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VirMan FF~Kuch Iss Tarah~Thread#3*Part 51* Pg 54 (Page 10)

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Originally posted by virmanfan013

mujhe abhi tak update nahi dikhi beta Ouch
abhi dikhegi...Big smileLOL

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Originally posted by Artii159

Originally posted by virmanfan013

mujhe abhi tak update nahi dikhi beta Ouch
abhi dikhegi...Big smileLOL
waiting eagerly Embarrassed

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Plz dear update soon...

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artii main tere ghar tera murder karne aa rahi hu

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And m back...hey guyz, hw r u all doing? F9 shine? I hope u missed me...LOLTongue neways Thnks a lot 4 ur lovely comments n lykd...herez da nxt part...ENJOY... n sorry 4 da delay..Ouch  

VirMan...Kuch Iss Tarah...Part 45...


Maanvi: Kyun Viraat? Kyun?

After whole lot of crying, her body relaxed, and she fell asleep in his arms, hugging him closely. Viraat carried her in his arms, towards her room, followed by Jeevika, and place her on the bed. He covered her with a duvet and sat beside her. Jeevika sat on the floor, at the end of the bed, crying. Viraat caressed her hair, lovingly, with tears in his eyes.


~Viren & Mannat~

Mannat and Viren were sitting on the dinning table, done with their breakfast.

Mannat: (looking at him) Bale Papa?

Viren: (smiles at her) Hmm?

Mannat: Papa ghal nahi aaye? (Did Dad came home last night?)

Viren: Nahi aaye Mannu, pata nahi kahan hai, maine call kiya tha kal par uska phone nahi laga.

Mannat: (frowns) Acha? Aaj nahi kiya?

Viren: Um...(worried smile) Nahi.

Mannat: (hands on the hips) Kyun Nahi?

Viren: Bhul gaya.

Mannat: Kitne bhulte ho aap Bale Papa. Aap na doctol ke paach jaa kal dikhao, ilaaj kalao apna. Main  Papa ko micch kal lahi hun, jaldi che call kalo. (You are so forgetful Bade Papa.
Go to the Doctor and check up your mind. I 'm missing my Dad, so hurry up and call him.)
Viren: (hands folded together) Acha Meri Maa, kar raha hun. (pouts cutely) Subha subha lecture suna diya.

Viren shaked his head amused, and dialed Viraat's number.


Viraat was still busy caressing Maanvi's hair, lovingly, while Jeevika was sitting on the floor with tears continuously streaming down. Viraat immediately picked up his phone as it vibarated, after looking at the ID caller.

Viraat: Haan Bhai.

Jeevika looked up at Viraat, as he said Bhai.

Viren: Viraat, finally tune phone toh uthaya. Yeh bata kahan hai tu? Raat ko ghar kyun nahi aaya? (looking at Mannat) Kitna pareshan the hum.

Viraat: Bhai woh, kuch kaam tha. Mannat kaisi hai?

Viren: Woh kaisi hogi, tujhe yaad kar rahi hai. Dant kar mujhse call karwaya hai teri ladli ne. (making faces at Mannat)

Viraat: (smiles) Bhai usse kehna main jald hi ghar aa jaunga.

Viren: Haan thik hai. Waise tu hai kaha?

Viraat: Main...(looking at Jeevika) woh...main aapko ghar par batata hun.

Viren: Chal theek hai. Bye.

Viraat: Bye Bhai.

Viraat hanged up the phone and looked at Jeevika, who was looking down, with tears in her eyes.

Viraat: Bhabhi..?

Jeevika looked up at him, with teary eyes.

Viraat: Kya hum bahar jaa kar baat kar sakhte hai?

Jeevika looked at Maanvi, then back to Viraat, and nodded. Viraat got up from the bed, after looking at Maanvi one last time. Both of them walked out of the room, towards the main hall.

Viraat: Bhabhi yeh sab..kya?

Jeevika: (looking down) Maine...maine Mannu se jhut bola..bola tha Viraat.

