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KaSh Heaven #1000: WE CAME, WE SAW, WE CONQUERED! (Page 5)

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 8:36am | IP Logged

Hey Everyone ! Wish you a very very happy 1000 threads. And its been such a privilege for me that I got the chance of writing such a beautiful journey dedicating to all KaShians. It is for all KaShians. Even if I have mistakenly missed any of you please forgive me cause I have truly written this for every one of you only. This has been such a great experience for me. Also, I want to clearly mention this is done on sole purpose of entertaining everyone. Not to hurt feelings of anyone. And if unintentionally I have done so please do forgive me. I Must say this made me laugh a lot while writing. Really hope everyone enjoys reading the story and always keep smiling cause in the end we all need to remember is that "Its US who can makes each other smile" No one else. Love you all.

-Note : In this story there are few characters who have same name. So clearing it out.
Aish : -IamAwsome-
Jen : Jenny1000
Jeny : -Jeny-
Shilpa : Dulcet

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"Is this really her house!!"
"OMG! This is sooo beautiful "
"GUYS!! Did you see the beach? Its freaking awesome!"
"I am going to spend all my time out there"
"Hello.. Guys.."
"I am so glad we planned this trip"
"Listen to me!!"
"This is going to be the best vacation EVER!!!"
"STOP!!!!!! " Virina shouted irritatedly. "Here I am trying to get your attention, and you people are busy chatting around."
"Vinu darling, you have all our attention." Anku teased her.
"And come on it's the first time I have visited Mauritius." Riya rolled her eyes. "Of course I am excited."
Virina said sarcastically. "No, this is the first time I saw the beach"
"You don't need to be sarcastic to us." Maham pointed out softly.
"Exactly and what are you even worried about?" Tabi questioned her.
Ramsha : "She is worried about the remaining girls who have still not arrived."
"Of course I am!!" Virina responded immediately. "They are supposed to arrive here today but I haven't got a damn clue about where the hell they all are."
"Chill girl! They will be coming soon. " Jen commented gently.
"I really have a feeling they must be stuck somewhere. They will be here soon though." Aliya assured her.
"I hope so." Virina muttered softly. "Lets just hope none of them is in trouble."

Well duh, Virina! Its not as if trouble forgets to come after KaShians.
Mauritius Airport:
"Ok girls!" Rida joined them with a big smile. Before we go for the security check, let me count if all of us are here."
"Rida" Aishy rolled her eyes. "How can anyone get lost from the plane?"
Before Rida could answer, they heard a crying behind them.
"DAMN!!" Aishy cursed burying her face in her hand.
"AISHY!!!" Anu joined them in tears. "How could you leave me in the plane like that!"
Rida gave a told you look while others laughed.
"I am not talking to you...how can you leave me behind like that?"
"But I thought you left early." Aishy protested.
Shilpa: "Anu you know..DJ was busy flirting with the men around.."
Tani: "No wonder she forgot you."
Anu: AISHY!!! How could you do that to me?!" She starts to cry again. "I am going BYE!"
"Oh god." Aishy groaned and glared at them. "Now I have to go after her and pacify her."
"Good luck Aish!" Roma joked while other giggled.
"And there go two!" Rida shook her head. "Here I am trying to count and all are leaving. OK GUYS ATTENTION!"
As Rida went through the list, she noticed "MORE THAN HALF OF US ARE NOT HERE!!!"

Meanwhile at the baggage counter:
"Iski toh mein!" Rish cursed angrily. "Meri bag kahan hai??"
Srish: POOJITHA! They won't understand hindi.
The security guard stared at her confused.
"Oye! Speak in English Rish ma'am." Srish spoke impatiently.
Poo: Rish, don't worry. They will find your bag soon.
"Most of us are Indians. What are we supposed to speak then? Russian?" Rish shouted irritatedly.
Poo glanced away embarrassed seeing everyone stare at them.
"You are already speaking English." Srish pointed out.
"Excuse me ma'am" The security guy joined them.  "Were you looking for your luggage?"
"YES!" Rish replied instantly. "Did you find it?"
"No..But we are still looking for it."
Poo & Srish : RISH!!!

While some in the washroom:
Bharti : Guys, don't you think we are getting late?
Tammy : Ofcourse not! My tummy feels sick after that flight.
Nori  was in her dream world.  "How I wish I could meet Shaheer here."
"In the bathroom?" Bharti questioned while Tammy broke into laugh.
"Nice choice, Nori!" Tammy joked.
"Very funny!" Nori made a face. "We better leave or else I am not going to meet Virina soon. I am soo excited!"
"You guys are here!" Jeny spoke as she walked inside the bathroom. "What's up?"
"Nori came to meet Shaheer."
"Ohhh" Jeny gave a teasing look.
"Shut up." Nori made a face. "You guys always want to make fun of me."
"Not really" Jeny spoke dragging her. "We are late; lets go!"
"Fine fine! Let's go!"

These people are everywhere. Why can't they just stick in one place?
Ananya: And what's new about that?
Aish: Hey kid, just stay quiet. Kids shouldn't speak with elders like that.
"Now don't start both of you." Priya scolded them. "We better get back. They must be looking for us."
"But I am HUNGRY!" Aish protested loudly. "I can't walk with an empty stomach." She spoke dramatically.
"What a drama queen!" Ananya rolled her eyes.
"As if you aren't." Aish shot back.
"OK STOP!" Priya interrupted. "There are staff members here, let's ask one of them."
Quickly they approached one of the staff members, some guy.
"Bhaiyya khana kahan milega? " Aish asked quickly.
"Excuse me?" They guy asked confused.
"You are supposed to speak English!" Ananya muttered out.
Aish rolled her eyes and gave a big smile to the man. "Where can we find food?"

No wonder Rida is worried. Everyone is roaming around here and there.
Leen: Wow! J, don't you think this place is awesome?
Jackie: I already love it, G' I am going to have fun!
Leen: Don't forget to take me.
Jackie gave an excited smile. "OF COURSE"
"GUYS!!! " Rida joined everyone again. "I am damn confused. Can you tell me who is here and who the hell isn't?"
Shilpa: I am here.
Bhavika & Krishika: Us too.
Zarqaa rolled her eyes and stepped forward. "Let me make it easier." She started to count. "Nandini, Tani, Keddie, Leen, Jackie, Roma, Aichu are here."
Nori : Guys! Guysss! Even I am here.
Jeny: Don't forget me.
Bharti: Me too.
Tammy: I am not here.
Rida: Very funny! Where the hell were you people? Who takes so much time in washroom?
And then she noticed Poo, Srish and a very angry Rish joining them. "I am not even going to ask what happened."
"Good decision Rida" Rish replied.
"We are here too." Anu replied happily dragging Aishy along with her. "And don't any of you dare look at my Aishy. She is only mine."
"Who else is not here?" Rida asked.
"Finally!" Priya joined happily along with Ananya; Aish came behind them rubbing her tummy with a satisfied smile.
Aish: *Burp* Shall we go guys?
"You went to eat?" Aishy  asked suspiciously.
"That's not fair!" Shilpa spoke mortified. "I wanted to eat too!"
"Even I am hungry." Tani pouted.
Bhavika: "Can we go to eat ?"
"NO!" Rida spoke firmly. "Now that all of us are here, we better leave."

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So finally everyone reached their destination. Everyone was happy except..

