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VirMan FF~Kuch Iss Tarah~Thread#3*Part 51* Pg 54 (Page 54)

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Posted: 15 February 2014 at 12:43am | IP Logged
Wow finally past.. So i kinda think this was a misunderstanding and u will reveal it too.. Update was awsum, full dose of emotions both of love and pain.. Waiting for da vadera's rcn on jeevika n manvi.. Waiting for the next..

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Ummm confusing...but y manvi said that? I m so eager to knw abt this mystery...any ways but i think Manvi shud hv eat some Bhav unlike surrendering to him...i mean thats girls spc***y u fr vadheras reaction after seeing viri n jeevika...cont soon

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Posted: 17 February 2014 at 1:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by naina927

astha thanks for posting the chapter... one request ~~ try ro post the next chapter soon... please...
coming to the update, it was fab... mannat... aww everyone loves her soo much n she also loves all of them... her tuning with viren, dadaji n swamini is a treat to read... lovely scene with hundred emotions... Heart virman acenes... ohhh gosh i loved them... n now the past is kinda revealed... but i really hope virat listens to manvi's side of story... though i cant blame him... hearing such painful n hurtful words from the mouth of the person you love is most is heart breaking...
waiting for next... Smile
Mention Not, will most definitely update soon...Thanks from arti's behalfSmile
Artii159 Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2014 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Hey guyz, how r u all doin? Hope gud...I wud lyk to thank each and every1 of u who lykd my previous chapter and commented on it...Heres da nxt part I hope u'll lyk it...Enjoy..


VirMan FF...Kuch Iss Tarah...Part 51..



All heart broken, Viraat stood there without moving even an inch. Tears rolled down his eyes. She betrayed on him. She doesn't love him...She didn't love him...She didn't want THEIR CHILD...She...She Didn't want him...She Doesn't want to live with him...Their marriage, their child is a burden for her...Him, His Love, His Care, means nothing to her. Tears rolled down uncontrollably. He was broken...broken beyond repair.

Viraat: (low,, painful voice, yet loud enough for them to hear) MAANVI...


~Present...Vadhera Mansion~

Viren: Aajao.

Everyone turned their faces towards the direction Viren was facing. There came a cute little girl descending the stairs towards Viren. Everyone looked confusedly at each other, beside Mannat and Viren. Mannat smiled hugely and ran towards that girl, who was none other than Virika.

Dadaji: Viren yeh kaun hai?
Kadambari Chachi: Haye ni kitni pyaari hai.

Mannat came down, holding Virika's hand, and stood in front of Kadambari Chachi.

Mannat: (smiles) Chachi Dadi, yeh meli Didi hai. (Chachi Dadi, she is my Sister.) 
Kadambari Chachi: Arey wah, aap ki Didi toh bilkul aap ki tarah pyaari hai.
Mannat: Haina.
Kadambari Chachi: (smiles) Haan. (knelts down in front of Mannat and Virika) Waise kya naam hai aapka?
Virika: Mela naam...(My name is...)
Viren: VIRIKA...

Everyone turned their face towards Viren, surprised and shocked.

Swamini Bua: Virika? Viren tum...?
Viren: Haan Badi Maa, iska naam Virika hai. Virika...Vadhera. Meri aur Jeevika ki Beti.

This shocked everyone even more. Tears filled in Vanshika Maa's and Swamini Bua's eyes.

Vanshika Maa: (teary eyes) Virika...?

Vanshika Maa walked towards Virika and knelt down on her knees in front of Virika and Mannat. She raised her hand and touched her face as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Vanshika Maa: Meri Virika...? (looking at her from top to bottom) Itni badi...

She pulled Virika into a tight hug, letting all the tears out that she kept inside herself for her eldest Granddaughter. All the rest were smiling with tears in their eyes.

Vanshika Maa: (pulls away from the hug/hands on her cheeks) Virika...
Virika: Aap kaun ho? Aul aap lo kyun lahi ho? (Who are you? And Why are you crying?) 
Vanshika Maa: Beta main...aapki...
Mannat: (wipes Vanshika Maa's tears with her tiny hands) Dadi, aap lo kyun lahe ho? Vilika Didi, (hugs Vanshika Maa) yeh meli pyaali chi Dadi hai. (Dadi why are you crying? Virika Didi, she is my lovely Grandma.)
Virika: Tumhali Dadi? (Your Grandma?) 
Mannat: Haan.
Virika: Aap Mannat ki Dadi ho?
Vanshika Maa: (smiles/palm on Virika's cheek) Haan Beta, aur aapki bhi.
Virika: (biggest smile) Meli Bhi? Sachi?
Vanshika Maa: (tears of happiness rolled down) Haan Beta aapki bhi.

