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Debater of the week #5: krystal_watz (Page 2)

-boyfriend- Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 2:22am | IP Logged

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Forever-KA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Great answers (well most lol). Appreciate your effort. Some are pending though.
I will comment later. Right now the fox needs to go back to sleep in his den.

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hit_homerun Senior Member

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 4:40am | IP Logged
congratualations bakriSmile

Take care and God bless ! Smile
and , globe trotter and lonely are the same person .LOL

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krystal_watz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Gumrah...

Morning! I can't remember the last time, i checked IF the moment i woke up lol LOL. I have been informed you were on the hot seat this week so was overly excited to grill ya ! 

Right, i am trying to do like 100 things at once now, but here is what i do. I shall post you the same questions i have asked previously BUT cos you're special my love, i will ask you new, questions too later on, in the evening/night.

Ps. me Participate in the serious threads? I barely participate these days, so  forget serious hona LOL

first most! my Set 9 question i have asked two previous MOTW-ERs and it has NEVER been answered, so i please break the trend of avoiding set 9 and give it a shot! DO NOT RUN AWAY FROM 9! 

Pick any 9 members from the forum, either current or ex-members, and answer the following questions, using those 9 members.

1. In a few lines, describe what you expect them to be like in their real life. For example do you expect them to be an introvert/extrovert, what sector/field you imagine them to be working/studying in, what class, and where in the world do you imagine them living in, and anything else you may want to add. 

2. Where do you see those 9 members in ten years from now.

3. Dedicate those 9 members a colour that suits their online personality. 

4. What do you think their zodiac sign is and explain the reason behind your decision.  I am not sure what you knowledge is like on Astrology, here is a link that may help you to come to your conclusion, it explains the 12 zodiac signs briefly.

5. From those 9 members, which one of them do you find most interesting, and why?

6. From those 9 members, which one of them do you find least interesting, and why?

7. Assign those 9 members to celebrities that may resemble them, either in terms of looks, or personality or any other reason. Explain your reason. 

8. Imagine those 9 members are in a party together, briefly describe what you imagine each of them doing in a party, and what conservation do you think will be taking place between them?

9. The 9 members are involved in a plane crash and you have the power to save only one. Which one member will be the survivor that doesn't get buried anywhere? LOL

Oye Hoye jaana! Your entry was awaited! Wink

Ow, does it have to be Nine? I don't know that many people here, I haven't been around for AGES. I'll do Seven. As it is, your question is humongous. Ouch

The members I'm gonna talk about are----- You, fair_n_luvly, King Anu, RTH, Mister K, BTV and Rehanism.

You - Extrovert, ain't no secret that. LOL You already do work somewhere, but since the question is what I think is the fittest job for you, I'll say Television Programme/Talk Show anchor. Pasand aya na? Wink

Where you'd be ten years down: VJ on MTV.

Colour most suitable: Bright shocking pink.

Probable Star Sign: Leo. (said it cuz I KNOW it. :P)

Fair_n_Luvly: Quiet, reticent and calm. Also, sweet, understanding and homely. I visualize her working (in future) as a teacher in a Junior school. LOL

Where you'd be ten years down: Working as a head of a Child Rights NGO. 

Colour most suitable: Scarlet.

Probable star sign: Aquarius.

King Anu: Mature, shy and diplomatic. I expect him to be somewhat of an introvert in his real life and a man of few words, based on his choice of wording and sentence structuring on the forum. He, in my opinion, would be best suited as a Counselor.

Where you'd be ten years down: Writing books on Politics and Society in Pakistan.

Colour most suitable: Yellow.

Probable star sign: Gemini

RTH : She already said she was an introvert in real life. Her posts show depth of knowledge and a wondrous treasure trove of vocabulary. She'd do good as an author of a Thesaurus or Encyclopedia.

Where you'd be ten years down: Directing Greek-mythology themed movies.

Colour most suitable: Acid green.

Probable star sign: Sagittarius.

Mister K: K is mercurial, straightforward and assertive, sometimes to a degree that comes across as overbearing. He, like RTH, is a Whiz with jawbreakers. I'd imagine him as a retired Professor of Physics/Philosophy.

