looks at her) GO!

Anurag jogs up the stairs to the bathroom.

Kiren: (staring at Pritem and Mitesh, who's mouth are wide open in shock. She walks up next to them and grab both by the ear and takes them to the door) Do I have to give you two special instruction? (letting go of their ears) Now you two go get ready too. (Mitesh and Pritem beging walking to the bathroom) Arjun!

Arjun: (jumping out of the couch) Going! Going! (he jogs to reach Mitesh and Pritem)

Kiren: (turning around looking at the girls, yelling) Ms. Priya Malhotra, you better get up right now and help me in the kitchen.

Priya: (half awake, she jumps off the couch, waking up Manisha and Jyoti, scared she runs up the stairs) yes mom I'll be ready and down in a few. (she runs to the bathroom next to her room, she finds the door locked, she knocks on the door several times)

Anurag: (screaming from under the shower) taking a shower, 15 mins!

Priya: (yelling) Anurag! (she runs to another guest room bathroom and finds that room locked too) oye kaun hai

Arjun: (yelling while taking his clothes off) Its me Priya Baby,

Priya: (banging on the door, yelling) get out!

Arjun: (laughing) if you want to see me naked, sure.

Priya: (moving away from the door) no its ok. (runs downstairs to another room, Manisha, Jyoti and Naina watch from the living room door, at Priya shocked. Priya hears the shower beginning to run) oh my God, (yelling) who's in there?

Mitesh: (yelling) Sorry Princess

Priya: (yelling) Mitesh! (she runs into the outside bathroom across from the living room, she opens the door) Pritem you better not be in there, (she walks in and finds Pritem in the shower with the curtains drawn. Running out of the bathroom) you could of at least lock the door. (closing the door behind her)

Pritem: (sticks his head out of the curtains) what? (he doesn't see any one and continues to shake his head and sings, Sweetie Sweetie Tera Pyar Chayida)

Priya: (comes out and thinks) Papa! (she runs up to her room, grabs some clothes and towel and then straight into her parents bathroom) Finally! Now before mom gets really mad, Priya beti get ready.

Kiran: (coming out of the kitchen) girls go have a seat once the boys get out you girls can go in and get ready. 

Anurag comes out and goes down the stairs. Manisha goes upstairs to get ready. Pritem and Mitesh get out and Jyoti and Naina go into get ready. Arjun is coming down the stairs as Priya is running out of her dad room, they both bump into each other and fall to the floor.

Priya: (kicking Arjun) Arjun watch where you are going?

Arjun: (kicking her back) Why don't you watch where you are going? 

Both Priya and Arjun get up off the floor.

Priya: (hitting his arm) you are such an idiot.

Arjun: (pulling her hair) you're such a loser.

Priya: (pointing her finger towards Arjun) Don't you ever pull my hair or call me a loser.

Arjun: (pointing his finger towards Priya) Don't you ever slap me or call me a idiot.

Both look at each other and start to slap each other on the arm and begin to pull each others hair. Mitesh, Pritem and Anurag hear yelling and crying, they jump up from the couch and run to the hall. They find Priya and Arjun at each others neck. Mitesh takes a hold on Priya and Anurag of Arjun

Arjun: (being pulled back by Anurag) you are so lucky they came or else you would be bleeding on the floor.

Priya: (being pulled back by Mitesh) i am lucky, ha, you were crying for me to let you go. 

Pritem: (yelling) Auntie just went out back to the storage shed but if she comes back to find you fighting, Good Luck to both of you!

Priya and Arjun began to ease down. Mitesh and Anurag both let go. Priya walks into the kitchen and the boys into the living room. Kiran comes back from outside and joins Priya in the kitchen. Once the girls get out of the bathroom, all meet up in the dining room for breakfast. 

Kiran: (picking up her plate) So what do you kids have planned for today?

Priya: (feeling sad) well I want to go and take picture of all the place where we spent time together. Relive the moments.

Kiran: (smiling) Well that sounds wonderful. But remember we are leaving tomorrow and as usually you are never ready.

Priya: (looking down at her plate) yes mom.

Kiran: (washing her hands) Priya honey when you guys are done leave your plates in the sink. I will wash them later and put it away. You kids go out and enjoy yourself. (she leaves the kitchen)

Priya looks up at everyone on the table with the heads down.

