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Mind your eyelashes, Cha'chee'

Renuka Bondre, aka chachi of Dulhann, has a make-up malfunction which has the rest of the unit in splits

Ranjib Mazumder

Actress Renuka Bondre who plays the over-dressed chachi in Banoo Mein Teri Dulhann is a truly sporting woman. Renuka, who is at the receiving end of all the banter on the sets of Dulhann, is well-known for taking all the ribbing in good sprit. This is also perhaps the reason why the unit members of Dulhann love having a good laugh at Renuka's expense and never miss a chance at pulling her leg. Once, the unit members even recorded her snoring while she was sleeping.

A few days back, while shooting for a rainy karva chauth sequence, all the unit members of the show got another chance to have a good laugh at her expense. For, Renuka didn't know that it would be a rain sequence and so didn't bother to use water-proof make-up. As a result, her trademark loud make-up ran all over her face when she was drenched in water for the scene.

Kamya Punjabi who plays Sindhura in Dulhann recalls, "It was a karva chauth sequence, when the protagonist sees the full moon with her husband and it starts raining. As Renuka (chachi) wears loud make-up, the minute the water ran down her face, so did her non-water-proof make-up. Her false eyelashes rolled down her cheeks. Renuka was frazzled and began shouting for the camera to stop rolling. But, the production unit continued rolling the camera just to trouble her. As I was standing next to her, I tried hard to control myself. I finally could not stop myself and burst out laughing. Other people from the unit also started laughing on seeing Renuka's state."

"We also went on to record Renuka when she was sleeping in the middle of the shots. The best part about Renuka is that she is a sport and takes all our jokes in a positive manner. Thanks to chachi, we always have a blast on the sets nowadays," Kamya adds.

An amused Renuka says, "Oh, I have become a laughing stock for everybody! But, it's all in good spirit. During the rainy karva chauth sequence, when my make up went haywire, even I was trying hard to control my laughter. Although, I was supposed to be angry in the scene, I too started laughing as soon as the shot got over. My face became dark due to heavy make up going wrong. The glue of my false eyelashes came undone and they got stuck on my lips! As if that was not enough, my co-stars recorded me sleeping and asked another person to snore loudly in the background. They then insisted that it was me who was snoring loudly."

When asked about how she reacts to this teasing, she says, "I take it very lightly. They're all youngsters, and it is important to have fun while we are working."

Is Renuka into heavy make-up in real life as well? "Not at all. I never use make-up when I am not shooting. People find it difficult to recognise me without my make-up. The make-up is only essential for the character of chachi in the serial, who's an over-the-top character," she says. p;articleid=1021200636495151021200636480

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good info...thnx
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The hunter and the haunted

The director of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann is haunted by a scary murder scene he shot for the show.

Sapana Patil Poojary

Sharad aka Sagar's murder sequence which is traumatising the director

Ismail Umar Khan, the director of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann is traumatised by an imaginary man, who he believes is out to murder him. His troubles began after he shot a haunted murder scene for the serial. It so happened that the unit of … Dulhann recently shot a sequence where the protagonist Sagar (played by Sharad Malhotra) was being chased by mercenaries, hired to murder him. The scene was shot in the thick jungles of Jogeshwari. Ismail has been seeing things ever since he shot the sequence. He recalls, "I have shot several scenes like this before; but this scene has shaken me to a great extent. I am not being able to get over it. The scene sees Sagar's sister Sindura (Kamya Punjabi) planting her men to get Sagar murdered. Sagar's medicines were replaced by poison and how Sagar falls off a cliff after getting hurt.

Director Ismail Umar Khan

There were a lot of gory blotches of blood on his body. The idea was to make Sharad look traumatised. To make things worse, we shot the whole sequence in the deep jungles of SRPF (State Reserve Police Force) grounds of Jogeshwari amidst snakes and crawly creepers."

Sharad says, "Everything about that place was wrong. Firstly, it was a proper jungle and we were not familiar with the location. This scene was scary and we were uncomfortable shooting in the surroundings. Besides, we were shooting in the night. I am not surprised if Ismail is upset after shooting the sequence." p;sectid=12&contentid=2006120503124300f7e7e55e

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Kamya Punjabi, aka Sindoor in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, played a real-life heroine recently. A few days ago the actress was driving home in her Indica when she almost rammed into a young man. She says, "I think he was drunk. He came in front of my car out of no where. Even the people present at the spot assured me that it was he who was at fault." Kamya says that it was the scariest day of her life."

Talking more about the incident, Kamya elaborates, "He was right in front of my car. I was driving and had to hit the brake in a few seconds. In order to save his life, I took an emergency U-turn and hit the divider. Fortunately, the man was saved. I hurt my arm and lower back too."