Virika wiped Vanshika Maa's tears lovingly and kissed on her cheek.

Virika: Aapko pata hai, mele paach koi Dadi nahi thi, ab aap ho. I Love You Dadi. (Do you know? I never had a Grandma, but now I have you. I Love You Dadi.) 

Vanshika Maa once again hugged Virika as tight as she could. After a little while, Swamini Bua came towards Vanshika Maa, Virika, and Mannat.

Swamini Bua: (smiles with tears in her eyes) Virika.

Virika and Vanshika Maa pulled away from the hug and turned towards Swamini Bua.

Virika: Aap bhi Mannat ki Dadi ho?
Swamini Bua: Nahi.

Mannat looked at Swamini Bua with a cute pout.

Swamini Bua: Nahi, hum sirf Mannat ki nahi, (hand on Virika's cheek) aapki bhi Dadi hain. Hum aapki Badi Dadi hain.
Virika: Aap bhi meli Dadi ho.
Swamini Bua: Haan. (pulls Virika in a tight hug/letting out all her tears) 

After a while, they pulled away from the hug and Dadaji came towards them. Everyone were just smiling with tears, including Jeevika, who was peeking down from the top of the stairs, with tears of happiness streaming down her face. She was so happy seeing her Daughter with her family, with her Dad.

Virika: (cutely) Aap Dadaji ho?

Dadaji smiled with teary eyes.

Dadaji: (hand on her cheek) Haan, aapko kaise pata?
Virika: Mujhe Mannat ne bataya aapke baale mein. Aap mele liye chocolate laaye? (Mannat told me about you. Did you bring chocolates for me?) 
Dadaji: (laughs at her cuteness) Haan Beta, main laaya hun na.
Virika: Aap mele bhi Dadaji ho na?
Dadaji: (smiles/hugs Virika) Haan Beta, main aapka bhi Dadaji hun.
Virika: (pulls away from the hug) Mela chocolate kahan hai?
Dadaji: Hai na mere paas, hum jab mere kamre mein jayeinge tab main aapko dunga bahut saari chocolates.
Mannat: (innocently/cutely) Aul Mujhe? (And Me?) 

Everyone laughed at Mannat.

Dadaji: (pulls Mannat's cheek) Aapko bhi dunga Dadi Amma.
Inder Chachu: (walking towards Mannat and Virika) Waise mere paas bhi hai chocolates.
Virika: Sachi Muchi?
Mannat: Nahi na Didi, Chachu Dadu bach kehte hai, chocolate toh Chachi Dadi ke paach hota hai.
Inder Chachu: Haan toh kya hua? Waise bhi main hi toh laata hun.
Mannat: Nautanki.
Inder Chachu: Aap nautanki.
Mannat: (pouted cutely/looking at Kadambari Chachi) Chachi Dadi.
Kadambari Chachi: (pulls Mannat towards her) Aww Mera Baccha. (points at Inder Chachu) Inder aap na meri Mannu ko..(looks down at Mannat) mera matlab meri Mannat ko nautanki mat bulao, warna hum aapse gussa. Haina Mannat?
Mannat: Haan.
Inder Chachu: Jao jao, ab mujhe koi farak nahi padhta, kyun ki meri team mein (carries Virika in his arms) ek nayi member aayi hai. (kisses on Virika's cheek) Ab dekhna hum milke kaise aap dono ko harate hain. Kyun Virika?
Virika: (smiles) Haan.
Inder Chachu: (smiles) Waise main hun aapka Chachu Dadu.
Virika: Chachu Dadu, aap bahut ache ho.
Kadambari Chachi: Aur main? Main bhi toh aapki Chachi Dadi hun na Virika?
Virika: (smiles) Aap bhi bahut achi ho.
Kadambari Chachi: Haye ni, aap bhi bahut pyaari ho by god. (kisses on Virika's cheek) 
Shlok: (running towards them) Aur main main main main main...(stands in front of Virika/smiles) aapka Chachu, Shlok.
Virika: Chachu?
Shlok: Haan.
Virika: (innocently) Pal mele Chachu toh Vilaat Chachu hai na.

Everyone smiles at her cuteness.

