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Jab We Met- Part18 pg57 : 17/8/2014

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Jab We Met

-Yeh ek Love story hai, lekin thodi filmy hai..


Pyaar Kab Kisse Hota Hai Pata Nahi Chalta,
Lekin Jab Pyaar Hojata Hai Wo Humse Door Nahi Jaata.
Pyaar Ek Chalti Hui Nadi Ki Tarah Hai -
Jitna Bhi Usse Rokne Ki Koshish Karo, 
Behene Ke Liye Nadi Apni Raasta Bana Hi Leta Hai..

Filmon Mein Bhi Kuch Ajeeb Baatein Kehte Hai,
Jaise Pehli-Nazar Se Pyaar Hojana,
Bina Dekh Ke Yeh Jaana Ki Humare Pyaar Humare Paas Hai,
Chand Se Apne Sandesha Bejna,
Bina Jaane Yeh Jaaana Ki Humare Pyaar Musibaat Mein..
Aise Kahi Hisse Hai.. Par Kya Yeh Sab Asal Zindagi Mein Hota Hai?

Yeh Jaane Ke Liye, You have to Read The Story - Jab We Met!


Kehthe pyaar ek anokhi ehsaas hai..

Pyaar Kab kisko hota hai yeh koi nahi jaanta..

bas jaanta hai toh itna,

Pyaar ke bina zindagi adhuri hai,

Pyaar ke saath ho toh zindagi khoobsurat hai..

Aur dua hai us Rab har pyaar karne waale ke saath humesha.. 







amidst the sea of emotions

amidst the shades of life


there is a feeling hiding from everyone

there is a wish within everyone


that let the love happen..

that let love bud among the hearts..


from one shade to the other

there are countless shades of love..


but in all the shades of life,

love is the purest

love is the dearest..!





If you want Pm updates to any of my stories please add : Sunshine_Bliss to your buddy list!

Imp : This is NOT based On any Tv-couple Onscreen or Offscreen. Its is completely Imaginary and One can imagine whomever they want. Hence its Not a FanFiction- Just a Fiction! just like you read in novels. Please keep this in mind. 

*For Index and character list scroll down*

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She is from a middle class family. only daughter of her parents. Her dad has never cared anything more than his business. Her mom worked in a Hospital as a head staff nurse. She was never close to her parents as both were always busy, but even then she loved them immensely. If she loves anything in this world more than herself is her dearest pet - Moti. she a filmy freak who can get a crush on any guy who manages to look cute & hot in her eyes!

He is from a rich family. second son in the family of doctors! both his parents and his brother are doctors. Fortunately or Unfortunately his brother married to a doctor! so ultimately the family doctors has their second son who is an engineer, artiste and also a musician. he isn't a movie freak but when it comes to friends he cant help can he? oh yes he is waiting for his dream girl!

what happens they both meet in a utter filmy way?
will they meet again?
will they fall in love ?

*For The Character List, check next post below*


Jab We Met...Did Love Happen?

- Ek Love Story Hai, Bas Thoda Filmy Hai!



Part One : Crush No 50 - Click here

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Part Three : Bleeding Wounds - click here 

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Part Eighteen : Its Sri Krishna's birthday! - Click here

Part Nineteen :

Part Twenty : 

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Characters :

Lead Characters :

Male Lead : 

Ayush Bharadwaj [ Bunny - nickname ]

Female Lead :

Chhaya D.Nayak [ Chinnu - nickname ]

Main characters :


Bunny's Family:

Parents : Rakesh Bharadwaj - Cardiologist 
              Shalini  Bharadwaj -  Gynaecologist ( retired but visiting doctor )

Brother : Ankush Bharadwaj - Oncologist (Best cases for children.)
              Guna Ankush Bharadwaj- Paediatrician ( Ankush's wife )

Sister :    Sanjana - College Student ( Bunny's Cousin )

Grandparents : Srinivas Bharadwaj & Kamala Bharadwaj ( Rakesh's parents )


Chinnu's Family:

