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KaSh Heaven #1000: WE CAME, WE SAW, WE CONQUERED! (Page 2)

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 7:42am | IP Logged

So hurray! We all did it!
The moment of rejoiceful moments seem to be back on KaSh Heaven after decades and graving such a huge milestone is a task in itself. We are sure that the celebration post about 1000th itself says how we were all we anticipating this big occasion since weeks, months, years or perhaps eons.

However, we know all know that completing and reaching a big fat thousand threads demanded a lot of blood, sweat and hardwork. If KaShians, have literally lived here for all these years that KaSh Heaven was 'alive' we are certain that you might have accounted two or three or perhaps more members saying that they have never worked this hard in their exams or studies than toiling with so much patience to finish the threads of Heaven.  Well exactly, 1000th threads of KaSh Heaven have marked the contribution of all those 550+ members  who have been here, not importantly from the very start of the creation of KaSh Heaven but have been here somewhere from the start, or the middle, or the end and even just right now. KaSh Heaven wouldn't have reached such a huge milestones without the contribution of you all. You guys do deserve a standing ovation.

However, having said all of this, we KaSh Heaven Members would like to give a tribute to some specific members who have been here from the start, we namely refer them as the 'Old KaShians' and undoubtedly not forgetting the 'New KaShians' as well . This AT has not been a full fledged happy moments threads to go through, we certainly have witnessed the ups and downs of Heaven. Despite the first heart break of May 2008, many KaShians had left the grounds of Heaven and moved on, however there have been some of these old group of KaShians who still were here continuing to move this AT happily, forgetting their own dismays, their griefs and their heartwrenching hearts. We sincerely honour their dedication that without them continuing the threads of KaSh Heaven we would have never witnessed such a day today.  Their 'Cyclonic Days' were the most epic thing to have happened in the history of KaSh Heaven and most importantly, this is where friendship were created initially and this was where a family was bonding.

If old members have been a huge contribution to the continuation of KaSh Heaven, then we can't omit the fact that the most tedious task of continuing the AT after the second heartbreak of 2010, which was later continued by the new members of KaSh Heaven after some of our beloved KaShians disappeared again. Our happy KaSh Heaven was turned into a dull AT for we wonder how long. However, again new bonds were made, new memories were being written and wasn't it for all those cheerful and crackpot moments  we've had had with all those new members, we wouldn't have achieved this goal today. If hatred for KaSh increased a damn lot during this phase, lots of love did increase for every KaShian too at that time. We did witness all the patience, dedication, love, tears, encouragement, hope, faith, and even the spams. Yes the spams, the lover of KaShians but hater of India-Forums. So again, without you mass of people, reaching 1000th would have been impossible though it did take us years to finally celebrate. But thank you everyone for sticking to this much and made this possible for everyone to be proud of.

They forsaked their studies, they encouraged you, they wasted their time here, they created bonds here, they made you laugh through the tears, they made you know the true you somehow, they even made you the friend they never want to leave or forget in their lifetime. These KaShians have been here through thick and thins, we may not be able to recompensate them for their precious moments they spent here. In all fondness, we wanted all KaSh Heaven members to recognize all those KaShians who have always been here and the reason why you're witnessing this fat 1000th threads.

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*order of messages: jenny, riya, virina, zarqaa, shilpa, anu, tani, poo, priya, swancy, anku, tabi, vaish, madhu, yashi, zaynoo, mais, nikki

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The person who started it all, the person who created this second home for us. She has been here since Day 1 and whether or not she was active, she always held the title of the 'Mommy of KaSh Heaven.' Her love towards this place has always increased and only increased and if it wasn't for her, our family wouldn't have came together to make this appreciation thread, a home. Undoubtedly, she is the most respected person as she is what we call a 'head of the family.'


