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My Teacher (III) - chap 33 @PAGE 143 // 11th dec (Page 29)

Amour_Reet Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Onir

Oh my long update but I'm loving it all Heart 

Everything... the pain, anguish, hurt, outpouring and venting all the suppressed emotions... culmination of the dream like proposal. Embarrassed

Clap Beautiful description of each emotion... I'm still savoring it all. Embarrassed

Finally there were words flowing without inhibitions and blinding rage but just for two souls dying to be together. He did it with his words and actions reciprocated it all. She was able to vent it all out healing herself and him too. 

Loved the mingling of two souls melting in the intimacy and love with nature acting symbolic force to shield and guide them and the song adding the desired feel and effect; all giving it all a complete blissful feeling. Heart 

The past did make an entry though not fully and loops are still left untangled but then there's a hope so strong now that they will be a forever filled with undying love and unshakable trust leading to bliss that they will cherish after overcoming all the hurdles in their path. 

There was right mixture of pain, love, melting, submission, desires, blazing passion and suppressed emotions coming out after tending to all of their own past raw wounds and scars that soothed them with each others worthy love, words, gestures and actions.. with final the symbol of love being there existent in her fingers... Heart A beauty woven together by you that is a sure shot successful recipe of love that makes me and has transported me to a different world BlushingEmbarrassed that I'm still recovering form it ... Thumbs Up 

The intimacy, kiss and submission to long held onto desires and pleasure was just so needed that I feel you've excelled in showing all of their emotions.. ClapClap With true solace in each others arms cocooning them in a world with just them leaving everything else out unworthy to enter their "Home" again. Embarrassed 

Dia-Satya ... felt for them both but I'm glad that they have each other. I knew this was coming but then it did hurt them both for lost love and pain and anguish of the pain of a loved one.. But nevertheless they can tide over it with their own self supporting the other . Big smile

Thanks for this update... Hug take care of your health... and continue whenever possible

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Amour_Reet Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Maggie.

Marked! Will comment when I get lappy. I need to crib about not finding any Arjun in my Uni 

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Amour_Reet Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SOLACEofEYES

chapter 29

I could have held her hand pulled her in my arms , and told her that we should get married. Or may be I should have asked her to marry me ? Naah ..! That's lame . what is the need to ask that kind of question ..i knew the answer . there was no need to ask !!! ..
he is such a bhondu LOL
Geet did u find the ring ..? umm that's actually mine ..but I want you to have it . oh by the way that's a marriage ring . we should get married quick as possible . Arghh! Lame arjun ..! u r just a pure idiot .! I fisted on my hairs .. ah ..that feels good . ROFL
Stop right there geet ..! meri kasam tumhe !!
awww he knows how to stop her...meri kasam...
oh boy she was really testing his patience by calling sir again n again..
Oh you are marrying me geet .. Samjhi tum ..!! you don't get to say anymore .
you have to marry me you understand !! . enough of your drama !
see this this the way to propose a girl?
koi ladki haa nahi bolegi aise to...
You hurt me geet .. sab ke samne izzat uchali meri !
the hurt is avident in this...
you have to be with me have to marry me don't have a choice ..because I m not letting you go .. no matter what you say . is this how you propose a lady ? her voice calm but firmer than steel.. you have to marry me don't have a choice .! she mimicked derisively.. how very gentle manly of you ! she mocked . ROFL
Did you know what I had felt when you made it clear you are not arjun for me anymore. You snatched every right from me ..even to love you . today you are saying I have to marry you because I love you ? why didn't you think of it then? I hadn't slept a blink in so many nights thinking if I fall asleep and you leave me I wouldn't be able to .. oh you have no idea what you did to me. Do you want to marry me just because I love you and you find yourself obligated to do the favor on the girl ..oh ..she had been through so many things ..her tears never dry up ..okay so lets make her happy giving her the thing she craves so much for ..she even had to sing a farewell song for me.. poor thing thought I m leaving her forever . am I a joke to you ? my love , my pain is a joke to you now ?
this para shows how painful it was for her...wat she has gone through...
I love you geet ..
Loved you for a long time .. I don't even remember since when I had been in love with you . I didn't even understand love since I have loved you . You hurt me geet .. you hurt me brutal . you threw me away so many times that I forgot the count .but I kept coming back to you with the traitor heart in my palms . I made promises many times I promised myself I will not love you anymore .because it hurts so much .. sucks the life out of me . But I couldn't geet . I just can't stop loving you . Because .. I love you more than life .. You are my world geet .. my world starts on you ends on you . without you I don't exist . I love you beyond the capability of love . so much the word hardly hold any value . i love you beyond any promise ..beyond any relationship that exist in this world . Be mine geet .. cause I cant do this anymore . I cant stay away from you .. not anymore .. not even for a second . I cant breathe because you don't breathe with me .. it scares the hell out of me . End this torture geet ..cause I don't have any strength left to fight you . I thought the words wouldn't need ..cause you are my love ..but you wanted me to beg . So begging geet .
don't have words to say anything about his love confession I m speechless...
kiunki ..jiya nahi jaata tumhare bina .
Marry me !

this left me breathless, ek pal saans hi ruk gai thi meri...koi ye kahe to, uski sau janmo ki ho jao..haye...
You hurt me .. so much arjun !! .. she hiccuped . I love you .. so much geet .. ..
this phrase shows the one whom u love only have d tendency to hurt u...
aww such a intense update
felt bad for dia I avoided satya is there na for her so no feeling bad
all n all much awaited n,awesome update. thanks for giving dis n get well soon..

