Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Hey all.. so here is THREAD SEVEN of Revengeful Marriage Season 2...

Thank you so much for liking it till now ... As said, this RM is gonna be totally different from RM as that was a sweet ,romantic and cute Revengeful Story ,this is gonna be more intense ,more emotional and of Course full of REVENGE...

There are few scenes, I have kept as that were in RM, deliberately...

I do not intend to copy any of the works out here .. still if anybody feels offended then do let me know ... 

thank you ... 

much love RoseWink












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So here is the Ch sketch ... Added three chrs.. Actually wanted to post on first part itself  but then I had already posted those so thought to include them once am in New thread... will be waiting for your thinking seeing these chrs... ahh !! will update this one on Tuesday hopefully...

Annie you can't do that .. 

Arjun stood in front of his love, seeing her in her bridal dress..

Annie:- Its too late Arjun, I can't hurt my parents ..

Arjun:- I love you.. I will try to make them understand ..

Annie:- They won't .. you know naa they are rivals.. They won't agree .. 

Annie said that and broke in cries..while Arjun kept looking at her…

Annie Singh Khurrana loved Arjun Chopra.. but as both family's were, not business rivals but family rivals.. so, their parents denied their children's wishes to let them marry and now Annie was  going to marry Vikram Singhania-Annie's father-Rajveer singh khurana's friend's son..

yash I don't care for anything ...I just want the info, that's it ..

A man with attitude and anger, spat out those words.. He was MSK, shouting over the phone on his very own best and trustworthy buddy -Yash..

yash:- Am trying Maan ..calm down..

Maan:- I won't, till I get that filthy chopra and my sister's whereabouts .. I can't believe she just ran away with him.. Leaving us to face the humility ...Fish..

yash:- Calm down Maan ..what had happened, had happened .. Now we need to be relax and face media and family members first..

Maan:- I don't care .. I just want info..

yash:- ok.. He sighed and the call went off..

After 15 mints yash called Maan back, listening to him, Maan smirked bitterly.. 

Maan(ST):- wait and watch chopra's .. Now your daughter's fate has been decided by Maan Singh Khurrana..

I have got few tests lined up in the coming weeks, that are very much imp for my career so I might be not regular for few days .. and this goes with all of my running works here... 

Feel free to ask me for pmzz or add me

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NOTE plz :- 

Hey all.. Have replied to everyone in the previous thread separately so am not going to explain any relation here and inturn spoil the update page... All I would say more than anything is , in my opinion as far as I have seen cousins DO get married in Hinduism .. Have 2 friends who did so... yeah there are exceptional cases but not ALL the counsins are not allowed to marry each other... and yes Maan's father(mr khurrana) and Geet's father (mr chopra )are Step bros .. Rano (Mrs chopra ) was to marry mr khurrana but mr chopra and rano eloped and got married and so there is the rivalry... 


 I have done my homework  too reg.that ...I can give you the links but I really don't wanna go on controversies of that issue so google it .. you will get the ans that cousins CAN marry with each other...Rest of the questions are answered on the thread, plz help yourselves...thank you.. Here is the next part ...  



Then why are you here today ??? In the house of man,whom you hate so much..

A voice came from behind that startled both chopra's and darji looked at him proudly.. Immediately, Rano adjusted her already adjusted pallu and looked down .. chopra looked at him in anger but Rano looked and placed her hand on his shoulder indicating silently to not to say anything..

Mr chopra:- Am here with a proposal..

Mr khurrana(laughed):- you and me and a proposal?? Interesting!! go on..

Mr chopra:- I want to marry my daughter off  with your son-Maan Singh Khurrana..

Mr khurrana(shocked and then laughed ):- Really ??

Darji stood shocked as well looking at chopra's audacity.. to bring their daughter's proposal for Maan.. their son..

Maan, who was watching everything from upstairs , smirked..    while mr khurrana contd.

Mr khurrnaa:- and you think, I would be saying yes to their alliance .. ??

Rano (while looking down ):- we are helpless ' (before chopra could turn and shout on her and khurrana she completed) our daughter loves your son ..

