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BVTimes#11 - Sanchi ki gatha BV ki mahadasha

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 1:41am | IP Logged

..:AT BVTimes Office:..

Khushi  is alone working on her laptop...she don't know don is found no where.. she asked at people but no one aware about her whereabouts ..

Don enter looking really upset

Khushi: kya huva kahi thi itne din

Don: Dhyan kar rahi thi

Khushi : kya... par tuje aisa karne ki kya jarurat

DON: dhyan hi insane ko mosh ke marg par lekar jata hai khushi..BV ka marg kho chukka hai to mai mahadev ke path par agresar ho gayi..

Khushi: not again... tu fir se mahadev dekhna shuru kar diya.. bv dekhna chod diya. .par kyu

Don: sanchi ki vajah se.. is month bv mai sanchi ke alwa koi aur hai kya.. jo mai  bv dekhu

Khushi: ye bhi sach hai.. only sanchi month jo chal raha hai.. to tu isliye gayab thi

Don: yeah.. ab samji.. NL mai bhi sanchi hi dekhegi shayad

Khushi: hmm sahi kaha.. chal presentation karte hai.

Don: ha kyu nahi...

Don & khushi: let's commence our monthly presentation together...

 BalikaVadhu Times #11
Sanchi ki gatha bv ki mahadasha.

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 1:41am | IP Logged

(BY adi2512  )

The month starts with Ganga acting in time to get the badly injured Jagdish to the hospital. Ganga informs Anandi about Jagdish's situation and both Anandi and Shiv reach Jetsar.

Saanchi too gets to know about same and after confessing rather loudly to her friends that she is in love with Jagdish., immedeatly reaches hospital ( even before Anandi & Shiv ) surprising everybody at Jetsar

She confesses to Singhs about the altercation that has happened between Jagdish and her college boys over her and sadly laments that they may be behind the attack., indirectly blaming herself.

Jagdish continues to be in a critical position for a while but slowly improves. Ganga comes forward to tend to him at the hospital which is not appreciated by Saanchi and begins to be little Ganga over every action of hers.

Anandi begins to notice this behavior of Saanchi as a silent spectator. When Jagdish's situation improves considerably., even though Anandi feels that her presence is not required anymore at Jetsar., Saanchi adamantly desires that she wants to stay at Jetsar till Jagdish completely recovers again surprising Anandi & Shiv with her behavior. Shiv suggests Anandi too to stay behind with Saanchi at Jetsar.

Saanchi continues to show a surprising change in her attitude wr.t dressing ., cooking etc., at Singh house hold by going beyond her means to impress every one including Jagdish. She also begins to start feeling extremely uncomfortable by Ganga's presence and Jagdish's affections towards Mannu.

Anandi by observing both Ganga and Saanchi feels that both of them have begun to love Jagdish and silently fears where these complexities are going to lead to in future.

Meanwhile., Ganga realizes that Ratan Singh may be behind the attack on Jagdish and shares this with Singhs. Saanchi blames Ganga infront of everyone holding her responsible for everything for which Jagdish objects.

Saanchi ., not able to keep quiet., influences Sumitra's thought process., saying it is solely because of Ganga , that Jagdish had gone into a dangerous situation.

Upon learning about the proceedings in Jetsar's panchayat., Anandi requests for Shiv's help in setting up a college in Jersar to aid in higher education.

Ira, as soon as she is back in Udaipur., get to know about what has happened to Saanchi and gets upset with rest of the Shekhar's for hiding the facts from her. She also blames Anandi saying that she has been extremely irresponsible in not taking good care of Saanchi in her absence.

When Ira and Alok come to visit Singhs., they are surprised to find the change in Saanchi and they return to Udaipur along with Anandi and Saanchi.

Anandi shares with Shiv., her feelings about Saanchi's more than friendly affections towards Jagdish., which Shiv will not be able to completely believe her.

As soon as they reach Udaipur., a marriage alliance comes up for Saanchi and they come to Kesarbagh to meet Saanchi and the family. Saanchi resists same and in front of everyone declares that she loves Jagdish and will marry only him.

Shekhars get majorly shocked and upset. Shiv & Mahi are shocked, Alok gets angry., Ira breaks down., Daddu and Meenu try to reason with Saanchi, that it is just an infatuation that she is feeling and also., that she will not be able to adjust herself in a place like Jetsar and conventional Singh household in the long run. Saanchi neither heeds their advice nor of Shiv's., when he too tries to reason with her. Consequently she reminds Shiv of his promise that he once made to her, that as long as she finds an ideal divorcee he will not object to her marriage to a divorcee.

