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Shades of Love #4: Arnav in Wonderland

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Uff! D'oh
Okay! So...
Our forth tale is finally ready! Yayy!!!!Dancing
I'm sure you guys must be happier than me?LOL Well, I am presenting to you... *drumrolls please*
Alice in Wonderland
Yeah, I changed it from 'Alice' to 'Arnav', which makes the title 'Arnav in Wonderland'.
Written by the English writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, the novel tell the story of a girl, Alice, who follows a white rabbit into a hole, where she falls into a fantasy land.
Alice crosses the 'wonderland' encountering several strange creatures, such as the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit himself, the Queen of Hearts; each encounter is very bizarre, magical.
There are too many variations to this story, so I won't go into much detail. In the end, Alice wakes up to find that it had only been a dream; she had actually fallen asleep while her sister had been reading a story to her.
This Arshi-fied story was not what I had originally planned. My former ideas of this plot would be simpler, with either of Arnav or Khushi falling asleep and dreaming of strange things where the other would be present but then, inspiration hit, and something else was created.
I got my inspiration from Perception. I don't know if anyone has heard about it or seen it, but it's another American soap that I love! The second season started on the 26th of this month, in fact. Dr Daniel Pierce, the male protagonist in the series, suffers from schizophrenia, like Arnav does in the story.
You may google it to know more, it's a mental disease that hits men in their late teens and early twenties. The intensity of schizophrenia varies; while some can control it, there are also places when it can lead to death, like in the Greyhound bus beheading (Read here:
Well, my story took a lot of time to come, I know and I am very sorry for that. However, it does not contain as much romance as I think you would want AND it did not turn out the way I wanted it to, but I sincerely hope that it will be worthy of the wait?
I will be waiting for your reviews on it.
Same rule applies here, don't stop reading until you find THE END!
Have a great time reading,
I do not own IPKKND, Alice in Wonderland or Perception, including their characters, but I do own the words you will read below.
[One thing! I don't PM. If you want to be notified when I update, please PM me you email address or send me an email at][/NOCOPY]


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"Chhote! Chhote! Chhote, where are you?" Anjali worriedly went through all the rooms but none bore the barest trace of her younger brother. She felt panic bubble in her gut. "Chhote!" she screamed.

"What the hell, Di?"                                                                                                                                                                

She turned around to see him open the door that led to the basement, his skin and clothing smudged with paint. She should have known. She rushed to him at once, cupping his face in her hands, to check if he was fine.

"Di, calm down! I was just downstairs in the basement, working! Why do you need to panic about me all the time?"

Anjali clenched her jaws together, restraining herself from slapping his indifferent face. "Maybe," she snapped bitterly, "I would not have to be so panicky and protective for you if you were-"

She stopped herself from saying the word, shocked, ashamed. She gasped at her own audacity and clamped her hands over her mouth, her eyes closed to repress the tears. How could she have said that? Her words were hurting him even more than his might have her. She felt him stiffen and take a step back. Opening her eyes, she looked at him pleading for forgiveness but he smiled at her stonily, self-abhorrence clear on his face.

"Normal? Was that what you wanted to say, Di?" he asked tonelessly. He could not hide his feelings from her, though. Tearfully, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and hugged him tight. He was her most precious possession, after all.

"You are not abnormal, Chhote. I am sorry, I did not mean that. Your words hurt me and my reflex was to... I am so sorry... You are my very special brother."

He pulled her away from him and smiled down at her, flicking the tears away from her cheeks. "I know. But it's the truth. Your Chhote is not normal, Di."

She sniffed and kissed his cheek. "For the world. To me, he is the best brother."

He rolled his eyes at her. "Anyway, what were you screaming for?"

"Neal and I have to leave now," Anjali said, hoping she could feel as relaxed as she was sounding. "Are you sure you don't want to come too?"

He tsked, striding into the kitchen for a glass of cold water. "I am sure. I have told you before, I don't like your husband's family and going to a wedding where only those folks will be present is out of question." His sister sighed heavily and he patted her shoulder reassuringly. "I'm going to be fine, Di. Don't worry. Sanaya will be there to keep me company."

