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VirMan FF~Kuch Iss Tarah~Thread#3*Part 51* Pg 54 (Page 48)

prathe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2014 at 3:35am | IP Logged
wow superb update loved it
hopefully virats mu regarding manvi is cleared soonSmile

pls pls do continue soon Embarrassed

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hooriaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2014 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Amazing jus loved it and the song sequence was fab on baarish
Thanks for the pm do update soon and Pm me please

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kokubaba Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Day Dreaming

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luvmanat Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Plz reveal the past...
I want to see them as a happiest couple

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sups Newbie

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Posted: 05 February 2014 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
hope u will continue this ff

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Artii159 Goldie

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Posted: 11 February 2014 at 12:43am | IP Logged

Hey Guys. Astha here...sorry I couldn't update last week, got caught up with something. Sorry for the delay. But I am back with a new update..Sorry again.


Hey my lovely readers...m back wid a new update..i hope u'll lyk it...:)

VirMan FF...Kuch Iss Tarah...Part 50...


Maanvi's eyes were closed. She was enjoying every touch of his. Her grip was tight on his shirt, her heart beat was increasing every minute he touches her skin with his lips. Even though she was enjoying the moments, tears rolled down her eyes, remembering her days away from him. Her life without him was meaningless. Viraat on the other hand was lost...lost in her beauty, her scent. He couldn't think of anything, but loving his Wife, being close to her. Which he missed the most. Her sweet scent, her beauty, her simplicity drove him crazy. No matter what happened between them, he still loves her more than his life...and will always love her, more than he ever did.


~Vadhera House, Chandigarh~

Viren and Jeevika were standing at the doorway with sleeping Mannat and Virika in their arms. Jeevika was nervous, scared of how the Vadhera's are going to react on seeing her with Virika. Viren understood what Jeevika was going through, he walked towards her and placed his one hand on her shoulder, while the other was protectively holding his Daughter, Virika.

Viren: Jeevika, sab thik hoga, tum daro mat.

Jeevika looked up at Viren and was lost in his eyes.

Viren: (smiles) Main hun tumhare saath.

That one sentence made her come back to her sense. She looked away and replied, with a straight face.

Jeevika: (tears filled her eyes) Kash yeh aap tab kehte jab mujhe aapki sabse zyada zarurat thi.

Viren withdraws his hand at her hurtful tone. His smile faded away and pain took over his face.

Jeevika: (without looking at him) Main yahan sirf Mannat, Viraat, Maanvi, aur Viri ke liye aayi hun Viren ji, isse zyada umeed aap mujhse naa hi rakhe toh bhetar hoga.

Viren was about to say something, but before he could, Tarun opened the door.

Tarun: (smiles) Viren Bhaiya aap aa gaye, aaiye.

Tarun was shocked yet happy seeing Jeevika standing beside Viren.

Tarun: (happily) Jeevika Bhabhi, aap...? Aap aa gayi.

Jeevika: (smiles) Haan Tarun, main aa gayi. Kaise ho tum?

Tarun: Main toh bahut khush hun Jeevika Bhabhi. (looking outside) Maanvi Bhabhi nahi aayi?

Viren: (changing the topic) Um, Tarun, ghar ke baaki log kahan hai?

Tarun: Viren Bhaiya woh sab toh aapko airport lene gaye hain, par aap toh...

Viren: Tum ek kaam karo, Dadaji ko call karke bata do ki main ghar pahoch gaya hun. Aur haan unhe yeh mat batana ki Jeevika mere saath hai. Bas mera naam lena.

Tarun: (nods) Ji.

Viren: (looking at Jeevika) Chalein andar.

Jeevika nodded and they both entered inside together.


Lost in each others arms...unaware of the rest of the world. Two love birds still lying on the ground, with love filled in the air. Maanvi was hugging Viraat as tight as she could, while Viraat was placing soft, sweet kisses on her neck. A smile crept on her face as she heard him whisper.

Viraat: I Love You.

Unable to resist each other, lost in each other. Tears were still rolling down her eyes, tears of happiness.

Kya Kammi Rahe Gayi Thi Mere Pyaar Mein Maanvi, Jo Tumne Mere Saath Aisa Kiya..?

Maanvi opened her eyes with a jerk. Tears rolled down her eyes, tears of pain and hurt, her grip around Viraat loosened.

Kyun Kiya Tumne Aisa Maanvi?

Maanvi moved her hands away from his back with a hurt expression on her face. Viraat on the other hand was enjoying each and every moment, she was so close to him after long years. She was just driving him crazy, he was not able to control himself when he saw her drying her hair, she looked so beautiful, so innocent, so attractive. There was no way he could control himself back then. He came back to his sense, when he was pushed backwards by Maanvi. He raised his questioning glare towards Maanvi, who was sitting up on the floor, with tears rolling down her face. It was then he realized what he was doing.