Rumour has it that recently Jenny was found receiving a dedication for her utmost hard work and amazing PS skills when she went berserk seeing the guest of honour Karan Singh Grover and was found trying to strangle him. The reports and sources have informed us it was due to some years back irritation the winner felt for the actors presumably named Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand and had happily moved on until she saw one of them recently. She was even found calling a friend afterwards and to quote telling them, "f**k yeah I tried extracting revenge man but the guard stopped me. Next time I am swear I am having it!" when asked about the anonymous caller she smilingly said it was a "kashian" friend and she understood what she said. What happened and why happened and what did she mean by the term "kashian" is still a mystery but stay tuned for more gossip. xoxo




What's a building without any pillars? What's a family without one too? She's been the one to bind our family together, who has worked so very hard in maintaining our home. This place wouldn't have been here today if she hadn't been the one to keep it going and her contribution towards this place is endless; she has always been there for KaSh Heaven. Her strong and soft attitude has got us where we are today.


Rumour has it this gorgeous girl has recently achieved a Guinness world record, and her name is now etched in the book for saying the most "SHUTUPS" in a lifetime. The beautiful cargo lover felt ecstatic for setting the record and reported it came naturally to her. We found it was definitely natural when she was found shutting up some reporters too. We give our heartiest congratulations to this new Guinness setter.


Who is she? Bhoot, obviously! That one girl who wanders around here and there and appears once in a while. The girl with this well deserved name has been a part of KaSh Heaven since the beginning too and with every single decimal thread that we've had, she has stood up against it. By refusing to post on it, she was adamant to stay on the 99th thread before each milestone because decimals? Who invented this stupid tradition? But then again, that's what she said!

A reporter recently reported a ghost teleported to a children's' park on Sunday's eve, around half past nine. The children as reported were shocked and went on to scream and scatter, escaping while their mothers ran after them. The mysterious girl found the behaviour quite odd considering she herself had told them she is a to quote "bhoot" While she showed no symptoms of being a ghost, our experts had her held and had a check until a friend of hers came to rescue informing the authorities she indeed was no ghost.



Some of you will smile seeing this name while some of you will have a confused expression on your face. That's alright though, she used to be active here a long time ago and she filled this place with so much energy that it we think it still remains here. That positive vibe that lingers around here is definitely due to her and you ought to know the one and only Armaan of our thread who has been victimised with his(err..her?) Riddhima, Amna!


Breaking news Breaking news! A woman has entered the famous Cinvestaas Set and is demanding some explanations. The crew people that are working for another show are confused and afraid of this woman. She's giving them tips on how to use the camera properly but she's awaiting for the main man Siddhart Malhotra. He better have some explanations ready for her. The boss is called in and with lots of chocolates and ice in his hand, he's trying to calm the woman down, but she refuses to budge. Her biggest question to the boss is ; WHY THE HELL WAS KaShians given such a crap deal? Make a SHOW WITH THEM RIGHT now or face my wrath. To be continued'



If you don't know her, not only will we kick you out right now but she will come after you and throw you a million insults. She's sarcastic, witty and mean as most people think. But let's not forget that she's the most fun person to be around with - so creative and knows exactly what to say. Well, just because she is fun doesn't mean she gets all the attention from her husband, Armaan/Mari..they've been married for years and still haven't had a honeymoon, can you believe that?! Let's just hope she gets her honeymoon tickets today!


Amna Malik has recently been named as the most sensational Photoshop user. The Photoshop makers recently awarded her with a achievement award and our sources tell us when she was called to say a few words of appreciation the girl went down the memory lane remembering times when she psed on some couple called "kash" mysterious isn't it? The achiever was reported to have turned emotional and she had started shouting obscenities at the couple and the people sitting in the ceremony had started to wonder if they should hide under the tables or wait for the mic to come and blow their heads.

