Banoo Main Teri Dulhann


Banoo Main Teri Dulhann
Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

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Posted: 07 August 2006 at 6:36pm | IP Logged

New Zee show is to start from August 20 in USA

It's a story about Vidya, an illiterate girl who has a fairy tale wedding . It is the journey of Vidya to fight her destiny .. to make her life and win the love of her in laws. It will air Sunday- Thur at 19:30 EST. - Dedicated Server Upload Video 



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Banoo Main Teri Dulhann
The story of Vidya, an illiterate girl who had a fairy tale wedding. It is the journey of Vidya to fight her destiny .. to make her life and win the love of her in laws.

How the story begins
The meek, submissive,illiterate Vidya finds herself totally helpless when she enters the rich Thakur household which is completely a new world to her. To add to it encounters hostility from her three sister-in-laws, chiefly Naina along with her husband Aniket. No one seems to want her there and the one who wants her there, which is Gayatri (Aditya's mother) is too weak to stand up for her. Vidya who has never stepped out of her little village, has no confidence in her own abilities, has only seen denial in her life is now faced with the prospect of having to survive in her own home ! It is the promise she made to Aditya's dying father as well as the mistreatment of her husband at the hands of his sisters that makes her stay back and endure everything.

In spite of her gentle, unsure manner Vidya manages to bring about changes within the Thakur household. Vidya becomes the sole support system for Gayatri and even tries to bridge the distance between Aditya and his mother (which has been created by Naina in the first place).

And while Vidya endures, she slowly starts to realize that there is lot more below the surface that it appears. She realizes that Aditya's sisters are actually his hidden enemies in the same household. Thus begins Vidya's journey to stand tall in the daunting situations, her struggle to win over all the obstacles and be accepted by all as the "Dulhan" of the Thakur household.
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Posted: 07 August 2006 at 6:57pm | IP Logged
Zee brings home a new Dulhan

Zee TV has made a comeback of sorts thanks to two protagonists, Bani and Saloni, the lead characters of Kasamh Se and Saath Phere, respectively. And now it's gearing up to keep us glued to our TV set following the tale of one more

damsel in distress, Vidya, in its new show, Banu Main Teri Dulhan. The promos have already started airing on Zee's channel bouquet.

Produced by Shakutalam Films, the show might replace the programme Tumhari Disha in the 8 pm slot. sources reveal that the story revolves around a girl-next-door (Vidya), who is tricked into marriage due to a commitment made by her elders. She is unaware that the groom (Sagar) is mentally challenged and gets to know this on the eve of her marriage. However, she does tie the knot and is then trapped in the web of commitments. The story epitomises her struggle to find a place for herself in her sasural and help her husband become normal.

To make matters worse, Sagar's step sister, Kamya, makes life hell for Vidya. She doesn't want her brother to gain anything from their father's property. In fact according to sources, Kamya's the one behind Sagar's ill-health.

A newcomer from Bhopal, Divyanka Tripati has been zeroed in to play the protagonist Vidya, while the abnormal husband will be portrayed by another newcomer, Sharad Malhotra, from Kolkatta. The evil vixen, Kamya will be essayed by Kamya Punjabi of Astitva fame and Rajendra Gupta will play the father.

Now will the new damsel in distress, Vidya help the channel climb newer heights? Lets wait and watch!



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"I hold a gold medal in rifle shooting"

This small town girl from Bhopal nurtured the dream of carving a niche for herself, and she proved to be the chosen one amongst the millions. We are talking about the beautiful and talented, Divyanka Tripathi, the protagonist of Zee's new show Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan. A former model, anchor, adventure sports freak; the phrase 'been there, done that' is apt for her persona.

In an exclusive interview with Sameera Kapoor, Divyanka talks about her journey from being girl-next door in Bhopal to being the brand new face of Zee.

"All these fame seems to be fantastic."

What does this new found fame mean to you?
It's yet to sink in. I have been so caught up with the shoot that I have hardly found time to sit back and enjoy the events unfolding around me. Certainly there is a funny sense of happiness churning in my mind and all of it seems to be fantastic.

What has been your family's reaction?
They are very proud and happy. In fact my mom would always tell me that you are a star in the making! My parents have been my motivators.

What is so different about your show, Banoo Mein ...?
It's the manner in which the subject is tackled. The story is about a small town girl and her trials and tribulations. The suspense weaved in before and after the marriage, which is another factor that will hook the audience.

The hoarding shows you wearing Mehendi and bangles in one hand while the other hand is plain, why?
See, the story deals with the emptiness in the life of the protagonist. It is an attempt to symbolise that emptiness and sense incompleteness which Vidya is going through. While what is the cause behind her sense of incompleteness you will have to wait and watch the show. (Smiles)

How did you bag this lead role?
I had acted in a telefilm titled Saathi Re aired on Sahara One. My co-star in that show suggested my name to the production house (Shakuntala Films). They approached me for the auditions, and rest is there for you to see.

"The story deals with the emptiness in the life of the protagonist..."

Any homework for the role?
Yes, all of us were enrolled for a 10 day workshop. Though it was a short term afair, it helped us in polishing our act.

Are you ready for bold scenes, going by the trend many channels have been resorting to?
Well, personally I am not comfortable with scenes that involve exposure. That is one reason which kept me away from trying in Bollywood. As of now I am not open to any such scenes. And it's my good luck that Banoo Mein...does not have any such requirement, for it's the story that revolves around a young bride's dilemma. There is no scope for a bold angle in the story.

