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Double Whammy

DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Umaben got hit by double whammy today ... today was just not her day!

First of all, completely as expected and predicted by most of us on this forum ... Chhanchhan came down dressed very neatly and demurely in a saree ...
It was classic to see Umaben's face fall, followed closely by Ranjana's ... and Kaumudi's worried look relax into a smile ... what a sweet lady she is! Embarrassed

So the first of Umaben's plans backfired ... Chhanchhan did not get into trouble, RanSan had to shut their mouths ...
And to add insult to injury ... Umaben's injury, that is ...Chhanchhan gave a brief but pointed lecture on how she believes clothes don't indicate respect for elders, one's behaviour and manners do that ... but since this house believes in such archaic outdated rules, she will humor them all for the present, and wear the saree if that's what they want, because she doesn't want the others to feel less privileged 'laadli' bahus. Ummm ... not in so many words, she dressed it up nicer than that ... but that was the general message.
Babuji swallowed it all ... and was very impressed. What lovely sanskaar his youngest bahu has. And she makes a lot of sense too.
This just laid the groundwork for CC to get rid of her saree Like she said, clothes don't make the man, man maketh the clothes

Umaben, whose plan had just blown up in her face, seethed in impotent fury ... and had to sweet talk Chhanchhan into going into the kitchen to eat before she gave away too much of Umaben's plans.
As it is Umaben had a tough moment when Babuji caught Chhanchhan's words that Umaben had given her permission to wear salwar suits, and sternly asked Umaben why she did so.
Umaben manages to wriggle out of that one ... though I noticed Manthan ... and maybe Mukut too, seemed a little suspicious.

Whammy number one.

Interval - which consists of one romantic ChhanMan scene ... Manav steals back to pick up his bag, and Chhanchhan thanks hum for helping her with her saree. From the flashback which followed, am not sure how much of help he was, and how much hindrance ... but don't think Chhanchhan minded in the least

Chhanchhan has another conversation with her worried dad, who still is not convinced about Umaben's overnight personality change ... with good reason ... although his wife is more easily deceived. Since Chhanchhan is also deceived, she reassures her dad ... yes, she's eating properly, she is not being starved by the big bad witch Umaben, nor is she being made to work her fingers to the bone ... she's perfectly all right. And Umaben is Mother Earth incarnate ... she is wonderful, she really is.

About time Chhanchhan's eyes start to open a little ... fortunately they do ...

Next - Chhanchhan sits down to eat and finds RSK are fasting ... she offers to help them with the housework ... Umaben jumps in promptly ... this is her chance. So very sweetly RSK are given the day off, and Chhanchhan will make the evening meal.
Methinks Umaben should have made contingency plans ... knowing CC is not very good in the kitchen ... showing her up as a failure is all well and good, but what about the family dinner? I guess she thinks that the family going without food one day is a worthwhile sacrifice in the noble cause of getting rid of Chhanchhan.

Chhanchhan is in the same position as Ranjana was just a day ago ... why did I open my big mouth?
And more shocked ... me alone? No one is supposed to help me?
Methinks she should have asked ... you do know I can't cook, right? You sure you want to risk the family's dinner tonight? 

However Umaben is becoming a bit transparent ... Chhanchhan realises this is some sort of test ... a very worried Kaumudi tries to convince her that this is a rasam of sorts too.
Don't think Chhanchhan was fully convinced .. if she was, she obviously thought that rasam or no rasam, the men will not be happy if they don't get their dinner, so she'd better get some help. Since Kaumudi is not supposed to help her ... technology to the rescue again ... video conference between Kaumudi and Chhanchhan and live tutorial on how to cook.

This show should have been called Technology Bahu ...

And viola! Dinner is ready ... what's more, it tastes rather good too!

Double whammy for Umaben ... her second plan of the day bites the dust ... rather spectacularly at that!!!

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shruathi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 January 2013
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 10:41am | IP Logged
love ur analysis everyday...thanks @diya truely loved the episode:)

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 March 2009
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 10:45am | IP Logged
 ddFan2012's post

Fabulous post Diya...perfectly summed up…

Absolutely loved your version of the CC lecture to UB…..would have loved to hear CC mouth those words back to UB...……..

Methinks Umaben should have made contingency plans ... knowing CC is not very good in the kitchen ... showing her up as a failure is all well and good, but what about the family dinner?

