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Banoo Main Teri Dulhann
Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

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Non-stop Divyanka

Newcomer Divyanka, who features in the title role of the Zee daily Dulhann, has already had a taste of erratic shooting hours. Dulhann was launched on August 14 and the title track was not ready till August 9, due to which the actress had to shoot for 15 hours non-stop. She has already started working hard, so don't be surprised to hear one more case of a swooning actress.
Earlier, the show was to be titled Banoo Main Teri Dulhan. But the channel decided to change the name according to the dictates of numerology and added a double 'n'.

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Of Marital Woes

screenEvery young girl dreams of a good marriage, husband and in-laws. But sometimes these dreams turn into a nightmare and heartbreak. It happens too with Vidya whose world turns around after she marries Sagar. She not only has to face the wrath of her in-laws, but also her husband; she has to win her husband over. Screen spoke to the lead players Divyanka Tripathi and Sharad Malhotra of Zee TV's Banoo Main Teri Dulhan

What is Banoo Main Teri Dulhan all about?
(Smiles) Primarily, it is the story of an illiterate village girl Vidya, who after a fairy tale marriage faces the taunts of her in-laws, her husband too belittles her for her background and education.
Why her background?
Being poor is a curse. Besides coming from a poor background, Vidya is constantly cursed,taunted and sometimes beaten by her chacha and chachi. Since walls also have ears, the entire neighbourhood knows about Vidya's woes.
What actually happens after marriage?
Having dreamt of a happy marital life, Vidya realises her dreams have been shattered after she marries Sagar. With grit and determination Vidya works against all odds and bears the wrath of her in-laws only to find that she gets rejected by her husband as she is illiterate and that she does not fit in with him. But with firm determination, Vidya is able to finally win over her husband's love and affection.
And how does it happen?
(grins) I will not disclose what happens.That's for you to see and experience.
Have you acted in any serial before?
Since I hail from the holy city of Benaras, I wasn't exposed to acting on TV. I am absolutely new to the serial genre. Yes, before this I have done a lot of plays for both All India Radio, Bhopal and Doordarshan. Besides, Sharad and I competed in and won the Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj.
Why didn't you join films?
Well that was not to be. Now that I am working in Zee TV's prestigious serial, I hope my career will take a turn for the better.
Who would you give credit to for Banoo Main Teri Dulhan?
I want to thank the people at Zee TV for reposing their trust in me even after knowing that I had no solid background to talk about.
Vidya comes from a poor background. What about Sagar?
Well, Sagar is a Thakur. He is well educated, stylish, full of attitude and very arrogant.In one word he is a perfectionist. Right from food, to his dressing etc. Sagar wants everything perfect.
How does Sagar meet Vidya?
I will not disclose that, but I can only say that Vidya makes a commitment to my father (Raghavendra Pratap Singh) and she does everything to keep it. Then there is a major turn in my character. Viewers are bound to get a shock (between episode 1-11). This will bring a dramatic change in the serial.
You hail from Kolkata. What were you doing there?
I did my B. Com. from St. Xaviers College, Kolkata. In 2001, I was chosen as the Face of the Year-Kolkata. Then I attended a couple of acting workshops with Sarat Mukherjee and Nishi Arora (Kalawati Academy). In 2004, I won the Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj along with Divyanka and know her since then. After that I came to Mumbai and since then my work is being managed by Israni Communications (Raj and Amita Israni). With their help I gave several auditions including the one for this serial. I appeared for three auditions and later had to go for a 'Look Test'.Only then I was confirmed for the role three months ago.
What was your instant reaction once you were chosen?
Let's take it this way. Nowadays TV channels focus more serials on women. When I heard about my selection in ...Dulhan, I thought it would be woman-oriented, but after I read the script I felt happy. I saw it as a chance to prove my histrionics.
How many episodes have you shot so far and how long will the show continue?
We have already completed eight episodes and are working around 14 hours in two units. As far as I know we have been allowed to air for a period of two years.If the show fares well we may be given an extension.
So far what has been your experience working in Mumbai?
Two things. First, it has been raining daily since we started shooting. I feel rain has proved lucky for me. The next incident was a scary one. We were shooting on the Ganga in Benaras. We had two boats-one that carried me and the other had the crew on it.It was raining cats and dogs and it was just the right atmosphere we needed for the shot. But then suddenly my boat tilted and I fell into the water.I was shocked when I felt the under current dragging me away. Later when the panicky crew saved me from the mishap, it was found that I was dragged as far as some metres away. I shall never, in my life, forget this incident.
Where did you shoot in Benaras?
Among the eighty two ghats in Benaras, we shot at Rajghat-the best ghat in the holy city.Then we shot at the Ramnagar Palace. We were lucky to have had an audience with the Maharaja of Benaras then.

