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socha na tha (a-k )SEE PG 18!!!!

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Hi guys some of u may remember me or this fan-fic from before i had stoped cont. it but now since i have my summer break i decided to cont. it...Hope u guys support my decision and enjoy the fanficSmile

Part # 1

In this FAN-FIC these are the characters

Angad- 21 years old goes to college, Really hot!!!! he has had loads of gfs changes them a lot. But has never really loved any of them. Belongs from a Rich but traditional family.Lives in Bombay.

Tanya- Angad's gf

Josh- 21 years old. Angad's really good friend, goes to college with him. Flirty guy who tries to get every girl and sometimes is succesful too. lol.

Prithvi- 21 years old. Is frnds with Angad and Josh and goes to college with them. Sweet guy. Is single rite now.

Aaliyah- Angads loving younger sister. 20 years old.Goes to the same college as her bro. Sweet nice girl.

Naina- Angad's mom. Nice and always hopes for the best of Angad.

Dilip- (Not a character tht is seen much in the story but anyways) Angad's dad A really rich guy he is a well known business man, always busy and out of the house for business.

Kripa- 20years old.Sweet girl. Really cute she lives in Nainital goes to college. Believes in love at first sight, and tht it is a really sweet emotion. She is currently going out with a guy who she likes.

Shahid- 20 years old. Kripa's Boyfrnd, goes to the same college as her. Nice guy, Pretty hot. Played by rajeev khandelwal.Likes Kripa (remember they r not in serious love with eachother or anything, they just like each other and are more than frnds )

Sania- Kripa's Bestfriend 20 years old. Goes to the Same college as Kripa. Really Nice girl.

Sahana- Kripa's younger sis gonna go to college in 3 weeks. She is currently in Canada...... She is really sweet, loving, bubbly and funny type of girl.

She is 19 and a half years old. She was adopted but she is given just as much love as is given to kripa and the fact tht she was adopted doesn't bug her.

She loves her parents and sis.

Suryabaan- Kripa's dad a really nice guy. He loves his daughter's a lot, he is a rich guy, Has a business Of his own they are spread out all around the world currently living in Nainital.His weakness is his daughters puppy faces, he gives them watever they ask for or don't ask for.

Gayatri- Kripa's mom really nice too loves her familly and 2 daughters. She has her own buisness in boutiques. She is nice and wants her daughters to be nice and traditional too.

At khanna House in Mumbai

Angad is sleeping sweetly in his nice big comfy looking bed.......he doesn't know tht it's 8 30 am already... you hear someone's payal ringing and you also see the feet the payal is in the camera is slowly moving up and u see a nice urban style cyan coloured skirt and and bright white top and then you see tht the girl is Aaliyah.

Aa- Bhai utho college ke liye late ho jaayenge!!!!!!!!!

A(sleepy tone)- Kya shubha shubha utha rahi ho, sone do na!!!!!

Aa-Bhai it's 8 30 already!

A- Kya?

he gets up and starts to get his clothes out from the closet....

A- aaj to mein gaya!!!!****!!!****!!S***!!!

Aa- aaj aap college mein late pochne ke liye itna kyu daar raha ho?

A- mujhe college nahi aaj Tanya ke saath bahar jaana tha aur mein pehle bhi kitne baar late pohocha hoon.

Aa- to kya aap Tanya se daar the hai?(in a naugthy tone and gives him a surprised look)

A- nahi to! Fine mein aaj usa pick up karne jaonga hi nahi aur keh donga ke aaj mein busy hoon kisi aur din chalte hain

Aa- Bhai dun be sooo mean!

A- Well sry can't change my natural talent! ok ok now let's go!

Aa- ok, we will pick up breakfast on the way from Mc Donalds or something.

A- ok

They both leave. And get into Angad's Great looking Red sports car....

Preview- You hear a girl begging her parents bout something.

Hope you liked it tell me if i shud cont.Smile



Part # 2

.At Sharma house(kripa's house)

She has a day off from College. So she is at home on the phone talking to her boyfrnd Shahid.
They don't show her yet though. You just she a girl twisting the phone wire with her fingers, and hear their coversation.

K- Jaan i am sooo bored......I am gonna go now k

S- No!!! dun plzzz stay

K- I have to go take a shower!