Viraat: Kaisa jhut?

Jeevika: (sobbing) Yahi..yahi ki, uski..uski Bacchi iss duniya mein...iss duniya mein nahi rahi.

Viraat: (shocked) KYA?
Jeevika: (crying) Mannu, ko...usse aaj tak yahi laga ki uski Bacchi...usse dur,,,woh khud ko dosh de rahi thi, ki usne usse...usne usse maar diya.

Viraat: (teary eyes) Aapne aisa kyun kiya Bhabhi?

Jeevika: (shouts at him, while crying) Toh main aur kya karti Viraat? Kya karti main? Bata deti usse ki uske khud ke Pati ne usska Baccha usse chhin kar le gaya. Kaise batati main? Aur agar bata bhi deti toh kya hota, chali aati woh tumhare paas apna Baccha lene. Fir wahi dukh, fir wahi taklif se guzarna padhta meri Bahen ko. Isiliye dur kar diya usse tumse, uss dard se.,,,dur kar diya.

Viraat: Uske badle jo dard mila hai usse, uska kya Bhabhi? Maana ki meri galti hai, maine ek Maa se uski Bacchi alag ki, par aapne,,apne toh usse yeh jhut bola jise koi bhi Maa seh nahi sakhti.

Jeevika: (crying) Uss waqt meri kuch bhi samjh nahi aa raha tha Viraat, kuch bhi nahi. Main aur kya karti. Kya karti...

Jeevika sat down on the floor, crying. Viraat knelt down in front of her and hugged her.

Viraat: Bhabhi please aap ro mat, please.

Jeevika: Maine bahut hi galat kiya Viraat, Mannu mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karegi.

Viraat: Bhabhi sambhaliye apne aapko. Maanvi aapse bahut pyaar karti hai, woh aapko zarur maaf kar degi.

Jeevika: Nahi karegi...nahi karegi...

Virika: Mama...?

Viraat and Jeevika looked up and saw Virika, walking around, looking everywhere.

Virika: Mama...?

Jeevika pulled away from the hug, wiped her tears, and forced a smile on her lips.

Virika: (frowns/looking at Jeevika) Mama, aap bol kyun nahi lahi ho, main kabse aapko bula lahi hun. (Mom, why aren't you saying anything? I have been calling you for so long.)

Jeevika: Woh, kuch nahi Viri, aapko kuch chahiye?

Virika looked up at Viraat, who was looking at her very adorably,  with a cute smile.

Virika: Aap kaun ho?

Jeevika: Beta yeh...

Viraat: (smiles/knelt down in front of her) Main aapka Chachu hun Virika.

Virika smiled looking at Viraat and then at Jeevika.

Virika: Chachu? Pal aap pehle kabhi kyun nahi aaye? (Chachu? But why didn't came earlier to meet me?)

Jeevika: Viri, yeh Mannat ke Papa hain.

Viraat looked at Jeevika, shocked and confused.

Virika: (happily) Mannat ke Papa? Mannat bhi aayi hai? (looking around) Kahan hai woh? Mannat..?

Viraat: Mannat nahi aayi Beta, sirf main aaya hun.

Virika: (frowns) Nahi aayi? (pouts sadly) Mujhe uske saath khelna hai.

Viraat: (smiles/palms on her cheek) Koi baat nahi, main Mannat ko yahan launga, toh aap khel lena unke saath.

Virika: (smiles) Sachi?

Viraat: Muchi. (cutely) Acha ab toh Chachu ko ek hug dedo na plijjj.

Virika smiled and flunged her tiny arms around his neck. Viraat closed his tear filled eyes and hugged her back tightly. Virika pulled back from the hug and looked around.

Virika: Mama, (looking at Jeevika) Mannu Maasi kahan hai?

Jeevika and Viraat looked at each other, tears filled both their eyes.

Virika: Batao na Mama, Mannu Maasi...(stops)

Viraat and Jeevika looked at Virika confusedly as she stopped in the middle, looking behind them.

