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Summary of the WeekKhulasa-e-Haftatulipdaisy
Song of the Week-Jyo_Ksg
Best Scene/ Character of the Week  Haftey ka Behtareen Manzar/Shaks
Video Mix of the Week--Deepali-
Best Scene of AsadJahapanaah Six Packs Scene of the Week--Kriti--
Avatar of the Week-Sunshine Girl
Best Scene of ZoyaAllah Miyah Whats Wrong With You Scene of the Week   RiDz_rox
Signatures of the Week-Sunshine Girl
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Funny Scene of the Week
Haftey ka Dilchasp Manzar
Social Message Of The Week-Jyo_Ksg
Sad Scene of the WeekHaftey ka Ghamgeen Manzar
Fan Fiction of the Week---Kriti--
Sibling Bonding Scene of the Week
Zingo-Hotty Scene of the Week
Villain of the Week-pancakes
Helpless Character of the WeekHaftey ka Majboor Shaksnits_viratholic
Short Story of the Week---Kriti--
Most Irritating Scene/Character of the Week     Haftey ka Namakool Shaks/Manzar-ElmoFuj-
Unpredictable scene of the Week-tulipdaisy
Costume of the WeekLibhas-e-HaftaArmu4eva
Dialogue/Shayari of the Week--.SapnokiRani-.
Shocker of the WeekHaftey ka Hairat Angez Manzartulipdaisy
One Shot of the Week-Ankita.M
Blooper of the weekHaftey ki Ghaliyanjamoshi2507
Article/FB/Twitter Update of the Week-zan101
Prediction of the weekPaishan Goi of the WeekApurvaLovesARVI 
Filler Scene of the WeekHaftey ki Khamiyaan*Khushii*
Rating of the Week-tulipdaisy
Most Active Member of the WeekHaftey ka Chust Shaks*Khushii*
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The week started with Dilshad slapping Asad and drawing similarities between him & Rashid. Dilshad then humiliates Tanu, also blames her equally. Rashid & his family reach home where Rashid congratulates Shireen that her curse took effect and Asad's wedding didn't happen which shocks Shireen.

Asad comes home but Dilshad isn't interested in speaking to him nor in a mood to forgive him.
Ayaan enters into an argument with Humeira who keeps fussing on him and finally Ayaan blurts out that Humeira is no more than a friend to him and he is not in Love with her.This revelation shocks Humeira & leaves in tears seeing which Rasia vows to make Ayaan's life a hell.

Zoya back home is crying in the balcony when Asad comes zoya not in a mood to talk to him leaves while her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. Asad wants to talk to her but Zoya pulls off her dupatta and leaves.

Tanu comes to take this opportunity to console Asad who questions her as to how could he spend the night with her. Tanu comes up with a story as to how inspite of saying no Asad came near her and got carried away in a moment. Asad is shocked to know all this while Tanu worried what will be her future. Asad assures her that no bad name will come to her. Tanu is happy while Asad goes to apologize to Zoya but all are shocked to know that Zoya has left the house which shatters Asad.

Razia decides to get Humeira kidnapped and trouble Ayan for tormenting her. Asad & Ayaan frantically search for Zoya & Humeira without result. Siddiqui returns home and is shocked to know about her. Badi bi doubts Rasia behind this.

One month passes by and there is no news of Humeira or Zoya. Asad is shattered while Zoya is staying in an Ashram(orphanage) to find peace. Siddiqui comes to the same Ashram and ends up scolding Zoya when one of the kid spills coffee on him & Zoya defends the kid but Siddiqui fails to see her face.


Tanu informs Rasia that Humeira couldn't be kidnapped as she was not travelling in the bus for which her men were waiting to kidnap her. Rasia is now very worried Badi bi overhears all this. Badi bi accuses Rasia of scheming and revealing her true face to all when Rasia in order to stop her strangles her and Badi bi collapses. Rasia ends up hiding Badi bi's paralytic body.

Best Character

So, there has been so much each and every character this week has gone through. A small development or insight into the characters could at least be seen in their feelings.

