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KaSh Heaven #1000: WE CAME, WE SAW, WE CONQUERED! (Page 6)

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*you = KaSh

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-KaShHeaven- IF-Dazzler

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The Best Things Go By Unnoticed

You and I

Sometimes what words can't express, actions do. But sometimes what actions can't proclaim, the lips speak the words untold. The much loved couple captivated their audience with their chemistry. Besides showing their spontaneous physical assets, the young onscreen couple attracted fans by their unique personalities.

Karan Singh Grover, he attracted many of his fans with his well toned body. He has tanned golden skin, which covers his muscular body. He has broad shoulders, arms which are big and juicy. His chest is big and buff, with abs of steel. "The eye of the beholder", the eyes of Karan Singh Grover, is what drives girls crazy. With big, deep eyes, he leaves girls in awe. His smile that show his dimples off waste no time in bringing the charm and his lips, defines his passion.

Shilpa Anand is a true beauty who became an inspiration for all girls. Her natural beauty proved to be a success, since she is a model. Her amazing features start with her milky skin, which leads to her well toned body. Many of her compliments go to her jet black, straight hair. Her face describes her emotions with the help of her almond shaped eyes and luscious lips. Shilpa Anand proved that meaning of breathtaking beauty.

Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand proved to their audience that they are the perfect couple. Not only with their outstanding performance to us on-screen, but also with their undeniable friendship off-screen.

They are a phenomenal pair that has set the screen on fire. The qualities regarding this couple have been so pure, that it makes their chemistry work simultaneously within each other. Their very own personalities make their magic work so beautifully on screen, it's their off screen qualities and characteristics that make them so vividly mesmerising to the couple on screen they show to be.

Karan Singh Grover has one of the most unique personalities; Karan, undoubtedly is one of the best actors the industry has ever had. The mischief in his eyes and the mischievous grin of his show his true nature, the wild and free side of this young man is brought out on screen in the show, but Karan's mischief is what keeps everyone on the sets happy and smiling. Karan has one of the sweetest personalities because he truly does care about the people around him and he knows that whatever he does is due to certain circumstances. Among the mischievous qualities, Karan also has various emotions in him. He cares for everyone and is very protective of his friends; he really gets close to them and acknowledges them as co-actors but also as really close friends. This is brought out both on and off screen with his sense of humour and the way his emotions are portrayed by him.

Nonetheless, to accompany Karan's amazing personality, Shilpa Anand has a personality of an angel. Her down to earth personality has everyone enhanced; her very innocent nature is what makes her so angelic. She has always known what to say at the exact time and dealt with various things in a professional way. Shilpa has done this throughout her time on and off screen, and that's what makes her so loyal. There are other characteristics of Shilpa which makes her very unique, her gentle nature but also her very naughty side. Karan wasn't the only one being naughty, but Shilpa herself was a dare devil and loved to tease back, and this is what made this pair a dynamic duo that they were, and captured the eyes of each and every audience they received.

Karan and Shilpa, you two had not only made everyone fall in love with the show, but you had shown true love in front of our own eyes. What you showed was all the asli true love.

Jab We Met

Karan and Shilpa, when you two came on-screen, the feelings that were oozed through our minds and hearts were enough to drive our hearts on fire, but also what we didn't realise that within those 9 months that we've seen you two on screen, we got so close to you, that you became a part of our lives.

KaSh, the first time we all saw you was from your very first 'Palat' promo, and that's when we knew that together you two created magic that was undefinable, and that is what makes your chemistry so very unique. From Shilpa's very sweet and adorable promo, to a very hot and dazzling man - Karan. The two promos were the complete juxtaposition of each other, however the two promos complimented each other so well, superman and his angel. It's the way that you two made the promo all about yourself, in those very few seconds you showcased every ounce of your character's personality. Karan used his strength and his appearance to show the devilish and then dangerous side of his character, however Shilpa used the promo to show her nurturing and her ever so cute behaviour. And these two promos were something that made the two promos very original to watch. Not only that, but both the promos had something to do with sports, from Shilpa very adorable nature of showing and caring for others by playing a cricket match with the children, to Karan's sexy basketball dribbles, those were just those cute moments that just proved how delightful it would have been for us to watch you.

However those weren't the exact times we were blown away, the few second promos were nothing compared to the genuine 'Palat' scene, which was something that would be remembered forever. The Palat promo was the first ever scene done by both of you together and that was something that evidently showed chemistry. Karan, your mischievous smirk in the promo was so very intense due to the loud tremor of your voice that spoke 'Palat', and the moment that we saw Shilpa turn around, our hearts were something that wouldn't stop beating widely. The whole promo was done in the most original yet filmy way possible, the various times that Karan has waited behind in the scene and prayed for Shilpa to turn around and she would, then he would breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that love was still proclaimed. Those were such magical moments, and we knew that they would keep coming when we saw your first promo, the ever so blooming love that tranquilized the air with the sweet scent of the blossoming of love. Even then we knew that the one promo you made would cause everyone's eyes to pop open.

With your first look, you had us hooked.

When We Collide

Something that couldn't be put together in words: the chemistry, the passion, the intensity that formed around this one couple, they stood their ground not only with their romantic scenes, but with the scenes that captured all the heartbreaks, and the most beautiful thing was, it was brought forth to the whole youth, as they all felt connected to this couple.

Karan and Shilpa, their love story on-screen may have been the most simple love story, but with the way they performed towards it not only brought a smile on everyone's faces, but it also gave their characters life. Armaan and Riddhima wouldn't have been Armaan and Riddhima if Karan and Shilpa didn't bring that little bit of themselves in that character making the show a huge success.

The first time we saw you, Karan and Shilpa, was the first time we all saw how love could take a long time to happen. When you see Armaan and Riddhima, their first meeting was something that no one could forget, just because it was such a memorable meeting, from the way each and every moment was made, to the way they were towards each other, every dialogue that left their lips played a huge part in that one scene. No one can forget the first Armaan and Riddhima meeting. Without even knowing what the future was to the audience, they were already captured by this mischievous and handsome guy, and the ever so innocent girl with a gorgeous complexion, together they were something who would remain fresh for the many years to come in future. In the first episode itself, both of you showed such ease in those characters, it was outstanding to see such chemistry in just the first episode, and it seemed to come so naturally. Nothing was needed to be added onto the scene, it looked just perfect, with the soft bickering, and the light tease the two characters had, which made the first Armaan and Riddhima meeting, one of the best first meetings on Indian Television. And this is just remarkable that both Karan and Shilpa made a benchmark for the first meetings, and this first meeting would be the one to remember, for years and years to come.

It's All Fun and Masti

And then came the fights...

Armaan and Riddhima would have been incomplete without their cute fights which started straight after the first episode. Karan and Shilpa, both of you showed just how those cute and irritating fights between the main leads could lead to so much romance and affection later on. We have such beautiful scenes that one would be able to treasure forever, such as on the very first episode, as Armaan sees Riddhima walking into the hospital, he stops and smirks, and that small moment showed us such beautiful memories. As well as the line that followed that smirk, 'Oooh Doctor Basket', no one could get over the small snips and witty comments that Armaan had in this show, especially such a small one that could hold a lot of significance.

These small fights were all filled with such fun and laughter, the audience were so pleased to see that this was a youth show, and the fun that it promised was still there which Karan and Shilpa both delivered exactly that. Dill Mill Gayye was the type of show that managed to please the audience with each move that they made and that was one of the reasons it really gave an edge to the other shows.

Dare me once, Hug me twice

And he screams for her touch...he is in love...

The chemistry that no one thought would increase, and boost up, actually did. In an episode where Armaan and Riddhima are headed to a medical camp, we saw the two main characters show the banter that they had, however when reaching the medical camp it was a totally different story. Soon getting lost in the jungle was the best thing that happened to the characters, especially to one of them who had least expected it.

Lost in a jungle because of a little dare, every KaShian would admit that the Jungle Scene was a scene that was filled with everything, from the cuteness, to a bit of unexpected romance, and most importantly it showed a start to Armaan and Riddhima's relationship. When Armaan walks into the jungle, you can't help but laugh along because he has this charisma that makes everyone want to join in with him. Karan, the way you deliver your dialogues as the audience would prefer is commendable.

Also, what a beautiful way to end the episode, when Armaan and Riddhima found their way to the hut, they sat there talking to each other, it was amazing to see the soft bonding between in each other, it was like a start to a new relationship. When Armaan gives Riddhima his shirt, he makes the small joke just to keep their conversation going, and then talks about her smile and childhood. It was beautiful just to see how they could be more than just fight buddies, that there was a relationship that would grow between them. And the most breathtaking thing was, the way Armaan stared at Riddhima, as she tries to run her fingers through her hair, Armaan just keeps staring at her. It was just remarkable to see just how he was getting lost in her, and he seemed scared as if he didn't know what the feelings really were. Karan, you really brought out Armaan Malik in this scene, showed his insecurity and his need for this girl that he didn't even know properly. And the sweetest thing was, when Armaan lifts Riddhima up in his arm, you can see the small smile that's there for a split second, and that smile that just shows everyone of the audience, that this chemistry was here to stay.

Both of you did the most outstanding job in this scene, this was something that no one expected, it was something that caught everyone by surprise and made us love the chemistry between Armaan and Riddhima, and it seemed that their lives were more intertwined within each other than we realised.

