Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan OS: Our Baby, our Destination...

Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 1:19am | IP Logged

hey Guys,

a small OS on the current track..enjoy!

-Luv Pari


VirMan OS: Our Baby, our Destination...

Manvi's steps faltered backwards, as she saw her husband faint with the news that would change all their lives. Not just hers or his, but that of the whole household. She stood frozen in place, as she watched Vanshika Ma, DadaJi, Jiju and Di rush to Virats side.

Her heart sank as his words from a few days back rang in her ears.

"Baby?? Manvi I'm not ready to be a Dad yet, i don't want a baby right now", he had said to her as she had teased him about the way he ate mangoes.

Hearing the commotion, her mind came back to the present and putting her speculations to a side, moved towards him to care for him and stopping down next to him, quickly took his hand in hers and rubbed it to help revive him. She watched anxiously as Di sprinkled water on him to revive him, as he thankfully came conscious once again we all relieved a thankful sigh. Then as Vanshika Ma, helped him sit up as he pulled his head off her lap.

"Ahahaa Virat! This is a first! With the to-be-mother, the to-be-father also faints?", Jiju laughed, as he teased Virat, helping him to stand.

I watched as the whole family hugged Virat to congratulate him as they had hugged me just a while back. But only I could read the numbness in his reaction, in his body language. Taking a deep breath i continued to smile, laugh and blush as the family continued to tease us.

"Okay! enough rejoicing, lets let the new Mama, and Papa to be go rest together and we can celebrate in the morning?", Vanshika Ma said, to Manvi's relief.

As the Vadhera's calmed down their excitement and let them go to their room, Manvi held herself together as she stepped towards her room quickly, Virat behind her. Entering the room, she walked straight to the wardrobe, playing with her cloths as she heard Virat enter the room behind her.

Avoiding looking at him, she turned and started to head towards the door, but stopped as he called her name.

"Manvi??", he called, making her stop in her tracks and she looked over her shoulder at him.

As she looked into her eyes, she was hopping she would get some joyful whoops and a tight love filled hug, and read something different in his eyes, then what his reactions outside in the hall had told her. But unfortunately it was not so…his eyes told her the same story, making her heart sink again deeper then it had before.

"Manvi, look about…about the Baby..", he started to say.

"Its…its okay Virat, i know its not what you wanted, or want…but i can't change it, I-I'm sorry things didn't work out the way you wanted them to.."she said and before her voice could falter, she turned her head back towards the door as a teardrop fell from her eyes, holding herself together with strength she didn't have, Manvi stepped out of room towards Di's room, even as he called out for her again and closed the door behind her. 

She didn't realize where she has walked to, until she heard Di call her name. Startled Manvi looked up, to see herself stepping into her Di's room.

"Mannu…you okay?", Di asked her.

"Haan Diii, just wanted to sleep in your lap today..", Manvi said, as she went and lay placing her head in Di's lap who was sitting on the bed. 

As Di stroked her head, Manvi closed her eyes, trying to find comfort in the one place she could always count on, no matter what. Lost in her world that seemed to tremble, she fell asleep. 

Jeevika smiled lovingly as she stroked her sisters hair, watching her sleep in her lap. The emotions that where running through her where incomparable. Her sister was about to be a Mother! Just then she heard Viren Ji enter the room, and before he could get loud she shushed him so he wouldn't wake up Mannu.

"So i guess i should find another place to crash for the night?", he asked her a little sheepishly.

"Your still guessing?", she replied with a laugh.

"You both sisters trapped us brothers, we are always being sidelined by your Behna love..", he whined again making her chuckle as he gathered things for the night.

Once he had done that, he wished her a good night and headed off to a guest room for the night. 

The next day Manvi returned to her own room, and threw the awkwardness her and Virat returned to a comfortable routine, although to her disappointment they didn't acknowledge anything about the upcoming child and just like that a month passed by. But Manvi was feeling lighter now, because she had begun to hope that Virat had changed his mind on the matter now. Seeing the whole family rejoicing and all, the idea had probably grown on him, she could feel a difference in his behavior the last few days. He was even doing good on the career side as he had signed a new album as the lead singer for it. Unfortunately she couldn't have been more wrong.

She stepped into her room that evening, to settle in for the night. As she stepped out of the washroom having changed into her night gown, Virat stepped into the room smiling at her as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a hug. 

"How was your day today?", he asked her, full of love for her, as he still had her wrapped in his hold, his chin resting on her head.

"Good as always! You?", she asked pulling away a little but still standing in his arms.

"Pretty good", he answered with a nervous smile as he pulled away, alerting her of something to come.

"Hey Manvi…i was thinking, about, about the Baby you know? and..", he said, making her heart jump with fear of the unknown.

"and, i don't think either of us are ready yet..i- i mean we are still too young for this responsibility..", he continued, shaking her ground, as his words sank in.

"Manvi, what I'm trying to say is…is, that may-maybe we should..umm..wait…and not have the Baby this time aro-..", his sentence was left unfinished as Manvi's hand moved of its own accord, towards his cheek, slapping him.

His startled eyes looked down into her own teary eyes, they stood their for a few seconds, when Di came running in towards her, screaming her name as she held both her arms and pulled her into a hug.

Not able to control the pain, the weakness of being alone in this beautiful phase of her life, Manvi buried herself in the arms of her Di, and cried. Manvi couldn't register much, but she heard Jiju screaming and yelling trying to knock sense into Virat, however Virat remained adamant claiming to be "not ready yet", and the next thing she knew, she heard Jiju tell him that from this point on Virat didn't have any responsibility towards me or the child, that Jiju and Di where there for me, and grabbing my hand stormed out with me and Di behind him to their room where they both comforted me. 

