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Kashmakash S2 Th 4 Chap 10 Pg 101 July 01 (Page 97)

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Chapter kitte hai ??

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Hi all of u kesse hey sab 
shreya98 Goldie

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Kyu ji essa kya ho gya
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Originally posted by shreyalvashni

Hi all of u kesse hey sab

Xhapter post nahi hua par phir bhi zinda hai..
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Awesome work my Spammers..here is chapter 10. Enjoy!! Comments and / or like button clicks welcome. Smile

Chapter Ten


BB: But Vermaji..

Ashu: Baba..let him talk.

CV: What is there to talk Ashutosh? I am at a loss here. I mean, what you are saying..I can't even comprehend it. Aap ke aur meri beti ke beech 18 saal ka farak hain Ashutosh. 18 years! That's like having a complete generation gap and in these days, youth considers 7-8 yrs as a generation gap.

DB: Arre Dr Ashtosh aap toh meri bachchi ke pitah ke umr ke ho aur yeh..

Nidhi intervenes: DB, Dr Ashutosh mere pita ke umr ke nahi hain aur yeh baat aap achchi tarah jaanti hain.

DB shouts at Nidhi: Tum chup raho Nidhi. Don't say anything. Aur koi mila nahi tujhe? Aur kyon? Tere umr ke ladke sab margaye hain kya jo tum jaake..

BB: Kitni ajeeb baat hain na Sarojji…we always ask our children which flower do you like, which colour do you like, which profession do you like. Lekin jab pyaar ki baari aati hain, we ask WHY do you like this person. Does anyone really know the answer I wonder!

CV: I am not against my daughter falling in love Dr Mathur. Most definitely not. Pyaar ki bhaasha mein bhi samajhta hoon. But what these two are thinking of is pure insanity. As a father, I can not accept this.  

DB: Yog, why are you even talking about this? I can't even understand how they even dared to come here with this insane idea.

CV stalls her: Bua, please aap chup rahiye. Dr Mathur aur Dr Ashutosh sharafat se izzat se baat ki hain hum se. If we don't like it, we should be equally polite about it. So, please!

Ashu: Sir, I love your daughter and I understand your concerns too. I left this city and KGH for the same reason. But in the end, the distance did nothing to diminish either of our feelings. If anything, it just made them stronger.

Nidhi: Baba, I want to be happy in my life. And my happiness is with Dr Ashutosh. Please Baba, try to understand.

CV looks at his daughter. Confusion, anger, disappointment, frustration..his eyes reveal them all: I AM trying to understand Nidhi. You are thinking of you and Ashutosh now. But I am seeing you and Ashutosh when you would be 50 and he would be what? 68?

Nidhi: Baba, maa toh aap se 5 saal choti thi na. Thi na baba. So where is she now? Batayiye. Who knows what will happen 20-25 yrs down the road Baba.


BB softly continues: Vermaji, I agree that their love would seem like insanity to you but I saw them together. They complete each other. Aur agar Bhagwaan ne inn dono ke beech pyaar jagaaya hain toh koi toh wajah hogi na. please..think about it.

CV: Wajah ke baare mein toh mein nahi jaanta Dr Mathur but right now all I see is the destruction of my daughter's life. Mein iss rishte ko apni razaamandi nahi desakta. Kabhi nahi.

Nidhi: Baba..

DB: Buss Nidhi! Chup! Ek dum chup! Ab ek lafz bhi aur bola na toh yeh padai sab band karke ghar mein bitadungi.

BB gets up and Ashu follows suit: Mein aap ke jazbaat samajhsakta hoon Vermaji. Par jaldbaazi mein koi bhi faisla mat leejiye. Tande dimaag se sochiye. Take your time and think about it. We will wait.

CV: My decision is not going to change Dr Mathur.

Ashu gives him an impassive look: That's what I thought too sir. But..things change. Namaste. (He looks at Nidhi for a couple of moments without blinking, gives her a small nod of reassurance and walks away with his baba. Their car starting and backing out coincides with Anji's arrival. She literally throws her college bag inside her house and jumps over the wall to come to Nidhi's. By then, everyone has gone in different directions. DB to her room in a fit of temper, CV to his own to overcome the shocker his daughter has thrown at him today morning and Nidhi to her own to battle her own resurfaced fears.)