"It could have been worse!" Kamya adds. But what appalled her was the man's attitude. "He was slurring and instead of thanking me, he castigated me saying, 'Thoda sambhal ke chalao!' (drive carefully)."

She says, "I just hopped into a cab and rushed home. Later, my car was sent to the garage. It's been four days and I've been travelling in an autorickshaw to get to my shoots."
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"I had auditioned for Kyunki...and Kasturi"

From the current crop of fresh faces in the television industry, there are a select few who seem promising. And Sharad Malhotra, the protagonist of Zee's Banu Main Teri Dulhan is one of them. He is already being talked about for his boyish charm and noteworthy performance as the dyslexic Sagar in his maiden show.

Here's an up, close and personal interview with this actor who is also the zonal winner of Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj 2004 from Kolkatta.

"I was too scared to take up the role of Sagar"

Wasn't it a big risk to take up the role of a mentally retarded Sagar, who behaves like an eight year old, for your debut show?
I was too scared to take up the role thinking what if it did not click in my favour. Had it been not successful it would have been difficult for me to get new roles. So I took the opinion of my family members and few friends who mattered and they advised me to accept the challenge.

Sagar's characterization and your performance are being compared to that of Varun Badola in Koshish Ek Asha. Comment.
I am too small an actor to be compared to Varun Badola. He is an amazing actor. I take it as a compliment. Co-incidentally during Zee Cinestar… in Calcutta Varunji was the anchor.

Any home work done by you to get into the character?
Before the show rolled I did spend time with my building kids and have also visited a nursery, but just for a day. I have observed children carefully. I also got hold some kid's flick like Koi Mil Gaya, Mein Aisa Hi Hoon and Honey I Shrunk The Kids. The producers Neelima Bajpai and Shyam Bhattacharya have been very encouraging. Before the shoot they guided me to attend Jaydev Hathagdi's (Rohini Hathagdi's husband) acting workshop. Above that Mr. Raj Israni who's my business manager and his wife Anita Israni encouraged as well and pushed me to deliver my best.

You must be receiving an amazing response from the kids?
Yes. Whenever kids visit my sets, they approach me for a handshake. They think that even in real life I am just eight years old! Recently when we were shooting at R Mall more than 100 kids surrounded me and each time I tried to talk to them they would run away. (laughs)

How is the atmosphere on the sets?
Initially everyone was quite and aloof but with the passage of time things have changed. Now we all are like a family. I am still very enthusiastic but schedules are unavoidably hectic and take 12 -14 hours daily.

What kind of a rapport do you share with your co-star Divyanka Tripati?
I am very comfortable with her. We both participated in the Zee Cinestar.... and we are friends since then. She is an intelligent actress. We both work on our scenes and the result shows in our performance.

"I am very much single and want to remain so for a long time"

Do you relate to saas bahu shows?
I am happy that my show is not a saas bahu kind. Before I entered the industry I used to watch Kahiin Toh Hoga and Kyunki … The surprise element provided by them was interesting. Right now I only love to watch my show but don't get time to do so.

Have you been approached by Balaji for any show?
Yes. I had auditioned for a role in Kyunki…as well as Kasturi and was short-listed too. But I can't take any offer as I'm commited to Dulhan…for almost 22-24 days of a month. I would like to meet Ekta Kapoor and work with Balaji Telefilms if given an opportunity.

Any aspirations for Bollywood too?
For time being, no, but films is definitely my ultimate goal! So I'm using this period to learn a lot in terms of acting!

Let's talk about your personal life - your family?
My father is an architect and mother's a housewife. My elder sister Reema Pawa is married and is a well-known designer in Calcutta.

Are you seeing anyone?
I am just 24 year old. I have a couple of years to go now before I settle down and get married. I am very much single and want to remain so for a long time.

Describe your ideal woman?
She should be simple and should be able to adjust to my hectic shoot schedules. I belong to a middle class family and want a down-to-earth girl and not a hi-fi one!

Sharad Factoid

He was The Face of the Year 2001 in Calcutta

He has undergone training from the Kala Manthan Academy, under Nishi Arora and Samrat Mukherjee and also from Kishore Namit Kapoor's acting academy.

He's featured in a telefilm for Zee's Rooh

He's also modelled for ads namely Excite Battery, ARY Alluka Gold Reliance, Standard Chartered and ICICI

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Ain't working!

