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KR OS- One... Two... Sold

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 1:43pm | IP Logged

Ok, I tried to write 'Hues' but I met someone special and I feel romantic. So here I am attempting something cute and sugary and trust me I'm gonna repel sweets for the rest of the week! I was wondering how come you guys don't get cavities reading such gooey stuff? *sigh* But I write them anyway.

So go read it!



One…. Two…. Sold!


"Get up Rey, I need to talk to you." Rey opened an eye to see his annoying little neighbor hovering over his couch where he had passed out list night. Why couldn't she ever let him sleep peacefully? "What is it Kria?" he sat up rubbing his eyes. "The water pipe in your bathroom burst again?"

Sighing, she flopped down next to him. "I wish it was that simple."

"It's simple for you if I'm the one fixing it all the time. Now out with it. Why are you here, bugging me at…." He turned to have a look at the wall clock. "Holy Shit! It's 10!" He jumped off the couch dashing for the bathroom and the girl just followed him like she owned the place.

He paused at the door, looking at her, "Excuse me? Are you going to follow me in now?"

"No." But she walked pass him and entered the bathroom anyway. "Rey, for how long have we been friends and neighbors?"

Rolling his eyes he went to the wash basin, picking up his toothbrush. "That depends on what you want."

"Hmm…. Fair enough." She said with a shrug. "So do you think I can ask for a favor?"

"Of course! Like I live only for that." He muttered, squeezing out a healthy amount of toothpaste on his brush. He saw Kria making herself comfortable on the toilet seat which made him smile. It was like old times.

Kria had always been a buddy who would just barge into his apartment even when he was in his underwear. And he was absolutely ok with that. He had loved that about her…them….. their easy friendship. She was always one of the guys hanging around with his gang until one day….. she went to college! Worst decision ever!

She had changed…… changed a lot. He hadn't believed his eyes when he had seen her after the first semister she was back from Mumbai for her summer vacation. She had dressed, walked and even talked like a girl! But wait…. She was a girl! And a very beautiful one that is. From the mirror he watched her long, slender legs in a butt tight micro-short shorts with her knees crossed. Her simple figure-hugging T-shirt accentuating her curves that could make a dead man's blood boil. Her just-out-of-bed hair let loose on her face making her sleepy eyes even more sensuous than they already were. She would never go out of the way to be attractive around him or any guy for that matter but she dint realize that she just was. He often thought about and envied the lucky bas***d who would have the pleasure of waking up with this gorgeous girl for the rest of his life when he would see his friends flirting away with her. And as far as he was concerned, flirting was off limits with her. She was and will always be just a friend.

She was saying something that he obviously dint care to notice except that her lips looked like rose buds when she talked. Her eyes had that animated gleam which always pulled his strings. Always? He frowned at that thought. Had it always been 'always' or was it a year or two 'always'? He shook his head trying to get these weird thoughts out of his dumb skull getting back to their conversation.

"…… So would you Rey? Please! Please! Please!" she asked him eagerly, her eyes filled with hope. He mentally smacked himself for getting carried away and not having heard a word she had said and now she was waiting for him to give her an answer. But to what?

"Kria, actually I dint…."

"Please Rey don't say no…. I really need you." She pleaded with puppy dog eyes and she damn well knew that it would work because he had no choice but to say a "Alright." He was such a sucker for puppies.

She squealed and leaped to hug him. "Thank you Rey! You are the most adorable friend ever." And to his surprise he found himself blushing like a f**king moron. Oh, what was this girl doing to him?

"Ok then, I'll pick you up from work to go for shopping. Will that be good?"

Shopping? She wanted to go shopping? Is that why she had fussed so much? Girls! He sighed nodding his head in affirmation to her earlier question. Her face lit up with a huge grin and how much ever goofy it looked, his face broke out in a smile too "Thanks Rey for agreeing. You saved my life!" and walked out finally giving him his privacy.

He rolled his eyes plopping the toothbrush in his mouth. Sometimes he seriously thought the tom-boy Kria was better than this new improved chic. At least the old one wouldn't call shopping her 'life'.




They walked into Millennium Designer Boutiques for Men and he looked around confused, "I dint know you wear men's clothes too."

"Shut up funny boy." She laughed, dragging him to one of the salesman. "Hi, I'm looking out for a tuxedo for this fine gentleman." She pointed towards him and he looked around to make sure she was talking about him. Fine Gentleman? Was she kidding? Who used that age old English cliche now?