Virika: (smiles) Mannu Maasi...

With that she ran towards Maanvi, who was standing at the doorway of her room, and hugged her.

Virika: Mannu Maasi, good molning.

Viraat and Jeevika turned around towards Maanvi and Virika. Maanvi looked down with her tired eyes, and gave Virika a forced, weak smile.

Maanvi: Good morning Angel (kisses on her cheek), aap jaa kar khelo, Maasi ko Mama se aur...(looking at Viraat) unse kuch kaam hai.

Virika: (smiles) Ok.

Virika happily ran out to the garden. Maanvi looked at Viraat and Jeevika and started walking towards them. She came and stood right in front of Viraat.

Maanvi: (looking straight into his eyes) Mujhe meri Bacchi se milna hai. Abhi aur issi waqt.

Jeevika: (worriedly) Mannu...?

Maanvi showed Jeevika her palm, signalling her to stop.

Maanvi: (sternly) Abhi aur issi waqt mujhe uske paas le kar chalo.

Viraat: Maanvi tum...

Maanvi: (surpressing her anger) Tum le kar chal rahe ho ya nahi?

Jeevika: (teary eyes) Mannu teri tabiyaat...

Maanvi: (looking at Jeevika/shouting with teary eyes) You don't have to worry about me or my health Mrs. Jeevika Vadhera. (looking at Viraat) Nor do you have to Mr. Viraat Singh Vadhera.

Jeevika: Mannu please...

Maanvi: (ignoring Jeevika/looking at Viraat) Aapne suna nahi Mr. Vadhera? Mujhe aap le kar chal rahein hai ya nahi?

Viraat: Theek hai, main tumhe le chalunga.

Maanvi turned around and went to her bedroom, with a huge smile...Finally, she was going to meet her Daughter.


Viraat, Maanvi, Jeevika, and Virika came out of the car. They entered the hotel where Viren, Viraat, and Mannat were staying. Maanvi's heartbeat was increasing at every step she takes towards the hotel. They entered the hotel, and went straight to the elevator. After sometime, they came out. Virika happily ran, leaving her Mom's hand, towards the room, where Mannat and Viren were present. She played the door bell exitedly, while Viraat, with Maanvi and Jeevika, were still walking towards the room. Viren came and opened the door, with a smile, but the next minute he was shocked, surprised, and a little confused.

Virika: Papa...

Viren: (smiles/confused) Virika? Beta aap...yahan? Kaise?

Virika: (wide smile) Papa, main aapse milne aayi hun.

Viren: Akele?

Virika: Nahi, sabke saath.

Viren: (confused) Sab ke saath?

Virika: Mama, Chachu...aul Maasi...

Viren: (low voice) Maanvi...

Jeevika and Viraat came in front of Viren, who was looking at them confusedly, and then looking around, as if looking for someone. Jeevika and Viraat looked at each other and then moved aside. Behind them, stood Maanvi, all broken, yet with a little hope in her eyes.

Viren: (smiles with teary eyes) Maanvi...?

Maanvi gave Viren a weak smile and then hugged him tightly, crying her heart out in his arms.

Maanvi: Jiju...main...

Viren: Maanvi...tum..kaisi ho tum? Tum?

Maanvi: (pulls away from the hug) Jiju,,,Jiju mera Baccha...(hugs him again)

Viren: Maanvi...?
Maanvi: (sobbing) Mann...Mannat..meri Bacchi...Jiju...

Viren: (shocked/looking at Jeevika and Viraat) Mannat...

Virika: (looking at Viren) Papa, Mannat kahan hai?

Maanvi pulled away from the hug and looked at Virika, Viren, and then at Jeevika.

Maanvi: Papa? Viri..?

Virika: Haan Mannu Maasi, Papa, yeh mele Papa hain, inhone mujhe bataya, teen din pehle. (Yes Mannu Maasi,,,he is my Dad,,,he told me three days ago.)

