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AmidstTheWords IF-Dazzler

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Those who have read what i have writen,they know that till date I have only written about ARSHI from the show and their sitiuations.This is teh first time I have dared to write something that is nowhere related to our show,but yes the characters are ARNAV and KHUSHI as they are the inspiration to write.

I was really not going to post this shot,I had writen it and decided to let it remain there but somethings triggered me to post it here and here I am doing this.

Everyone of us go through darkest nights in our life,the times where we feel we have noone to talk too,when we feel all lost,whether it be a heartbreak,family issues or crisis in careers and professional life.

This is what I believe in that somwhere in that portion of life someone or something comes along that pulls our of the darkeness that surrounds us,give us a new hope and opens a whole new dimension of life for us.It might not neccessary be a person but can be anything that inspires us.

From me,this is the least I could do for all the people who has fight their battles and come out of it as true winners.




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AmidstTheWords IF-Dazzler

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ARNAV Singh Raizada the fashion wizard of the country,the man who has given fashion a whole new dimension ,who was single handedly responsible for the fashion industry to grown in leaps and bounds and have carved a niche for himself with his designs and his brand AR CREATIONS.As he collected the award for the most successful youngest business tycoon of the year his eyes passed through the crowd cheering for him,some passing him appreciative glances,the younger generation eyeing him with respect whereas some looked at him with envy,letting out a deep sigh he took the award and with a simple thank you left the award function as quickly as he can.

As he sat in the back seat,his thoughts driving away to a time when he was carefree,with no worries or issues in the world,when the only scare he ever used to have was the scolding of his teacher if he didn't complete his homework on time,when only laughter surrounded his life until an unfateful day when all was snatched from him.the night when his parents and him were returning from a ceremony,the stormy night,the colloidal of cars,he was 14 and the memories were fade but very much there,his mother has pushed him out of the car whereas both of them has lost themselves to the inevitable.

What has followed were the living nightmares for him,from him waking up in an hospital to facing the hardest truth of his life that he was all alone in the world.But he hasn't let this truth push hum backwards his father has taught him to be  a winner and thus what followed were the years of a young boy turning out to be the most successful businessman of the country.

His father has made provisions for his studies and the one person whom he was indebted for his life was his Kaka as he fondly called him,the caretaker of their home, but someone who has given him love and care when he needed it the most,who was his only comfort in the darkest of nights.The sound of the horn pulled him out of his thoughts the car was entering the gates of his mansion,but now he shuddered to go to an empty home where only loneliness welcomed him,last year even Kaka has passed away and now the feel of coming to an empty home haunted him.

Hours later as he stood in his poolside,staring at the stars in the sky, as if seeking the permission he took the decision,who knows may be this was his chance of  finding his happiness.

He was going to say yes to the marriage proposal he has received 3 days back.He took out his phone and texted Mr Shashi Gupta that he was ready for the alliance,he has met Khushi Gupta formally sometimes in past few months,she was beautiful there was no doubt about that,but he has met many beautiful women in all these years,who were ready to do anything to get into his good books.But he has never relented,he didn't had the time to divulge into these things and neither he cared about it,his only aim in his life has been to make hisparents proud of him and to make Raizada a name to be reckoned with.

Now as he laid back on his favourite recliner within the solace of his poolside and gardenhe felt a strange peace,he has said yes to the proposal Khushi Gupta was someone he has never come across like,she was quiet yet demanding.He has noticed it while meeting on the conferences and meetings as Gupta industries dealt with textiles and since he has started working AR has always dealt with them,but offlate it was Khushi Gupta who was handling the entire business and the businessman in him was thoroughly impressed with her accumen.

She was firm and focussed in her actions but never rude,he was efficient and was no nonsense kind of a person,never have their talks been extended except business.She didn't took interest in him like other girls did nor did she extended any friendly attidue,when she talked it was strictly business and the only time ASR has been stumped was when she has negotiated with him on her terms and for the first time he has accepted defeat knowing the other party was correct at their stance.

Her attitude,her behaviour,her independent nature impressed him but somehow when he looked at those hazel eyes he has found a strange aloofness in them something that mirrored  in his and that has intrigued him.He didn't know how but somehow he has wanted to take away that sadness that lingered there with a longing to see them shining with happiness.

With the new found dream Arnav Singh Raizada drifted into a peaceful slumber that night ,after years he has found a mission, a dream to fulfill which  for first was not aassociated with any degree or accomplishment but a person this time.