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Gum Shudaa! This one has been missing in action for such a long time but She's sunshine. Whenever she is with us, we have only spend good memories and bright moments with her. For Our heaven, she is our Rahul. Like Rahul went missing from the show, our deep has been missing in action as well. But let me just say something; this girl is full of laughter, sunshine and creativity. Even if she's not here physically, she's always lurking around the Heaven with our crazy bhoots.She holds the power to make KaSh jump on a trampoline with each other. We're not joking, Karan agreed to do so! Plus, Her creativity is a class apart.

Being the perfectionist she is, she has recently opened her own world class baking and confectionary shop which is already such a big, it has acquired chain deals in 93 countries all over the world. Her mostly famous yummy delight being 'journey of us' cupcake set which was rumoured to be made in batches of 1000, inspiration for it being KaSh heaven's 1000 threads. All in celebration mode, one of the staff (also a KaShian) said "Deep has always been so inspiring in her creative endeveours, we will be distributing the cupcakes all over the heaven as part of celebrations, hurrayyy".




For those of you who don't know, she was the one who came up with the name 'KaSh' while some other people had some crazy couple name suggestions for Karan and Shilpa. This gives away that she's creative; have you seen her video mixes? Nobody can come close to her skills and although she seems to have completely disappeared off the face of earth, we still remember her! No, not because we want her to complete Morey Saiyaan but because she was one of the nicest people you would see around here.


She is believed to be the official Sorcerer of KaSh Heaven. Her creations are breathtaking beautiful and she is never to be seen around much. She is rumoured to making the best creation of her life for KaSh heaven. People mention seen her a minute ago and then say she just..vanished, into thin air. She's rumoured to be the most powerful witch in the whole of the heaven world. Her creations are still pouring magic into our souls and spirits. "Oh my, Rozline, oh, she's the most powerful wizard to walk the earth after Merlin, she is actually believed to be Merlin's Apprentice in the creative department, we all await her grand return eagerly" says one of her ardent fans.



She has more number of crushes/husbands than the digits in her age. But then again, we all do. Her most amazing quality is that she is the most caring person you will ever come across. She is like a sister to a lot of people who know her, a best friend to many others too and one of the funniest person as well. Her creativity is outstanding but she won't accept the fact that it really is so damn good - as good as her heart.

The woman was recently found trying to breakthrough "Shilpa Anand's" house and our sources tell us she had tried strangling the woman asking where were all the things the kashians gave them? The woman as reported was quite furious and was found giving a lecture to the lady on how much time was wasted on making all that and she wanted it all back. When the situation got critical cops were called in. When asked how she managed to get in the woman proudly reported she had been planning to get in since years.


Her innocence can fool you. She loves to gossip and will pull you out of your bed at 5 in the morning to share something with you. And no, we're not kidding. Apart from that, she is also the most helpful person out there. She has done so much for KaShians that it's hard to put it into a few sentences but her reasoning for it is because we are family. She considers all of us to be family and this is what makes her as sweet as sugar!


A rumour or not but this young lady was found out on the Scotland streets beating four men. Our sources tell us she had been for years, beating goons trying to tease women on the streets and had even launched a campaign against men. She believes beating them and slapping them has always been a problem solver. So all the girls out there here's your today's superwoman.


Yes, she seems quiet. Yes, she seems innocent. Yes, she seems inactive. No, you're wrong. She may seem quiet but she is loud when you get to know her. She may seem innocent but once she opens up to you, she is not exactly how you think she is. She may seem to have disappeared but she's always there in the corner observing. It was totally unintentional to make her sound like a stalker because trust us when we say this, she is the most adorable person you can ever come across on KaSh Heaven. Nobody will ever be so ready to help you and give you their time as much as her and this is what makes her so special.


This sweet lady has it all. But don't go on her sweet soft facade, she was recently found emotional blackmailing firms and entertainment production houses to cast Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand together or she'll climb their electricity pylons and kill herself. A lot of commotion was created as she even reached one and threatened the poor PHs to do as she says or she'll climb, making a puppy face. What brains we tell you!