For all the variations that channels are trying to bring in variety in soaps, one character that never seems to develop in any show is the working woman. This, despite the fact that a greater chunk of the female population in the country is now venturing out to work. Why then, with the exception of the lead in Star Plus' Thodi Si Zameen... (and she gave up her job after marriage) does no soap focus on such women and their journeys through life? Or are such themes not worth the effort? Even the two Paraya Dhans on Star One and Zee do not seem to favour the daughters venturing out for work. As for the Dulhanns and Karam Apna Apna sagas, the leads are just too wrapped up in domestic hassles to even contemplate a life outside the fancy living rooms.

The final of Nach Baliye looks like its going to be a tame affair. Not for any other reason but that Tina and Hussain have simply out danced everyone else in the competition, thus depriving the show of a cutting edge contest and some edge of the seat thrillls. Tanaaz and Bhaktyaar, we now learn, will bow out next Monday. Despite their acrobatic accuracy, the duo are not in the same league as the graceful Hussain and his determined spouse. Yash and Gouri Tonk, who make it to the finals with Tina and Hussain, have been competent to last thus far, but it will be a miracle if they win the contest. All in all, Nach Baliye will wind down this time without the
audience thirsting for more, like it did last time. Second seasons don't seem such a good idea on Indian TV! m?itvid=/special/boxpopuli/y2k6/dec/boxpopuli31.htm

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Pehle main…

All three lead actors of …Dulhan wanted to leave early one day. So they had a big fight about whose scenes should be shot first.

Reena Thapar Kapoor


The three lead actors of Banoo Main Teri Dulhan, Divyanka, Manish Nagdev and Sharad Malhotra, are at loggerheads. Reportedly the actors got engaged in a heated argument over the deadline of the shoot. Says a unit member, "All three of them had to attend some meeting or function or the other. So all of them requested the director to finish their respective portions early so that they could leave for the day. They all wanted to pack up by 7 pm. But it was not possible for us to let all three of them go at the same time."

So there was an issue over who would shoot his/her scenes first. Apparently, Divyanka requested Manish and Sharad to allow her to leave the sets first as she had to rush for a meeting. But both Manish and Sharad refused to let her go. None of them were willing to understand each other's problems. "I had a family function to attend and I had to go but my co-stars refused to co-operate. I was hurt to see that my colleagues could be so insensitive," snaps Manish.

Big fight: Manish and Sharad

Sharad admits that their argument tuned into an ugly fight. "I guess we were all stressed out. Divyanka was extremely upset and expected us to understand her plight. And Manish too was very rude to me," he says.

The incident took place on December 10, and since then the three actors have stopped talking to each other. "No one wants to make the first move to patch up," says Divyanka. The actress is hurt by the way her co-stars have treated her. She adds, "I tried my best to explain how important it was for me to leave that day but they didn't pay any heed to it. In fact they accused me of throwing my weight around. I thought it was unfair."

Says a source in the production house, "Divyanka, Manish and Sharad refuse to talk to each other.  As a result we end up wasting more time sorting out trivial issues than shooting."

Sharad Malhotra was unavailable for comment. p;sectid=12&contentid=200612150216552188d4de6ef

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A seaside story

The unit of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann had a narrow escape while shooting on Aksa beach during a high tide.

Sapana Patil Poojary

Riders to the sea: The cast of ...Dulhann

The unit of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann (Zee TV) had a terrifying experience recently when they were shooting on Aksa beach near Madh Island. The unit started shooting early in the morning when the tide was low. However, as the day progressed the water level started rising gradually and by evening the beach was completely submerged. But the unit was so engrossed in shooting a sequence that they didn't realise the rising water level. Later, the petrified unit had a tough time shifting the equipment to a higher level.

Sharad Malhotra, who plays Sagar in the serial, said, "We realised much later that we were surrounded by water and our shooting venue (a restaurant set up on the beach) had already become an island. The policemen on regular patrolling duty yelled at us and asked us to move from the spot as soon as possible. Soon, we began to shift the shooting equipment. It was quite scary. The water level was rising fast and we couldn't even run faster carrying the equipment along."

Divyanka Tripathi, who plays Vidya in the serial, said, "It was almost dusk and we were stranded, literally struggling for life. The team spirit that we witnessed that day is worth a mention. We just managed to save our lives on time. If we had the slightest idea that the water could get dangerous, we would definitely have been more careful. In any case, we couldn't complete our shooting that day and had to carry over to the next day."

According to director Pawan Kumar, "We had checked the timing of the high tide but the water level was high even before its scheduled time. It was chaotic and I have never witnessed something like this before. Although I knew that the water level would rise in a while, I had no clue that it could have such a impact. Thanks to those policemen who warned us on time, failing which, we could all have died. I must thank all my unit hands who helped in moving the equipment. Luckily, the extension box of the electricity supply was at a higher level, or else we would all have been electrocuted." p;sectid=12&contentid=20061220022718281a0800361


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