Later that evening:
"Do you guys even know how worried we all have been?" Virina stood in front of them with a strict look.
"And nice to see you too!" Zarqaa grinned.
Virina: This is not funny. What took you so long to reach here?
Nori: Washroom.
Aish: Food!
Aishy: Anu's crying.
Rish: My luggage.
Virina: Your luggage?! Why is that things are always wrong with you?
Poo shook her head tiredly. "Don't ask Vinu! Rish couldn't find her bag so she was shouting at the security guy."
Srish: That too in Hindi.
"Oh great!" Virina muttered. 
"Wait wait! " Rida got up instantly. "Your bag was with us the whole time. I told Keddie to take it along with hers."
Rish: WHAT? And you couldn't tell me that before? And here I was taking my anger and frustration out on the wrong person. And who is this Teddy?
Keddie: My name is Keddie!
"It sounds the same."
"NO, it doesn't!"
"Oye, wait! Stop fighting, will you?" Anku spoke irritated.
"Exactly, I am trying to sleep here." Ramsha muttered leaning to Mais who was busy with her food.
"One minute, one minute. No one is even asking how I am." Aichu complained.
"Ok so, how are you?" Virina asked impatiently.
"I am not fine at all! I freaking vomited in the flight. It always makes me dizzy."
"Why don't you go and take some rest?" Aliya suggested her gently.
"No, I don't want to take rest. I want to go to the beach." Aichu pouted.
"NO BEACH! Not until I say so anyway." Virina spoke firmly.
"-I said NO"
Virina glanced around wondering where the rest of the people were nut she gave up as her head was aching.
"I am going to sleep." She muttered out sleepily.
Tammy: Oh madam, wait! What are we supposed to do?
Virina glared at them irritatedly "Eat, sleep and run around. I have been awake from midnight so don't try to stop me."
"But where are we supposed to sleep?" Priya protested. "And I am telling you beforehand, I am not sharing with Rish and Aish."
"Haww changing party Priya? " Rish asked shaking her head. "This is all because of your old momma."
"Who the hell are you calling OLD?" Aishy spoke offended.
"The woman who claims to have 101 kids IS OLD" Rish pointed out wickedly.
"Wait. She has 101 kids? No one ever told me." Roma spoke confused.
"Shut up guys! Do you even know how loud your voices are? The whole neighborhood can hear." Maham spoke strictly as she joined them.
"And here I thought she was only strict in Heaven." Anku joked in.
"Tell me about it." Jen grinned. "Maham hasn't lost her touch at all."
Everyone sulked but grew quiet at once.
"Hello guys!" Riya joined them excitedly. "So good to see you all. I see that finally everyone is here."
"Nice vision Riya" Rish spoke yawning. "Here I thought it was me and my loneliness."

Meanwhile on the other side..

"My clothes are now stinky." Leen protested unhappily. "Whatever  you say, J.. I am taking a shower first."
Jackie narrowed her eyes and she stood in front of the bathroom blocking leen's way. "And I came first, G. So I will take the bathroom."
"NO, me!"
"I said me..DON'T argue!"
"And I am saying me. So you don't argue!"
"Excuse me guys." Shilpa interrupted their fight. "I need a moment."
"Fine." Jackie muttered and moved aside. Then she glanced back at Leen ready to fight. "So as I was saying-"
"JACKIE!!" Leen spoke mortified. "You just gave the bathroom to Shilpa!"
"What?" She whirled around and noticed Shilpa closing the door.

Later in the night:

"This food is delicious!" Rish stated while eating loudly. "You are such an amazing cook Virina."
"I didn't cook it, Tabi did the cooking." Virina replied.
"God, I tell you. If Tabi was a boy, I would have married her by now." Anu spoke dreamily.
"Sorry Anu. She is already mine." Tammy stated proudly.
"Wrong!" Tabi pointed out. "I am none of yours."
"Maham and Tabi,  why are you guys so serious?" Aish asked suddenly.
"Shut up." Maham said softly.
"Hitler Maham." Aish whispered to Poo who giggled.
"Guys." Tani spoke quickly. "Did you hear about the fire in production house?"
Suddenly Virina started to cough badly.
"Are you ok?" Riya asked worried.
"Vinu" Nori was surprised. "You didn't hear about the fire?"
"That also the legendary fire?" Rida pointed out dramatically. "How can you miss it?"
"Whoever did it, I am just glad that they did it." Anku muttered out which made everyone laugh.
"No, I didn't." Virina spoke quickly. "That was a shock to hear."
"Really?" Aishy asked suspiciously. "Seeing the look on your face, I might have thought for a while the fire was lit by you." Aishy laughed and hi-fived Tani.
Tani : Oh look, Virina is all sweaty now.
"OF COURSE NOT!!" Virina denied instantly. "Neither am I sweating nor did I cause the fire."
"They were just joking, Virina." Mais pointed out in a bored tone.
"Ok change the subject." Virina spoke quickly. "About sleeping arrangements."
"Just don't tell me that we are all sleeping in same room." Ananya spoke quickly.
"I have 4 bedrooms here." Virina spoke with a  raised eyebrow. "But still we will be sharing it. Who and who are sharing, you guys decide."
"Whatever. Just give me a pillow, I will sleep anywhere." Nandini spoke tired.
"ONE MINUTE! I need a separate room." Aichu spoke protestingly.
If you want a separate space, you will have to sleep in kitchen." Virina pointed out.
"NO WAY! " Aichu replied.
"Don't worry Aichu darling. I will give you some space." Aish joked.
"Well then..let's call  it a night. Goodnight girls! Lets hope tomorrow's a better day." Virina winked at them with a smile.

"Good morning." Riya greeted everyone with a big smile. "What a beautiful day! I feel like going out for some fun."
"Beautiful, my foot!" Ananya grumbled sleepily. "I feel like a zombie this morning."
"That's because you're a kid." Aish pointed out.
"You really find me irresistible, right? Right?" Ananya spoke sarcastically.
"Lesbo's." Rish grinned at them.
"Not as much as Anu and Aishy." Aish shot back loud.
"Was that supposed to be funny? Although there's nothing wrong with being gay." Aishy spoke irritatedly. "Which I'm not, by the way."
"Morning guys! Why do I feel a fight is on?" Maham asked with a raised eyebrow.
Everyone grew quiet, Riya giggled seeing them change their behaviour at once.
"Where is Virina?" Mais asked yawning.
"Isn't she supposed to be the perfect host for us?" Anku asked.
"If you are hungry, you better go and make something for yourself. Virina is not coming out to make it for us."
"I went to wake her up just now, she told me DON'T DISTURB, that's exactly what she said, not don't disturb me but DON'T DISTURB and that's it." Nori rolled her eyes.
"Someone cook breakfast for me. I am DAMN hungry!" Rida spoke joining them.
And minutes passed while everyone argued on who would make breakfast.
"OK FINE! I will make breakfast today." Maham spoke loudly and left to go to the kitchen while others gaped at her with a open mouth.
"Hitler makes the breakfast." Zarqaa joked.