Parents : Dinesh Nayak - Shopkeeper 
              Sunanda Dinesh Nayak - Head Staff Nurse

Pet :        Moti - A dog with the size of a pup ( 6 years old )

Grandparents : Bhimdev krishnan and Gayathri Krishnan ( Sunanda's parents)


Other Characters:

Patients : Kaka (56 year old)
              Neethu (12 year old)
              Dhruv (6 year old )
              Tara (6 year old )

Friend : Vanitha ( chinnu's best friend )

Naina [ yet to come! ]

shekhar : driver [ works for srinivas since ages. Chinnu's Mama ]

Ranjan : Bunny's friend

Karthik : Bunny's friend

Jaya [ 36 years ] : Kamala's Maid

Gouri : Chinnu's childhood friend [ same age as chinnu ]

*will be soon Updated*

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Jab We Met : Part One

 Crush No 50.

12.15pm. exactly 22 mins since she stood in the broken bus-stand. No sign of bus. No sign of any auto's. Her wallet didn't let her chance of hiring a taxi. No shops in the vicinity or even a PCO for that matter. She sighed! Why on earth did she miss the last bus? It was Friday. She knew most of the bus-drivers on those local buses where muslims and had to visit mosque at this time. She knew those local buses from her area didn't work in the afternoon as there would be hardly any passengers at this hour of the weekend. She knew it all! Yet she took this route rather than the other one which atleast led somewhere near her house and all she had to do was walk for around 10 mins and Tada! she would be at home! But NO! She had to take this route!

She looked at the far end, there was a small canteen, an old and broken one..! she badly wanted to go there and drink something to suppress her thirst. But NO! she cant do it because even from this far all she could see was some middle aged daily-wage-workers staring at her. Seeing them gawk at her from that distant she didn't feel like going anywhere near the canteen. She sighed again.

1,2,3.. and so on.. all the buses that connected to all other places except her area moved right infront of her eyes. all the passengers waiting for the bus along with her disappeared one after the other. neverthless there was a woman holding huge bags in her hand waiting in the bus-stand. She sighed thinking she wasn't the only lady in the bus-stand. Other than her and the lady with huge bags there was an old man and two school boys. She consoled herself looking at the watch. 12.20pm. Aah she let a sigh of relief. It was a time for her next bus to come. She desperately looked at the direction. If that bus didn't arrive then she had to wait for another 40 mins, that is sharp at 1pm; there would be a bus, she had seen it go towards the city. That will return for sure. But she already spent 27mins in this freaking bus-stand! Waiting another minute here sounded as creepy as walking in the desert. Upon that the rainy season had suddenly turned all sunny! The heat from the sun made her sweat in and out. she was so drained out that she didn't feel like keeping a step out of the shade.

There came a bus which she assumed may be her area bus, but as soon as it came she realized it wasn't hers and also it took along with it all the passengers from the bus-stand leaving her alone to murder herself.

She thought maybe she could walk home? It would take her around 30mins to walk home but then if she waited for that 30 mins she would probably catch her bus and within minutes she would be home. But that meant she had to wait in this creepy bus-stand for 40 minutes alone.!


He didn't want to park his bike. But he did! Because while he was buying some bread what his mother had asked him to from that small canteen, his eyes suddenly fell on the girl waiting in the bus-stand. She had worn white salwar with pink shades. She wasn't the beautiful girl he ever saw, but yet she was beautiful! What drew his attention was her expression. She had a different expression on her face with each passing second. With her i-am-angry-and-i-am-probably-going-to-cry expression he had assumed her oh-so-beloved-bus hadn't arrived yet. He wondered from how long was she waiting here?

As he turned around he saw the men in canteen gawking at her like a prey. He cursed under his breath. He focussed his attention back to the girl whose expressions suddenly turned to be happy seeing a bus arrive at distant corner. He smiled. May be her bus came he thought and started the accelerator of his bike. Before he could take-off he saw her shoulders stoop low and her expression dull. He saw her looking at the other passengers who started boarding the bus. And now she was left alone in the bus-stand. The men smirking at her at her now. The man inside him rose, he was about to punch them but he controlled himself. Being a man if he felt so worried about her security then what must be going through her he thought. He didn't want to park his bike. But I guess he couldn't move away either.