Feel My Lips in the Pouring Rain

And she wants to be his...

One of the most beautiful scenes of Dill Mill Gayye was this scene, the first ever Armaan and Riddhima date, and this scene was the scene that brought out the chemistry between Armaan and Riddhima which were filled with intensity and passion for each other in this very scene. Not only that but it also slowly showcased Karan and Shilpa's acting skills. As they lost themselves within the temptation, and the need of being together, and we can thoroughly see this within the characters of Armaan and Riddhima.

"Tum, ab tak mera interzaar kar rahe the?", such a sweet dialogue, it was something that was filled with that innocence that Riddhima had, as if she could never believe that he was still here waiting for her, even after the fact that she had forgotten about having to meet him. But then just seeing the way Armaan respond was just magical, he believed that she would come, that his love wouldn't let him down. It just shows us just how innocent and beautiful this couple was, they were so lost within each other, then to notice the things around each other. Something of the dialogue that Armaan and Riddhima share just a few minutes later, is something we imagine as Karan and Shilpa, 'Agar mein nahi aati toh?', this was just an innocent question, that gave Armaan responded to with such magnificence ' 'Toh mein puri zindagi tumhara interzaar karta', a mere dialogue that ended up having such a great meaning to us KaShians. This is something that we always keep in mind. When loving KaSh, we can wait for a lifetime, because the magic that you two share can never be replaced. Not now, not ever.

However, the most beautiful thing about Armaan and Riddhima in this scene was that they knew each other's limit, and Armaan knew that he couldn't kiss her, without telling her he loved her beforehand, and it was just so sweet to see that he moved away from her and offered a basketball match. And that basketball match seemed like such a Karan and Shilpa moment, that small moment to where Karan just gives this goofy smile, and it's just so perfect, because you know that it's a smile that is just reserved for Shilpa. Not to forget, after we saw you both have a basketball match in the rain, we have been planning to have a huge match with Team Karan and Team Shilpa one day. You know that the KaSh Baarish scenes have always been a bit more special to us, don't you?

Let Your Eyes Speak Instead

And she shakes at your touch...

You don't know what chemistry you two held, it was beyond anyone's imagination, the way that even the smallest touch, the least words, the unknown stares and gazes, they were all part of something huge, something that gave you two the edge over everyone else. There was nothing that you two couldn't do, and the most beautiful thing was, you two could do a scene, with the most limited words spoken, and yet it would have the power as any other scene out there, just because your actions, the way your eyes moved, the way your bodies connected, it seemed so unreal, that two people could cause so much havoc with practically nothing. And scenes such as the one that was done on the New Years Eve, on the Terrace, was a scene that needed nothing but the two of you staring at each other, letting your eyes speak for themselves.

The moment we see Riddhima standing there on the terrace, just so lost within her feelings. The scene was so serene, the way she stood there staring into the sky, and soon the beautiful background music starts, and we know that he is here. Just seeing the sight of Armaan limping himself into the terrace, knowing that he needed answers that only Riddhima had. The way Armaan walks behind Riddhima, and she can already feel the air switch to something exciting and needy. The way Armaan comes behind her, and it feels like a sense of dj vu, as Armaan's words really rings a bell from the other scene, for he says ' 'Mera interzaar kar rahi thi?', these words take you back to the basketball date, when something similar was said back in response.

One of the most beautiful moment of that scene, was the words that left Armaan's lips: 'Meri taraf dekho', the first time Armaan says it, it's calmer and more understanding. While the second time, it's filled with desire, and command, and it really brings forth the different shades of their relationship. The possessive and dominating side, which is really enthralling and enchanting to see, and the way Armaan says those words, really makes one feel as if they were in the position. And both of you showed us that you two could enact the feelings of Armaan and Riddhima within yourself naturally, as whenever Armaan touched Riddhima, she reacted, and although it was fictional, it seemed so real.

And the scene ends with such tremor of power, the moment we were left awestruck, when Armaan said these lines, 'Jo insaan iss duniya mein tumse sabse zayda pyaar karta hai, woh tumhare samne khada hai', and there's nothing that could sum up the feeling that every KaShian felt when these words were said, it's one of the most memorable dialogue, because there was nothing left to say after that. Even Riddhima herself was lost to words, and this was something that was just perfection. The best thing about this was that the confession never happened because this scene spoke volumes within it's silence.

I Hate You but I Love You

And then they confessed...

Nothing could prepare anyone for this day to come, it was such a surprise, and so out of the blue that it really made us wonder if it's actually happening or if it's a dream. But it was actually happening, Karan and Shilpa, you two created history with the on-screen confession acted out as Armaan and Riddhima. It may be years since the confession scene aired but it's the biggest confession scene to ever happen on Indian Television, and there has not been any other confession that came close. This may be because it was Karan and Shilpa doing this scene, maybe because it was you two, but it's also because it was the most unique confession ever done, there was nothing like this done before. Through all the tears and hysteria, there was a sense of belonging and love that just made the scene so perfect, and just different from everything done before. It seemed like the most weird and uncanny time to have a confession, but that is exactly what made it so perfect, expect the unexpected, which is exactly what this confession did for us.

'I hate you, Armaan', when Riddhima said this for the first time, Armaan looked confused, but at the same time his face was panic-filled. However when he tries to touch her, and asks her what's wrong, she replies with the same thing 'I hate you, Armaan'. But by the second time she says this, Armaan feels it, as if she was trying to say something else but the words wouldn't really come from her lips, like her feelings were too strong and the words just didn't make sense to her at the moment and Armaan knew this. By the fourth time that Riddhima says that she 'hates' him, Armaan looks at her with such desire and melancholy and says 'but I love you', the passion, the desperation and need was seen in his eyes, like he really wanted her to say the words, but he knew she wouldn't be able to.  Every time Armaan says that he loves her, Riddhima seems unshaken by this news, because she's trying to deny it to herself, but the way Armaan keeps saying he loves her, that bond and intensity in his eyes, was just filled with such love and just the passion of wanting to be together. And by the time that Armaan gets tired of Riddhima saying he doesn't love him, the way his hands wrap around her arms, and he drags her close. That passionate, and dominating movement, is something that we only see being done between Karan and Shilpa, because it's just a sensuous thing, he brings her so close, so that she can feel everything that he feels. Within just the way he drags her, it's so out of the blue, and unexpected, but the way Riddhima whimpers when he drags her close, like she's losing herself within him.

As he dragged her towards him, he says 'I love you', and it's not like he's saying it to her, but he is saying it so she can understand it, like he wants to get these words into her head, so he can hear it in return. He whispers it the second time, trying to make a point in her heart, letting the words sink into her soul, and the way Riddhima keeps deny it, shaking her head, and not letting it in, it's what bothers Armaan, he says it again just so she realises the depth of his words.

Then, silence, the few seconds of silence that leaves the audience on its edge, wondering of the future and her words next, and then we hear the most beautiful words come out of Riddhima's lips, 'I love you'. Those words not only filled the air that day, but it made every KaShian feel proud that day, because it seemed like it was the most perfect confession ever done, and nothing would ever come close. From the tears that were shed, to the hug that was passed through, it seemed surreal, and this scene would be a scene in Dill Mill Gayye that people would remember forever, because nothing like this had ever happened in Indian Television, and it was the two if you that made this happen. With your love for each other, and the passion that oozed through both of you, you both made this scene into something that can't be defined.

Love has No boundaries

And then they ignite passion...

The chemistry between Armaan and Riddhima was phenomenal, as they took in every scene they had together and made it into magic, and it had no end, their chemistry would increase every time we saw them. The magic between Armaan and Riddhima was all to the credit of KaSh, you brought such passion to the characters that it gave the show a whole new light. Over the time we've seen many passionate scenes between Armaan and Riddhima, but one of the most passionate scenes of Armaan and Riddhima was the hot night scene. Although this scene is hot, it is sexy, at the same time it has all those Armaan and Riddhima qualities such as love, innocence, vulnerability, the naive and pure side of Riddhima in this scene.  Armaan and Riddhima in this scene were two people thoroughly in love, and the passion between them was too much, and they soon got lost within it.

But that's the best thing about this couple, they showed the youth that it is okay to be in love to lose yourself, but it also showed how much limits ones love has, and how they respect each other's boundaries and thoughts. Nothing prepares the audience for what comes ahead, the shivers, the chills, and the amount of desire that whispered through the air in that scene, as he walks towards her, hold onto her hand and brings it up to her face. It was breathtaking the way Armaan nuzzles his cheek into her palm, as she caresses it so softly and gets us lost in the movement. But that wasn't the end, the soft kisses, the innocent kisses on her back, the way they fit so perfect in each other's embrace, becoming one body, one soul, it was just pure bliss, pure Armaan and Riddhima, and just pure love. However, coming back to senses, they realise their limits and that's what gave the show another chance to define it's definition of 'youth-based'.

In an interview which was taken in 2009, when the reporter asked Karan Singh Grover, 'What's your favourite scene in DMG?', Karan replies saying 'My favourite scene is when Shilpa was wearing a mini skirt and I went to her house". It was such a beautiful comment, as this scene is a favourite of many KaShians out there. This scene was so beautiful because the show not only manage to showcase the realism about the youth but also taught the audience about the culture.

Dum da Dum

And we danced...

