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Aisa Des Hai Mera 4 2 2 8 - Kandy taunts Rusty after her marriage to Ajeet. Kandy blabbers the truth to Ajeet about her revenge and gets slapped by Ajeet. Madhura too blurts out to Kandy that she had used Rusty like a pawn and indirectly used Kandy as well to get rid of Rusty. Kandy finally realises her mistake and vows to tell the family the truth. A mysterious man comes to meet Rusty which makes Rusty nervous. Grandma over hears Rusty speaking to herself and finds out how she sacrificed her love for Kandy and tells the family the truth.
Akela 4 1 2 7 8.5 Ranbir finally saves Alka's brother from the mummy. He destroys the mummy. Ranbir also considers opening up a firm "Ghost Busters". His assistant is Meghna. He also gets his first case. He notices that an arcade runs on its own, without any power – he is there to solve the mystery.
Boogie Woogie 4 1 2 7 6.5 It is a children's special. 3 winners were declared and they now move on to the semi-finals.
CID 4 1 2 7 - It was great case called "Killer in the Jungle". There were also many comic elements among the officers, which is unsual.
Ek Ladki Anjaani Si 4 2 1 7 - Ananya is shocked when Veer proposes and puts a ring, in front of everybody.  Anu later hears a drunk say that he sacrificed his love for his friend. Anu wants to tell Veer everything, but her respect for Veer stops her from doing it. Anu is more confused when Veer leaves for his village to announce to all about his marriage to Anu. Anu and Nikhil go to the village , but get to know that the whole of the village knows about it. Veer asks Anu to join him for a puja, in which Anu will sit next to him. Anu and Nikhil lament over their future, time passes and Anu does not go for the puja. Chikoo's mom tells Veer about Nikhil-Anu relationship. The week ends with Veer seeing Anu-Nikhil hugging each other.
India Calling 4 1 1 6 5.33 Chandni's parents are insulted at the Khanna household and they tell Chandni to forget about Adi. However Adi manages to convince them and win them over. Vadhera announces that India Calling will be auctioned. Tara is pretending to be a friend but she is actually the mastermind behind the fiasco. An emotional Vishesh bids adieu to all his employees who contribute money to save India Calling. Chandni's parents and dilawar also come forward and IC is saved. Everyone is very happy.
Jabb Love Hua 4 3 2 9 10 Rahul is in town and Aanya really likes him. Aanya tries all sort of things to impress him but it who work. Finally, Mittal uncle gives Aanya an idea. Aanya asks Rahul for dance listens and Rahul agrees. After a while Aanya falls down, Rahul is very worried & who know what to do.
Jodee Kamal Ki 4 3 2 9 - It was Brothers Special. Sachin Shroff, Chetan Hansraj and Akashdeep Sehgal came with their brothers.
Kabhie To Nazar Milao 4 1 2 7 7 Demant is released from jail. He informs Kunj that their deal is over, but Kunj manages to threaten Demant and form a new deal on the basis that he will not keep his mouth shut if he ends up in jail. We discover that Kunj is making deals with everyone. He tells Bulbul that he is with her, but Bulbul begins to get suspicious of him. His deal with Demant involves keeping Karun and Sunaina away from each other. His final deal is with Karun- he promises to get Karun with Sunaina. Kunj's ultimate goal however is to take all of Demant's wealth. Sunaina is still confused between going to Karun and staying with Demant. Rakshet and Saloni begin to develop feelings for each other. Pratap and Bulbul must return to Delhi for a meeting, and Karun (he is still sick) is left in the care of Kunj. Pratap is still bent on the Leher and Karun alliance, though. Last of all, Kunj finds Demant's first wife and we learn that Demant has not divorced her! Sunaina also goes to meet Karun finally and tells him that she does not love him anymore and will stay with Demant.
Kahin To Hoga 1 1 0 2 4  
Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai 4 3 1 8 8.5  
Kasamh Se 4 4 1 9 10 This week's summary evolved around the issue of Jai and bani. Some is trying to kill jai, and the  matters are still not solved on this issue, and aditya was suspected on this, but aditya was trying to find out who is after jai! Matters were soon cleared with jai and aditya. Bani, Pia, and Rano are all working, and to much surprise, jai hired all of them. Pia and Rano are working in Jai's company and bani doesn't know that pia is working there. Bani has also found a job, but jai is the one who got her the job, without bani's acknowledgement and he even bought the company because he wants to keep a look out for bani and his unborn child. Someone sends bani a white sari from the walia masion, and she assumed that it might be jai, and was disgusted with the behavior.
