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VirMan FF~Kuch Iss Tarah~Thread#3*Part 51* Pg 54 (Page 47)

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Originally posted by pritivirman

updt plzzz
updating soon

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Originally posted by rasp_berry

Wait a sec? I m sleeping right? This is 1 of my sweet dream...hai na? *somebody pinch me* Ouch!! :o :o :o ohhh ammm giii...
U r back...goshhh...*shake it shake it shake it...shake it like shammi* wooppiii...THANK U SO MUCH u alot

wat a fab updt...finally they r compromising their egos fr their child...happy fr mannat...damn i missed her alot...dont u dare to take her away frm me fr so long ha...she is my jaan...any ways pls cont soon...dont b late this time...*my warning* :p chalo jaldi jaldi
Nope u r not much excitement haye rabba...thank you nd u r most welcome...will update soon.
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Originally posted by innocentmanvi1

thanku astha u r a saviour tell aarti i forgot her like she forgot us due to her short term ooopsss long term memory losss

nice update n plz continue as sooon as possible

u r most welcome...I wil certainly tell her that...will update soon
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Originally posted by Artii159

Originally posted by niki795

thanks astha for posting the update

awesome update
loved it
finally they both decided to stay together for their daughter
continue soon
thanks for the pm
no problem...u r most welcome.thank u


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Hey guyz, how r u all doin? Hope gud...I wud lyk to thank each and every1 of u who lykd my previous chapter and commented on it. I am sorry I can't personally thank u...I wish I cud...anyways, aastha is here to thank u all on my behalf. Thank u so much it means a lot 2 me..thnk u...Heres da nxt part I hope u'll lyk it...Enjoy..

VirMan FF...Kuch Iss Tarah...Part 49...


Maanvi sat on the bed and gave Mannat a big hug. Mannat pulled her hand out for Viraat to join in the hug. Viraat at first hesitated, but later he wrapped one hand around Mannat and hugged her. Maanvi smiled at Mannat who was happily hugging her parents. After a little while, Viraat wrapped his other hand around Maanvi, she looked up at him, and saw him pulling Mannat's cheek cutely. Her lips curved into a big smile. After three long years, she was back with her family, her happiness was back, her smile was back, her life was back, in form of MANNAT. Her Daughter, her Princess, her Angel, Her MANNAT.


Viren, Jeevika, Maanvi, Mannat, and Virika were present in the main hall, while Viraat was in his room, discussing about something on the phone.

Viren: Maanvi tum sure ho na ki tum Viraat ke saath aajaogi Chandigrah. Dekho agar tumhe thodi si bhi problem hai toh mujhe bolo main kuch na kuch kar dunga.
Maanvi: (smiles) Jiju aap fikar mat kijiye, main pakka aajaungi. 
Jeevika: Mannu agar tu chahiye toh hum ek din aur ruk sakhte hain.
Maanvi: Nahi na Di, main thik rahungi. Aap bas (looking at Mannat and Virika) Meri dono Angels ka khayal rakhna. Main yahi chahti hun.
Jeevika: (smiles) Main in dono ka pura khayal rakhungi Mannu, tu fikar mat karna.
Maanvi: I know Di, mujhe aap pe pura bharosa hai.
Viren: Maanvi, Tumhe agar kisi bhi chiz ki zarurat ho na toh mujhe call kar dena, koi bhi problem ho just give me a call.
Maanvi: Jiju relax, main yahan puri zindagi nahi ruk rahi hun, kal hi Chandigrah aa rahi hun. Aur waise bhi main akeli nahi rahungi Viraat hoga na mere saath. Aap dono bilkul fikar mat kariye.
Viren: Viraat hoga toh par fir bhi tum...
Viraat: (walking towards them) Chill Bhai, main aapki Saali ko kuch nahi hone dunga.
Viren: (smiles) Pata hai Viraat.
Viraat: Toh aap bina tension ke jaaiye, hum raat ko nikalte waqt call kar deinge.
Viren: Chal thik hai. Tu bhi khayal rakhiyo apna.
Viraat: Sure Bhai.
Viren: Thik hai. Ab hume nikalna chahiye, ek bajne wale hai.
Viraat: Alright Bhai, ghar pahochte hi call karna.
Viren: Haan Bilkul.
Jeevika: Aur Mannu tu apna pura khayal rakhna, koi laparwahi nahi thik hai.
Maanvi: Haan Di aapki Mannu samjh gayi. Aap bhi apna aur meri dono Angels ka khayal pura pura rakhna. Aur Di, all the best, aaj aap apne ghar jaa rahe ho, apne parivaar ke paas.
Jeevika: (smiles/palm on her cheek) Humare ghar, aur humare Parivaar ke paas Mannu, jahan kal tu aayegi. Toh tujhe bhi All the very best.
Maanvi: (smiles) Thank you Di.