Anji: Kya hua? My prof stopped me just as I was about to leave. Warna mein isse pehle pahunchjaati. Kya kahaa uncle ne? I saw a car backing out. Did they come? Yaar..kuch toh bol.

Nidhi: Baba ne manaa kardiya..aur..aur woh log chalegaye.

Anji: Chale gaye matlab?

Nidhi: Dr Mathur told baba to think for some more time before making the final decision. Baba said there is nothing to think..(Her fear comes to surface full force) What if he goes off again? What if he decides baba is right? What if..

Anji: Tu tension mat le yaar. Did you try calling him?

Nidhi takes out her phone and dials his number. Ashu parks the car to the side and answers the phone: Hello?

Nidhi: Ji..mein..

Ashu looks at his baba before getting down from the car and closing the door: Haan Nidhi?

Nidhi: Ji..woh..aap..mein..you won't go off again, will you?

Ashu closes his eyes. Pain washes through him as he gets a glimpse of what she must be thinking and fearing: Nidhi..no. I promise you..I am not going to go anywhere. Let's give some time to your baba. Let him think it over. It's not easy for him either, right? Tum..sunn rahi ho na?

Nidhi: Ji..mein sunn rahi hoon. Ok. See you then.

Ashu: Take care. I promise Nidhi..I will not leave.

Nidhi sighs in relief and smiles a little: Thank you. Bye.

Ashu: Bye. (He disconnects the call and gets into the car again.) Nidhi ka phone tha. I told her we should give time for her baba to think things over.

BB nods: Let's hope for the best beta. He was very polite despite his refusal. I think he will come around.

Ashu: Aur agar phir bhi na maane toh? (BB had no answer to that and they make the rest of the journey in silence, lost in their own thoughts.)

Next day morning: Nidhi's residence:

DB looks at Nidhi dressed up in her usual salwar kurta with her backpack: Where are you going?

Nidhi: College DB.

DB: Pehle waada kar ki tu uss dactar se nahi milegi.

Nidhi: Woh KGH ke dean hain DB. Aur mein wahaa padti hoon. Na milna na mumkin hain. I can't make that promise.

CV: Is that why chose this college Nidhi?

Nidhi: He was not there when I chose it baba. He doesn't have anything to do with my decision but yes, he was the reason I chose. Ab mein chalti hoon. Der horahi hain.

DB: Shaam ko seedha ghar waapas aana.

Nidhi: Ji DB.

And she leaves, stops at the usual flower shop and makes her way to KGH. Her phone pings with an incoming sms: Where are my flowers?

Her face splits into a lovely smile as tension fades to the background and she types her reply: Stuck in a traffic jam. Pahoonch jaayenge.

Its almost time for her first class by the time she reaches KGH so she practically flies into Ashu's cabin, gives a disappointed sigh to find him gone, changes the flowers and takes another couple of minutes to tidy up his desk and leaves at the same speed almost crashing into him near the door: Ouch! Oh..sorry..woh..der hogayi. I am getting late for the class. Mein aap se baad mein baat karti hoon. Lunch. Bye. (And leaves before he could open his mouth. He huffs out a small laugh and shakes his head ruefully.

Around lunch time:

Ranga looks up at someone knocking on his cabin door: Yes?

Anji peeps in with a shy smile on her face: Hello Ranganath!

Ranga's pen drops from his fingers and he jumps up from his chair as if launched my a spring mechanism: An..Anji..tum..yahaa..mere..mere cabin mein. Come in..come in..please..have a seat.

Anji sits in the opposite chair and fiddles with her handbag: Meine aap ko disturb toh nahi kiya na?

Ranga: No no no..not at all. Its lunch time any way. Kahiye kya karsakta hoon mein aap keliye.

Anji bites her lower lip: Woh..actually..I was thinking..Shall we go for lunch? I mean..you and me..?

Ranga's jaw almost hits the floor: Uh..oh..ummm..lu..lunch? As in you and me only lunch? As in..as in date kind of lunch? (Anji nods with bowed head and pink cheeks making Ranga fairly leap out of his chair and don his coat.) Sure..sure..aap bulaye aur hum na aaye..chaliye chalte hain.

Anji gets up: Just two minutes ok? I want to meet Dr Ashutosh once. He and his father had come to Nidhi's house yesterday but I missed them by minutes. I want to see who it is that Nidhi fell so hard for.

Ranga nods with a smile and checks his watch: I think he will be in the canteen at this time. Uh..how did the meeting go?