Maanvi looked at Jeevika, who lowered her gaze at her looks.

Maanvi: (walking towards Jeevika/laughs sarcastically) Oh, toh aapko pata tha ki meri Bacchi yahin hai. Wah Di, aur kya kya chupaya gaya hai mujhse?

Jeevika: (crying) Mannu...

Maanvi: (turns towards Viraat) Meri Bacchi? Kahan hai? Batao meri Bacchi kahan hai Mr. Viraat Vadhera?

Viraat: (holds her hand) Maanvi andar chalo pehle.

Maanvi: Meri Bacchi...(cuts off)

Viren: Maanvi andar aao, tumhari Bacchi yahin hai. Aao.

Maanvi thought for a minute and then entered inside the room, along with Viraat, Jeevika, Virika, and Viren. They walked towards the middle of the room and stood there.

Virika: (looking around) Papa kahan hai Mannat? Batao na.

Viren: Beta woh...

Maanvi: (without looking at anyone) Meri Bacchi ko bulao Viraat.

Viraat looked at Maanvi and then at Jeevika.

Viraat: (calling out for her) Mannat...? Mannat...

Mannat: (excitedly, running towards Viraat) Papa  Papa Papa Papa...Pa (stops in front of Maanvi)...aap?

Maanvi and Mannat, both were shocked looking at each other.

Maanvi: Mannu...?

Mannat: Mannu Aunty...?

Jeevika and Viraat were looking at Maanvi and Mannat confusedly, where as Viren and Virika were smiling, looking at Maanvi and Mannat. Maanvi's eyes filled with tears, seeing her daughter right in front of her eyes. Mannat was just smiling looking at Maanvi.

Maanvi: Man..Mannat...?

Mannat: (confusedly) Aapko mela naam kaiche pata chala? Maine toh appko apna naam Mannu bataya tha. (How do you know my name? But I told u my name was Mannu.)

Maanvi smiled through her tears and raised her hands to touch Mannat's face.

Maanvi: Mannat...meri,,,meri Bacchi...

Mannat looked up at her Dad, looking a little confused. Viraat smiled at Mannat, and sat in front of her, beside Maanvi.

Viraat: (hands on her cheeks) Mannat...Beta,,,aapko jaanana tha na, ki aapki Mama kahan hai?

Mannat nodded her head, looking at Viraat and then at Maanvi.

Viraat: Beta, aapki Mama, aapki Mama (looking at Maanvi) yeh hai.

Mannat looked at Viraat for a while, then she looked at Jeevika, and then at Maanvi.

Maanvi: (tears streaming down her cheeks) Mannat...

Mannat: (tears filled her eyes/innocently) Aap kahan thi? Mujhche milne kyun nahi aayi kabhi? Aap mujhche pyaal nahi kalte? Aapko meli yaad nahi aati? Mujhe Mama chahiye tha, aap kyun cholh kal chali gayi mujhe? (Where were you? Why didn't you ever came to meet me? Don't you miss me? I wanted my Mama, why did you went away leaving me all alone?)
Maanvi: (shocked at her words) Mannat...main,,,
Viraat: (shocked) Mannat...

Mannat: (crying) Maine Papa che pucha aapke baale mein, Papa ne kabhi bataya nahi. Aap kyun nahi aati mujhche milne? Aap meli Mama nahi ho? Jaiche Chlok Chachu ko Kadambali Dadi pyaal kalti hai, waiche aap mujhche nahi kalte? Jaiche Bali Dadi, Papa aul Bale Papa ka khayal lakhte hai, aap kyun nahi aati mela khayal lakhne. Vilika Didi ke paach, unke chaath, unki Mama thi...aap kyun nahi thi mele chaath? Aapko main achi nahi lagti? Aap mujhche pyaal kyun nahi kalte?(I asked Dad about you, but he always ignored my questions. Why didn't you ever came to meet me? Aren't you my Mama? Just as Kadambari Chachi loves Shlok Chachu, don't you love me like that? Just as Vanshika Dadi takes care of Papa and Bade Papa, why don't you come and take care of me like her? Virika Didi has her Mama with her, why weren't you with me? Don't you like me? Why don't you love me?)
Maanvi: (hold her by her arms,,,crying) Nahi Beta, main aapse bahut pyaar karti hun, sabse zyada.