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Amour_Reet Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by palindrome

Hey reet..
I honestly don't have any words for you,this time..As I already told you,I loved each word,each syllable and each punctuation mark from this chapter..!!
I loved Maan's caveman sort of way of making her agree to marry him..and I literally laughed,when he said these words...LOL.LOL
I gave you the ring few minutes ago ..and you are bringing this up ? now ..? stop this nonsense geet .. and lets get married .
Like always,you stunned me by your perfect presentation of their respective point of views..!!! If i would have writing this story,i would have lost long ago in their misunderstandings and complications..But your "hold" on both the characters surprised me very much..!!! I was like,only a clear headed person like you can create such misunderstandings and solve them so easily and perfectly..Aapke liye seat par khade hokar taliyaan..!!!!Clap.ClapClap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap
You justified Geet's complaints and Maan's complaints very rightly and beautifully,before the proposal..!!! I did not find a single word wrong from each of them,when they were sort of accusing each other...
and Then the proposal from Arjun...!!!
Sigh...!!!!Day Dreaming
They were the most beautiful words I have ever heard...!!!You know,what make them more beautiful for me,The truth that person uttering them actually meant them from deepest of his heart and soul..!!!
Honestly,I hate sappy lines in a story...{Unfortunately and ironically,my first story on maaneet called colors was full of such sappiness...} But I loved arjun's words to core of my heart.. when he said,"kyunki jiya nahi jeeta tumhare bina..",I knew,he was telling the truth,because I have seen him suffering immensely without Geet,I have seen his pain and longing,actually i have felt everything..and It was you who have made me see everything through your words..
So dear,never be conscious that you are overdoing with the intensity of their love and passion..You have created them in such a way that these intense emotions are natural part of their lives..Your story line demands such intensity of emotions and words..!!!
Their hug after confession would have looked incomplete if Geet had not denied to loosen her hold around his neck..!!!Smile

I appreciate the way you have put tiny details in the entire scene..I was able to see everything,the way she hugged him,the way he picked her up in his arms,the way he made her wear the ring..and everything that was happening...!!!
I loved when he tried to share his past before slipping the ring into her finger..I admire your timing of bringing in change of weather.It compliments the change in the mood of story..Growling clouds scared me in the same way the anticipation of revelation of truth scared me..But unfortunately,geet did not let him tell anything..!! I want this to be clear right now but i think,this hidden truth is necessary for continuation of this tale...!!!
I hope,geet would remember her words that she would always choose him between her past and present..!!!
you know,when Arjun repeated Maan's line at the end and felt geet shuddering against him,gave me goose bumps yaar..!!! and then his words,"Baby you still remember me..!!!" Maan in him wants Geet to remember him always...!!!!Big smile

and finally the Kiss...!!!
It was beautiful as always and this time,you yourself have said it all ..
 they kissed each other with such raw sweetness like they were praying in front of almighty . thanking HIM.
Bravo dear...!!!! for thinking as well presenting such serene feeling in words...!!!Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap..ClapClap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap..Clap.Clap

Then their "coo-chee-coo" moments..
me blushing hard..!!!Embarrassed You have much expertise in writing them without making them look vulgar and cheap..As I have always said,"Their intimacy is decent.." or may be your presentation makes it decent...!!!Smile
you made me imagine everything like a reel being played infront of my eyes..I could see the leaves accumulated in her lap..!!! Tum bhi kabhi saree pehan ke neem ke ped ke neeche baithi ho kya yaar,that too in rains..!!!ShockedLOL

"Take me home,arjun.."
what a bliss,those words felt to my ears,though i am little scared now,what they are going to do in the home??WinkROFL Don't blame me for my wild imaginations...Tongue
Now coming to my other favorite couple Dia Satya..
Her care for Geet melted my heart..She was the first to notice geet's absence as well as  to get worried for her..She has a soft heart in a hard shell..!!!Smile
Satya's shameless flirting.LOL.He is cute and dude in his own way...!!!He is as clear with his words as Maan is unclear with his..!!!Stern Smile
A mushy mushy moment of his palm on her back,in all this was well weaved..I kind of knew,dia was going to witness all that and I wanted Satya to be with her during those moments which were going to cause her immense pain..!!!
I completely agree with these words of "Sonai-ardrica{satyanatani,sorry if i spelled it wrong..}

I'm Happy that dia saw them in intimate will help her to move on in her life. Sometime our heart and mind starts working in synchronisation only after getting the proof at same time provided by our own naked eyes.

Dia was needed to endure this pain for moving on in her life..!!! It would help her to "Let go" as Satya demanded from her..!!!
I am loving Satya for letting him fall for a girl,who is already in love with someone..He has said once to her that she had chosen thorns all by herself..Wasn't he doing same right now..!!!
But who would have called this emotion "Love",if it was that easy to control...!!! Smile

Over all wonderful wonderful chapter reet..!!SmileHug
There are no words left in my vocab to praise your talent dear...!!!Big smile

PS- About the "gear rod" thing in previous comment,i guess,I had read it somewhere,may be in "Maggie's web of love"...I would let you know very soon...!!!Smile

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Amour_Reet Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 7:58am | IP Logged
note :

hey guys elated reading the wonderful comments ..will reply them tonight after updating , around 11 pm in india .
i told avi that i was gonna update yesterday ..but cudnt . something came up . sorry for that .

big hug to all of you !

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Madhuri53 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 8:03am | IP Logged prob at all...
will read tomorrow in office Smile

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Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Amour_Reet

note :

hey guys elated reading the wonderful comments ..will reply them tonight after updating , around 11 pm in india .
i told avi that i was gonna update yesterday ..but cudnt . something came up . sorry for that .

big hug to all of you !

to u also :) HugHugHugHugHugHug

regarding update...

DIL GARDEN GARDEN HOGYA !!Party  DancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

Till 11 PM: Day Dreaming

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daredevilisback IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 8:19am | IP Logged

Will wait..

Thank you for note..
luv u diSmile

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