Anjali winced at the mention of that name but he was not watching. Her husband had just entered the kitchen. "Everything is ready to go. Arnav, are you sure you'll stay here?"

Arnav smiled and nodded. "I'll be fine, Neal."

"Chhote, I have spoken to Aman. He'll keep checking on you, okay?"

"Why are you getting so nervous, Di? I'll be alright in the house and I told you Sanaya will be around."

Seeing Anjali's rising irritation, Neal latched his hand around her elbow. "Let's go, honey. Your brother will be fine."

*** ~ *** ~ ***

"Are you sure he knows?" she whispered after a long time, her eyes wide and blank.

Neal glanced at her. "That Sanaya is just his imagination? Yes, I think he knows it." Without taking his focus off the road, he reached out to hold her hand. "Calm down, Anjali."

"Calm down?" she hissed. "You want me to calm down? This is the first time I am leaving my brother all alone, Neal!"

"He is not a child!"

She thinned her lips. "I know. But he... he... My brother is a paranoid schizophrenic, Neal!"

He sighed and squeezed her hand, feeling guilty. He should not have asked her to come along. His family did not like her. She would have been better off with Arnav. But he needed her support to bond again with his parents. He wanted them to accept her as their daughter-in-law. She squeezed his hand and he sincerely hoped that leaving Arnav alone for two days would not turn out to be a wrong decision.

*** ~ *** ~ ***

"Hmm... Not bad..."

He narrowed his eyes at her. "Is that all you can say?"

"What else do you want me to say?" she pursed her lips as she walked closer to him.

"Don't you recognise it?"

Her eyes went to the painting and a soft smile crept on her lips. "The place where we first met."

Arnav watched her take in the mountains, happiness shining in her eyes. He longed to touch her. But that was impossible. The moment he would touch her, she would be gone. And he did not want that. Her presence was soothing to him. She made him forget everything else. She made him feel happy.


She turned to him, grinning. "What?"

He lightly shook his head. "Nothing."

*** ~ *** ~ ***



"Take them."

"Take what?"

"The medicines. Take them."

He sat up straight in the sofa under her watchful eyes. Did she even know what that implied?

"Di is so worried Arnav, and you know what can happen. Why are you doing this? Why don't you take the meds?"

"Sanaya, you know what can happen if I do take the medicines," he breathed. "All of this will stop.  And if this stops, I will lose you. I don't want to lose you, Sanny! You're the only person-"

"I know," she said. "But someday, you will have to let go of me, Arnav. You cannot spend your life with someone who does not exist."

"But I cannot spend my life with someone who is not you, either."

She stood up, anger flashing in her eyes. "You won't understand so easily will you? I am sorry, Arnav, but I have to do this. For you."

The doorbell rang and he glanced towards the door. And when he looked back at her, she was no longer there.

*** ~ *** ~ ***

"Thank you," she mumbled as they reached home.

Neal shook his head and turned the ignition off. "Don't thank me, sweetheart. Being with Arnav is more important than trying to convince my parents to accept you."

Anjali smiled as she opened the door of the car to get down. "It's past midnight, Chhote must be- What was that?"

They both stilled and strained their ears. Anjali's blood ran cold in her veins when she heard another cry shatter the silence of the night, this time louder and more piercing. "Chhote," she whispered, looking frantically towards the house. She felt frozen with terror and blood was roaring in her eardrums.

Neal was already running to the front entry. He banged his fist hard on the door. "Arnav! Arnav! Open up! Arnav! Shit," he dug in his pockets for the keys, finding then just as Anjali had reached his side. Inside, someone was howling in agony.

They burst inside, their heart pounding with anxiety, and immediately, Neal held his wife back, although he knew he would never be able to hide the sight that lay before them from her. Anjali peered over his shoulder and blanched.

Arnav was there, in the dark corridor, on his knees, surrounded by a debris of broken things. Light from the living room was pouring onto him, letting them see the cuts that were scattered all over his hands, arms and neck as he screamed and cry, shouting intelligible words. Neal carefully left his wife's side and walked to Arnav, who did not seem to have noticed them.

