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Kashmakash S2 Th 4 Chap 10 Pg 101 July 01 (Page 34)

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Looks like everyone is off to bed. Ok..I am posting chapter nine now. Enjoy! Comments and / or like button clicks welcome. Smile

Chapter Nine


Next day morning: KGH:

Ranga walks along with Ashu and Dr Khanna in the corridor leading to Ashu's cabin: It's really great to have you back sir.

Dr Khanna: Oh no two ways about it. Now, please take charge of KGH asap. I am happy sticking to my department. Yeh poora hospital sambhaalna ab aur nahi hota. See..I already have gone a bit bald here. (He turns to show the back of his head making Ranga smother his laugh behind a cough and Ashu give his lopsided smile.)

Ashu: It's definitely good to be back Khanna. And Ranga already updated me. You did a great job. Don't try to deny it.

All 3 of them reach Ashu's cabin and Dr Khanna shakes hands: Be that as it may, I am still happy being a surgeon. Welcome back once again Ashutosh.

Ashu: Thank you. (Dr Khanna walks off in the other direction and Ranga and Ashu enter Ashu's cabin. Room is as sparkling clean as it had been for the past 8 months, desk all tidied up and neat and another small vase replacing the one he had taken with him, full of colourful tulips. Somehow, the sight of those flowers and that vase is like a punch to his gut. He swallows repeatedly to clear his clogged throat and with slightly trembling fingers touches the flowers lovingly. You never stopped wishing me good morning, did you? You never gave up. Tum kya ho Nidhi? A sudden thought occurs. These flowers are fresh. That means you are already here? He swirls his head in a move to go and open the door and sees Ranga watching him with understanding in his eyes.) Uh..Ranganath..

Ranga: Nidhi comes here every morning around 7.30 and goes to the college after..(He gestures to the flowers and the room in general) She is doing her PG in paediatrics sir. KG medical college mein.

Ashu nods: Jaanta hoon.

Ranga: It's good to have you back sir. We missed you.

And leaves closing the door softly behind him. Impatience kicks in and Ashu starts restlessly prowling in the cabin. When will she come? Do I have to wait until tomorrow morning now? How do I find out? Ranganath? No. Bad idea! That guy already knows but that would be making things too obvious. (He takes out his phone) Shall I call? No! What would I call and say? How will I know when I can see her? Where? How? Soon the management members gather and the meetings and updates that follow keep him busy through the rest of the morning. But for the first time, his impatience and anxiety is shown on his usually stoic face. Around 1.00 he goes to the canteen and sits at their usual place all those months ago. Will she come? She has to eat, right? And 1 to 2 is a lunch break at the college. So she should be here, right? (He checks his watch. 1.08) Where is she? How long does it take to walk from that building to this? Hardly 10 minutes! And she is a brisk walker too. Not one of those docile one who stroll. His reverie gets interrupted.

Dr Kothari: Hello Dr Ashutosh.

Ashu gets up: Hello Dr Kothari. How are you?

Dr K nods: I am fine. I got the news that you are have decided to join us again. Welcome back.

Ashu: Thank you.

Dr K gestures to the empty seat: Is this one taken or may I..?

A heartbeat of pause later, Ashu: Sure..please. (Both take their seats and begin their lunch. Or rather Dr K starts eating while Ashu continues to fiddle with the spoon and push the food around the plate)

Dr K: She doesn't come to the canteen any more Dr Ashutosh.

(Ashu's startled eyes meet Dr K's faintly accusing ones, although her tone is as polite and diplomatic as ever.) She stopped coming to the canteen after you left. Her DB packs her a lunch box and she sits under one of those trees and eats there itself. She went to pieces initially but regrouped later on.

Ashu leaves his plate and gets up: Thank you Dr Kothari.

Dr K nods with a faint smile: Good luck. (Ashu comes out of the canteen and his still restless mind takes him towards the paediatric ward. His feet and heart come to a stand still as he sees her walking towards him in a light blue colour sari and a white coat over it.)

KGH reception desk:

Nidhi: Hi. Can you tell me where Dr Sanjay is? He called for me but he is not in his cabin.

Receptionist: He is in the paediatric ward Dr Nidhi.

Nidhi nods and goes towards the ward. Her glance casually passes through the people around until it lands on Ashu. He seems rooted to the spot and staring right at her. She stops for a second, blinks slowly before smiling a little and walking right past him. Why didn't she even stop? Why did she smile and walk away? Was I wrong in thinking..

"Dr Ashutosh..yeh mere bhai ke MRI reports hain.."