"Very well ma'am." The salesman said and turned to him, "This way sir." He started to move towards the wardrobe full of designer tux while Rey crossed his arms and stayed rooted to his place watching Kria as she started to pick out some for him. "Kria? What are we doing here?"

"Shopping for you stud." She said not even bothering to look at him. "This looks great!" She flashed him a three piece. "Go try it. I'll keep looking for more."

He had had it now. Yanking her by her arm, he led her to a corner at the far end of the shop.

"Rey, what are you doing?"

"What the hell are you doing? Why are we shopping for these atrocious clothes for me?" He said eying the garment in Kria's hand.

"Because you need to wear a tuxedo for the ball."

"Ball?" he frowned "What ball?"

"The charity ball for the homeless kids I spoke to you about."

"Charity ball? Spoke to me? Kria what on earth are you talking about."

She looked at him worried, "Rey are you not keeping well or something. Because if you are mentally not stable I cannot put you up for the auction."

"Auction? What auction?" He cried disbelievingly. "You are trying to sell me off?"

"Rey relax. We spoke about this this morning right?" Wrong! He hadn't heard which dint count because he was too f**ked up with her thoughts.

"It's just a charity ball organized by my college for the homeless kids where we auction Bachelors like you for one evening dates with beautiful and mind you very rich women."

"That doesn't change my question. You are selling me away?"

Kria rolled her eyes at his exaggeration. "Rey for god sake, I'm not selling you. It's just going to be one date. And the money is for charity. And trust me stud, looking at how charming you are with women you are going to get the highest bid." She laughed slapping his shoulder playfully.

He shrugged her hand off him. "I am not going to do it, Kria. Save your breath."

"Rey please! You promised. I don't know what got into you now?"

"I dint know what I was getting myself into earlier."

"Why are you being such an ass about this? It's for fun and charity."

"I don't like fun or charity."

She crossed her arms across her chest and glared at him. "Too bad stud, I already sent your application. You have to go or it's you who is going to pay for my share of charity bachelors."

"There are applications for this? Who in his right mind would do something like that?"

"It's for charity. There are thousands of men who do that."

"Those are desperate males who can't find themselves suitable dates. And I for your information am happy being dateless."

"Rey," she stepped up, placing her tiny hand on his arm, scorching his skin under her warm touch. He wanted to pull her closer so she could electrocute him completely. She looked so beautiful when she said his name and looked at him like that. God what was he thinking. She is your buddy remember! "Rey?" she repeated and he nodded indicating that he was listening. "Are you by any chance….. even a tiny bit attracted to…..umm…. how should I put it….. men?"

"What!" He couldn't believe her, "You think I am gay?"

"Well, I don't know….. You have been acting so weird lately. You don't look or talk to any of my girlfriends inspite of knowing they drool over you. You haven't taken me to meet the guys in ages saying it's a boy thing. When did me meeting our gang turn to a guy thing? And now this….. You refuse to go on a charity date. Why have you been rejecting woman?" He shut his eyes taking in a deep breath. If only she knew what was really on his mind. Then what? She would run a million miles away from him.

"It's not what you think Kria. I have been a little distracted that's all."

"A tricky relationship?" she asked her brows raised.

He looked at her for a few seconds longer than necessary before replying, "Yes a tricky relationship."

"Great! Then it's settled. You do this charity auction, go on a nice romantic date and forget all about her." She dragged him back to where the salesman was waiting for them ignoring Rey's protests and curses.



"Owww!!!!" Kria howled and walked into his room where he was adjusting his bowtie. "You look so dashing Rey!" He turned and smiled shyly.

"Thanks." He said watching her from top to bottom. She had worn a sexy golden dress with one shoulder off and short enough for her slender creamy legs to taunt him which ended in a pair of golden heels. Her wrists were adorned with a bracelet in one a Gucci watch in the other. Her hair was swung to one side leaving her bare shoulder for hot blooded males like him to ogle at. She had a simple but elegant pair of earrings and she had put on a very decent amount of make up just enough to highlight her features. She looked enthralling!

"Wow yourself. Kria you look so…… beautiful." He complimented her with an enticed look in his eyes and she nervously looked away giggling like a teenager.

"I'm just ok Rey. But you…." She pointed at him. "You clean up real nice stud."