Mr khurrana (in hurt voice, looking at Rano directly):- I too was helplessly in love with(he couldn't complete as Rano and chopra looked at him.. and so sighing he contd ) but I moved on.. tell your daughter to do the same ' am saying NO to this alliance '

Mr chopra:- plz bauji, I beg you , make everyone agree for this alliance .. plz '

Dadimaa:- but beta ..Maan's marriage has already been fixed with Nisha..

Mr and mrs chopra got shocked'  and looked at each other..

Mr chopra(ST):- If that's the case .. then why Maan is playing with Geet's life ??.. chopra got angry and turned to leave ..

Mr chopra:- Lets go Rano..

Rano recovered from shock and then she too felt that Maan's marriage is already fixed then what can they do now ,so she followed chopra' but one sentence made then stop in their tracks ..

Maan:- I will marry your daughter..

Khurrana's were shocked and looked at Maan , who was descending the stairs in full attitude and coming down,he stood facing everyone ..

 Dadimaa was the one , who instantly gave disapproval  as she wanted Nisha to be Maan's wife .. 

Mr khurrana was looking at Maan in anger and Maan knew the reason of that anger too well-that was, mr khurrana didn't like Maan's decision' 

Darji was looking at him totally shocked he and his wife were trying to convince Maan for the marriage from so many months .. and here Maan,himself gave approval not only for the marriage but chose the girl ,himself '

Mr chopra looked at maan in anger, 

while Rano with gratitude for saying yes and there was little anger and helplessness as he would be destroying their daughter's life .. but they had no option ..coz he would have thrown the pics in the media and that would have caused the damage to Geet's entire life and that none parent could want that to happen with anyone's daughter '  but Rano also had one small belief that their daughter would win everyone's heart including Maan's , knowing and trusting her daughter too well' 

Little did she knew that her would be SIL was already in LOVE with her daughter ' but was trying hard to not to show or tell anyone '

In all the ppl, stood there , only Mrs khurrana was the one who was truly happy for that alliance .. one, her son finally decided to get married ..and two, recently on her way back she has come across Geet in some party and ladies told her that it was Geet chopra ..and instantly she liked Geet's innocence..and third, this marriage might close the enmity between khurrana's and chopra's ..which was leading nowhere'

Mr khurrana:- Maan???

Maan:- yes dad.. I will marry their daughter..(He then turned to chopra's ) you heard the ans .. Now you both can leave ..

Maan knew his dad would be blasting him anytime so he wanted to send the outsiders away from there..  

Mr chopra glared Maan for one last time  and went from there..

Maan started to go upstairs ,when his father's voice stopped him..

Mr khurrana:- what was that Maan ?? Marriage ??? that too with chopra's ??? are you out of your mind or what ??? how can you???

Maan:- come on dad .. weren't you  ppl wanted me to get married ?? then what's the issue if that's with chopra's ??

Dadi:- what abt Nisha??? We gave our words to her father '

Maan:- you gave him the words not WE .. and I have already told many times that am not interested in her ..she is just a family friend to me and nothing more than that ..

Mrs khurrana (supported Maan):- I have seen her , I mean chopra's daughter ' she is a sweet, innocent girl .. perfect for our Maan'

Dadi( looked at mrs khurrana in anger ):- so what if she is sweet??? and don't forget what her brother did with us and with our family..

Mrs khurrana:- but maajii whatever her bro did.. it wasn't her mistake ' why to think bad abt her if her bro did bad to us??

Maan (ST):- Hmm.. looks like , mom is gonna be on her side (he smirked) Hmm.. at least she is gonna get one shoulder to cry on..

Mr khurrana:- Enough of the discussion ' If Maan has decided .. then this marriage will happen'

His sentence shocked everyone .. and Maan was shocked the most..

Maan(ST):- Dad agreed too easily !! How can that be ??? there must be something running in his mind .. worst, did he get any idea abt my plan ???