Viraat: (looking everywhere, but at her) I...Um...I am...sorry.

Maanvi got up from there and ran to the other side, leaving a guilty Viraat behind. It was still raining, as heavy as before, as if the angels are crying along with Maanvi. Viraat ran his fingers through his hair, he got up and walked towards Maanvi. Still not looking at each other, but Viraat knew that Maanvi was crying. He wanted to console her, but didn't have that much courage to do so.

Viraat: (turns to her) Maanvi...woh...I am Sorry, mujhe aisa nahi...

Maanvi just turned around and walked away from him. He turned around and stood there, looking at her back facing him.

Viraat: I am sorry Maanvi, I know mujhe aisa kuch nahi karna chahiye tha, pata nahi kaise, mujhse ho gaya.

Maanvi: (without turning to face him/tears still streaming down) Kya tum uske liye sorry ho, jo humare beech teen saal pehle hua tha?

Viraat looked up at Maanvi, shocked, hurt, and angry.

Maanvi: (turns towards him) Kya tum aaj bhi yeh mante ho ki jo hua usme tum sahi the?

Viraat was shocked at her question, but moreover, he was confused. What he did three years ago, was he right?

Viraat: (to himself) Yeh kya soch raha hai Viraat tu? Sab apni aankhon se dekha hai tune, tu galat kaise ho sakhta hai? Teen saal pehle jo hua, usme sirf aur sirf Maanvi ka kasoor tha. Usne tujhe dhoka diya, tune nahi. Tu galat nahi hai Viraat. Nahi hai tu galat, galti Maanvi ki hai, sirf aur sirf Maanvi ki.

Maanvi: Aaj bhi main galat hun Viraat?

Viraat: (without looking at her) HAAN TUM HO GALAT...

His words echoed in her ears, more tears made its way out of her already swollen, red eyes. She wiped her tears, gave him a small sad smile, walked in the middle, beside the fire, and sat down on the ground.

Maanvi: (without looking at him) So jao, kal hume Mannat ke paas pahochna hai, apna promise pura karna hai.

She lied down on the ground and closed her eyes.


Tarun ran towards the door as he heard the door bell of the Vadhera Mansion. He opened the door and saw the Vadhera's standing in front of him.

Dadaji: Tarun, Viren kahan hai, aur humari Mannat?

Tarun: Dadaji woh Viren Bhaiya, Mannat Baby ke saath apne kamre mein hain.

Dadaji: Jao jaldi se bula kar lao dono ko.

Vanshika Maa: Haan jaldi se humari Badmash Rajkumari ko bulao neeche.

Tarun: Ji.

Tarun walked away, while others entered the house with an huge smile.

Kadambari Chachi: Haye kahan gayi humari badmash Princess, uske bina kitna suna suna tha na ghar Didi.

Swamini Bua: Bilkul Kadambari, ab toh aa gayi hai, dekhna ghar sir pe utha legi.

Inder Chachu: Arey koi chocolates laaya hai ya nahi uske liye?

Dadaji: Maine toh bahut saare rakhein hai apni Mannu ke liye.

Shlok: Dadaji, mujhe bhi dedo na, woh mujhse bhi mangne aayegi, mere paas toh ek bhi nahi hai.

Kadambari Chachi: Haye ni Shloku, tujhe toh maine diye the na, kahan gaye?

Shlok: Woh Maa, maine woh...kha liya.

Inder Chachu: Sabse chota bachha toh yeh hai.

Everyone laughed. Viren came down the stairs, with Mannat in his arms.

Viren: (smiles) Dadaji.

Mannat: (wide smile/excitedly) Bale Dadaji.

Viren came in front of Dadaji and touched his feet. Mannat quickly jumped in her Bade Dadaji's arms and placed a kiss on his cheek.

Dadaji: (kisses on her cheek) Arey meri Mannat aagayi. Kaisi hai meri natkhat Mannu?

Mannat: Main toh (hands spread out) bahut chaala achi hun Bale Dadu, aap kaiche ho? (I am very much fine, how are you Bade Dadaji?)

Everyone smiles at Dadaji and Mannat, while Viren visited the rest of the family.

Dadaji: Main toh bilkul bhi thik nahi tha.

Mannat: (frowns) Kyun Bale Dadu?

Dadaji: (pulls her cheek) Arey meri pyaari si Mannu jo nahi thi, main kaise thik rehta?

Mannat: Oh, (smiles)  koi baat nahi Bale Dadu, ab main aa gayi hun na, chab thik kal dungi. (Oh, Don't worry Bade Dadu, now I am here, everything will be fine.)

Dadaji: Bilkul.