Shlok: Main bhi hun.
Virika: (smiles widely) Aap bhi. Do Do Chachu. Wow.
Mannat: (confused/cutely) Pal mele paach ek hi hai. (But I only have one.)
Viren: (picks up Mannat in his arms) Haan woh toh hai, par aapke paas Bade Papa bhi toh hai na.
Mannat: Aley haan, woh bhi toh hai. (Oh yes, that's true.) 

Inder Chachu pulls Mannat's cheek with his other hand, while other one was holding Virika.

Inder Chachu: Nautanki.
Swamini Bua: Viren, Virika yahan akele aayi hai ya...?
Viren: Nahi Badi Maa, (looking down) woh...

Viren once again turns towards the stairs, making everyone turn their face towards the stairs again and saw Jeevika standing at the top of the stairs with teary eyes.

Inder Chachu: Jeevika.


~Somewhere in the Jungle~

Maanvi was sleeping on the ground, while Viraat was sitting in the corner, lost in his thoughts.


Viraat: (low,, painful voice, yet loud enough for them to hear) MAANVI...

Maanvi turned around towards the door, along with Karan. Her eyes widened as she saw Viraat standing there, with tears in his eyes. She could see the pain, the hurt on his face, caused by her.

Maanvi: (walking towards him) Viraat...

Without saying, or even hearing a word, Viraat left from there in full anger, tears streaming down his face. Maanvi hurriedly followed Viraat until they reached their room.

Maanvi: Viraat meri baat suno...

Maanvi placed her hand on Viraat's shoulder as his back was facing her. Viraat quickly grabbed a flower vase, that was placed nearby the table, and threw it harshly on the ground, making Maanvi shiver in fear. 

Maanvi: (teary eyes) Viraat...

Maanvi hissed in pain as Viraat turned around and grabbed her arms tightly. He was so much in anger, that he didn't even realized that he was hurting her.

Maanvi: (trying to move his hand away/tears rolling down her face) Viraat...ahh...Viraat...mujhe dard ho raha hai Viraat...Chodho...Viraat, mujhe dard...
Viraat: (looking straight into her eyes, with his bloodshot red eyes) DARD? Tumhe dard ho raha hai Maanvi? Tumhe? 

Maanvi looked at him with tears streaming down her face.

Viraat: (tears rolling down) Mujhe jo dard diya hai tumne uska kya? (shakes her) Uska kya Maanvi?
Maanvi: Viraat tum galat samjh rahe ho...
Viraat: (releases her arms) Galat? (turns his back towards her/walking away slowly) Maine jo dekha, jo suna woh sab galat tha? Tumne jo kaha, kiya, woh maine galat suna? Galat samjha?
Maanvi: Viraat...
Viraat: (hits his hand on the wall) NAHI. BILKUL NAHI. Maine jo suna, woh bilkul sahi suna, aur bilkul sahi samjha.
Maanvi: (runs towards him/hand on his shoulder) Viraat please meri baat sunlo, main...
Viraat: (turns towards her) Kya sunun? (shouts at her)  KYA SUNUN MAIN?
Maanvi: (moves back at his outburst) Viraat...
Viraat: (calmly/tears rolling down his face) Kya sunun main Maanvi? Kya sunun...? Yahi, ki tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti, Karan se karti ho?

Maanvi nodded her head negatively as tears made its way down to her cheeks.

Viraat: (walking towards her, while she was walking backwards) Yahi, ki mere saath rehna tumhe acha nahi lagta? (tears uncontrollably streaming down) Yahi, ki main, humari shadi...yahan tak ki (stops walking/closes his eyes)...yahan tak ki mera baccha(opens his eyes)...humara baccha...humara baccha Maanvi, tumhare liye bhoj hai?
Maanvi: (crying/nodding negatively) Nahi Viraat...
Viraat: Kyun Maanvi?

Maanvi covered her mouth with her hands to stops her cries.