The chemistry that the two of you bring on screen is just something that makes one wonder if it's really real, and when we see the both of you on screen doing any type of scene, it has the same amount of passion and love that we see in every other scene that the two of you do. One of the best scenes that is done by the two of you, the Zara Zara Touch Me dance sequence, which was such a hot and passionate dance, which is still remembered today as being one of the most sensual dances on Television screen. Even with the hot music, and passionate dance moves, there was this hesitant and very aware Riddhima that tried to do as Armaan said, but through the whole dance it seemed that Riddhima had Armaan in her palms.

The song sequence may have been on just a minute and half long, yet it had the impact of anything longer. As we see the sequence going on, we soon see how Riddhima gets more comfortable, and Armaan does his best to look away from her ways, but his eyes keep coming back. With the tension between them gettting even heavier, she pushes herself into him, the way she fits so perfectly into his chest, and all Armaan had to do was stop everything and just stare at her, while Riddhima slowly flaunted herself with him. What was more stunning was the fact that the sequence was choreographed by Shilpa Anand herself. We all know how amazing her dance skills are, but it takes two to tango, right? So, we're sure Karan had some moves to contribute during the dance too. With such amazing acting skills that you both have, your dancing skills just show the other side of your talent.

Isqh Leta Hai Kaise Imtehaan

And he held her hand but she let it go...

The Isqh Leta Hai Kaise Imtihaan was one of the most bittersweet sequences ever, because knowing that in just a few days everything may be going wrong, and this was our only chance of enjoying a very perfect Karan and Shilpa moment and they didn't do us wrong, they made us proud because this sequence is known for the most romantic one ever in Dill Mill Gayye. This sequence was something that is unforgettable, not only because they did the most romantic movements, but the dialogue they shared at the start of the sequence was filled with such love for each other, such passion and dilemma at the same time. The way they talked to each other at the start of the sequence was so painful because it just didn't make sense that these two, the magical two wouldn't be seen together again, however knowing that they were doing this scene, that was filled with love and nothing else but love for each other, gave everyone the assurance that this was something that we were going to remember forever.

The start of this sequence was just something that one can treasure, because it was so dreamy, the way Armaan walks and sits beside her, it seemed like they were naturally made for each other, every move one made, the other would follow, they couldn't be apart for too long. And when Armaan comes and sits beside Riddhima, there's the gentle breeze that's going through the air, the very sweet melody that was in this scene, it was just magical. The dialogues shared between Armaan and Riddhima in this scene just shows us the relationship between Karan and Shilpa, because it seemed so real and just very unique. The way he starts talking about the person that she loves the most, and slowly leans into her, and just when they get so close, she pushes away. But Armaan never gives up, he brings her face closer towards him and wraps his hand around her cheek, and thats when Riddhima gets so lost within his eyes, that it seems so very hard for her to look away. And the way Karan and Shilpa acted in this one moment is just brilliant, because the two of you brought so much chemistry in just a few seconds, without even knowing that the smallest touches that Karan made on Shilpa, it was enough to make the audiences heart skip a beat. The both of you were amazing at just doing that, the way Karan's thump whispers past Shilpa's lips, and the way Shilpa seemed so lost within him, it was unnatural to have so much chemistry that in reality it felt too real, and thats what made the chemistry between the two of you so very perfect. It was too real.

KaSh, you two have no idea what you created in this one scene, every scene that you did before the white dream sequence was just beautiful, however this scene was the scene that seemed to be just Karan and Shilpa, there was nothing about this scene that didn't seem natural. This whole sequence was like a near goodbye KaSh sequence, it was their last very close scene, and it feels like it was just all KaSh.

Dil Ko Dil Se Laga Ke Jaana

And I break down as you walk away...

There is nothing that could put in words just how one was to feel on the day that the episode aired of Shilpa Anand leaving Dill Mill Gayye as our Riddhima, you don't know if you should feel sad, upset, or just plain angry, because she gave us Riddhima, and she was a part of one of the best things that had happened to us, KaSh. Together they defined magic, and made magic together. But just seeing that the very next day she wouldn't be there, that we wouldn't ever get to see the same Armaan and Riddhima magic again, and most importantly we may never get an interview of Karan and Shilpa together, having fun, masti and just annoying each other. You two were beyond anyone's imagination, you brought real chemistry to the screen, and nothing could compare to what you two brought on television screen, you two made your mark, in just 9 months of being together. That is something so phenomenal, people usually take ages for them to make a mark, and some don't even reach there, but the two of you did it in just 9 months, and after you left, you were more in demand than anyone else. And will always be.

The last episode of Shilpa as Riddhima was really melancholy, because one knows that everything was going to go wrong, and yet all of us knew that it was the end of a beautiful relationship, off screen and on screen. We watched as the episode was something that one couldn't put their finger on, because everything seemed so right, but knowing that by the end of it everything was going to go wrong. Through the whole episode Armaan and Riddhima shared eye contact, they couldn't keep their eyes away from each other, and it felt like a Karan and Shilpa moment, knowing that they may never see each other again, and they were just treasuring everything about each other in these short moments. When we see that Armaan is trying to talk to Riddhima, but he just can't, it's really frustrating, knowing that they are so close yet were unable to patch things up, leaves the ending in just an unreasonable point, as they don't know what the other really feels.

The last scene was really something that cannot be described, as Riddhima slowly bids farewell to each and every one of the characters in Dill Mill Gayye, it seemed like Shilpa Anand was saying goodbye to the friends she made in the show and that it felt so real. The way Armaan comes later on realising that he should say bye to Riddhima, but never gets to her, that is what hits the audience so hard, not because it was an Armaan and Riddhima goodbye, but it was also a Karan and Shilpa goodbye, and the audience would have loved to see a proper goodbye between the two, but it was left unsaid, maybe because they knew that they would be together again. Nevertheless, it left every single viewer in tears as something so beautiful was being separated, the life of the show, KaSh, were being taken away.

Karan and Shilpa acted so beautifully in this scene, and this was an end to such a beautiful relationship that they shared, and the chemistry that they brought to each and every scene. They made this show what it is today, even though Dill Mill Gayye brought KaSh together, it was KaSh who made Dill Mill Gayye what it was and everyone loves you for what you two did. In an interview, taken in July 2011, Shilpa said "-in television your chemistry either clicks well or doesn't work at all", and this is so very true because Karan and Shilpa, the two of you just clicked from the moment you met, there was chemistry that was valid since day one, and this chemistry is still talked about too. Nothing would replace what the two of you brought to television screen; instead it will be something that we will be proud of forever.

Me, You and a Candle Light Date

And he smiled and she laughed along...

Valentine's Day 2008, Saas Bahu aur Saazish gave the viewers one of the most amazing treats ever. The segment of Karan and Shilpa on Valentine's Day was just so beautiful, and filled with the same chemistry that they had in their scenes, but one of the main features between Karan and Shilpa's relationship was their friendship. It may seem very hard to just go into a show and ignite that chemistry and passion from the first scene, but KaSh seemed to be doing exactly that.

When we watch the Valentine's Day segment we see KaSh's sweet and soft chemistry, you could see the swift way they looked at each other when they were talking or just the small glances and smiles that made them feels so very comfortable with each other. KaSh, you two together are something that is hard to put in words, when the two of you were sitting there and started talking, it seemed that the two of you didn't need to know that there was a camera in front of you, the talking just came out so very easily.

Shilpa, the sweet way you replied to his question, is something that KaShians discuss even today like most of the other statements said by you two, because as soon as you said, 'Well, Valentine's Day, I'm gonna go for a candle light dinner', and as you finished the sentence off you just automatically turned to him, which was incredibly cute. But that wasn't it, because soon Karan, you went ahead and said one of the most sweetest things that one could listen to, 'Toh, Hum log jayege candle light dinner ke liye' and it was just so cute and funny at the same time, as soon as he said it, Shilpa's face was filled with the most curious shock ever. But that is the best thing about friendship, it keeps you on your toes, and always makes you wonder about what tomorrow holds for the two of you, it makes the relationship even more interesting to look forward to.

As we see the interview, we see just how the two of you really appreciate your fans, because there are so many across the world, most of KaShians are situated outside India, which just makes us worldwide. It's just breathtaking to see the lovely stares between the two of you, and the innocent smiles, but most importantly, we saw the sweet and mischief hug that brings a smile on everyone's face, 'Hum hamesha aise hi rahenge', and that really makes us know that everything was just beyond perfect.

Pehli Nazar Mein Kaisa Jaado Kar Diya

And the friendship lives on...

The day that Saas Bahu aur Saazish released one of the best KaSh interviews, years later since that it was telecasted, we still celebrate it because every single thing that was said and done in this interview was mesmerising and just incredibly beautiful. The beauty of the interview cannot be described and since it was one of the most watched interviews, Saas Bahu aur Saazish had even showed a re-telecast during their Valentine's Special episode in 2010. We've seen Karan and Shilpa on screen as the enchanting and outstanding couple, who had the chemistry that filled the airs of television industry but those scenes may be nothing compared to this interview, because this one interview showed us a deeper and meaningful side of Karan and Shilpa, their love and care for each other, but also their friendship for each other, the small tended touches, the sly glances, everything was present in this interview. Every word that left their lips had an impact that lasted for years, this interview will be known as the 'Pink & White' interview, just because Shilpa Anand was wearing pink and Karan Singh Grover was wearing white, and the colouring of pink and white suited each other so well and made the two of them feel so linked. But another name for this interview, which is what every KaShian calls this interview is 'Asli True Love' interview. The friendship between the two of you was so visible, the sweet remarks that the two of you made for each other, and most importantly the teasing was still there, the same witty comments were still there, and it seemed that Armaan and Riddhima were and will always be a part of Karan and Shilpa.