Her battle on whether to walk home or no was still on. But then finally she chose to entertain herself. May be she could continue with something that could lessen her worries? Oh yes mother nature! She looked around gauging her surroundings. First there was a banyan tree on the opposite side of the road. Later her eyes then fell on the road. The road was divided right infront of the bus-stand, one road led to the city; other led to small village nearby. There was another street on the right side of the bus-stand which led to the locality that had posh-rich-apartments and a nursing home. At the end of this road was that canteen.

Suddenly there was a blow of wind..the breeze seemed too cool for a sunny day. It made her hair near her ears dance. Her eye lashes fluttered against cool breeze. Unknowingly a smile formed on her face as she tucked the loose strands of her hair behind her ears. She imagined herself to be the female protagonist of a movie. And also imagined may be there might be some guy far away staring at her beauty? She chuckled! Beauty and she was two different things! but then whats wrong in imagining things? she imagined the bike that parked at the far end of the road belonged to some Hot-stud. Who happened to watch her beauty standing at the distant! Isn't that what happens in movies? She giggled at her imagination. Because all her life she had a list of 49 crushes and one love affair! The so called love in her life happened through facebook and it ended also in facebook thus closing the only chapter of love from her life. The other crushes of her life where only meant to stalk-and-stare. Nothing could be done for them to fall for her! either they had girl-friends or they didn't like her much to be considered as friend! Let alone their girlfriend. So you see the point is her life isn't that happening! She is just a normal girl from a middle class family; a filmy freak and wants a fairy tale love story!

She chided herself for giggling, smiling and dreaming in public. She glanced around the road, it was abandoned. There wasn't a single piece of human being walking or travelling. Shit! She was freaking alone not just in bus-stand but also in the whole area! The only glimpse of human beings was in that canteen. That too those woman-hungers! May be she could walk home? She looked at the canteen and found them all smiling at her with weird looks. That scared the shit out of her and made her come out of her filmy mood instantly.

That's it! she couldn't tolerate those bulging eyes of those idiot-men. She would go and punch each of their faces. But then she was alone here ? going there only meant bringing in the danger. She chose to ignore but finally surrendered herself to walk home. It was far better than standing in this bus-stand. Once again she glanced at those men. There were 4 of them and as on cue they decided to get up and walk towards her. Shit! Her women instincts started thinking of all wrongs that can happen. May be they would kidnap her? may be they would.. damn! She was screwed. She shouldn't have taken this freaking route! She thought again.

 Just as she stepped out the rain started blessing her with rage. It was pouring cats and dogs in no time. wasn't it suppose to be sunny day today? When the hell did the rains become her enemy? She thought. She couldn't walk home with this heavy rain! The gutters seemed like flooded rivers! Even if she dared to walk on the road she would be pushed towards the gutter and then would have to bid adieus to this world. No ways!

She again turned to see those men they for minute stood beside the nearby tree, may be trying to decide whether or not kidnap her? she faintly thought.

Where on earth has she brought herself to?




"hi.." a male voice rang in her ears. She had shut her eyes closed after she saw those men walking towards her against the will of the rain.

She saw the man standing next to her with her one eyes open, her bag clutched tightly on her chest. He was fully drenched in rain. The water drops were still dripping down his hair. He seemed to be few inches taller than her. He had worn white crushed shirt and light blue jeans. And and he had a muscular framed body! Damn! Looks like he gyms every day! His tiny nipples were visible through his wet shirt. She bit her lips and shut her eyes. "you moron! For god sake stop checking him out!" her inner voice warned. And then there was another voice that replied timidly within her "I would love to get raped if he was the one to do it..!" she smiled and then kicked herself inside her mind. What the f**k was she thinking ?