After some time at the beach:
"I am just amazed seeing the level of your general knowledge." Rish spoke as she narrowed her eyes at Aish.
"I do have more knowledge than you at least. Dumbhead." Aish retorted back with a smirk.
Priya who kept walking beside them sighed. "Guys please. We are on a vacation for godsake; Rish stop fighting."
"Why are you telling me? " Rish spoke loudly.. "Anyways who the hell wears salwar kameez to the beach? She doesn't have that much general knowledge."
Poo shook her head as everyone started to argue. "Stop it guys! You both are behaving like kids. If you are not willing to have fun I am leaving."
"Oye ruk Poornima ji!" Rish spoke instantly blocking her way. "Of course we will have fun jaani.. Lets go!"
"Guys, wait for me." Bharti spoke. "You don't need to run."
"GUYS! You see that.." Nandini spoke excitedly. "Why don't we go on the banana ride?"
"That is really exciting." Priya agreed.
"No, I don't want to go." Poo made a face. "I am scared."
"Shut up Poo!" Rish spoke dragging her while others followed. "We are here to enjoy..Look there, it's a guide; maybe he could help us."
"Bhaiyya!" Aish spoke as they reached him.
"Don't talk in Hindi, you fool." Priya warned instantly.
"We need to go on the Banana ride." Bharti explained nicely. "Could you take us please?"
"'Bienvenues Mademoiselles." The man gave a broad smile.
"Ye kya bola?" Rish mumbled softly.
"Excuse me." Aish tried "Do you speak English?"
"Ce qui sont vous disant" the man asked utterly confused.
Rish rolled her eyes and muttered. "I can't even say this is angrez ki aulad." Poo giggled.
"I think he doesn't speak English." Priya pointed out.
"Nice that you noticed." Aish gave a sarcastic look.
"Maman vous souhaitez avoir un tour de banane. Venez avec moi je peux vous enseigner" The man spoke enthusiastically; all of them stared at him stunned.
"Kya bol raha hain ye kameena?" Rish shout out irritatedly.
"Don't swear like that Rish." Nandini spoke.
"I think we should leave. We are creating a scene."
Several people were now watching them with curiosity.
"Are we?" Rish spun around. "Who said so? No one is freaking look at us."
"Then you are freaking blind." Ananya joined them with Aichu.
"Not the kid again." Rish groaned. "I don't even understand why Virina needs to bring kids to this trip.. It should have been 18 + for God's sake."
"For God's sake or for your sake?" 
"I might look small, but my mind is much smarter because I had more sense to give up on celebrities before you."
Rish : "Teri toh!"
"Ahhh! Lets go from here." Aish interrupted instantly. "No one is interested in catfight."
"Hey, what about the Banana Ride?" Aichu protested.

One blunder this time.. A much bigger blunder the other side'

"Oh crap! Look that that!" Zarqaa pointed out standing from her chair. "Girls, just look at it."
Everyone turned and gasped as they noticed the scene in front of them.
"Damn now that's a kiss!" Rida whistled. "Zarqaa, good eyesight you have there."
Both of them high-fived each other and stood enjoying the scene.
"Haww guys!" Jeny spoke instantly. "What are you doing? Lets go!"
"No way!" Rida objected. "Can't you see the scene?"
"Oh yes I can." Jeny grimaced. "And stalking like this is also known as being a pervert."
"Oh cool down Jeny." Shilpa spoke joining them. "First of all that couple is hot. And don't tell me you haven't read  steamy stories."
"That's only in stories." Roma pointed out. "But that's a couple kissing there we shouldn't-"
"If you have problems, turn around guys" Rida spoke coolly. "Anyways most of the girls among us already have no shame. They write FFs full of PM parts. So what's new about this?"
"Anyone talking about me?"Amani asked putting down a book.
"No di, you are too much of a saint for that." Jeny joked.
"And Rida, you sound like you are talking about yourself." Tani replied teasingly.
"Don't forget that you write the hottest FF's among us." Zarqaa spoke irritating Rida further.
"Oye who is calling Rida best writer? Who is forgetting me?" Aishy spoke joining them.
"Dj!! You gotta see that!" Shilpa pointed out at the scene.
"WHAT THE HELL!" Aishy glanced away embarrassed. "Don't tell me you are enjoying it." Rida and Zarqaa didn't seem to listen as they kept laughing.
"Rida!" Aishy spoke warningly.
"What?" Rida spoke with an innocent look. "I was just trying to get some inspiration."
"Ya right." Tani rolled her eyes. "Look, even the couple are gone now. Can we leave?"

While some on the other side:

"I cant believe its so hot here." Leen complained.
"Enjoy it G.. Not always we get to come in a climate like this." Jackie mumbled enjoying the sun.
"Guys, I need a cool drink." Keddie complained.
"Me too, I can't handle this. I'm from Canada where it snows in the summer." Leen exaggerated.
"Fine I will get it." Jackie muttered.
Jackie took a small walk to the cafeteria beside them. She ordered a few drinks and stood waiting when suddenly.
"OH CRAP!" She swore under her breath. "IS THAT SHILPA?!"
Not just Shilpa. It was Shilpa ANAND who was sitting the cafeteria laughing.
"OH GOD! I must be dreaming." She muttered smiling.
And then suddenly her heart jumped on the sight of a man who was walking inside the cafeteria. Not just some man...KARAN SINGH GROVER!
"OH HELL!" This time she swore loudly. "I gotta be freaking dreaming. Both of them here!"
She saw him taking a seat in the corner table along with another man. Jackie was now shaking in excitement.
"What do I do? What do I do??" She mumbled under her breath. "OH YES! I gotta tell G!"
With a big smile, she ran out of the cafeteria instantly.
"J! What's wrong? Why are you so hyper?" Leen stood up as Jackie came and stood shaking with a big smile.
"Who did you see?" Keddie questioned curiously.
"KARAN AND SHILPA!" I saw them !-"
"WHAT??" They stared at her in horror.
"Don't joke, Jackie! " Leen spoke loudly. "Oh, I can't believe this!"
"You think I can?" Jackie shot back. "OMG I am so freaked out. I thought I was over them but when I saw them.."
"Don't speak!" Keddie spoke excitedly. "I need to catch my breath."
"PINCH ME!" Leen shouted out.
"No you pinch me!" Keddi spoke. "Oh god I can't believe this!"
"GUYS!" Jackie interrupted. "We gotta tell everyone. RIGHT NOW!"

