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MB Revised Forum Rules + Merging vs Morphing + Use of Abusive Words.

-Fivr- Moderator

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 4:53pm | IP Logged

Dear MB-ians,

We have recently noticed an increase in some of the issues around the forum and as a result a few new and some old rules are being highlighted in this post for all to read.

SulBala-SulMini Threads
This is a virtual forum designed to allow members to DISCUSS aspects of the show, which include appreciating the actors, the characters, the scenes and the chemistry among other things. But it needs to be done in REFERENCE to the show. The scenes being discussed/speculated should normally have some basis through the show. Instead what we have noticed recently is an influx of "SulMini" threads discussing an unsubstantiated romantic angle between Sultan and Padmini and JUSTIFYING it as "speculation". And in all honesty, that would have been acceptable if the members spearheading these discussions were not actually using these discussions to throw underhanded taunts at Sultan and Padmini and channeling their frustration out in the posts. By comparing SulMini with SulBala or inappropriately morphing pictures (which is against forum rules to begin with) for the two characters and instigating fans, all chances of a CIVIL SulMini discussion was since then eradicated. Even so, discussions to appreciate Sultan and Padmini's acting capabilities or their joint screen presence are ABSOLUTELY ALLOWED, given that the discussions does not veer towards the inappropriate and unwarranted romantic angle.

Similarly, Sultan was introduced into the show as a parallel lead and has had several seemingly romantic interactions with Madhubala up until the RishBala marriage. But now that the marriage has been concluded and Sultan's character declared a cameo, any possibility of a romantic track between Sultan and Madhubala have been concluded. However, we have still noticed a high volume of suggestive and sometimes just outright inappropriate speculations being posted in several threads with regards to SulBala. As a result at this time, while you are more than welcome to discuss Sultan and Madhubala screen presence/chemistry and their scenes WITHIN THE SCOPE of the show, any excessive romantic suggestions and sexual speculations regarding the two will NOT be allowed.

Please understand that you are ALLOWED to discuss Sultan-Padmini and Sultan-Madhubala as long as it is done within the scope of the show. Sultan and Padmini have NO romantic standing in the show and therefore any romantic speculations of the two will not be allowed. Sultan and Madhubala also have no romantic standing in the show at this point and therefore any further inappropriate romantic speculations on the two will also not be allowed. You are also allowed to hold these discussions in one central thread if you'd like, however please refrain from making "couples appreciation threads" on the same.

Please feel free to appreciate their characters or their chemistry, but lets remember that it does NOT have to be romantic in nature or contain overtly sexual suggestions. Any instances of inappropriate discussions (as determined by the DT) WILL lead to severe action and possible warning level raise for ALL involved.

TRP Discussions - Over the past few weeks we have noticed a harsh increase in the threads dedicated to the discussions (and more often than not the "blame games") related to the TRP for that week. We had an established TRP thread in the past which members have since lost track of and this is resulting in an high level of repetitive threads for TRP discussions. Therefore, at this time, all TRP discussions should be limited to the already established TRP thread below.


Please understand that while you're welcome to discuss and speculate about the TRPs in the above mentioned thread, it needs to be done in a CIVIL manner and without getting offensive/instigating towards a particular character or fan group.

The TRP thread WILL be monitored and any offensive/instigating posts WILL lead to severe warning and warning level raises.

ATs, EDTs and Chat Thread Rules - High traffic threads like the chat clubs, appreciation threads, discussion hubs or central episode discussion threads have always been difficult to monitor and that is why sometimes offensive comments/inappropriate behavior is unintentionally overlooked. However in the past few months, the high traffic threads in this forum have been used as a space to bash and attack several actors (some not even a part of MB), characters and fan groups without pause. And THAT is unacceptable.

Every one of these high volume thread has their own rules, which include but are not limited to:
    1. No spamming

    2. No bashing characters/actors/members

    3. No discussing characters, actors and shows other than MB

But members who participate in these threads have repeatedly indulges in breaking these rules. As a result, the following rules have been put in place for all high volume thread (ATs, EDTs, Chat threads, discussion hubs etc):

  1. From now on, any combination of 3 offenses (including bashing, spamming, attacking fans, discussing actors/characters not related to the show) by ANY participants of the thread will lead to a 24 hour closure of the thread and appropriate warnings/WL raises for ALL involved.