Kasauti Zindagi Ki 4 3 2 9 8 The 5 Year leap has taken place. Prerna is out of the jail due to her good behavior.She eagerly goes to her house but finds out its sealed by Goverment.She goes to bajaj industries but finds out that its taken over by "K.P." industries.She goes to meet the owner of KP and finds out Prem is the one who did all this.she cries and goes back to anurag.She tells anurag y didnt you save my family and he says he was in london and when he came back to india it was too late.anu takes prerna to basu house and prerna sees all her children there & is really happy.but she finds out that Mr.Bajaj has left them.she cries and comes back to basu house.Young prem's barsi is going on in basu house...prerna asks it always goes on in prem's samadhi....anurag is all puzzeled....he cudnt say anything...prerna runs to prem's samadhi and sees KP industries....She cries and cries and telles anu to take her to prems house and prem will have to pay back for everything...she comes to prems house and when she was abt to slap him she sees komolika...anu & prerna r both shocked! Anurag-Prerna-Komolika have encounter where she tells tht she was responsible 4 everything wat happ & narrates entire story.Anurag-Prerna leaves but Prena goes 2 party once again 2 give it back 2 Prem who is enjoying drink wid Komolika-Debo & yes Debo's real identity is revealed atlast she is Nayantara Komolika's 'bhatiji'
Kittu…Sabb Jaanti Hai 4 2 1 7 - Shivani is sent to do a drug case by shweta. She gets killed, everyone at NNN is shocked Chandy is devastated as his love Shivani is no more. Shweta to safe herself puts the blame on Kituu tells everyone that Kituu was the one to send Shivani for the drug case. Yuvraj has quit NNN.  
Kkavyanjali 4 1 2 7 - Soham's real identity is revealed by reeva to nirmala. Nirmala told everyone in Nanda Family.Everyone is really sad abt kavya still being dead.Soham is really sorry for what he did. he leaves nanda house but still feels unhappy.Reeva thinks that there is something that is troubling soham. Soham is invited to the pooja of kavya's memorial. Anjali is all confused why nitya invited soham,but doesnt say anything. Yug has given money to some gundas to kill soham. Nitya overhears the gundas and goes to save sohams life. when she saves soham, nitya and soham hug and the gundas shoot them. Anjali is really SHOCKED to know that soham has met an accident and something might happen to him. but than she says....why am I thinking abt soham...she goes to the hospital and sees something....the episode ends there.
Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka 4 3 2 9 9.33 Kunal tells Vik about his contract marriage to Nimmo. He tells Nimmo that Vik loves her and tells Vik that Nimmo loves him But Nimmo manages to convey to Kunal that she does not love Vik. Daadi brings an orphan child into the family and introduces her as the child to be adopted by Nimmo and Kunal. Daadi also questions KK about Kunal's expenses. She is fast catching on to their secret. Nimmo, Kanta behen, KK and Kunal are all wondering how to extricate themselves from this problem now. Nimmo finally garners the courage to raise the topic of divorce.
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 4 3 1 8 8 Mihir and Tulsi met eachother and started going over past decisions Tulsi and actions. Gautam was set to punish Kt for the Alledged betrayal, fuelled by Manthan and Bhoomi, However Lakshya is still trying to protect KT. Tulsi Meets with KT after she is taken to jail and promises she will fight everyone to get justice for KT. Tulsi meets Manthan , and gives him a lecture about his attitude towards KT. Manthan turns a deaf ear towards her.Tulsi meets Vijay Saxena, who offers to be KTs lawyer free of charge.Mihir refuses to marry Meera, who seems to be shattered.
Left Right Left 4 2 2 8 -  
Mamta 4 1 2 7 - Mamta traps Dolly and Tanisha, Akshay is released by police. Mamta speaks of DNA test, traps Nanda too. Nanda cknowledges that Prachi was not born to her and Karan. All problems seem to end , when Simran comes back. She is shocked to know about Mamta and Sid's fake marriage. She is jealous when she sees Akshay and Mamta together, posing as a happy family. Simran tells her mom that she will marry only Akshay, Vandana asks Mamta and Sid to talk to Akshay. Sid is really confused, but decides the time is ripe for him to tell his mom the truth.
Pyar Ke Do Naam…Ek Radha Ek Shyaam 4 2 2 8 - This week ended with a huge shock for the viewers..Rohit and Agarwal take Radha and her family to Lakhanpur and force Radha into marrying Rohit. Radha remembers her past life and wants to return to Shyaam. After several attempts, Shyaam locates Radha. Radha manages to escape from the wedding ceremony. Shyaam is beaten up by Agarwal's men but Jitisha stops her father from doing so. Shyaam looks for Radha. Radha and Shyaam find each other but are shot by Rohit. Agarwal shoots Rohit, who also shoots Agarwal. Radha and Shyaam die and are reborn.