"Arnav," he called out softly. It did nothing to calm his brother-in-law. Taking a deep breath in, Neal grabbed the man by his shoulders and shook his violently. "Arnav! Arnav!" There was not outcome. Neal did the only next thing he could think of. He slapped his wife's brother.

If was light came back to Arnav's blank eyes, but only for a minute. He stared up, blinking in confusion. "Neal?" And then he had fainted.

*** ~ *** ~ ***

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They finally managed to haul him on the couch. Anjali held her brother's hand while tears rolled down her cheeks. His blood stained her skin. Neal moved away to fetch the first aid kit immediately. Anjali took it from him quietly and started tending to her brother's wounds.

"I'm sorry," Neal whispered. "This is all because of me."

She paused and lifted her eyes to him, shaking her head. "No. The fault is mine and his. I had bought him medicines months ago but he never took them, that was his fault. He never took them and always refused to see a doctor, but I never stood up against his decisions, that was mine."

"I made you leave him alone when I knew he needed you."

Sniffing, Anjali returned to dabbing the cuts with antiseptic. "I won't always be there for him, Neal. What will he do when I die?"

He frowned, hating the mention of her death, yet, he remained silent, knowing that she was right.

*** ~ *** ~ ***


His scream jolted them awake. Anjali lifted her head off Neal's chest and she scrambled up to her brother.


Neal switched the lights on as his wife held Arnav by the shoulders and he came to stand beside them protectively.

"Chhote? What happened?"

"They killed her! They killed her, Di!"

"Chhote, what are you talking about?"

"Di-" he appeared to have caught himself. His eyes cleared when his brain finally disentangled reality from illusion and he threw his arms around his sister, weeping silently. To Neal, in that instant, he seemed like a most vulnerable child, scared by a nightmare and wanting his mother's comforting words. Anjali sobbed too, hugging her brother tight, and unable to control the paternal instinct that surged in him, Neal dropped a hand on his brother-in-law's head. If only this could be a nightmare.

*** ~ *** ~ ***

She heard the scraping of a chair behind her.

"You're up, Chhote?" she rasped, seeing her brother.

He was in a horrible condition, inside and outside. He was looking confused, his eyes haunted and shadowed with darkness. His features were gaunt, more than the usual.

"Di? When did you guys return?" he asked, his eyes dancing all over the place.

She was next to him in two quick strides, rubbing his upper arm in assurance. "Last night... Do you remember?"

He fixed his lost eyes on her and her heart broke. She saw his shoulders sag. "Yes. I think."

"I'm sorry, Chhote... I shouldn't have left you."

He shook his head, exhausted. "I'm tired, Di."

"What do you mean?" Anjali choked, looking at her husband, who had just appeared in the doorway. The same old, familiar panic simmered deep inside her.

"I give you two too much of trouble," Arnav said, neutral. "And I am torturing myself. But not anymore. I have decided, Di. I need to get myself hospitalised."

*** ~ *** ~ ***

"Are you sure you will be fine, Chhote?"

He tried to shake her off himself. "Just go, Di."

But Anjali locked her arms around him, sobbing uncontrollably as her husband stood behind her. "I don't want to leave you here alone, Chhote. Especially after last night... Let's go back home, I'll take care of you!"

Arnav pulled her away firmly. "Di, you have a life and a husband. They are more important than me. Go. Neal, please."

Unwillingly, Neal helped Anjali stand up. "We will come to see you every day, okay?" he promised.

A nurse came in just before they left. "Your medicines, Mr Raizada."

The three of them made sure he had taken the tablets. The nurse told Arnav to rest for now and let the drugs kick in.

*** ~ *** ~ ***

Bright sunlight fell on his face mercilessly. Groaning, he pulled the sheets higher to cover his face. "Let me sleep, Di!"

"Mr Raizada? I need you to get up for your check up."

Half-asleep, he frowned, trying to situate himself. That voice certainly did not belong to his sister but it was not unfamiliar to it either. Oh, he could remember now. He was in the special hospital to get himself treated. But that voice...