Mannat: (cutely/tears rolling down)  Toh aap kyun nahi aayi mele pacch jab main aapko bula lahi thi? Kyun nahi aayi? (Then why didn't you came to me ealier before, when i use to call out for you? Why didn't you came?)

Maanvi: (moves back/crying) Main...main nahi aa payi..main,,,

Viraat: (smiles at Virika) Virika Beta, aap Mannat ke saath andar jaa kar khelo. (wipes Mannat's tears) Mannu, rona band karo, jao Didi ke saath khelo (smiles) ok. Jao.

Mannat looked at Maanvi one last time with tears in her eyes, and walked away from there. Viraat wrapped his arm around Maanvi and pulled her close to him.

Viraat: (stroking her hair) Maanvi bas, chup ho jao.

Maanvi: (tears rolling down) Mere paas koi jawab nahi hai apni bacchi ko dene ke liye, uske sawalon ka jawab main kaise dun?

Viraat: Sambhalo apne aapko Maanvi. Mannat abhi bacchi hai. Woh sab samjh jayegi dheere dheere.

Maanvi: Samjh jaye gi? (pushes him away from her/shouts at him) Kya samjh jayegi? Ya tum usse samjhaoge ki main kyun gayi usse dur? Aur kya kahani likhoge? Aur kitne jhut bologe?

Viraat: Maanvi tum...
Maanvi: Haan main! Main bol rahi hun yeh sab. (calm yet hurtful tone) Kya pata, tumne shayad meri Beti ko yeh bhi kaha hoga ki uski Maa iss duniya mein hi nahi.

Viraat: (showing her his palm) Maanvi bas. Kya huh? Kya chahti ho tum? Maana ki maine galti ki, aur uske liye jo bhi saza dena chaho de sakhti ho, (pointing index finger at her) par yeh kabhi mat kehna. Aisa bolna toh dur, main aisa soch bhi nahi sakhta.

Maanvi: (looking at him, straight into his eyes with tears) Sochna bhi kaisa, ek Maa se toh sach chupaya hi uski bacchi ke baare mein, toh ek Beti se kyun nahi chupaya?

Jeevika: Mannu tu yeh sab kya keh rahi hai.

Maanvi: (turns towards Jeevika) Sach keh rahi hun main. Bol dete meri Bacchi ko bhi ki uski Maa iss duniya mein rahi hi nahi. (trying to control her cries) Uski maut ki jhuti khabar sun kar toh woh har roz hazaar maut mari hai, bol dete uss.

Viraat: (angrily) Enough Maanvi. Maana humne galti ki hai, par tum yeh sab bol kar saabit kya karna chahti ho? Jo tumne kiye tumhe ussi ki saza mil rahi hai yeh mat bhulo.

Maanvi: (shouts at him angrily) Galti nahi, gunah(crime) kiya hai aap logo ne. Aur mujhe kyun saza mili? Kis baat ki saza? Uss baat ki jo maine kabhi kiya hi nahi? Ya tumse pyaar karne ki saza? Apni Bahen par bharosa karne ki saza? Kis ki saza Viraat Vadhera? Kiski?

Viraat: Usski saza jo tumne teen saal pehle kaha tha. (turns his back towards her) Isse aage mujhe koi baat nahi karni.

Maanvi: (walks in front of him) Exactly. Na tum kal sune ko taiyaar the, aur na aaj sune ko taiyaar ho. Uss waqt bhi tum galat the, aur aaj bhi tum galat hi ho Viraat.

Viraat: Galat main hun?
Maanvi: Haan tum ho galat. Uss din bhi the aur aaj bhi ho.