Inder Chachu: Bade Dadu se milna ho gaya ho toh Chachu Dadu se bhi millo nautanki Mannu.

Mannat: (smiles/excitedly) Chachu Dadu...

Mannat excitedly ran towards Inder Chachu as Dadaji placed her on the ground.

Inder Chachu: (kisses on her cheek) Kaisa hai meri Nautanki baaz?

Mannat: (smiles widely) Maacht Chachu Dadu. (Very good Chachu Dadu)

Inder Chachu: Arey wah, mast. Chalo batao kitna mast?

Mannat: Bahut chaala.

Inder Chachu: Acha bahut chaala? Chachu Dadu ko miss kiya?

Mannat: Haan kiya.

Inder Chachu: Kitna kiya?

Mannat: (innocently) Bahut chaala.

Inder Chachu: Chal jhuti, mujhe pata hai, nahi kiya hai, bas mere samne nautanki kar rahi ho. Haina.

Mannat: (frowns) Aapko chab pata kaiche laheta hai Chachu Dadu? (How do you get to know everything so easily Chachu Dadu?)

Inder Chachu: (laughs at her) Nautanki.

Mannat: (cutely) Ab main aul chab che mil lun Dadu? (Now can I meet the rest of the family Dadu?)

Inder Chachu: Haan jao.

Inder Chachu places Mannat down and she runs to her Dadi.

Vanshika Maa: (smiles) Arey meri pyaari si Bacchi kaisi hai?

Mannat: Dadi, chab mujhche yahi kyun puch lahe hain? Maine toh abhi bataya ki main thik hun. (Dadi, why are everyone asking the same question over and over again? I just told everyone that I am fine.)

Vanshika Maa: Arey haan, yeh toh maine socha hi nahi.

Vanshika Maa kissed on Mannat's cheek and let her down. She ran to Kadambari Chachi's arms and hugged her tightly.

Mannat: (huge smile) Chachi Dadi, maine aapko kinna chaala micch kiya.  (Chachi Dadi, I missed you so much.)

Kadambari Chachi: Haye ni Mannat, main bhi na aapko bahut zyada wala miss kiya haan.

Mannat: Ab main aa gayi hun na, hum aul chaale games kheleinge. (Now I am her, we will play lots and lots of games.)

Kadambari Chachi: (smiles) Haye ni bilkul. (kisses on her cheek)

Mannat went towards Shlok as Kadambari Chachi placed her down.

Mannat: (hands on her hips) Chachu, aapne meli chocolate toh nahi khai? (Chachu, you didn't ate my chocolate? Right?

Shlok: (looking everywhere, but at her) Na...nahi toh..

Mannat: (eyes narrowed) Aap mujche jhut bol lahe ho? (Are you lying to me?)

Shlok: Main kyun jhut bolunga?

Mannat: Haan, aap mujche jhut nahi bologe. (smiles) Maine aapko bhi micch kiya.

Shlok bend down in front of Mannat, kissed her cheek and gave her a big brotherly hug.

Shlok: Maine bhi miss kiya.

Mannat: (smiles cutely) Acha ab jao aap do chocolates lao.

Everyone laughed at Mannat. She ignored others and walked towards Swamini Bua. She stood next to her, with her face, facing at the direction where Swamini Bua was facing.

Mannat: (without facing Swamini Bua) Hach kyun lahi ho aap? (Why are you laughing?)

Swamini Bua: (without looking at her)  Humara mann.

Mannat: Aapka mann kaiche? Aap toh mujh pal hach lahe ho. (How is it up to you? You are laughing at me.)

Swamini Bua: Toh kya hua? Hum has nahi sakhte?

Mannat: (frowns) Hach chakhte ho. (Yeah you can laugh.)

Swamini Bua: (suppressing her laugh) Hm, thank you.

Mannat: Mele ko micch kiya? (Did you miss me?)

Swamini Bua: Nahi toh. Aapne?

Mannat: Na.

Swamini Bua: Acha hai.

Mannat: Bahut acha hai.

Everyone were just enjoying the moment. Mannat and Swamini Bua stood where they were standing for three more minutes, without facing each other. Mannat was getting impatient so she just turned to face Swamini Bua.

Mannat: Bua Dadi.

Swamini Bua: (turns towards her) Mannu.

Mannat: (pouts at her) Maine toh aapko bahut chaala micch kiya na. ( I missed you a lot no.)

Swamini Bua: Acha? Toh humne bhi aapko thoda sa miss kiya.

Mannat: (sadly) Bach thola cha? (Just a little bit?)

Swamini Bua melted at her cute pout. She knelt down in front of Mannat and pulled her in a warm hug.

Swamini Bua: Nahi Mannu, humne toh aapko sabse zyada miss kiya.