S( in a cute tone)- mein bhi aaon?

K- shut up! Shahid i really have to go mom datengi!bye love you jaan

S- love u too baby!

Kripa goes to take a shower. Then she comes out. Now you see her with her hair wet and she is combing it looking at herself
in the mirror.(thinking to herself) Oh shoot mein ne mom aur dad se pucha bhi nahi 2 weeks wala trip ke bare mein.

G- Kripa jaldi naste ke liye ah jao.

k- aayi ma.

Kripa running down the stairs fast.... she is bout to trip but doesn't fall (luckly)

G- Dheere beta, dheere niche aao.

K- Dad gaya?

G- Nahi naste ke baad jaenge.

K- oh ok. (Thinking to herself- yes now is my chance to ask both r here)

Suryabaan- goodmorning beta kya soch rahe ho?

K- Woh....(pause) kuch nahi dad

S- kya huya beta kuch chahiye hai?

K- Woh dad mein aur mere kuch dost soch rahe the ki.... since exams bhi abhi khatham huye hai hum two weeks ke liye ghoom ne out of country ja sakte hai?(she makes the irresistable puppy face)

Su- Sure beta. Kaha jaana hai?

k- Um kahi bhi chala ga.. socha nahi hai abhi tak.

Su- Tum kiske saath ja rahe ho?

K- Um Sania(Thinking Shahid to nahi bol sakti) Aur bhi kuch log ja rahe hai... um Rita, Sowmya wagera

Su- sirf larkiyaan ja rahe hai?

K- haan dad

Su- To tum log Canada kyu nahi chala jate?

Gayatri coming out of the kitchen says

G- haan waha pe humara ghar bhi to hai... wahi par raha sakti ho aur waisa hi Sahana ko mil ke usko apne saath wapas india la sakte ho, waisa bhi uska fashion ke woh course bhi khatam hua hai.

K- theek hai Mein mere baaki sab doston se bhi pooch lete hoon waise bhi hum sab aaj shopping ja rahe hain na.

They all eat and kripa gets to her car a silver convertable mercedes.

Preview Angad with his Gf


Part # 3

Back In Mumbai

Aaliyah and Angad pick up breakfast on the way and leave to college. (they r in the car right now)

(the tune of Kaisa yeh pyaar hai starts ringing)

Aa- Bhai ur cell phone is ringing, (no response from Angad caz music was turned on really loud)
        Bhai ur cell phone is ringing!!!!!!
Angad gives his cellphone to Aaliyah

A- Tanya ka phone hoga to phone off kardo.

Aa- No!!! I will pick it up.

She turns it on and is bout to say hi just then Angad snatches it from her hand and turns it off.

Aa- Bhai!!!!

A- Sorry sis i go by my rules, Angad Khanna Kabhi kisi ladki ke peeche nahi bhaag ta, ladkiyaan uske peeche bhaag thi hain.

A- Angad khanna this, Angad Khanna that! Seriously! anyways not like she is tht nice or anything to me anyways so watever!

They reach at the college..... They get to the canteen and meet up with Prithvi and Josh....

Josh- Hello Aaliyah sup?

Aa- ( she gives josh a look like watever) Bhai i am gonna go to my friends buhbyezzz...

Josh- (with Dreammy eyes) Bye Aaliyah!

A- Josh seriously at least dun try for my sis.

P- Hey Angad werent's you supposed to go shopping with Tanya or sumthing.........pauses..... ok nvm i get it woh Angad wale rules.

A- oh yeah!

After a while of CHilling..... Tanya shows up.

T- Hey Prithvi, Hi Josh! She sits beside Angad!!! Dun even try any explanations! (she says looking at Angad)

A- Why the hell do u think main tumhe kuch explain karne ki koshish karunga! Angad doesn't need to explain!

T- First of tum ne mujhe pick up karna tha aur hum ne shopping bhi janna tha. Tumhare Phone bhi off tha, so Baby u gonna need to have a good enuff Reason for all This!
( Angad starts getting mad now)
A- You kno wat i dun like demanding girlfriends! We need to break up.

T- Jaan r u seriously?

A- Yes! hun i am damn serious!

Tanya just gets up and leaves.

J- Yeh tumne kya kiya woh kitni achi ladki thi?