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"OH GOD RIDA!" Virina groaned. "What were you even thinking? Staring at a couple who were busy kissing. What if they saw?"
"What would happen even if they saw?" Rida rolled her eyes. "It wasn't such a big deal."
"And you!" Virina looked at Rish. "What were you guys thinking fighting with that guy?"
"What can I do if he doesn't understand English?" Rish protested.
"You could have asked me to come along." Virina spoke helpfully.
"Vinu come on you sound like a shouting MOM!" Aichu pointed out.
"UHGGG you guys."
Anku interrupted her smoothly. "Stop freaking out Virina. You really sound like a freaked out mother."
"Virina!" Mais joined them. "I am hungry."
"You just ate one hour ago." Virina pointed out.
"I am hungry again. And even Swancy, Anku is hungry." Mais shrugged.
"Then go cook."
"I am not cooking for anyone." Virina spoke irritated. "And everyone listen to me, stay away from trouble."
"VIRINA! VIRINA!" Jackie joined them. "You gotta listen to this."
"HOW ABOUT NO!" Virina shouts back.
"How about yes!" Leen spoke.
"I just saw Karan and Shilpa!" Jackie spoke grinning.
Everyone stared at them blankly and then the room filled with fits of laughter from everyone.
"OH GOD THAT WAS FUNNY!" Aish dropped down laughing.
Jackie glared at everyone when suddenly Maham came in between.
"SHUT UP EVERYONE!" She ordered loudly. "Yea what were you saying Jackie?"
"I saw Karan and Shilpa and its freaking true !" Jackie objected. "And you people can go to hell if you don't believe me."
"Oye Jackie ruk" Virina spoke instantly. "You are seriously speaking the truth?"
"She isn't lying. She really saw them." Keddie spoke.
"OMG OMG can we go and see?!"
"OH SHIT! I wanna see from my eyes."
"Were they together? What were they doing??"
"Where did you even see them?"
Virina rubbed her head as everyone started to get hysteric with question. "Stop everyone RIGHT NOW."
"No one talks. I mean no one."
Everyone grew silent and stared at her. Virina was about to speak when suddenly.
"OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS." Anu shouted crying out loud.
"That was such an early reaction." Aishy spoke rolling her eyes.
"Now what are we supposed to do?" Roma asked excitedly.
"Wait, everyone wait! " Tabi spoke. "Are you really sure it's them?"
"Jackie, you might have seen someone else." Anku spoke.
"No it was them! I am damn sure." Jackie spoke confidently.
"Wait wait! Jackie is saying  the truth!" Riya spoke joining them..
"Hey!" Virina interrupted. "Didn't I say no one  is using the internet?"
"They are really here." Riya spoke ignoring Virina. "Although I am not sure for what reason but Times of India article says both of them are here in Mauritius."
"Together or separately?" Tani asked curiously.
"I have no idea." Riya shrugged. "This page is taking years to load. Oh damn, here goes the net!" She complained putting down her phone.
"OMG! At least we now know that they are here." Poo spoke happily.
"We are not doing anything." Virina spoke. "We are here to have fun, we are not going to give a damn about them! Remember guys, they don't mean a thing to us. We all decided to move on long ago, we need to ignore them, right guys?"
They all stared at her as if she had gone crazy.
"Of course not! I don't care what it costs but I am going to stalk them." Rida spoke proudly.
"Me too!"
"Take me in too!"
"Don't forget me!"
"I think I will also give a try."
Virina shook her head gaping at them. "You people are cheaters. Here I thought you don't give a damn."
"We actually don't." Rish spoke. "But what can we do if they come to us so willingly?"
"Virina, say yes. It would be fun." Roma pleaded.
"Its not such a big deal." Tani agreed.
"Vinu say yes." Rida spoke. "Or else, I am dumping you."
Virina rolled her eyes at Rida and then grumbled. "Fine. But just for you guys! I am saying yes."
"OH HELLO WAIT!" Anku interrupted instantly. "I am so not freaking in this."
"Not me too" joined Jen and Ramsha.
"Even I have no interest in them." Zaynoo spoke coolly.
"What guys don't be spoilsport." Anu complained.
"I am going to be with Virina." Maham spoke softly.
"Maham! You're changing teams!" Mais complained.
"Come on guys! What's the big deal?" She spoke. "It's not as if we have a thing to lose. And if these girls really want to give it a try, why not? Anyways we are here to have fun."
Everyone stared at Maham surprised. Virina grinned at her.
"Come on Anku, say yes!" Aishy pleaded. "We can have some fun. It's not such a big deal."
"And its not as if we are going to go and beg them for their autographs. Well not so easily."
Nori spoke happily. "We can just see what they are doing here after all."
"I am in to have some fun." Srish agreed.
"Ok well fine." Anku mumbled. "But don't even think I am going to go and talk to them." She warned.
"WE WON'T!" Everyone shouted.
With a teasing smile, Virina stood up and spoke, "Oh well so now that the original plan of holiday has changed, we need a new plan. And we need two teams: Team A and Team B."
"But who is going to choose the teams?" Mandeep asked.
"I will." Zaynoo spoke cheerfully. "And no complaining. What I choose will be the final team!"
"Well then it's decided." Virina spoke loudly. "Here we start the STALK KASH PLAN!"

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"I don't want to go anywhere." Mais objected loudly "I am so not going to look for them."
"Ugh these people are impossible." Aish muttered irritated. "Why the hell did I have to be in this team?"
"Don't ask me." Rish rolled her eyes. "Am still wondering what the hell I am doing here."
"Come on guys, lets go." Riya spoke in a bored tone. "Why not do this fast and get it over with."
"Don't you even talk Riya." Ramsha glared at her. "You were so excited back there. More than them you sounded like a crazy fangirl."
"No I was not." Riya objected instantly. "I was just helping Virina."
"One moment." Tabi interrupted them. "Can we actually go and get this over with, as Riya said."
"Come on guys don't be a spoilsport." Zarqaa pouted at them.
"Anku, don't you have any say on this?" Jen questioned her.
"Not really." Anku shrugged. "As long as you guys remember to feed me, I will come along."
"That's better." Maham came forward. "Shall we go now instead of waiting here?"
"Hey, wait for me!" Nori spoke joining them. "OMG. I am so excited. Where are we going first?"
"Nori, you sound as if we are going on an adventure trip." Poo teased her.
"I don't know what's so adventurous about this. Can I go and sleep?" Srish complained.
"No way, girl!" Tammy spoke firmly. "We are all going to do this together. Lets just go and beat them."
"Beat them." Priya asked shocked.
"Err she means meet them." Riya corrected her." Lets get going guys!"
"Guys! Do you know where we are going." Keddie spoke joining them.
"No we don't know Teddy." Rish replied.
"Sounds the same." Rish joked.
"Don't even start a fight." Priya sighed. "I am way too excited to meet them."
"Guys wait! That's the cafeteria where Jackie saw them."
Everyone rushed inside.
"There are not here." Nori complained.
"Nori, they are not going to sit here the whole day drinking coffee." Maham pointed out.
"Now where are we supposed to look for them?" Poo complained.
"I have a better idea, lets go home and sleep." Ramsha suggested.
"But I also want to sleep." Mais complained.
"Ok fine chill girls." Anku rolled her eyes. "Why don't you girls go look for them.. I will try some food here, looks so yummy."
"No way, Anku!" Tabi spoke firmly. "We all go together and I know exactly where to go."

Meanwhile in a Shopping Mall:

"Aishy! Aishy! Where the hell is this girl?" Anu muttered worriedly. "I leave her for even one minute and she disappears."
Anu kept looking around when suddenly. " Hawww'AISHY!"
Aishy jumped in fear. "ANU! You just gave me a freaking heart-attack. Don't ever do it."
Anu ignored her outburst. "What are you doing in the corner here?" She glared at the man who was standing beside her. "That also with this angrezi?"
"His name is Steve." Aishy pointed out with a grin. "OMG, Anu, do you remember my FF character Steve? The hot and gorgeous-"
"Aishy" Anu gaped at her in horror. "You should not talk to strangers!"
"We are not strangers." The man protested. He turned and winked at Aishy. "We are already friends. So when should I take you out for dinner?"
"Uhh" Aishy's smile faded instantly. "Well uhh it was nice meeting you  but-"
"Oh no no!" The man interrupted taking her hand. "Don't say no; Say yes!"
"When did I even say that I wanted to go out with you?"
"Oye Aishy ko chodo." Anu shouted angrily.
"Come on girl, say yes." The man ignored Anu and spoke again.
"No way!" Aishy snatched her hand away and looked at Anu in horror. "Ab kya karun?"
The man stared at them confused as they spoke in Hindi. "What?"
"Nothing, nothing." Anu gave a fake smile and turned to Aishy taking her hand. "BHAAG YAHA SE!!"