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Why this KaShveri di? You got it! It's our one and only singer of KaSh Heaven - one of the friendliest and enthusiastic member. Her huge emoticons that she used to express her thoughts and feelings kept everyone around her that it created such a pleasant atmosphere wherever she went. All of us can agree that her melodious voice is soothing but what's so interesting is that she is so modest about her talents yet so joyous to be around with all the time!


This singing sensation taking over the world was found going to Goa last night on her scooty singing songs. When caught by one reported and asked why would she choose a scooty for transport use when she has so many cars on her leverage she smiled and replied, "ITS ALWAYS GOING TO BE MY FAVOURITE VEHICLE. The dream of my life and of course it reminds me OF MGG MAE! OMG MGG MAE!" What MGG MAE is still a mystery to us!



Nobody has pressurised people to move these threads as much as this girl has. It could be 3 in the morning and oh, that person knocking in the window? Yup, that's her asking you to help her finish the last 10 pages of the thread with her. Although she has been a lot less active than before and hasn't pressurised people to move the threads as much, nobody can take her place as the "speed" of KaSh Heaven.


The famous writer received a set of thousand bouquets and cards at her farmhouse, where she had recently stopped by to spend the vacations. Confused the author had asked why she was receiving so many gifts, making sure it wasn't her birthday. A source informs her she had received hundreds of them for finally completing her ages old fan fiction named "bedroom" after some twenty years! Woah now that definitely deserves it all.




This girl is a bundle of joy. Like a little kid, she spreads her wings high and all over the place. She's a darling to have around but she can have her mean streak too. Like we said, a kid for sure! She's been part of our lives for such a long time and we feel honored to have known her. This girl is our miniee, our Riya of the Heaven who has grown up so much along the way that it would be really wrong on our part to call her a kid. She may not be a kid anymore but has a beautiful soul just like a kid.

This crazy One Direction was finally ecstatic to tell the media how her ages old dream has come true. She has finally found the love of her husbands and had been spending a lot of time with each of them after their recent wedding. The weddings soon took place after the addition of One Direction's five studs to the famous wax museum. The girl was found clicking photos and reading marriage vows with the statues. Now that's what we call true love. We wish her and her five husbands a perfect married bliss.


Karan may have an enormous fan following but has he ever called himself someone's Hubby? No? Well, you got that wrong. He called himself this girl's "Hubby G" and you guessed it right, she is that one girl who has nothing but praises for our fandom. Despite of being a KSGian, she claims to have never felt so homely anywhere on IF apart from on KaSh Heaven. Huge compliment, right? She's so friendly and easy going that you could meet her today and be planning adventures with her the next day!


This amazing lady has amazed us all. Our resources recently informed us that from the name of her house to her teddy bears collection to her four children, each and every one of them is named "Karan" Our reporters told us the girl had been stubborn about wanting to marry a guy named Karan so she could called him Hubby G, but the problem surfaced when she wanted him to look alike Karan. In the end her boyfriend ended up having a plastic surgery and now they are happily married with little karans. True love makes us all emotional.




Oh, you better know her! Her contribution towards this place has been so epic that it is impossible for her to be unknown to anyone. For the last few years, she has been helping with a lot of celebrations yet she has been an active member continunously ever since she joined. Her witty sense of humour, friendly personality and adventurous behaviour is what makes her so special and lovable. If you couldn't understand her hilarious jokes that sometimes make no sense, boy oh boy, have you missed out!


The millionaire named Virina Rugoo, just recently bought a house in Anahita. It was reported she has accomplished this after leaving her fifth husband and robbing him of his money. The sexy girl prefers different tastes in men and believes each of them has something good to offer. It is reported it was difficult for her husbands to keep up with her because of the amount of expenses spent on her daily food. That's what we call awesomeness. Eating the size of an elephant and looking like a starved victim. We envy your metabolism rate Virina Rugoo.