Rishton Ki Dorr 3 3 1 7 7 Rahul plans to tell Teju about Noyonika's pregnancy but some emergency comes up at the hospital and he is not able to... Noyonika gets attacked and wonders who is after her life... Teju suspects that Noyonika is pregnant... Noyonika fools Suhas and assures him that she loves him and asked for a divorce only because she considered herself responsible for all his problems... Teju's dad is concerned about his kids and wonders how they would be.
Saarthi 4 1 2 7 - Arjun and Manasvi get Mansen arrested but Suraj bails him out. Manasvi and Arjun decide to leave the house but Satya appears in Manasvi's dream and tells her that Mansen did not kill him. Manasvi and Arjun forgive Mansen. Arjun apologizes to Bhoomi for his behavior. Vishakha returns home and creates troubles in the family by constantly insulting Bhoomi and the servants.
Saath Phere 4 4 2 10 9 Tara 's sister Urvashi comes visits her. She keeps on telling Tara that Saloni can give birth to a child and you cant. Just because of this they will respect and think about her more than you. Tara cries and cries and asks Brijesh that she wants a child.
SaReGaMaPa – L'il Champs 4 3 2 9 - Protik and Neha were the non-selected participants. Finally Neha was out and Protik stays back in the contest. So now in all eight participants are left. Sameer, Armaan, Shradha Gurpreet, Pawni, Sanchita, Diwakar and Protik.
Sindoor Tere Naam Ka 4 1 1 6 - Ved starts to work in a boutique, but they are forced to go out of the chawl, as Niharika tells the chawl members that they all can live there, provided Raizadas are thrown out. But Ayush Malhotra has a change of heart after seeing Vedika's protest, decides to call off the deal, hence allowing the family to stay. Ayush is now drawn towards Vedika, he gives her a job in his company as his Secretary. Ayush is developing love towards Vedika. Dhruv hears the chawl ladies gossip about Vedika and Ayush. 
Thodi Khushi Thode Gham 4 4 1.5 9.5 9.5 This week was quiet interesting, as the women started the OG(operation G) against the men. Jyoti was the first one to start off as her name was picked first. Amar is very tired of working as jyoti makes excuses and makes him do all the chores. Bapuji is getting suspicious and asks mamaji to check things out and on the other hand, faiba is also trying to find out what are the women upto in the house. Amar and Manoj are both giving in to their wives and recently bapuji asked amar to teach the kids from now on, making jyoti's work more easier.
Vaidehi…Ek Aur Agni Pareeksha 4 4 2 10 8 Vaidehi is back as Aryan threatens to take her father's life if she doesn't listen to him. During the pooja, Vaidehi's sari catches fire and Neel saves her.
Who Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki 3 1 1 5 - Raxi and rohit have a boxing match raxi cheats and wins!!! Khushi is happy!!! Raxi wants Khuhsi for himself at a rain party he hugs and stuff and he gets slapped! Khushi is by herself doing a sculture raxi comes misbehaves rohit and pari come saves her from him!! khushi feels bad! she says sorry to rohit and they become friends. pari is happy khushi becomes a party of thier little performance thats coming up in thier school.
* Our Chaska Meter list for this week only covers the top 28-29 shows. For other shows please check out the respective sections at India-Forums. These are the only serials on the list who have had a chaska meter poll running their respective sections.

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thanks vj ... kasam went down?? aww that sucks .. but im glad vaidehi got 10!!Tongue


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Mrs.H Roshan

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thnks for informing VJ!Smile

AnilaBig smile
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Thanx Embarrassed
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Thnx....Cool...Vaidehi got 10 Big smile
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thanks vijay!

Kool LRl got 8! Smile Clap
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thanx vijay!yah kasamh se dropped this week!! Cry Cry Cry

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kaisa ye pyar hai got 8 and will definitely get way better in coming weeks...its the best....kyph rocks...anyways congrats to all top-scorers besides kyph...vaidehi got a 10! yay! thanx vijay...WinkTongueBig smile

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