Back to Team A:

"The Residence Hotel " Srish read the name of the hotel as they walked inside.
"Woah! This place is awesome." Aish spoke as she glanced around the luxurious place.
"Tabi, how do you know for sure that they are going to be here?" Poo questioned.
"Just a random guess." Tabi shrugged. "Lets ask the reception."
"Ya right! You go and ask about them and they will tell so easily?" Anku questioned.
"Anku is right." Maham spoke. "They are not going to tell us so easily."
"You think of something. I will just go and join them." Anku went and joined Ramsha , Jen, and Mais who were lazing around in a sofa at the hotel.
"Ugh. They are not even eager to do this." Zarqaa complained.
"Even I am not yet I am doing for my curiosity." Rish mumbled.
"Now how are we supposed to get information from them?" Riya asked. "I think we should just leave."
"Oye wait!" Ananya spoke joining them. "I have a plan."
"Where were you even?" Priya asked. "You had been away for like an hour."
"Are we really going to waste time or we are going to look for them?" Ananya spoke with a raised eyebrow. "Come on everyone, follow me!"
"I swear she wants to act the oldest here." Rish muttered as they went behind her.
Ananya went and did a small talk with the guard. Everyone gasped as she passed a few dollars to him.
"What the hell is she doing?" Maham spoke horrified.
"Uhh this one is smart." Riya mused softly.
"I think I underestimated her." Aish agreed.
After speaking to the guard for a while, Ananya came to them grinning. "Five minutes guys. He will be coming with the information we need."
"How did you even think of this plan?" Zarqaa asked amazed.
"I wasn't lying when I said I am the smartest." Ananya smirked.
"Ma'am." The guard interrupted them. "Ms.Anand is staying in Room 104 , and Mr.Grover is staying in Room 110."
"Thank you." Ananya smiled at him taking the paper from him.
"Genius." Nori grinned at her. "Wow, they are really staying here!"
"But in separate rooms. Guys, they are not even here together." Tabi pointed out.
"How can you be sure?" Zarqaa spoke. "Maybe they really came together."
"That we have to find out. For now lets get out of here." Maham spoke.
"So girls, what did you find?" Anku asked as everyone joined them.
"Ananya tipped the guard to get information out of him." Nori rolled her eyes.
"Good job girl!" Anku high-fived her.
"That was a smart thinking." Ramsha spoke teasingly.
"Can we leave now?" Mais spoke yawning. "I am very sleepy."
"Oh well, atleast something went right." Priya spoke smiling as they headed out.
"Exactly" Poo grinned at her.
"Guys, guys!" interrupted a very excited Tammy. "Can we go and see them NOW?"
"No." Priya made a face. "Not right now Tammy."
"Guys, come on. I am way too excited. Can we really go and stalk them right now? We could stay in front of their rooms and wait."
Poo and Priya exchanged looks.

Oh well looks like Team A did a good job.. But what was up with Team B?

Team B:

"The Residence Hotel" Virina frowned as she read the name. "What are we doing here?"
"We came here for a honeymoon." Rida spoke sarcastically. "Of course if we are looking for KaSh, we have to look in dumps like this."
"Rida you call this dump?" Amani questioned. "It looks like heaven!"
"Oh this place is really amazing." Jeny spoke smiling. "I wish I could stay here."
"But I saw them in Cafeteria. Why are we looking in this hotel?" Jackie complained.
Leen rolled her eyes. "Jackie, they aren't going to stay in the cafeteria forever right?"
"I just hope we do find them here." Nandini spoke.
"I am so eager to get a glimpse of them." Bhavika spoke excitedly.
"Even I can't wait to see them. I want their autographs." Mandeep replied.
"Guys guys, cool down! We are not even sure if they are here." Virina pointed out. Just then she noticed Shilpa, Tani & Bharti engaged in their talk.
"Ich werde sein Autogramm nehmen" Tani spoke excitedly.
"Kein erhalte ich zuerst. Sie warten und sehen" Shilpa replied arrogantly.
Bharti: Vergessen Sie, dass es wir beide von theirs zusammen dann nimmt
Tani: Okay geldstrafe dann gehe ich, Shilpas Autogramm zu nehmen
Shilpa: Vergessen Sie, dass es wir beide von theirs zusammen dann nimmt
Bharti: Sie Kerlnehmenautogramme. Ich vergewissere mich, dass ich Foto mit allen beiden mache
"Guys, speak in English." Virina pointed out.
"We were talking with each other." Shilpa protested.
"And its easy to speak in our language." Tani agreed.
"Too bad I don't know what you guys are saying. What the hell does autogramm even mean?"
"It means autograph, Virina" Bharti pointed out.
"Whatever. Stick with English." Virina muttered.
"Ugh. Hitler Virina." Shilpa rolled her eyes.
"Btw Virina in what language I am supposed to speak?" Aichu questioned.
"Don't even start Aichu." Virina warned her.
"Oh come on! I was asking for your advice." Aichu said innocently.
Virina raised her eyebrow when suddenly Roma joined them panting.
"OMG What did I miss? Did you guys see them?" She asked impatiently.
"Do you see them anywhere near? Virina asked calmly.
"Then no we haven't met them. Alright guys, let's GO!" Virina ordered.
"There's the reception." Rida interrupted. "Lets go ask them."
Jeny: "But they aren't going to tell us so easily." 
"Wait and watch darling." Rida winked at her, indicating everyone to follow her.
"Bonjour monsieur" Rida smiled at him. "Did I say it right?" She muttered to Virina.
"Yes." Virina giggled on her accent.
"Madame bienvenue" The manager greeted her happily. "Don't worry ma'am. You may speak in English. What can I do for you ladies?"
"Oh thank God!" Virina took a breath of relief. "Actually we wanted some information."  She hesitated. "Can you tell us in which room Mr.Karan and Ms.Shilpa are staying?"
The manager frowned at them. "I am so sorry ma'am.. We can't tell any guest's information like that. Not allowed to do so. I am sorry."
Everyone grew disappointed when suddenly Rida spoke. "But sir you see we have their passport. " Rida took two passports flashing them in front of him. "They actually forgot their passport in the cafeteria. We are just here to return it back for them."
"Oh god Rida." Virina whispered amazed. "That was freaking amazing."
"But ma'am-" Manager hesitated. "How about you give it to me.. I will return it back to them?"
Rida shook her head and tried to form an excuse when Tani spoke, "but they would be more thankful if we return it to them personally"
"And they already know us. We have met them." Shilpa lied enthusiastically.
"Oh well." The manager gave up finally. "Mr.Karan and Ms.Shilpa, you said?"
"Rida, what if they are booked under their last names?" Leen questioned.
"Maybe we should mention their full names." Jackie pointed out.
"Ok wait." Rida tried to speak when the manager interrupted.
"Ahh yes! Mr. Karan and Ms. Shilpa are staying in Room 501." The manager informed them.
"TOGETHER!" Everyone spoke in unison.
"Of course." The manager frowned. "Why wouldn't they? After all they are here for their honeymoon!"
"Oh thanks!" Rida thanked him in daze. Everyone was shocked as they headed back.
"Damn guys, did you hear that?" Jeny asked shocked. "HONEYMOON SUITE!"
"I can't freaking believe this." Virina spoke dazed. "How is this possible?"
"God guys. Why are they here together?" Amani asked.
"That is what exactly what we have to find out. I'm so glad the passport trick worked." Rida grinned at them happily.
"What are we going to do now?" Bharti asked.
"Now we STALK!" 

Back to the Shopping Mall:

"I can't believe this! WE ARE LOST." Aishy shouted in frustration as they walked in the deserted road.
"Don't shout at me." Anu replied angrily. "First of all, why were you even flirting with that guy at the mall?"
"That was a mistake." Aishy groaned. "I was trying to be over smart."
"Now see, we are lost! What are we going to do?" Anu asked worried.
"Damn my phone charge is also gone." Aishy complained. "We can't even call anyone now!"
"OH MY GOD! I AM SO SCARED" Anu started to cry instantly. "We are lost now and we will be dead here and no one will find us."
Aishy raised her eyebrow. "Now that is totally overdramatic, Anu." Anu started to cry more which irritated her. "Stop crying now..I'm sure we will find a way soon."
"What way? We are lost and we can't get back." Anu spoke looking around.
"Don't worry. I'm sure we will get a lift soon!" Aishy spoke confidently.