This interview is one of the most beautiful interviews taken by Saas Bahu aur Saazish because it really did showcase the care and understanding between Karan and Shilpa, even the light teasing and the small banters. It's all part of a bigger picture, their more sweet and tender friendship which both of them share off screen. The whole segment was just filled with this chemistry that was enough to burn down the screen, the questions asked, the way the two of you answered  your questions always showing us your in-depth persona's, not only as Armaan and Riddhima but also as Karan and Shilpa.

Throughout the whole of the interview, the small and short remarks made by each other are the comments that we will still talk about today. When Shilpa asks Karan how she must 'patao' him, it's such a sweet and adorable moment, Shilpa then replies, 'I'm always pataoing you..hamesha dill se, andar se-', this comment that has been remembered by KaShians for years now, and always used during conversations.

As we went along the interview new statements awaited to make KaShians delighted. When Karan said that he really missed the close scenes between him and Shilpa, that really gave joy to many KaShians, because during the time of DMG we really missed the close scenes the two of you had, but knowing that even you both missed your close scenes, we knew that something special was about to happen between Armaan and Riddhima. And to no disappointment, the sizzling Zara Zara sequence burned through our televisions. The two of you showed such charm and elegance in the interview, and most importantly genuineness, especially when Karan said how he felt when he saw Shilpa for the first time, he knew that Shilpa was Riddhima. But most importantly, Karan said; ''Bahout hi soni kudi hai, shooting shooting khelne mein maza aayega', and this was what made us realise that the two of you had such an easy going friendship that just filled the atmosphere. The way the two of you had the body language of being so very comfortable and yet respectful to one another, it shows a true artist at its best.

However it didn't end there, there was a very sweet moment in this interview, which really makes one go into an awestruck phase, because the way Karan leaned his head into Shilpa's shoulder, and then tried to fix her hair; that was just magical. It showed us the comfort level that they had within their friendship. With Karan and Shilpa, we knew just how comfortable the two of you were, the friendship was oozing through, and when Karan did finish fixing Shilpa's hair, he gave a small air kiss, and that was a moment to treasure forever. Everything the two of you did in this segment was so innocent, and just filled with pure bliss and something that everyone will remember forever.

Soon it came to an end, however the ending was filled with the same hope and fullness as the segment. Karan ended it with such a sweet note, 'In the end we're gonna be together', and that one sentence was enough to keep KaShians hoping for those extra two years that we waited for, and also now we are waiting for and we are still hoping because these mere statements that you make are treasured by us.

Hope still lives on.

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Hitching our wagon to a star

'Hope is a waking dream.'

How relevant does the above quote define the devotion, dedication, faith and love that had bonded all of us KaShians altogether since 2007 and till now(2013). Karan Singh Grover-Shilpa Anand, two popular names, two popular faces of Dill Mill Gayye who became KaSh for us and thus, and in turns our fandom turned into a 'household' name known as KaShians. Karan-Shilpa had undoubtedly garnered a massive fan following since 2007 in this youth-based medical show and are still being known as the Most Wanted and Unforgettable Jodi. Why? They had an amazing scintillating chemistry when they were on the same frame. Even in their bickering scenes, their side-splitting acts, their amorous and starry-eyed shots and the heart-wrenching moments in the show, they would keep you glued to their sizzling chemistry. However, unexpected events occurred during the DMG phase; no one would have thought the abrupt exit of Shilpa was to occur in May 2008 and that also when KaSh's on-screen presence as Armaan-Riddhima was peaking up leaving their viewers and fans in those hazy and dazy beautiful lingering thoughts of them. Brusquely, it was the end of a KaSh journey with an incomplete love story leaving us wanting them back for more.

June 2008: Avowed intent

Together, a new mission was born, together, a new hope was born, and together. we wanted to achieve the unfathomable and the unreachable. As crazy as the idea may have sounded, we were all bound to step above people's beliefs and stand up on our own faith, and our faith was that Karan and Shilpa had not bid us goodbye forever, but they would meet again, somehow…someday. Who would have thought the tiny love we had for this couple would have expanded into an obsession we weren't even aware of? Shilpa's exit from Dill Mill Gayye was not only a great blow to us but we desperately craved to see this scintillating couple back on screen. An unhappy ending and an unfulfilled KaSh track wasn't what we wanted. We desired for more passionate moments of KaSh as Armaan Riddhima burning the screen, we wanted all those sweet bickerings to stay for a long time, perhaps despite another actor coming to replace her, we wanted her back to the place where she deserved to be because Shilpa Anand was Riddhima Gupta and Armaan Malik's Riddhima was Shilpa Anand. Shilpa Anand's exit was the major watershed of DMG and unknowingly, our lives too.

Blood, sweat and tears:

The legendary tale of a KaShian's life: patience, a little bit of more patience and a colossal patience of more patience. Despite having an army of fighting KaShians, the road to success were filled with disappointments, despair and raging streak. Along with all the bitter feelings, we stood for our creed in getting Shilpa back on Dill Mill Gayye. Here was an aim that gathered thousands of fans across the globe, coming together and working for a mission which we were unaware about how long it would last for. A bunch of crazy of teenagers we were, bombarding the mails of the creatives of Cinevistaas to get our demands heard. Emails, faxes, posters, spams, petitions, letters and what did we not indulge ourselves into to voice out our demands. Phone calls were made to the studios of Dill Mill Gayye, and we shall admit guiltily how we really bugged those people for months to get their attention. Peculiar but amusing, the creatives termed it as a form of harassment we were executing upon them. But who cared? Neither did they seem to be listening to us and nor were we going to bend to their wishes. Weeks turned into months and months turned into almost a couple of months. Dejection plagued us. Was there someone who would actually see our dedications and love we had for this couple? Dill Mill Gayye's TRPs seemed to have gone down the gutter after Shilpa's exit. Didn't anyone seem to understand that Karan and Shilpa were the faces of DMG? If Karan was the Dill of Dill Mill Gayye then Shilpa was the Dhadkan of Dill Mill Gayye. Somehow, even Karan stated that DMG had the highest TRPs during the time KaSh were together onscreen for 9 months. If Cinevistaas seemed to be deaf-ear to fans demands, we sought help to media like Saas Bahu aur Saazish , Saas bahu aur Betiyaan and other mediums to make our requests pass through the steely barrier of the creatives' door. We do thank the team for the efforts they put during that time for listening to our demands. Unfortunately, we did not get any KaSh interviews from May 2008-June 2010. But during the two years of KaSh's absence onscreen, we went like mad fangirls whenever Karan or Shilpa mentioned about each other occasionally in their solo interviews. Smitten and fanatical fans as we were, we would drool over any piece of word they would say about each other, and those were enough reasons that never let us back down in our mission. The simplicity of KaSh's friendship off-screen enamoured us to no extent.

As strenuous as the mission was becoming, and even though there were a whole of negatives responses trailing behind us daily, we did not step back. It's a puzzling fact that we were fighting for something we wanted so badly and neither did any of these negatives feedback conjured us to ever think that Karan-Shilpa will never be back again. Studies that should have been our main priorities during that period, were forsake behind of us and instead every ounce of effort was poured into increasing the KaSh demands. How bonkers did the 'just a simple' couple made us? But they weren't a just a simple on-screen couple for us, they were this bewitching and enthralling couple who made us hold onto them no matter what. Their off-screen chemistry and onscreen romance were undefinable to us and as a matter of fact, even the media recognised them as one of the most unforgettable onscreen pairing till date.

As months passed by, we were repressed in a cocoon of failures. Sheer hard work were unsuccessful in getting KaSh back together. Months were nearly turning into a year now, and despite our efforts nothing seems to be fruitful for us. If KaSh were not destined to be back again on Dill Mill Gayye, then perhaps we had other options of getting them back. We never lost hope somehow.

Fighting foot and nail: The struggles of a fandom

We left no stone unturned as months passed away. Our demands kept escalating, media recognised KaSh as the Most Wanted onscreen couple and till date they are still among the top Tellywood on-screen jodis. Articles about our demands for KaSh expanded everywhere, and we were all just waiting for the glorious day when our humble requests would be once favoured. When Sukirti Kandpal (the second Riddhima) quit the show in 2009, we thrived hard and grasped the opportunity to get Shilpa Anand back. Rumours flied that the original Riddhima would be back again but then again, they were just rumours; our demands were once again rejected. We lost a golden opportunity in seeing KaSh back. Life seemed so unfair again.

If the television industry could not bring us KaSh, we had other ways to probably make us heard. We hit big bollywood banners with our KaSh demands for months, and obviously the efforts were unproductive though we were quite heard by some of them. But again, we did not retreat back from our mission. At that point, failures had made us even stronger. Whatever we sow, we reap. If we were sowing for so long, then there will be a day when all questions will be answered, where among all closed doors, one will be open for us. Any fan-group could have given up after so much failures in bringing their Jodi or favorites back but there was this unknown feeling that never made us give up. We wanted our demands/requests to expand everywhere and as much as possible.