Maanvi Jeevika, Viren and Viraat gave each other a hug.

Mannat: (sad) Mamma.

Maanvi broke the hug and knelt in front of Mannat and Virika.

Maanvi: (hands on Mannat and Virika's cheek) Mannat, Viri...(smiles) Baccha...aap dono apna pura khayal rakhna Hm...? (looking at Virika) Mama ko zyada tang mat karna, (looking at Mannat) aur Mannat aap bhi Maasi Maa ko zayada tang mat karna ok Baby?
Mannat: Aap humale chaath nahi chal lahe ho Mama? (You are not coming with us Mama?) 
Maanvi: (both hand on Mannat's cheeks) Beta, Mama na kal aayeingi aapke Papa ke saath.
Mannat: (saddly) Papa bhi nahi chal lahe humale chaath? (Even Papa is not coming with us?)

Viraat knelt down in front of Mannat and Virika, beside Maanvi.

Viraat: (holds Mannat's tiny hands) Nahi Beta, Papa na kal aayeinge. (wide smile) Fir hum teeno mil kar masti kareinge.
Virika: (confused) Kal kyun? Aaj kyun nahi Chachu?
Viraat: (smiles at Virika) Beta, Chachu aur Chachi ko kaam hai na isiliye.
Virika: (even more confused/cutely) Chachu, yeh Chachi kaun hai?

Maanvi and Viraat exchanged glance, while Viren and Jeevika smiled at them.

Viraat: Beta woh...
Maanvi: (cuts him off) Maasi Viri, Chachu aur Maasi ko kuch kaam hai na, toh hum kal aayeinge.
Mannat: Pakka plomich kal? (Promise you will come tomorrow?) 
Maanvi: (smiles) Pakka promise kal.
Mannat: (looking at her Dad/cutely) ) Aap Papa?
Viraat: (confused) Main kya?
Mannat: Plomich ki aap Mamma ko chaath le kal aayeinge. (Promise you will bring Mamma along with you.) 
Viraat: (pulls her cheeks, softly) Pakka wala promise Mannu, main aapki Mamma ko pakka aapke paas le aunga.
Mannat: (pouts) I will micch you Mamma Papa. (I will miss you Mamma Papa.) 
Maanvi: Aww,,,(kisses her on her cheek) I will miss you too mera baccha.
Viraat: I'll miss you too my Princess. (kisses her on her forehead) 

Mannat wraps her tiny hands around Viraat and Maanvi's neck, pulling them into a hug. Accidently,  Viraat places his hand on Maanvi's hand, which was placed on Mannat's back. She looked up at Viraat, who was already looking at her. She looked away and moved her hand away from his.

Virika: (pouts) Main bhi toh miss kalungi aap dono ko Chachu, Maasi. (Even I will miss you, Maasi and Chachu.) 
Maanvi: (smiles with tears) Aww my baby, I will miss you, (extends her hand towards Virika) aajao.
Viraat: (holds Virika's hand) Main bhi toh aapko miss karunga na meri Choti Bhabhi.
Virika: (smiles widely) Sachi...?
Viraat: (smiles back) Muchi.

Virika joined the hug along with Jeevika and Viren.


~S-K Music Company~

Mr. Kapoor was in the recording studio, with Maanvi, while Viraat was recording his last song with S-K company. After a little while, Viraat was done with his recording and came out of the recording room.

Mr. Kapoor: (smiles widely) Very well done Viraat. I must say you are gifted. 
Viraat: (smiles back) Thank you so much Mr. Kapoor.
Mr. Kapoor: Thank you toh mujhe tumhara karna chahiye Viraat. Tumne humari company ke liye itna acha recording diya, yeh humari company ke liye bahut badi baat hai.
Viraat: Well Mr. Kapoor, it was an honor to work with you. So thank you.
Mr. Kapoor: Ok, ok...(laughs) ab enough of this thank you's. 
Viraat: (smiles) Ji. Ok then Mr. Kapoor, ab mujhe nikalna chahiye. Mujhe kal Chandigrah pahochna hai, so I may take your leave now.
Mr. Kapoor: Ok Mr. Vadhera, it was nice meeting you. And it was a great experience working with you. (hand extended towards Viraat) I hope we meet again.
Viraat: (shakes hand with Mr. Kapoor) Bilkul Mr. Kapoor. (looking at Maanvi) Chalein Maanvi?
Mr. Kapoor: (confused) Maanvi kyun?
Maanvi: Woh Sir, main...Sir (handing him a paper) yeh mera...resignation letter.
Mr. Kapoor: But resignation kyun? Koi problem hai kya? Tell me I will solve your problem.
Maanvi: (smiles) Nahi Sir, koi problem nahi hai, woh (looking at Viraat and then at Mr. Kapoor) actually...main...woh...
Mr. Kapoor: (confused/worried a little) Woh Kya?
Maanvi: Sir woh main...(looking everywhere, but Mr. Kapoor) Chandigrah jaa rahi hun.
Mr. Kapoor: But why? If I am not mistaken, tum Chandigrah se hi aayi thi na?
Maanvi: Yes Sir, main Chandigrah se hi aayi thi. (looking up at Mr. Kapoor/nervous) Actually Sir, maine yahan sabse ek baat chupayi hai. Aap se bhi.
Mr. Kapoor: Kaunsi Baat?
Maanvi: (looking everywhere, but him) Sir woh...main...woh..Meri Shadi..ho chuki hai.
Mr. Kapoor: (shocked/surprised/confused) WHAT?
Maanvi: (looking up at him) Ji...main Maanvi Chaudhary nahi...(looking at Viraat) Maanvi...(gaze back at Mr. Kapoor) Maanvi Vadhera hun.