Priya (jumping up in her seat) oh come on guys, you are not going to act this way before I leave. Come on lets get up and go. I want to visit every place I been to with you guys before, school, the club, the race course, the theater, everywhere. We don't have much time lets go.

Jyoti: (holding Naina shoulder) yeah sure lets go we would love to see and hear all the stories of what happen before we came.

Priya: (standing up) come on lets go.

Everyone stands up and takes they plates to the sink in the kitchen. They all get ready to go down memory lane.

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fabulous..jst luv arjun and priya fighting..nd the way all r sleeping..pls pls do cntinue AND thankx for PM
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Episode 59

Everyone one squeeze into Mitesh car. Anurag in the driver seat along with Pritem in the passenger side. Priya, Arjun and Naina in the middle. Jyoti, Mitesh and Manisha in the back.   

Pritem: (upset) So Priya, what is the first stop to your tour of haunting memories. 

Priya: (sad) Now that is not nice. 

Pritem: (upset) What do you want me to say? You are leaving all of us and that to in less then 48 hours. 

Priya: (sad, trying to cheer up) come on guys, yes I am leaving but why are you making it a miserable farewell. Come on I want smiles. (Everyone grins at her) Ok stop it, you are creeping me out. Let go to club, want to take a picture of me in the chef outfit.   

Anurag: Hold on Priya, you do know that's a night club, right? It's only opens at night. (taking out his phone) Let me call him and see if he could open up early for us. Till then lets go somewhere else. 

Priya: (smiling) No need! I spoke to him and he said we were more then welcome. (putting his phone away, Anurag looks up at her from the rear view mirror) I have my ways. 

While driving to the club everyone fills in Jyoti and Naina from how they meet to the treasure hunt scam Priya and Anurag, which Priya won. 

Anurag: (shaking his had) Cheater! 

Priya: (acting mad) Sore loser! 

Both begin to laugh. They arrive at the club. 

Anurag: (stopping the car) Well here we are.   

Everyone turns to look at the club as if it was a magical place. One by one, everyone gets out reliving the night in they head. They all walk in to find the DJ setting up. 

DJ: Hey you guys made it, that's great. 

Priya: Thanks so much. 

DJ: I should be thanking you. (everyone looks at him confused) This club need a new spark and the your treasure hunt gave me an idea. I am going to have an annual treasure hunt on the same day you had yours. All I want from you is a picture for the poster I am going to put up. 

Mitesh: (looking at everyone) Now is fine! 

Priya: No! not without my chef costume. 

DJ: (laughing) Anurag had text me that you might ask for one. Luckily, I have just received the order for new ones i had placed. (walking to the back. Priya looks up at Anurag, who smiles at her but then turns to looks down, feeling a bit shameful. Priya turns to the DJ carrying out a chef hat and jacket) This is for you. 

Priya: (grabbing it from the DJ like a kid) Thank you! 

Priya puts on the chef clothes on top of hers. All the them group together except for Jyoti and Naina. 

Naina: You guys take this one, we will join you for Priya's pic. 

Jyoti: yeah. 

The DJ takes a picture and then grabs Priya camera. 

Manisha: (gesturing Naina and Jyoti to come) Now with you guys. 

Jyoti stands next to Arjun. DJ tries to take a picture but isn't able to Jyoti into the picture.   

DJ: (looking up at Jyoti) umm Jyoti, I can't get you into the picture   

Mitesh: (getting a bit excited) Hey Arjun move to the other end, let Jyoti stand next to me. (Arjun begins laughing at Mitesh while walking to Naina. Trying to hide his feelings) He will get a better shot of us all. 

Arjun walks over and stand next to Naina. Naina gets butterflies in her stomach. She looks up at him. The DJ takes and picture and notices Naina looking to the side. 

DJ: (lowering the camera) Naina look at the camera, please. 

Arjun looks at Naina, smiles and begins moving her face towards the camera. 

Naina (looking at the DJ) Sorry 

Everyone smiles for the picture. Everyone continues to talk about the night at the club. While they all share taking random crazy picture of themselves. Picture of Pritem and Arjun fighting, Anurag looking upset. Manisha flipping a chair. Mitesh sitting back and sleeping. Priya on the stage trying to look like a DJ. 

