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Arhi FF Dream Meets Reality -II-part3 -pg 47- 02/12 (Page 39)

ranogill IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
very good start 

MeenuCrazyPanda IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2013 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Cool Start Akka
Sorry for being late.. 
I am stuck with exams.. Embarrassed

star_fan1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2013 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Nice and lovely update
So Arnav is in new place for new life
Very beautifully written 
Loved it too much
Waiting for Arnav and Khushi to meet
Plz continue it soon

verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 12:46am | IP Logged

Really sorry for making you all wait.. Its been a hectic period especially with this health which restricts me to update bits and pieces. Hope I did justice to this part. I am sorry for the delay again.

Part 2


The HR coordinator's name board pasted on the glass door created a strange havoc inside him. What's bothering inside when he had left out the main convicts who could bother him and his life? Nothing beyond a relation of a colleague in the same office is behind the glass door but the proximity increasing his heartbeats to the extent of reviving his relationships some unknown invisible bond strangling his heart. Not paying heed to the avalanche of unknown thoughts about his vision that crop up at these odd hours, he knocked the glass door and stepped in.


A black colored scarf wounded around the head concealing the tresses not to even peep out as strands, a black suit worn over a white shirt with a formal look adorned with an omega watch on the left wrist he witnessed a mannequin like girl sitting on the chair with her sides facing him letting her concentration completely drowned in the Computer in front of her. First and foremost impression Arnav couldn't make out was why he can't see any Indian girl inside the cabin whose name ought to be Khushi as he scanned the other parts of the room. With much confusion he turned towards the lady seated to enquire about Ms.Khushi.

"Excuse me. I am here to meet Ms.Khushi the HR coordinator"

The lady's eyes which were glued on to the screen flipped turned to gaze at him .Dark Hazel eyes with beautiful kohl adorning a fair skin. The hazel orbs seems to be so attracting like a magnet the effect he could witness with just one glimpse. Like some magnetic force he fixated his eyes on hers nearly forgetting on what his mission was. She stared at him with a look of curiosity and bewilderment as his well charming face stopped her breath. Returning back to the exact point of what she was about to tell him she put a break to his reverie by gesturing him to take the seat infront of her. Arnav was himself not aware why he was staring at those eyes which reflected a pool of calmness and determination at the same time. Her breaking of reverie made him to sit on the chair without further questions. His eyes started to move towards the only exposed are of her face which constituted of her eyes, nose and luscious lips. Fair glowing skin with a light touch of light lip gloss complementing to her lips she looked with utmost inquisitiveness about his need for looking out Khushi.

Arnav closed his fists by turning his face sideways for letting his mind wander through the forbidden areas according to his own principles. This was not what he should have done. He swore himself reminding him to get a grip and not to sway his mind from what is destined for him. As he returned his gaze towards the lady after composing himself he could see her perfectly shaped eyebrows raising a question on his need. A simple but enigmatic beauty he thought.

"Could you please direct me to Ms.Khushi who happens to be the HR coordinator?"

His husky voice which she clearly noted now turned her face slightly pink but she was successful enough to put a face devoid of color formation on her cheeks.

"Yes. What's the matter?"

Her sweet voice sent some unknown vibration inside him making a positive note of something. He sighed in due to the unwanted turbulence caused by the unnecessary acquaintance with a lady while he was here to meet another person who can be of help to him.

"Madam if you could please answer to my question ... "

"Mr. Do you want me to announce from the mike that the person who is listening to you is the same Khushi you are searching for? I am the HR coordinator here. Now can you tell me what your concern which took you to me?"  Her withering words just released a shocking gasp with the realization dawned on him that the Khushi whom he thought to be an Indian was this lady? More than the words it hit his ego of a different nationality insulting him without any proper reason.

"Patience Ms.Khushi.. how on earth would I know the person whom I thought to be an Indian going by the name would be you exactly?" He retorted back with his own sarcasm with a smirk satisfaction of giving back spontaneously.

"Why is the name Khushi patronized by only Indians? No one can use that name? Then listen my name is Khushi Abdullah and I am a citizen of this country who holds that name. Now do you have any problem on that?" Her sharp dagger emitting eyes totally contradicted the calmness which he had spotted before. He smirked within himself as he was again deceived by the outer shell or rather the appearance of people whom he met. It was high time to learn from his experience that is pretty foolish to be judgmental at the first glance.

"Well I am not here to talk about the patent or ownership of names. I got misguided with the name regarding your nationality, my apologies for that. There was no need to blow this out of proportion as a matter of fact!" He firmly placed his point of argument accepting his mistake which he ought to correct on this.

"This was never meant to be blown like that. It's something which you had mistaken and now you had apologized that's fine with me. And why do you think only your nationality can help you in every matter..We are also human beings who have humanitarian nature like you people."

"Even I dint deny that. I hold respect towards any nationality for that matter. Before extending this conversation I would like to introduce myself. I am Arnav Singh Raizada the new Technical Engineer for the Quality Control section. Apparently I had to talk about my joining today and the other HR related process. Would you kind enough to accommodate some time for me?" He extended his hands as a gesture of resolving issues between them there by moving on to the professional work he was connected with her.

"Welcome Mr.Arnav to our organization. I am perturbed with the level of introduction we had. Anyways I don't wish to waste my time as well as yours with this ongoing conversation. If you could provide me your passport and the appointment letter I shall direct your papers to my PRO Aziz who will do the needful. Hope you are convenient with our accommodation."She said responding to his gesture with a small smile as a peace treaty. The moment their palms came into contact it bolted them out of shock evoking certain sensations inside themselves. A small shiver running through their spines in spite of the dislike they were trying to paste on the top of the feelings that were creating havoc inside them.