Right from Asad and Humeira's pain to Zoya and Badi Bi's courage to Ayaan's regret and then of course to Razia's helplessness (her own daughter lost due to her own horrid deeds) each contributed to the show's story. Therefore, without much adieu I declare this week a tie- with all the characters of the show.Clap

Best Scene

Without a doubt- Thursday 27th June showed a 1 month leap and a completely changed Zoya.
Heart-wrenching to watch and brilliant acting by Surbhi. This particular scene in which we see Zoya still managing to stay strong if not stronger after what has happened to her showed us a very different side to Zoya. A more subtle and mellow side to her.

Such a depressing week !! wasn't it? Shocked

but of-course well acted by Asad Ahmed Khan/KSG 

out of all great emotional scenes in last week we can highlight the scene where Asad was missing Zoya and was crying looking at her pics in his laptop Ouch

the scene had pain and it showed how much Asad have craved for Zoya Cry
how much he need her in life and how much he valued her Dead

he was not alive without her. there were no dialogues in the scene yet the actor potrayed the emotions really well Big smile
it was definitely JAHAPANAH SCENE OF THE WEEK Big smile

Salawalekum QHians.. last week was probably the saddest and most depressing week in history of QH...CryCryCry.. but as we all know good times are ahead SmileSmile ... there is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds..Big smile ok enough of my nautanki LOLLOL .. now getting back to the section well last week we didnt get much of Zoya because she was heart broken and have taken shelter in a an orphanage .. CryCryCry  ...the only scene which was mention worthy was Zoya and Gaffur scene...where Zoya gave back to Gaffur for misbehaving with the kid...ClapClapClap " sazaa aur razaa toh khuda dete hain" ... StarStar Surbhi jyoti was brilliant as usual ClapClap 

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This week was completely "terrible" Dead: no AsYa Moments at all?! ShockedDisapprove & Only two Mitwa Moments and that too sad ones. Ouch I guess.. apart AsYa missing each other, there was no good moment. Unhappy I loved how Asad hallucinates Zoya at the dining table and then beside him, on his bed. Same happens with Zoya, she hallucinates Asad standing and watching her. 
How much they're in love and what happened. Cry They love each other truly! Heart

She went to the person who is left alone shattered within..Ouch she listened to the silent cry of his broken heart ..Broken Heart She is his younger sister Najma..Embarrassed but in times she could be the shoulder to cry on for her ever strong brother Asad who is now broken inside and out ...Broken Heart One of the best kodak moment which left us tearful at the very instant .. Cry

Well this week we did not get many AsYa scenes and the ones we got only made tears fall from our eyes. CryIt was a heart breaking week for AsYa. Broken HeartUnfortunately there was no nokjhok that I could see between AsYa.Ouch Hope there is something the following week.Embarrassed

This week episodes were filled with sad scenes Cry or rather painful scenes Cry in both the houses due to which we hardly had any funny scene.Ouch Seeing the current situation in the show I guess we will not have funny scenes for the upcoming week alsoCry still lets hope we do get a funny scene this week.Smile

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"Sometimes, the only soul that can mend a broken heart is the one that broke it. For they are the ones holding all the pieces." 

The above quote stands true for AsYa.Smile Zoya is hurt after what she saw between his Mr. Khan & Tanveer.Broken Heart Asad is hurt because his Ms. Farooqui left him without letting him apologize.Ouch Even after being apart both can't forget each other.Blushing They have isolated each other, but even at this moment they are thinking about each other.Day Dreaming It's only Asad who can bring back his bubbly Zoya Tongue & it's only Zoya who can bring back Asad's happiness.Big smile This is called true love.Day Dreaming They are truely soulmates made for one another.Blushing It is only with true love and compassion that we can begin to mend what is broken in the world.Approve
 Hence, the above quote.Embarrassed

^Credit: Ankita
(I am thankful to the creator of this siggy. I am using it because it describes their emotion... Perfectly. Sorry I couldn't take permission of the creator. Please forgive me.)

It's been very emotional week for everyone including Asad and Zoya. Confession of love is a happy moment, but Zoya's confession only brought guilt to Asad.Ouch The most awaited moment in their lives changed within a second.Broken Heart It's difficult to blame faith or deeds of situation, but tears made its appearance through couples eyes. Cry

Tears of broken trust and faith.Ouch Can love find its destination among the evilness of traps or love reunite them internally? 