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She's the most kameeniest person you will ever meet. She'll sit on your head and order like a boss but you cant ignore her. You can miss the cutness in her kameenapan or the slight implied requests in her orders. She the boombox of ideas and perfect example to whine about not following it through. You can hate her (not really), you can love her but you can't ignore her!!

This ardent reader recently traveled all the way to Goa and had the perfect vacation in mystical world of fanfictional fantasy. She was rumoured to be the founder of the portal world of reliving fanfictions. "She made it all in a way to relive her favorite fanfiction MrGreekGodMsAngryEyes which was set in Goa" reveals our source.



Miss Maha Besharam person of heaven. She is some one whose presence cannot be ever ignored , after all she has two ID's and a dozen of KaSh colour ID's .which makes everyone absolutely puzzled for the first time. She surely is one of the spammer queens of heaven. Her hot and sexy topics are sure to make you blush, and yes she has always the most innovative and best curses to give. Essentially a total crazy person , one can never feel bored or feel dull when she is there. Sweet at first she is the biggest kamini asshole one can ever find.

It is rumoured that the woman was recently hauled by the police. It was said she had around seventy accounts in one bank and the bills were paid by seventy different men. On interrogation the woman reported she loved making multiple Ids and she had them on heaven too. What is heaven is still a mystery to us but we salute to the men paying her seventy different bills.


When we think of her, we will probably be reminded of her long and descriptive long replies on Heaven. Post a simple KaSh picture and she has an essay for you ever ready. Another little secret, or perhaps it is not much of a secret, because it is evident when she writes. Her fondness for poems. She could be known as well as the most whinning depressing KaSh poets. Joking. But her presence on Heaven had always boosted everyone to KaSh rather than spam. We get easily indulge in KaShing with her. Her easy and sweetbitter nature kind of rubs on us at times. Aliya has been of the members who had once been on nightly basis moving the threads.


This young star had recently finished her book of seventeen thousand four hundred and fifty pages book and etched her name in the world records for writing the longest book ever on "How I was once in love with two idiots," Our sources inform us the book is about some long time back celebrities known as "KaSh." We wonder who they are.



Left Leg Aage Aage, Right Leg Pichay Pichay Aaja Yaara Lets Start VeYes u all gt it right  it's tani partner our tanja ..She is lighting life of Heaven very sensitive &  sweet member of heaven..She welcome heavenaties   with a big hug..She is our soni kudi ..One of the most enthusiastic member of heaven. She is definitely one of the spammer queens of the place, she kept fuelling up the place when it was in the forever stuck mode, kudos to you girl for that. She is some one with whom its so easy to get along with, talking to whom is always very pleasant. She is sweet, sensitive and charming. One of the friendliest and charming person ever.

You know that girl who is always spamming? You know who I'm talking about. That girl who is always moving Heaven at a hyper pace and is always laughing and talking to everyone. Ufho! Tanja ki baat kari hoon yaar! So listen, to this. I was just coming back from my basketball match and was in the locker room. There, I saw her. Tanja was sneakily eating something from a packet. I didn't think anything of it at first, but when I crept up behind her she got spooked! And there was a white powdery substance all over her. She quickly ran away, but I with my genius skills opened her locker and found the secret behind her hyper-active mode. It was… sugar. Still find it so hard to believe that a fellow KaShian of mine is taking this dark, dark path. What have the days come to!



One of the  rare sensible and sane species of Heaven. She is some one who is very sensitive and is as sweet as honey. She very charming and lovable, some one who has so much of warmth and the feel of comfort around her. She is so innocent and cute than its endearing ,but then looks can be deceptive right?! Behind this sweet and shy girl there is also a crazy, naughty KaShian

This just in! While on a walk around the courtyard, a fellow KaShian noticed something quite peculiar. She at first simply could not believe what she was seeing. But upon a closer look, she was simply stunned! Lo, and behold standing before her was Madhu coo chi-cooing with a beehive! Yes, that is right! A normal reaction would be to run far away so that one does not get stung. But Madhu here was actually found talking to them! This has made fellow KaShians wonder if that is the secret behind her warm and sweet nature.