Mr khurrana(ST):- I know Maan.. you are up to something ' and to know that let me get you married  with her and I know chopra is not the one to bow down in front of anyone so easily, Let alone me .. His enemy ' and the way he was looking at you , I know you must have done something  that's why he was here begging to agree for the alliance what have you done Maan ???

Thinking so and glancing Maan for the one last time he went upstairs to get ready for office and Maan moved out from there , leaving an extremely happy Mrs khurrana- who was in a hope that everything would get fine now .. 

A fuming dadi- who decided that she would kick that chopra's daughter out of KM  soon ..and a worried darji- who was thinking how is he going to apologize to Nisha's father'.


Unaware of whatever was happening in KM, Geet was standing  on middle of the road with her damaged car, worried to reach somewhere..


precap:- Geet meeting with.. ???? any guesses Wink 

             Family drama over as of now .. from next maaneet parts .. 

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven't checked ..
add Rose.Mahek22 for pms 

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Unaware of whatever was happening in KM, Geet was standing  on middle of the road with her damaged car, worried to reach somewhere..

Geet(ST):- plz some one give me lift yaar.. Damn this network , am gonna change the network as soon as I get free from  that MSK's office works .. which are nothing but to sit in front of him the whole day..Ane he would just stare at me , like he is gonna eat me .. ..she said all that to herlsef in anger and was standing, seeking for the lift'

At that time Mr khurrana's car came across the road and stop at signal..Mr khurrana looked out of the window and saw a girl was trying to get a lift by stopping cars ,pleading and glancing her wrist watch from time to time .. but the drivers were rude as they didn't hear her plea and didn't allow her to get the lift from them

Mr khurrana(ST):- Must be in a hurry ???(to driver ) stop car in front of her after signal is over .. driver nodded '

Suddenly a car stopped in front of  her and her heart jumped in happiness ..

Geet(ST):- Are wah !! I didn't ask for the lift from this car and here comes the rescue.. she heard a familiar voice..

Mr khurrana:- Need to go somewhere urgently Beta???

She looked at the back seat, whose tinted window was now down and Geet took an step backwards in shock.. At first, Geet mistook him as Maan, but as she addressed her beta she relaxed .. a bit.. and just nodded ..

Mr khurrana:- come inside Beta.. 

she gave a small smile to him and opened the door of other side of the car and seated beside mr khurrana..

Driver resumed the driving and someone followed mr khurrana's car ..

Geet:- Thank you uncle am really getting late , that khadus will punish me, if I got there late, in his own unique way '

Mr khurrana(smiled):- where shall I drop you to ?? where do you work ??

Geet :- KC..

Mr khurrana('s smile was instantly wiped off hearing the name): and you are ??

Geet:- well, I don't have any particular post there as of now , but I used to be a model in London's branch KFI .. I worked under MSK , you must be knowing him uncle ???the  most arrogant and rude person on earth..

Mr khurrana:- Hmm, I know him.. (driver has already turned the car to KC as he heard the destination was same ) if you don't have any particular work then why hurrying ??

Geet:- uncle ,you don't know him, he is totally  DD , taking his revenge from me ..(she stopped) ermm, sorry.. wo.. I .. uhh .. !! nothing '

Mr khurrana(got curious hearing the word Revenge.. ) :- what revenge ???

Geet (stammered ):- Nothing uncle, its uhh !! its personal..

Mr khurrana (got ,that she didn't want to tell him so he let that go):- ok Beta, I was asking what's your name ??

Geet(smiled):- Geet'

Mr khurrana:- Nice name .. acha,your parents ??what they do ???

Geet:- yeah .. dad runs chopra industries..

Mr khurrana (shockingly asked):- chopra.. whats his name ??

Geet told .. and Mr khurrana was now totally angry hearing that '

Mr khurrana:- you are his daughter??

Geet (was now reluctant):- Ji..

Mr khurrana then looked away and didn't talk with her after that .. Geet was confused as to what happened to him all of sudden ..

Soon driver stopped the car in front of KC and informed her.. Geet looked one last time at Mr khurrana and said before getting down..

Geet:- Thank you so much for the help uncle , and am sorry if I made you upset ..

