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VirMan FF~Kuch Iss Tarah~Thread#3*Part 51* Pg 54 (Page 26)

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Originally posted by Artii159

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kissi ne promise kiya tha k aa ttpdate ke darshan honge Embarrassed
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Originally posted by virmanfan013

Originally posted by Artii159

Originally posted by virmanfan013

kissi ne promise kiya tha k aa ttpdate ke darshan honge Embarrassed
<font color="#9933ff" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Haww...promise...abhi mileinge aapke update aapko...TongueBig smile</font><div></div>
ok then waiting shating Embarrassed
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arti update this one tooo Cry [URL= ][/URL]

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Originally posted by kulsum_virman

arti update this one tooo Cry [URL= ][/URL]
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Originally posted by Artii159

Originally posted by kulsum_virman

arti update this one tooo Cry [URL= ][/URL]
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eeeks super duper excited to read mannat with mumma wala update Big smile

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Hey guys, m bck wid a new update, thnks a lot guyz 4 ur lovely comments...n lyks.,,,I hope u guyz lyk dis update...Enjoy..Extremely sorry 4 da delay...

VirMan...Kuch Iss Tarah...Part 46...


Maanvi smiled and walked away, happily, towards the room where Virika and Mannat were present. Virika was running around, while Mannat was sitting on the bed, looking all sad.

Maanvi: (tears streaming down her cheeks/hand on her chest) Mera baccha...mujhe maaf kardo Mannat...apni Mama ko maaf kardo.


Maanvi turned around towards VirIka and Viraat, with tears in her eyes.

Maanvi: Jao.

Viraat and VirIka looked at Maanvi confusedly.

Maanvi: (looking at Viraat) Mannat ko tumhe samjhana hoga Viraat. Usse kal ka pura din mere saath beetana hai.

Viraat looked at VirIka and then at Maanvi.

Viraat: (looking into her eyes) Woh nahi maani toh?
Maanvi: Tumhe usse manana hoga, kisi bhi haal mein.
Viraat: Maanvi...
Maanvi: (without looking at him) Jao.
Viraat: Thik  hai. 

Viraat looked at VirIka and Maanvi, and turned to walk away. 

Maanvi: (without looking at Jeevika) Jiju main abhi aayi.

Maanvi turned around and walked away. Jeevika's eyes filled with tears once again, she looked up at Viren who signaled her to follow Maanvi. She wiped her tears and walked behind Viren.


Viraat entered the room and saw Mannat sitting on the bed, with tears rolling down her cheeks. Virika was standing beside Mannat, wiping her tears with her tiny hands, with tears in her own eyes.

Virika: (crying) Mat lo Mannat, tum aise mat lo, mujhe acha nahi lag laha. (Don't cry Mannat, please don't cry like this, I don't like it.) 

Mannat was just sitting quietly, without any sound coming out of her mouth. Maanvi, Viren, and Jeevika stopped at the door, watching the scene in front of their eyes. Jeevika and Maanvi looked at each other, remembering their bond, seeing their kids bonding. Maanvi unwillingly turned her face, hurting Jeevika even more. Viraat smiled and walked towards Mannat. He knelt down on his knees in front of her.

Viraat: Kya hua meri Princess ko, kyun itna ro rahi hai? (turned towards Virika) Arey meri Angel bhi ro rahi hai? Kya hua hai? Batao mujhe jaldi se.
Virika: Chachu, dekho na, Mannat kab se loye jaa lahi hai.(Chachu, look at Mannat, she as been crying for such a long time.)
Viraat: Acha? Mannat kyun ro rahi hai, yeh toh hum pata laga leinge. (holds Virika's hand and pulls her towards him) Par Mannat ki Didi kyun ro rahi hai yeh kaun batayega?
Virika: (cutely) Mannat lo lahi hai na Chachu, issi liye mujhe bhi lona aa laha hai. (Mannat is crying Chachu, that's why I'm crying.) 
Viraat: Arey Meri Angel, jab koi rota hai na, toh khudh nahi rote, unhein chup karwatein hai.
Virika: (innocently) Sachhi?
Viraat: Muchhi. (wipes her tears off) Ab wipe your tears off and (smiles) smile.

