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Too hot to handle?

The lead pair of Dulhan… find it difficult to shoot a seductive song. They stumble and bumble, taking three days to get it right

Jaya Biswas

After the passionate love-making sequence between Rohit Roy and Sangeeta Ghosh in Star's Viraasat, we now have a seductive dance number coming up in Dulhan Banoo Main Teri on Zee. The scene takes off with Mahua (Himanshi Chaudhary) reading a magazine, looking for tips to seduce her husband Kartik (Faisal Raza Khan), who is not interested in her. Mahua is a simple girl who dotes on her husband. She craves for a child while Kartik has his own plans.

Faisal says, "Initially, I felt very shy and uncomfortable for I had to get really close to Himanshi. There were moments where we had to get really intimate and she had to push me on to the bed. It was a difficult track and we had no choreographer. We simply followed the instructions of the director. I must admit Himanshi did a wonderful job ala Priyanka Chopra in Aitraaz. We even used the same track, 'Touch me baby, kiss me baby' from the film. There were several retakes and the shoot continued for three days until we were perfect."  The song will be aired on Thursday.

The actors had a tough time getting the moves right, especially during the closer shots. Says a channel spokesperson, "This was the first time we tried to do something different. We used soft lights besides the usual candles to create the romantic aura. Himanshi had to wear a sari, and not being used to it, she stumbled several times. She even broke an expensive vase and hurt herself with a candle stand. Faisal was very uncomfortable too."  When asked about this, Himanshi tries to be diplomatic.

"I am a trained dancer, so it was expected that I perform well. Faisal was a bit nervous, but everything fell into place after a few rehearsals. Going by the script, I was supposed to 'act' clumsy. But I actually fell down. Fortunately, I only got a few scratches," she says. When asked if this seductive act will bring about a change in their relationship, Faisal says, "I really wonder why I am supposed to go after other women in the serial when I have such a beautiful wife at home! As far as Kartik's relationship with Mahua is concerned, I think they will take some time to come together. Now, how successful her seduction will be, only time can tell!"

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Kamya Punjabi's public showdown with hubby!

SHARIN WADER Times News Network

Kamya Punjabi, who plays the vamp Sindhura in the TV serial Dulhann, seems to be having trouble in her married life. Atleast that's what her neighbours feel.
   Kamya, who's been married for two-anda-half years now, lives in Kandivali with her husband. Recently the actor had a showdown with her husband outside the building where she lives. According to sources, Kamya was slapped by her husband when she reached home around 4 am that day.
   The actor was dropped near her building gate by some people who accompanied her. Her husband who was waiting for her at the entrance got furious the moment he saw them. Apparently, he caught hold of the boys and started beating them up. The boys however managed to flee from the scene. Kamya tried to stop her husband, but he slapped her too and dragged her back home. Incidentally, the couple's fights is nothing new to the people staying around them. When BT contacted Kamya she refused to talk and said she doesn't want to comment on her marriage right now.
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Zee TV's 'Banoo Main Teri Dulhan' breaks into Tam top 100 Team


MUMBAI: Zee TV has kicked off its pre-Diwali campaign on a confident note with its brand new prime time property Banoo Main Teri Dulhaan (8 pm) establishing its presence in the Tam (CS4+ C&S-Hindi Speaking Markets) top 100 list. Another key property Saregama Lil Champs has also improved its position in the line up as per the latest data.
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As per the Tam data for week 35 (27 August to 2 September), Banoo Main Teri Dulhaan delivered an above 2 TVR (average) performance on 28, 29, 30 and 31 August. The best performance came on 31 August, when the soap was positioned in the 62 spot with a rating of 3.57 TVR. On 29 August came the next best score - 3.06 TVR, followed by a 2.79 TVR performance on 28 August and a 2.69 TVR performance on 30 August. The soap, launched on 14 August, had recorded an average rating of 1.9 TVR in the opening week.

"Banoo Main Teri Dulhaan is showing good signs of becoming another hot property for Zee TV. The soap has improved its performance really well over the period, thanks to the extremely strong and innovative content. We are expecting much better results in the coming weeks. In Banoo Main..., we have tried to portray how an uneducated girl fights life's adverse situations with so much grit and determination," states Zee TV marketing head Tarun Mehra.

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Saregama Lil Champs is positioned in the 23rd spot in the top 100 with a score of 5.72 TVR on 1 September. This was followed by a 5.12 TVR performance on 31 August. Mehra expects the show to deliver even better ratings as it has entered the final phase now. "Lil Champs has entered the interactivity round and even the audience is involved in selecting the winners. Hence we expect the show to better its performance in the coming weeks," he says.