  2. After the thread is reopened, any combination of 3 offenses by ANY participants for a second time will lead to a 48 hour closure of the thread and appropriate warnings/WL raises for all involved.

  3. Any instances of 3 offenses by ANY participants of the thread for a third time will lead to a 72 hour closure of the thread and appropriate warnings/WL raises for all involved.

  4. ANY further offense after that point in that thread by ANY participant WILL lead to a PERMANENT CLOSURE of the said thread. 

Multiple Reporting
We would like to clarify that we really do APPRECIATE everyone's help in keeping track of offensive posts. The fact that members report any problematic posts does bring them to our attention quicker and we are able to take appropriate action at a faster pace than we would have otherwise. However, please understand that once a post is reported, it appears in our records and we WILL work on it. Reporting the same post multiple times over the course of several days or reporting posts that have already been closed for review does not serve a helpful purpose and delays our process of clarifying the issue.

As a result, please understand that any member found going on a "reporting spree" will receive a warning PM initially but if the issue persists after that, they WILL receive a direct WL raise.

We want to be able to attend all issues in the forum in a timely manner and repetitive/excessive reporting hinders the DT from really focusing on the issues that require our attention as we try to go about closing repetitive reports. And I'm hoping we all understand how that does not assist the forum in any capacity.

Bashing/Namecalling/Attacking Fans - Just as a reminder, ANY instances of bashing, namecalling (latest being "channel boy" for Sultan or "tv vamp girl" for RK or just plain "psycho" for all) or attacks towards fans or characters will lead to a direct WL raise. The rules outlined in the previous warning threads are posted below for your reference.

Name Calling - A friendly reminder that name calling is allowed only and only if it is used to describe a character or his/her behaviour. Also, names used in the show can also be used given it is used in context of the show. Any abusive names like psychopath, madhumakhi etc. are not allowed and will be edited or removed at the DT's discretion. Please note just because we allow sadakchap and kameena on the forum does not mean it should be used inappropriately or against fans.

Bashing vs. Criticizing - There is a fine line between bashing and criticizing. It's one thing to be analyst but another to instigate and mock. Also, there's a difference between real and reel. Many have reported comments on Aryan for example, because a member had a negative view on his character. They 'hate' Aryan's character - this is an opinion and the Development Team will take no action because it is not bashing. However, had the statement been like I hate Aryan because he's ugly - this statement will be edited/removed. We take bashing quite seriously, therefore any bashing from this point onwards, character, member, celebrity etc. will see a warning level increase. If you are seen getting personal with a member, your warning level may be subject to go up 40%.

Please understand that at this time, a ZERO TOLERANCE regime has been implemented towards bashing, personal attacks and name calling. If we find ANYONE indulging in any of the above, their warning level WILL be raised by up to 40%.

In addition, just because words like "sadakchap" and "kameena" are allowed in the context of the show does not mean that they are ABUSED in an inappropriate context throughout our discussions. Excessive use of such "allowed" terms to simply instigate fans or degrade an actor/character WILL lead to them being disallowed in the future. Please understand that freedoms in the forum are accompanied by an expectation of MATURE behavior and CIVIL discourse and if these two are seen lacking, then such freedoms will also be revoked. Our primary concern is to keep the forum open for HEALTHY discussion and if members do not demonstrate a capability to indulge in healthy discussion with the present liberties than rules WILL be redesigned to help us all in reaching that healthy environment.

Comparison Polls - Just as a reminder, comparison polls in ANY capacity are NOT allowed. If you have concerns about whether a poll will be considered as a comparison poll or not, please feel free to PM the DT to confirm prior to posting. However at this time, ANY comparison polls will be TRASHED and the Topic Maker will receive a direct WL raise.

The fact that comparisons are not allowed on IF has been a long standing rule and as such all members participating in the forum are expected to be aware of the same.

Disclaimers for MEMBERS ONLY/INVITE ONLY Threads - As mentioned in the previous reminders, this is an open forum where ALL members are allowed to participate in any discussion across the forum without prejudice. Therefore any "invite only", "members only" or "xyz fans only" disclaimers are NOT allowed.