Ashu turns his dazed eyes to the person standing beside him. He takes the reports and walks towards his cabin with the person in tow.

I miss you sir. Jab bhi mein yahaa iss childrens' ward mein aati hoon pata nahi kyon aap ko hi dekhti hoon. I see you stading there..sometimes looking at the children and smiling or sometimes looking at me with your eyebrow raised. Aap ko pata hain aap ko mein kitna miss karti hoon? She quickly makes her way to Dr Sanjay: Good afternoon sir. Aap ne mujhe bulaaya?

Dr Sanjay looks up from the chart: Hi Nidhi..come come. That neonatal jaundice case..did you get the reports?

Nidhi takes out her notebook: Report is not yet ready sir. Too much backlog to clear for them today. So I jotted down the levels from the technician. Bilirubin level is 12mg/dL. It's going down sir. It was 13.5 the last time we checked.

Dr Sanjay nods: That's good then. Tell them to continue the breast feeding. Insufficient milk intake also might be the reason.

Nidhi jots it down: Will do sir. And the child with typhoid, Vivek, is ready for discharge. Reports are all normal.

Dr Sanjay: I will see to that. Had your lunch?

Nidhi: Not yet sir. Will do now.

Dr Sanjay bends down to examine another child: KGH is looking nice today, isn't it?

Nidhi frowns: Ji?

Dr Sanjay nods without looking up: Now that our dean is back..

Nidhi's note pad slips from her fingers: Ji?

Dr Sanjay finally sighs and looks at Nidhi: Dr Ashutosh is back Nidhi. He joined duty again this morning.

Nidhi's entire body jerks a little. She bends down and collects her note pad with a trembling hand and stuffs it in her coat pocket. He is back? But..oh my God! That means I really saw him! I thought..I thought.. She takes her leave from Dr Sanjay as politely as possible under the circumstances and literally flies towards Ashu's cabin and just barges into it.


Ashu looks at the man standing before him: I will talk to Dr Nehru. Aap fikr mat keejiye. Aap ke bhai..(His sentence gets cuts off as the door bursts open and Nidhi almost stumbles inside before coming to a sudden halt. Her panting breath suggests that she has run all the way to his cabin. Her stunned eyes meet his own as they drink in each other's presence.

Aap sach mein yahaa hain? Ya phir se mein koi sapna dekhrahi hoon? You..you have gone down. What happened? Were you not well? Why did you leave? Why did you come back?

Nidhi..see..I have come back! Come back for you. Aankhe taras gayi Nidhi tumhe dekhne ko. Buss..ab jeebharke tumhe dekhna chaahta hoon..mehsoos karna chaahta hoon. You have changed. You look more mature..thinner..you have gone down. Did you miss me so much that you have stopped taking care of yourself?

Both of them come back to this world at the sound of someone calling "Sir?" Ashu blinks and turns back towards the man: Haan..mein..I will talk to Dr Nehru. Aap ka bhai ek kaabil surgeon ke haathon mein hain. Please don't worry. Aap jaake unhe admit karvaayiye. (The man thanks, collects the reports and leaves.)

Ashu turns once again to look at Nidhi and she probably hasn't even blinked after barging into the cabin never mind looking away. He gives her a small smile: Hello Dr Nidhi.

Her eyes just continue to devour him: I..(she swallows) I..thought..I was..seeing..imagining..hallucinating..(Her hand gestures to the corridor vaguely trying to explain her earlier reaction of smiling at him and walking away without any acknowledgement.)

Ashu: Kaisi ho?

Nidhi: Teek hoon..aap..aap kaise hain?

Ashu: Ab teek hoon. (Too many questions and too many confessions battle with each other to be heard over the silence reigning in the cabin.) Your college ends at what..4?

Nidhi: Ji.

Ashu: I will wait for you in the parking lot..say 4.10? (Nidhi nods like a doll. Her fingers stuff themselves in her whilte coat pocket to resist the temptation of reaching out and touching him just to make sure he really is here..in front her. He realizes that his own eyes darken and he grits his teeth in an effort to hold himself back.) I will see you in the evening then.

Another nod and she turns back to go. With one hand on the door knob, face turned away from him, she stops: Was I the reason you left?

Ashu: Shaam ko baat karenge Nidhi.

Evening: 3.00 pm: KGH parking lot:

Ashu walks towards his car and notices Nidhi walking towards his car from the other direction with backpack slung over her shoulder. He quickens his steps: No class?

Nidhi: I skipped. I couldn't..I didn't..