A very hot and thirsty hour later:

"We aren't getting a lift." Aishy mumbled tiredly. "I still can't believe we are freaking lost."
"My mom is going to cry so hard when I die." Anu spoke sadly.
"ANU! Ugh will you stop repeating it? We are not dying." Aishy grew more frustrated.
Anu suddenly spoke softly, "Aishy do you believe in zombies?"
"Then I am glad. Otherwise I would have thought they would eat me by now." Anu mumbled.
Aishy rolled her eyes and buried her face in her hands. Just then they heard a roar of engine. Both of them got up to notice a truck coming towards them.
"OH MY GOD! Told you Anu that we aren't dying! Lets get a lift from him."
Aishy and Anu started to wave trying to get attention. "HELP! HELP US!"
The truck stopped in front of them. A very fat and dirty man stared at them. "May I help you ladies?"
Aishy tried to hide her disgust and spoke. "We are lost. Could you please drop us to this address." Aishy spoke taking Virina's address from her purse. "Thank God I had noted down her address in this." She muttered to Anu.
"OH MY GOD AISHY!" Anu shouted out hysterically.
"What!" Aishy asked worriedly.
Anu dragged Aishy a little further and explained. "Did you see that man? He looks so SCARY. OMG. We both are going to die."
Aishy gritted her teeth in frustration. "No Anu, he is not going to kill us. He is just an old fat man who looks dirty. HE WILL NOT KILL US!"
Anu grew more relaxed hearing her words and gave a nod. Just then the man shouted out impatiently. "Coming or not?!"
"We are coming!" Aishy announced dragging a petrified Anu wid her.

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Team B:

"Guys guys!" Tani joined them excitedly. "That couple there, they just gave the room key 501! I think its KaSh."
Everyone stood up and stared at the couple who had their back towards them.
"Freaking hell! Rida swore under her breath. "God, look at the sarong she is wearing.. Its amazing."
"And just see Karan's vest and jeans. He looks soo cool." Shilpa spoke dreamily.
"Err guys." Virina spoke frowning. "Her hair looks quite long..is that really Shilpa?"
"Her hair must have grown long Virina." Aliya spoke joining them. "But doesn't it look amazing now!"
"Alu!" Virina gaped at her. "Where the hell have you been even?"
"I was sleeping." Aliya spoke a little embarrassed. "And I wasn't sure I wanted to even come. I still don't like the idea of them together."
"Oh well Alu then see from your eyes." Jeny spoke happily. "OMG! They look so cute together."
"Oh God am I really dreaming?"Amani spoke. "They just look like a character from FFs"
"Oh look they are leaving." Nandini spoke quickly. "Lets go guys before we lose them."
"I want to see their faces." Jackie complained as they ran.
"Don't worry J, you will see. Even I am so impatient." Leen spoke beside her.
"I still can't believe this is happening. Are we really running after KaSh?" Bharti spoke dreamily.

5 long minutes later:

"When are we going to get to see their freaking faces?" Jackie complained loudly.
"Shh Jackie chill." Virina spoke. "First lets see what they are upto."
As they stalked the couple secretly, they noticed them kissing each other.
"OH FREAKING HELL!" Rida shouted excitedly. "OMG OMG OMG!"
"Rida!" Virina warned her.
"Are they really kissing?" Jeny asked shocked.
"OMG someone pinch me!" Shilpa shouted equally excited.
"DAMN I am so getting this into my camera!" Aichu spoke taking her camera from her bag.
"NO WAY!" Virina protested. "If you take a picture, they will notice."
"Now you are seriously being unfair." Aichu complained.
"Guys!" Roma interrupted them. "See they are now in the water."
Everyone stared dreamily as the couple played in the water.
"They are still having their backs towards us!" Jackie complained again.
"J, calm down!" Leen spoke distracted. "OMG I wish we could make a vm on this."
"I agree." Tani spoke happily. "If I can get this in video I would instantly make a VM."
"NO WAY!" Virina denied. "No one, I mean no one is going to film them."
"I am telling you, Virina needs to be kicked out of this group." Aichu muttered to Jeny.
"She sounds like a protesting mom." Jeny rolled her eyes. "Meanwhile, lets just enjoy them."
"OMG! He is freaking taking her in his arms." Rida spoke mesmerized. "OH GOD. This is hotter than any of my FF. I am just going to go home and write about them: kissing on the beach, drenched in water and hugging each other. It sounds so freaking amazing!"
"Rida, your voice is haunting my imagination." Virina complained. "Stay quiet and let me enjoy!"
"YOU WANT ME TO STAY QUIET? HELL NO! Do you even see that! That's our freaking dream couple standing there and making out and you want me to stay quiet? NO FREAKING WAY!" Rida spoke hysterically.
"Oh god Rida calm down." Bharti spoke. "Guys could we go home."
"And why do you need to go?" Krishika asked confused.
"So that she could cry her eyes out." Mandeep spoke rolling her eyes. "Truthfully even I feel like crying my eyes out."
"So true, this really feels like a dream." Nandini spoke. "I can't believe my imagination is coming true here."
"GUYS! They are going." Shilpa spoke interrupting their moment.
"What do we do now?" Tani asked.
Virina grinned at them. "WE RUN!"

Meanwhile on the highway:

"OH GOD! I am soo thankful the guy dropped us back at the beach." Aishy spoke happily.
"But I am not happy." Anu made a face. "Aishy, that guy smelled so bad and he kept staring at me with his scary eyes. Did you see that bloody knife? I thought he was going to kill me."
"But he didn't kill you." Aishy protested. "Ok lets go now. They must be wondering about us."

Aishy and Anu started to walk in the beach when suddenly...

"AISHY! LOOK!!" Anu stopped her. "Is that the gang?!"
Aishy frowned and looked where Anu kept pointing. "What the hell!" Aishy gasped.
They slowly made their way to the gang, Aishy tapped on Virina's shoulder. "EXCUSE ME!"
"AHHH!" Virina screamed. "Damn woman, you just gave me a heart attack!"
"And what the hell are you guys doing?" Aishy shouted.
"Why are you guys hiding behind this boat?" Anu asked frowning."Well, we are not." Rida gave a innocent look. "We were just strolling around."
"Who strolls behind a boat?" Aishy questioned.
"Okay, Aishy, we are actually stalking KaSh!" Leen spoke quickly.
"WHAT? KASH?" Aishy was stunned. "Don't joke guys."
"KASH!!!" Anu shouted hysterically. "OMG WHERE IS KASH???"
"Look there." Tani pointed at the beach. "They are busy romancing." She giggled.
Aishy shook her head in daze. "This better not be a joke. I can't believe that that's them!"
Virina slowly explained the whole incident to them...
"OMG!" Anu started to cry. "GUYS. Can I go and hug them? I am dying to do it now."
"Tchh Anu, we don't want to surprise them." Jeny replied. "If  they see us, they may run away."
"Err Anu, lets go home and eat something." Aishy spoke dragging Anu away.
"You guys not joining us?" Virina asked suspiciously.
"I am actually very hungry." Aishy lied. "I will join you guys in a while. See you!"
Anu was utterly confused as she ran beside Aishy. "What was that Aishy? I wanted to stay so badly. I want to meet KaSh!" Anu protested.
"Listen to me Anu. I have a feeling something is wrong." Aishy spoke slowly. "Was that even KaSh? I am not sure."
"Ok. What do we do now?"
"Lets go and find the rest of the gang. We need to tell them."