It was later that i realized that now the whole house knew the secret i'd kept hidden for the past month. 

My things where soon shifted into the new room next to Di and Jiju's so they could watch over me and the baby easily. I tried to hold strong again, and although difficult i finally managed to do so for my Baby. 


Manvi stepped into the shower, running the water luke warm she stood under it letting the water wash her tiredness out. She was now 5 months along, with just a few more months to go, thankfully. Closing her eyes, she rubbed her swollen belly, and couldn't stop herself from crying out with the hurt and pain she had endured so far with the loneliness, true the whole Vadhera family was by her side, but the one person who mattered most, wasn't and that made all the difference, the shower kept washing away her tears, and when she was too tired to cry anymore she stepped out, wrapping herself in a towel she moved towards the room.

To her utter shock, she almost bummed into her husband. Before she could fall with the lost of balance, his arms wrapped around her and he quickly held her, then pulled her upright helping her regain her balance. She kind of hated herself at that moment, because she was feeling blissful after so long, for she was finally in Virats arms once again after 4 long months, since that ungrateful day, they hadn't even touched forget hug. Infact this was the first time he had stepped into her room. As they continued to talk through their locked eyes, his hands unknowingly moved over her swollen belly threw the towel, she saw the exact moment he realized the importance of where his hand was, and the impact it kind of had on him, but she didn't want to dwell on it and hurt herself again…a few minutes later, his hand was still on her belly, when the baby decided to kick.

"Manvi?!?", Virat asked her, excited yet scared.

"That the Baby…kicking", she chuckled seeing his scared expression filled with wonder.

"Kicking?", he asked in wonder, still chuckling she nodded, and guided his hand on another side as the Baby again kicked to entertain its father.

It was odd, because she knew she should turn cold towards Virat, instead of being so warm and open to him still. But she couldn't take this moment away from them, she could see the excitement, the love in Virats eyes for her and the Baby even if he didn't acknowledge it yet. 

When the Baby stopped kicking after the third kick, Virat bent down, and placed a kiss on my Belly, surprising me, even as my body tingled with the contact, then standing back up straight, he leaned toward my forehead.

"Thank you..", he whispered, kissing my forehead, and then turning around walked right back out of the room, forgetting what he had come for int he first place.


After that moment, he sneaked into my room once daily and demanded to have a moment with the Baby and i let him, unable to stop myself. It surely didn't surprise me when at the end of the 7th month he demanded my things moved back to our room, so he could watch over us 24/7. Although the rest of the family members where apprehensive, i gave in, wanting to cherish the moments we could have.

Soon the rest of the months passed, and before i knew it, i was screaming for Virat to take me to the hospital at 1am. He panicked, but Di and Jiju arrived to take control and we soon headed off to the hospital. To his utter shock, i demanded to have him with me inside the delivery room when the time came and he obliged, i really wasn't giving him an option after all.

A few hours later, we lay in the hospital room, me in his lap, as i held out daughter, and his arms wrapped around both of us.

"Sorry Manvi…about that day..i was just scared..if it wasn't for you then i would have lost this angle of ours and this beautiful moment…thank you..", he said, taking my lips in a deep kiss.

I smiled to myself, thankful that things had turned around for all us and that he had finally understood, Me. The past was behind, and the future lay ahead as we sowed dreams of our Baby our Rekha our destination.


Okay, now wake up...and tell me how was it?Confused

please excuse any mistakes...

-Luv Pari

*no pms sent*

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ItsmeAish IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Omggg meri bhatiji m
kinda speechless after reading this 
it was a bit heartwrnechin to see virman not living together 
but the way u moulded the later
part he unknowingly gettin affectionate towards baby n d last few
lines totally touched my heart beautiful os

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athniamanvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 1:37am | IP Logged
awesome story pari... really loved it... especially the second half of it...  

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NourinNiShal Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 1:41am | IP Logged
OMG! U made me speechless..! I really want the track to move forward like that..aww..its cute yet emotional.. Heart manvi's pain..stubborn virat..eeks! Its been portrayed so flawlessly..yay..loved it, mommyyy Heart

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Sumana123 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 1:42am | IP Logged
IT IS BEAUTIFUL BEYOND DESCRIPTION ...I DON'T HAVE much words to do justice with what I felt in this OS ...A complete journey which is full of warmth...It Justified why Viraat was firs cold and then accept ..every dad does that...I felt so Happy For Maanvi not holding Back on his behaviour and letting him enjoy the journey together with the new Member ...Past Can not be changed ..but Present and Future Lies in our hand ...Moral of the Story 

Love it Pari...I m out of words 

Love Sumana

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rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Awww its so beautifull...i hope we wud c something like this in coming epis...but i hope virat wont take much time to realise d importance of baby in their life...lovely...sent d copy to CVs as starts chorifing our writers stories already so it might also help them :p

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NushIsh Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 2:19am | IP Logged
This is a beautiful OS.
Amazingly written highlighting Virat's unwillingness to become a dad and how Manvi was hurt by it but in the end when he finally realises that he needs to be a part of it even if he wasn't expecting it Manvi forgave him because there's no point living in the past. We should not let past mistakes affect our present and future decisions. Beautifully written Pari.

Love Nush

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ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Pari m smilinggg.. Eeeks dis was fab.. you shld write more os u knw Wink
Loved it.. the way you portray Manvi's emotion.. her motherly instict that before listening nythn against her unborn child she raised her hand on her dear husband.. awh.. Heart
Mom really loves der child more than her husband.. Loved everythn Pari.. muahhh.. Heart

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