Anji shrugs: As expected. Nidhi ke baba nahi maanrahe. Dekhte hain kya hota hain. (Ranga nods and directs her towards the canteen and informs her that he would be waiting for her near his car. With a wave, she goes towards the lifts and soon reaches the canteen.)

In the canteen:

Ashu: Dr Kothari was saying that you stopped coming to the canteen..after I left?

Nidhi raises her eyes to find him looking at her as if waiting for her answer: Mann nahi kiya.

Ashu: I think Dr Khanna also knows.

Nidhi grins and rolls her eyes: Everyone knows! This is KGH sir.

Ashu frowns: No one said anything to me.

Nidhi gives him a get real look: As if anyone would dare to say anything to the Dean! (Then her face softens) They didn't say anything much to me either. So please don't worry about it.

Anji: Hi!

Nidhi whirls her head: Hey Anji! Tu yahaa kaise?

Anji smiles at her before sliding a look at Ashu: I told you na..I wanted an introduction? So..here I am!

Nidhi takes her hand and pulls her closer: Dr Ashutosh..this is my best friend and childhood buddy, Anji Solanki. Anji, Dr Ashutosh, Neurosurgeon and Dean of KGH.

Ashu gets up and shakes Anji's hand: Hello. Nice meeting you.

Anji grins: Same here. I..(She gives a quick look around the canteen where the staff is not even bothering to hide their curiosity and tones down her volume) I wanted to be there yesterday but my prof stopped me at the last minute and I got delayed.

Ashu nods and gestures her to take a seat: You are studying..?

Anji: Fashion designing mein PG kar rahi hoon. Final year.

Nidhi: Lunch karegi? I can get..

Anji stops her: Nahi..mein..I am going out with Ranganath.

Nidhi raises both her eyebrows: Arre waah..kya baat hain! Finally haan!

Anji pushes her: Enough now. I am off. He is waiting. Nice meeting you Dr Ashutosh. (And she leans in to whisper something in Nidhi's ear and runs off before Nidhi could catch her. Ashu observes the whole exchange with a slight smile on his face and raises his eyebrow at Nidhi.)

Nidhi: She said her jeejaji looks very smart. (A moment's confusion and then a slash of red tinge his cheeks making her smother her giggle. Both finish their lunch quickly and leave.)

This goes on for the next three days with a continued impasse at Nidhi's house and both of them limiting their meetings to their lunch time in the canteen which hardly gives any chance or opportunity for a private conversation. Each hides their disappointment and fear of the uncertain future and it makes the already limited conversations more stilted. Questions of what if, what now and how long plague their minds until Ashu's temper is frayed and Nidhi is on the edge all the time. They start relying more and more on sms and soon it becomes a part of their daily routine. One "good morning" wish followed by "how was your day" in the evening and then a "good night" in the night just before going to sleep.

On the Fourth day: Morning:

Nidhi gets a call from Ashu: Ji?

Ashu: Nidhi..you have a minute?

She was on her way to the auditorium with the rest of her class mates so she moves a little away from the group: Ji kahiye.

Ashu: I have to go to Delhi for 2 days. Got a call from AIIMS. Something that I need to wrap up over there.

Nidhi's face dims: Kab jaana hain?

Ashu sighs and starts walking towards the parking lot: I am leaving now. Will be back the day after tomorrow. Ok? (A slight pause and then) I will be back Nidhi. Day after tomorrow. Wadaa karta hoon.

Nidhi smiles: Teek hain. Mein intezaar karoongi. Apna khayaal rakhiye. Where will you stay over there?

Ashu: It's just for a day na toh Armaan ke ghar.

Nidhi: Ok. Armaanji ko mera hello boliye.

Ashu smiles: Kehdoonga. Take care. See you soon.

Nidhi: I love you. (Ashu's feet come to a stand still and his fingers tighten around the phone and his breath shudders out. She smiles.) Happy journey sir.

Ashu: Nidhi..call if..if anything changes.

Nidhi: Will do.


Next day night:

Ashu's phone pings just as he is about to send Nidhi a goodnight message: Hont pe liye hue dil ki baat hum..jaagte rahenge aur kitne raat hum..mukhtsar ki baat hain..tumse pyaar hain..tumhaara intezaar hain.

Ashu traces the message lovingly with his fingertips before typing his reply: Dil behel toh jaayega iss khayaal se..haal milgaya tumhaara apne haal se..raat yeh karaar ki..bekaraar hain..tumhaara intezaar hain.