Virika smiled as Viraat wiped off her tears.

Virika: Ab Mannat ko chup kalwaye Chachu? (Now shall we cheer Mannat up Chachu?) 
Viraat: Haan bilkul.

Virika sat beside Mannat and held her hand in hers.

Virika: Mannat, plij mat lo, ab se hum roz saath kheleinge, bahut masti kareinge, Mama kuch nahi kahegi hume, danteingi bhi nahi. (Mannat please don't cry, from now on, we will play together, we'll have lots of fun, Mama will not say a thing to us, she won't even scold us.) 

Mannat looked up at Virika and then her cries increased. Virika looked at Mannat confusedly.

Virika: (worried) Chachu, yeh toh aul lone lagi. (Chachu she started crying even more then before.) 

Viraat smiled at Virika and placed his palm on her cheek. 

Viraat: Koi baat nahi Virika, (smiles) abhi chup ho jayegi. (holds her hand) Mannat?

Mannat looked up at her Dad, with tear filled eyes.

Viraat: (palms on Mannat's cheeks) Hey, kya hua meri baby ko? Itne mote mote aansun.

Mannat wrapped her tiny hands around his neck, crying bitterly. Maanvi's heart ached seeing her daughter in that state, tears came out of her eyes once again. Viraat wrapped his hands, protectively around Mannat, caressing her back, with tears in his eyes.

Mannat: (sobbing) Pa..Papa...Pap..Papa...
Viraat: Mannat..shhh Beta, kya ho gaya? Aise kyun ro rahi ho?
Mannat: Mujhche, pyaal...nahi...kalti...nahi kalti...(She...doesn''t love me...)
Viraat: Mannat...
Mannat: Pyaal nahi kalti...chol,,chol kal chali gayi, mujhche pyaal...(She doesn't love me...she...she left me and went away...she doesn't...)
Viraat: (pulls away from the hug) Mannu, mujhe dekho...(palms on her cheeks) look at me Baby. Aisa kuch nahi hai, sab aapse bahut pyaar karte hai. Sab karte hain.
Mannat: (nodding negatively while sobbing) Woh..woh nahi kalti...chali..chali gyi thi...nahi kalti...(No, she doesn't...She...She left me..she doesn't..)
Viraat: Acha chup, (wipes her tears) bas..shhh..(trying to make her sit on the bed) Yahan baitho...
Mannat: (crying) Nahi kalti...(She doesn't...) 
Viraat: Shh, baitho.

Viraat made Mannat sit on the bed, and wiped her continuously flowing tears. Maanvi was crying, covering her mouth in her palm, while Viren was trying to calm her down.

Viraat: (pushing back her hair, and wiping her tears off) Mannu, rona band karo Baby, aur meri baat suno.
Mannat: (looking at Viraat with teary eyes) Papa, nahi kalti..(Papa she doesn't..)
Viraat: Meri baat suno.

Viraat continued as he saw Mannat relaxed a bit.

Viraat: Aapko kisne keh diya woh aapse pyaar nahi karti? Kisne kaha aise?
Mannat: Woh chol kal...(She left me...)
Viraat: (holds her hand) Chodh kar toh main bhi yahan aa raha tha na aapko. Kya main bhi aapse pyaar nahi karta?
Mannat: (cutely) Kalte ho. (You Do.)
Viraat: Toh fir, (smiles) woh bhi karti hai Baby. Yakeen nahi?

Mannat nodded her head negatively.