He rolled his eyes at her trying to be all perky about making him go to the stupid ball. She laughed and he turned back around to the mirror to finish his bowtie. "How the hell do people wear this?"

"Come here. Let me help." She slipped in between the mirror and him taking over his efforts to tie the thing. He froze when he realized how close she was. All he had to do was wrap an arm around her slim waist and she would….. She looked up then, sensing what he was thinking and their eyes locked. He could see flashes of surprise, anxiousness and finally settling on pure desire in her big gorgeous eyes. She nervously licked her bottom lip making him suck a sharp breath in. He was this close to ruining their friendship but for once he dint care. "Kria," he whispered pulling her closer towards him as he lowered his face….

A piercing knock at the door startled both, making them spring apart. He cursed under his breath and looked at her. She was looking everywhere but him. She handed him his bowtie with trembling hands and walked to get the door. He raked his fingers through his hair and cursed again. What was he going to do, she wouldn't even meet his eyes now?

As soon as Kria opened the hotel room door where she had checked Rey in, a flock of her girlfriends barged in. "Kria what the hell. Bachelor number 9 is missing." Said one of them and they saw him standing behind her. "Oh there he is." The girl pulled his arm and dragged him out the room. "Come honey the show is about to begin." The others giggled following the bachelor out to the hall, leaving Kria to muse over what just happened minutes ago.




Kria was busy decorating the appetizers on a tray when a pair of her seniors walked up to her. "Hey Juni… who's that hunk you brought?" Kria looked in the direction of where Rey stood with at least ten girls surrounding him. A pang of jealousy hit her in the gut when she saw him laughing and enjoying with Sara the drop-dead-looking cheerleader of college. She had her arms around his neck as if she was adjusting his bowtie. She couldn't believe he allowed another woman to touch him like that after what happened up in his room.

The annoying girl in front of her snapped a finger in front of her eyes. "We asked you a question geek."

"That hunk you call is….. gay!" Kria snapped "And you could bid on him if you want him for your brother." With that said she marched to where Rey stood with Sara hanging off him.

"Rey, you are supposed to be back stage. Go." She ordered.

"Kria the biding hasn't started yet. I'll go back in a while. Besides I like your friends." He said giving a sweet smile at Sara. Kria wanted to gag! Sara was never a friend more like an enemy. She was this rich airhead who thought she was the best always running poor scholarship holders like her down. Kria hated everything about her. Even her beauty was so pretentious it made her hurl.

"Kria," Sara flipped a finger at her, "For once you did something great and brought Rey here."

"His name is Reyaansh!" she snarled, giving her the dirty stare.

Rey bit his lip trying to hold himself from laughing at the two girls obviously trying to get at each other's throats.

"Rey," Sara turned towards him completely ignoring Kria's comment, "Chuck this numbskull…. You be prepared for the bid of your life."

"Oh I can't wait to see that." He said, his amused eyes never leaving Kria's who was glaring at him.




"One…. Two…. Sold! Ladies and Ladies, Bachelor no 8 goes for 5000 rupees to that beautiful girl in pink." The anchor announced in the microphone, "And now hold your breath for the most popular of them all, the hunky, the dashing…… Bachelor No……. 9!!"

Kria was standing in one of the corners refusing to look at the stage when she heard cheers and hoots all around. Curiosity getting the better of her, she looked up to watch Rey walk up the ramp with a hand in his stunning designer tuxedo pant pocket, his lazy stance not less than a handsome looking lion and his trademark crooked smile which always managed to flip her heart upside down. He did a tiny gig of modeling around for the all-girls audience which would have made her laugh her head off if she wasn't in such a foul mood. After he was done, he went and stood in the center with both his hands in his pockets waiting for the anchor to start the bids.

"Alright ladies, here's Bachelor no. 9 and the bidding starts with our usual 1000 rupees. Do I hear a 1000?"

Kria saw most of the spectators holding up their cards but she heard a loud voice. "5000 rupees." She dint have to turn to see who the generous bidder was. But she saw anyway. Sara was excitedly waving her card out at the anchor literally begging him to get done with it.

"Excellent! We have 5000 rupees…. Anyone like to bid greater than that?"

There were a couple of bids more and Sara being tired of all this finally announced her concluding price to shut everybody u. "13,000 rupees." The room was quiet now and they just waited for the anchor to hit the gavel.