He clicks the send button before Armaan's voice makes him turn back from his place in the balcony: Missing her?

Ashu nods, his thumb still on the screen of the phone: I was missing her before too you know..for 8 long lonely months I missed her Armaan. Par iss baar..iss baar woh dard alag hain. (His palm rubs over his heart in a subconscious gesture telling his friend where it's hurting him)

Armaan smiles and squeezes his shoulder: You know what..I think you guys should just go ahead and get married. Her father will come around slowly once he realizes his daughter is happy with you.

Ashu: Dekhte hain. Let's give him some time.

Nidhi's residence:

Nidhi knocks softly before entering CV's room: Baba?

CV looks up from his book: Yes Nidhi?

Nidhi sits beside him on the bed: Baba..mein aapse kuch kehna chaahti hoon.

CV: Dr Ashutosh ke baare mein? (She nods) Iss baare mein hum na baat kare toh hi achcha hain Nidhi. If I had even inkling of what was going on in your mind when you joined your PG, I wouldn't have agreed to it come hell or high water.

Nidhi: Baba..when I joined, he had already left KGH on sabbatical.

CV gets up angrily: Then he damn well should have stayed away instead of coming back to wreck your life.

Nidhi: Baba, my life was a wreck while he was away and I think you know it.

CV sighs impatiently: Yeh pyaar nahi pagalpan hain Nidhi aur iss pagalapan ka saath mein NAHI doonga. Have you thought of what the society would say to your relationship?

Nidhi: Mein apni khushi ke baare mein sochrahi hoon baba..society ke baare mein nahi.

CV: You can't say that Nidhi. We LIVE in this society. (He raises his palm as if he doesn't want her to talk anymore.) Buss Nidhi..no more discussions on this topic. Finish your studies. I am sure by then you will be well over this madness and start making some sensible decisions. (Nidhi gives him a helpless look and leaves his room)

Ashu slides off into a restless sleep with all kinds of restless disturbing thoughts crowding his mind. A frown gathers as he turns into a 7 year old once again: "Papa, aap mera doggy wapas do na please. Mein promise karta hoon..mein aapko phir gussa nahi dilaaunga." His father's voice hits him out of the blue, his face twisted with a kind of sadistic pleasure: "That's not a doggy..thats a soft toy. I chopped it off and threw it away." Suddenly, the image of his father blurs and becomes that of CV: "What you are thinking of is insanity..I would never accept it. Aapka rishta mujhe hargiz manzoor nahi." Nidhi's voice and image starts fading into the background: "I have fallen in love with you. I love you..I love you..I love.." Ashu is startled out of his sleep with Nidhi's name echoing through the walls. Did I scream? He runs a distracted hand through his sweat drenched face. What was it? A nightmare? Yes..just a nightmare. That guy died long ago. Nidhi ke baba uski tarah nahi hain. He would accept. He gets up and starts pacing around. But what if he doesn't? What if I lose her? No..I can't lose her now. I can't live without her. I told her everything. I didn't hide anything from her and still she chose me. She is mine now. But she loves kids. He smothers that twinge of guilt. She is an adult and she has thought through and made her choices. I won't let her go. I can't do this. I can't wait any more. I want her with me where I can see her whenever I want..touch her..reassure myself that she is mine. I want to bind her to me in every way possible. Decision made, he picks up his phone.

Nidhi is startled out of her disturbed sleep by the ringing of her phone. She looks at the clock. 2 AM. She checks the number. Dr Ashutosh! She quickly picks it up: Hello?

Ashu: Nidhi?

Nidhi: Ji? Kya hua? Sab..sab teek toh hain?

Ashu: Nidhi..do you trust me?

Nidhi rubs her eyes: Yeh kaisa sawaal hain?

Ashu: Answer me. Do you trust me?

Nidhi: Khud se zyaada.

Ashu: Do you love me?

Nidhi: Aap se zyaada.

Ashu: Will you marry me? (Stunned silence answers him) Will you marry me Nidhi?

Nidhi swallows: Yes. But..

Ashu: I am going to be back in Lucknow tomorrow morning. Meet me at the Ram Mandir at 3 pm. I am going to marry you..tomorrow.

Nidhi gets up from her bed: Ji?