Viraat: Hmm,,,toh ek kaam kare?
Mannat: (inoccently) Kaicha Kaam? (What?) 
Viraat: Bas ek din aap unke saath reh kar dekho, aapko pata chal jaye ga, ki woh aapse pyaar karti hai ya nahi.
Mannat: (wipes her tears) Silf ek din? (Only one day?) 
Viraat: (smiles) Haan, bas ek din.
Mannat: Aap bhi lahoge wahan? (Will you be there as well?) 
Viraat: Nahi, par, Virika Didi, aur Jeevika Maasi rahegi. (smiles) Rahoge ek diin unke saath?

Mannat thought for a second and then nodded positively. VirMan, and VirIka both smiled.

Viraat: (wipes her tears) Acha ab rona band aur mujhe achi, Mannat wali smile kar ke dikhao.
Mannat: Mannat wali.
Viraat: (smiles widely) Haan, Mannat wali, dikhao.

Mannat smiled widely and hugged her Dad tightly. Maanvi turned around and smiled as wide as she could, with tears in her eyes.


~Next Morning...Chaudhary House, Delhi~

Jeevika opened the door of the house, all entered the house. Maanvi looked at Mannat, who was quiet, looking down. She forced a smile on her face and knelt in front of Mannat.

Maanvi: Mannat, Beta aapko neend aa rahi hai?

Mannat looked up at Maanvi and then again looked down, nodding negatively.

Maanvi: Acha, toh bhuk lagi hai, main kuch khane ko laun?

Again she nodded negatively without looking up at her. Tears formed in Maanvi's eyes.

Maanvi: Viri, Mannat ke saath khelne jao.
Virika: (smiles) Ok Mannu Maasi.

Virika ran towards Mannat, held her hand, and went away from there. Maanvi got up, wiped her  tears and walked away, leaving Jeevika behind, who had tears in her eyes, understanding her Sisters pain...Jeevika wiped her tears and walked towards the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen, she saw Maanvi happily running here and there.

Maanvi: (smiles) Yeh...(frowns) nahi nahi...kuch aur. Kheer,,(smiles) haan...(frowns again) usse pasand nahi aayi toh...? Cake..? (smiles widely) Haan cake toh saare bachon ko pasand aate hai. Par flavor? Chocolate...haan.

Jeevika smiled, seeing her Sister smiling after a long time. She wiped her tears and walked away from there, leaving Master Chef Maanvi, baking cake for her Mannat.


~1:00pm, Chaudhary House...Delhi~

Maanvi excitedly, went running in Virika's room, where Mannat and Virika were playing, with two bowls in her hand, which contained two pieces of cake.

Maanvi: (huge smile) Mannat, Viri, dekho maine apne dono bacchon ke liye kya banaya hai?
Virika: (ran towards her) Kya banaya Mannu Maasi aapne?
Maanvi: (looking at Mannat) Cake. 
Virika: (happily) Cake?
Maanvi: Haan, woh bhi Chocolate cake.
Virika: Yummy.

Maanvi saw Mannat was just looking down.

Maanvi: Mannat?

Mannat looked up at Maanvi, without saying a word.

Maanvi: (frowns) Aapko cake nahi pasand?
Mannat: Pacchand hai. ( I like it.) 
Maanvi: Toh aao na mere paas.

Mannat silently got up and walked towards Maanvi and Virika. Maanvi smiled and held the bowl in front of Mannat. She looked up and took the bowl from her hand and turned around to walk away, but stopped and turned back around.

Mannat: Thank You.

With that she turned around and walked away. Virika took her bowl and walked away, leaving a sad Maanvi behind.

Maanvi: (forced a smile) Mannat, aapko ice cream pasand hai? 

Mannat nodded positively, without looking up at her.

Maanvi: (smiles) Toh aap khaoge Ice cream?

Again she nodded negatively, without looking at her. Maanvi's tears were almost visible, but she controlled her emotions.

Maanvi: Ok..(walked upto her) Kya main aapke saath khel sakhti hun?

She nodded positively and handed her all the toys that she was playing with. She got up and walked away towards the window. Maanvi's eyes filled with tears, she got up and ran away from there.