A renowned page on Facebook known as KaSh BaaRish directed by some unknown group of KaShians but who were quick enough in helping us get heard were a great ray of hope for all KaSh fans. Along with us, they worked hard and thrived to get us onto our goals. They directed us towards a series of places where we could be voiced out. Hence, after failing to get Shilpa back into DMG, we hit the commercial agencies, media magazines and reality shows.

Commercial ads - There was this one response from Unilever that really overwhelmed us: "Yes, we have been getting lots of feedback to launch a new ice cream called KaSh,it's a sweet suggestion by fans of Karan+Shilpa." Well that certainly seemed like striking gold, didn't it? Who wouldn't have loved to hear an ice cream named after your favorite couple? But yet again, we were only heard, no achievements as of yet. We dreamed to see Karan-Shilpa being seen in a commercial ad even though they were barely a minute or just for a few seconds and in this hope, we tried various agencies spot.

Photoshoots/articles - Every hit couple has been on the cover of many magazines. Karan-Shilpa were were more of a hit jodi for us. We did deserve to see them featured on magazines. GR8 Magazine and Showtime magazine had failed in fulfilling our requests despite their efforts although we were lucky enough that they've published a KaSh Most Wanted article in 2009 for us and somehow kept mentioning them. Stardust magazine, Showtime Magazine, Gr8 Magazine, People Magazine, just to name a few were some of the places where we demanded day and night.

Dice are loaded

Reality shows, talk shows and events:

Yes, how could we not have bombarded those places as well? While many on-screen pairs were given a chance to perform or host or even ended up as contestants on any tv reality shows, our desired flamed to even see our most cherished favorites on a reality show together as well. When Karan was offered his first reality show, Zara Nachke Dikha Season 1, we undoubtedly blitz for Shilpa to be his co-host. If we had to talk about our luck again, then no, we didn't succeed on this scale as well. The response was such that we should try again next time for the next season of ZNKD. The dice were always loaded against us. Instead it was Shweta Gulati who was roped in next to Karan as his co-host.

The next year when Zara Nachke Dikha Season 2 came up, we insisted for Karan-Shilpa to be there as contestants. If we still remember the DMG Dance sequences, especially the Salsa Dance and Zara Zara Touch Me one, we could vouch that KaSh could burn the screen with a sizzling performance together. They were fire and rain. Karan-Shilpa were rumoured to be in the lists of the contestants but then it went down the drain, because the ZNKD snubbed our wishes and KaSh weren't roped in again. Later in 2009, we once again demanded for KaSh as co-hosts in the musical tv show, Idea Rocks India. Mails and spamming were sent all throughout to the team and they did hear us but couldn't grant us our wish to see them as co-hosts. Colors channel found their mail crash due to the extensive demands for KaSh. Shilpa was screen tested for the show on our requests but due the lack of music background knowledge, she couldn't be taken in. In 2011, we attacked the reality show Perfect Couple on Channel V, and we were enough grateful that they were trying to find a way to have Shilpa opposite Karan as host. But we knew that this would be effortless again. Maybe in future perhaps, we could see them as hosts as well, we can bet they will make a dynamite duo in hosting a show. Koffee with Karan and Kaun Banega Crorepati could be counted as well where we demanded for KaSh as celebrity guests but nothing occurred in the end. As always, we were at a low ebb.

We lived to fight another day.

In the meantime, all of this never hindered our mettle and conviction that we will not get what we all wanted. If the character of Riddhima could be replaced twice in Dill Mill Gayye, why can't it be replaced again, and this time by bringing the original Riddhima back with her Armaan. In 2010, we hotted up and made it a point to demand like never before, failures were enough now, we wanted success. We would snatch victory from the jaws of defeat if we had to, We wanted KaSh and we meant it. As we all know to find victory, we had to tread on a heap of negative news but the end was worth it.

Come up roses

2010 was finally the it year. Our KaSh were finally back on-screen and that as well in their own baby show, Dill Mill Gayye. While Karan was on a 6 months hiatus from DMG in 2009, he also made a comeback in 2010. The big blast was when miraculously Shilpa Anand was brought back in Dill Mill Gayye as well in June 2010. However, this time she was not back as Riddhima but in a new avatar and character name Shilpa Malhotra opposite Armaan Malik, our own Karan Singh Grover. Two years of sheer hard-work, patience, love and dedication made us see the light of the day. The wait was finally worth it. We were left satisfied and too overwhelmed by what we did accomplished.

In the end of this beautiful outcome and achievement, all we had to rejoice was that dreams do somehow come true. If you zealously and wholeheartedly wished for something in life, then patience, hard-work, faith and belief were the key to success at any step of the way. We, KaShians, could finally say we achieved the unfathomable, we were bathing in the crest of wave.

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A Day Without You is Like a Year Without Rain

Believe it or not, when the news came out about KaSh being back spread on fire, it actually rained in various countries where KaShians lived. The memories are vivid when KaShians would literally scream at each other to go run outside and get a taste of baarish, KaSh Baarish. It was all so surreal, but it felt like Heaven. The fact that your first scene was also in Baarish, it was like a dream come true, because we always wished to see your first scene in rain.

There were messages about KaSh Baarish flooding all over Facebook and KaSh Heaven. We were and still are looking for a word which can describe what we felt during these days. Overwhelmed with happiness, we felt beyond excited and excessively hyper. Those were just some small words just to get an idea about how we felt. We jumped with happiness, we had tears of joy, we danced like idiots, and we basically became owls by not sleeping the whole night, correction- many nights. Just because you were back and we had to celebrate that moment with all our KaShian family. The news of your comeback was spread so fast. All the KaShians made sure that everyone knew'we texted from middle of the class/work taking risks, we called, we spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, we emailed, we IMed and we Skyped! When we got to know that you were back; we had opened up this post and all the KaShians were told to make a prediction and write about an entry scene of you which they think might be shown first. We spent numerous sleepless nights waiting for some interview or some promo to finally be out about your come back. Many of us KaShians had exams during that time, but still they were with us celebrating this beautiful KaShilicious moment. Those days were one of the best days of our lives. We prayed and thanked God for this wonderful news.

Finally, there was an interview out about your comeback, which made us super excited. We watched that first interview again and again. However, we went crazier when another interview was taken of yours and you talked about how good it felt to be back and how you remembered the old days. We watched that interview millions of times and we watch all your interviews still. When we're feeling low, we watch KaSh scenes and interviews which brighten up our day and make us feel better. Many of us have most of the dialogues memorized of all your scenes, that's how much we watch them. And we made up KaSh games that we play in KaSh heaven. You guys have no idea how much we love you and how much we miss you now.

We instantly fell in love with Armaan and Shilpa from the very first scene, however, our love increased as we got to see more ArSh scenes. We would talk for hours and hours about just one scene, and then we realized that we fell in love with KaSh chemistry all over again. We watched and analyzed all of the  scenes with every KaShian we talked to. Yes, we talked about the same scenes over and over again, but we never got tired of it, and we still rejoice each and every scene of yours. We loved ArSh as much as we loved KaSh as Armaan and Riddhima. Nevertheless, ArSh made a special space in our hearts. Though, we were left heartbroken yet again when Shilpa left DMG for the second time.

The KaSh off screen interviews kept us happy, after Shilpa left and those still make us happy while we're waiting for your come back again. The interviews are the best memories that we have of yours and we often watch them all. We also analyzed the interviews and found out about the special friendship bond that you guys share. We pouted when we didn't understand your code language, but we were happy at the same time. We would get very excited by the sweet gestures you showed each other. Overall we loved every bit of those days of 2010 when you were on-screen and we would cherish them till the day you come back on screen together and we will cherish them even after that with the new scenes and interviews in the future. There is not a single day when we don't miss you, actually not a single moment. We miss you and love you and promise to love you no matter what. The uniqueness of ArSh completely left us bowled. Each scene remains special in our hearts despite of the way it ended. However, the feelings that rushed through us were different throughout each scene.

A Drop In The Ocean, A Change In The Weather

KaSh and rain has always our most favourite combination. The very first ArSh scene stole our hearts away. The light drizzle, Armaan and the unknown lady amidst the crowd. Even though it was such a short scene, it left us speechless and we straightly went to KaSh land, talking about it. Yes, we had been expecting a comeback scene but seeing that it was a baarish one, we had lost ourselves completely.  We watched that scene millions of times but we just couldn't get enough of it. We wanted more but all we could do at that moment was keep that certain scene on repeat and wait for further ArSh scenes.

Tum Mile Toh Lamhe Tham Gaye

We were literally jumping up and down, screaming, and grinning like idiots when we saw the first comeback interview. We had glimpses of KaSh and Shilpa speaking through it. Although, it wasn't a 'KaSh interview', it still managed to make us the happiest people around.. Shilpa, you mentioned how happy you were to be back, and believe us we were as happy as you were, or maybe just a bit more than you were because it felt as if all our dreams had come true. All our wishes and prayers were answered. Those 2 years seemed so much worth the wait and we cannot describe how we felt at that moment. It was a very different feeling, and it was of course a good feeling. You had mentioned how Karan loved your new look more, well guess what? We all loved it! You new look was as you had said: cute and 'hawt'.