Ashu opens the door for her in acceptance of her garbled reply which made perfect sense to him as he couldn't and he didn't either. He has a destination in mind and the drive towards it is made in silent anxiety and anticipation. About 45 minutes later, they reach a hill top and Ashu stops the car. Both of them get down and walk a little further into the greenery and stand for a while to observe the scenery spread out before them. It being the month of November, the weather is pleasant at that time of the day, the sky a splendid mixtures of blue, orange, lavender, even a shade of purple and grey with the sun nearing the 2 mountains, birds chirping and making their way home, a cool breeze ruffling the leaves of all the trees around.

Ashu: MD Paediatrics..you enjoying it?

Nidhi: Yes. Where were you all these days? May I know?

Ashu: Delhi. I took up teaching at AIIMS.

Nidhi: Was I the reason you left?

Ashu looks at her: You are the reason I came back Nidhi.

Nidhi continues to gaze at the mountains: Why did you leave?

Ashu: I thought you would move on with your life if I am not there. I thought you would stop..

Nidhi completes his sentence: Loving you? Mein apni zindagi mein aage badoo ya na badoo, isse aap ko kya farak padta hain? I never..

Ashu: Farak padta hain Nidhi.

Nidhi whirls around to face him: Kyon? Agar aap mujhse pyaar nahi karte toh..

Something snaps in him at that and he catches her shoulders and shakes her: Pyaar nahi karta? MEIN tumse pyaar nahi karta? Tumhaari ek jhalak dekhne keliye tarasta hoon. Tumhaari  muskaan se mere din ki shuruvaad hoti hain..tumhaari hasi ki awaaz mujhe chain ki neend sulaati hain. Yeh 8 maheene kaise guzaare hain yeh sirf mein jaanta hoon. I couldn't breathe without thinking about you..I couldn't walk without thinking about the way you skip and bound in that paediatric ward..I couldn't talk without thinking about your musical voice..I couldn't eat..Nidhi ne khaana khaaya hoga na..She would have had her lunch, right? Its 2. She would get hungry and cranky otherwise. I couldn't drink that stupid tea..Nidhi ko elaichi wala chai pasand hain. Gaana sunne ki koshish karta hoon toh tumhaari awaaz goonjti hain kaanon mein..choogayi jism mera..kiske daaman ki hawaa..yahi gaaya tha na tumne uss din? Do you know how I felt after that? What I went through? How much I just wanted to come to you and..

Incomprehension, disbelief, realization, hope, joy, love..all chase one after the other across her face until it splits into the most beautiful smile he had ever seen: You love me. Aap..aap mujhse pyaar karte hain! You..you love me! (The smile on her trembling lips turns into a grin and her eyes fill up at the same time. Breath hitches out in a hiccup and tears start rolling down her cheeks. The contrast between that grin and those tears becomes more as she alternates between biting her lower lip to stop her cry and grins at him in joy. Her emotions surround him from all directions until he feels drowning in them.) Aap pyaar karte hain mujhse! Bahut pyaar karte hain. (She turns towards the mountains and screams at the top of her voice) DR ASHUTOSH LOVES ME! (And the dam bursts at that as she sinks to the grass on her knees and gives a loud wail. A cry that holds all the relief after all these months of uncertainity and pain. She wipes her tears with the back of her hand and screams again) HE LOVES ME!

Ashu gets down on his knees in front of her and pulls her into a tight hug. His heart thuds loudly at the feel of her in his arms for the first time and he squeezes his eyes tightly shut as her pain continues to tear him apart on the inside: Shhh..Nidhi..chup hojao. Shhh..buss..hogaya..Nidhi..

Her arms slide around his waist and tighten themselves around him with all her strength. She hiccups out: You love me..aap mujhse pyaar karte hain..you love me..you really do..

Ashu pulls her away a little and cups her cheeks: Shhh..Nidhi.. He joins his lips to hers and cuts off her you love me. Sensations bombard them as all the suppressed love and desire finds an outlet for the first time. His grip on her cheeks tightens before sliding into her hair and tilting her head to the side. Her lack of response makes him draw back a little and realizing that she digs her fingers into his shirt and pulls him back. Lips joins once again..this time with more confidence and more desperation. The need to get a better taste makes him open his mouth and she soon follows him. His hands slip from her hair to her neck before going around her waist while hers move from his waist to his shoulders to the back of his head and tunnels themselves in his thick hair. Minutes pass as they forget everything including themselves. Finally, they draw apart as their lungs protest the lack of oxygen. Nidhi glides her lips over his jaw and chin before burrowing her head in his chest with a blissful sigh. His arms tighten around her once but he slowly pulls her away from him: Nidhi..before you make any final decision..