The top drivers of Zee TV, Saath Phere and Kasamh Se, continue to deliver good ratings for the channel as per the data. Saat Phere leads the 9:30 pm slot with 6.55 TVR (recorded on 1 September). Karam Apna Apna, which Star Plus launched to counter Saath Phere, has recorded its week's best rating of 6.25 TVR on 29 August.

Meanwhile, the 9 pm Zee soap Kasamh Se is positioned ahead of its Star Plus counterpart Prithviraj Chauhan as per the latest Tam data. The scorecard reads 6.16 TVR (Kasamah Se 30 August) versus 5.59 TVR (Prithviraj Chauhan 28 August).

The pre-Diwali phase will also see Zee TV celebrating its 14th anniversary on 2 October. To spice up the occasion, the channel has announced a marketing campaign-contest Jeeto Zee Bhar Ke. The contest, which promises jewellery worth Rs 1.4 million for a mere Rs 14, is also aimed at promoting the channel's prime time properties.

The participant has to guess a secret five digit code to win the prize. The channel will endeavor to reward the viewer while at the same time also integrate the contest with programming content. Hence Zee TV will be giving out the clues to crack the secret code. Every week starting 18 September, the prime time soap characters Bani (Kasamh Se, 9.00 pm), followed by Saloni (Saath Phere, 9.30 pm) in week II and Vidya (Dulhann, 8.00 pm) in week III, will the viewer a number that will be a part of the five digits. Every week one winner, from amongst those who have guessed the code, will be able to buy Eros Jewellery worth Rs 14 Lacs for Rs 14 only, the release further adds.

"This is our way of gratifying those people, who have been with us for long. We have integrated marketing and programming aspects into the campaign," says Mehra.


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   Saturday, September 16, 2006
Star of the week: By Sneha Hazarika

Kamya Punjabi is fast gaining popularity as the vicious Sindoora in Banoo Main Teri Dulhan and as heroine Reena Kapoor's evil mother–in-law in Wo Rehne Waali Mehlon ki. But the good looking actress who has also played negative characters in Astitva and Reth before, had actually started out playing the teenaged daughter of Aman Varma and Gautami Kapoor in Kehta Hai Dil, only four years back. Kamya Punjabi decided to tell us how the transition happened and why in today's times she prefers positive roles to the negative ones.

First tell us how did this transition happen for you?
It's true that I started out by playing a cute little girl in Kehta Hai Dil. There are still some people who remember me as the younger Karishma of Kehta Hai Dil. I first experimented with a negative role in Astitva. I liked it and followed it up with one in Reth. Now my character Sindoora in Dulhan is extremely popular. So much so that sometimes people forget that I am actually playing a character. There are people who have come up to me and asked me why I am being so bad. In fact my own mother called me up the other day and actually asked me, "Is this the way you should behave and talk to your mother?" So I am happy with the kind of response I have got. It's great when you are known by your character this way.

How happy are you with the tag of a vamp?
I am okay with the tag. Because the point is all my characters are different from the other. My character in Astitva was different from the one in Reth. Now in Wo Rehne Waali Mehlon ki, I am playing a mum-in-law and in Sindoor I am playing the head of the family. They are strong characters and that's what attracted me to them.

But will we ever see you in a positive role again?
I had shot for a pilot with Aman Verma where I am playing his wife. It was a completely positive character. But for all the days I was shooting, I was only shown constantly crying. I cried in every scene. That's what I hate. I don't like to keep crying. I want to play strong roles. It's not that I am totally closed to playing positive characters. I will if it's something unique.

Aren't you apprehensive that you will get categorised in only negative roles?
I am not scared because I am totally happy with the vamp image. As I told you, I really hate crying. I can't do that for 20-25 days a month. If you look at Wo Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Reena is always crying. Dulhan has been crying from the first scene itself. I really don't want to do that.

Let's talk about your look in the show?
My producer Neelima Bajpai has helped me a lot with it. In fact before coming to the final decision, I tried on at least 10 different types of sarees and blouses. The channel also gave its suggestions. It has come out good and a lot of credit goes to Neelima for the same.

Do you think your look is going to stand out, become a style statement like the looks of many other TV vamps before you?
I don't believe that to stand out you need to put on dark eyeliner, eyelashes and gaudy makeup.  For me it's only the performance that matters. I can even wear no makeup but still play the worst woman around.