You were a model before you came to Mumbai?
Yes, I did a lot of ads prominent among them being ads for P.C.Chandra (was the first male model to have done a jewellery campaign). Then I did ads for National Insurance, Life Insurance Corporation, Peerless Insurance. The latest advertisement of mine that is being aired on TV is the one I did for EXIDE Batteries.

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By her own admission she is an adventurous girl. An NCC cadet and a gold medallist in rifle shooting Divyanka wanted to become an army officer. But she didn't pursue her dream when she got busy participating in talent contests like Sahara One's Mr. & Miss Bollywood and Zee's India's Best. While she won the Sahara's Mr. & Miss contest and did a tele-film for the channel called Saathi Re, she got eliminated in the second round of Zee's India's Best.

She tried her luck at the Miss Bhopal beauty contest and emerged a winner. She soon participated in Zee's Teen Queen contest where she won the Miss beautiful skin title. "It gave me a lot of confidence and I thought of doing serials," recalls Divyanka who debuts on television next week in Zee's Banoo Main Teri Doolhan. 

Of course she had donned the grease paint and emoted before the camera before for Bhopal Doordarshan in a tele-film called Gulra Ke Baba which was based on well known literature Markandey's novel of the same name besides Sahara's Saathi Re. But those were one-off short films made on a much smaller scale and lacked the glamour and glitz of the mass entertainment daily soaps.

Though she was based in Bhopal she dreamed of working in regular television serials. Luckily her co-actor from one of her tele-films came to her aid. Through his model-coordinator he did the groundwork of reaching her pictures to the production house's office which was looking for a girl to play the main lead in Banoo Main Teri Doolhan. "I was called to Mumbai for an audition and to my surprise I was selected for the role," she smiles.

The show, according to Divyanka, is based in a small town and deals with a young girl's struggle to come up in life against all odds. "Like most small town girls, Vidya is a chirpy, confident and positive girl who strives to come out of her small town existence. Destiny helps her reach her goal. It's a beautiful story with lot of masala," laughs Divyanka who feels small town girls are more smarter and ambitious than big city girls.

"That's because when you have access to a lot of stuff your ambition takes a hit because things are taken for granted. On the other hand, small town girls dream big because they have limited access to opportunities." She is really excited about her role and big television debut.

"This is my first real big exposure and I hope I live up to everyone's expectations," she adds. But then like most small cities and town girls Divyanka is also not low on confidence. "In many ways I am like Vidya. I am a positive thinking girl and can face problems confidently. I love challenges," she asserts.

This is my first real exposure and I hope I live up to everyone's expectations. In many ways, I am like Vidya, a positive thinking girl and can face problems confidently. I love challenges - Divyanka, TV actress

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Coming to a couch near you

Dulhan Banoo Main Teri is the story of Vidya, an illiterate girl from Benaras who has a fairy tale wedding and goes to live in Delhi. Unfortunately, she soon realises that her dream of marrying Prince Charming has been completely shattered. She has to battle against all odds from bearing the wrath of her in-laws to coming to terms with the fact that her husband has rejected her because she is an illiterate who doesn't gel with his lifestyle. Dulhan Banoo Mein Teri is the story of Vidya's destiny to gain both her life back and husband's love.

The show, produced by Neelima Bajpai of Reth fame, has newcomer Divyanka playing the lead role of Vidya. Opposite her is Sharad Malhotra, another young actor who has also acted in the Sony show Kabhie to Nazar Milao. Also seen will be actors like Kamya Punjabi and Rajendra Gupta. The show will go on air on Zee TV from Monday, August 14.

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Zee to strengthen 8 pm slot with 'Banoo Main Teri Dulhann' Team

(8 August 2006 5:00 pm)

MUMBAI: Zee TV is all set to beef up its programming with Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, to kick off on 14 August at 8 pm from Monday to Friday. It replaces the long running soap Tumhari Disha and hopes to gain a strong viewership in the 8-10 pm slot, as it has already acquired popularity with leadout show Jab Love Hua, as well as Kasam Se and Saat Phere in subsequent slots.

Dulhann, also running along a women centric theme, is about an uneducated village girl Vidya waiting to be swept of her feet by a charming prince. Marriage, however, shatters her dreams as she faces the wrath of her husband and in-laws who belittle her background and education.

The essence of the show looks at the positivity with which she hopes to rise above these trials and win over her husband. Promising to have a good twist in the story, the show hopes to grip viewers.