"14,000 rupees!"

Everybody turned towards where Kria was standing. Holy Shit! She dint believe she had said that out loud. What was she doing? And then she saw Sara throwing daggers at her and she stood straighter. Raising her card, she repeated. "14,000 rupees." This time more confidently.

She looked at Rey who looked surprised but then he smiled, his ever adorable smile. She looked away unable to look at those knowing eyes.

"Wow! Bachelor no 9 is one lucky chap. We have a 14,000. Do I hear a 15,000?" the anchor asked the audience.

"15,000!" Sara raised her card and smirked annoying the hell out of Kria. If only she could bash the girl's teeth off. She looked around noticing the crowd had turned to her waiting for her to outbid Sara. She looked at Rey who stood there, calm as ever. She noticed him wink at Sara which made the cheerleader blush to her feet. Ok this was WAR now!

"16,000!" Kria yelled.



What was this girl doing? Rey thought shaking his head wearily. She had completely lost her mind. Ok it was fun to see all this earlier but then he had seen the determination in her eyes and he knew it was trouble.


He looked at Sara and sighed. That woman was rich but what was Kria trying to pull here?


He groaned when he heard Kria's voice ringing in the now silent ballroom.

"25,000!" Sara announced and sat back pleased with her offer. She knew she was winning this her foe could never afford it. Rey looked at Kria. She had her eyes lowered dejectedly and it broke his heart to see her like that. He wanted to go up to her, hold her delicate face in his hands and tell her he dint care for Sara and her money. It was just a stupid charity date. One evening and that's all.

"Ok then we have the offer on 25,000! 25,000 one….. 25,000 two….. 25,000….."

"30,000." Someone declared and everybody turned towards the door where a gorgeous woman in a red dress was standing. Kria looked up too, curious and mightily surprised at who was the woman to outbid the rich and famous Sara Marshal.

"I don't believe this," the anchor said. "Bachelor no. 9 has got the highest bid in the history of St. Louis College. So we have a 30,000 now. 30,000 one….. 30,000 two…..and….. 30,000 three! Sold to the pretty lady in red!"

Kria saw Sara getting up and storm out of the ballroom glaring at the lady who had just won Rey while the lady smiled back at her walking straight to the stage to get her prize. Even though she was disappointed at losing her chance to have a date with Rey she was happy it wasn't Sara the witch winning it.

"Congratulations Miss." The anchor held her the microphone. "You just won our most eligible bachelor. May I know your name please?"

"Sharon." She smiled waving happily at the crowd who were cheering her.

"Ok, Miss. Sharon, you can claim your prize now."

The crowd applauded louder as Rey offered Sharon his arm. "May I have a dance with the pretty lady in red?" he asked and she laughed, slipping her hand in the crook of his elbow. They started walking down the stage and she leaned towards him to whisper. "You owe me big time bro."

Rey smirked, leading her cousin Sharon to the dance floor.




"Have you seen Kria?" Rey asked Neha, one of Kria's friends.

"Yeah, I saw her going to the terrace some time back."

He smiled dashing for the elevator. He looked around the terrace as soon as he reached there and saw her standing with her back towards him looking up in the sky.

Clearing his throat to draw her attention he stood beside her and looked up too.

"Beautiful isn't it?" she asked still watching the stars. He turned his face to her and confirmed "Yes, beautiful indeed!" Kria smiled nodding her head and turned to notice him staring at her instead. They paused for a couple of seconds gazing into each other's eyes with the wind blowing by their sides transmitting the buzz they emitted.

She was the first one to look away and break the uncomfortable eye contact. "Well, Congratulations! You were really a star tonight."

He grinned, leaning back against the terrace baluster watching her. "Yeah I was."

"Ummm…. And your date is pretty hot too. I'm sure you will have fun."

 "I'm sure we will." He said with an enthusiastic nod.

Kria looked at him with hurt crossing her pretty face, "You will?"

"Yeah, you said so yourself."

"Oh, Yes." she nodded and mentally smacked herself for giving away.


"Hmm." She turned to look back at the stars in the sky.

"Where were you going to get all that money?"

"What money?"

"The one you were bidding for me."

"Oh that…." She knew he would talk about it. She had it all planned out. "I was just…. just humoring you, Rey. As a matter of fact I was trying to sell you off with a whooping amount. And look you did too….. You are the most eligible bachelor and I thought it would be great if you helped more with the charity and Sara being such a bugbear that she is, I thought it would be fun to….."