Reluctantly, he threw the sheets off and sat up. A woman in white overalls stood by the window with her back to him. suddenly, she turned around, smiling brightly and his whole world came to a stop.

"You?" he gasped, jumping off the bed. Her smile slid away to be replaced with a worried frown. "What are you still doing here? You were dead! I even took the f*cking meds, dammit! What are you doing here?"

She took a step towards him warily, her hands up in surrender but he reached the door instantly. "Don't you dare! Stay away from me Sanaya!"

Without thinking, he bolted out of there blindly, pushing past people without knowing if they were a projection of him mind or reality. Someone took hold of him by the shoulders and shook him. "Arnav!" His vision cleared to focus on Neal who was staring at him in alarm. "What happened?"

And at the same time, Sanaya had appeared a few steps away. "Mr Raizada-"

"Shut up!" Arnav yelled at her. Every single person in the room had stopped to ogle but he did not care. He turned to his brother-in-law pleading. "Neal, please, take me away from here. She won't leave me alone..."

He saw Neal glance towards Sanaya. "Arnav, look, the doctor is-"

Arnav pushed him away. "What do you mean? Can you see her? Describe her!"

Gulping, Neal looked at him fearfully. "She looks like the girl you paint..."

"No..." Arnav staggered back, his eyes wide and mad. "You are not real. None of this is real. Just go away! Leave me alone! You don't exist! You-"

The sting of the slap burned his cheek and he stopped. Neal was looking at him, his pale blue eyes full of tears and repent. He shook his head. "I sorry, I had to do this." Arnav kept his eyes down like a wounded animal, breathing hard. Sharp talons of guilt pierce Neal in the heart as he supported his brother-in-law, leading him back to his room.

*** ~ *** ~ ***

Anjali could not move. Her eyes remained fixated on the woman who watched her brother and her husband move away. If Arnav had told her, she would never have believed him but now that she could herself see her... Was she starting to lose her mind as well? Had all these years spent caring for a paranoid schizophrenic finally taken their toll on her? But Neal had seen her too right?

Carefully, she edged closer to the woman. The dark caramel eyes she had seen so many times in her brother's paintings glimmered at her questioningly. "Are you related to Mr Raizada?" the woman spoke.

Numbly, Anjali nodded. "His sister. Anjali Williams."

The woman smiled sympathetically. "I am the doctor in charge of your brother. Dr Khushi Gupta. Can I talk to you please?"

Anjali leaned against the wall, sighing shakily. "Yes."

*** ~ *** ~ ***

She uncertainly turned the key in the lock, feeling as if someone had traded her brain for cotton. The only reassurance came from her husband who stood close to her. Anjali looked at Khushi Gupta.

"I cannot tell you who Sanaya is. I have never met her. But I have seen her through my brother's eyes. When I will open this door, you will have a lot of questions. And it's only Arnav who will be able to answer them."

Khushi nodded confusedly and Anjali pushed the door open. She did not go in herself but stepped away, gesturing Khushi that she was free to enter the room. Cautiously, Khushi took a few steps forward but she froze almost immediately when she realised that was in there. The four wall of the room were covered from ceiling to the floor with several paintings. They were all different but there was one thing common in all of them.

And that thing was her face.

*** ~ *** ~ ***

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Khushi stared at the coffee Anjali had just handed her, dazed. "When was the first time he mentioned Sanaya?"

The older woman sat down beside her. "It was years ago, a little time before he was diagnosed. We were living in Montreal with our Mamma. Papa had died when Arnav was a baby, and Mamma had to work to keep us going. She found something stable there, so we shifted. It was his last year in his pre-university program, during the winter break, they had planned a week-long trip to Mt. Tremblant. When he came back, he was changed. My brother was happier. He told me he had met this wonderful girl there, Sanaya, and they had promised to meet again, same place, next year. But that never happened. Mamma died in a car accident in August. Her brother lived in Boston, he called us there and since Arnav had gotten his admission to Harvard, we moved as soon as we could. He had barely started out that... it began... The symptoms... He dropped out of school."

"Did he try to meet the girl after that?" Khushi wanted to know.

Anjali shook her head. "He didn't go. He didn't want her to see him like that... He said she deserved better."