Mannat: (smiles widely) Sacchi?

Swamini Bua: Haan bilkul.

Mannat: (cutely/acting dramatically) Oh ho Bua Dadi aap kinna natak kalte ho. (Oh God Bua Dadi, you are such a drama queen.)

Swamini Bua: (laughs at her/pulls her cheeks) Acha nautanki? Aap hume nautanki bula rahe ho?

Mannat: Haan, aap toh ho na Nautanki.

Swamini Bua: Pagal. (kisses on her cheek)

Dadaji: Waise Viren tumne kaha tha ki humare liye surprise hai. kahan hai humara surprise?

Shlok: (looking around) Haan Viren Bhaiya, kahan hai surprise?

Viren: Haan Dadaji, mere paas aap sabke liye ek bahut bada surprise hai.

Inder Chachu: Kahan hai?

Kadambari Chachi: Haye ni Viren suspense mat create karo, (excitedly)  lao do humara surprise.

Viren: Haan Chachi.

Viren turned around towards the stairs.

Viren: Aa jao.

Everyone turned their face towards the direction, where Viren was facing.


Viraat was confused at her reaction. She didn't say anything to him, neither did she tried to defend herself. He was hurt, not because she hurted him, but because she was hurt. Without moving his gaze away from her face, Viraat walked to the other side of the hut, some feet away from the fire, opposite Maanvi. He lied down on the ground, still looking at Maanvi's face, tears were still coming out of her eyes, and frowns on her forehead made him restless. His expressions changed as he remembered her words. Hurt, pain, hatred, took over his face.

Kya tum uske liye sorry ho, jo humare beech teen saal pehle hua tha?

He closed his eyes as tears rolled down his eyes.

Kya tum aaj bhi yeh mante ho ki jo hua usme tum sahi the?

Viraat: (to himself) Teen saal pehle...


~Flashback...Three years ago...~

Viraat was looking for a eight month pregnant Maanvi.

Viraat: (looking around) Kahan chali gayi yeh toofan mail? (calling out for her) Maanvi.

Tarun was stopped by Viraat as he was passing by him.

Viraat: Tarun tumne Maanvi ko kahin dekha hai kya?

Tarun: Ji Viraat Bhaiya, woh Karan Bhaiya ke room mein hai.

Viraat: (frowns/to himself) Karan ke room mein...(to Tarun) Acha tum jao.

Tarun walked away.

Viraat: (frowns) Maanvi Karan ke kamre mein...

He shrugged off his thoughts and walked towards Karan's room. Karan Singh Shekhawat, a very powerful and successful business man. Son of Swamini Vadhera, who moved in the Vadhera Mansion, five months ago.

Jeevika: Viraat, kahan jaa rahe ho?

Viraat: Maanvi ko bulane Bhabhi, main abhi aaya.

Jeevika: (small smiles) Thik hai.

Viraat walked up the stairs, towards Karan's room. Once he reached there, he was beyond shocked, at what he was hearing. He peeked in and saw Maanvi and Karan inside the room, standing in front of each other. Maanvi's back facing Viraat.

Maanvi: Main tumse pyaar karti hun. Main tumhare bina nahi jee sakhti. Mujhe Viraat ke saath nahi rehna, tumhare saath rehna hai. Yeh shadi mere liye sirf ek bhoj hai, aur yeh baccha bhi. Mujhe yeh baccha nahi chahiye, I don't want this child. Nahi rehna mujhe iss ghar mein. Tumhare saath apni zindagi jeena chahti hun. Main Viraat ko chodh dungi agar tum mujhse shadi karlo toh. Yeh,,,

Karan pulled Maanvi in his arms and hugged her tightly.

Karan: (biggest smile ever) I Love You Too Maanvi. Chodh do Viraat ko, main tumse shadi karunga. Abort this child Maanvi. Kill it.

All heart broken, Viraat stood there without moving even an inch. Tears rolled down his eyes. She betrayed on him. She doesn't love him...She didn't love him...She didn't want THEIR CHILD...She...She Didn't want him...She Doesn't want to live with him...Their marriage, their child is a burden for her...Him, His Love, His Care, means nothing to her. Tears rolled down uncontrollably. He was broken...broken beyond repair.

Viraat: (low,, painful voice, yet loud enough for them to hear) MAANVI...

Done...past kinda as been revealed,,,,took a lot of tym na...sorry...hope u lykd it...please comment n hit lyk if u lykd it..Thank you..Love Arti...

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Niaksharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 February 2014 at 1:10am | IP Logged
like it
good work

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princess84 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2014 at 1:14am | IP Logged
heart goes out to maanvi everyone always blames her why can't virat ever hear her side of the story continue soon can't wait to read more

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