Mr. Kapoor was confused and shocked at the same time. He was looking at Maanvi and then at Viraat.

Maanvi: (biting her lower lip/looking down) Main woh...
Viraat: Mr. Kapoor, (looking at Maanvi) Maanvi Meri Patni hai.

Mr. Kapoor was beyond shocked, he was just looking at them. Maanvi looked up at Viraat and saw him looking at her.

Mr. Kapoor: (smiles) Tum dono ne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya? 
Maanvi: (looking down) I am so sorry Sir, mujhe maaf kardijiye.
Mr. Kapoor: Koi baat nahi Maanvi, I understand. Tum apni life enjoy karna apne Pati ke saath.
Maanvi: (smiles/looks up at him) Thank you Sir. (showing him the letter) Yeh letter?
Mr. Kapoor: Neeche Nidhi ko jaa kar de do, woh handle karlegi.
Maanvi: JI. Thank you Sir for everything.
Mr. Kapoor: (hand on her head) Apna khayal rakhna Maanvi, I hope hum fir kabhi mile.
Maanvi: (smiles) JI Sir zarur mileinge.

Maanvi smiled at Mr. Kapoor and left from there.

Viraat: Ok Mr. Kapoor, Thank you so much, ab hume nikalna chahiye.
Mr. Kapoor: Of course. Um Viraat. I am sorry, maine uss din pata nahi tumse kya kya keh diya tumhari hi Patni ke baare mein.
Viraat: (confused) Kaunsi Baat?
Mr. Kapoor: Arey wahi, ki main Maanvi ko apni ghar ki Bahu banana chahta tha, but mere Bete ko koi aur pasand aa gayi.
Viraat: Oh..(smiles) koi baat nahi Mr. Kapoor.
Mr. Kapoor: It wasn't completely my fault though, tumne bhi toh mujhse nahi bataya ki Maanvi tumhari Patni hai.
Viraat: Woh..main...
Mr. Kapoor: (laughs a little) Mazak kar raha hun. Anyways Congrats, late hi sahi, but congrats. I must say you are a very lucky guy. Maanvi jaisi ladki har kisiki life mein nahi hoti. Usse kabhi rulana mat, kabhi chodhna mat. Main use zyada toh nahi janta, par itna pure yakeen se keh sakhta hun, uski aankhon mein jo sachai hai na, woh shayad hi kisi ke aankhon mein dikhai degi tumhe. Uss par hamesha yakeen karna, aur agar kabhi bhi tumhe kisi bhi sawal ka jawab chahiye jo Maanvi apne muh se na bol paaye, bas uski aankhon mein dekh lena, kyun ki puri duniya jhut bol sakhti hai, par uski aankhein nahi. Keep my words.

Viraat looked down, rethinking his decision he made, three years ago.

Mr. Kapoor: Main bhi kya bol raha hun, woh tumhari Patni hai, tumhe toh sab pata hi hoga. You must be getting late. Take good care. 
Viraat: (smiles) Thanks Mr. Kapoor. You also take care.

 Mr. Kapoor and Viraat went down, where Maanvi was waiting.

Viraat: Chalein Maanvi.
Maanvi: Haan. (smiles at Mr. Kapoor) Sir, Thank you once again. Aapne mere liye jo kuch bhi kiya, uske liye main yeh chota sa thanks ke ilava aur kuch nahi kar sakhti. Apne meri har kadam par saath diya, jab mujhe naukari ki zarurat thi, aapne mujh par yakeen kiya aur mujhe apne company mein naukari di, main aapka yeh ehsaan kabhi nahi bhulungi Sir.
Mr. Kapoor: Maanvi, maine tumhe yahan naukari di sirf isiliye nahi ki tumhe uski zarurat thi, balki isliye di kyun ki tumhare andar woh kabiliyat thi jiski mujhe talash thi. Maine koi ehsaan nahi kiya hai tumpe, infect iss company ke liye kiya tha. And I am actually proud of my decision and of you of course. (looks at Viraat with a smile) Meri Bahu na sahi, (looking back at Maanvi)  tum meri Beti toh ho hi na.