She licked her dry lips, tilting her head tentatively. "Can you tell what year he had met her, Anjaliji?"

*** ~ *** ~ ***

He lay in bed, his fingers crossed on his stomach as he regarded the ceiling. There was nothing interesting in it, but it did keep his mind off whatever had happened during the past thirty-six hours. A gentle knock at the door made him sit up. "Yes?"

The door cracked open and she poked her head in. "Am I disturbing you?"

Arnav reluctantly shook his head and she walked in stiffly; he refused to look at her.

"Why are you here?" he asked rather gruffly.

"My name is Khushi Gupta. I am your doctor." His sharp intake of breath told her of his disapproval. "What happened earlier..."

"I'm sorry," he grunted. "Now leave me alone."

She smiled softly. "I cannot. Your check up is still pending and we need to talk."

"Well, I don't want to talk to you!"

"Even if I tell you that I am your Sanaya?"

He finally lifted his stormy eyes onto her, his face bearing incredulity. "What kind of bullshit is that?"

Khushi shuffled. "How did you meet Sanaya, Mr Raizada?"

"What does that have to do with you?" he growled.

"I can only help you if you let me."

He sighed painfully and started telling her as she crossed the distance between them to sit on the edge of the bed, listening attentively. Agony flitted in each heartbeat of his while he watched her. She was the perfect stranger he had known for almost half his life. Looking away, she cleared her voice the moment he stopped talking.

"When you were watching her sit alone in the cafe, you never went up to talk to her," she whispered.

He nodded. "I realised that." This voice was laden with tiredness.

Khushi took a deep breath. "She saw you, she looked at you, she hoped you would come and talk to her. But you never did."

Arnav shrugged. "I guess things had gone downhill much before Mamma's death. My brain was already making up things... But... how do you know she was...?"

She laughed mirthlessly. "You still don't get it? It was me."

*** ~ *** ~ ***

He was already awake when she came in the next day to check on him, wearing a smug smile.

"How are you feeling today?" she asked.

"Great, and I did take my medicines alright."

Khushi bit her lip. "I was talking about what we discussed yesterday."

Arnav shrugged. "I'm digesting it. Slowly."

She smiled nervously at him. What could she say to him? He did not seem to believe what she had told him. In fact, her patient looked like someone who no longer knew what to think, what was right or wrong. He looked like someone reduced to his weakest. It had not been a story she had cooked up to relieve him a bit. It was the truth. Now, she did remember him. She only wished she could help him. Not just as his doctor, but as a friend too. But right then, she didn't know what to say.

"Dr Gupta?" he called out as she was reaching for the door knob. Khushi looked at him over her shoulder. "Thank you. For telling me."

She gave him a friendly smile. "You're welcome."

*** ~ *** ~ ***

She stepped back when the check up was done and picked the clipboard to take down some important notes. "You seem to be doing just fine," she said. "I spoke to my seniors. One of them might come down to assess you one of these days. If you are judged good, you might go home." His face fell, leaving her confused. "What happened? I thought you would be happy."

Arnav opened his mouth, as if he were trying to say something but he closed it silently. A tight smile was plastered on his face. "It's nothing... I am happy."

*** ~ *** ~ ***

"Thank you, Khushi," Anjali murmured tearfully as she hugged the doctor.

Khushi laughed and shook her head. "Just make sure that your brother does take his medicines. Even after two months here, he can be very stubborn."

"Di," Arnav interrupted. "Can I speak to Khushi for a moment please?"

His sister caressed his cheek affectionately. "Sure Chhote. Neal and I will be waiting in car, okay?"

He nodded gravely and watched her go before turning to Khushi. "Thank you again."

"It was my duty," she shrugged uneasily.

Arnav looked away, slightly embarrassed. "There's... ahh... there was... something... I had always wanted to try... since I... since I met you... I mean, Sanaya, actually..."

Her smile froze over on her lips and she hoped he would not hear the sound of her heart breaking, because to her, it was deafening. He edged closer to her tersely and bent his head slightly to brush his lips against her cheek. Her lips parted soundlessly at the dizzying contact. She looked up at him, but he was already walking away.