Disclaimers  - "This post is only for Sulbala fans." "This post is only for Rishbala fans." will not be allowed anymore. This is a public forum and anyone is free to post anywhere they wish too and certainly do not need your permission to do so. Any further P.S. disclaimers will be removed and the post maker's warning level will be increased.

Just to reiterate, any such disclaimers (including invite only threads/ATs) will be removed immediately by the DT with a WL raise for the post maker.

External Content Discussion on IF
We understand that social networking sites are an integral part of communication in the cyber world. And therefore we understand that Twitter/Facebook accounts of celebrities are religiously followed by fans for news/updates. But please understand that while posting show/character related content from celebrity accounts is allowed, there is absolutely NO need for members to be posting their own discussions from these said external websites onto IF. Any personal discussions/issues occurring between members on external sites will NOT be allowed on IF.

You are welcome to discuss PROFESSIONAL updates by the celebrities and production house associated with MEIEJ but any PERSONAL photographs and updates will NOT be allowed on IF either. They may be celebrities but everyone is entitled to their privacy and as such that right will be respected.

Threads not in compliance with the above rules will be closed and all participants will receive severe warnings and/or WL raises.

For any further clarification, please refer to the rules regarding external content below:

External Content from Social Networking Sites

The MB Development Team will assume that each and every member of this forum has reviewed and understood the contents above. These rules are effective now.

Please also review the following threads for any clarifications on already established forum rules and newly developed Global Rules:

Final Warning - Please Read. Participation Guidelines & Rules

Please feel free to PM us regarding any concerns/questions regarding the same. We appreciate your cooperation.



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-Fivr- Moderator

Joined: 27 July 2006
Posts: 15852

Posted: 29 June 2013 at 10:03am | IP Logged
To say that I am disappointed in the members of this forum would be an understatement. Since the time that the rules have been posted, I've received a number of queries regarding the same issues (which I will now clarify for all below) but 95% of those PMs have been rude, offensive and hostile. And that's just the PMs - the open bashing of the MB DT that has occurred in the forum a sight in itself.

I am not sure what the members think of when they think of the DT but I would like to assure you that we are NORMAL people. We get offended just the same and we get disappointed just the same too.

I haven't been here long and I admit that may make a few members wary of me.. But of those that have PMed me and had interactions with me, I would want to know if I've ever come across as "biased", "brainless" or just "insensitive towards the minority". Have I ever shown ANY favoritism towards any of the members in this forum? And if I have - if you have links to such instances, please do not hesitate to forward it to higher DTs (CMs, GM) because no one deserves to have a biased DT on the forum.

But UNTIL such time, please grant myself and my fellow DT members the COURTESY that we grant you - of being civil with you, of respecting your opinions and of giving you the benefit of doubt.

I apologize if this comes off as harsh or offensive - that is not my intention at all. I am just deeply disheartened at the behavior or this forum collectively over the past 18 hours. I really am.

But I guess no one wants to hear that or really cares about it.. So we'll move on to the issues you really do care about:

Sultan was called a cameo because he was called one in the following article :

Now you may not agree with that description and that is fine. You may not find that article credible either and that is fine too. The DT meant no disrespect by calling someone a "cameo". You are welcome to think of him how you'd like - whether he is a "cameo" or not does not change the rules in any way and makes Sultan fan open to NO unfair treatment.. which brings me to my next point.

SulBala discussions:
Sultan was originally introduced in the show as a parallel lead for Madhubala and so there is NO denying that there have been and may possibly be some scenes between them with romantic overtones. Some members may not like that, but there is nothing the DT can do about it - it's part of the show and it is what is being SHOWN. We can't change that.

We do ask that when members discuss Sultan and Madhubala, that they do so with a certain decorum. She is now married and for this moment, there is no possibility of a full fledged romantic angle developing between the two. So while you're welcome to discuss Sultan's romantic feelings or discuss how you would have liked to see the two as a couple (Sultan and Madhubala was a possible couple SUGGESTED BY THE PRODUCTION HOUSE and as such has garnered fans - the DT cannot curb their free speech) but it needs to be done WITHOUT THE USE OF OVERTLY SEXUAL SPECULATIONS OR EXCESSIVELY INAPPROPRIATE ROMANTIC SUGGESTIONS.