When he didn't reply, Geet thought to get down.. and that's when she heard him saying ..

Mr khurrana:- Am Maan's father..

Geet gasped and looked back at him shocked.. whereas Mr khurrana was looking straight '

Geet (ST):- That's why he looked familiar to me at first sight ..

Mr khurrana:- congratulations , he has made us approve your proposal for himself .. 

Geet looked down , not knowing what to say but then she said after few secs..

Geet:- I don't want to marry him..(Mr khurrana now looked at he shocked and saw tears in her eyes .. Geet looked back at him ) trust me uncle, I don't want that ..

Mr khurrana:- Then why your parents came with proposal , knowing our enmity towards each other very well ??

Geet hesitated to tell the reason but then she had to as uncle was getting all wrong ..

Geet:- coz he .. he .. is umm' he is B..

Suddenly a hand rested on the window of her side .. startled Geet and Mr khurrnaa looked at the person ..Geet gasped looking at the person.. 

Maan was smirking looking at her , making her nervous ..

Maan was following Mr khurrana's car , he was abt to stop his car and ask her to get her in his car but before that ,his father's car came in between Geet and his car and she got in there'

Maan:- shall we go in office Geet ??

He asked that , with threatening glares .. and Geet just looked down and nodded.. Maan smiled at his father and opened car door for her .. almost dragged her out and pulling her from waist ,Maan made her walk beside him .. Geet turned back to look at Mr khurrana and gave a small smile , and that was coz she was told by Maan to smile back at his father' 

Mr khurrana told the driver to go to his destination..    

As mr khurrana ,worked from the head office and that's the reason Geet and Mr khurrana never saw each other before..

Throughout the walk ,Maan didn't glance her way, forget abt talking or threatening and that thing scared Geet..but even then Geet made up her mind that she would fight back if he accused her for anything '

Maan pushed her inside the cabin and locked the door ,turning back looking at his angry eyes, her all resolutions to fight back were lost ..

Maan(angrily yet smirking, went to her and made her look at him):- so planning to take my dad on your side ?? haan!!

Geet(nodded no):- Its just ..

Maan(cut her):- No lame excuses, get that ' if you are thinking by getting my dad's sympathy , you would be free from me then, you are wrong dear WIFE.. I won't let you go..


precap:-Marraige preps .. Wink

Had to stop here only .. sorry would update next pretty soon...

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven't checked ..
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waiting already

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Am sorry for delay ... My net,these days, is troubling me so much, hope you understand ... 

PART 24  

Maan(angrily yet smirking, went to her and made her look at him):- so planning to take my dad on your side ?? haan!!

Geet(nodded no):- Its just ..

Maan(cut her):- No lame excuses, get that ...if you are thinking by getting my dad's sympathy , you would be free from me then, you are wrong dear WIFE.. I won't let you go..and if next time I found you telling anyone , mark it , ANYONE abt our deal then I won't be here telling you, or threatening you .. I would simply publish your pics on papers and oh ! I have your dad's pleading pics as well.. when they came home to beg from my parents .. so in that case, get ready for double insult ..and yes you are marrying me coz you love me .. ok...

He smirked and left her,telling her the answer for His dad's question... Geet without saying anything .. just left his office ...

Maan(smiled faintly, ST) :- How can I tell you, that I have fallen for you Geet... MY ENEMY ..I just want you , to be with me .. yes am possessive, obsessive to get you now .. but using your own parents in this game of getting you... In this way, my family is happy somewhere I know dad enjoyed their plight.. and I would also get you without any hurdles...

At the end of the day, when Geet headed to her home , a car stopped in front of her... she looked at back seat and was astonished ..

Mr khurrana:- come , I will drop you..

Geet looked here and there .. and making her mind, sat in the back seat ..

Mr khurrana:- our convo was left in the mid earlier, so what were you saying ??

Geet(fumbled):- wo..Uhh !! what was I saying ??Uhh !! nothing Sir..

Mr khurrana:- you said , He was , what ???why are you marrying with him ??