Pritem: (talking to Jyoti and Naina) So basically that is what happen here. Now the real story takes place at the parking lot. After Priya gets high off the med. 

Everyone says they farewell to the DJ and head out to the parking lot.   

Jyoti: Here? What happened here? 

Mitesh: Miss sweet innocent Priya (getting cut off by Anurag)   

Anurag: had become the evil child from hell.   

Priya: (laughing) ok I was not that bad.   

Anurag: (upset) That bad! (trying to act like Priya) Anurag Uncle! Do I look like an uncle to you. (turning to Naina) Do I look like an Uncle to you. (Naina grabs Anurag chin and turns his face, left and right, shaking her head) See! You should go and get your eyes checked, (talking like a little boy) Aunty Ji. 

Priya gives him a dirty look. 

Mitesh: (laughing) She was high off Arjun medicine and we didn't know how to get her home in that state. 

Arjun: (lost in thought) After what her dad put us through earlier that day I was scared to face him.   

Mitesh: (continuing) We find out her parents went to a wedding so she was sleeping over Manisha house. Priya insisted on getting her own clothes before going over to Manisha house. (as Arjun continues to takes picture of everyone in the parking lot, he snaps pictures of Anurag acting like Priya, while Mitesh narratives the stories. Priya continues to looks at Anurag with dirty looks) But that was not enough she wanted to go on Anurag bike. We all agreed and we left from here. Half way to Priya's house, Anurag bike breaks down and they decide to walk home and once they get home. Priya faints and falls down the stairs after collecting her clothes. (Anurag quits teasing Priya after hearing Mitesh and walks away from her. Priya notices and looks trying not to care why he did) Anurag gets her up and takes her to her bedroom but both end up falling asleep and we on the other hand get worried. 

Arjun: (mad putting the camera away) They woke me up from my sleep to go and check up on this weirdo. (hitting Priya's head. Priya turns around and tries to jump on Arjun but Pritem holds her back) No one answered the door and Anurag's bike wasn't there. I assumed they probably were on the way back to my house. But when I got home no luck. Mitesh finally got a call from Anurag the next morning that they were alright. 

Priya: (smiling) Aww, you guys were worried about me.   

Arjun: (teasing) Yes! we were but for Anurag. We forgot we left him alone with a crazy maniac like you.   

Priya: (handing her jacket to Manisha) bhag tu ab.   

Priya begins chasing Arjun. Priya stops and faints. Arjun and everyone runs to her. Arjun lifts Priya trying to wake her. Priya opens one eye and slaps Arjun. Arjun looks at Priya shocked.   

Priya: (laughing) worried only for Anurag, huh? Arjun gets mad and lets her fall out of his arms and walks away. Priya gets up and runs behind him and hugs him. 

Priya: (hugging from behind) Sorry. (Arjun stands still) Tujhe mere kasam (Arjun turns around and slaps her lightly on the cheek) Thank God, maine Naina ke kasam nahi le. I would have to be rushed to the hospital. (Arjun gives her a scared look) Do not worry when time is right all will make sense. 

Everyone walks towards them. 

Manisha: (handing Priya her jacket) If your nock jok is over, can we move on to the next place on your list.   

Priya: (smiling) movie theater! Lets go!   

Everyone begins walking towards the car. Naina strolls behind in thought. 

Naina: (thinking) When I look at the both of you together. I find something there. I see love but then when you are around me I feel as you feeling the same for me. God, please show me a sign. 

Naina goes and sits in the car. Arjun hits her on the head from the back seat. 

Arjun: Why did you take forever? 

Naina: (her face turned towards Arjun, she shakes her head and turns around) Lets go. 

Their drive off towards the movie theater.

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nyc one..i lyk arjun nd priya yaar..pls cntinue
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Episode 60

Anurag stops in front of the movie theater.

Priya: No need to get out. I'll just take a picture from here.

Anurag: Yes, he is.

Priya: No, he is not.

Anurag: Yes, he is. We made a mistake, we should of bought him here with us. Couple photo.