~Hotel Room...Vadhera Boys~

Viren: Kya hua? Aaj itna shant kyun baitha hai?
Viraat: (fake smile) Bas...
Viren: Yaad aa rahi hai Mannat ki?
Viraat: Bahut Bhai, uske bina rehna, possible nahi hai mere liye.
Viren: Agar Mannat ne Maanvi ko chhuna toh?
Viraat: (tears filled his eyes) Toh main jee nahi paunga. Maanvi ke jaane ke baad, main yeh zindagi sirf Mannat ke liye hi jee raha tha. Aur jab woh nhi rahegi toh, yeh zindagi bhi,,,
Viren: Viraat...
Viraat: (small smile) Sach hai Bhai...

Viraat got up and walked away from there.

Viren: (to himself) Main dua karta hun, tujhe teri ek zindagi nahi, dono mil jaye Viraat...dono mil jaye.


~9:00pm...Chaudhary House,,,Delhi~

Maanvi was lying on her bed, crying as much as she could. She tried everything to win her daughter's heart but nothing worked. She was one unlucky Mother, who was craving for her child, even though she is so close to her. She continued crying her heart out, when Jeevika entered her room. She walked towards her with teary eyes and sat beside her.

Jeevika: (stroking her hair) Mannu...

Maanvi looked up at Jeevika. Without thinking a bit, she placed her head on her lap, crying while holding her tightly.

Maanvi: (sobbing) Di...Di meri Beti...meri Beti mujhse pyaar...mujhse pyaar nahi karti.
Jeevika: (tears rolling down her cheeks) Nahi Mannu...
Maanvi: Nahi pyaar karti mujhse. (hugging her tightly) Mujhe Mama bhi nhi bulati...mujhse pyaar nahi karti Di woh...Meri Mannat mujhse pyaar nahi karti di...nahi karti.
Jeevika: Mannu...
Maanvi: Aaj...aaj maine kitni baar...kitni baar uske paas jaane ki koshish ki..usse woh pyaar dene ki koshish ki, par...par woh mujhe apne se dur karti gayi di...(crying) dur karti gayi.

Jeevika hugged Maanvi tightly, crying along with her.

Maanvi: Meri koi galti toh thi hi nahi, fir mujhe kyun saza mil rahi hai. Maine toh usse har ek pal yaad kiya, har ek pal, usse woh pyaar dene ko tarasti rahi, har ek pal. Isme meri kya galti,,,kyun di jaa rahi hai mujhe saza...kyun? Kyun nahi pyaar karti meri Beti mujhse? Kyun nahi? Kyun nahi karti mujhse pyaar Mannat? Kyun nahi karti Di? Bolo na, kyun nahi karti...
Jeevika: Mannu...
Mannat: MAMA...

Maanvi raised up from Jeevika's lap and turned towards the door. Jeevika also turned her face towards the door, where Mannat were standing. Maanvi's lips curved into a small smile, looking Jeevika and then at Mannat. She got off of the bed and walked towards Mannat.

Maanvi: (smiling with tears in her eyes) Kya?,,,Kya kaha aapne? Fir...fir se, kaho..
Mannat: (looking at Maanvi, cutely) Mama..
Maanvi: Mama..? (pointing at herself) Aapne mujhe Mama...Mama kaha?

Mannat nodded cutely, with tears in her eyes. Maanvi smiled with tears of joy, rolling down her cheeks.

Maanvi: (turned towards Jeevika/happily, with tears) Di...Di..aap..aapne suna...suna na aapne? (turned towards Mannat)  Mannat..(hands on her cheeks) Beta ek baar fir..fir kaho..please kaho. Mama kaho..please Mama kaho...please Mannat..
Mannat: Mama.

Maanvi quickly pulled Mannat into a tight hug, while letting flow the tears of joy. Mannat hugged back her Mother, with tears and smile on her face.

Maanvi: (hugging her as tight as she could) Mera Baccha...Meri Mannat...