A- Tumhe woh itni hi achi lagti hai to tum kyu nahi usko puchte date ke liye?

J- That is just wat i was thinking man. ( he leaves to go to TAnya)

A- It's nice to be single again....(and smiles)

P- Hey Angad humara Break abhi aane walla hai wat say hum sab kahi out country chalte hai?

A- Not a bad idea! Hum kaha chale?

J- Oh yeah me and Tanya are on man!

A- Great r u gonna bring her along to the trip then?

J- Kaunsa trip?

Then Prithvi explains it to him.

A- Hum Europe chale?

P- Already summer mein gaya tha.

J- Usa?

Tanya and Aaliyah come and they both find out bout the trip, and Aaliyah also finds out bout the break-up.

Aa- Bohot baar ja chuke hai.

T- Then wat about Canada.

They all say Great.

Preview- More of prep for the trip for both Mumbai and Nanital

Hope u like it! Tongue


Part # 4 In Nanital

When Kripa get in the parking lot of the mall she is trying to find a spot but most of them r full so she has been driving since 15 mins in the parking lot and all of a sudden when she in the middle of this alley between these parked cars someone is honking continuously to this Kripa gets angry.....

K- (thinking to herself omg can this stupid idiot not wait the is a car in front of me)

Person kept honking ...
Now kripa looks into her rareview mirror and she sees that there is a guy in the car and the guy is none othe than sahil her bf.
Kripa gets happy now and waves, finally she finds a pot right near her spot there is another spot for Sahil.
When kripa puts her gear to park and gets out of the car she meets with Sahil and they hug.

Kripa - Hello hun!

Sahil- I missed you.

K- ok enuff lovey dovey let's go in now.

When they were walking to the door this opens the door for Kripa and then when she walks in the guy started whistling and stares at her ass while whistling, to this Sahil gets really pissed and he starts beating up this guy rite infront of the mall entrance Kripa looks back and sees him punching the guy she is trying to stop him so tht it doesn't get too serious but she is also enjoying the fact that he is being protective bout her.The guy falls down when Sahil punches him and then they leave.

K- uski kya zaroorat thi?

S- tumne dekha ki woh tumhari taraaf kaise dekh kar whistle kar raha tha?

K- Rehne do abhi chalte hai.

They start walking into some stores to check out some clothes for themselves caz there was a valentine formal prom type dance in their college that they were going to go to tonight and the best dressed couple got like the King and Queen award.

K- I think we shud wear matching colours. Wat do u say?

S- sure watever u say hun.(he was holding on to her waist and walking, he kissed her cheek)

K- Ohhhhhhhh look at this pretty dress wat do u say shud i try it on?

S- yeah sure!

Kripa tries the dress on and then it's is kinda loose on her so she calls Sahil into the change room.

K- Do u like the dress?

S- I love it but not as much as you!

Kripa turns around and faces the mirror. but isn't it kind of loose?

Sahil starts to get all lovey dovey and starts kissing her cheeks and he turn her around and holds on to her waist and slowly brings her closer and closer he can feel her heart beating quite fast and the both look deep into each others eyes.Then he kisses her lips gently and then the kiss grows more passionate and after a while they pull back from each other he still has quite a tight grip on her waist then he starts kissing her neck and cheeks then after a while.......

Kripa - Sahil choodo na....

Sahil- nahi aaj chodne ka mood nahi hai (says while kissing her neck)

Kripa- plzzzzzzzzzzzz Sahil.

Sahil- ok promise k tum yuhi mujhe pyaar karoge

K- woh toh mein karti hi hoon.

S- nahi budhu is type ka pyaar.

Kripa is near the door rite now she quietly unlocks the door and then she runs and gives him a naughty smile and says...

K- Nahi!!!!

And starts running.... he starts running after her they r running at the back of the huge store where no one is there......
Sahil finally catches her.

S- Kya kaha tumne?( he holds on to her and brings her really close)

K- I mean yes jaanu (and gives him a cute smile)

S- acha toh ye walla dress lena mat bhool na...

K- chota size lengey yeh walla bada hai.

S- maloom hai lekin yeh dress special hai kyun ki u kno is mein humne pehli baar make out kiya hai..