Ashu: I will wait for you. Tomorrow. 3 PM. Ram Madir. (And ends the call before going and knocking on Armaan's door. A couple of minutes later, Mansi opens the door with sleep blurry eyes.)

Mansi: Ashu bhaiya? Kya hua? Kuch chahiye?

Ashu: I am going to marry Nidhi tomorrow. I want you and Armaan to attend. Will you?

Mansi blinks a couple of times before running inside and shaking Armaan awake: Armaan! Armaan! WAKE UP! Ashu bhaiya is going to get married tomorrow.

Ashu hears Armaan's scream of "WHAT" from his place in the hall which adjoins all the three bedrooms. A couple of moments later, Armaan staggers out: Kya hua tujhe?

Ashu looks at him with painfilled desperate eyes: Armaan..will you help me?


Next day: Afternoon: 2.45:

Nidhi grips Anji's hand tighter before taking out her phone and making the call: Baba..baba mein Nidhi. (Her heart thunders out in her chest until she is sure it can be heard by her father through the phone. She didn't have the courage to tell him face to face and copped out by coming out of the house at her usual college time. Ever since Dr Ashutosh and his father had come to talk, the atmosphere at home was stitled and tense so no one questioned her when she made her way out with her usual backpack.)

CV: Yes Nidhi?

Nidhi: Baba..mein Dr Ashutosh se shaadi karne jaarahi hoon. Aaj. 3 baje. Ram Mandir mein. I know you won't, but I would be really happy if you would come and bless me.

Stunned silence follows her statement. Finally: Don't bother coming back to my house ever again. (The line gets disconnected. She closes her eyes tightly so that her tears don't seep out. She has made her choices and she would pray that one day soon, her father would accept and forgive.)

Anji: You ok? (Nidhi nods)

Ranga turns to look at her from his place in the front seat: We are almost there Nidhi.

Nidhi: Thank you Ranganath.

Ranga smiles: Aap ka dost hoon Nidhi. Aur phir..I can't even think of NOT attending my boss's wedding na.

2.55 PM: Ram Mandir:

Armaan hands over the shaadi ka saamaan to the pandit, gestures Mansi to take charge, makes sure Anjali is not climbing any walls and trees and makes his way to Ashu: There is still time Ashu. Ghabra mat.

Ashu's eyes are glued towards the temple entrance: Yes. She will come. She HAS to come.

Armaan: We didn't even tell baba yaar.

Ashu: He is a father Armaan. I could not ask him to support this and if I ask and if he refuses, I can't do this. Its better this way.

Armaan nods and a slow smile splits his face: Lo..aagayi tumhaari dulhan.

Relief almost makes him fall on his knees before a smile lights up his eyes and reaches his lips as he sees her getting down from the cab with her friend Anji and..whoa..and Ranganath too in her tow. Dressed in a simple maroon sari, hair in its usual pony tail and a pair of bangles adorning her hands along with a simple gold chain around her neck. His bride. His treasure. His Nidhi. She would have had so many dreams about her wedding day and here I am..His pang of remorse disappears as she looks up at him and smiles. All three walk up to the mandap and wordlessly, he extends his hand to her in a gesture of reassurance. She places her hand in his without a moment's hesitation and he helps her up the steps. Her gaze slides from his and she gives a small tentative smile Armaan and Mansi. Mansi's own smile widens and she envolopes Nidhi in a hug: Hello Nidhi. I am Mansi. Armaan's wife. Darr lagraha hain?

Nidhi swallows and wets her lips: Ji..thoda.

Mansi: Don't worry. Yeh mere Ashu bhaiya hain na..he will take real good care of you. Ghabrao mat Nidhi. Humsab hain na tumhaare saath? Hmmm?

Nidhi nods and everyone turns towards the hawan where the pandit is sitting and beckoning them. Ashu shakes Ranga's hand in a wordless gesture of thank you and Ranga shakes his head as if to say no thanks needed. Anji quickly adjusts Nidhi's sari and places a red twinkling bindi on her forehead while Maansi gets a red chunar from her bag and drapes it over her head. Armaan gets a pink long dupatta and puts it over Ashu's shoulders. Maansi helps Nidhi sit in front of the hawan and Ashu sits beside her to her right side. Pandit starts reciting the chants and after a small Ganesh puja, Pandit signals for the gatbandhan. Armaan and Mansi do the honours and the couple start their pheras. One oath for each phera. The first four times, Nidhi follows Ashu and the next 3 Ashu follows Nidhi. Just as the Pandit is about to announce "Phere sampann hue", Ashu signals him to wait and turns towards his bride: Nidhi..humaari shaadi mein aat phere honge. Ek aatwa vachan logi mereliye?