You have already worked with Neelima Bajpai on Reth. Do the young actors on the sets come to you for advice?
 With the young actors around, I feel like a mum on the sets. At times they come and ask me and it's then that I give them advice.

You are now working with the Rajshris. Have you thought about a film career?
If it's a good role, I will say yes.        

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Fighting fit(s)

The lead pair of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann drive their producer up the wall by squabbling with each other all the time

After Shweta-Cezzane, Shweta-Ronit, Neha Mehta-Ajay Krish, Pulkit Samrat-Mouni Roy, this time it is Vidya (Divyanka Tripathi) and Sagar (Sharad Malhotra), the lead pair of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, who have joined the ever-increasing list of actors sparring on the sets. But this couple is an exception. They actually enjoy fighting with each other.

Neeraj Sachdev, supervising producer, says that he is tired of their fights. "Divyanka and Sharad have known each other for a long time. On the sets, they behave like a pair of immature college students. They love to fight with each other and often hunt for excuses to fight when they don't have a genuine reason to do so. They keep teasing each other, or playing pranks on one another. Sharad calls her 'Dholki' while Divyanka calls him 'Kaddu'. Now, that is unprofessional on the sets. They keep hitting each other with whatever they can lay their hands on. Sometimes things even get a little aggressive and we get worried about their safety. I have had to intervene and stop them from fighting several times." When quizzed about the alleged fights, Divyanka confesses. "Sharad is a good friend. We like to tease each other, may be we go overboard at times. But unlike Sharad, I don't get hurt easily. A few days ago, we were fighting and our director scolded us for behaving badly. He told us that there is expensive equipment all around and we might get hurt. But I don't think, we can ever stop fighting."

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Kamya Punjabi comes out of her shell to talk about her troubled marriage

Sapana Patil Poojary

Be it her personal or professional life, Kamya Punjabi has always tried to maintain a low profile. The actress however hit the headlines recently when it was reported that she was slapped by her husband Bunty Negi, a lights designer by profession.

Alhough she doesn't deny having marital discord, Kamya claims the reports are false. Kamya says, "I had a laugh over that report. But it affected my family members and friends, who got worried after reading the story. I was flooded with calls with people asking me what had actually happened. I got tired of giving explanations. It was highly embarrassing."

However Kamya admits that everything is not hunky dory between ber and her husband. "We do  have problems, but then every relationship goes through ups and downs, doesn't it?"

After three-and-a-half years of courtship, Kamya and Bunty got married about two-and-a-half years ago. But problems started soon after...

"It is so difficult to explain. Both of us are short-tempered and we kept fighting over small issues. When we realised that things were not working, we decided to live separately. Earlier we lived in Kandivili. But now Bunty has shifted to his parent's house in Bandra. But we are still good friends and hold each other in good regard. We love each other. And even though we are living separately, we are still in touch. We have just decided to give our marriage a break," says Kamya.

Bunty Negi with wife Kamya Punjabi

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Channels ki Lakshmi, betiyan!

(Posted on 22 September 2006)

Burn them for dowry, kill them in the womb or harass them till they commit suicide. The female of the species is nevertheless, or perhaps for these very gruesome reasons, excellent fodder for television programming in India today.

The channels' best defence is to say that fiction is merely reflecting what's being routinely reported in the newspapers every day, both urban and rural. Which is why Zee's attempt to portray the travails of the girl child in a positive light through Betiyann may come as a breath of fresh air, when it launches next week. Call it coincidence or inadvertent plagiarism, but Star One has a similarly themed and titled show due for release shortly, too. Taken all around, despite the similarities, it's infinitely better having shows putting womanhood in a positive light rather than demeaning them. Presuming these new shows don't stray off the promised track and succumb to mush for the assured TRPs, here's something to look forward to.

Just at the time that TV seems to be looking at women differently, we have a slew of new shows that have demure heroines as protagonists, whose sole aim in life is to wait for prince charming, and then spend the rest of their lives ruing the day they married him. Dulhann did it, as did Vaidehi, Karam Apna Apna is doing it and now Sony's forthcoming show, Kaajjal, is threatening the same thing, if the promos are to be believed. Kaajjal apparently spends all her waking hours having imaginary conversations with her Ganu bhaiya (Lord Ganesh, for those slow on the uptake), wondering when her dreamboat is going to make his grand entry. Her parents look on, indulgently.

Whichever way you look at it, betiyan (daughters) definitely spell Lakshmi (moolah). And not just for one particular show on one particular channel.

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