The 2 siblings bonding scene was where Nikhat & Nuzzat are crying and worried as Humeira is missing from one month and Ayan consoles them and repents on his action and hopes if he gets another chance he will take good care of Humeira. He hugs his sisters and consoles them. Embarrassed

^Credit - GodhuliLogon

The second was Najma consoling Asad when he is unable to open Zoya's Ipad to find any clues on her whereabouts. Najma wipes Asad's tears and hugs him and gives him courage for an otherwise shattered Asad.

HelloBig smile

This week QH took one month leap and during this period billu rani doesn't do any huge drama just the planning.Shocked

On the other hand razia is again back into the house and her evil mind is again in action, this week villain was undoubtedly razia Approve

I simply cant understand this women how evil she can be that she kidnapped her own daughter for her own benefitWacko and put blame on ayaan.Angry

Next when bari bi try to find out the reason she try to kill her,Shocked not just try she almost kill her it was just bari bi luck she survive. Thumbs Up

That's all for nowWink


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The only difference between missing someone and loneliness is the words themselves.

Helpless character of the week..It has to be Asad undoubtedly..what Pain..Dead

Firstly, he doesn't even know what happened on his Nikaah night...Asks Tannu Angry she says her own story and poor soul believes it.. Cry Cry

She left..His Zoya left him..without even telling him Ouch Cry

After one month..

When he comes back home..all he could think of is Zoya..
her cuteness..her antiques..her pizza eating habits..everything.. Cry

KSG just nailed it..you cry with Asad..Cry 


Asalam-u-Alaikum Quboolians! Hug 

This week a whole new character made it to the Irritating section this week for me. A character who was really stupid this week. 

Irritating Character: Ghufur Siddique

Irritating Scene: The scene where he almost slapped an orphan just because he by mistake caused the tray in Zoya's hands to fall, dripping tea onto Ghufur. 

I mean what the hell? You came all the way to the orphanage to donate money for it, a very good dead.

And then in minutes, saari neki ka satyanaash kardiya. Just by being so insensitive and saying if I knew this happened here, I would never have donated. IT WAS JUST A FREAKIN' TEA-SPILL! Take a chill-pill oldie-locks! Dead

And then when Zoya did the right by stopping an orphan kid from being slapped for such a small thing, his ego got hurt and he started calling her names! And he keeps acting like the religious of all men! Angry


The week's most unpredictable scene was the sudden one month leap in the show right after the wedding night. Also equally unpredictable was the sudden disappearance of Humeira and the all knowledgeable Rasia has no clue about her own daughter's whereabouts.Shocked

Aww Asad janu Ouch inne SAD SAD na raho ..Cry

Well i guess.. some people can make SAD look fashionable and our Jahapanah SIX packs..is one of them Cool 

so well there u have it.. ASAD takes the Fashionable title!! Wink

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Dialogue of the week

Zoya: "Nek ker woh hai jo nek kam karte hai, woh allah hi sabki neki aur badi ka sila dene wala hai, allah ke sivah saza aur jazaa ka haq aur kisi ko nahi hai."

---> Awesome Zoya Clap She was not disrespectful but took the right side and had the courage and confidence with it. Thumbs Up

This week's shocking scene was when Rasia asked Tanu to kidnap Humeira so that she can torture and make Ayan's life a hell. Equally shocking was Rasia stangling and not hesitating to kill Badibee.Schemings and cunningness is on one side but killing someone who happens to be an old lady & also a fellow family member was quite shocking.Shocked

There was nothing important which the CVs missed this timeLOL. They are making my task very difficultAngry. But I will not give upWink. I will find at least one blooper every weekLOL.

So here we are with the blooper of the week. It's from our very awesome cat fight between Badi bi and Razia. When Razia attacked bi with the phone cable, the handset fell from her hand and stopped way before it hit the ground.

Cut to next scene, when bi falls on the ground unconscious, the handset is lying on the ground next to her.