Anandi too tries to reason with Saanchi that Jagdish and she are not made for each other as both their psyches are entirely different.

Meanwhile at the Singh's Sumitra continues to be cold and aloof towards Ganga.

Ganga passes her examination in second division., for which the Singhs and Jagdish feel happy and Ganga feels indebted to Jagdish.

She suggests to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Jagdish in a grand manner, for which all agree.

Khazan Singh, on having some work in U'pur comes to visit Anandi.

Anandi receives a call from Ganga inviting them to Jetsar for B'day celebrations of Jagdish.

Saanchi is too anxious to go much to the distress of Shekhar's, Shiv tells Saanchi that Anandi will accompany her.

Daddu says that it is now imperative that they should enquire what is in Jagdish's mind.

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 1:42am | IP Logged
(BY blushing  )
Unknown goons attack brutally Jagdish. Ganga witness all this & try to save his life. He begged for help. But showed tremendous courage & presence of mind. Ganga put injured Jagdish on cart & call for Ambulance. This 5th June episode is indeed emotional scene of the month. It shows Gang's hidden emotion towards Jagdish. 
(BY Aakansha_7 )
The scene starts with Sanchi entering Jagya's room screaming mannu for doing jagya's bed ganda
who's doing what ganda everyone knows LOL LOL
Sanchi saying to jagya...aapki sehat se important kuch nahi  TongueLOL
So she takes mannu from bed to handle over to ganga
Mahaaraj se panga lena is not at all good
Our mannu maharaj being angry cutely gavely mukka ( i mean slap) to sanchi ROFL
Sanchi went ShockedAngry...ganga went Shocked
Jagya went Wink...and our dear mannu maharaj went Dancing
and we viewers went ROFL...Party

in a day mannu became everyone's rockstar Star

  For more entertainmentWink
   Avi credits : Sushiani

(BY  anjali_pi )
The best romantic scene of June was the "Telly Romance" between Ansh. The entire scene was sweet,simple,cute and filled with love and yearning for each other. The couple missed each other, hubby turned into a total dumb coz of wifey's absence. He finally called her and told that he is a big zero without her. Wifey too missed him. Hubby wanted a sweet ILU from her, she was shy,but ready too. Later she broke all her barriers and told him I Love U Shiv and hubby gave a prompt I Love U Too back.

The whole scene was brilliant coz of the great chemistry between the actors plus some stunning costumes from both sides.Wink

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart." - Kay Knudsen.

(BY geekee)
Ganga plead to Lal singh to save Jagya
After some gundas attacked Jagya Ganga managed to join Jagya to the hospital and was treated by lal singh. When Jagya was serious ganga was so touched by the suffering of Jagya she requested  lal singh to save jagya holding his leg.

The way she broke up in front of lal singh to save jagya was really a heart touching scene

(BY Manshi )
Chemistry lab in Management institute...Confused...LOLLOLLOL...
When Sunny said to Sanchi that Jagya calling him in Chemistry Lab...
But the question is why there is Chemistry Lab in Management institute... for what.. to find out Chemistry b/w Sanchi nd Jagya...ROFL...

(BY anjali_pi &umam  )
shiv to sanchi on june 27th 

tum apane pyar ke liye badal jayogi -right 
chalo man liye tume apne aap ko pyar keliye badal diya

lekin ek bath bathaaa
lekin iss badali hui sanchi kee sath tum kab thak rah pauyygi
kuch din kuch mahine aur phir...

sanchi kahene ko udaipur aur jetsar ke  beech ka phasla char gande ka hei
lekin ye  do alaga alag duinye hai

apne is attraction ..infatuation  ke liye tume bahut kuch khona hoga
jasie... tumhare ambition tumhari azadi-dekho sanchi
jetsar mein char din mehman bankar rahana aur zindagi bar rahane alaag baat hai
aur iss pharak ko mitate mitate apna pehchan  mita dogi
(BY  khusi_*)
Saanchi Shekhar
her "I,ME,MYSELF "
for rest "I dont care"
making us Sleepy



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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 1:42am | IP Logged

(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

We are back again with the BEST EPISODE OF THE MONTH category.