Where you'd be ten years down: Founder of a Theosophical Society.

Colour most suitable: Grey.

Probable Star Sign: Libra

Beyond the Veil: Articulate and earnest debater, likes to explain everything in laid-out details. Would do well as a Movie/Book critic.

Where you'd be ten years down: Gossip columnist for a popular Tabloid, bringing stars to blushes by scandalous exposes.  LOL

Colour Most suitable: Maroon.

Probable star sign: Pisces

Rehanism: A fierce defender of Atheism, he's humble and down-to-earth, yet his passion for the subject of debate shows through in his posts and writing style. The most apt profession for him would be either a Human Rights lawyer or an NGO Activist. 

Where you'd be ten years down: Best-selling author of several books on Human Rights and Religious Extremism.

Colour Most Suitable: Blue.
 Probable star sign: Virgo

I find all of them interesting, in some way or the other. LOL

Members meet at a Party: 
Mister K was sitting quietly in a corner, lost in thoughts, his hand absent-mindedly twirling his flute of iced champagne. People pass by him, but he looks through them, barely nodding to a few "Hi!"s thrown his direction. 
The extravagant decors filled his mind with distaste. "I wonder which glorious nincompoop throws such an obscenely exorbitant social for their pet Poodle's Birthday? A Herculean waste. Bah!" He threw an angry glance at RTH, who had dragged him here. 

Actually, they were on a bet. The week before, him and RTH had been engaged in a thundering debate on the definition of frivolity and the limits up to which it should be within an soul-bearing homo sapiens' ability to withstand a reasonably generous amount of it. Both had reached a deadlock, with even Mister K. having exhausted his voluminous verbal dictionary and resorting to a " Fine!!!! By the Lord,  It's put up or shut up time then!" and agreeing to attend RTH's old school buddy's poodle Foxy's Birthday Party. 

Now sitting here, he regretted it. The environment, not to forget the FRIVOLOUS need to celebrate the birth of a meagre canine that necessitated the party, was biting upon his nerves. "For the love of the nailed-on Lord!"  he exclaimed sadly.

Far at the end of the hall, King Anu was seen giving cordial smiles to a friend of the host. (The host was the friend of Anu, Rehan,  Gumrah and Fair_n_luvly as well, and BTV and Mr K were there as guest-bring-alongs of RTH.).

The host butted in and asked, "So, how's it going, Kingy?"

Anu, with his trademark tight-lipped smile, said, "I'm fine, lol. Btw, this is quite an unusual theme for a party. lol. Now, I hope your Foxy likes other foxes, or she won't take too kindly to me. Now, please wait a while, while I go look for Gumrah, lol"

Gumrah, meanwhile, was standing on the washroom floor, critically studying her face in the mirror. " kajal is smudged".

Coming out absent-mindedly, she bumped into Anu, who was coming for her.
"Anuuu!!!!!", she gave out a squeal! "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you here! Love ya, how's you keepin sheepin? Btw, do you think my kajal on the left eye is looking a little smudged?".

Anu:" No, kuri, you looking absolutely fine. Nobody'll notice that tiny smudge, lol".

Fair_n_luvly, meanwhile, had just arrived.

Spotting Gumrah, she went over to greet her.

"My, my! Shad, you look gawjus!" she said with a wink. "I look plain though. :("

"Awww, naughty, Fairie, fishing for compliments? You look DIVINEEE! Main sadke javaa", said Gumrah, beaming.

Fair_n_luvly's face tightened a little bit. "Shad, this isn't funny", she said in an annoyed tone.

 "Btw Mahi, how do I look in this dress? How do you rate it from 1-10? Meanwhile look around at all the other girls in the party and rate their dresses too. Thank you!" added Gumrah. Before Mahi aka Fari_n_Luvly could respond,she was gone, but not before shouting a "XOXO"!

Beyond the veil was having a bad time. His feet had been twice trampled on, he'd collided with three fat men in succession, and somebody poured red wine mistakenly over his spotlessly White Tux. He was sour.