"oh hello madam! By any chance are you deaf? .." he asked. Her eyes fluttered open instantly and stared at his dark coloured light blue eyes? damn! He had freaking blue eyes! W*F! And she seriously lost the least bit of sanity she had within her when she started staring at him so deeply as though she would munch his fair chubby cheeks. Did she tell he was so fair that if he was a girl he would probably win the world's prettiest girl title! Damn! There was a slight stubble around his chin. How she wished she could..

"I am sorry.. you .. are you really deaf?" he asked her with a frown. He also tried using hand signs. She slapped herself mentally.

"i.. I well.. I um.. im .." and then it striked he had called her deaf! Deaf? W*F!

"oyee! Im NOT deaf!" she said with slight anger making her nose turn red.

He let a sigh of relief but nevertheless he glared back at her "oh then.. welcome back to earth! How was your trip to mars? Found your fellow aliens?" he asked her with mocking sweet tone.

Her lips suddenly formed the 'O' shape ready to retort! What the hell did he think of himself? Isn't being so handsome is his biggest mistake that he started insulting me? ME? Hmph!

"well for your information.. I tried searching for you there.. but your friends told me you're here.. howz that?" she asked fluttering her eye lashes.

"YOU!!..." he said pointing his finger at her. but her eyes was staring at something behind him. he turned around to see those men glaring at her. and so he glared at them back!

She suddenly hid herself behind him peeping slowly at those woman-hungers! They seemed to be taken back seeing the guy with her. and The guy was well 6 feet tall, with muscled body tone, broad chest that seemed like huge wall! Haha! Take that you ass-holes she said mentally to those men. And those men turned around and walked off. With one look at the guy who had supported her and they left cursing their fate!


She breathed relief. Thank God! She smiled, turned around and sat on the small wooden bench that stood at the edge of the bus-stand. The whole bus-stand seemed like an open air hut! Oh so smart she was! She hadn't noticed that she was standing in a hut-turned-into-bus-stop all long. The wooden bench in which she sat wasn't that strong either! It shivered as soon as she had sat on it. But her weight didn't kill the bench so may be it wouldn't break. She thought. The rain drops started falling upon her head, she looked up and found that the oh-so-lovely-bus-stand had leaking roof! Anyways she didn't mind it because she was happy that she wasn't in any danger now.

"atleast you could have had some courtesy to thank me!" he said. She looked up at him. he bit his tongue. Well he didn't mean to say that out loud.

Before she could mutter thank you their eyes locked again. He was so irresistible. She was really finding it tough time to hold her breath in pace. Around him her tongue seemed to knot itself and thus holding her from muttering anything!

"and there she goes again into her whatever-land it is!" he said looking annoyed. He wondered why does she have to check him out every now and then? He wasn't Brad Pitt for god sake! It made him blush and all thanks to those fair cheeks. He had to protect his ego and pride didn't he? His only option was some nasty comment.. and her mind would get diverted. But every time she checked him out he got complete freedom to check her out too. he didn't want to miss that either. But if he starts checking her out then.. umm wouldn't that be creepy? What would be the difference between him and those men who were gawking at her? damn! But but.. her eyes.. her eyes that's hiding behind her black and white specs is soo captivating. The way her eye lashes flutter makes his heart-beat go into a completely different tune than the usual lub-dub. She wasn't as fair as him. may be because of that he couldn't see her blush? How he wished he would go so close to her to see if her blushes were visible! Damn! Without any make-up not even a lip-gloss or eye shades or any other, she looked beautiful! Take that my dear sister Sanju! You waste all your time infront of the mirror to impress your oh-so-dear-baby boyfriend! You should learn something from this fairy! Gosh.. she is a natural beauty.. the quote seems so true "beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer!".. those lips.. it wasn't rosy coloured or light red.. it was somewhat light shade of maroon-pink.. she kept making her lips wet every now and then. For once he wished he would suck them.. OH MY GOD! W*F is he thinking? He sounded creepier than those stupid men. DAMN! CONTROL DUDE! CONTROL!!

"what? What did you say?" she asked him narrowing her eyes!

"nothing.. I was asking your name.." he said in sugary sweet tone that was clearly mocking at her.