Speaking to on the strategy that has been used to pull in the viewership, Zee TV senior VP programming Ashvini Yardi said, "Based on the lines of a Cinderella story, the theme deals with a reality that most Indian women can identify with. Tumhari Disha came in at a time when Zee did not have the numbers it holds today, hence, we are hoping Dulhann will be able to achieve that."

The main characters are played by two fresh faces, Divyanka Tripathi (Vidya) from Bhopal and Kolkata boy Sharad Malhotra (Sagar). The two were contestants from Cine Star Ki Khoj. Nilima Bajpai from Shankuntala Films has handled the production.

Zee TV businesss head Punit Goenka said, "With Saat Phere, we addressed the issue of the discrimination a girl faces in many parts in India on the grounds of her skin colour. Banoo Main Teri Dulhann will touch upon and deal with the struggles an illiterate village girl has to undergo. If Kasam Se and Saat Phere have struck a chord with our viewers, Banno Main Teri Dulhann will take it further."

As Zee TV attempts to capture the 8 pm time band, it will have to face stiff competition from Sahara's recently launched Sati. Star Plus' Pyaar Ke Do Naam Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam is also in this time slot but, is yet to deliver numbers. Sony has also planned to launch a new show Hum Mei Hai Visshwas to replace Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai at 8 pm.

Now, its left to the viewer to decide whether the show will be able to achieve the stronghold it hopes to establish during the prime time slot.
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Divyanka Tripathi with Sharad Malhotra in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

The naughtiest girl in telly-land

Vidya of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann is forgetful, absent-minded and clumsy in real life and often finds herself in trouble


Sapana Patil Poojary


Divyanka Tripathi comes across as a typical girl-next-door. The actress who plays Vidya in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann is very different from her on-screen character.

In real life, Divyanka is forgetful, clumsy and a real slowpoke! And she makes no bones about admitting it. "I am always late for my engagements. No matter what time of the day I have an appointment," she says. "No amount of planning ever helps me reach on time. Either I am stuck in a  traffic jam or something else comes up at the last moment. I feel like a winner when on rare occasions, I reach on time." And that's not all. For Divyanka is also extremely forgetful. The actress can't even remember her past goof-ups. "The good thing about my forgetful nature is that I don't remember my past fights and speak to the people I have fought with, happily. But the sad part is, I cannot remember the memorable incidents of my life. I also keep misplacing things. I have lost two mobile phones in a month. I had given my last phone for safe-keeping to someone on the sets and I couldn't remember who it was. I never saw my phone again," she says.

Often, her forgetful nature has landed Divyanka in trouble. "Some years ago, I was at Juhu beach with my friends. I left my purse on the shore and ventured into the sea to enjoy the waves. When I returned to the shore, I felt something amiss. When I realised, I had lost my purse, it was too late. And my purse had my return ticket to my hometown Bhopal," she says. Apparently, Divyanka is so absent-minded that she even forgot to bring her personal belongings when she moved to Mumbai. "My mom still keeps sending me my things," she laments. And her clumsy acts are hilarious. "Once, when I was at a rifle shooting contest, I realised that instead of keeping my right eye open, I had shut it," she says.

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Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka's fascinated by Chameli


   She's all of 21 years and just like her on-screen persona, Divyanka Tripathi too comes from a simple middle class family. The dissimilarity, if any, between her and her character Vidya, is that Divyanka won't tolerate any wrong done to her. "Other than that, we both are quite the same," she says with a smile. The newest face on the telly circuit, wasn't totally prepared for all the responsibility that has befallen her, ever since she made her acting debut with Banoo Main Teri Dulhan. "I had done some modelling and smalltime acting jobs in my home town Bhopal but nothing as big as a lead role in a serial," she says. So is she overawed by everything around her? "Well, honestly speaking, I haven't had the time to think about it yet," she says with a laugh, "the feeling hasn't sunk in as yet." The girl from Bhopal has come a long way and seems to be adapting well to her new place of residence. "Even though I'm living in Mumbai alone, my parents keep coming to visit me," says Divyanka. But ask her if she's scared of living in Mumbai city and she shrugs confidently, "Oh no! I've stayed in camps before a number of times and I have an independent streak in me." Even though Divyanka is looking forward to a positive response from the audience, she has her eyes set on the big screen too. "If I'm offered a challenging role, then I would love to do it," she says. But what about skin-exposure, would she agree to a movie if it had that? "See, one cannot set limits for themselves like this. If the character and situation demands a scene like that, then I wouldn't mind," she says. She cites the example of Chameli. "Now a character like Chameli needed a little exposure but that was the demand of the movie," she says. And what would her wish list be like? "Chameli, Chandramukhi in Devdas, Sridevi in Sadma‚Ķ." she rattles off.


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