Maanvi pulled away from the hug and started kissing Mannat all over her face. She kissed on her forehead and then stopped.

Maanvi: Meri Bacchi...(holding her ears) I'm sorry Beta...Mama ko maaf kar do. (hand on her cheek) Mama toh apni Princess se bahut zyada pyaar karti hai na. Kya Mama ki Princess unse pyaar karti hai?
Mannat: (tears rolling down her cheeks) Bahut Pyaal Kalti Hai. Pal Mama kyun chol kal chali gayi thi mujhche? (She loves her a lot. But why did Mama left me and went away.) 
Maanvi: Mama kahin nahi gayi thi Beta...aur na ab kabhi jayegi.

Maanvi and Mannat once again hugged each other, showering and feeling all the love they felt for each other. Jeevika wiped off her tears and walked towards the Mother-Daughter duo.

Jeevika: Waise humari choti si Princess yahan kya kar rahi hai? Woh soyi kyun nahi?
Mannat: Woh, mujhe bina loli sunne neendi nahi aati. (Um..I can't sleep until someone sings lullabies to me) 
Maanvi: Awww...kisses on her cheek) mela Baccha...aaj Mama apni Baby ko lori sunaye?

Mannat smiled and nodded happily.

Maanvi: (arms wide open) Chalo aajao.

Maanvi carried Mannat in her arms and walked her towards her bed. Very carefully, she placed her Princess on the bed and sat beside her, after covering both of them with a duvet.

Maanvi: Kaunsa lori sunna hai aapko?
Mannat: Koi bhi.
Maanvi: Koi bhi? (smiles) Ok..

Maanvi moved her hand towards Mannat's forehead and started stroking it lovingly.

Maanvi: Hmmm hmmm...Hmmm...hmmm...Hmm..Hmmm...Hmmm...Hmmm...

Mannat looked up at Maanvi's face, and gave her a cute smile. Maanvi smiled back with tears in her eyes, her dream, at last came true.

Maanvi: (smiles with teary eyes) Aajaa, neendiya rani aajaa dur sitaaron se...Aajaa neendiya rani aajaa dur sitaaron se...Nanhe, nanhe sapne de aa dur nazaron se...(cups her cheek in her palm) aa bas jaa meri gudiya ke nanhi si aakhon mein...Aajaa neendiya rani aajaa, dur sitaaron se...Hmmm...hmmm...hmmm hmmm...hmmm...hmmm, hmmm hmmm...

Tears made their ways down to Maanvi's cheeks. Mannat looked up at Maanvi, she raised her hand and wiped away those tears from her cheeks, with her soft, little fingers. Maanvi smiled and kissed on Mannat's forehead.

Maanvi: Pariyon ki nagri se aane wale hai woh sapne salone liye...(wiped tears off of Mannat's eyes, which just came out) nanhi si palkhon mein chup jayeingi woh toh dheeron khilone liye...(tapping in her head, slowly) Thap thapkiyan de ke woh gungunaye gi so jaa,,so jaa,,so jaa...(Mannat moved her head on Maanvi's lap, and closed her eyes/smiles) aa bas jaa meri gudiya ke nanhi si aankhon mein...Aajaa neendiya rani aajaa, dur sitaaron se...Hmmm...hmmm...hmmm hmmm...hmmm...hmmm, hmmm hmmm...

Maanvi smiled as she saw Mannat sound asleep, on her lap. She placed her head on the pillow and placed a soft, loving kiss on her cheek. Just as she was about to get up from the bed, she found a tiny hand on her waist, pulling her close. Tears once again filled her eyes, she laid down beside Mannat and pulled her in her arms.