Nidhi looks at him with her cheeks pink and lips red: My final decision has already been made.

Ashu gets up and gives her his hand palm up and pulls her up: There are things that you should know about me and my past. I want you to listen. Ok? (Nidhi nods. Both of them settle down on one of the big rocks scattered around the mountain area. He starts talking in a complete dispassionate voice) My father was in the army initially. He fell in love with my mother and married her. A few months later she got pregnant and problems started. He always had problem controlling his temper and due to that he got kicked out of the army. Then I was born. He felt I brought in some kind of bad luck to him and I was the reason behind all his failures. And every time I cried or laughed or moved or talked or walked, I got a taste of that temper. Sometimes it was the back of his hand and sometimes it was his belt and sometimes his fist. Although to be very honest, my mom used to shield me from most of those fists. When I was about 7, one day, I was playing with a ball and it hit one of the window panes. So this time he came to me with the cricket bat. But unluckily for him, my mom came between us and she took the blow that was meant for me. And all I could do was sit there and watch my mother bleed out and die. I hid under the table when he started hitting her and didn't move from there..didn't do anything. Just sat and watched her die. (She takes his hand in hers and entwines their fingers while looping her arm through his sharing his pain in silence. After a slight hesitation, he tightens his fingers around hers in a wordless thank you.) Then by some stroke of fate, Baba had come to our house. He was my father's friend but never even knew the kind of person he actually was. That's how well he hid himself under the cover of civility. Baba called the police and later on my father was convicted and a few years after that, he died during a prison fight. Baba adopted me soon after that and for all intents and purposes I am now his son and he is my father in every sense except genetically. (He finally turns to look at Nidhi who has been silently listening to everything.) You studied the basics of genetics, right?

She nods and realizes where he is going with this: Abused children have a tendency to become abusive partners and parents. Is that why you never married?

Ashu: Yes. No marriage..no children. (He huffs out a sad laugh) Then you entered my life..like a whirlwind and I got carried away. When I realized..

Nidhi: You backed off and later pushed me away. (She places her soft hand on his shoulder) You don't think these issues can be dealt with? That I could help you in dealing with them?

Ashu: Would you be willing to take that chance with me knowing that someday I could..

Nidhi interrupts firmly: I REFUSE to believe that you are ANYTHING like your father Dr Ashutosh.

Ashu shrugs before once again facing the scenary: May be..may be not. But if you become a part of my life, you need to accept that we will not have children..either natural or adopted..EVER. I refuse to take a gamble on a child's life. (Nidhi opens her mouth but he stalls her) I won't bend on this Nidhi. Don't decide or give me an answer now. Go home and think. Not just about this but also about the difference in our ages. There is a gap of 18 years between us. We are bound to have issues over that.

Nidhi: Every couple faces issues Dr Ashutosh. We will have our own set.

Ashu: Its not just the issues..not many are going to understand this relationship. This society is ruthless towards people who break the preset norms. Snide comments, inneundos, sarcasm..it will hit you with anything and everything. Your family..they might not agree or accept. You would end up having to choose. (He once again stops her from talking)  As I said, think about all these things and let me know.

Nidhi relents: Ok.

Ashu: Everyone in KGH knows. (Nidhi nods) Did they say anything to you? I mean..

Nidhi smiles: Not much. It was more like concern than..

Ashu: Did you tell anyone?

Nidhi: Only my friend..Anji. She knows everything.

He looks at the darkening skies: Chale? (Both of them get up and make their way back.)

That night: Anji's room:

Anji: Toh..kya socha tu ne?

Nidhi settles down on the bed comfortably and closes her eyes: Sochne keliye kuch rahahi nahi hain Anji. All I want is him..on any terms. I am sure one day my family will understand and I give a hoot about the society.

Anji: Aur bachche? Nidhi..you love kids!

Nidhi: Yes, I love them. But if I can't have them with him then I will not be having them anyway. Because for me, there is only him..no one else.

Anji lies down beside her and turns towards her: Itna pyaar karti hain tu unse?

Nidhi opens her eyes: Utna pyaar toh Ranganath bhi tumse karte hain na. Aur tu bhi unse pyaar karti hain..but you never told him. Not once. (She cups Anji's cheek) Intezaar ka dard ka hota hain yeh mein jaanti hoon Anji. Don't do this to him. Don't do this to yourself. Trust your feelings and take a leap of faith.

Anji nods then changes the topic: Pehle apna issue solve kar phir mera love guru banna. Teek hain? Goodnight.

Nidhi smiles and closes her eyes: Goodnight Anji.

