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Jab We Met- Part18 pg57 : 17/8/2014 (Page 6)

..nams.. IF-Rockerz

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[ oh btw i did the banner too Wink ]

Jab We Met : Part two

Lost in thoughts..


"so any plans for vacations.. ?" Sunanda asked her daughter who seemed.. errmm a bit lost..

"hmmm may be bus-stand.." she said looking out at the road. they were sitting in their garden. Her dog Moti was sound asleep on her lap while she was stroking its neck.

"What did you say..?" her mother asked did her daughter really say she wants to go to Bus-stand for vacations?

"what would I say.." she said still stroking Moti's neck and looking at the road dreamily.

"Chinnu!!" her mom shook her. this startled Moti who instantly jumped out of her hold with dazed eyes. he then stared at Sunanda who was busy glaring at her daughter with confused eyes. Not just Moti; this had startled Chinnu too. she for a moment went completely blank and then frowned seeing Moti wasn't in her hold anymore.

"MA!! What did you do? you scared him! he will never come near me again!!!" chinnu cribbed.

"you are worried about the dog? I am worried about you! what were you thinking so deeply haan?" sunnanda narrowed her eyes to her daughter gauging at her expressions.

"I ? what was I thinking? I wasn't thinking anything!" chinnu replied now running behind to hold moti. It was one of the strangest things with Moti, once if someone disturbs his peaceful nap he wont go back to sleep in the same place unless he forgets the incident..

"moti come here Now!!" sunanda commanded. Moti peeped from the side of the door as if trying to understand why sunanda called him out with such angry tone. Moti always played with chinnu, respected and obeyed sunanda and feared shit out about Dinesh [ chinnu's father ].

"Motii!!" sunanda called out again in a warning tone, if he didn't go to her now then probably she won't feed him tonight. Moti ran to her lap instantly. Looking at it chinnu pouted. she wanted to hold him!! Moti was such a lad of the house; he was more like a son rather than a pet.

"now you temme! What has gotten into you? ever since you came home in the afternoon.. you are so lost. Did you even notice that I am on leave today?" sunanda asked her daughter.

Chinnu sighed. "sorry ma.. actually.. I was.. umm.. I was thinking about vacations!" she stammered.

Sunanda "that's exactly what I was asking you!"

Chinnu "um.. ma I have 2 months in hand.. after that I wont be free for 2 years.. you know right.."

Sunanda "I know.. that's why I was thinking.. lets have fun this 2 months hows that?"

Chinnu excitedly asked her mother "fun? As in?"

Sunanda "I know all these years we hardly had any outing.. and you hardly had any holidays more than a week.. so since this will be the last time.. I am thinking lets visit Aaradhya.."  

Chinnu's face lit up instantly. She wanted to go to Aaradhya since long time, but her holidays were always limited and her parents never got much of vacations either. Aaradhya her old house, was in the village that was situated around 130kms away from her current city. The last time she visited the village was 6 years ago..

But then she saddened thinking she cant go alone. Her parents would never let her travel alone, even if her parents dropped her to the village, she wont be able to stay alone there without her parents. some memories of Aaradhya always haunted her. and she couldn't face it alone.

Chinnu "but ma.. you don't have leave na.. and pa.. forget it! he never takes me anywhere out!"

Sunanda "what if I tell I am free for 2 months??" sunanda grinned.

Chinnu looked at her mother unbelievingly "You are Not Joking are you?? You have taken leave? For two months?? Are you sure ma ?" chinnu was excited beyond bounds!

Sunanda laughed "yes chinnu. I have taken leave.. for two whole months.. we will spend time in Aaradhya.. and if you want to go anywhere else too we will go okay ?"

Chinnu immediately got up from her chair and hugged sunanda, this startled Moti Yet again. He jumped of from sunanda lap, glaring and pouting at mother-daughter.

Chinnu and sunanda laughed seeing their pet. Moti turned around and walked inside the house wagging its tail as if saying to them 'I am not coming anywhere near you both!"

they laughed again..

chinnu "ma.. papa will also come along with us na.. ?" she asked in a hopeful tone. Her mother shifted uncomfortably and got up.. "I have some work in kitchen..i will see you later" saying so she went inside. Once sunanda went inside the house Moti came out wagging its tail to check on chinnu.

Chinnu smiled and pulled up moti to her lap.. "Moti.. I wish even pa would come with us.." Moti relaxed on her lap.. but then straightened as if something rang on his head. chinnu looked at him perplexed and then laughed "Don't Worry Moti darling! We will take you too.." she said ruffling his hair and hugged him..




"you are going to visit him again?" Guna asked her brother-in-law.

"umm.. I don't know bhabhi.." he said picking hot-and-crispy pakode that his bhabhi had just fried and kept it in a hot-box.

"you know right that dad wants you to.." guna started to only to be interrupted by him.

"I know.. I know.. My father once in a while suddenly feels concern about his father!!" he said saracastically.

"Bunny!" guna chided in a warning tone.

Bunny  "sorry bhabhi. But I cant help it you know the way dad treats him.. makes me hate my dad!"

Guna "he has his reasons you know'" she said in a low tone.

Bunny joined his hands infront of her "please bhabz now you don't start .. mom alone is enough for that okay?"

Bunny picked another pakode and marched out of the kitchen nonchalantly.

Guna "you will never understand bunny.." she sighed. Its always like her whole family stood on one side of the river and bunny on the other. bunny never understood any of their ideologies, he sees life in a simple way. but life isn't that simple is it? if it was no one would have any problem with life!




