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Arhi FF Dream Meets Reality -II-part3 -pg 47- 02/12 (Page 24)

madhu1210 IF-Rockerz

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awesome... looking forwardSmile

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zohania Senior Member

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Wow i am so happy that dmr is back

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verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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I lost my old banner so updated Page 1 with new banner..


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cherrybloom1 IF-Rockerz

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thats an amazing banner di!
but when is this story beginning?

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shivangisimmi Newbie

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 9:01am | IP Logged
awesome teaser!! waiting for the update now!! Big smileSmile

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verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2013 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Authors Note : Finally I am starting my favorite story which had been rumbling inside my stomach for a while.LOL This is purely based on imagination though I have taken some real life references. Being a resident of middle east I have tried to  bring justice mentioning about  the Arab culture and food. Hope you like this journey. This would be the length of all the updates henceforth.


He stepped out of the aircraft with fumbling steps due to the strong commotion from behind. Slowly without much getting into the expanse of the crowd he moved aside to make a way for him. The hot and humid climate hitting his eyes and ears considerably increasing the hue on his cheeks and ears. He sighed thinking about the adverse climatic differences which is the starting point of getting home sickness but which home. A place where he can't think about returning back, a place where nothing exists for himself which ought to be faded away from his memories?


He swore to himself for having giving a thought about to the cursed place. He moved along with the crowd slowly to the immigration counter. Taking out his visa copies and tickets he stood along the queue with the other passengers. Original visa had to be procured from the company representative who had to be near the counter. He scrutinized the new surroundings to search for someone who could of a help to him. That's when he noticed the change of surroundings which totally made him alien. The native public were dressed in dishdasha (white long angle length garment similar to a robe) and the ladies wearing a full length parda ( black gown closing their face)  which is considered to be an traditional Arab attire. And as he scanned the airport it was comparatively smaller but the very ethnic beauty of the interiors highlighting the tradition of the region added attraction to the eyes.    

As his turn came up in the queue he saw the officer asking for him name. He looked as a citizen of the place. He replied back with clear pronunciation. As he was perturbed whether there would be any problem regarding his original visa, a man came beside him with the traditional attire holding a sweet smile and extending his hands to Arnav.


"Halla.. halla.. Ahlaan... Welcome Sir.. Welcome to our country.. I am Aziz Salah, your PRO."


Arnav returned a small smile and shook his hands.


"Hi Mr.Aziz. thank you for the welcome."


While exchanging some pleasantries Arnav noticed how Aziz had provided the officer with some papers written in Arabic with his visa and passport copies. As the officer and Aziz exchanged some communication in Arabic he felt that he is being totally new to this part of the world and his further stay would be more or less strange to him. Aziz took back all the papers after the officer stamped it and directed Arnav to follow him. As he proceeded outside the Airport after taking his baggage it was like a gateway to a new world. His eyes noticed the sand color clearly sticking on to the buildings, warmer breeze, strikingly hot temperature and a silent place which he felt totally contradicting to the greener area with buzzing crowd in India.


Off color shaded buildings meager crowded roads as it led smoothly and swiftly his Toyota Corolla reached a dark colored tall building. The warm temperature was suddenly cooled by the car AC air which soothed his red face. Throughout his travel in the car his sight watching was constantly interrupted by questions from Aziz. Arnav didn't mean to create a moody type character and tried to answer each and every question with patience.


"Mr. Arnav..This is your office accommodation. They have rented a room for you and the other IT manager who is still under recruitment. You are a free bird in the room till he is appointed." Aziz teased him while taking out his baggage from the car and placing it on the floor. Arnav who had been watching the surroundings got a small smile on the face when he learnt about the much needed privacy he is going to enjoy for some days.


" So Aziz, this place looks so calm and serene, I think Basra is not affected much of disturbances and curfew?" Arnav questioned him as they stood inside their lift that took them to the 10th floor.


"Why Mr.Arnav, you want to experience those sufferings here? As of now comparatively it's calm and quiet here. At times people might be instigated for fights and curfew. Don't think about such things now. Enjoy your stay here Sir." He said placing a hand on his shoulder as they stepped out of the lift to move towards the door. Aziz was nonchalantly ignoring his question to comment upon his country's present situation which Arnav could clearly comprehend.


A small studio flat with minimal hall space occupied by some furniture adjacent to which a small kitchenette and bedroom on the other side. Arnav was truly pleased to have a small private world of his own which he had dreamt for some time. This place lived up to his expectations especially when he found out a small break to the balcony facing the road beneath. He opened the door of the balcony to get the amazing view of the city from its 10th floor. Who can ever think of destroying such a nice place on account of political differences he thought. The place where many proclaimed as hell felt like heaven to him now. He closed his eyes feeling the hot breeze hitting his temples all of a sudden the vision that he had dreamt about took charge in his mind.


He opened his eyes abruptly as Aziz voice broke the array of thoughts which seemed to be an unpleasant start for him.


" Ok. Mr.Arnav. You feel comfortable and take rest. I have asked one of my assistants to bring your food. Its totally Arabic food. Hope you like our cuisine slowly."