She turned her head to the side and then looked at him raising the eye-brows

"why should I tell you?" she asked him.

What? His intentions were just to know her name. after all he had rescued her from those men didn't he? Its not that he would search her in facebook or something! Well that was exactly what he was going to do! didn't he?

"I am sure you want my name so that you can find me in FB isn't it?" she asked again.

He looked at her unbelievingly! Did she read his mind or something he wondered!

"oh! Are you considering yourself to be some Miss.Universe eh? Because let me tell you for your information You Are Not! I am seriously not interested in knowing anything more about you. have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Bhootni Lagthi ho Bhootni!" he said stretching the last words.

Her lips formed "O" shape again but this time nothing came out of her mouth. Shit! Did he hurt her? OFCOURSE YES! damn him.. he had heard similar dialogues in movies and then he just recited to her to save his ass before she really knew why exactly he needed her name! damn him!

"listen i.. didn't.." and but then the damage was already done..!

"aww its okay.. even you aren't Brad Pitt your-self.." she smiled.

This time it was his turn of forming "O" shape with his lips. Did She Really say that?

"oh that's why you were checking me out eh?" he asked narrowing his eyes. if she started it then he wouldn't end It so easily. For once she seemed to be taken aback.

"yeah I was actually wondering from which planet have you come! You didn't seem like the one from this earth!" she said.

"haa! look who is talking the one who knows nothing but day dreaming?! If I hadn't come then those men would have.." he stopped in mid-sentence. He shouldn't have brought this up oops!

Her face seemed to soften a bit. "thank you.." she said.

He looked at her "what did you say?"

"I said thank you! don't think I am one of those who don't use the three magical words thank you, sorry and please!" she smiled sarcastically. "really thanks for helping.." she smiled this time a genuine one and held her hand forward. He shook her hand with smile.

"so now you can tell me your name?" he asked to which she laughed.

Before she could say the bus had come..

"well.. i have to go.." she said walking towards the bus..

"but your name?" he asked again.

"if we meet next time.. I will tell you.." she said and climbed the bus. Leaving him behind who was chuckling at their strange meet.

She sat in the window seat. It all seemed like a dream. Did she really have the Filmy-First-Meet with a guy who was So hot that she can die to see him hundred times ???? did she really go all gaga staring at him? did she really stammer not knowing what to say? did she really feel that hair-flying thing before a Guy approached her. and he wanted her name too? OMG! WTH! Shit shit shit! Please tell me I am not dreaming? she thought.

She saw him sit in his bike and drive away towards that lane that led to the apartments. May be was from that locality.. which meant he was rich? Shit! Did he really come to the bus-stand for her sake? She wondered.

Will they meet again?

So Crush No 50. The Rich Tall & Handsome!


please leave your likes and comments if you liked it! Embarrassed


nams! Tongue

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Originally posted by asmaju

Reserved for my comment.

Nams just now reached home will read soon...

Nas you know what this is just beyond my imagination..
If feels so good and real to read this story..
Girl I owe you for writing this style..One thing I prefer a lot..'Thoda font size bada kar..My eyes are paining in dark..
I love Jab we met..
The Crush No 50..First tell me 50 kyu??/
But with the rest  I could just imagine few areas you visited and told me about..
It was simple yet awesome..Not those typical complex styles and words but sweetest style of writing.The touch with readers that happen flawlessly..
Its great .The giel simple and the boy  a typical filmy hero...

Love you
Keep writing more

P.S: I love the few poem lines at start..
P.P.S:I want faster updates

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  well  it is mindblowing very well writtenStar
nammu--brillant job--keep it upClapThumbs Up

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muzzy_sk Goldie

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Oh my God!.. This was SO brilliant and awesome and what not! First of all, your writing style is really good and then the story and the concept, too is romantic as well as fun. Even the title of the chapter 'Crush no. 50' was different. Somehow, I have always liked fictions without fan base more. They have a lot more potential and you can expect anything and everything in it. And this one looks like something really good. Can't wait to read further. Update soon.. =) 
The like button is not working but count us in! 

-Shreya and Kanishtha. 

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