Team A :

"Guys! We are so dead if anyone sees us here." Maham spoke worried.
"Chill out, Maham!" Riya spoke. "Anyways, no one is going to throw us out from here. They will think we have come to see the paintings."
"Are you guys sure they are going to be here?" Poo asked worriedly.
"Damn sure." Ananya assured them. "I cleared out from the staff, they are having an exhibition here and KaSh are surely attending this."
"There is nothing you can't do, right?" Zarqaa spoke impressed.
"I think even I underestimated you, kid. You do have a good brain like me." Rish spoke with a grin.
"OMG! Here comes Shilpa!" Tammy shouted as she noticed.
"Woah look at that dress." Anku spoke joining them.
"I always love her style." Ramsha smiled.
"OMG OMG here comes Karan!" Nori spoke happily. "He looks so handsome."
"So true Nori." Srish agreed. "God I am now in shock. They both look amazing in real."
"Didn't you guys notice?" Tabi pointed out. "They both didn't even come together and see, they are sitting in different seats."
"Losers I tell you!" Aish made a face. "Can't they just sit together for once?"
"They must have come separately." Priya frowned. "I think Tabi is right."
"No, I am sure they came together." Poo spoke confidently. "They don't wish anyone to know."
"And how do you know that Poornima?" Rish asked with a raised eyebrow.
"I just know!"
"Guys, take seats before anyone sees us fight." Maham ordered everyone.
"Damn this is freaking boring." Zarqaa complained after 10 minutes.
"I think I am falling asleep." Aish spoke yawning.
"I can't help but stare at them." Tammy spoke dreamily. "How I used to hate them but when I saw them for real I was blown away."
"Guys! Look who I found outside." Keddie spoke happily.
"Aishy & Anu! Where the hell were you both?" Tabi asked worried.
"Err a long story." Aishy rolled her eyes. "But what are you guys doing here?"
"We came after KaSh!" Zarqaa grinned at them.
"WHAT?!" Aishy and Anu were equally shocked.
"What what?" Anku was mused. "Don't tell me you had no idea about them?"
"We didn't!" Anu turned to Aishy in daze. "What is happening Aishy?!"
"I don't know, Anu." Aishy gave a helpless look.
"Guys!" Priya interrupted. "Before they leave, lets go and take their autographs!"
"WAIT!! They are here?" Aishy asked horrified.
"That's not possible." Anu denied.
"Turn around and see for yourself, Anu!" Nori replied.
They turned around, a chill ran down them as they noticed Karan and Shilpa who were busy in the exhibition.
"Oh God." Anu shook her head.
"Anu-" Aishy spoke quietly. "If real KaSh are here, who the hell are Virina and the gang stalking?!"
"Guys, I am hungry." Bhavika complained.
"Even I am hungry." Virina agreed. "I think we should call it a day and leave."
"No way! Not until I get autographs." Rida complained.
"Sorry, that's not possible Rida." Anu spoke grimly as she joined them.
"Anu! You guys keep running." Virina complained. "Now where is Aishy?"
"There she comes." Jeny pointed behind Anu.
"Who are they coming with DJ?" Shilpa asked frowning.
"They look quite familiar." Tani spoke slowly.
"Hey guys." Aishy gave a polite smile.
"Aishy." Virina whispered to her. "Who are these people?"
"Everyone." Aishy gave a hesitant look. "This is Karan and Shilpa!"
"WHAT?" Everyone shouted.
"OH freak! They have the same name." Jackie spoke shocked.
"So true J! And I don't know why I feel like I have seen them." Leen spoke frowning.
"The couple gave a nice smile." Hello guys. Its nice to see Indians here.""Yes it is but we're not all Indians..." Rida gave a polite smile and turned to Anu and muttered. "What is happening here?"
"Umm guys, I think you have done a mistake." Anu spoke sadly.
Aishy dismissed the couple and stared at them. "You guys didn't recognize them?"
"No! And were we supposed to recognize them?" Virina asked confusedly.
Aishy drew a breath and replied, "Yes guys because they were the Karan and Shilpa whom you had been stalking for a few hours!"

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That night after dinner, everyone was quietly seated in the living room.

"Talk about IDIOCY." Virina spoke frustrated. "I can't believe I did such a huge mistake!"
"That wasn't your fault Virina." Rida spoke quietly. "We are equally responsible."
"Yes Vinu." Tani agreed. " You don't need to feel bad at all."
"NOT FEEL BAD?!" Virina spoke hysterically. "How can I not feel bad? Freaking hell we repeated the same mistake again today. The mistake of RAISING HOPE! And I can't believe I didn't stop you guys."
"Virina calm down." Aishy spoke sadly. "Its not that bad!"
"It is really bad, Aishy! Can't you see that?" Virina spoke angrily. "I was the one who brought you all here. Why did we all come together? We came to have fun. We almost did until we got this stupid news. And today has opened my eyes; I am forced to see the ugly truth. The truth is that we will always keep running after them. No matter how much we say we have moved on, its not changing AT ALL!!"
Everyone grew quiet taking in her words. Maham stood up and went to Virina.
"Calm down Virina. Such things happen. Let it be!"
"No, Maham!" Virina shot at her. "It wasn't you guys completely being a fool. IT WAS US. We were the idiots running after the wrong couple. At least you guys got the chance to see the real them. What did we get? We only got a chance to make a fool out of ourselves, like ALWAYS."
Virina took a seat defeated. "I always thought they didn't matter to me anymore. I always ignored whenever I felt sad. I used to think someday, someday we will be happy. I hated seeing everyone so sad. Especially when we spent time in heaven. The way most of us still talk about KaSh makes me so sad thinking why this happened with us. What exactly was our fault, what we did to deserve this. Most of us had accepted the truth and moved on. We had much better things to do in life and with that purpose we met for this vacation. But see, again what happened today, we again repeated the same mistake. We became impatient and excited, we again raised the damn hope and then like always reality struck back to us. And then we realized what a big fool we have been from start." She blinked back her tears.
"I don't know why I am bothering to even cry." She muttered sadly. "This is not for us. This is all their damn fault. The so called Karan and Shilpa; they should be the ones deserving this. Why cry for celebrities who only want their fame and money? At the end of the day its us who is left crushed."
"Vinu please. Calm down. If you don't stop, I will cry." Nori spoke softly.
"I am already crying." Anu sniffed. "This is so bad, always happening with us."
"I am so sorry guys." Rida spoke sadly. "I shouldn't have raised any of your hopes."
"No Rida." Jeny protested. "Its us who raised our hopes. We all are equally responsible."
"Shut up all of you!" Anku spoke loudly. As everyone grew quiet, she continued. "What are you crying about and for whom? Them? Oh give me a break. What's there to cry about? Its not important that we made a fool of ourselves today. What's important is that we actually had fun together. We shared the moments we always craved to have together in a lifetime."
Everyone stared at her in daze, when Tabi got up. "Exactly guys! And why are you so worried about KaSh? Why should you even be? Before we came to this trip, we all had promised ourselves, no matter what happens, we won't EVER let them make us upset. We will have our own moments and today, from the last few days we have been having them. So why cry and ruin it? All we need to do is cherish them!"
"And Virina." Aliya took a seat beside her. "Why do you feel so bad? You had been doing such a wonderful job of keeping all of us so happy. You have been a wonderful host. For us, you even forced your own parents to go for vacation." Everyone giggled. "I am so glad we got this vacation to spend with such a great girl like you. This really has been the best vacation ever!"
"This was my best vacation. And I will always remember it." Rish spoke happily.
"Me too!"
"Me three!"
"For me this was the worst vacation..." Aish announced. "JUST JOKING THIS IS THE BEST VACATION EVER!!!" Everyone cheered with her.
"I can't believe this. You all really made me emotional." Riya spoke happily. "I am so glad I met you guys!"
"There is always one thing I am thankful to KaSh for and always will be." Amani spoke. "Because of them, I got such beautiful friends."
"So true Amani di." Jeny agreed. "I am happy I enjoyed watching KaSh,  and then got gifted with such great friends."
"I think I am going to agree." Virina gave a big smile. "And why do we need to care about what the circumstances were?! All we need is to cherish the moment of KaSh which we enjoyed all these years. Lets not ruin it by getting depressed."
"I agree with that." Rida nodded. "But its still true that I hate them."
"Even I do." Tammy agreed.
"Same here." Priya joined.
"But I love them." Poo protested. "Despite of whatever you guys say."
"I am always going to be happy that I was the first one who got to see KaSh in the Caf." Jackie grinned at them.
"And I am always going to regret that I didn't go along with you." Leen sighed sadly.
"This is not done I still want to take revenge from them." Ananya complained.
"Exactly!" Aichu agreed. "I am not going to die peacefully as long as I take revenge from them."
"And what are you planning to do?" Aishy teased her.
"Actually nothing." Aichu sighed. "My biggest revenge would be not giving a damn about them."
"I am not even going to bother taking their autographs." Ananya agreed. "For me, Karan and Shilpa never even came to Mauritius."
"Now that's like a good girl, kid." Rish smiled.
"I am not a kid."  Ananya rolled her eyes and smiled.
"Its been such a beautiful day and at the end, I am glad I have you all beside me." Roma smiled.
"So true girl. What is Karan and Shilpa. There will be many Karan and Shilpa's coming and going in our lives but the truth is we all will remain together." Nori spoke enthusiastically.
"Btw guys we did meet the couple Karan and Shilpa on the way." Mandeep announced.
"Yes and we even congratulated them for their marriage." Nandini spoke happily.
"And truthfully they were more better to be adored than any KaSh." Bharti agreed.
"But I am telling you guys." Rida joked. "I freaking enjoyed imagining them as the real KaSh on honeymoon." She admitted.
"Not to forget, that kiss!" Shilpa winked at her.
"AGAIN KISS!!" Maham rolled her eyes. "How many couples have you seen kissing Rida?!"
"Does it matter!" Rida grinned at them. "All that matters is, we all had so much fun today.. Am I right guys?"
"Wait a minute. You guys are not crying anymore??" Mais questioned hysterically. "Now stop me from crying; you idiots really made me senti!" Everyone laughed.
"And ya now that all are in good mood, someone go and make me a sandwhich." Ramsha piped in.
"You are always hungry." Virina rolled her eyes. "Anyways everyone, goodnight. Go and sleep!"
"HEY WAIT! What about my sandwich?" Ramsha protested.
"Go make it yourself." Maham replied for her while others giggled.
"So much for a holiday." Ramsha muttered following them inside.