He was busy playing his guitar. Guitar was always his stress-buster. Everytime his mother or his bhabhi supported his father, he hated it! because he could never understand 'whats more important for a person more than their own parents?'

If his dad cared for his father so much then why couldn't he himself go and check him out? ofcourse bunny loves visiting his grand pa. infact the only good thing that has happened in his life 'his grandparents! But he didn't want to become a messenger between the two. He shook his head and concentrated back on his guitar.

The melody of his beats were rising, he never really had a habit of saving his tunes. He just played his guitar for his self-satisfaction. All he wants is some peace of mind which he gets because of music!

Hearing him play his cousin sister ran towards his room. she loved the music he created. She stood quietly near the door without disturbing him. he sat on the edge of the window sill, eyes closed, fingers dancing and he completely lost in the music!

Within seconds the frustrated tunes turned out to be smoothing melody. All his thoughts that were battling between his dad and grandparents moved away. Now his mind raced back to what happened in the day. That encounter with that unknown girl in the bus-stand. He smiled thinking about her. her light maroon-pink shaded lips, those fluttering eye lashes like the wings of the butterfly, her hair that was half tied and that big nose. And not a single make-up on the face! He remembered the way her nose had turned red with anger. she was different from all those beauties he had seen.. Gosh will he meet her again he thought.

"Are you by any chance thinking about a girl bro?"

His eyes shot open instantly, his guitar almost fell of his hold. He looked at his sister who was smiling and surprised by his actions.

"what.. I .. no .. why would I think of any girl ??" he asked stammering a little.

She laughed. "its not like you are gay or something! You are allowed to think of a girl you know.." "or by any chance you.. I mean.. you gay??" she bursted out laughing again.

And then like always then ended up chasing each other all over the house..

"so you were really thinking about a girl eh?" she said lying on his bed tired.

Bunny "sanju.. can I ask you something.." he mumbled sitting on the window sill.

Sanju looked at him sceptically "you need permission for that?"

Bunny "tell me whats destiny!"

Sanju looked at him as though he has grown two heads.

Sanju "which movie did you see today?"

Bunny eyed at her as if warning her that he is serious.

Sanju "I don't know.. but according to me destiny is where your heart takes you to. don't believe all that shit shown in movies and novels! It doesn't happen in real life you know.."

Bunny "as in..??"

Sanju "as in.. umm hair flying due to the gush of the wind just because someone is staring at you! impossible!"

He wondered. The breeze had blown. Her hair did fly twice. And both the times he was staring at her!

Sanju "or rescuing a girl from goons?! Please gimme a break! Just because someone rescues a girl it doesn't mean they have to fall in love! Does it?"

Why was that everything sanju was telling turned to be a contradiction in his case..? he was so lost in the thoughts that he didn't hear anything sanju was telling him.

Sanju "and very importatnt ' Love at first sight! I mean see every girl dosnt look like a heroin of these clich movies! In real life girls and boys look much different. Considering that falling in love by just seeing is not possible. If any case you do then its merely an infatuation! And such infatuation doesn't happen in real life!"

Bunny shook his head again. May be something is really wrong in his life. he made a mental note of denying every Friday-movie-hangout offers that his friends would bring on. No more movies!

Sanju "but bhai.. you don't have to think about all this.. you know someone is already waiting for you.." she winked at him.

As realization of her words dawned upon him; Bunny came out of his thoughts

and started chasing her again.


I am surprised with the response.. as i hardly expected any considering its not a Fan-Fiction.

But THANK YOU all of you for still trusting me and loving this.. 

i am seriously enjoying writing this. and thats said ill let you all know throughout this fiction i would be adding certain dreams of mine or rather every other girl. its completely practical and logical.. 

Please do leave your reviews and likes. 

Hit like to this post if you want pms Embarrassed

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-FrozenRain- IF-Sizzlerz

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Reserved !!!!!


nams dear did you write this...You got your style back..Those novel wala style ...
I was actually confused about who is this guys and those names gosh you are seriously funny..
I loved all the nick names...
And this seemed like something real..
A bliss of enjoying the place around and that pet..Seemed like a known face around...
The convo between the guy and the sis  I loved it..
Ladka pagal banne wala hai for sure..
ha ha opposites are part of life...Blisss

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luv_arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update nams...loved it very much

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jas_ArSha_MaNan IF-Dazzler

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my god narmada di
wat an amzing update
luvd it
my god di
undoubtably u r one of the best writers of IF
just luvd this update
di being a girl sumwhere or the other we all r able to connect to it
amzing work di
kudos to u for it
just awesome
keep it up di
do update next part soon
luking foirward to it

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Dead_Nightmare IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved it

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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If English Tv forum hai y HIndi tv forum hai  hm next update mein hindi kk use plzzz  phichal sess. toh hindi mein mein pura padha meine 
 or ye  toh SleepySleepy
kya bolu
 plz use  HindiSmile

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..nams.. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by nature2

If English Tv forum hai y HIndi tv forum hai  hm next update mein hindi kk use plzzz  phichal sess. toh hindi mein mein pura padha meine 
 or ye  toh SleepySleepy
kya bolu
 plz use  HindiSmile

i am sorry but i wont be using any hindi words much in this.. Ermm and i didnt understand what u said Confused

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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res aake comment karti hu

awe loved the update yaar its awesome
loved it
loved cheenu and bunny 
he he nice nickname
loved it
wow dono ek hi gaon mein
n dont lose ur heart  yar
its fiction na thats why less readers n also u r back after a long time
but am glad u didnt lost ur touch
i really loved it

just keep writing without expecting anything from anyone
just keep writing 4 ur self
just write what makes u happy

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