Maanvi's eyes welled up, she smiled and touched Mr. Kapoor's feet.

Mr. Kapoor: (pulls her up) Arey nahi nahi, Batiyon ki jagah wahan nahi (pulls her in a Father-Daughter hug) yahan hoti hai.

Maanvi smiled with tears in her eyes and hugged Mr. Kapoor back.

Mr. Kapoor: (pulls away from the hug/looking at Viraat) Meri Beti ka khayal rakhna.
Viraat: (smiles) JI. Ab hum chalte hain, paanch baj gaye. Andhera hone wala hai.
Mr. Kapoor: (smiles) Haan. Take care.

Maanvi and Viraat left, leaving a teary eyed, Mr. Kapoor behind.


~8:00 pm...Highway~

Maanvi and Viraat were in the car, in the middle of the highway.

Viraat: (eyes glued on the road) Itni raat ho gayi hai, Chandigrah pahochte pachochte kal shaam ho jayegi, only if we don't stop.
Maanvi: (looking at him) Agar tum chaho toh, main drive kar sakhti hun.

Viraat looked at Maanvi and turned his face towards the road again.

Maanvi: I mean agar tum thak jao, ya tumhe neend aaye toh main drive kar sakhti hun.
Viraat: Nahi its ok I'll manage.
Maanvi: Insaan ho thak sakhte ho, Issiliye keh rahi hun.
Viraat: (sternly) Tumhe sochne ki koi zarurat nahi hai, maine kaha na I'll manage.
Maanvi: Hadh hai, main tumhari help karne ke liye hi keh rahi hun, khud ke liye nahi.
Viraat: (turns his face towards her) Maine tumse help maangi? Apne kaam se kaam rakho.
Maanvi: Bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi raha.
Viraat: (fakes a laugh) Bhalai aur tum. (rolls his eyes) What a joke.
Maanvi: (angrily) What do you mean by What a joke?'
Viraat: (irritated, yet calmly) Dekho Maanvi mera na tumse ladhne ka bilkul bhi mood nahi hai. So please apna yeh irritating voice band karo.
Maanvi: (jaw dropped)  Haww...kya...kya kaha tumne? Meri awaaz irritating? (pointinf her indez finger at him) Tum..tum...Chep, Ullu, Bandar, meri...meri awaz ko irritating kehte ho, khud ki awaz sunni hai, koi phate huye dhol se kam nahi hai.
Viraat: (looks at her amusedly) Huh...phate huye dhol, oh really? (smiles proudly) Isiliye toh log itna marte hai iss awaz par.
Maanvi: (smiles) Yeah exactly marte hai, bechare tumhare awaz sahen nahi kar paate, isiliye toh marte hain.
Viraat: That's not what I meant Ok.
Maanvi: Oh ya?
Viraat: Yes.
Maanvi: (smiles proudly) Par mujhe toh yahi laga.
Viraat: Haan because tumhare andar dimaag toh hai hi nahi na, khali dimaag kuch bhi sochta rehta hai.
Maanvi: (pulls her leg up/making herself comfortable) Oh please, mere paas na, tumse bahut zyada dimaag hai.
Viraat: Haan haan, hoga hi, (laughs at her) jo kaam nahi karta.
Maanvi: (giving him a deadly glare) Chup karo Chep.
Viraat: Tum chup karo Bandariya.
Maanvi: Main kyun chup karun? Bakwas tum kar rahe ho.
Viraat: (turns his head towards her) Irritating voice tumhara hai, toh tum chup karo.

All of a sudden, the car started making loud noises and in few minutes, it stopped in the middle of the road.

Viraat: (trying to start the car) Gadi ruk kyun gayi?
Maanvi: (laughs) Lo, tumhari phate huyi dhol jaisi awaaz sun kar gadi bhi ruk gayi. Ab baitho yahin.
Viraat: (looks at her with angry glare) Tum chup karogi. Yeh sab tumhari wajha se hua hai.
Maanvi: Arey wah khud galti karo aur ilzaam kisi aur pe lagao. Wah Mr. Vadhera, (claps her hands) keep it up.
Viraat: (rolled his eyes/irridated) Tum chup karogi? Mujhe check karna hai ki problem kya hai.
Maanvi: Haan haan jao jao, check karlo problem.

Viraat got out of the car and opened the bonnet of the car. He coughed as smokes came out from the engine, onto his face. 

Maanvi: (looking out) Kya hua?
Viraat: Gadi kharab ho gayi hai, (looking around) kisi se lift leni padegi.

Maanvi came out of the car.