Was there one? is the question I ask myself? Apparently so, or else I would not be back to my fav show after quitting it for the umpteenth time!

Every time BV slipped I have always taken a leisure from it, only to return with more eagerness. THis time the credit goes to the Sanchi's revelation of her Love to the entire family and their reactions. 

Why Do I think its the best episode of the month?

Is it because I am thrilled by Sanchi? or because she has finally declared her undying love for the only man she ever set her eyes on?

I say 

No ! 

Rather the main reason why I loved that episode is that , it marked the journey of the 'MARDARN-Shekars into the hearts of their sweet daughter. It made them face to face at the biggest failure of their life- Parenting Disaster of the century. 

I did feel very back for ALok and Ira. The actors who played that role, finally showed us why they were chosen by the all famous Balika Vadhu team. They can ACT! 
They did a wonderful job showing how devastated they were at the foolishness of their daughter. 

That episode also showed the final nailing of Anandi-Sanchi relationship. For the first time I could see-sanchi listening to someone. Though the words might not have has an immediate effect but, she must have realized that the man that she loves was once her Bhabi's ex and no matter how much she proclaims that she is in love with him, she cannot deny that in the end, it is her bhabi who knows him better than her!

I hope that registers somewhere in the back of her mind and surfaces when need be. 

So according to me the best episode of the month is the mix of Sanchi Declaration of her love and the reaction of Shekars (All of them, including Anandi) 

Date of best episode, June 27th 2013


(By anjali_pi )

Sanchi  - As Jagiya's Nanny- her day dreams shattered by Nandu- Perfume & Night dress speech- Angry with Anandi- Decision to enter J's heart through stomach beating Ganga-Impressing Sumitra- Throwing Ganga out of kitchen-Cooking kheer- Phone a friend- Photo session of village Sanchi-Burnt kheer- hidden kheer. Plus Sumitra's delight on hearing Sanchi's "MAAA" -Ansh phone call abt Sanchi.Only saving grace was Jagiya assuring Ganga that she is not the reason for the attack.
The filler was on 17th of June-

(By khusi_* )

Apart from ganga's realization of her love towards her doctor sa n her 56% mark on 10th n the mystery attack on jagiya...

BV this month is all about  Saanchi... Saanchi..saanchi...and saanchiSleepy

Saanchi's unfortunate molest track n J's rescue..

Saanchi's misbehavior n twisted logic

Saanchi's lehenga choli

Saanchi's burnt kheer

Saanchi's extra sweetness to few...extra bitterness to few

Saanchi's declaration of Love(obsession) for jagdeesh

Saanchi's emotional blackmailing to everyone...

With the saanchilicious month...rating is 2 out of 5.


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khusi_* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 1:43am | IP Logged

(By  sidra08)


Why he is the best character of the month:-

Saving Sanchi from molestation  Feeling  and understanding her pain from a horrible incident she went through and supporting, consoling  her accordingly without taking any credit he did any favor on her  He spoke in defense  of women who are blamed  its their short dresses that provokes some  men to do this sinful ,criminal act with them Jagaya defended Sanchi here in front of the culprits as well her family and rightfully pointed to  everyone its mindset of these men , their hidden lust which prompts  them to do this act so its wrong to blame women into this  Women have right to wear whatever they want or like Accusing them for it  is wrong  He also tried to  make Sanchi  understand aptly when he was being  told by Sanchi she wore that short dress hiding it from her family because they will never allow her  to wear it He rightly said to her  if parents stop their children from something that does not mean they are against their happiness its only because they are being protective about their children and  thinking better for them because they love them

He has been supportive and encouraging  to Ganga through out the month in her ups and down moments and  he was completely concerned about  her safety when his own life was in danger  not thinking about himself but only her and not to forget he was one who aptly defined Sanchi's nature and character when others have only one explanation  about her wrong actions she is immature He aptly put it she is not only immature but a lot spoiled and rude as well  He also accepted to Anandi he did mistakes in the past not she and he got punishment for his mistakes  as well and Sanchi will also  get mature with time and learn with experience 

There is a lot much more but definitely seeing Jagaya  and his works through out the month he deserves the title of best character of the month

(By  anjali_pi  )
Anandi meeting her Bappu after a long time.

"No matter how old I get, No matter how far I move away with my husband,
 No matter how many children and grand children I have,
 Bappu, I will still be your little girl!"