A lone tear spilled onto her smooth cheek. Khushi tried to steel herself. She was a doctor and she had to keep her professional life away from her personal life. And here? She had not just committed the huge blunder of emotionally attaching herself to her patient, she had crossed all her limits and fallen for him in her entirety.

He? She wanted to laugh at herself, at her folly, at her stupid heart. He felt nothing of the sort to her. He had been in love with a woman who bore her face, a woman who did not exist. She knew it because she had wanted to know about Sanaya, and the way his face glowed whenever he spoke of her said everything.

He was absolutely devoted to her. She was his best-friend who knew him inside-out. She was the reason why he had never sought medical help. Arnav had said that Sanaya was just an extension of his conscience that materialised itself into a human form to talk to him. In a scientific sense, he was close to it. But in the matters of the heart, it went much deeper than that.

And she, Khushi Gupta meant nothing to him. Nothing.

*** ~ *** ~ ***

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 "Chhote, I have been calling you for so long. Dinner is-" Anjali halted on the doorstep, feeling the terror seep in, drop by drop. "Chhote?" she breathed.

Her brother stood in the middle of the room, staring deeply at a portrait of her, a new one. Fear clutched her heart with its bony, icy fingers as she called out his name again, nearly strangling herself. Arnav turned around, his face expressionless. He did not even try to justify himself when she asked if he had taken his medicines during the past week he had been back home.

Anjali slumped against the doorframe staring into the woman's face, as if it would give her an answer. It did. She suddenly realised that it was not Sanaya in the painting. The white overalls, the hair tied back neatly, the fine rimmed spectacles... They all screamed the opposite of Sanaya...

*** ~ *** ~ ***

"Why don't you tell her?"

Arnav raised his eyes to look at his elder sister. "I don't know what you are talking about."

Anjali gritted her teeth together. "You know Arnav! You know exactly what and who I am talking about." He remained silent stabbing at the food on his plate with his fork. "You love her, Arnav, why don't you just tell her? For once, think about yourself! You are just a step away from happiness! Hell! Her name itself spells happiness! I know she-"

"Di!" he had stood up with such a force that his chair toppled to the ground. He was trembling with rage. "If you know so much, Di, then you should also know that you brother is mentally sick," he snarled. "And I had told you this the first time itself. She deserves better. Much better than me."

He stormed out of the dining room to lock himself up in his room while Anjali wept downstairs. Her brother was ruining himself. But could she let him do that?

*** ~ *** ~ ***

The knock at the door startled her. She lived alone. Her parents were in Toronto, and she had no family in Boston. She had never had any real friend. And in her almost thirty years, she had never given herself the time for a boyfriend or any sort of relationship. No one ever visited her. Then who could it be?

Khushi opened the door in disarray to find a very troubled Anjali. "Anjaliji? Come in."

Something on the woman's face told her that something was wrong. Very... Her breath caught in her chest. Was it Arnav?

"Khushi," Anjali began but she choked on her tears. Hastily, Khushi made her sit down.

"What happened, Anjaliji? Is everything okay? Is Arnav...?"

Anjali shook her head, making Khushi's heart race with dread. "He... You... I mean that... You have to make the first step, Khushi."

Khushi frowned at the words she had just blurted. "What?"

"You will have to make the first step," Anjali sighed. "He is never going to tell you because he thinks that he is not worth you... Please, Khushi... I have seen that look in his eyes before. He will sink again one day. To find you this time... And I'm not sure he will... I'm begging you, Khushi... Please..."

*** ~ *** ~ ***

"So, you won't come?" Neal asked again.

Bored, Arnav shook his head. "Sorry, Neal but I have told you this before. I don't like your folks."

"Fine. But considering what happened last time-"

"What the hell?" Arnav barked irritatedly. "I told you I am on my meds!"

Neal ground his teeth together. If possible, his brother-in-law had grown increasingly cynical since his return from the hospital. Hopefully, this would be the last time... "You shut up and listen you me, Arnav," he said firmly. "We don't want a repeat performance of what happened last time, okay? So, we have arranged a nanny for you."