Maanvi: (worried) Kya? Itni raat gaye kaun dega hume lift?
Viraat: Ab mujhe kya pata. Koi na koi aayega hi.
Maanvi: (sarcastically) Haan, aap toh maharaja hain na. Aapke liye yahan itni badi badi gadi aayeingi. Haina? Fir hum un mein baith kar araam se Chandigrah pahoch jayeinge. (giving him her widest smile) Kyun Maharaj Vadhera JI?
Viraat: (annoyed) Tum apna bakwas band karo.
Maanvi: (pouts) Haye Rabba, main kahan bakwas kar rahi hun. (smiles at him) Sahi hi toh keh rahi hun. Aapki gadi bhi toh kamal ki hoti hai, kya chalti hai by god. (pretending to start the car) Yeh on kiya aur yeh pahoch gaye hum. Wah.
Viraat: (angrily/hands on his hips) Tum mera mazak banana band karogi?
Maanvi: (hands on her hips) Main mazak bana rahi hun? Mazak toh tumhari (pointing at the car) yeh gadi tumhara banati hain. Teen saal ho gaye, lekin tum aur tumhari gadi wahin hai. Jahan chahe ruk jaati hai.
Viraat: Mujhe thodi pata tha ki yeh gadi aise yahan ruk jayegi.
Maanvi: Aisi second hand gadi chalaoge toh rukegi hi na.
Viraat: Oh hello, don't call my cars second hand.
Maanvi: Aye Haye, bura toh aise lag raha hai jaise gadi ko nahi Biwi ko second hand keh diya ho.
Viraat: (finger pointing at her) Oye Biwi tak mat jao.
Maanvi: (stepping close to him) Kyun? Kyun na jaun?
Viraat: (turns his back towards her) Woh second hand nahi hai.
Maanvi: Haan haan pata hai.
Viraat: (turns to face her/finger pointing her again) Oye meri Biwi ke baare mein kuch kaha na toh acha nahi hoga.
Maanvi: (index finger pointing at him) Oye tumhari Biwi main hi hun.

Maanvi and Viraat looked at each other. Awkwardness filled in the air. They pulled their hands down, and looked away.

Viraat: (thinking of a way to get out of the awkwardness) Um...
Maanvi: Um...(looking at the empty road) mujhe nahi lagta koi yahan hume lift dene ke liye aayeingi.
Viraat: Haan, aur (looking up) hawa bhi itni teez chal rahi hai, lagta hai baarish hone wali hai.
Maanvi: Toh hum kya kare? Yahan issi gadi mein baithe rahe?
Viraat: Nahi, aise jungle ki taraf se chalte hain, shayad uss tarah rasta ho.
Maanvi: (looking at him disbelievingly) Shayad?
Viraat: Main yahan koi jungle mein nahi rehta, toh shayad hi hoga na.
Maanvi: Toh wahan jaane ka sochna bhi mat. (folds her hand across her chest) Main nahi aane wali tumhare saath.
Viraat: Haan toh mat aao, maine thodi kaha tumhe ki tum aao. Main jaa raha hun, tum raho yahin. Koi janwar aaye aur tum uski dinner bani toh fir mujhe mat kehna. Main toh chala.
Maanvi: (scared) Janwar.

Viraat started walking away from Maavi, into the jungle.

Maanvi: (gulped) Mannu agar yahan sach mein koi janwar hua toh. Tu sach mein uski dinner bann jayegi.

She looked at her side, but didn't find Viraat beside her.

Maanvi: (looking around) Yeh, Chep...kahan gaya?

She started walking towards the jungle, looking for Viraat.

Maanvi: (scared/calling out loud) Vi..Viraat. (talking to herself) Mujhe aise akela chodh kar chala gaya. (looking around) Sach mein koi janwar hua toh? (out loud) Viraat. (worried/scared) Hey Bhagwaan yeh main kahan phas gayi.

Maanvi's eyes popped out as she heard scary sounds. She gulped hard and turned around.

Maanvi: (sweating) Yeh kis chiz ki awaaz thi? (screaming out for him) Viraat, kahan ho tum?

She turns back around when she heard her name being called in a scary whisper. She was scared, tears started forming in her eyes, and she started running. Viraat, who was hiding behind the bushes came out laughing his heart out. He was the one who was scaring Maanvi.

Viraat: (wide smile) Ab aaya na maza. Mujhe raaste bhar pakati gayi, ab payback time Mrs. Maanvi Vadhera.

Viraat, still laughing, followed Maanvi. Here Maanvi was running with her tears rolling down her face. While running, she tripped and fell down on the ground.

Maanvi: (holding her leg) Ahh...(cries out for him) Viraat...Kahan ho tum please. Viraat...(screams as loud as she could, while crying) Viraat...

Viraat's smile faded away as he saw tears in Maanvi's eyes. She was calling out for him, while crying, melted his heart. He hurriedly rushed to her rescue. 

Viraat: Maanvi...
Maanvi: (smiles with tears) Viraat...