"We're finally together!"-KaSh

Days went by and our excitement kept increasing with our heart pumping for more of you on our screen! After so many efforts, both of you were on Saas Bahu aur Saazish together for an interview. You guys seemed so hyper and excited in that interview; we loved each and every second of it. The way you were remembering the old times, we were remembering it along with you and thinking about moments such as those to happen again. It still felt like a dream to think that you are back, KaSh are back. It was as if we were dreaming and as much as it may sound cheesy, we were scared to wake up to face the reality. But we were not dreaming, you guys were really back. We cannot say how much we loved that interview. It consisted of so much in just a few minutes...you talked about how it felt to be back together in DMG again, your masti, and teasing each other. Even today, when we watch that interview, we laugh about how Karan told us about 'the punch incident', about how Shilpa shared her thought about Karan shrinking and most of all about how you seemed as happy as us about your comeback.

Back To Square One!

Lights. Camera. Action. Role Reversal! The basketball game between Armaan and Shilpa reminded us of the first meeting of Armaan and Riddhima (2007). We loved the new change though, Shilpa's character resembled to Armaan's character and watching the "Armaan type" Shilpa was really fun too. During one of the interviews, Shilpa had said that "I will take my revenge" and we would agree with it because while watching some of the Armaan and Shilpa scenes in the beginning, it did look like you were taking revenge. Armaan being the prankster had definitely started to get common for us but seeing Armaan being the target was new and especially the way Shilpa had been tormenting him through her pranks, the show Dill Mill Gayye had just got it's fun factor back once again!

Naa Tere Din Guzrenge, Na Teri Raat Kategi

The Dhanno song had become insanely famous since we heard about the sequence that was going to happen. Each KaShian would be singing that song on the top of their lungs, KaSh Heaven's pages were full of Dhanno lyrics and all of us danced to it all day and night! We had that song on repeat as we talked and enjoyed the celebration of your come back. The day the Dhanno song sequence aired on the show, we had gone crazy! There was so much hyper activeness all around and the discussions of the dance did not stop at all. We were up all night watching the sequence and putting it on repeat without getting tired. Also, the eye-lock between ArSh was a great surprise indeed for all the KaShians! The chemistry between you two was shining bright throughout the whole song sequence and with the countless times that we had watched the sequence, your chemistry managed to shine even brighter with each time that we watched it.

Fire Escape: There's No Way To Escape The Heat

Life has much more to it than just laughs and pranks. There is a certain time that comes for an emotional path of life and it was there waiting for Shilpa Malhotra. The first emotional fire escape scene was very beautifully done. With the way Shilpa acted out the scene so naturally, it left us all stunned with the amazing acting qualities that you have shown us within the character of Shilpa Malhotra. However, Armaan seemed to be extremely confused with his words and had a lot of trouble putting his feelings into words which somehow managed to make the scene a bit fun-filled.  The way Shilpa answered him back left us amazed and we were eager to see more of the 'strong girl' personality in her. As we discovered her more, we started loving her more. With that one teardrop falling into Armaan's handkerchief, we couldn't help but admire the unromantic scene as a romance in front of us.

"Who's your true friend?"-Shilpa "Tum!"-Karan

You must have figured out by now that there's absolutely no words that we can describe you with. With the great appreciation you guys have received for your on-screen chemistry, you must give some credit for the appreciation to your off-screen bond too! The Telly Tadka Friendship Day Interview that we had of the both of you was seriously an 'out of this world' interview. You guys made us beyond happy with that interview. You guys showed us how much you guys love each other's company and appreciate your friendship. We will never forget that interview, it had everything. The KaSh fun that we're always ready to see and the one which you are always having; the KaSh care - we always knew that you guys cared for each other but this was the first time we saw it through the interview; and the KaSh affection that we see in each of your interviews. The best thing about this interview that we all loved was when you both were busy having your own conversations even when the camera was in front of you. It seemed as if you both had forgotten that the camera was in front. The interview had some questions for you and you were asked about an unforgettable memory with each other, you both had then said that everyday with each other for you is unforgettable and honestly, it's not just for you that your moments mark down at the back of your minds, each time we see you both together, those moments are captured forever in our minds and hearts. There was also a question where you were asked about your true friends and Karan, you mentioned Shilpa as one of them and we cannot say how much we adored that! Also, trust us on the fact that because of you, we have managed to make loads of true friends too, among KaShians. And Karan, we've marked down your words of "Wishful thinking always works" - we're still wishing for KaSh comeback.

Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka

With the Friendship Day hype going around, we had yet another interview and this time from Saas Bahu aur Saazish. That interview was definitely unique with the way you guys made friendship bands out of Band-Aids and the way you guys turned the song Happy Birthday into Happy Friendship Day! That was something new we came across. Also, the way the Friendship song was ended with 'Happy Friendship Day Shilpu' had exceeded the boundaries of adorability! Karan, we absolutely adore the way you admire your and Shilpa's friendship and Shilpa, although Karan asked you to apply the band-aid in your lips, we think that you did a great job not putting it on as we wouldn't have known who your favourite co-star is! Of course, it had to be Karan! 

The Hope In My Eyes, It Was Only Just A Dream

Seeing the ArSh story develop in Dill Mill Gayye was a huge thing for us. We were yearning for more scenes of ArSh but never had we expected a confession so soon! So what the confession was just a dream? Just one promo of the dream confession, it made us go crazy. We're still speechless about how passionately that scene was done and the entire scene was beyond beautiful. We were awestruck after watching it and we watched it numerous times. Shilpa, hats off to you for the splendid dancing and the way you showed your emotions. Although Armaan was included so shortly throughout the whole scene, the KaSh magic still managed to brighten up and get appreciated even more with just that one little scene. Action speak louder than words, Silence speak volumes, Eyes do their talking: all those phrases had been proven right with this scene.

Catch Me 'Cuz I'm Falling

Armaan and Shilpa's scenes were very unique and new. Some of the scenes were Karate & Boxing match. None of us had expected to see a scene as such between you two and neither have we ever seen a scene like this on screen. The proximity between ArSh made Shilpa lose herself in her own world that had Armaan in it. It was slowly showing the way Shilpa was developing feelings for Armaan and the way he was affecting her. However, with the blindfolded Armaan in the Karate scene and the blindfolded Shilpa in the Boxing scene, Armaan failed to notice the changing and awkward Shilpa. Both the scenes were wonderful in their own way; it was showing the progression of Armaan and Shilpa's relationship which we were patiently waiting to see.

Realising Within A Dream

Dreams sequences of ArSh seemed to be the best scenes we could get! A scene that made our heart race in an ecstatic way. It was a realization scene of Shilpa that made it so beautiful, the way she dreamt of Armaan being there with her and the way she wanted him to be with her all along. The background music Saajna had become famous among us and that definitely made the scene more romantic. We have always said that it doesn't matter what kind of scene it is, you guys have 'the' chemistry which makes the scenes stand out and this romance stood out for us with the way you guys acted so naturally!

When Lightening Struck

Shilpa Malhotra was head over heels in love with Armaan Malik but with Armaan having his own rough past, we were excited to see what form would the love story of ArSh be developed in. After being caused so much pain through love, we definitely did not expect Armaan to fall in love at the first sight of Shilpa. However, Armaan had started to feel different towards and with Shilpa. Seeing her dance in the rain made him smile and the way he was checking her out showed that there were hidden feelings for Shilpa from him. With the lightening that struck, both ArSh shouted out each others' names crying for help. It seemed like their life was getting pulled away from each other and the way this scene was acted so brilliantly with the half-realisation of Armaan towards the end. With the realisations of ArSh, even we realised our love towards KaSh..who wouldn't love to see a burning chemistry on their television screens everyday?!

Were we always meant to say goodbye?

Life in reel and real then took a sudden change. It was unexpected, heart-wrenching and what not! We had never thought we would have to come across one more goodbye scene. Yes, we had experienced it before but it wasn't any less painful. In the end, it all hurt the same and still does. It made us cry, a lot and it isn't even surprising anymore to hear someone crying after watching the scene. The emotions, the dialogues, everything seemed so real this time that with each second of the scene that passed by, it became harder for us to let you go. We might have worked hard for two years with so much efforts into bringing you back but we weren't ready for the harsh reality to come in front of us. Our hard-work had paid off after a long time and we were just starting to enjoy it, just starting to realise how far we've come but in just a blink of an eye, it had all changed and there was absolutely nothing that we could do about it. It wasn't the first time we encountered a goodbye scene between you two but we really hope and pray that it was the last one since every goodbye brings the next hello closer.

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They're just an on-screen couple, nothing else.


"Hope may leave us but we shall never lose hope," was previously said by one of our KaShians. They mentioned you as our hope. Leaving us shattered in the most unexpected and unimaginable way, our 'hope' left us; but still, we haven't ever managed to loosen the grasp we had on it either. You were like a fresh breeze every time we saw the slightest glance of you, but as quickly as a breeze comes in, the faster it goes. Never had we imagined to lose you the second time because it all seemed so ecstatic having you back. For the first time in two years, we actually accomplished something, together. Holding hands to conquer what we believed we deserved, had been our goal, and there was never a moment when we thought to give up.