Viraat: (questioning her with a very hurtful expression) Kya kammi rahe gayi thi mere pyaar mein Maanvi, jo tumne mere saath aisa kiya?
Maanvi: (places her hands on his cheeks) Viraat...
Viraat: (moves back from her) Kyun kiya tumne aisa Maanvi? Kyun?
Maanvi: Nahi Viraat...
Viraat: (walking backwards) Main tumse kitna pyaar karta hun Maanvi, tum janti ho...phir bhi kyun toda mera dil?
Maanvi: (walking towards him) Viraat...
Viraat: (stops walking) Humara baccha...uski kya galti hai Maanvi? Kyun usse marna...(closes his eyes) 
Maanvi: (crying) Nahi Viraat, please...
Viraat: Kyun Maanvi..? Agar tumhe paise hi chahiye the toh...toh tum mujhe bol deti...puri duniya ki daulat main tumhare kadmon mein laa kar rakh deta, tumhe kabhi shikayat ka mauka nahi deta...fir kyun..?
Maanvi: (shocked) Viraat...?
Viraat: Bas ek baar...ek baar mujhse kehti Maanvi, main tumhe woh har chiz deta jo tum chahti ho...bas ek baar...
Maanvi: (looking at him unbelievingly) Tumhe lagta hai ki main paison ke liye Karan ke saath...?
Viraat: Main tumse bahut pyaar karta tha Maanvi...Bahut...aaj bhi karta hun...par mujhe yeh nahi pata paison ke liye...tum (hand on his chest) mujhe chodh dogi...Karan ke liye...mujhe nahi pata tha...Nahi pata tha...Bas tumse ek request hai...(hands folded) Mere Bacche ko iss duniya mein aane do...I Promise, main..aur mera Baacha...kabhi tumhari zindagi mein interfere nahi kareinge. I Promise. Bas ek last request...Mere Bacche ko mujhse dur mat karo...Please Maanvi...

Viraat, without letting Maanvi say a word, left from there. Maanvi stood there numb, recalling his each and every words. After a little while, Maanvi wiped her tears and ran out of their room, down the stairs...and out the door, while fresh tears made its way out of her eyes.

~Flashback Ends~



Viraat: Maine kaha tha Maanvi, main aur mera Baccha, kabhi tumhari zindagi mein interfere nahi kareinge. Par main apna woh promise nahi nibha paya. Kash hum fir milte hi nahi.,,Kash...

Viraat wiped his tears and looked at Maanvi. She was asleep, but she was shivering due to the cold weather. He took a deep breath and stood up, without moving his gaze away from her face. He removed his jacket and walked towards her. He sat down in front of her and covered her with his jacket, which she pulled close to her and cuddled onto it. Viraat raised his hand and moved away some hair strand that was on her face.

Viraat: Kal bhi kaha tha...aaj bhi kahunga...Bahut pyaar karta hun tumse main. Itne saal ho gaye, fir bhi tumse kabhi nafrat nahi kar paya. Tumhare dhoke ne dil toda tha mera, mujhe nafrat karna chahiye tha tumse, uss dhoke se jo tumne mujhe diya tha, par main...main ussi dhoke se pyaar kar baitha, chaha kar bhi tumse nafrat nahi kar paaya. Tumhare samne yeh jatata hun ki kitna nafrat karta hun main tumse...(palm on her cheek) par sach toh yeh hai, ki nafrat mujhe tumse nahi, uss lamhe se hai jisme main tumhare saath na jee sakha. Tumhare jaane ke baad kisi na kisi tarah maine jeena sikh liya tha Maanvi, ab agar chali gayi, toh main jee paunga ya nahi, yeh main khud bhi nahi janta...

Maanvi held Viraat's hand and pulled it close to her face even more, cuddling on his hand cutely. He tried pulling back his hand, which irritated Maanvi, she pouted and pulled his hand even more close to her. With no other choice, Viraat lied down, beside Maanvi, looking at her lovely smile, which was playing on her lips. 

~Vadhera House~

Jeevika came down, slowly. Everyone looking at her with teary eyes, besides Viren, Virika, and Mannat.

Vanshika Maa: (walking towards her) Jeevika...

Jeevika came towards Vanshika Maa and stood in front of her with tears in her eyes. She bend down to touch her feet in order to seek her blessings. Vanshika Maa pulled Jeevika up and hugged her as tight as she could, crying.

Vanshika Maa: Jeevika...
Virika: (looking at Mannat) Mamma aul Dadi lo kyun lahe hain? (Why is Dadi and Mom crying?) 
Mannat: Mujhe nahi pata Didi.
Viren: Um..Mannu, Virika Didi ab aapke saath rahegi na toh aap jao Virika Didi ko apna aur unka kamra dikhao.
Mannat: (happily) Vilika Didi ab mele chaath lahegi?,,,Yay..chalo Didi. (Virika Didi will stay with me now..Yay...let's go Didi.) 

Mannat and Virika ran upstairs as Inder Chachu and Viren placed them down. Vanshika Maa and Jeevika pulled away from the hug.