Maanvi stood up and wrapped her hands tightly around Viraat's neck.

Maanvi: (crying) Tum kahan chale gaye the? Main kitna dar gayi thi pata hai tumhe? Aise kaise chodh kar jaa sakhte ho tum mujhe? (hits him on his arms) I hate you...I hate you Viraat.
Viraat: (pulls her out of the hug) Maanvi...(hands on her cheeks) Arey tum ro kyun rahi ho, main toh mazak kar raha tha.
Maanvi: (still crying as she didn't realized what he said) Viraat woh awaazein, woh koi mera naam...(eyes widened) MAZAK?
Viraat: (innocently) Haan woh..payback...maine woh...
Maanvi: (hits on his arms yet again) Chep, toh yeh sab tum kar rahe the? (hits him again) Mujhe dara rahe the?
Viraat: Haan aur dekho na (laughs) Sherni Ji dar bhi gayi.
Maanvi: (fuming in anger) Tumhare paas dimaag nahi hai kya? Ladki ko koi aise darata hai kya? Tum...(looking around) tum ruko..main aaj nahi chodhne wali tumhe. Ruko tum.

Maanvi looked around and found a long stick, she picked it up and walked towards Viraat. Ready to attack him with the stick.

Viraat: (worried for his life/walking backwards) Maan...Maanvi, (looking at the stick she was holding) yeh...yeh kya kar rahi ho. Maanvi usse lagegi...(rans for his life) Maanvi.
Maanvi: (running behind him) Chep, tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe darane ki? Huh? (stops running) Mujhe? Maanvi Chaudhary ko? Kaise hui tumhari himmat.(raised her hand, which was holding the stick.)

She was about to hit him, but Viraat held Maanvi's wrist, pulled the stick out of her hand and threw it away. He pulled her close to him and placed his hand around her waist. Both breathing heavily after that running session and at their proximity.

Viraat: (looking at her beautiful face) Chaudhary nahi, Maanvi Vadhera. 

Maanvi looked into his eyes, which was filled with love, only for her. She looked away from his eyes, trying to get out of his grip.

Maanvi: (trying to remove his hands from her waist) Viraat chodo main bahut gussa hun abhi.
Viraat: (smirks) Arey wah, Bandariya JI ko gussa aa gaya. Very good.
Maanvi: (looking into his eyes) Maine kaha na chodo.
Viraat: (looking deeply into his eyes) Nahi chodha toh?
Maanvi: (lost of words/lost in his eyes) Main..main..
Viraat: Yeh bakri ki tarah main main kyun kar rahi ho?
Maanvi: (came back to her sense) Chodo mujhe.
Viraat: Soch lo, agar chodh diya toh Bhagwaanji gussa ho jayeinge.
Maanvi: (rolled her eyes at him) Oh please. Chodho.

As Viraat left Maanvi's waist, rain started pouring down.

Maanvi: (smiles widely) Baarish...
Viraat: Dekha, rone lage na Bhagwaan ji.
Maanvi: (hands on her hips) Tumne toh kaha tha gussa honge. Jhuta Chep.
Viraat: Ek hi baat hai. (holds her hand) Ab chalo yahan se.
Maanvi: (smiles sarcastically) Yahan paas mein aapka ghar hai Mr. Vadhera? Aapne bataya nahi ki aap jungle mein rehte ho, warna main milne aati na aapko.
Viraat: Chup karo aur chalo. Raaste bhar mera dimaag khaya bas nahi hua na tumhara?
Maanvi: (grins at him) Nope.
Viraat: Haan, Bandariya jo ho. (starts walking along with her) Chalo ab.

After a little while...

Maanvi: (frowns) Chala chala kar jaan loge kya? Yahan aas paas koi ghar nahi hai.
Viraat: Tum chup chap chalogi?
Maanvi: Kahan jaun? Ek toh yeh baarish, upar se yeh thandi hawa, aur uske upar se tum jaisa Chep, mera din aaj se better ho hi nahi sakhta tha.
Viraat: (irritated) Mujhe bhi yahan tumahre saath maza nahi aa raha hai, samjhi Dedh Futiya.
Maanvi: (pulls her hand away from his grip) Tumse kitni baar bola hai mujhe Dedh Futiya mat bulao, samjh nahi aati baat?
Viraat: Ab Dedh Futiya ho toh wahi naam se bulaunga na.

Viraat once again held her hand in his.

Maanvi: (looking down at the hand) Tum...(close her eyes and looks away) tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai. Kuch karoge, mujhe thand lag rahi hai?
Viraat: (looking around) Toh main kya karun agar thand lag rahi hai toh?
Maanvi: (pulls her hand away, yet again) Kaisa Pati mila hai mujhe, yahan main thand se mari jaa rahi hun aur isse koi farak hi nahi padh raha. Huh.