(Nidhi looks into his eyes and nods. Her trust in him complete and absolute. He extends his palm and she places hers in it as a promise. He tightens his fingers around her palm) Repeat after me. Ok? (Another nod) I swear before the God and this holy fire..

Nidhi: I swear before the God and this holy fire..

Ashu: That if at any point of time in the future..

Nidhi: That if at any point of time in the future..

Ashu: No matter what the reason or how justified it may appear to be..

Nidhi: No matter what the reason or how justified it may appear to be..

Ashu: If you cause me any kind of physical or emotional harm..

Nidhi finally realizes what he wants her to promise. But there is not an ounce of hesitation as she repeats: If you cause me any kind of physical or emotional harm..

Ashu: I would not think of forgiving you.

Nidhi: I would not think of forgiving you.

Ashu: I would leave you and never look back..ever again.

Nidhi: I would leave you and never look back..ever again.

He gestures her to go ahead for the eigth phera and he follows her. Armaan blinks back the wetness in his eyes and cheers up everyone's sombre mood by scattering flower petals over the couple and lifting up Anjali so that she also can participate. The rest quickly get caught in the enthusiasm and follow suit. Pandit extends the sindoor and Nidhi bows her head as Ashu fills her maang with it. Maansi quickly opens the small box and extends the single strand of black beads in a gold chain with a small locket to Ashu. It had been literally a last minute purchase done while Ashu and Armaan were already at the Mandir and Maansi had run to the nearest Jewellery store. Ashu ties it around Nidhi's neck. She raises her eyes and looks into his. Relief, joy, contentment and love chase each other in both their expressions and they are barely aware of their friends clapping. Anji back hugs Nidhi and kisses her cheek while Armaan slaps Ashu's back and both friends hug each other. Ranga face is wreathed in smiles as he congratulates Ashu before forgoing the protocol and hugging him quickly and stepping back.

"Yeh vivah sampann hua. Aaj se aap dono pati patni." Another round of woohoos and claps go around at that announcement by the pandit.

Ashu gets up and extends his hand to his wife: Ghar chale?

Nidhi places her hand in his. 

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Thanks me first.. while hitting like button I eead yeh vicah sampan hua.. Dancing now !!

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Ashni Married Whooopppiiieee 

Loved the chapter, as expected DB and CV were against this relationship but felt good when Ashu did not backed off and tried again and again'. That scene touched me when Nidhi feared that he might leave her again Unhappy. I always love the way CV is always polite, his fears were justufied and yet he didnt say anything hurting to Ashu...Clap Loved the little scene when Ashu came out of the car and took Nidhi's call...Clap

So finally Anji agreed to go out with Ranganath. Great! I just loved the part when Nidhi introduced Anji to Ashu and Anji said Jeejaji is looking smart WinkLOL... Humara Ashu smart hi nahi handsome bhi hai Wink

So Ashu left for Delhi and Nidhi for the first time said I love you and reaction by Ashu was also so good.ClapEmbarrassed... So Ashu is still fighting with himself CryCry my poor baby...Cry...

Ashu's proposal to Nidhi was beautiful... and the best part Nidhi never gave a second thought before saying YES... Loved it !!Clap

Loved the 8th vachan part in wedding... and the small convo between CV and Nidhi was heart touching... CV broke all relations with her Cry I though he would support her and DB will be against but this time its both...Cry

So Vivah sampan hua...Mazza aa agay... Finally kissi ne toh bhaag kar shaadi ki WinkLOL

Eagerly waiting for next update now Wink

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Originally posted by suku_07

Originally posted by jayasree.rao


Don't you have mercy on so many people who are addicted to your stories.


Thanks for the support. Dr. Heart stone ke kahani likhte likhte Suja bhi heart stone banna jaye.

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Suvika. 1186 98878 20 October 2012 at 2:32am by Suvika.
Ashutosh ke Nazar se- FF/ Chap 6 Final Chap pg 39

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Libra 346 36326 15 October 2012 at 1:40am by rajanigandha26
GOTW (01 July to 07 JULY 2012) Whistle-blowers Its

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*Dev.* 52 4017 03 July 2012 at 1:21pm by SwastikAshNi

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