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Little miss devil!!! Some one who will flirt with everyone, a perfect nautanki!! She is some one whom you will never find sad or low. She is always her cheerful self and some who one whose antics are sure to make you smile too. One of the most naughtiest and yes also the sexiest person on heaven. She is really a crackpot and surely one of the most fun person to be with.

A little birdy has told us that Little Miss Tamanna is about to open up her very own Drama Productions called Nautanki Saala! For all those who do not know, Little Miss Tamanna has vowed to be at this site 24/7, entertaining people with her nautankis. Sources reveal that she will be doing all this absolutely free! They have stated that, "Miss Tamanna has decided to dedicate her entire life to making other people happy by working through sweat and blood." What a selfless thing to do!


Gurleen! Famously known as the member of monkey groups. We do remember those monkey emoticons old days? Well yes she was part of those at times cute and at times creepy emoticons. Truly even if everyone died on the earth of our Heaven, you would have always encountered her talking to the walls of Heaven. Never bored, aiming for a page number alone and competing with herself by hook or by crook to reach the targeted page and mind you she won't budge until she reached it even though it may take forever or a whole life.

The young movie editor has been elated with the warm responses she has been receiving. When asked by a reported about her journey to this profession the young woman got very emotional and burst into tears telling them how she wasted precious years on "two worthless damned people named kash." WHO ARE THESE KasH & Karan Singh Grover,Shilpa Anand? The names seem to be everywhere around the globe!



Ooh la la'Ooh la la'Ooh la la'Ooh la la'Tu hai meri fantasy..Choo na na Choo na na Ab main jawan ho gayi..it's none other the olla girl mrs enrique n mrs robert pattinson our aish kameeni...She is love of the famous justin beiber .She is  a very hard nutcracker ..She moves heave  spreading her dirtines to aall innocent minds ..She is the Godness of Devil but an amazing friend.

You will not believe what I just heard! One of our own KaShians went to a concert! And it's not just any kind of concert; it's special. You know how? Because it was at home! Apparently, Aish got really upset for not being able to go to Justin Beiber's concert. So, what did she do? She brought the concert to herself! Several little birdies and lots of hilarious photos reveal that Aish forced a couple of KaShians to enact the concert! Yeah, that's right! She made a KaShian dress up as Justin Beiber to sing and dance for her! Bless the poor soul.



Piouskash! KaSh usernames may have gone extinct withing the years but surely Nandini want to be the sole or rather remain loyal to her fanatism towards KaSh since she believes KaSh are pure soul people. Well apparently, she was aghast with the hate community on Heaven against her KaSh once but now she is totally amongst us in campaigning against KaSh. Sangat ka asar ehh! She is very nice and a true KaShian, she loves reading KaSh/ArSh FF and would probably the best person around IF to seek for an FF to read and she also believes that her KaSh will come one day. Well let's see.

Ever get tired of reading the same old thing? Ever wish for something new and exciting to come your way? Well, now you can with the amazing new section of KaSh Heaven ' the Library! Yes, you heard right all you bloody bookworms! Coming exclusively with our Library is a very sweet, and na've Librarian! But be warned, she'll come out with a ruler if you do not return your books on time! And here is an exclusive message from the Librarian herself, 'The Library will ONLY be used for the purposes of reading, studying and doing research. Other hanky pankies will not be tolerated.


This little chirpy girl here, who appears to be shy and quite is totally the opposite. She is like the pouring rain that drums on your head but once you're in it, you enjoy it so thoroughly. She takes time to come to you but once she does, she's never going to be leave you alone. I garuntee you that. And she'll always have something sweet to ask, something to request, that you feel good. She'll be ready to talk about anything and everything and tease you about everything. She is our own sweet bomb, Poornima.