"Shhh" He grabbed her putting his finger on her lips. "You talk too much. And you know what? The girl I saw in there dint look like she was humor me."

"Rey, I…" She looked down unable to meet his eyes. She had made a complete fool of herself. Especially in front of him. And she hated to admit it out loud without getting her feelings to slip off.

Tucking a finger under her chin, he raised her head to look at him. "Do you know how sexy you look when you are jealous?"

She blushed a crimson red and turned to run away but he caught her wrist pulling her back until her back hit his chest. "Kria you can't hide your feelings from me anymore." He whispered, pushing her hair to one side, giving her a soft kiss on her bare shoulder. She groaned and molded herself further into his warm body, her skin begging more of his lips. "Reyyy." she moaned his name as he continued to rain kisses along her throat and back.

"Kria, I….." he hissed and when he dint finish what he had started to say, she turned and looked into his desire filled eyes which said more than the words. But she wanted to hear it. Hear his the feelings."You what Rey?"

"I…." he held her face in both his hands drawing her closer, their breaths teasing each other, their lips dying for that final touch of bliss.

"Yes…. you?"

"I owe Sharon 30,000 rupees just because I am in love with a crazy girl like you."

She pulled back, staring at him with her mouth in a cute 'O'. "What?!!"

He laughed hauling her back to him and taking her lips in a hungry kiss that he had been trying for years now.

And she was lost in her dream frenzy not caring about the damn world.





I'll just wait for you'll to comment.



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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Res :-D . . .
Unres :-D . . . . . .
Yupiee. . .
Me 1st. .
Dhaincika. .dhainchika. . . .
Wow. . .superb OS di. . . .
Realy awsome. . .
Lovd this KR friendshp. . .1st kriya tomboy thi and now changd into a beautiful and hot girl,4 whom all guys die to talk. . .
Hehehe. . .yaha kriya apni story suna rai thi aur rey kriyaworld mein khoya hua tha. .and haan bol diya,dat 2 for accusion. .hahaha. . .
Lovd the whole track. .
The intense scene of KR in dressing room.
Then,rey and sara talking and kriya being jelous. .then,the accusion. . .hahaha. .lovd dis part the most. .
Then finaly rey sold out to sharon who is her cousin. .hahaha. . .
Then,the final confession. . . .
Just lovd the whole OS. . . . . .

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When a girl named Tish writes romance one needs to die to read it...
This was so beautiful..The neighborhood Rey and Kria..
When I first read the start I assumed that there shall be a fight and at the end  they would realize but you turned it all away..From the tom boy turned beautiful girl Kriya to the lover Rey a beautiful journey and one day that changed their life..

Di On a note I love your OS..So can we expect one in a fortnight please Tongue

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This is the most adorable and cutest OS i've read
I was smiling throughout
thnx 4 da pm

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omg tish u always come up wid such diff ideas, ur one of the best writer i hv met here in IF,loved every bit of it, the biding part was damn good..n d last part so romantic..
thanx for the pm
keep writing moreEmbarrassed

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Tishhh... U know wat... I LOVE YOU... I LOVE YOU SO SOO SOOO MUCH... Big smile ... I was feeling soo damn low and this OS made me feel sooo good... Big smile ... I dnt knw y u dnt like all this sugary stuffs.. But being a girl..i toh like it... And that too written by you... Aahhh... Maar ditta... Embarrassed
i just loveddd this OS... Kriyaansh being neighbours... Then a sudden change in Kriya aftr gng to college... Then that auction...
I just loved that shopping wala part when Rey actually came to knw y he's here... And selling him... Hahaha... I can imagine his expressions... Million dollar... LOL
Then... Sharon... His cousin... OMG... Epic... Meko toh agr 30,000 milte toh utne mei ek Samsung ka acha khasa model mil jaata... ROFL
sara n kria cold war...double Lol.. LOL
and finally... Kiss... Confession... Aahhh... It was a bliss... Embarrassed
Loveddd it Tishi... Embarrassed

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mm... P.S. - You said ki u met som1 special and felt romantic... That means u felt like writing somthing sugary... So ismei bhi dnt blame us ki we love reading this... U too love writing all this ok... ROFL

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Gal.. U r a pure genius !!
Absolute treasure of talent !

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