What followed was a simple marriage ceremony in temple with them registering their marriage legally.Both of them didn't wanted a big fat Indian wedding and when Shashi Gupta has argued as she was his only daughter strangely both Arnav and Khushi has spoken at the same time that the money which is so carelessly spent at such events could be of  great use to the needy people and children.

At this point their eyes had met and an unknown emotion has passed through two souls who were now entwined for seven lives and were formally Mr and Mrs ARNAV Singh Raizada.

Inspite of ARNAV constant pursuial Mr and Mrs Shashi Gupta has refused to move in with them,they both have given them their blessings and have told them that now since Khushi was settled and she was in safe hands they have decided to move in to their home town lucknow so as to be in touch with their roots and spend time there though they promised to visit them every now and then.

After their departure ,Khushi  has been silent and Arnav has tried to comfort her but he didn't knew what to say, for having lived alone for so long he hasn't known how to comfort someone when they are sad,not getting anything else he has handed his handkerchief to her which she has taken  that passing him a grateful smile  and seeing that he has felt light all off a sudden after so many years.

As they had returned Khushi for the first time was entering their home,Arnav has  stopped her on the threshold he has gone ahead to bring an aarti and has put the rice which was filled in a glass,as Khushi  has looked at him shocked and surprised he has sheepishly told her has found abt it on the internet and then with a sad smile that if his mother would have been there she would have done all the rituals but he atleast he could do what he can. After that he has given her a tour of the house and has told her  affectionately that this house now belonged to her and she can make any changes she wanted too.After dinner Arnav told her he wanted to show her his favourite place in the house if she was not too tired by the eventful day to which she has immediately agreed, he has gone ahead to make some coffee for both of them meanwhile Khushi retired into her night clothes.

Khushi  was in all awe of the poolside and garden and  had even gone ahead to tell him that she could never think  that the successful businessman can himself heed to a garden and nurture it so beautifully.

They sat in comfortable silence ,both passing glances at each other but not knowing how to start a conversation,they were bonded in the sacred bond of marriage but they didn't even knew each other properly,after moments later it was Khushi who broke the silence.

"Arnav,I don't know how to say all this, I mean I know all this is as new for you as for me but its just that before we start this new journey I want to tell you something".

Arnav acknowledged the hesitance in her voice and thus shifting closer to her,he encased her hands with his offering his silent support and gestiuring with his eyes he asked her to continue.

"Arnav,I want to tell you that you are the first and the only man in my life,I have never been in a relationship before and I will try my best be the wife and the companion u wished for.But you need to now before we move ahead in our relationship that this Khushi what you see now is someone which circumstances has made her,at one point of time I was a carefree girl who used to sprint from one place to another,I was irresponsible literally the princess of my house until the day when bhaiya(Bro) got married.At this point Arnav eyes rose up from their entwined hands to meet hers,she has a brother then why hadn't he heard of him in all these years. She continued

"Bhaiya got married to the girl he loved in college,he was not even done with his degree. We were all shocked to see him entering home one day with his wife but nevertheless mom and dad accepted them,we were happy to have a new addition in our family,but things didn't turned out like we wished.He didn't took any responsibilities as was expected of him rather continued having fun and spending money without any care.wWhen dad told him he has to start working he behaved  very badly with him and thus what followed was constant arguments until one day they both left the house and demanded their share,when dad refused he and his wife threatened for a court case and dad suffered a stroke.It was then mom and me have decided to give him his share so that we can leave peacefully,that was the last we heard of him and that was the day when the carefree Khushi turned into the woman you know today,seeing my parents distress and worry about his business,I took over the responsibilities and slowly learned everything. I knew somewhere mom and dad still wish for their son to come nback but for me he no longer exists.

By the time she finished Arnav eyes were moist and a tear dropped from his eye to their entwined hands but strangely Khushi's  eyes were barren,there was no emotion that was visible in her eyes,they were cold and the realisation hit him that the woman sitting in front of him,his wife has learned to be independent even emotionally  and she didn't like  showing her emotions to anyone.His heart as if finding a voice of his own spoke

"Khushi ,even if you hadn't told me all this,nothing would have changed between us,I am sure your dad must have told you everything about me" to which she nodded her head.He continued "trust me when I say this that I respect you for the person you are and I trust both of us to make a life together,so what say lets start with being friends".

He has said this in such an adoring voice that she hadn't been able to resist and there two of them after years have smiled ,the smile that reached their eyes.

They have seamlessly slipped into an easy routine as if they were living like this since years,no one who would notice them could say that these people were practically strangers days back.Khushi took off from her work and has devoted full time to turning the house into their home,a home that belonged to both of them,they would finish breakfast together and unknowingly both of them look forward to their dinners where Khushi always waited for Arnav to come home, even at  nights when he was late from work she would wait as they spend some quality time together.Arnav know finally has someone to come home to,this new feeling of belongingness itself creating a warm feeling inside him.