K- Great mujhe pehle keh dete toh mein chota walla size pehenleti na.(she says giving him a naughty smile)

They buy the one tht she was wearing and a smaller size too. The cashier asks..(ca)

Ca- Aapko dress pasand aya?

Both- Bohot pasand ayaa.

Sahil- aur apke change rooms bhi bohot pasand ayaa.Kyun Kripa?

K hits his arm lightly.

Then go to the next store to get Sahil something. They buy him a black tux with a white shirt and pink tie.

K- Sahil woh do week wale trip mein hum Canada chale?

S- Sure jaan kahi par bhi leke jao yeh banda hazeer hai.

K- Zyaada sweet bane ki koshish mat karo ( in naughty tone)
     Accha good bas tumhe hi puchna baki rehe gaya tha baaki sab ko to puch liye maine.

S- Kaun kaun aa raha hai?

K- um Sania aur uska bf Adhi, aur Sowmya aur uska bf Shamit bas aur hum dono.

S- good couples hai to thori privacy bhi milegi.

K- Sahil!

THey both have lunch and leave in their own cars. In the next post there will be pics of wat they were going to wear.

I tried to make it romantic hope u like it. Dun worry there will be way more lovey dovey scenes later or not with Angad.... well i dun think the suspense thing is working with


Part # 5

In Mumbai

Angad is packing his clothes since they have to leave tomorrow at 12 pm.......So r all the other pplz.

Angad thinking to himself I hope i meet hot girlz there.Just then Aaliyah comes into his room.....

Aa- Bhai did u finish packing?

A- nahi bas ab tum aah gayi ho na to tum pack karlo...

Aa- Bhai!!!

A- plzzz ok ok i am done my packing anyways...

Angad is just sitting there on the bed telling her wat to pank and wat not to pack...... when Aaliyah asks a question

Aa- Bhai tumne Tanya ke saath break-up kyun kiya?

After a while he says.....

A- Aaliyah tum to jaanti ho ke mujhe acha nahi lagta ki jab log mujhe kehte rehete hai mien kya karu kya nahi.... She is just too much... aur tum toh jaanti ho ke mujhe waise bhi kuch khaas pasand nahi thi .... I am waiting for that one special girl that my heart will tell to listen to.

Aa- hope u find that girl soon.....

A- yea same here!

They both go to bed and wake up the next morning... Eat breakfast say bye to their parents.They meet the gang at the coffee shop from there they r going to go directly to the airport all together.... 


Back in Nanital

Flash back a bit......

Kripa gets ready for the dance and tells her mom that there is a dance today at her college and that she is going to be late....

G- acha beta theek hai tum jao lekin tumne bag pack kar liya kal ke liye?

K- ji mom....Kal subha flight hai 8 am ko jo yaha se bombay jaye gi aur uske baad wahan se flight 12 pm ko hai Russia ke liye uske baad flight Canada ke liye hai.

G- good. Papa ko bhi bye kehe dena kyun hum aaj raat Delhi ja rahe hai business ke kam se ok mom bye ....

She gets out of her house and is waiting to be picked up by Shahid( sry guys for the mix up in the last part)
When her dad comes.....

S- Hi bacha!

K- hi dad! um bye aap aaj ja rahe ho na . mein kal ja rahe hoon aur aaj raat late hone wali hoon kyun ki aaj humare college mein dance hain.
      toh bye dad i am gonna miss u! love u.

S- Love u too beta!(they hug and then he goes inside)

Shahid comes.....

Sh- bohot dair se intezaar ker rahe ho?

K- nahi nahi mein to free hoon ne aur mujhe bhagwan ne banaya gaya hai aap hi ka intezaar karne ke liye(in a sarcastic tone )

Ah- ok ok sorry baba! ab chalen!

K- ok chalo!

They get there meet up with all their frnds and have a blast! They obviously become the king and queen for the competition of the valentines day thing. Then they all leave it's 2 am in the morning and then Shahid drops her home.

Sh- lo a gaya!

K- ok bye!(kisses him on the cheek)

And then she leaves before he cud kiss her back.... She quickly changes and then goes to sleep caz it's really late....



Part #6

Kripa,Shahid,Sania,Abhi,Sowmya and Shamit get to the nanital airport at 6:30 am caz they have to check-in and stuff ...

K- hey guys!