Viraat saw a hut nearby. He turned his face towards Maanvi, who was looking around while rubbing her arms as she was cold.

Viraat: Wahan kuch ghar jaisa dikh raha hai, chalo dekhte hai.
Maanvi: (looking at the direction, Viraat was looking at) Wahan..wahan koi hua toh?
Viraat: Toh hum aaj raat ke liye unse thodi si rehne ki jagha mangleinge. Ab chalo.

Viraat started walking ahead,,,followed by a scared Maanvi, who fears that there might be some wild animals, or goons who might be hiding or something. As they reached the hut, Viraat called out for help.

Viraat: Koi hai? (after a pause) Hello?
Maanvi: Viraat chalo chalte hai yahan se, mujhe yahan nahi rehna, (looking around) dekho na kitna daravna lag raha hai.
Viraat: (turns towards her) Tumhe kya lagta hai itni raat mein, woh bhi tab jab itni zor ki baarish ho rahi hai, main yahan se jaunga? Nahi na? (turns back towards the door) Toh chup chap khadi raho. 
Maanvi: (gritting her teeth at him) Chep kahin ka.
Viraat: Koi hai? Dekhiye hume bas yahan aaj raat rukne ke liye jagha chahiye, aur kuch nahi.
Maanvi: Ab koi wapas jawab nahi dega toh zahir si baat hai na ki koi nahi hai. 
Viraat: (turns to face her) Tumse kaha maine chup khadi raho.

Viraat turned towards the door, while Maanvi was looking at him with deadly glare.

Maanvi: (to herself) Chep kahin ka, abhi bhaar thand mein nahi rehna tha ab yahin khada hai. 
Viraat: Koi...

Before Viraat could finish his sentence, Maanvi pushed the door open and entered without looking back at him.

Viraat: (looking inside) Nahi hai?

Viraat looked around and found no one there. The hut was empty, there was nothing more than fire woods, dried grasses, and some rocks.

Viraat: Lagta hai kafi dino se yahan koi nahi aaya.

Maanvi just looked at him, rolled her eyes, and turned her face away.

Viraat: (looks at Maanvi, who was ignoring him) Oh hello main tumse baat kar raha hun, sunai nahi deta kya?

Once again, she ignored him.

Viraat: Hadh hai. (looking away from her) Rehne do, mat karo baat. Main bhi koi mara nahi jaa raha hun tumse baat karne ko. Dedh Futiya kahin ki. Samjhti kya hai apne aap ko. Kahin ki maha rani. Nakchadi (egoistic) Bandariya khandan ki rani hogi. Rani Maanvi Bandariya Vadhera.
Maanvi: (turns towards him) Jab baat nahi karni hai toh mere baare mein bol hi kyun rahe ho. Kuch kaam nahi hai tumhe? Nahi hai toh (pointing at the woods) woh lakdiyaan padhi hai usme aag lagao.
Viraat: Main kahan se aag lagaun in ladkiyon mein..matlab in lakdiyon mein? Yahan kahin lighter dikh rahi hai kya tumhe?
Maanvi: Wahan kuch patthar pade hain, ussi se lagao.
Viraat: (sits down) Thik hai.
Maanvi: (looking at him) Pata nahi yeh bhi aata hai ya nahi. Aaj toh lag gayi aag.
Viraat: (looks up at her) Itni fikar hai toh yahan aa jao, tumhare andar bahut aag hai, yeh lakdiyan jalane ke liye.
Maanvi: Tum apna kaam karo.
Viraat: Kar raha hun Maha Rani Ji.

Viraat starting hitting the stones together for the flames, while Maanvi started drying her wet hair with her hand. After so many tries, Viraat finally lights up the woods.

Viraat: Yeh lo ho gaya tum...(stops)

Viraat's words refused to come out of his mouth as he saw the mesmerizing sight in front of his eyes. Maanvi. 

Yaaariiiyaannn ve...yaaariiiyaannn...

She was bend down a little, her hair flying in the air, while some drops of water was dripping from it. Her clothes were tightly hugging her body, while some droplets of water was on her beautiful milky skin, slowly dripping down from her hair, through her eyes, nose, lips, chin, down to her neck, and further. 

Yaariyaan ve...yaariyaan ve...Yaariyaan yaaa...

He was standing still unable to move his eyes away from her, from his Wife, who is unknowingly, driving him crazy.

Dil mera hai naa samjh kitna...besabar, yeh bewaakof bada  (unknowingly, his legs started moving towards her)...chahta hai kitna tujhe...khud magar nahi  jaan sakha (lost in her beauty, he didn't noticed that he was standing close to her.)...

Viraat holds Maanvi's hand, which shocked Maanvi a little. She looked up at him confused, but in few seconds, she was lost in those chocolate brown eyes.