Well, I do not know if it is a blooper or it fell on the ground during the catfight (phew!! there is a lot of cat talk in QH LOL). So let me pull your attention towards another one.

So our Zoe is in Bhopal, so how did cops not find her in a monthShocked. Well, it could also be due to the laziness of the copsTongue, but it really makes you wonder. She is at a public place where many people come and go and to top it, there is also some kind of construction going on there. Still, the cops managed not to find herBig smile. Good that Asad will find herEmbarrassed.


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 LOLNo Crazier side, this Tanveer Drama has creeped me out!Dead No mood for Jokes
So What does the recent Article says? Asad will find Zoya but will marry Tanveer! Huh! But I don't believe it fully!
And we had one more Article no?
Our source informs us that, "Tanveer will be in anger as she can't see Zoya and Asad together. She will push Zoya from the hill top and Tanveer will think that Zoya is dead.

But on the other hand Asad will try searching for Zoya and will find her. While there will be a romantic track between the couple in Ajmer, they will also seek blessings of the holy shrine in Ajmer. After which they will come back home."

However, Tanveer will be unaware that Zoya is alive and even as she decides on going back home she will see Zoya and Asad together. Seeing them together Tanveer will be full of rage.

When contacted Amrapali Gupta (Tanveer) acknowledged that there will be lots of twists and turns and drama happening in the show.

Well this one is a Bit believeable! We have 2 articles..both saying different stories, Time will tell which one is right...
The last precap:Where we saw an Accident..Asad spotting Zoya
Maybe he will meet her
But It's a Daily Soap
I think he will miss out and then think maybe it was his Vehem (Thinking)
Daily soaps! *sigh*
I am so SAAADD for AsYa!

Qubool Hai head for a month's leap!

 Qubool Hai on Zee Tv is already showing Asad in search of Zoya  while Zoya decides to serve the needy people in an orphanage. The coming episodes will be all the more interesting with twists and turns in the show.

Sources inform, "The show will head for a month's leapwherein it will be shown that Asad is searching for Zoya. Its been a month and he is unable to find her but soon one fine day he will find her.However, Zoya will refrain Asad fromeven being in touch with her which will leave Asad shattered."

"After which Tanveer will play her cards by wanting to marry Asad as Tanveer  is pregnant and she is scared that if she doesn't marry than her pregnancy will be seen which will create a problem and she will not get Asad in her life ever!Thus, she will marry Asad in a haste.

"Furthermore, when Zoya learns about Tanveer and Asad's wedding she will decide to go to New York."


Another Shocking Article about Qubool hai Serial.  Fans are disappointed with current track of the serial Qubool hai due to the separation of lead pair Asad and Zoya.. Cry

Comments 440+ 

Views :  41211+

Ratings :  Rating (270+) Votes

Well, this week was highly emotional, wasn't it? Amidst it all, the two devils, Razia and MSK continue their evil plans. Do they even have a heart? Stern Smile I  don't think so. Seeings MSK was drolling over Asad when he's changing his shirt. This girl Stern Smile I would say this was one unwanted scene this week. We all know she doesn't love him Stern Smile Selfish selfish selfish! 

Now, my definition of filler is frustration. Did we really need Siddiqui lecturing about culture, children, etc? He was there to donate in the first place, which meant he had a heart that went out to the poor children. Then he dares to speak such ill? More then the children whom he calls ill-mannered, I'd say he is. We already have Asad always cribbing over the issue with Zoya (before he realizes how insensible he was). So was this really needed from Siddiqui? Nah Stern Smile They could have thought of better way to bring Zoya and dad face-to-face.

And I realize how my whole write-up includes Stern Smile face. Well, hope you enjoyed the khamiyaan too Stern Smile Ouch

Separation,pain,lies,schemings were the flavour of this week

Ratings - 7/10 Star Star Star Star Star Star Star

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Your Gift:

Your Gift:

Views: 800+

Comments: 30+

Your Gift:

AsYa SS: T.L.C

Views - 100119+

Comments - 772+

Your Gift:

AsYa:Dil ki toh lag gayi

Views - 66858+

Comments - 706+

 By  teddy25

Your Gift:

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