ROFL yeah...I mean what if! There are disasters in the kitchen even with pros!

Bang on Title Technology Bahu...sahi kaha!

 Here is my take...


CC made the most adorable Red Riding Hood yesterday with that palla over her head...naive and innocent whilst standing there was UB the Cunning Wolf!

CC_Little Red Riding Hood - Oh Mummyji you have such large arms Oops! Large heart!

UB the Bad Wolf - Oh to love you better dear!

Oh CC darling please don't go to extent of asking about her teeth and will be gobbled up right away...and not sure YET! If Manav has the skills of a Shrewd Woodsman!

 I know you are one smart cookie CC... so beware!

Ok... I am extremely glad to note that the Borisagar men are very genuine in their praise….may it be in a smile, nod, or a few words…but it is sincere…..and it comes from the father's genes deffo! No way UB and her khandan!

Why is it that it is always a woman who becomes the worst enemy of another woman?

Mukut's expressions after seeing CC in a sari…."Oh dear what a hue and cry over nothing…...Chottus ignore your wife like I do!"

Mukut – Turns to see his patni and had a "wasted my time..Leave me alone" kind of look

Manthan – Had the 'Dimaag At Work' look…a bit confused but in a thinking mode…….."my outburst was for no reasons of course….next time I need to get to the crux of the matter before opening my loud mouth!"

Manthan seems to always have his antenna on where is mother is concerned. He might have been witness to many of her previous saazishon (devious plans)……it had happened during Manav's engagement too…..this means Manthan knows his mother too well.

Manav looking dapper than ever – Poora ka poora wau ghela mode and obviously after the rendezvous with Chand ka tukda….he is still in dreamland!


Now here when UB was trying to cover up and defend herself like in a court of law who has been accused already…Manav listened attentively…she was speaking about his wife……and yet let his mother defend herself in front of her father...

Somehow whilst driving back home last evening...…this thought crossed my mind….Manav might have inkling about his mother….

Why? The dialogue on Monday when he says "You will soon learn to handle not just the sari but everyone else."

And today he stood and did not intervene in his parent's convo. He has seen what happened with Purvi and her father. How his mother made him go to the village on their wedding night, the jagran….Manav is NOT OBTUSE!

No mention was made of how he helped her or said she does find it difficult and spoke in support of CC.

Though he has not told CC anything about it and he never will. No man will ever let his mother down in front of his wife……. He knows CC's strengthens… And whatever UB does may irk him but is not harming them in anyway…..He is playing along in this game……..whilst maintaining peace and semblance….

Maybe I am wrong….but every episode seems to give a hint in tiny doses….

Loved loved the scene where CC is struggling to drape the sari, Sanaya was absolutely brilliant. Look at her expressions, irritated, comical, mad, and almost drained from trying and trying...  "Oh no damn this yard of cloth...why can't I get it right...Gosh!...Let me try one more time"...raise her one arm up, "This is more complicated than training Mogambo"!...and then of course her savior Manav arrives...

And then of course we have the scenes about the vrat and stuff.

Sanjana the certified REPEAT TELECAST of Ranjana….The woman is trained like a robot to think, talk and act like R! Gosh grow a spine Sanjana!

I wish they were to show Mansi and CC's interactions. Let's hope its next week at least. The girl should be the happiest, now that she has a modern thinking SIL…some bonding has got to happen…

Now coming to Manthan, once again he taunted Manav!  There seems to be sibling rivalry between the two….Not that he does not love Manav…but it's evident….Manav has had it easy….and is a laid-back kind of guy……Manav has a lot of growing up to do……

Manav seems so much like a character in one of my stories…smart, brilliant, enjoying life….never put his skills or qualifications to use…….maybe cause the Borisagar business is run in a conventional manner and Manav wants to change things……but like the mother at home…his Dad runs the business HIS WAY!.

OK I won't elaborate but this track would be simply amazing too….the couple together bring change…..this also gives the character of Manav some depth…..…beyond just being a Wau Ghelo hubby…not that I don't love all this romance….in fact loving it….but the Manav-Dad clashes at the office would be fun to watch...Optimystix hope you are reading this!

We also got to know that Manek is the physically weaker boy out of the four. Prone to illnesses. First a bad tummy, and now this chronic asthma.