We knew somewhere inside our hearts that you would be back, no matter how long it would take, but you would. This time, we honestly don't know if there will ever be a "come back." Although now the hopes are less, the faith still remains high. To be honest, the faith isn't ever going to decline anyways; it's something that KaShians as a whole have achieved to keep, considering a whole lot of patience as well. Karan once said, "Hum kehna chayenge ki, you guys are so faithful man!" and we'll forever live up to that compliment. "In the end, we're gonna be together" was said to us by the both of you, and that one statement always manages to give us more hope that you will come back to fulfill your promise. The day this statement comes true, we would want to say that you guys remained faithful back to us.

This time, we were hit with a harder punch. The second round was the toughest, losing you once was one thing, but losing you the second time around, was the toughest experience a fan group could ever face. We guessed that with the hardships we had already faced previously, we never thought we'd see this coming once again in a more disastrous way. We thought our hard work was appreciated and all we asked in return was you; nothing more, nothing less. Trust a KaShian, a five minute interview or a two minute message would have kept them happy for more than half a year, and would have kept the KaSh Heaven flying with numerous threads filled of excitement, unimaginable happiness and loads and loads of bonding. Yes, KaSh Heaven still goes on and it's filled with happiness and tears because we're there, staying together waiting for you.

But there are always people who want to crush our hope and take it to no extent of making fun of people's feelings. We've been hurt, deceived, mocked, blamed… you name it. And all for what? For loving you to no extent, trying to keep you with us because we didn't want to let you go for the second time. Betrayed by an awful lot of people, we still managed to stay strong. Comments such as having a split personality, and not loving one of the two of you have and still are passed towards us. As much as we try our best to ignore them, coming across them still leaves this unexplainable pang in our hearts. Even if we lost numerous times, we never gave up and never tried to bring each other down, but other fan groups did. They left no opportunity to rub their win and our loss in our faces. Failures that happened abruptly were pointed in harsh manners towards us to bring us down, but in our hearts we knew, that we'll prove haters wrong, and one day be proud of ourselves for never giving up. To be honest, yes, there were times when we became negative, but we always came together, and pulled each other out of the pessimism. As soon as we looked through a positive light, everything became so much easier. The pain was still there, but we had no regrets. However, despite of the way we have been mocked and bashed even on a personal level, for no proper reason, we chose to go on your path of peace, love and happiness, making sure that we wouldn't let anyone affect us or our love towards you.

A friendship admired by millions, that consisted of such sweet moments and simple words that inspired us all, was none other than you two's. Friendship has great values and love in it, and both seemed crystal clear for us. It was your bonding that kept us strong and gave us optimism. Maybe, this time, a few may have changed but we would always like to say one thing to you, never let anyone get in the middle of your friendship, because your friendship is one that is forever special, and forever inspirational. Talking about you has always been our favorite hobby and in that way, all of us KaShians have come closer, sharing a tight bond. We're like a gigantic family, all of us are sisters and brothers, taking each other's problems as our own, always being there for each other, and always just having a great time, be it on the KaSh Heaven, Skype, Facebook, Gmail, etc. Our friendship continued to grow and flourish. It became stronger when the late night chats turned into hour-long calls, and when one person had trouble waking up to their alarm, we took the responsibility to call and wake them up from their slumber. We dreamt new, crazy, hilarious dreams together every day. Like living in a mansion together with you—each having our own rooms, with nights full of dancing, laughing and pure togetherness. Though one thing we've come to hate; is the different time zones! If it wasn't for you two who were our inspiration friendship-wise, we wouldn't have ever came this far, and you've just helped us so much in bringing us together as a family, and we thank you for giving us this beautiful gift. The friendship you two share is very strong, whenever we see your interviews, you can directly see how much you care for one another, how much you love being together, and overall, how amazing friends you two are! More than having you guys come back on screen; we wish that you two stay close friends till eternity, because it's this friendship that gives us hope, happiness, and togetherness! We never let anyone upset us despite of what we've been through and you shouldn't let anyone come in between or let anyone break the essence of the beautiful bond you both share either.

All of us are emotionally attached to you both; every little thing you do or say has a great impact on us. A lot of statements by both of you has been made in the past and each of those statements mean so much to us. When you say you love the chemistry between KaSh, our happiness exceeds boundaries. When you say how much you appreciate us being faithful to you, we stand by you promising to be here till the end. Each of those small words come out to be so big for us and leave a huge impact. Of course there have been times when some of the statements haven't favoured us - for a matter of fact, yes, we got upset but no, we didn't let that bring us down. Instead, we thought about the positive statements that had been made and brought optimism within ourselves and continued to work hard for something that seems to be our only dream.

Honestly, we don't even work as hard for ourselves as we do for you because we love doing things that relate back to KaSh. This isn't really something we can describe, but studies were affected due to constant failures we faced yet we still tried in new areas because our heart desired for you, despite of the problems we went through. Health, well…they were affected due to the lack of sleep, loads of work and trying beyond our best capability to stop ourselves from suffering once again and lose the most precious gift, KaSh, one more time. For some, hope was completely lost, they disappeared and didn't come back to our family-our KaSh family, grades went down the drain, tests weren't as outstanding as they used to be, sleepless nights dedicated to emails, messages, calls for KaSh affected our health, and migraines and sicknesses flew in and out of our circle. Things might have changed in some circumstances but the truth is that you're not just some on-screen couple to us, you've taught us so much in the past: about love, friendship, family… basically everything. You're too fresh in our minds and hearts to be forgotten. We have been emotionally attached to you since the beginning and nothing can change that. We knew that you were like a drug to us, we needed you. And without you, we weren't complete. There remains no change now either. We were crumbling back then and we still are, but the difference now is that it's worse. In our hearts we wish we could go back in time, and recreate those moments when nothing was wrong, but unfortunately that remains only as a dream now, and the only way to achieve that dream, is to have you back. You are the string that binds us together. Though we say our hope left us, somehow you still manage to be our hope no matter what. If it wasn't for you, KaShians wouldn't have been what they are today. We will face every struggle that comes through but won't give up because quite frankly, when it comes to KaSh, we can exceed any boundaries, which speaking of, we already have pushed everything beyond limits, and created history with our efforts numerous times. We do believe that one day, you will come back. Call it a miracle or something that was to happen but we won't give up. We will face through all of these obstacles and hopefully, you will help us overcome them.  Overall, our message to you is that we need you, and without having you it's reliving a loveless torture. Spinning new dreams together is something that we'll never stop doing, and we will keep on dreaming and hoping for you two to come back, and fill our lives with and happiness and love.

You started us and we wouldn't want to finish off what you rightfully began. We promise to stay together, forever love you unconditionally, and we hope you fulfill your promises that you not only made to us, but to each other as well. And with a hope so strong, we stand together and say, we believed in everything we did and we wish to believe in you too.

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KaSh Heaven: The Ultimate Paradise

24th August 2007 - We reminisce the day the first KaSh Appreciation Thread  was opened on India-Forums which was dedicated to Karan Singh Grover & Shilpa Anand. It took just four days for KaShians to be fully swept away by the amazing chemistry you both held on screen. KaSh Heaven remains among the first Appreciation Thread that has a mass number of international fans across the globe, who are also called a bunch of obsessive fans who go all the way in showing their love and devotion to their one and most favourite on screen couple and that is definitely you, KaSh. With clarity we can say that the best phase of Dill Mill Gayye was during KaSh Armaan-Riddhima times. Not even a single day passed by where we didn't miss a single KaSh episode and not coming on Heaven drooling over the fact that ''KaSh rocked the episode as always'' or "Wow, what chemistry!". KaSh Heaven remains the most active appreciation thread on India-Forums. Now that's why we said obsessive fans, people are 'KaShing' every single day! We keep falling for KaSh every single moment, and what's more stunning is that we can go ahead watching KaSh scenes over hundreds of times and have endless discussion about how perfect you guys sizzle once you are on screen. With Pride we can shout that yes yes we are the first fan group ever to complete over 850 threads of KaSh Asli True Love Heaven. It has been a long journey so far to have all KaShians sticking together and making it possible and moreover even when you guys were not even on screen we kept loving you and will always continue doing so, because KaSh for us is our love that dwells in our heart today and forever! We still cherish those fabulous moments when you guys gave us an audio or video messages for topping centuries of KaSh Heaven Threads. However, as much as we were ecstatic of being the first ones to reach 500 threads in 2010, we were at the same time a bit disappointed with things that happened around us and how we didn't get a return gift from and till now we still hope that maybe you might be generous enough to grant our wish and give us a little message, keeping us at peace. United We Stand - a promise that KaShians will make history by reaching 1000 threads of KaSh Heaven because KaSh & KaShians are something that could take the unbroken records into a broken one together. And hopefully as much as we keep showering our love and wishes to you each day of our lives, we hope you guys do love us the same way.  

So, the most intriguing thing is how did KaSh Heaven remain so active and alive even though you guys were on and off on screen. How did we wrap so many pages and what is there to talk so much about you guys that we don't get fed up? Well, that's what is marvelous about KaShians, there's always something brewing in our wicked minds and then BANG ON! We are already transported to a visionary 'KaSh World'...away from sorrowful reality that you are not coming back on screen anytime soon and that the wait continues...Anyway forget about not coming on screen, our dreams are much better and KaShsome of what the reality reserves.