(By anjali_pi)
The best costume of the month goes to Mrs. Anandi Shivraj Shekhar for showing us the successful re-usage of old ghagras with style,grace and elegance when need arises.


(By  surabhi01)
During  trouble time sensitivity of human change into new power and that with patience successful in facing any situation

5 june 2013

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>>::FOR AnSh::<<

(By Don_theEvil)

The winner is  Akankha_7

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  Don_theEvil)

The winner avis is...By dixie123

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By adi2512   )
VM maker is  Sweta ( BeyondSky).

AND here is the prize of the winners 

(By  surabhi01)
Name of topic maker -Skepblun
Name of topic- dissapointing BV
Date of posting this topic -12 june 2013
Time of posting this topic -3.38am
this topic has got 60 likes and run till 10 pages

Link of this topic

And here is the prize

(By Manshi )
The Winner is 

Ansh FF-The Wilted Rose

(by debumonty) 
AND here is the prize



>>::FOR JaGan::<<

(By hina13)

The winner is  Priyamvada

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  hina13)

The winner avis is...By sushiani

AND here is the prize of the winner


(BY sidra08)

By Beyond the sky 
AND here is the prize of the winner

(By sidra08 )
The Winner is 
JaGan..FF..Forever yours by Shankythebest
AND here is the prize

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(BY blushing)
Golmal Awards aka Sanchi Awards since BV turn into Sanchi Vadhu 

  Bakra of the Month

 Sanchi Alokraj Shekhar

Try hard to get attention from Dr Jagdish. Even change her attire too. Alas'..

  FunCare of the Month

Sanchi again'

   Well with her silly antics to impress Singh family & most imp Jagdish 

   Band Baja Barati 

  Miss Sanchi Shekhar

Sanchi's declaration of her obsession towards Jagdish infront of entire Shekhar family along with guest.


Glycerin of the Month 

  Sanchi again 

Balika Vadhu #June 3rd, 2013


With her corcodile tears while Jagdish was badly injured & while leaving Badi Haveli.

 Khatra of the Month

 Hands down Sanchi the Doll

Not just for Jagdish & his family but also for entire BV viewers across globe.

   Murgi of the Month

   Once again Sanchi Shekhar


No matter how she try hard to be nice every time she failed miserably fall flat on her face. Even little Mannu also knew her tactics.  


(By Don_theEvil & khusi_*)

and the winner is dixie123
for this avi

your prize


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summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- adi2512(back up- payali09)
Best episode of the month-
Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-
anjali_pi (back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_* (back up - adi2512)
Emotional scene of the month-
blushing (Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-aakansha_7 (back up -manshi )
Romantic scene of the month-anjali_pi (back up- bhavi_shiv)

Saddest scene of the month-aparnauma(back up -geekee)
Blooper of the month-Manshi(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-anshrug5(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-
AnjanaYYZ(back up-Don_theEvil)
Best Character of the month-
dixie123(back up - payali09 )

Picture of the month-5Cents(back up -)
Best costume of the month-
5Cents(back up )
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up-  monamie111)
Avi of  the month-Don_theEvil(back up - AryaS)
VM of the month-
adi2512(back up - Suchi-Virmanian )

Most active thread of the month-surabhi01(back up- aparnauma)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up - blushing  )

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-manshi(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-blushing(back up-don_theEvil)
Siggy of the month For jaga-monamie111(back up- )
Avi of  the month jaga -(back up - Hina13)
VM of the month-
saraluvRaghaVi(back up - Sidra08)
Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Sidra08(back up-saraluvRaghaVi )

Main siggy- shivu-

Winner siggies- khusi_*,KS_Shreya

Banners/logos- -shivu- , rashu ,khusi_*

Help in categories , NL- Don_theEvil

intro OS- Don_theEvil

Special thanks - BV Times Team 


 Our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by khusi_* & Don_theEvil . Please drop to give your opinion and participate in NL activaties as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


******Announcement for BalikaVadhu Times*******

 You all have to send buddy request for balikavadhu times for anshbalikavadhu id account

 From this month all entries must to reach this account (anshbalikavadhu)till 30/31 end of the month of midnight. 12.00 IST

Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteership  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* orDon_theEvil or anshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..


Back up needed for our nl team.. please if anyone interested... approach Don_theEvil id.. for above non mention name session and backup.. 

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