I am sure if CC wasn't worried about the dinner spread yesterday she would have found a new of managing it...of course now he must be following his Mother's traditional medicines...poor guy...and here has got himself a very Tandarust Biwi like Ranjana...who does a Fevicol number whilst all he can do is stand and stare...bechara Manek...I bet my bottom dollar...that Manek and his Asthma Management would be CC's upcoming project...

Precap - CC ke Sari ko aag lagi aur UB ka dil jala! (Matlab CC's sari caught fire and UB was burning!)



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AdorableDevil IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 10:53am | IP Logged
awesome epi and awesome analysis as always 

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priyabanu Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 10:54am | IP Logged
s... true...LOLROFL

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 March 2009
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shruathi

love ur analysis everyday...thanks @diya truely loved the episode:)

Thanks .. it was a really cute episode!!!
princessunara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 11:01am | IP Logged
lovely take as always!! love the title!! ROFL

hehe it felt so good watching UB squirm!! and rofl i agree on what CC did was dressing up nicely something but actually telling exactly what she wanted!!LOL

Did u see how Manek gave a pointed look at R? hehe he was like 'learn something from her.. came to me with big big talks! duh!' it was his first such look i have seen..
he already has a soft spot for his little SIL, from his actions..i can see this (cute cz i have noticed San seems pretty close to him off screen..they would enjoy more interactions)

Sanjana was a confused soul! she always tries to project the same emotions of R. But she couldn't help admiring CC either.. so it was kinda fun seeing her expressions of disappointment n then admiration..

Babuji was totally bowled over!! i loved how his voice was filled with affection when he addressed her as 'beti' and honestly i think she completely won him over with this one. he admired her behavior as well as accepted her thought process too
this is why he would i guess very quickly will get CC out of saris after the accident with fire.
UB getting caught out was EPIC!.. he bahus r so dumb! they didn't even think of the contradictory stories UB told them before and now!!

aawww i love Kaumadi!! she is deffa so sweet! i loved her relieved expression seeing CC in sari!! and then the next helping was also very sweet..

hmm..Manthan is smelling something very fishy.. and ya Manek was also less than impressed with his mother's behavior too..

UB might have wriggled out of this one.. but the hubby gave her the benefit of the doubt cz there was no reason to suspect her of foul play. BUT if ever a future date comes and issue is dragged out, these might remain in his mind..and will put two and two together..

i kinda liked that she did not take video tutorial from YT this time..and used the available more customized version of help available at dressing herself in the sari is different as no preference of some1 else is involved..but food the family is used to in a way na..
so it made good practical sense...liked it a lot...nicely thought out...

i think Kaumadi-CC bond is gonna get cemented. little things, Kaumadi is frankly surprised that someone actually think of her own well being and is being considerate towards her..
it was there yesterday too when CC asked her that she must be tired n to have some tea and rest - she looked incredulous. today too when CC said she must be tired..
for kaumadi people have always taken advantage of her good nature, and to be given consideration as a human being she has actively started loving CC..
Also she loves and is becoming little used to the impromptu hugs n cuddles from CC too.. it is kinda very sweet actually this relationship they r nurturing in the show.
cz Kaumadi & CC r the biggest age difference in the new generation.. so its kinda motherly feeling too how Kaumadi treats her.. and CC is giving love and affection and consideration back and has acquired a very good ally who no longer helps her cz the ally is good, but cz the ally actually loves her..this is quite a big difference actually..

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spirit IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 11:01am | IP Logged
 Hey Diya, wonderful summary as usual.

Now coming to UB, at the rate she is going, she will exhaust all her tricks soon. So what's next? Will she become more transparent as time goes by and her desperation increases by folds? Every time one of these plans backfire for her, CC seems to gain an admirer in the house. So all is well so far. Makes me wonder though, she will come up with something big...a master stroke?or may be not. Lets see... 

Do you think it will be all out war at any point? I ask  because of the way UB's characterization is... Just plain vindictive and evil. So may be once CC becomes aware of aub's real intention, the intensity will increase a notch. coming back to UB, I find it really odd that there is no genuine humor in her. I mean a person can have lighter moments, be herself around ppl she is not threatened least. At the moment, its all one way street for her, my way or the highway...unfortunately...CC comes with her own way.LOL She needs to lighten up... 

At the moment, there is not much else going on unless this is what it's going to be about everyday, sarees suits dinner... :D is that what they show in all saas-bahu shows? I know...I know what this show is aboutBig smile but still...

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