Everyone- hi

Ab-check-in ke liye kitna time lag raha hai na!

Sh- yeah yo i am sooo tired and all i can't wait to get into the flight and go off to sleep....

K- ye same here!

They get onto the flight Kripa and shahid sit together and so do the other couples...

Kripa and shahid go to sleep....

They all get to bombay airport at 10 30 am.......

Angad's and his frnds are already there.....

J- hey Angad u dun mind tht i am going with ur ex-girl do ye?

A- no man it's all kool!

J- k good! caz she's not worth more then our frndship man!

A- aww thnx it's k tho! as long as u can handle her bossyness!

J- if it gets too much u kno i kno wat to do.

A- good man ur learning!

they both laugh...they r all standing in the line to get their baggages checked....
Josh says hi to Shahid and then they get talking.....

J- Hi! r u going to Russia too?

S- ye we r all going to Russia and then Canada....(he points to all his frnds)

J- oh kool! We r all going to Canada too!(he points to all his frnds)

after they get out the line then the groups meet eachother... First kripa's group introduce themselves...

Sa- hi i am Sania!

Sh- and i am shahid

Shamit- and i am shamit!

K- Hi i am kripa!

Ab- and i am Abhi!

So- and i am Sowmya! wat bout u guys?

Now angad's group introduce themselves.....

A- hey i am Angad.

P- i am prithvi!

J- this is josh! (says while pointing to himself)

Aa- Hi i am Aaliyah!

T- and i am Tanya!

Sh- We still have time till the flight comes..... Is there anyplace to chill here in the airport?

A- yeah there is a starbucks here!

They all sit down..... and then angad and kripa are sitting opposite to eachother!(yay!)
Angad thinks kripa is really hot! Kripa thinks the same thing bout angad and the she says to herself...

K-(Why the hell am i getting attracted to Angad, WELL HE IS DAMN HOT!)

it's half an hour to their plane to board..........................

Tht's all for now guys!

keep Reading

Hope u liked it! Smile


After this part prakriti and i wrote some parts.... but after these parts i will cont.

Part # 7

Kripa and Angad keep on staring at each other……it seems as if time stood still… one else was in the world….just Angad and Kripa. Just then Shahid came up behing Kripa and kissed her hair softly.


Sh- Hey sweety…I just wanted to say bi to u.

Kripa quickly looks at Angad and sees him look away. She wonders why she cares that he saw Shahid kiss her. She shook that thought off and gave a quick peck to Shahid.

K- hey

Shahid pulled up a chair next to Kripa and sat down. The rest of the people at the tables introdouced themselves one by one. When it was Angad's turn, Angad said very rudely:

A- Im Angad.

Everyone was taken back. Everyoen knew that Angad was a friendly guy who loved to be the center of attention. What was up with him now? But Kripa and Josh knew. Angad was mad that Kripa had a boyfriend.

JO- Sheesh Angad! U don't have to bite his head off!!!

A- shut up Josh.

Saying this he got up and headed towards the bathrooms. Kripa noticed this and got up to. Just as she was about to walk towards Angad, Shahid held her hand.

Sh- where r u goin Kripa?

K- (lying) o I have to go to the bathroom.

Sh- o..ok….be bak quick!

K- I will.

Saying this she headed towards the bathroom. As soon as the table were everyone sat was out of the way Kripa headed towards the boyz bathroom. She knocked twice. There was no reply. A few knocks later a man came out.

K- Excuse me?

Man- yes…..

K- is a tall and handsome guy in there?

Man- yup…hes the only one…..

K- wut does that mean?

Man- I mean that no one else is in there.

K- o. ok,,,thanx.

Man- Welcome.

He goes away. Kripa knocks a few more times. No one answers and she gets angry. She bursts through the door and starts yelling.


No one answered. She got scared at the eerie silence. Then all of a sudden two large hands grabbed her waist. They pulled her over into one of the stalls.

K- w..w..wat?? Who r u?

Someone- shhh…..

Kripa got scared and started to cry.

K- plz don't hurt me! Plz…

The person didn't respond and kissed her head. She didn't know why but she felt that it was Angad.

K- (softly) Angad?

The person got surprised and turned her around. It was none other than Angad.
A- (surprised) how did u know it was me?