The TV industry is buzzing with action and there's cut throat competition. Are you ready to cope up with monotonous and tiring shooting schedules?
On the contrary I think that all this has made me more disciplined and principled which is very essential to thrive in this industry. I have had a taste of adventure before, which has tested my ability to survive challenges. So it will will help me in this feild. I am sure I will enjoy acting.

What your age? You look very young
I am 21, and have recently graduated in Arts.

Do you, at any point feel that you will lose out on all the girlie fun one has at this age?
There comes a phase in on'es life when we grow up and become responsibile. For me, this is the time. I should be proud of this opportunity. Besides, it's not like that I have not enjoyed my life for the past 20 years. I have leaded very active life. I have experimented with everything. So there are no regrets of not being able to do certain things. In fact by being an actor I am actually aiming for a whole new horizon, which in itself is enterprising.

"I was into lot of adventure sports"

What is the real Divyanka like?
Pretty much like Vidya (her character in the show). Since I was involved in a lot of physical activities, it lead to the misconception that I am very tomboyish. But back in Bhopal I have always been this demure and simple, salwar kameez clad girl.

Did you always aspire to be an actor?
No, in fact I wanted to be an army officer. Back in Bhopal, I was the Captain of NCC. I have also participated in the Republic Day Camp where only the best of the cadets are sent. Over there I was the bestowed with the 'Best Cadet' title.

So, prior to acting, what kept you busy?
I was into lot of adventure sports. I have done a course of mountaineering from Uttarkashi Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. I hold a gold medal in rifle shooting. I am also the executive officer of the rifle academy in Bhopal. I have also learnt water ski, but it's ironic that I do not know to swim! That is the one thing which I would like to learn (smiles).

In addition to all these activities I have also done lot of modelling. I was a participant of a Zee show, India's Best, and I was crowned 'Miss Beautiful Skin'. Ifor Zee Teen Queen. I have worked as an anchor in Akashwani Bhopal and have done a couple of telefilms for Doordarshan.

You use lot of 'aap' and 'hum' while conversing in Hindi. Are you promoting your serial?
No, this is the way I speak even in my real life. But after coming here it has become 'tum'. Perhaps my dialect was also a reason that the production house cast me. As I said earlier, I am very much like Vidya.


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Cinderella ki shaadi
Nuzhat Aziz
Tuesday, August 08, 2006  18:35 IST

It has the perfect ingredients of a daily soap — a village girl, brought up by her cruel aunt and uncle, dreams about her prince charming and gets married to a rich and handsome businessman but only for the story to take a twist!

'Banoo Main Teri Dulhann' (Zee) which will replace 'Tumhari Disha' from August 14 at the 8 pm slot promises to be a show with a difference. Incidentally, the debuting pair, Divyanka Tripathi (Vidya) and Sharad Malhotra (Sagar), is a 'Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj' discovery.

Divyanka is from Bhopal and has done telefilms for Doordarshan. Having an uncanny resemblance to actor Gauri Pradhan, the debutante says, "I am extremely traditional and shy. I am glad to have been given this opportunity. After 'Zee Cinestar…' I did not think of Bollywood because I am not comfortable with the glamour attached to it."

However, for Sharad Malhotra (Sagar) television was a natural progression. "After participating in 'Zee Cinestar…' I came to Mumbai from Kolkata and have done several commercials for the last four years," he says.

Both the stars agree that television is a much safer industry. "The risk factor is much less compared to Bollywood. If you don't click, you disappear," says Sharad.  Divyanka is quick to add, "The visibility is also very high in television. People see you every single day."

Sharad is also unperturbed by the fact that most soaps these days have only women protagonists. "I don't think it matters. In 'Banoo…' there will be several twists and turns and the focus will be equally divided," he says.

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thnaks a lot for the info on this show.........looks like a nice show and little different.

looking forward to e this show.
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It's different!

Haven't we heard that one before?

After dragging on for a long time, the tepid show Tumhari Disha will be replaced by a new serial called Dulhan Banoo Main Teri from August 14 onwards. Dulhan… is a story about protagonist Vidya's life in Benares and how it changes after she moves to Delhi after her marriage. "Her life will take an interesting turn after marriage," says producer Nilima Bajpai who had earlier produced Reth for the same channel.

Doesn't Sony's Vaidehi have the same storyline? Bajpai stresses, "The plot, the scheme of the situation is different and the audiences will realise it once they see the serial." Hey, haven't we heard that before?

Meanwhile protagonists Divyanka Tripathi and Sharad Malhotra, both contestants of Zee's Cinestar's Ki Khoj are excited about the show. Divyanka says, "I am quite prepared for a hectic life ahead. But I am sure I am going to enjoy it."

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Kya Vidya ki maang bhari hokar bhi sooni rahegi? Zee TV's new serial Banoo main teri dulhann is the story of the protagonist Vidya, a naive, simple girl with idealistic notions. She has been brought up with love and comes from a poor background. The only shortcoming that Vidya has in life is that she is illiterate. She gets married to Sagar Thakur and become a part of the rich household. The fairytale wedding turns into a nightmare when the family takes objection to Vidya's illiteracy. Dulhann is Vidya's fight to gain back her lost pride and dignity. It is her struggle to get back her lost honor.

Vidya's married life is full of hardships and pain. She has to fight for survival in her own house. Her sister-in-laws make the place a living hell. Her husband refuses to take her side. The submissive Vidya is lost in the jungle of unwanted relationships and unreciprocated love.

Vidya's endurance reaches a pinnacle when she comes across a secret that shatters whatever is left of her dream. She is a stranger in her own house and an enemy amongst her own people. Will Vidya be able to win the love and acceptance of the Thakur family and become the Sagar's Dulhann?

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