Anji's eyes pop open again: I want to meet him. I wanted to do that the first time you told me but then he left and..kab milayegi?

Nidhi smiles: Whenver you want. Come to the college one day and I will do the honours. Ab chal. Soja.

Same night: Ashu's residence:

Ashu knocks on BB's door: Baba..

BB looks up from his book: Wahaa kyon khada hain..aaja..andar aaja..bait. (Ashu sits on the bed beside BB's rocking chair) Ab bol..kya baat hain. How was your day?

Ashu removes his eye glasses and wipes them on his shirt before putting them back on again: Achcha tha baba. (A slight pause) I met Nidhi. She is doing MD Paediatrics at KGMC.

BB smiles and nods: Kaisi hain woh?

Ashu: Baba..I..uh..Iwanttomarryher.

Stunned silence follows that statement. BB quickly recovers and fairly leaps out of his chair: KYA? SACH? (He hugs Ashu) Fantastic beta! Nidhi is a great girl. Bahut sahi decision liya hain Ashu tu ne. Aur..aur..tum dekhna..woh tumhaari zindagi mein bahaar chaadegi.

Ashu: Baba..baba..relax. I spoke to her today and told her everything about myself. I told her to think it over and let me know. Depending on that we will decide.

BB: Arre she will say yes. Mera dil kehta hain ki woh haan hi bolegi. Then we will go and talk to her father.

Ashu looks at his baba: And if he refuses?

BB blinks and looks at his son..at the fear in his eyes..fear that fate is just tempting him with this before snatching it away. He hugs him tightly: Oye tu ghabra mat. Hum unhe manaane ki poori koshish karenge. Mein baat karoonga unse. (He puts on a chirpy face) Aur phir bhi agar na maane toh dilwaale hain..dulhaniye lekar hi aayenge..kyon? (He wriggles his eyebrows playfully making Ashu relax a little and smile as his father hugs him once again.)

Next day morning: KGH:

A road accident on the highway keeps Ashu busy all morning as the victims are rushed to KGH and it's almost 2 in the afternoon by the time he gets a breather. After a quick bite in the canteen, he enters his cabin and looks at his table first thing. His entire face lights up and excitement unlike anything he had ever known before zings through him. There, on the table, in the vase are a bunch of red roses. Does this mean..? Or am I reading too much into it? He pulls out his phone only to realize that he had put it in silent mode since morning and there is a message in his inbox. Nidhi! His fingers fumble a little as he clicks it open:

Laakh manaale duniye..saath na yeh chootega

Aake tere haathon mein..haath na yeh chootega

O mere jeevan saathi..

Tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain..

O jaha bhi lejaaye raahen hum sang hain..

Ashu stares at the message until it blurs in front of his eyes. He quickly blinks to clear his vision and clicks on the reply button:

Bahut shukriya badi meherbaani

Meri zindagi mein huzoor aap aaye

Kadam choomlu ya yeh aankhen bichaadu

Karu kya yeh meri samajh mein na aaye

After sending it, he immediately types another one:

Be home by 5. Baba and I will be coming to talk to your baba.

Reply to that one is immediate:

Will be waiting.

His fingers immediately dial another number: Hey..Armaan..


Around 5.30: Verma residence:

BB and Ashu are sitting in the hall while CV is standing with his back to them. DB is silently gritting her teeth and Nidhi is standing in between.

CV: I respect you as an individual and as a doctor, Ashutosh. But..this? No. I am sorry but my answer is no.

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Anjani9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Now????? WOW...
You are not sleeping? It should be page 34

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Suvika. IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Anjani9

Now????? WOW...
You are not sleeping? It should be page 34

i just completed typing chapter 12. so as per my promise posted chapter 9. 

now goodnight. am ready to fall on my face...and my day again starts at 5 Ouch

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Originally posted by sonyjknum

Just one question,now Ashu is coming back to Nidhi,and this story is to be different from ksk1,so are we going to see them get married first 9Considering that there wont be much drama for approval of everyone for their relation)and then may be Ashu will start having problems due to his unpleasant past?

did i say their relation would be approved?? when?? Confused

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Anjani9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Nice chapter...but felt you are rushing...

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Originally posted by Anjani9

Nice chapter...but felt you are rushing...

please do not jump to conclusions..AngryLOL 
deepali.rock IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Baaki sab accha hai..bt why r u rushing? Abhi to confession hua tha..they should have got some time alone bfore 2nd tehelka?

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Originally posted by Anjani9

Nice chapter...but felt you are rushing...

felt the same..see my comment

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