K- I just did.

Angad smiles and puts his arms around her waist. Kripa in return puts her arm around his neck. Slowly Angad bends down and both their lips touch. Kripa feels her knees turn to jelly and she feels her self ruffling Angad's hair. The kiss deepens…..soon Kripa slams her back into the stall's door and stays there because her back is weak…..its like her brain cant function. She knows this is wrong but she cant help it.

Angad on the other hand is totally senseless. This scares him. It's the first time hes actually felt his soul kissing someone. He feels emotionally attached to Kripa and he wants to be her everything. He wants to be with her always. He knows this is wrong….hes messing around with someone's girlfriend but he wishes that Kripa was his girlfriend. What is happening to him?

So….howd u guyz like it? I hope I didn't bore u! leave ur comments and suggestions and Sahana will continue!


Part # 8

Just then while they were kissing…. Kripa starts thinking

K- (thinking) I have to stop kissing him…. Even tho this feels like heaven… oh u can do it kripa break it off…

Kripa stops kissing him… angad's hands r still on her waist and hers on his neck…
She breaks through the magical spell tht angad's hotness has casted on her…(which for me wud be impossible lol)

A- (god wat the hell did I do, wat will she think of me! Stupid ,ediot!) look kripa I am really sry! I din't mean to I am serious I dunno wats gotten into me… I am really really attracted towards u…

K- u dun have to say anything more!…………. I feel the same!

A- Then…..

K- then wat?…. oh ye I kno I have to break my relationship off with sahil… no shahid see wat u have done to me I can't even remember his name…. Ok I dunno um..

All of a sudden we see a shadow appear…… in the background of the washroom….

A- um ok it's gonna be our flight time…I'll go first then u can come out

k- ok we'll talk later… dun tell anyone… we'll try and fix it ourselves…

A- dun wry I won't………

Angad goes out and then sits down… he looks kinda nervous… and he feels like all of them kno wat happened… and they r looking at him as if chi wat bad boy and stuff… then he shakes his head in amazement and then he looks at them again… they all looked normal…

Kripa goes out now and sits down on the table….

K- shahid kahan hai?

Who Is the person whose shadow was in the washroom…. Was it shahid or someone else to find out keep reading!



All of a sudden we see a shadow appear…… in the background of the washroom….

A- um ok it's gonna be our flight time…I'll go first then u can come out

k- ok we'll talk later… dun tell anyone… we'll try and fix it ourselves…

A- dun wry I won't………

Angad goes out and then sits down… he looks kinda nervous… and he feels like all of them kno wat happened… and they r looking at him as if chi wat bad boy and stuff… then he shakes his head in amazement and then he looks at them again… they all looked normal…

Kripa goes out now and sits down on the table….

K- shahid kahan hai?

Part # 9

Josh answers. 

Jo- I don't know. It was freaky. First he said he has to go to the bathroom and then 5 minutes later, he said he has to go and he hurried out and said that he wouldn't be able to make the trip.  

Kripa and Angad looked at each other from across the table. They were both thinking the same thing "What if Shahid saw us?"

Just then an announcement came on.

Announcement- Flight Number 1211 (made it up) is about to start boarding.


P- Before getting up, let's see what our seat numbers are.

Both the groups compare and contrast their seats and it turns out everyone is eating in the same cabin except for two people…..Angad and Kripa. The group is sitting in Cabin A and Angad + Kripa are sitting in cabin K.

P- Crap!!!

Angad and Kripa don't say anything. Inside they both are really happy that they are going to be away from the whole group.

Jo- hey u guyz…look at Ur seat numbers…maybe you guyz sit next to each other.

K- Um ok.

Angad and Kripa look at the seats number. Turns out that they sit next to each other.

Jo- kewl….so we won't have to worry about u two.

Everyone laughs. Kripa and Angad join in.

Announcement- Would cabins A-H come to gate 17.

The group gets up to leave.

Jo- c u guys later.

The rest of the people say bye. When they leave, Angad and Kripa sit in an uncomfortable silence. Finally Angad breaks the silence.

A- Um….so what do u wanna do about this?

K- I don't know. I guess I should tell Shahid that I need a break.

A- Ya I think u should.

Kripa takes out her phone and calls Shahid. He picks up on the first ring.