Viraat: Haan, manta hun ki main aaj galat hun. Par uss din...uss din main galat nahi tha.

Viren: (walks in between VirMan) Viraat bas kar.

Viraat: Bhai..?

Viren: (looking at Viraat) Bas.

Jeevika: Mannu main...

Maanvi: (without looking at her) Mujhe koi baat nahi karni. Sab chhine ke baad ab kehna kya reh gaya hai.

Jeevika: (tears rolling down) Mannu aise kyun...?

Maanvi: (turns towards her) Toh aur kya kahun? Chhina hi toh hai aap sab ne mujhse.

Jeevika: Yeh sach nahi hai Mannu.
Maanvi: Sach nahi hai? Toh kya de sakhte ho aap log mujhe woh jo main chahti hun? De sakhte ho?

Viraat: (looking at her) Kya chahiye tumhe?

Maanvi: Meri Bacchi. Mujhe meri Mannat wapas chahiye.

Viraat: (turns his back at her yet again) Yeh Kabhi Nahi Ho Sakhta.

Maanvi: Chhine se pehle kyun nahi socha tha? Kyun nahi socha tha ki ek din wapas bhi karna padega?

Viraat: (turns to face her) Maanvi tum...

Maanvi: (showing him her palm) Mujhe aur kuch nahi sunna, batao kya mujhe meri bacchi de sakhte ho?

Jeevika: Mannu woh bacchi hai, Viraat ke saath rahi hai, tere saath kaise rahegi?

Maanvi: Ek din...sirf ek din mujhe uske saath rehna hai. Agar usse mere saath rehna hai, main usse apne saath yahin rakhungi, aur agar usse tumhare saath rehna hai, (turns her back towards him and closes her eyes and fists) toh main tum dono ko jaane dungi, kabhi interfere nahi karungi tumhari life mein, kabhi nahi. Bas ek din.
Viraat: Manzur hai, kal pura din, Mannat sirf tumhare saath rahegi.

Maanvi smiled and walked away, happily, towards the room where Virika and Mannat were present. Virika was running around, while Mannat was sitting on the bed, looking all sad.

Maanvi: (tears streaming down her cheeks/hand on her chest) Mera baccha...mujhe maaf kardo Mannat...apni Mama ko maaf kardo.

Dats it 4 2day...sorry 4 da delay...will update asap...leave ur comments 4 me plz n hit lyk thnk u...Love Aartii...



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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 12:32am | IP Logged
finallly afters sooo long you updated that also with soo much of mannat's parts i just loved this update arti thanx alott ya Big smileBig smile
soo finally virat gets to know that manvi till now didnt know anything about mannat being alive everything was hidden from her...but i still dont get what did manvi actually do that virat thinks that she want this child...full detail mein janna hai ofcoz he loved her but still doesnt trust her completely and both are blaming eachother...
manvi meeting mannat and thei real emotional convo and hug that was the best part of this update finally manvi and mannat are toggether...i just loved it ...really started crying listening to mannat's dialogues ...CryHugmannat i love yu Big smile
manvi is really shattered that both the most importatnt people in her life whom she blindly trusted both lied to her they kept her daughter away from her she is completely broken...
soo now one day manvi is gonna stay with mannat excited to know what happens ... i just hope mannat brings their parents together Big smile
update next part soon its getting damn interesting ...Big smile

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Originally posted by virmanfan013

artii main tere ghar tera murder karne aa rahi hu
Aaa meri maa,,,,aaja...LOL
rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Res...eksss i m on cloud to read...edit comment later

omg this is called chummeshwari my manvi outburst was mindblowing n trully justified...mannat n manvis face of was so emotional...awww mannats innocent Qs r so touchy...manvis decision was superb...she hv a right to live with her daughter...eksss egaerly waiying fr the next updt...hard to wait anymore...n its punishment that u should updt next part soon...are after all itna lamba chauda intazar karwaya itna haq to hamara bhi banta he...lolzzz...just kidding...cont soon

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