He further dealt with her on the details of his remuneration as per the contract. His timings and some absurd talks related to work drifted them away from the magnetic force that their eyes were trying to capture. He was well stunned with the exemplary command over the language which he rarely found in the habitants there. Still their talks seem to sprinkle coarseness over some disparity which both didn't seem to give up. Arnav felt himself getting too much involved in talks while he had to reanalyze why he was even attempting to extend the talks to a lady when he had himself reinforced a strong will against any more acquaintance with the feminine gender. He composed himself with a sigh of disbelief muttering an "Unbelievable" nature of his own character and stood up to take leave from the cabin.

Khushi too felt a sort of ease when he stood up to take leave. Final round of a deep stare at those hazel eyes Arnav took leave after shaking his hands which both had experienced an awkward effect again. Sighing in relief after he left the cabin Khushi leaned backwards on her chair closing her eyes with her fingers massaging her temple.

"Ya Allah..What was that?"

She couldn't feel what were those inner cyclone of feelings inside her with his presence which sh has never felt with anyone. She couldn't even think of the possible effects which would have happened with a little more extensive talk. More like totally disturbed by the meeting of a stranger she rushed to the wash room to splash some water on her face.


After having a session of introduction to people of his team who apparently was from different countries, Arnav settled down on his chair sipping his tea thinking about the drastic change his life. He closed his eyes leaning on to his chair gulping down the grief but soon his thoughts started to get replaced by those hazel eyes which started to haunt him. He shook his head as if to erase those glimpses but it seems his mind was more adamant this time in replacing his moments of pang with the small glimpses of those eyes. Forcefully coming out of the trap a web of concurring images flashing through his mind of the girl he met in the morning he stood straight to look forward to the work he has been assigned to. Nothing else in the world needs more attention from him than the proposed work which would give him more peace.

It was a long afternoon after he went through the most important details of his work. As he was about to turn around the chair he was stunned by the presence of a lady who was dressed in formals. A long thin figure she had dressed in a formal shirt and pant perfectly fitting her curves making her more elegant in looks. Arnav had a smile put across his lips just to have formal intro as he dint wish to insult a person who had come to his desk for greeting him.

"Hi Handsome.. I am Shelly.. Shelly Dsouza.  Welcome to our office" She extended her hands with a sweet and a seducing smile while he stood up to respect her gesture.

"Hi Shelly. I am Arnav. Thanks for the welcome" He shook her hand back but she took the advantage of greeting him a bit over formally by touching his cheeks with hers. That surely had irked him which he didn't wished to express in front of her as it would create a scene on the first day of his joining. He simply gritted his teeth and went on to stare at her showing his disinterest which clearly seemed to be unaffected to her.

"Arnav is such a cute name.. Wow.. I like it.. I was born and bought up in Dubai. Basically my parents are from Goa and Mangalore. How about you?" She questioned him as she saw him taking his hands from hers folding it across his chest with a resolute.

"From Delhi." His short curbing answer did ring an alarm on her head about his disapproval of flirting as she grinned at him widely.

"That's nice Arnav. I work here as an Research Analyst. I hope you don't mind me talking to you so freely. I am just like that. There is no need to feel awkward with me. You can freely mingle with me" She spoke nonchalantly as she didn't want to lose a friend before even getting acquainted with him.

"Erm Sorry Shelly. I just have some guiding to catch up with. See you later. Nice meeting you. Bye".He quickly escaped from her as soon as he heard his colleagues coming nearby his cabin.

Shelly looked at his retreated back and smirked of assuming her success in making him fall for her soon. She was smitten by his manly charm which she couldn't resist before hitting off with him. But as unexpected he ignored her which did disappoint to some extent.


The long day ended with Arnav getting out of his office with one of his colleague. As the colleague parted ways he went on to spot Aziz as he had promised to wait outside the parking lot. As he was walking cross the private road inside the office area to reach the parking lot a sudden car which was speeding fast jerked. He was in the middle as he got jolted with the sudden break but didn't reflect the fear of getting hurt. He stepped backwards to give way for the car but it didn't even move a little bit to his surprise. As he tilted his neck to watch the driver to give him sign to proceed there awaited the shock again. Ms. Khushi Abdullah with her fuming eyes twitching lips staring at him for crossing the road without noticing the left side. He took back his head as the furious eyes locked him not willing to give in to the attraction again.

Khushi got frustrated again with his act and finally giving up her patience blew a horn. The horn had surely made him turn towards her still not knowing why she hadn't crossed past him still. She gestured her hand to cross the road first. It did surprise him still. He was wrong on his part and there was no necessity for her to wait till he pass. He nodded a thanks with his head and walked past the road. After he reached the parking lot he saw her waiting for someone else to walk past after which she drove from the place. It was a nice gesture on her part to wait for others to get cleared their way but another. His eyes didn't leave the retreating car till it had faded through the long roads leading to the main roads. He smiled at the contrasting features of the same person but something did interest him on the go.


To be continued




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Barun_Gf IF-Sizzlerz

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me first agaij woopppeeii

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rashika IF-Rockerz

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That was a surprise. Khushi is a Muslim. Now this just got even more interesting. Who in gods name is this Shelley. She better avoid Arnav. He is not interested in her. So already the sparks are flying between Arhi. How cool. Awesome update.

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Aasmaali IF-Dazzler

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So khushi is Muslim...
Loved it...
Usually different...

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