Jeevika: (teary eyes) Maa...
Vanshika Maa: (tears rolling down) Jeevika, kahan thi tum...tumhe pata hai tumhare aur Maanvi ke bina hum sab kaise rahe? Kahan chali gayi thi tum dono hume chodh ke? Hum kaise rahe hai tum teeno ke bina tumhe andaaza bhi nahi hai.
Jeevika: (holding her ears) I am sorry Maa.
Vanshika Maa: (hand on her cheek) Fir aise kabhi nahi jayegi na?
Jeevika: Nahi jaungi Maa.

Once again Jeevika hugged Vanshika Maa.

Dadaji: Jeevika Beta...

Jeevika pulled away from the hug and turned towards Dadaji. She bend down to touch his feet, for blessings.

Dadaji: (pulls her in a fatherly hug/teary eyes) Kahan chali gayi thi tum. Hum kitna pareshan the pata hai tumhe?
Jeevika: (crying) I am sorry Dadaji. (pulls away from the hug) fir nahi hoga aisa...
Swamini Bua: Jeevika...
Jeevika: (turns towards Swamini Bua/hugs her) Bua Ji..I am sorry.
Swamini Bua: (breaks the hug) Tum thik ho Jeevika? Aise kaise chali gayi tum hum sab ko chodh kar haan?
Jeevika: (crying/hands folded) Mujhe maaf kardijiye Buaji, mere paas aur koi rasta nahi tha.
Swamini Bua: (wipes her tears) Nahi Jeevika, ro mat...
Inder Chachu: Jeevika, itne saal baad tum wapas iss ghar mein apne parivaar ke paas aayi ho, ab toh ro mat.

Jeevika turned around and hugged Inder Chachu.

Jeevika: Ro lene do Chachu, itne saal aap sabse dur rahi fir bhi nahi royi...aaj aap sabke saath hun...aaj bahut rona hai.
Swamini Bua: (hand on her head) Tum wapas aa gayi, yeh bahut hi khushi ki baat hai, tumhe toh khush hona chahiye...
Jeevika: (pulls away from the hug) Main bahut khush hun Bua Ji,,wapas apne ghar aa kar...bahut khushi hun main...
Kadambari Chachi: (teary eyes) Haye ni Jeevika...maine tujhe kitna miss kiya.

Jeevika and Kadambari Chachi hugged each other tightly.

Jeevika: (smile through tears) Maine bhi aapko bahut miss kiya Chachi.
Kadambari Chachi: (pulls away from the hug) Kahan chali gayi thi tu hum sabko chodh ke? Pata hai tum teeno ke bina yeh ghar kitna suna ho gaya tha. (pointing finger at her/teary eyes) Ab gayi na toh mujhse bura aur koi nahi hoga bata rahi hun main.
Jeevika: Nahi jaungi Chachi. (hugs Kadambari Chachi again) 
Shlok: (teary eyes) Jeevika Bhabhi, aap mujhe bhul gayi kya?
Jeevika: (breaks the hug) Shloku...(hugs Shlok) Main humare pyaare Shloku ko bhul sakhti hun kya?
Shlok: (tears rolled down his cheeks) Nahi...
Jeevika: (breaks the hug) Toh fir...? (wipes his tears) Arey humara Shloku toh ro raha hai, woh bhi tab jab woh itna bada ho gaya hai.
Shlok: Rona toh aayega na Bhabhi, maine aapko, Virika ko, aur Maanvi Bhabhi ko kitna miss kiya aapko pata hai.
Jeevika: (teary eyes) I am sorry Shlok.
Shlok: (looking around) Maanvi Bhabhi Kahan hai?

Everyone, except Virika, were looking around the house for Maanvi.

Shlok: Woh kamre mein hai?

Everyone looked at Jeevika and Viren, questionly. Viren and Jeevika looked at each other and then back at everyone else.

Jeevika: Woh Maanvi...
Viren: Maanvi nahi aayi...

Everyone looked heartbroken, and disappointed. Assuming that Maanvi will never come back to the Vadhera Mansion.

I hope u lykd it...plz hit lyk if u lykd it...n comment as well, even though u hated plz comment karna mat bhulna...Thank u...Love Aartii..

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lvd it aweSUM
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nice update everyone so happy seeing
virika and jeevika and what exactly happen
in past when virat mu clear update soon
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Awesome upd8!!!
Luvd it!!!
W8ing 4 d nxt upd8!!
Thnx 4 d pm!!!

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