Priya: Shut up Anurag. He's a nice guy and the only reason I went out with him was because Manisha forced me. However, I am glad I did. (Laughing) Seeing Arjun covered in mud, priceless!

Arjun: (laughing) Seeing Priya so scared that she almost pee'd in her pants, priceless!

Priya: (stops laughing) Let's go to the park (sticks her tongue out at Arjun)

They drive over to the park. Everyone runs out of the car towards the swings. All the girls grab a swing leaving the guys to push them.

Arjun: (pushing Priya's swing) Ab bas yeh kam rehe gaya hai. 

Arjun gets an idea and smiles. Mitesh sees him smile and laughs.

Manisha: What are you laughing about?

Mitesh: Nothing. Hey Anurag, Pritem (both look at him. He tilts his head pointing to the swing) have you seen birds fly?

Anurag and Pritem got the idea and all four get a good grip on the swings they were pushing. Anurag pulls on Manisha swings, Pritem pulls Naina, Mitesh pulls Jyoti, and Arjun pulls Priya's. They all pull the swing to the highest level they could and then pushed the swing with all their might.

Pritem: And there they go.

All the boys run further into the park leaving the girls screaming on the swings. The girls slow down the swings with their feet and all jump off. All the girls get upset and look at the boys laughing. Naina slowly starts walking in Pritem direction.

Naina: (walking while rolling up her sleeves) Hey hubby

Pritem: (laughing) Yes wifey

Naina begins walking quickly towards Pritem.

Arjun: (scared) Pritem she looks..

Mitesh: (worried) ..pissed

Anurag: (seeing Naina running towards Pritem) Pritem run!!!

Pritem looks at Naina running towards him. She nearly grabs him but he slips away. Jyoti, Priya and Manisha begin running towards the guys as well.

Pritem: (looking at the girls while running) You guys better run too!

The boys begin to run up and down the park. While running Mitesh bumps into Manisha. Manisha grabs him and pushes him towards Jyoti. Jyoti grabs him by the ear and takes him by the bench. While running Anurag and Arjun both run into each other and get caught by Manisha and Priya. They are also taken to the bench where Mitesh is held prisoner. They all look around for Naina and Pritem but are unable to spot them. Then they hear a whistle in the distance. It was Naina and behind her, looking towards the ground with a muddy face was Pritem. Everyone begins to laugh.

Naina: (grinning) Don't take panga with me.

Pritem: (walking to sit on the bench) Yes wifey.

Jyoti: (giving Naina a high five) I'm impressed.

Anurag: (laughing) Look at your self.

Mitesh: (laughing) You lost to a girl like Naina.

Arjun: (laughing) He probably tripped and fell. Naina can't do this.

Pritem: (wiping a bit of mud of his face) No man! She seems innocent but she is worse then Priya. I have never ran that much in my life. I was scared for my life.

Naina: (smiling) I can be as ruthless as compassionate. But you whine like a girl,  'No Naina No.'

Pritem: (standing up. Face still covered with mud) Really? (He grabs Naina hand and pulls her into a hug) So what was I saying (with his face he spreads the mud onto Naina face, cheek by cheek)

Naina: (trying to pull away) Pritem stop. (Pritem let's go off her) That's it, you went to far. (She was about to kick Pritem but he moves and Anurag gets hit. Naina covers her mouth.) Sorry.

Anurag holds his leg in pain. Naina gets worried and holds onto Anurag face, apologizing. 

Anurag: (holding onto his leg) Naina it's ok. (Naina realize she was still holding onto his face. She lets go leaving behind her muddy hand print. Everyone begins to laugh. Anurag looks at Naina upset which made her nervous. Looking at her Anurag begins to laugh) Naina, don't worry I'm only joking (he gets up and stands in front of her removing the mud from his face.) Manisha been saying I needed a mud facial. (He spreads a bit of mud on Naina nose) 

Anurag hugs Naina from the side and both walk towards the car. Everyone follows. Arjun strolls behind thinking to himself.

Arjun: (thinking) Look from where you began to where you are now. You changed so much or has my perception of you. I don't know what all this means. I don't know what all this is. God give me a sign.

Arjun gets into the car. Priya traps him on the shoulder.

Priya: Why took you so long?

Arjun: (shaking his head) Let's go.
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