KaSh Island - Now how does it sound? A maddening conundrum? Apparently not, because since a very long time we KaShians have been engaging ourselves in this irresistible fascination which as happens to be the wildest dream ever.  A huge mansion in the middle of the island, beaches, sea, huge garden, with our  Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari…Great garage, more than hundred bedrooms, now why hundred bedrooms? Its obvious all KaShians are going to stay in the same mansion with you both, just imagine how filthy rich we will be, lavish lifestyle and everything will be just extravagant. Moreover, we will be having a beach view just at the backside of the mansion, serene and soothing. Additionally, a swimming pool is a must and with that we have included basketball, volleyball, football and badminton fields and, keeping in mind about how you both are fitness freak, we will include a gym. What a sight in the morning for us to see Karan lifting those heavy dumbbells, flexing those damn great muscles of his and the panache of Shilpa doing her workout. Now that's a hot morning view for us. Believe us. An immense kitchen and dining hall, and since Karan you have done hotel management before, we KaShians and Shilpa won't mind if you could show us your skills and specialties. The mansion does consist of most entertaining areas also which are yet to be constructed in our creative minds; a home cinema is definitely in.

Now if you guys think that KaSh Island consists of only our mansion then no, we are envisaging building up the KaSh-E-School. This has been very spellbinding for us. KaShians are fed up with day to day routines of studies, exams and tensions. As if integration, differentiation and trigonometry of mathematics will help us in future or the tragedies of Prince Hamlet leading us to meaningful prospects. It's more easy for us to remember the lines of your interviews like "Oh my God! Karan shrunk!"-Shilpa, "Cuz in the end we will be together"-KSG or the epic Armaan-Riddhima scenes dialogues "Mummy bachao, aunty dara rahi hai." And it's better for us to memorize the likes and dislikes of you guys. Isn't it more entertaining than the boring subjects we are taught at schools and colleges! KaSh-e-School will be the most unique institution where we shall bring up unique ideas and concepts for the classes. Hence we are opening various classes and now we can't put in writing all the things we have in mind to include, for that we shall wait for the opening of the school itself.

One more crazy idea coming up. So after graduating from KaSh-E-School where would we go? Will students like us even get a job after learning the 'rare kind of studies'. No need to worry here as well, because everything is perfectly planned. Now enters the KaSh Heaven Production House. Crazy as we said, can't help it either, after all we are KaShians. Frustrated with the fact that KaShians have been demanding for you both to be back on-screen since 2008 and till now, we have been always been left disappointed with the fact that no one ever listens, how long do we keep demanding, how long do we keep contacting media to just cast you both on the same screen?! Photo shoots, music videos, reality shows, show serials, TV channels, Medias… we failed in all these places despite our heavy demands to bring you back. So we are fed up how we are taken for granted. So that's it, it's time we take things in our own hands since it's just us who seem to understand how we feel about you; once we have enough budgets and capital we are going to build up our own KaSh Heaven Production House to cast you both and this time, it will be us: the sponsors, the directors, the producers and we will also have our own crew of story writers who have much better story to showcase on the channels and we are definitely going to make it stand out.

We also once had an idea of kidnapping KaSh once. This is idiotically awesome and we earlier transmitted our mission idea to you Karan, trust us; this plan remains in action if you both delay on coming on-screen as soon as possible.  How much we will have to wait? Please come back soon!

Coming to a bit of reality, we have been planning to meet KaSh once, a group of KaShians and we hope we are successful that this day will come soon. Since we people don't live in India, it shall take us time to fulfill this dream of ours. We truly want to meet you once in our life because we believe that you are those amazing stars with down to earth feelings and thoughts, and this will be such a great honour to meet you in real and plus we won't ask much just to make us visit India by being our guide since we are NRI. That's really not much, is it? And we will have our buzz of questions and gifts and many more things to give you. So wait for us, we are coming!

Spic, span and fresh, we are KaShians who dare to dream. Those were only a few things we listed on what we sometimes discussed. Now for you both to know what we keep talking on Heaven, it's better for you to visit and know it all by yourself and be surprised.  KaSh Heaven appreciation thread exclusively for KaSh talks. We also had an ardent wish that you both once visit KaSh Heaven, just once when we probably hit the 1000th Thread or give a combine interview for whatever we have achieved. Thousands of fans have one wish to see you together once again and what's more perfect than the 1000th thread itself for you to give us a combined message? It's purely asli true love for you, whatever we did was from dil se yet we are hopelessly hopeful about it. Just once show us that you really do care for us. Just a small attempt from your side will just make us happy, we are not asking for much. KaSh Heaven is purely for you only; a home for many KaShians that can be phrased as a Heavenly Home...we love you KaSh!

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100 Things We Love About KaSh

  1. Your undeniable chemistry.

  2. Your beautiful friendship that is an inspiration.

  3. You're both fun-loving people.

  4. You both are the Diamonds of TV.

  5. Your genuineness.

  6. Your childish behavior (Interviews).

  7. Your adorable pets (Breezer & Shopaw).

  8. Grover + Anand = GrAnd; it depicts their personality very well.

  9. Two syllables in their individual names and one syllable when put together: KaSh.

  10. You're an inspiration for every single KaShian through everyday life.

  11. The way you spread optimism.

  12. You made us more imaginative, creative and out-going.

  13. Always applauded for their exemplary work as Armaan and Riddhima.

  14. Been a role model on and off-screen to many of us.

  15. Made us realise how important friendship and appreciation is.

  16. Gave us a KaSh family.

  17. Taught us to respect and value opinions of everyone.

  18. Karan's dimples.

  19. Your smiles brighten our day.

  20. Your expressive eyes.

  21. Your flawless acting; you make every scene come alive.

  22. You forget about the camera during your interviews.

  23. You both love going to the gym and always remain fit and healthy.

  24. Fashion sense.

  25. Your idea of 'Peace, love and happiness.

  26. Your laughs are infectious.

  27. Your love for your family.

  28. Both of your natures are calm, sweet, warm and friendly.

  29. Inner beauty.

  30. Your phenomenal performances in DMG thoroughly.

  31. You make fire feel cold with your hotness.

  32. You are affectionate for one another which makes us affectionate for each other.

  33. You are the treasure of love who give us something fresh each time.

  34. Your sensibility in various situations.

  35. Your hilarious masti.

  36. If Karan smiles, Shilpa smiles automatically.

  37. KaSh have always been faithful to their fans.

  38. You have the recipe for a hit show.

  39. You have the ability to master any type of role & give the role it's justice.

  40. You make us feel complete.

  41. You always talk from their heart.

  42. You interact with your fans so humbly.

  43. Making us realise our closeness towards family and friends.

  44. The way you're "picture perfect".

  45. Outstanding comic timing.

  46. Karan and Shilpa's hair.

  47. The way you both dance.

  48. You don't show off and are really modest.

  49. We love the way Karan fixes Shilpa's hair on and off-screen.

  50. The way you forget about the camera and indulge in your own conversations during interviews.

  51. We love, but mostly hate your incomplete sentences that leaves us curious.

  52. The way you both remember small facts and inside jokes about each other.

  53. The way you compliment each other.

  54. The meanings of your name prove that you are the most meaningful couple:

    KaSh pronounced as "Cash": Posession

    KaSh pronounced as "Kaash": Wish, hope

    GrAnd: Grand

  55. You're the two eternal souls of Television.

  56. You were the ones who brought the first revolution in Tellywood.

  57. The way you grabbed the biggest fan base from all over the world.

  58. Left a huge impact not only on the younger generation, but our families as well in such a short time.

  59. The way you bond so well all of your co-stars (Pankit, Sunaina, Muskaan, Drashti, Mayank, and also the rest of the cast & crew of DMG).

  60. Your down to earth nature.

  61. You attracted audiences all around the world who never watched Indian TV before. It's a fact.

  62. You made history in Indian Television.

  63. The fact that you love baarish made us love KaSh baarish.

  64. That you came back for fans; it meant the world to us.

  65. The never ending KaSh Konnections.

  66. You both are spontaneous when it comes to comic senses. None can deliver such Tom & Jerry like or any other cartoon type characters expressions.

  67. We love your cartoon T-shirts! (Superman, Mickey Mouse, etc).

  68. You're unforgettable.

  69. You make us feel proud to be a KaShian.

  70. We love you for being who you are.

  71. You gave us a second home, KaSh Heaven.

  72. You gave us many reasons to smile and celebrate about.

  73. You never gave up despite of the struggles and succeeded.

  74. Your innocence that you had since your childhood.

  75. The way you're so helpful and supportive.

  76. The way you're so welcoming

  77. The way you make everyone feel comfortable.

  78. Your positive attitude.

  79. Your caring nature & kindness.

  80. The way you're hardworking and determined.

  81. Your simplicity that makes you special.

  82. The way you motivate us and everyone.

  83. You are awesome basketball players.

  84. You are confident.

  85. Your decency.

  86. Your maturity and appropriateness.

  87. The way you trust each other.

  88. Your opinions are really similar to each other's.

  89. Knowledgeable

  90. You're professional.

  91. You stand for what you believe is right.

  92. Impeccable personality.

  93. You hold great importance in our lives.

  94. You're the grand crown that our heart wears/

  95. You're very different yet very similar.

  96. You've been given various titles such as: The Most Wanted & Unforgettable Couple, etc.

  97. You make us believe that wishful thinking always works.

  98. You're original, cannot be replaced.

  99. You love us, KaShians.

  100. You love the jodi, KaSh.

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