Maanvi: (smiles widely) Mama Papa...Bhagwaanji...aap logo ko bahut saara thank you. Aapne meri (looking at a sleeping Mannat) Mannat ko mujhe wapas kar diya, meri Bacchi ko mere paas wapas bhej diya aapne. Thank you so much. Ab kabhi mujhe meri Mannat se dur mat karna, please. Mat karna. (frowns) Par kal...kal toh Mannat ko hi chhuna hoga mere aur Viraat ke beech mein se kisi ek ko. Kya woh ek din ke rishte ke liye...apni teen saal ke rishte ko bhul jaye gi? Kya woh, bas ek din beetane ke baad, mujhe chhunegi..ya teen saal jiske saath rahi usse chhunegi? Kya ek din ke pyaar ke liye, woh apna teen saal ke pyaar ko kurbaan kar degi..? (tears once again made its way down her eyes) Kya meri Mannat...mujhse fir dur chali jaye gi...?

Maanvi hugged Mannat even more close to her, and was lost in her thoughts...



Maanvi: Viraat tum yeh book aur pen ke saath kya kar rahe ho?

Maanvi was standing in front of the mirror. 

Viraat: Main...(hides the book behind his back) kuch bhi toh nahi...
Maanvi: Acha? (walking towards him) Toh yeh kya likh rahe the?
Viraat: (looking for an excuse) Woh...woh..kuch nahi...
Maanvi: Kuch nahi..abhi batati hun. Apni Patni se chupaoge...

Maanvi reached out to the book and snatched it out of his hands.

Viraat: (trying to reach out for the book) Maanvi, nahi, wapas do...
Maanvi: Arey dekhne toh do kya likha hai.
Viraat: Nahi..
Maanvi: (shows him her palm) Ek minute. Kya nahi nahi laga rakha hai. Tumhari girlfriends ke naam hai kya jo itna chupa rahe ho? 
Viraat: (running  his fingers in his hair, nervously) Nahi woh...
Maanvi: Dekhne do mujhe...

Maanvi's eyes widened in shock as she saw the names of the girls on the page.

Maanvi: AnjaliHeart...Chaaya...Kajal...Aakansha...SanjanaEmbarrassed...Sanya...Tanvi...Jiana...

She looked up at him, angrily.

Maanvi: (eyes narrowed) Yeh sab kis kis ladkiyon ke naam hai?
Viraat: Woh...
Maanvi: (high pitch tone) WOH...?
Viraat: Woh..
Maanvi: (angerily) Woh woh kya? Yeh...(showing him the list) saare ladkiyon ke naam...sach sach batao, yeh tumhare girlfriends ke naam hai na?
Viraat: Maanvi pagal ho kya, matlab kuch bhi...
Maanvi: Haan kuch bhi...itne saare ladkiyon ke naam kyun likhe tumne...yeh tumhare girlfriends ke naam hai na. (shouts at him) Tum mujh par cheat kar rahe ho Viraat?
Viraat: (covers her mouth) Maanvi...chilla kyun rahi ho mera baby dar jayega. Galat baat mat sunao usse.

Maanvi was one and a half months pregnant.