Their parents has visted them often and were contented to see them happy.Yes their parents as both of them has accepted Arnav as their son,Arnav at that point of time has felt that he has finally got what he always craved for in his life love and affection.On Shashi's suggestion a big merger of both their companies has took place and the industry has seen the combined  power of Mr and Mrs ASR in the months to come with their astounding success.

They have eventually consummated their marriage and both have found an absolute bliss in the fact that they were each others first not that it made any difference to either of them but still the fact that they belonged only  to each other was an  differnt feeling all together.

They were each other companions,friends,business partners,soulmates and to add to it at the night of their six month anniversary they have come to know of the news that they were going to become parents.


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AmidstTheWords IF-Dazzler

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A joy like no other has found them,they were in seventh heaven.Arnav took care of Khushi in all possible ways,he prohibited her from going to office and himself went only when it was absolutely necessary, he strictly ordered servants to not let her do any work.All was going well in their paradise until another stormy dark night shook everything that was dear to them.Arnav has woken up to sounds coming from the washroom and what he has seen has robed him of his breath,there laid Khushi almost unconscious in a pool of blood his mind has screaming at him what his heart was not ready to accept.

They have lost their baby,doctor has told it was normal to happen in the intial months of the pregnancy and  has reassured them that they were no issues and she can conceive again,but what  has followed for them was even worst they have lived through till now.He has never seen Khushi like the way she was now,he has seen her silent but she was gloomy,quietness surrounded their home now,he has tried talking, even screaming at her but to no avail.Even the visit of their parents has done no imrpovement to her she was silent she hasn't shed a single tear and that scared him.Even after trying everything when Khushi didn't gave any reaction,he has taken her to a park and sat with her on a bench watching children play,this was the last resort she needed to let it all out,he has been told she hasn't even shed a tear when all those has taken place years ago.The sound of crying a child  has caught her attention,her eyes took notice of the couple sitting in the sideway with the mother holding a baby girl and the father making faces to make the baby smile.Seeing the  happy sight finally her resolve broke,tears flew out of her eyes that resulted into heavy sobs.Arnav gathered her into his arms letting her let it all out,his heart breaking at her sight  and silent tears flew out of his yes too both of them crying for the loss they both have suffered in hands of destiny.

As Arnav has carried her to their room that night,Khushi has laid in his arms silently and then she herself has started letting it all out,for Arnav it was the first time she was sharing her emotions with him.He knew she has shielded her heart with a strong wall in order to never get hurt again,he has shared everything with her,his childhood,his dreams,his struggle but she has always been on guard and seeing he now in such a vulnerable state,he was feeling helpess and feeling helpess was something he didn't liked.

He has promised himself  to see her eyes smiling the dream he has woven when he has agreed to marry her and seeing her happy in past few months he was content that he was fulfilling it ,but as he has listened to everything Khushi has told him last night he has realised he has failed because he wanted that old Khushi back,he wanted  her to know that she don't have to handle anything alone,that he was always there for her nomatter what happens,he wanted to have that carefree lively KHUSHI  back who was always upot something or the other, someone whom Khushi  has faintly talked about earlier and someone whom he knew has known last night.

Thus,ASR was on  a  man on mission and when he wanted something he got it.He hasn't learn to lose ,its not that he was not afftected he has been badly affected by the lossof their child but  he couldn't let that affect their releationshi and their life has to come ahead.He rememberd his father's words

"Man ka ho toh acha,

Man ka na ho to aur acha"



Something his father always told him when things went wrong,and thus with a believe in what his father said he has carried on with his mission to get the old khushi back.

He has taken her on a long vacation something they haven't been able to go to since long,she has told him  once she has  wanted to go to Disneyland but hasn't been able to as her dad was busy and so Arnav has taken her there,he knew it was stupidity for  adults to go to a place where kids went but for his wife and the woman he loved with all his heart and soul he was ready to do anything.He loved her he has for a long time now but he hadn't confessed, he didn't feel the need as words can never explain what he felt for the woman in the front of him who by by now for the first time was laughing freely since the time he has known her.

Arnav's efforts to get the old Khushi back was finally showing its effect,she laughed more often,talked like there was no end and even has started annoying him to bits,if he loved her before then he was in awe of the woman he was being introduced to know.Once while winning from her in the game of cards he has asked her to make a wish list a and  Khushi has made it  too in excitement but to her utter amazement the next day Arnav has started off with fulfilling her every wish.