Geet(remained silent for a while then):- Wo uhh !! coz , I.. I.. I... love Him..

Her reply angered Mr khurrana (ST):- oh ! so she is also after MSK and his name and fame ..I was thinking totally wrong abt her,that she was different .. she isn't ..

Glaring one last time , Mr khurrana looked outside ..Geet looked at his face and knew he must be angry..

Geet(ST):- Am sorry to lie to you uncle, but I can't tell you the reason thats why am letting him do whatever he wants ...but I love my parents and papa's name .. I don't want your son to destroy that...

The car stopped near her Mansion and she simply muttered Thanks to Mr khurrana and went to her home ..

Mr khurrana thought of her as if she was a gold digger .. but he also was shocked on the fact that his son was blindly following her love games .. but he had no idea that it was his own son who had planned this whole game and was leading that as well...

Next few days were busy for all .. as all were deciding Maaneet's marriage dates .. Mr khurrana kept himself aloof from all the marriage preps .. 

He even tried to knock some sense in his son's brain but Maan was determined and confident ..

It was the night before the marriage, when Maan sneaked into bride's room.. Geet was looking at her hands having adorned with Mehndi color with sadness when she heard some movements from the curtain to the windows .. she got alarmed thinking thief there...

Geet:- who ?? who is there ???Hello ???

No reply came instead she saw a shadow .. now she was confirmed there was someone in her room, gasping she tried to slip off from the room..

she was abt to turn the knob of the door when a hand clasped on her waist and other covered her mouth.. she was all the more frightened with someone's touch on her ,and was abt to shout... that's when she heard the whisper of the intruder near her ear..

Maan:- shh !! don't...

The authority in his voice made her think on the voice and soon she got to know it was Maan..she was calmed and then looking sideways and in his eyes ..Maan saw the tears and fear in her eyes...

He hated himself for scaring her and once again bringing out tears from her eyes , coz of him.. sighing ,he just left her and went and rested himself on her bed ..

Geet (now was surprised looking at him ):- wh.. what are you doing here???

Maan(smiled):- came to see your mehndi.. He joked and then closed his eyes..

Geet:- plz just go from here... Its not good for bride and groom to see each other like that just before wedding day..

Maan:- I know, but that was necessary.. He was talking politely, knowing her fears ..

Geet:- what .. what was necessary ???

Maan(opening his eyes, came to her and gave her a paper):This..

Geet(sighed and looked at him):- Now what's this ??another contract paper??

Maan(smiled):- you have started to know me very well.. Am impressed ... well kind of contract .. this paper is our marriage certificate .. It also says that no matter what , you would never leave me and my house .. Everything is properly filled and signed by me and others .. Now just needed is your signature on this it ..

Geet (was shocked):- Are you insecure ??? or what ?? and how did you get that ??? I mean , for that we have to sign the paper in front of magistrate and ...

Maan(cut her):- Ahh Geet !! cut that crap.. you know very well who am I.. what power I possess.. so that's not a big deal being MSK... Now sign it ..

Geet:- why tonight ?? you could have made me sign it after our marriage ??

Maan(was getting restless with her queries he closed his eyes and thought):- This is just an excuse.. I wanted to see you, to be with you, to check whether you are alright or sulking and crying .. am here to protect you.. but am not gonna tell that to you Geet.. that I was scared , what if, you ran away I just want myself to make sure that you are legally married to me..

Geet:- Am asking you something ???

Maan(opening his eyes he looked at her):- as I said before , am not answerable to anyone .. sign it ..

Geet:- why do I feel something is fishy here?? Why are you after this sign.. ??

Maan(sighed in irritation):- Look, don't test my temper .. just sign.. Its just a marriage paper and nothing else , I promise.. if you want, you can read that as well... but fast..

precap:- someone's Re-Entry... Guess who can that be .. Nisha,                  Rahul,Jai, Arjun, or Annie ... 

           Marriage day... 

Next update well can only be possible when am having a new thread Embarrassed

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven't checked this power cut ...Ouch
add Rose.Mahek22 for pms 

like and comment if you like to



Much love RoseWink



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