Iss darde dil ki sifaarish (lost in each others eyes)...ab karde koi mil jaye isse woh bhigaade puri tarah...(moving some strands of wet hair from her face, behind her ears) Iss darde dil ki sifaarish, (his forehead touching hers) ab karde koi yahan...(cupping her cheek in his palm/both of their eyes closed) ke mil jaye isse woh baarish, jo bhigade puri tarah...

Maanvi opened her eyes, and with a smile, she slightly pushed him away and escaped out the door, in the rain again. Her body drenching in rain, all over again.

Yaariyaan ve...yaariyaan...

Viraat smiled and went behind her, getting himself wet, in the rain of love. He runs his fingers through his hair as he saw Maanvi spinning around slowly with her hands spread out. He walks towards her, holds her hand and pulls her on him.

Kya hua asar tere saath reh kar na jaane...(looking at her lips) ki hosh mujhe, na raha...(leaning close to her wet, juicy lips) lafz mere the zubaan pe aa ke rukein...(but before Viraat could capture her lips in his, Maanvi turned her face shyly) par ho na sake woh bayan...(he holds her hand) hoo...(places her hand on his chest, near his hearts.) dhadkan tera hi naam jo le,,,(Maanvi looks up at his eyes) aankhein bhi paigaam yeh de...(rubs his thumb on her cheek, making her close her eyes) teri nazar ka hi yeh asar hai, mujhpe jo hua...(Viraat moved his lips towards her neck and started drinking all the droplets that was dropping down on her skin, one by one.) Iss darde dil ki sifarish ab karde koi mil jaye isse woh baarish,,jo bhigade puri tarah...(he bends down and carries her in his arms, walking towards the hut/lost in each others eyes.) Iss darde dil ki sifaarish, ab karde koi mil jaye isse woh baarish,,,jo bhigaade puri tarah...

Once they entered the hut, Viraat carefully makes her stand up on her feet. Both lost in each others eyes. Maanvi's heartbeat was raised at a very high speed, while Viraat's heart skipped millions of beats when she came close to him. He walked towards her back, moved her hair from one shoulder to the other, and placed a kiss on her shoulder. Maanvi's breath hitched, she stepped forward, in order to escape, but before that, Viraat caught her hand and pulled her towards him.

Tu jo mila, toh zindagi hai badli, main pura naya ho gaya...(looking into her eyes) hai be-asar duniya ki baatein badi, (kisses on her cheek) ab teri sunun main sada...(moves back from her face/looking at her angelic face) ho milne ko tujhse bahane karun, (Viraat smiled as he saw Maanvi was blushingly smiling) tu muskuraye wajha main banun,  (twirls her around twice and dips her down) roz bitaana saath mein tere saara din mera...(pulling her up) Iss darde sil ki sifaarish ab karde koi yahan...(holds her hands in his) ke mil jaye isse woh baarish jo bhigade puri tarah,,,(places her hands around his neck) Iss darde dil ki sifaarish ab karde koi yahan...(wraps his hands around her waist) ke mil jaye isse woh baarish, jo bhigade puri tarah,,,(hides his face in her wet hair) Iss darde dil ki sifaarish, ab karde koi yahan...(nuzzling into her neck) ke mil jaye isse wh baarish, jo bhigade puri tarah...(both lies down on the ground, with Viraat on top of Maanvi) Iss darde dil ki sifaarish ab karde koi yahan...(kissing every inch of her neck with his warm lips) ke mil jaye isse woh baarish jo bhigade puri tarah...

Maanvi's eyes were closed. She was enjoying every touch of his. Her grip was tight on his shirt, her heart beat was increasing every minute he touches her skin with his lips. Even though she was enjoying the moments, tears rolled down her eyes, remembering her days away from him. Her life without him was meaningless. Viraat on the other hand was lost...lost in her beauty, her scent. He couldn't think of anything, but loving his Wife, being close to her. Which he missed the most. Her sweet scent, her beauty, her simplicity drove him crazy. No matter what happened between them, he still loves her more than his life...and will always love her, more than he ever did.

Yeh lo ho gaya, new update...I hope u lykd it...plz hit lyk if u lykd it...n comment as well, even though u hated plz comment karna mat bhulna...Thank u...Love Aartii...

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pink1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2014 at 2:54am | IP Logged
nice update they came together but
they nok jhok again start and they both
are alone in jungle but what happen in
past why he MU her clear soon and
update soon

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Krazzy4u786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2014 at 3:12am | IP Logged
Awesome upd8!!!
Loved it!!!
Bt y did they separate???
Need 2 catch up on previous upd8's!!
Sorry 4 nt commenting 4 so long!!
Thnx 4 d pm!!

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pritivirman Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2014 at 3:40am | IP Logged
amzngg nd suprrr se bht bht bhttt uprrr k updt. Clap
virman romnce hayyy Embarrassed
nd they nok jhok agn strt
luvd it
cont soon

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