"ah.. that's ok Aziz. I am sure I will love it. I am not so selective when it comes to food. I can manage..."Arnav said smilingly assuring him that his  comfort is not more important with the support he was getting from Aziz.


"Let me make a move. I shall be back tomorrow morning to pick you up for the office. Here is your local mobile. If you want anything just give me a call.  I have informed to one of the neighbor who is also from your country to get introduced to you. He shall come in the evening and give you company. Here is some Dirhams for your dinner and other usage. Have a pleasant stay."


Arnav was really touched by such a welcome by Aziz. He couldn't but thank and show his gratitude for having so much concern over him when he was thinking he was left behind alone in this world.


"Thanks Aziz. This help really means a lot. Thank you so much for the help."Arnav hugged him as he was trying to leave showering his words of gratitude.


" Oh Mr. Arnav that was my duty. A duty of a host to welcome our guests. Don't make it so formal. We people can show more love than anybody can show. InshahAllah you will soon get attached to this place and wouldn't miss your home." Aziz proudly stated after breaking his hug with the thought that Arnav would be missing his home. On the contrary Arnav sighed not to think about what he never wished to happen that is think about his homeland his home and his once existent family.  


After Aziz took leave Arnav began to unpack his things and arrange in the wardrobe of his bedroom. He took some clothes to get freshen up. As he came out he unpacked his stuff and got the most important treasure which he had possessed in life. Cautiously taking out the medium sized glass frame from his suitcase he looked intently on to the picture. His fingers slowly ran through the frame with emotion overpowering him getting him into the brim of shedding tears. He loved his father and mother more than anyone. Now he is left with no one in this world. All his relations which faked love and affection faded away just within a glimpse before relishing the moments.


He gulped in the lone tear which tempted to escape his lids. There was nothing in this world which could bring back light to his life. Not pondering over his unfortunate past, he took the stool to hang the frame on the bedroom right opposite to his cot. The only solace he has in life. The contentment he gets looking at his parent's face.


It cant be called a stumptous lunch but there was something similar to the tandoori roti and a paste which really looked blanched. After tasting it he could sense the taste of chick peas which he presumed to be the Hummous the chick pea paste and the bread as Khaboos. He rememberd how Aziz had explained the food habits they practice. He was thankful to Aziz for not forgetting to keep some rice and curry though he wasn't aware of what exactly it was. Hunger had taken charge over him which was followed by exhaustion and sleep. He hurried to take rest and a much needed sleep which he had missed for several days.


The sound of an Arabic hymn stirred him from his sleep. He jolted to sit on his cot and realized he was in a different country now. Moving towards the end of the window he noticed that there was a mosque and it was time for the Namas ( prayer) . He lazily rubbed his eyes and moved to the bed again to get his rest more. Nothing could prevent him from inviting the slumber again.


It was late night when Arnav returned back after his dinner. Fortunately as Aziz had suggested his neighbor Indian Anil had come over to him in the evening to get introduced. The guy was a native of Kerala who had been working for another industry in accounts. He explained his work as the engineer the Petrochemical Industry in Basra and his native being Luck now though he was settled in Delhi all these years. But he confined his talk with basic details not to go much deep into his world which he doesn't wish to share with anyone for that matter. Anil took the time in explaining how he miss his family and for the double compensation he was offered compared to Dubai tempted him to work in Iraq even though it might pose a threat to his life  due to the disturbances which unfortunately was the reason why Arnav opted for this country. But the assurance from Anil that the place they reside is normally safer in comparison to others dejected Arnav. Anil fared him to take to the nearby restaurant to relish some Arabic dishes for dinner. Arnav got along with  Anil in a while, there was something attracting in him apart from his chatter the compassionate talk by an elder brother which he had been missing in his life. Anil was more happier to get a new company with the interests being common as in food and art. Arnav tried to guage his own emotions during his interaction as to why he is again getting into more relationships when he had detested such words from his life. After all life has given him this bond to cherish which he would treasure till it ditches him he thought.


He switched on the AC of his bedroom and changed into his night clothes. Next day was the start of another new phase of his life which was totally new to him. He got into bed to sleep as he had to get up early. No ulterior hopes or wishes would dawn with the sun next day.


With the two way he had he chose to move to a new darker area just to get isolated from the whole world, the rare path he chose but to his heart's satisfaction. Darkness pervading the whole area, his eyes move through the whole area to find a small gap of light but in vain. It moves slowly without a hope of finding a way, suffocating inside with pain, he tries to cry out louder but his voice is not heard, he tries to touch something to feel but nothing materialistic, moves with fumbled steps towards some more length.. He accepts his failure but continues to move further just to hit down somewhere which would rather kill him as he has no fear of death. But to his shock he finds a bright light peeping inside perpendicular to the area where his foot is fixed. Involuntarily his heart pumped up to follow the path, the path of light breaking into the darkness against his convictions which had been arised due to the failure in life. As he moved further the light dawned more clearly with the heavy glaring   bright light shown at the end. Dumbfounded he stood to view the beautiful paradise infront of his sight which spreads the fragrance, the life, the soul, the brightness no trace of darkness or pain or bitterness found anywhere.