K- Shahid I think…..

Before she could say anything further Shahid said:

Sh- Kripa I know what happened between you and Angad. And I m not exactly cool with it but I can't stop it. U are free from my side. Bye.

Then Shahid hangs up the phone. Kripa breaks down crying. Angad doesn't know what to do. He gets up and goes to sit next to her.

(By now Starbucks is empty and the only person there is a employee who is sitting reading a magazine behind the counter and can't see A-K.)

Back to A-K. Angad puts his hand hesitantly on Kripa's shoulder. Kripa turns to look at his face. She sees those rich and blazing eyes and can't help but be drawn in them.

He notices her looking intently at his eyes. He can't help but look into hers. He sees the innocence, the hurt, the confusion. He can't help but move his head closer. He gets shocked when she does the same. They both keep on moving closer until they can feel each other's breath on their skin. Her soft hands move up and rest on his chest. He feels his hands move to her face. He watches in amazement as his hands cup her chin and pulls her so close that his nose touches hers.

She can't believe this is happening. Right here in Starbucks with a guy she met less than 3 hours ago. She's this close to him. WHY? Why am I so drawn to him? Why can't I resist those eyes, those lips, those hands…..WHY? She keeps asking herself. Now he starts kissing her lips. She feels the electricity go through her body. She feels her eyes closing. She feels herself drifting of to dreamland.

He can't believe what his lips are doing. He can't believe what her lips are doing. He can't believe that he's making out in Starbucks. What the HELL? Why do I feel like this? I CANT do this….I just CANT!

They both are lost in their kisses and thoughts when all of a sudden an announcement comes on.

Announcement- Now boarding cabins K through P. Please proceed to gate 17.

A-K break apart. They look at each other embarrassed and get up to leave.

Sorry, I wasn't in the mood to write so it wasn't so good! Leave Ur comments, suggestions and complaints!




He can't believe what his lips are doing. He can't believe what her lips are doing. He can't believe that he's making out in Starbucks. What the HELL? Why do I feel like this? I CANT do this….I just CANT!

They both are lost in their kisses and thoughts when all of a sudden an announcement comes on.

Announcement- Now boarding cabins K through P. Please proceed to gate 17.

A-K break apart. They look at each other embarrassed and get up to leave.

Part # 10

They get their hand baggages tht they r allowed to take in the plane…. They give their tickets to the boarding officers… when they go into the plane this is what happens…..

A- kripa our seats r over here…

K- what did u say?

A- our seats r over here

K- no before tht…..

A- kripa ..ou-

K- say it again

A- kripa

K- it sounds sooo beautiful coming from u … like I have heard my name sooo many times before but it never sounded so good…

Kripa ( saying to herself…. Wat an idiot I am I sound like such a loser ohh…my name sounds so beautifu now tht u said it…. God I shud just keep my mouth shut.)

Angad is happy tht she feels this way but he is not the type of guy who is sooo good with explaining how he feels… he just smiles and then tells her …

A- ok now sit down

They get seats near the window there r only 2 seats so there is no one sitting next to them. He puts his bag in the little place above ur seats where u put ur luggage
Kripa is trying to put her bag in the place too but she is kind short so she can't quite reach it. So he walks over behind her to help her…. Her back and his chest were really close probably 2 or 3 milimetres away from each other… they start touching slightly and a tingly feeling starts going up their back….

Kripa cud feel his heart beat….

It was a strange feeling for the both of them… they had this really strong bondage not only physically but emotionally too…..

Finally they sit down and then angad holds kripa's handing really soflty and slowly rubs his thumb over her knuckles…. Kripa feels really good… there was silence for atleast a minute for both of them….they cudn't hear anyone else in the plane….. finally angad breaks the silence by saying…..

a- it's ok kripa I am here for u….

K- those words just meant some much to kripa… there was a sigh of relief in her soul….. she now knew tht angad was there for her when she is feeling down….

Kripa slowly put her head on his shoulder… and said thnx…

A tear rolled down her cheek really slowly angad felt it on his shoulders……..

Tht's all for now guys…. Hope u like the part….. I kno there wasn't much action or romance in this one but u know they just met…. So…. Dun wry there'll be other good romantic parts later...


Part # 11


Angad made Kripa put her head back up.