Spotting RTH, he angrily headed off to her. "Hey Sarina, what kind of people are you friends with nowadays? I agreed to come along ditching my important Conference Meet just because I owed you a favour. And this is what I tied with in this mangy Poodly Party? By what logic in the fair wide world should I be expected to subserviently take all this undue punishment upon my unblemished soul for a furry canine-for-the-affluent?", he puffed breathlessly, his face red with anger.

RTH tried to calm him down, "Calm, brother. Else you'll upset Wepwawet."

"Who?", BTV said, unable to comprehend. " Wet--what?"

"Not wet. Wep-wa-wet, The Egyptian God with the head of a dog. You'll upset him if you go around throwing insults to poor canines. Now listen to me, remember what I told you about the Love Handle? There she is. Look."

BTV swung around in the direction RTH was pointing to. Sure enough, there was Love Handle, or the Hosts' husband's sister who had earned the nickname Love Handles by her love for slinky gowns on a distressingly cellulite-icious figure.

"Yuck!", snarled BTV, his face contorting with disgust, "What on earth can be acceptable logic to wear a dress like that when you have a body resembling a baby sperm whale?"

RTH nodded in agreement. "The first time I was unfortunate enough to bear witness to this eminently disturbing spectacle at another evening social, I thought 'Argus, there goes my eyes'. There should a be a Law passed in the US Senate against obese people wearing anything less than cape-like apparel that covers the entire abdomen, arms as well as thighs to at least five inches below the knee. Think anybody has the guts to start the Victoria Beckham Party in protest of these Love Handle tortures on innocent eyes?"

Both RTH and BTV laughed bitchily and slapped each others' backs. BTV's bad mood was wearing off.

"And what exactly do you mean by that, RTH? May I know?"

Rehanism had slipped up from the behind which neither RTH or BTV  had noticed.

"Pardon me if this sounds offensive, but I do think its extremely unfair to wish legal bindings on what someone should or should not wear. In a Free country that proudly proclaims its democratic status, any thought of such an autocratic law would undermine the sincerity  of thought lent to Democracy by the Heads of States. What you said, therefore, is in my opinion, only becoming of a Theocratic state ruled by religious fundamentalists that limit people's freedom in the name of Morality. Thank you".

Having finished his speech, Rehanism motioned a waiter and lifted off a glass of juice from the tray. 

"Good day to you all, gentlemen. Long live Freedom and Democracy". A smile and he was gone.


Edit: Had missed the Plane Crash question:

I'll save... The pilot, maybe? Then all would be saved. Tongue

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return_to_hades IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 8:02am | IP Logged

Sweet. Krystal in the hot seat. Must think questions to post.

Vintage.Wine Goldie

Joined: 03 July 2012
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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by krystal_watz

Little crazy----Vintage.Wine.

Vintu - A bottle of Black Label, so he can have a change of taste from the same old Vintage wine he's been drinking since ages.

13. Pick one male member you want to take on a date/non-romantic get together/know more about and why --- Vintu. We'd spend time at some antique, charming little wine shop.


    @ All Blue:   Antique charming wine shop ? ..<< That sounds like my brains...You just wanna get inside that,  Right? ..You naughty toper ...LOL ..

    And hey ! ...I always carry my Bar along where ever I go ...So may be we can go to some scenic, snowy ridgeline and clink the glasses together? ...I know one such location, where I took my last 03 dates ...And trust me they all relished the beauty so much that none of em ever returned from the place ...LOL ...Ouch


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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Congrats, krystal_watz!

I am not able to think of any questions right now.. so I am copying the questions I asked Souro.

1a) What do you admire about yourself? 
1b) Is there anything you want to change about yourself .. if so, what and why?
2a) What is the one quality you admire in others? 
2b) What is the one quality you detest? How do you respond to people who exhibit this quality. 
3) What do you think is your purpose in life? What have you been doing to achieve that purpose? Are you there yet? If not, what else do you have to do to achieve it? Is there anything else you require that is keeping you from achieving this purpose, if so how much (many) of it do you need and where will you get it from? 
4a) If someone gives you an open air ticket to go anywhere in the world, for whatever duration you please and also grants you the freedom to do whatever you want while you are at your destination .. where would you go, how long would you stay and what will you do there, and why? 
4b) Suppose you get the option to take one more person along on this trip, who would you take with you and why?
5) What are your views on gay marriage, abortion and pre-marital sex? 
6a) Suppose someone you care about is mentally unstable (obsessed about or addicted to something or even suicidal), and no one else but you has realized it, what would you do? 
6b) Is there a way to understand when someone is on the verge of getting addicted to something and if so, stop them from getting addicted to drugs, tobacco, alcohol or even sex?