His mobile snoozed jolting him from the dream he had been witnessing for a long time. He hadnt believed in such dreams. He had chose darkness and its path had driven him to reach till Iraq. Now what brightness can he witness here in this country which would make a difference in his life he thought? He refuted the mere thought of living happily again in this world which had showed him only conceits and defeats. Still something was making him witnessing such a dream for a long time. What must be the real reason ? He leaned back with his head on the head rest closing his eyes to search for the questions getting answered. The next snooze from the alarm shook him from further contemplation. Ignoring all the false imaginations that cropped in him he got down to get ready to leave for his office. His first day in another country though its the same organization he worked before.


Aziz took him to the most exotique buildings area which he presumed to be the industrial and office areas. Being a country of oil and petrochemical exports they have maintained their traditional names and logos presenting the grandeur. Aziz enquired during his travel how Arnav had spent his time yesterday. Arnav explained about his pleasant first day to which Aziz wished that all his days during his stay would be more pleasurable as days pass by. Arnav shrugged with a smirk as to make it think that its impossible to get pleasure in his life as his isolation is creeping in his life.

They got down at the foot a tall multi storeyed building with eloquent interiors. Arnav was surprised to find some people other than the native who were dressed in normal attire without the parda or dishdasha. Those were the expatriates from other countries. He was as usual in his charming self dressed in pure white shirt and black pants tucked in neatly his hair cleanly combed without any gell looking like an gentleman he knocked off the girls' hearts as he entered the premises.


The usual introduction to some of the known people were done by Aziz and he directed him to the HR room where Arnav had to sign certain papers of joining as the new Technical Support Manager in the office. He moved in slowl steps towards the office to be received by one lady who was busy in chatting with someone over the phone. He tried to divert the attention of the lady to inform his presence but she was clearly having more concentration in shaping her nails while continuing to talk to the other end of the receiever. Sighing in frustration he snapped his fingers across her eyes which shocked her in fear.


"Shunu hada?" ( what is this?)


"Excuse me. what?"


"Thats what I asked you what is this? Cant you see I am talking over the phone" She retorted at him for disturbing her much important work.


" I want to meet the HR coordinator now..Today is my first day and I cant really waste my time her" He said with finality in his tone with a tinge of irritation.


" Fine.. go and sit there she will come only at the afternoon"She returned back to continue her much important work even after hearing much from him to listen to him.


Arnav didnt pay much attention to the arrogant lady and proceeded towards the door to find himself the person whom he is supposed to meet. As he got into the HR department it was filled of people who are slowly walking towards the other counters discussing important problems. He thought if finance runs as the blood of the organization HR should be the vein. He met a few people and introduced himself to them. Some didnt give him the much needed support but others were really helpful except for the language communication problem. Those people were really poor in English and couldnt understand his words. He was listening to their Arabic but wasnt able to clearly understand what was going on. He felt like his head was spinning at one moment to make it feasible for both. Now he has taken this path and he has to bear all the consequences. As he tried with his utmost efforts by actions to get into HR coordinator one of the person came behind him touching his shoulder after having seen him wrestling with his actions to make these people understand about him.


"Are you looking out for the HR coordinator's room? Its the one to the next right. You can meet her .. She knows English fluently.Dont worry"


"Hey thank you so much.. thats really very nice of you to help me I was trying to  communicate through my actions but in vain"


"Thats ok.. I am Khalid Enshasee.. Welcome to our office. I work as the HR Admin Officer here. You can seek any help from me Mr.Arnav. I got to know about your details while you were explaining to these gentlemen. He shook hands with Arnav who had a huge grin for having found one soul who could understand his plight.


Khaleed explained to the people around him about Arnav after which they all shook his hands in happiness welcoming him. Arnav felt relieved and he moved to thank him. Khaled excused himself from Arnav as he had an important meeting with the Govt Relations officer today.


"Meet you soon Mr. Arnav.. Enjoy your first day of job."He said as he left his hand and walked past Arnav.


"Thank you so much Khaled. errm.. Excuse me Khaled whats the HR coordinator's name by the way? Arnav shouted to ask Khaled as he was living the proximity.


"Her name is Khushi" He said as he vanished away to the oblivion running towards the meeting leaving behind a little happier Arnav.


" An Indian ? Good. atleast I dont need to trouble myself in communication.. Khushi?"Something ran over his spines as he heard the name. Happiness which he is forbidden in his life.. Now he is going to meet the person who has happiness in her name. He smiled at the irony of it and proceeded to the HR coordinator's room.


To be continued.

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Barun_Gf IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome strt dii

I mean arnav in a new place leaving everyone behind

I like d guy who helped arnav in his first to settle his friendlg nature

And also d office staff who helped him

Damn d receptionist busy on phn

Btw khushi is d HR hmmm i hope d meeting goes well

Andd arnav already strtd thnking abt khushi name means happiness

Loved d update dii

Stalking helps

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Guys, there is an appreciation thread for our fav hari di aka "harhem" who has written so many mindblowing stories on our fav jodi arshi... I request u guys to take a minute and appreciate her on this below thread which is created by " nannav"

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