Khushi laid in the bed on her elbow caressing his hair,a fond smile on her lips,how has she gotten so lucky,to her it seems she doesn't remember her life before Arnav was a part of it.she felt lighter,happier than she has ever been,her husband who has succeeded in getting her back,the Khushi she has herself forgotten,she giggled remembering how he has given her a piggy back ride when she was fully drunk one night on the island of Maldives which was another on her wish list,she has danced and sang like crazy,even lost him a big fortune while aiming for the jackpot  in one of the the clubs of Las Vegas.He has done everything he could and yet has never demanded anything in return.He has never expressed his emotions in words but his action has spoken out loud that he loved her,loved her more than anything in the world,his eyes that made her feel the only woman in the world.This man  her man has shown her how unconditional love can be and instead of her being on her guard,he has broken the walls that she has built across and now has become the sole owner of her heart.

Overwhelmed with emotions,she moved closer to him finding ehr rightful place inside his arms and slowly whispered in his ears"I Love You ARNAV" and seeing his lips curving into a smile she drifted off to peaceful slumber.

They have returned from their month long vacation,more bonded than ever,their hearts beating in unison.Sometimes bad things in life happen to make way for something better,they have lost their baby but unknowingly this loss has brought them close,the pain they shared has bridged the gap between their hearts and has bonded them for eternity.

God is never unfair to people who are true to themselves and him,for every tear you cry he gives you 100 more reasons to smile and this was what Arnav nd Khushi  believed when they have come to know that she was expecting again.

They have been extra careful this time,Arnav has not let Khushi out of his sight for a single second,he has taken care of her every whim and wish and have been with her on the every step of her period of pregnancy.

Arnav sat near Khushi's bed waiting for her to open his eyes,he has told the doctor before not to tell him about whether it's a boy or girl nor has he seen the baby.As he wanted to see their child for the first time with her.Khushi slowly opened her eyes and met Arnav's eager ones,he helped her sat up carefully and rang the bell to call the nurse.The nurse  walked in and handing over the baby to the mother left the room giving couple the needed privacy.

Khushi held the baby in her arms,Arnav's one hand around her shoulders his other holding the baby,they both looked at their child,the dream  they have woven together which was now a beautiful reality.Arnav spoke slowly"Its a girl"

At which Khushi eyed him, knowing he would not have seen their child before her to which he sheepishly answered

"My heart says its a girl".She wanted to pull his cheeks seeing his expressions but seeing the child she just confirmed his feelings.

"It is ARNAV,it's a girl,our angel Aashi"She spoke with pure joy reflecting in her voice and when Arnav looked at her dumbfounded that she knew what he wished for and was planning secretly she spoke vehemently.(Those who read a bond created by God ,you know how much i love this name,how could it be any different here).

"What,now don't look at me like that,I know you very well,what do you think I don't know what you have been doing all those nights on your laptop,I have seen you  even ordering a  locket for her in the same name right".

"You know what Mrs Khushi Singh Raizada I love you dammit"Arnav swore as he finally whispered the three words to her which every girl wants to hear but not his wife as she replied to him in the same tone.

"I know that Mr Arnav Singh Raizada from ages" she spoke as a matter of fact and winked at him.They laughed out loud eyes moist and finally echoed together.

"Welcome to our world Aashi Singh Raizada"

They held her close,feeling whole now, finally at peace,the wounds of their past completely healed by the true love they had for each other,life has been hard but with their unwavering spirit,their beliefs and the power of love they faced everything together and has come out stronger than ever.With their little angel in their life and secured in the knowledge of their love they were going to lead their life together holding hands forever and ever.



(One of my favourite lines from our IPK cant write something without its mention)

Tell me how it was it Liked it or not and do share your thoughts if you did



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BerryBlush07 IF-Sizzlerz

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aura9 Goldie

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what is this reserved for

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nishu_shorna IF-Sizzlerz

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hum bhi res karle??????

WOW...its so arranged marriage...knowing each-other...falling in love...leading a happy life...with some accidents and sadness...standing aside when u said God is not unfair...having their baby...Aashi...everything...And their beautifully written...loved it...

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ArshiAms IF-Sizzlerz

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.Khamosh. IF-Stunnerz

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"Har raat ka hota hai ek savera
    Har virah ke baad basta hai basera"

Aww It was beautifully written Anku Embarrassed 
Arnav fulfilled her every dream and made it a reality... how cute Day Dreaming
and the confession... it was lovely 
finally their family was complete with Aashi, the symbol of their love
truly loved it to the core...
keep writing !

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