Our recent reports stated the young woman was found forming an organisation that's goal was to "not let viewers hearts break." The young lady got emotional and stated how two celebrities named KaSh broke hers and she would not let it happen again. Romour has it she is after a PH called "Cinevistaas" and bent on making their lives a living hell. A world-wide campaign is next in order. What might have these people done to aggravate this young lady? It still remains a mystery.



Bholi Si Surat, Aankhon Mein Masti woh hai hamari aishy.

Officially tagged as the movie writer of KaSh Heaven. Have always been ready to assist and showed  great enthusiasm in writing something 'hot' about KaSh. Has been present on Heaven ever since our 2010 major breakdown. She has always been here on KaSh Heaven no matter what, binding everyone together to move this place. Despite her disappearance in between most of the times, she always make a quirky come back and show how much she 'hates' KaSh. Mrs Santa aka Aishy she is his obsessed lover ..One of the best writer in heaven..Her writing creates a havoc in heaven..she's a person full of life.

The hot novel writer recently reported in an interview she had begun writing on karan singh grover and Shilpa Anand years back. When asked who they are she asked for a whole tissue box and cried cursing them whole day. A dangerous moment embraced the reporters when she had become quite furious in her emotions and had started throwing vases around on how they had wasted years on the damned creatures. Any information to who this mysterious couple famous all over the world remains surreptitious.

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Eyyaaa  ahha yaaa hoo before u guys jump in to any conclusion let me tell here u we r not talking about the jackie chan bt about jackkuu no no don't think its a fruit ..It's none other than our Jackiieee one of the most besharam & chatterbox memeber  of heaven..monkey and ROFL emos are her trademark ..She is one of the best spammers in heaven, who moves heaven with her naughty talks ..It's wonderful to be around her a gd company she is a fullpack of entertainment

"Kulfi le looo. Ice-cream le looo. Coconut pani le looo." Yes, you heard it right! KaSh Heaven now has its very own stall! Here, you will find everything that your heart desires. Gol gappe, vada pao, bhel puri, channe, ice-cream, etc. And who you may ask is being so generous enough to offer us all this? Why it's our very own Bandariya, Jackie!! An excited KaShian munching on her vada pao told us, "I am having a BLAST here! All I have to do is ask for something and BOOM! It's right there! And it's SO good!!" Yes, that is all that a KaShian wants. Good food. A special thank you to Jackie for taking on the sole task of taking every single order and then preparing it all by herself! Your generosity will not be forgotten my friend.


Mr. Richie Rich of heaven . One of the flirty kinds of this place. And a self confessed evil person. Hehe,well he is a really fun person to talk to and a real sweetheart. Some one who can instantly cheer you up while cracking a stupid joke at a random time. One of craziest and funniest people I have known.

Pssstt!! Yeah you! You want to hear a secret? You know Richi? The guy who is always flirting around and making everyone laugh? You want to know what I found out about him? Well, I heard that he used to work in a circus before. As a part time clown! No wonder he's cracking jokes all the time! Kya karega bechara. Aadat se majboor jo hai. If you don't believe me, then go check him out at Cirque Du Soleil! As a favor, he always returns there for a gig. I also heard he's hitting it big there. With the bearded lady.



Madhuri Dixit ki biggest fan! This woman started off being shy and sweet but then made a full 360 with her loud, bold and hysterical nature. Part of the Bandar gang, she would not hesitate to make a harmless joke into something naughty. Over time, she has mesmerized and left everyone in awe with her creations. Her effort into her work, her love for her family, her immense pride in being who she is, all make her special and unique. She is just as beautiful, elegant, graceful, wild, naughty, and valuable as the Queen of Dance herself.

The gorgeous lady was found appealing to the hindi press to start a campaign against the word kash. She said the word had a bad impact on people, and it was essential for it to be removed from the hindi dictionary. When asked the reasons the lady was reported to provide them with some shows video clips that had a startling effect on the press which instantly agreed with her and issued the orders for the campaign to begun. Now what could it be?