A- (Softly) why are you crying?

K- Idk….

A- U don't know y ur crying?

K- No…..isn't tat weird?

A- Ya it kinda is

They both look at each other and laugh. That kinda eases the tension in the air.

A- Kripa…I don't want this to be so serious and uncomfortable.

K- k.


K- k

A- k

K- K.


They look at each other again and laugh.                                                  

A- Well that eases our tension again doesn't it?

K- Lol. I guess it does.

They then put on their head phones and started to watch the movie. A few minutes later, the movie stops.

K- Huh? Why did it stop?

A- Idk.

A message came over the loudspeaker.

Message- We are experiencing some turbulence. Please fasten your seatbelt and stay seated.

Just as the announcement came on, the plane started rocking back and forth.

K- Oo Angad! I don't feel so good….


Kripa looked at his scared face and laughed.

A- What? Are u ok now?

K- Ya…don't worry.

A- Phew. Good.

Kripa and Angad laughed. Then they looked into each other's eyes and once again that feeling of passion, love and care came over them. They moved closer and closer till once again they could hear each other breathe. Then it happened. They kissed. Ever so softly at first but soon the kiss deepened.

All of a sudden Kripa turned away.

A- What happened?

K- Angad! There are so many ppl here! Kids and old ppl too!

A- So?

K- ANGAD! C'mon!

They both look around and see the whole plane in chaos. Everyone is scared that the plane will crash. (But Kripa and Angad being the make-out couple) start making out yet again. (Just try and imagine a plane with the lights flickering on and off and then everyone in chaos and AK making out!)

Sry tat part was bad. Im not in the mood to write right now…sry about that! Sahana will continue next!





Kripa and Angad laughed. Then they looked into each other's eyes and once again that feeling of passion, love and care came over them. They moved closer and closer till once again they could hear each other breathe. Then it happened. They kissed. Ever so softly at first but soon the kiss deepened.

All of a sudden Kripa turned away.

A- What happened?

K- Angad! There are so many ppl here! Kids and old ppl too!

A- So?

K- ANGAD! C'mon!

They both look around and see the whole plane in chaos. Everyone is scared that the plane will crash. (But Kripa and Angad being the make-out couple) start making out yet again. (Just try and imagine a plane with the lights flickering on and off and then everyone in chaos and AK making out!)

Part #12 


As Kripa and Angad are making out feverishly, a child spots them. He pokes his grandma, (who looks very old-fashioned) and makes her look.

Boy- Look Dadi! Those two are kissing each other! I thought kissing was bad! And you told me that when you kiss a girl on the lips before marriage, you become a toad! And they're not toads yet!!!!!!! DADI!

The Dadi looks at Angad and Kripa. She gets veryyyy angry and starts shouting at them from across the aisle. But, because of the noise of the plane and Kripa and Angad so totally lost in each other, they don't hear her. This aggravates her more and she forgets all the directions of staying in her seat and walks over to Angad and Kripa.


Kripa and Angad finally break apart and look up at the old lady. They are very confused.

A- Excuse me?


A- Huh?


A- Um duh…in a plane…


A- Um idk…..


A- Ok sooooo….??


A- Ok lady….can u Plz just get to the point?

Hearing this rude comment, Kripa gets mad and pinches Angad on his arm.

A- OW! Kripa!

K- Ur so damn rude!

Angad just scowls and folds his arms. Kripa looks at his childish look and laughs. She forgets that an old lady was there, and pinches his cheeks.

A- OW!

Kripa laughs again and gives him a quick peck on the lips.


As she walks away, she murmurs-

Dadi- aaj kal ke bache! Koi sharm nahi hai!                          

** (Sry im realllly bad at writing in Hindi!)**

Kripa and Angad just watch her walk away in disbelief……

Hope you guys like it! Im sorry for a short part but I have 3 fan fics to update today! Sahana will continue next! Leave tons of comments, suggestions and complaints!!!!!




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heya kool fan fic....angad nd kripa make out in random places Wink lol!!!!!!!!! continue soon!!!! Clap
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gr8 parts cont soon
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ajj kal ke bachoo ko really sharam nahi hai ...3 times they were busy in making up in three hours LOL LOL LOL
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amazing ff....cont soooon
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awesome ff
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