Looking forward to your answers! Thanks and congrats again! Smile

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Forever-KA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Thanks for answering foxy 36 quickly. Some are still left.
Originally posted by krystal_watz

Originally posted by King-Anu

Congrats. Here are my...yes you guessed it right. Foxy 36. lol.
Foxy 36
King Anu-Diplomatic. Thanks
Calm----Rehanism and King Anu. Okay
Eloquent----RTH, BTV, Mr. K, King Anu, Angie What? lol

Miss Universe-- P1nk, Fair_n_luvly (though they aren't as active anymore) Least Miss Lovely can do is congratulate you here. I see her liking the posts.
Mr. Universe-- Mr. K and Freethinker. Why? Because they were seen debating about things related to the Universe more than once on the forum. good one
Dance pay chance Marlay" competition-----Gumrah and King Anu. She can dance. I cant shake
Singing----Fair_n_luvly and Gumrah. Miss Lovely is a good singer. Not heard Gumrah
Cooking Briyanis (gossiping)---Gumrah and Summer. Summer? lol
8. Rate yourself (1-10 ,1 being least/less)
Intelligent --8
Care about virtual life---4.5
Arrogance---- 7.9
arrogance 8? interesting but honest
12. Pick 2 male and 2 female members
- and give them a gift and explain why you gave them that gift.
Fair-n-luvly ---Some tanning cream since she's too fair and lovely. LOL Miss lovely will not be happy with this gift.

- that you would like to meet in person-- Vinu (Prometeus) and Summer, and fair_n_luvly and ?? (can't think of anybody else) hmmm...vinu. lol
- and make 2 M-F jodi (friendly, romantic) --- boreddamsel and Vintu (to make her less bored), Birdie and l0nely (just to watch the fun *wink*) birdie and lonely is friendship gone wrong i believe.
- you would like to see less of/banned--- the Troll who was Ice-thinker/Polki-Zolfi, l0nely i disagree with all. i liked ice-thinker and plki. we should have tolerance to hear their views. i dont think they abused and bad mouthed anyone

13. Pick one male member you want to take on a date/non-romantic get together/know more about and why --- Vintu. We'd spend time at some antique, charming little wine shop. I get confused between Vinu and Vintu

16. Who in your mind a better debater overall (on average) from Mr. K or RTH and why-- BTV, Me, Angie, King Anu. They're usually the most articulate of the lot. (forgive the vanity, do. Tongue). Then there are others like Rehanism and Arwen but they don't post much (or do they?)
I think you are being kind to me.

19. who do you think comes out as most honest (geniuine article) and why ---King Anu (he sounds quite earnest and heartfelt with whatever he says)
To be honest if there is one question which i want answered with my name of all foxy 36 then its this one. Many thanks.

22. who is the most romantic here and why--Summer. His shayaris. Subhanallah! Big smile agreed
23. what is that you get physically attracted to in opposite gender--- Intelligent, radiant face and eyes, along with that charisma and dry wit. This combination shoots me nerveless in the knees. LOL  Are we talking about Vinu or Vintu here? ot is it Souro or Birdie? lol

24. what 3 personal qualites will you look for in life partner-- Adjustability (I'd have to be able to adjust to him without compromising on my basic principles and core ego), Good listening (lending a ear---yada yada) and finally, he has to share 60% of my interests (a big stretch, I know) good analysis