Maanvi: Galat baat...tum galat kar sakhte ho aur main kuch keh nahi sakhti. Wah kya zamana aa gaya hai. Ek bacche ke baap banne jaa rahe ho tum Viraat, aur tumhare yeh kartut hai. Sharam naam ki chiz hai ya nahi tum mein.
Viraat: Arey hadh hai, bina baat ke sunaye jaa rahi ho.
Maanvi: Bina baat..toh yeh..(showing him the list again) yeh kya hai...
Viraat: Arey yeh toh main apne (smiles) Betion ke naam dhundh raha tha.
Maanvi: Matlab yeh naam, tumhare girlfriends ke nahi hai?
Viraat: Nahi, meri..nahi nahi...humari Beti ke liye naam soch raha tha.
Maanvi: (hits her head) Aur main samjhi...
Viraat: Tum toh pagal hi ho, kuch bhi sochti ho, dimaag toh hai nahi tum mein.
MaanvI: Haan haan bas...(hands on her tummy) mere baby ko galat baat mat sikhao. Aur,..aur kya matlab Betion ke? Beta bhi ho sakhta hai.
Viraat: Nahi, (smiles) mujhe Beti chahiye.
Maanvi: Kyun?
Viraat: Kyun ki woh tumhari tarah (pulls her cheeks) cute hogi, aur meri close hogi.
Maanvi: Haww...first reason acha tha, but second wala nahi. Mujhe Baby Boy hoga, (smiles) Mama's boy.
Viraat: Na, Dad's girl chahiye.
Maanvi: Viraat, dard mujhe sehna hoga, so main jo chahungi woh hoga.
Viraat: (waving his hand in front of her) Woh hello, nakhre tumhare sab main sahunga, toh main jo chahunga wohi hoga. BAS.
Maanvi: Dard bada hota hai..
Viraat: Tumhare nakhron ke samne uski koi value nahi rehti.
Maanvi: (fingers pointing at him) Tum...
Viraat: Acha acha sorry...woh chodo, yeh batao, (showing her the list) isme se kaun sa naam pasand aaya?
Maanvi: (looking at the list) Iss mein se..sab se zyada..(smiles) Anjali..bahut pyaara naam hai aur Sanjana bhi.
Viraat: (smiles widely) Haina? Mujhe bhi bahut pasand hai.
Maanvi: (smiles) Haan, bahut acha hai.
Viraat: (frowns) Par do naam...
Maanvi: Mere paas ek naam hai...
Viraat: Kaunsa?
Maanvi: MANNAT.
Viraat: MANNAT...(confused) Par Mannat kyun?
Maanvi: Viraat-Maanvi...M-a-n from, Maanvi...And- A-T from, Viraat. Man-n-at. Mannat.
Viraat: (smiles) Humari Mannat...
Maanvi: (smiles back) VirMan ki Mannat...Waise agar ladka hua toh..
Viraat: Nahi hoga...I know..(smiles) meri Mannat hi aayegi...(hand on Maanvi's stomach) Haina my Princess. (looking up at Maanvi) Chalo ab so jaate hain...Good night to you my Baby. (kisses on Maanvi's stomach)...and good night to you my Baby's Mama (kisses on Maanvi's forehead).
Maanvi: Good night, My Baby's Papa (kisses on Viraat's cheek).

They both wrapped their hands around each other, and fell asleep in each others arms...



Maanvi: Sab ek jhatke mein khatam ho gaya tha...sab...kya kal bhi,,,aisa hi hoga...???

She closed her eyes, holding the second meaning of her life, in her arms, letting the tears of fear flowing down from her eyes.

Uhh long update...I hope u lykd it...nxt update will b interesting, hopefully...Thnk u...LOVE U All...Aartii...

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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 3:53am | IP Logged
sorry for being late just got buzzi ...
woww arti back after soo long and this update woww full of emotions mostly making me cry specially the double mannu part gosh couldnt stop trying how manvi was sharing her feelings when she was being ignored by mannat ...she was trying soo hard that she could get alittle of her love but dunno what kept mannat away but finally ant bhala to sab bhala the mother daughter moments  spend together was beautiful just made me smile in my tears and soo happy for manvi finally she got her even for little time Big smile i love mannat and her mumma HugHeart
i know manvi is insecure coz she was craving for her daughters love and dont wanna let her go thats why she is being like this but i want manvi to let mannat go let her go to virat coz a mom can never be selfish and manvi to never ..she should let her go for mannat's better or else she willl be put in the dilemma of choosing between the most important ppl of her life which a mom will never want her daughter to go thru ...i want manvi to let go mannat even though i want manvi to be with mannat Big smilethat was just my view Smile
and virman flashback awww that was tooo cute ..virat making list of names for his daughters and mannu ne kya kya ilzaam laga diye bechare pe LOLLOLLOLher nautanki was fun LOL
waiting for the next one ...update soon 

Edited by kulsum_virman - 03 August 2013 at 12:25am

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