She's so loud that you sometimes have to put earplugs in. She's so funny that you sometimes forget to breathe. These weird qualities are the reason why she is so loved by everyone. People convey their hatred to her but you just can't deny that you love her. She acts strong but she cries easily or that's what we think. But what's amazing is that she can laugh at the silliest things and create a fun atmosphere around here wherever she is!

This gorgeous diva had been missing for days. Her parents had filed a complaint and the whole United Kingdom police and intelligence forces were after her. It is recently reported that the diva had not been kidnapped but escaped to Miami with a set of books to enjoy her holiday with her boyfriends. She had the whole nation worried and praying for her.



A new arrivant but not anymore to the gang of crazy people. Her funny and witty interactions are the most entertaining thing. Tends to distract herself on Heaven before going to school, to class or coming back from school. Her 'am here for 5 minutes' always seem like an hour for all of us. It seems like she can never detach herself from the soul of Heaven.


This young lady was found disguised in a guard's uniform outside Atif Aslam's greenroom. She had been planning to meet the singing star since last ten years and had finally accomplished it by beating his real guards black and blue. The star is reported to have been so impressed that he has hired her as one of his guards officially. That's some luck we tell you!



She seems like a normal, average girl from Kolkata. She seems i said. She is as much normal and average as a roller coaster ride. And she's a ride with a cheerfulness splashed with some niceness. She'll help you, after taunting and teasing you. And she has the perfect KaShians quality, hates KaSh to death and loves KaShians and KaSh heaven as much, a quality found in all KaShians  Priya, we say is the perfect miss chupirustam with a dash of pagalpan.



This young acheiver recently designed a full on KaSh adventure roller coaster ride for her KaSh Amusement Theme park. This ride is rumoured to be one of her best creations since it takes you through a whirl wind fantasy ride through the journey of KaSh and KaSh heaven. KaShians are very proud and excited to enjoy this ride soon. "OMG i cannot believe we will get to ride on such an awesome ride, i'm so excited" confesses one of her fans.

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A Video Mix dedicated to most of our 550+ Members of KaSh Heaven. To all the crazy masti riot and memories. KaSh Heaven wouldn't have been truly a 'Heaven' without you guys. Enjoy!

The KaShians

KaShians. 8 letters and 1 word. The word that defines a fan group that will never ever be forgotten. The people who they are, the lives they live, the memories they've etched. Once in a lifetime you find yourself standing at a point where everyway ceases to exist. Until you find a light through this darkness. These are the people who found ways when there were none, who held each other, who never lost hope. The people who did not fall down when fate stood against them, the people who did not back away when windows shut off, did not fear the darkness when there was no source of light. A kashian is a sea of emotions, determination, persistence, strength, love. The people who made you laugh when you cried, the people who hugged you until you didn't smile, the people who brightened up eachother's days, the people that will always be remembered for setting an example of utmost faith and hope. Hope that sustained them, hope that drove them.

Where else would you find a fandom that was driven by ruthless determination? Where else would you feel the love their hearts have for eachother?Where else would you see the madness that forced the indian television to bring back their Queen? Reunite the couple they breathed for? Where else would you see a fandom that lost it all a second time and yet marked their way through? Making hearts stop, proving people wrong, Earning what noone ever had? Where else would you find the loyalty they posessed? KaShians are a force, a divine power who accomplished everything they ever wished for. Who says they never got what they wanted? Among these hills of ups and downs they found eachother. A world and its every corner posesses a heart beating for a KaShian. Where else would you find a fandom with nothing to hope for yet setting history? With nothing to motivate them but their love for eachother? Where else would you find the KaShians? Where else in the world would a fangroup like that be found? Where else would you find perfection that has been created for the first and last time.

Thankyou Vaishu for the words.

Credit for those who help in the Appraisals & Accolades:
Video Mix by Rida

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