25. Rate following on their debating contribution to this forum (10 being best, 0 being worst). You can base it on their activity, quality of their posts, seriousness. Anything. NA if you dont know
Mr. K----8
Mr Ass---5
King Anu----7.8
ok great.
26. You have a developed a lie detector with 100 percent accuracy. Pick 10 DM members and ask them one question.
Mister K ---- Do you edit dictionaries for a living? I like that about him. I like organzed people even though I cant achieve same goal
King Anu---- Do you actually laugh out loud after every sentence? I started using lol to replace laughing icon. later i realized lol is extreme crazy laugh. no whenever i have lol it means i smiled while writing that.
lonely--- What is your ethnicity? sould not matter.
27. To make DM work better you have been given a task to advice members for betterment. Pick 10 members and advice them (in one line) on their role in DM

King Anu --- Remain as you are. this motw is turning out to be very positive for me. thnaks
Lonely--- Don't be afraid of arguments. she remains busy so pulls out at times
Mister K. --- Please don't use jaw-breaking, popularly incomprehensible words in every sentence. we need people like that too

28. Pick 5 male and 5 female members and rate them in likeness (out of 100%). The likeness can be due to any factor/s. For example Mr. A=80%, Mr.B=10%.
pending 1

29. Since we debate a lot about gays and lesbians and talk about equality and all that. I guess therefore no one will mind this question. State 15 members and from your observations who is likely to be straiight or who has has some/any chance of being non-straight. Straight versus non-straight
pending 2

i want ur take on this. lol

31. Pick 10 DM members and rate them on gossip scale (0-100, with 100 being most gossipy)
pending 3

32. Pick 10 DM members and rate them on aggressions scale (0-100, with 100 being most
pending  4

33. Pick 10 Dm members and rate them on intelligence scale (0-100, with 100 being most intelligent)
 pending 5
34. State 3 good things about Lonely0planet
 pending 6
36. Gumrah, Pretty Kuri, Krystal, Baz, Souro, Vinu, Ass and Summer are on a get together. They are on African Safari in Kenya. Souro is driving and Summer/Baz in front seat. Girls in second row and Vinu and Ass in the third row. On their way to hunting field there is thick jungle.
Ass says he badly needs to go for a bathroom break. Summer wisely says no. Ass says he cannot resist. Vinu offers a bottle. However girls says no let him go outside and get it over with. Summer is not happy. Baz is not sure. Anyway Ass goes out.
Suddenly from somewhere aadevaasi dressed in straw attire come out and capture ass. They then surround everyone and take hostges. They ask for someone to talk to. krystal knew their language. They said they are man eaters. Krystal says you cannot eat us like that.

Negotiations start. Aadevasi says please us and we can think of letting few go. Girls start singing a song while boys starts shaking. Aadevasi get happy. They decide to relase 5 and keep 3 and says its Krystal decision
Which 5 will you keep? Myself (obviously), the other four being Pretty_kuri aka fair_n_luvly, Gumrah, Summer and Souro
How will you save other 3? I take the other three aside and whisper some advice. Soon, all of them start to cry and say that all the three must be eaten by the chief alone, otherwise they won't go to heaven. I too request only the chief to eat them as a sign of gratitude for letting five go.The Chief happily obliges, but the followers are infuriated. they start arguing and gets killed by the Chief for protesting. Consequently, the family members of the dead get angry and set upon the chief and his men. A civil war ensues and while the bloodbath goes on, one of us secretly slips in and unties the three and we all rush to the jeep and get the hell out of there.
or just select souro, baz, vinu, ass and summer and tell them to get hunting equipment and hunt aadevasis. lol. aadevasis dont have anything except straw attire, dandas and neezas lol. still ur answer was better
Use any tool you have for this trip.
Thanks and hope no one will mind. lol
P.S: Also take your time. You can answer in pieces. You have full week so hopefully wont take much of your time.
thanks. all answers were superb.  i am not including controversial parts. lol
King Anu: Mature, shy and diplomatic. I expect him to be somewhat of an introvert in his real life and a man of few words, based on his choice of wording and sentence structuring on the forum. He, in my opinion, would be best suited as a Counselor.

Where you'd be ten years down: Writing books on Politics and Society in Pakistan.

Colour most suitable: Yellow.

Probable star sign: Gemini
Interesting. thanks

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