This had all been said in the rules above also but it's being clarified once again.

SulBala AT:  SULBALA(Th#13): Tum Tak... is NOT an AT. It is a DISCUSSION THREAD. Sulbala fans have NEVER been given the permission to open an AT and they have never had an AT. They have a discussion thread to collect all their Sulbala discussions in one place and THAT IS ALLOWED. This thread will NOT be closed.

Thank you,

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Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 03 August 2013 at 5:20pm | IP Logged

Attention to everyone who thinks this signature is morphed:

Since it appears to be a misconception with regards to the word ''merging'' and "morphing" here. Any morphing OR merging faces of celebrities onto existing (original) pictures from other sources are STRICTLY prohibited on It highly violates the copyrights of the original picture and such activity will not be tolerated! If anyone is seen to engage in such activity will receive raise in W/L without any further question. Furthermore, those morphed creations will be removed from the posts, immediately once it comes into the development team''s attention.

However, ''merging'' of two different pictures together to make a signature, which is a common practice in signature making (i.e. fusing together several INDIVIDUAL pictures without altering the original content). Hence, if a member is seen to make signatures by merging individual pictures of characters from two different shows (which once again differ from morphing), it in no way breaches with the rules of the IF, as it is an individual voice of an artist!

Many of you refer to this rule:

" By comparing SulMini with SulBala or inappropriately morphing pictures (which is against forum rules to begin with) for the two characters and instigating fans, all chances of a CIVIL SulMini discussion was since then eradicated.  ".

Like Fivr has mentioned in her post, its about MORPHING inappropriate pictures and nothing about merging. Sulbala may not be romantic couple but we cannot deny its one sided love involved here hence since creations will be allowed as long as its merged and not morphed!

I would also like to mention any scenes from the show can be used but if those scenes contains any inappropriate/insulting text, it will be taken down by the DT and members using such creations will be face severity from the Dev Team!  It applies to EVERYONE!

IF Dev Team

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vijay Admin Group

Site Admin
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Posted: 05 August 2013 at 10:09am | IP Logged

Hi All,

What I have heard and I understand is that a character has been called "sadakchaap" in the show but that should not be used as a way to replace the character name with such words. Such posts will simply lower down the discussion quality if we start referring the character name with offensive words. And many who are new to the forum will not even follow the discussion.

If such trend continues it will just make things worst. Tomorrow if a villain character abuses the hero and calls him "sadakchaap" or god forbid something even worse onscreen so does that give the license to the members to replace his character name with such offensive words?

Please note this is not just about Sultan's character but applicable for all so please do not use offensive words against any character.

Everyone has a favorite character and some people prefer unpopular characters due to the actor playing such characters. And for them it's incredibly offensive to see bashing of such character to the extreme. Just because a character is negative does not give members the license to resort to extreme character bashing. Character bashing frequently occurs when the hated character is seen as a threat to the fan's preferred ship or main leads. Filthy language and cheap words leaves a bad taste in people's mouths and creates unpleasant environment for the members and fans.

We have NOT asked anyone to worship the negative characters or praise them. All of you are more than welcome to criticize the character and use words to express your feeling without crossing the line between criticism and bashing. You can criticize the character in the context of the storyline. Words used in the show should be in the context of the post and scene and not just as one word post, (i.e. "sadakchap", "kutta"). Members shouldn't take the liberty to misuse it every time to mock and insult. The use of these words are very limited in the show so the discussion on this forum use also limit the use of such words.

Members at times cross the line between real and reel by going personal on the actor who plays the negative role and also the fan groups who likes the characters. Note, real does NOT equal reel.

You cannot abuse the actor citing character references. Insulting real people crosses a line, so if your character bashing entails bashing the members who likes the character ("Sultan fans are stupid, hypocrites", "RK phankies are idiots"), will not be tolerated. At the same time members should also not resort to personal attacks or cyberbully other member just cause the other person have a different view then yours.

Lastly, kindly do not target the Development Team. If you feel a wrong decision has been taken, kindly use the PM service. If you do not receive a satisfactory reply approach the higher DT (CM, GM and admin) in sequential order.

I hope my suggestion will be taken in the right spirit.



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