"Nanny?" Arnav spat, following Neal in the kitchen. "What do you mean 'nanny'?"

"Someone who will look after you all the time that we will not be here," Anjali sang as she washed the dishes. "Especially since we'll be gone for a whole week."

 "Someone who is definitely not as lazy as Aman!" Neal added, biting into an apple.

Anjali grinned deviously at her little brother. "And you, mister, don't have a say in this matter!"

*** ~ *** ~ ***

"I don't need a nanny, Di!"

"Shush, Chhote! Can't you see I'm busy?"

"But Di-" he almost whined.

Neal chose that exact instant to call out. "The nanny's here, honey. We can go."

Anjali smirked and pecked Arnav on the cheek. "Be a good boy, Chhote."

Arnav could not help but grimace. He understood that his sister might be right but it was extremely humiliating for him. A nanny? Scowling, he started for the basement to busy himself in painting but someone cleared their voice behind him. He turned around, ready to order his 'nanny' to leave him alone but all he could to was gape.

"I took my meds," he reminded himself loudly and confusedly, his heart pounding erratically against his ribcage. There were two possible ways; either she was a projection of his mental illness or she was really there. Since he knew he had regularly taken his medication, at the correct time, the correct dose, the schizophrenia coming back was almost out of question... Then...?

He stood there frozen, breathing hard as she walked up to him and took his hand. "You have."

"What are you doing here?" he spoke gruffly, stepping away from her.

Khushi's eyes glistened with tears and she looked down, biting her lip. He felt a shard of guilt slice his heart cruelly but he kept his rigid composure. He could not let her waste her life on him...

"I fell in love with you, Arnav," she breathed. The words almost shattered his determination but he was too strong-willed a man to let another person sacrifice herself for his sorry existence.

He shook his head. "You think you do. But you don't." She lifted her pained orbs on him and the seemed to slash his strength to tatters. "Don't do this, Khushi," he whispered, feeling his own eyes prick with tears. "Loving me will only hurt you. Have you seen my sister and her husband? They have been married for more than five years now. They have not been able to reconcile with his parents who hate my sister for being an Indian and who live in New York because they can't leave me. They long for a child but they don't have one because they have me to care for and they don't want to deviate their attention from me. I enslave them, Khushi. Do you understand? I enslave them! I cannot do that to you too. You deserve-"

"Better? I deserve better?" she laughed drily. "But I don't want better. I want you, Arnav Singh Raizada. No one but you. I don't think you are imperfect, Arnav. And neither would caring for you mean being enslaved to you. All my life, I kept myself buried in studies and work to reach this point, to make my parents proud and never in the past twenty-nine years of my life had someone been able to hold my attention for more than a second, expect for one man. And that was you... I'm sorry... I know that I will never be able to be what Sanaya was to you, I know you won't be able to love me that way but I just wanted to-"

"I didn't love her," he interrupted, frowning. Arnav close the distance between them to hold her face between his warm, calloused hands and tilted his up to look in her eyes. "I did not love her as I love you. She was just the best friend a friendless guy like me could have. I love you, Dr Khushi Gupta. I just don't want you to suffer..."

A smiled brightened her face through the tears and felt as though his heart would fly away to float in the air, bloated with happiness. "There was something," he murmured, "I wanted to do... ever since I met you. You, not Sanaya. Will you let me?"

Startled, she nodded and Arnav bent his head lightly to brush his lips against hers. Khushi gasped, stiffening in his arms before tentatively pushing herself against him. And with a low growl, Arnav was pinning her against him, kissing her wildly, like tomorrow would never come...



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Big smile

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wil unres tomoro...xam hai!! :)


Woah!! when u started schiozephrenia..i was scared!! i felt so so bad dat in the end it will all be an illusion!!

But this is shikha who is writing!!Clap aise kaise ho sakta hai?? so Sanaya is the illusion and Khushi is the reality!! *sigh of relief*

And naming her Sanaya was a good idea so we cud imagine khushi n sanny as the same person!! Wink

Awesome tale again Shikha!! Big smile

I love you dammit!!

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res Clap

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