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One week later:

"God Tabi. I am going to marry you for making such awesome breakfast." Rida rubbed her stomach after having the breakfast.
"Forget it Rida!" Tabi rolled her eyes.. "I am not into girls."
"Shut up Rida." Anu joined them. "Tabi is only mine."
"I just said Anu, I have no interested in girls."
"Tabi is mine." Nori grinned.
"Forget it! If Tani was here, she would have killed you all already for saying that." Tabi rolled her eyes.
"But I am here!" Tani exclaimed.
"Not you, the Tani who couldn't make it to the trip. My Tani." Zahra pointed out.
"Hey everyone. Had breakfast?" Virina inquired as she walked into the dining room.
"Yes we did. But where are others?" Aishy questioned.
"Already at the beach. Its such a beautiful day." Virina grinned. "Let's go guys!"

Virina! You won't freaking believe this!" Rida spoke enthusiastically. "While coming here, we met KaSh!"
"What?" Virina tensed.
"Don't worry." Rida rolled her eyes. "WE FREAKING IGNORED THEM."
"Right in their faces!" Rish laughed.
"That's the best thing I ever did in my life." Aish agreed happily.
"Oh well, I am just so happy seeing you guys smile. Thank you all for letting me host this vacation."
"Shut up, Virina. Speaking the truth, we are glad you let us come to see you." Shilpa smiled.
"Exactly this has  been such a great vacation." Tani agreed softly.
"Ok wait guys!" Aishy interrupted. "Everyone sit down and listen."
As everyone took a seat, Aishy came and stood near Virina. "I need to ask something from you Virina. Just out of curiosity, why did you get tensed when we talked about fire in the production house?"
"Oh, yes." Riya remembered suddenly. "You never answered us V."
"Oh well guys." Virina hesitated. "Its nothing."
"She looks terribly guilty." Aish joked.
"Actually, she does look guilty." Rish observed.
"OMG Vinu. Did you put on that fire?" Srish questioned.
"What?!" Virina gaped at them. "How am I supposed to put on a fire while I am in Mauritius?!"
"Then why are you sweating so much?" Anu asked confused.
"Its just the sun!" She muttered softly.
"It's a windy day, Virina." Anku pointed out.
"If you don't tell us Vinu, I am going to think you really did put on the fire." Tammy spoke stubbornly.
"OK LISTEN THEN!" Virina shouted. "I did set the fire!"
"But not for real, only in my dreams!" She muttered.
"In your dreams.." Zarqaa frowned.
"Exactly." Virina spoke firmly. "In my dream, I saw the ********* Production house on fire and the very next day, I saw the news on TV FOR REAL! Of course, I was scared."
"Oh god Vinu." Aishy groaned. "And here I thought it was for real."
"Oh god that is so funny!" Mais laughed.
"Now, that was a dream come true!" Tabi joked which made everyone laugh.
"Shall we get going?" Roma got up instantly. "We have flights to go back home today afternoon."
"So true. I am going to miss Mauritius." Tani sighed sadly.
"I am always going to smile when I remember about Mauritius." Nandini pointed out.
"Ok Everyone." Virina ordered, "Lets go and do the final packing."

At the airport:

"You guys sure you will make it back to your places?" Virina asked worriedly.
"I tell you Virina, YOU'RE THE BEST MOM EVER!!!" Rish announced and hugged her tightly.
Virina tried to hide her smile and pushed her away. "Now go! You guys are getting late.
"I will contact you as I reach." Aishy pointed out.
"Have a nice flight everyone." Riya spoke with a big smile.
"That's not so done. Why is Riya getting to stay with Virina?" Nori pouted.
"That's because my flight is delayed and its on  tomorrow." Riya clarified.
"Bye bye guys! Love you all." Virina waved at them.
"Can't believe its so quiet now." Riya spoke sadly. "I am going to miss them all so much."
"I agree with that." Virina sighed. "It was fun having them around. Ordering everyone, I really felt like a mother." They giggled.
"Oh well, so now what we do?" Virina wondered as they both headed outside.
"IDEA!! How about we go Bungee jumping?" Virina spoke excitedly.
"HELL NO!" Riya refused instantly.
"But Riya, its going to be so much fun..What do you say??"


"I can't believe we are doing this." Riya muttered as the instructors got them ready for the jumping.
"Oh stop worrying Riya, its going to be fun." Virina grinned at her.
"Oh well." Riya smiled. "I guess sometimes we really need to take up some excitement in our life."
"Exactly." Virina gave a thumbs up.
Riya grew more confident as they both got ready to jump..
"AHH THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING!!" Virina shouted on top of her voice.
"You want to hear what else is more amazing?" Virina questioned excitedly.
"WHAT??" Riya asked.
"We just forgot to put on the belt!!!"


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