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Episode 308 Discussion: 26th June 2013

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 9:11am | IP Logged

Episode 308 Discussion: 26th June 2013

Welcome to the Episode discussion thread which we call as Viewer's and Reader's Respite.  That's very apt, don't you think ? Wink. And that proves our objective.

Objective behind the thread is 
  1. It helps in keeping the forum clean without much litter. People just need to fall in a habit.
  2. We can have it like breathers at first followed by analysis. 
  3. It also helps like-minded souls and pals bond and gel together to drop in their thoughts for themselves as breathers and for their friends as a peep into the episode and for others to post their reviews. 
  4. And those from different time-zones, who do not get to watch the episode at this time of telecast (Indian 8:30 PM), without any worry to trace or keep track of all their buddy's posts, they can come here, read with leisure and later post their analysis after watching it from their Time zones. 

Note for Newcomers to this thread.
Extremist thoughts and moralizing thoughts are not welcome over this thread. It is entertainment show we are watching. The channel calls their programs as entertainment and we are watching the show. Discussions are welcome in light hearted and in realistic manner. Moral policing is not appreciated.  We do not want to feel stifled into that kind of atmosphere here. 

There are several other social welfare sites that are there to discuss the genuine issues.  If for some reason, it is felt that social concerns have to be addressed and ethical and moral responsibility needs to be exercised for watching entertainment, then; certainly the forum is an open place to create separate ATs and build up that kind of propaganda.

Please heed to this as direct request and conditional requirement to participate in this thread. Strong words such as psychopaths unless used in show, need not be used to instigate riotous atmosphere or start sermonizing.

POINTERS for Writing/Posting of your reviews and thoughts over this EDT
  1. Do not litter the thread with chit-chat conversations. A little is permitted to have the friendly atmosphere, but when you feel like chatting more, it is desired you take your conversation with your buddies to alternate venues like chat clubs, pm mode etc.
  2. Quoting Policy: It is desired that people refrain from single, double, triple and multiple quoting of posts on a repetitive basis. They can pick out the parts that they like to quote as opposed to quoting the entire post. It is often seen that we have  to scroll through the pages when all they have done is quoting and more quoting with one line response to the actual post. IF has a rule that more than three times quoting is not allowed. But nowadays as people read IF posts over phone, it is preferred that people do not quote longer posts and just extract the portions of the post that they like to respond to and if they still find it relevant to their thought process then get the entire quoted text.
  3. Regulate the font size. Keep remembering that. It is really not pleasing to see big bolded letters for no special reason.
  4. The thread becomes a mess when you give your review and do not REST for sometime until others have posted. Please understand, respites or reviews; once or twice are good for few pages...don't make a regular chat thread with your reiterating/whining/complaining on the same point. For the online readers, the thread becomes unpleasant read. There is a separate Complaints thread in Main Forum.
  5. When episodic content is emotional, take a deep breath, give a good lengthy review; that acts as your vent in one single post...and make an exit to calm down your nerves if you still are possessed by only what you've seen.  

For those who cannot watch can have the Live/Written Updates.
Today's LU from : Armu4eva 

  • There are various other threads all over the forum. Please check out those as well. This is just one choice out of so many.
  • Readers are encouraged to post links of other members posts which had been "delightful read" towards analysis of episodic event/s or character analysis. It becomes an easy navigation in the myriad of posts and pages and can easily be overlooked.
  • The link to present day ED thread is always provided in the previous one discussed.Those who participated in previous thread can go to my posts and check the previous thread to get access to new link. 

MAS will also maintain sister threads of Daily EDTs
  • Can't Stop Discussing and Thinking About MBVerse

Link for May 2013  - Index -


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Episode 308 Discussion - EOD Summary

RK demands proof from Sultan regarding his "Occupy RK Mansion" stance

Events Of The Episode

1. Episode begins with doctor warning Radha to not take stress which can be detrimental to her health. Later Madhu goes to Sikki's room where Meera and Sultan are and asks Sultan about his mother. She asks him how can one believe a drunkard's word and if he has any other proof. Sultan claims screams of his mother are proof enough. RK vehemently denies such being the case. RK challenges Sultan it is highly likely that neither his mother is mentally unstable nor Meera is his mother. RK questions the speed with which these things have come together for Sultan since RK-Madhu's wedding night.

2. Sultan keeps reiterating his spiel about reinstating his mother's identity, respect and name. RK offers him a blank cheque on which Sultan writes Meera Mohan  Kundra. This angers RK tremendously. Radhaji makes an appearance vehemently denying Sultan's claim that Meera was Mohan's first wife and tearfully alleges that Sultan and his mother are both lying.

Episode ends

Episode Reviews
Page 1 -  war_is_peace, _charu_, river123, amrithas,Shazzie, dramacrazy12
Page 2 -  MarathiMulgi, Savz_uniqueblis

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war_is_peace IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 9:25am | IP Logged

Heart LUV U RK!! muah!! Heart LUV U RK!! muah!! HeartLUV U RK!! muah!! Heart

RK bbb sultan...bohot shaanti mili! ROFL

seems like Rk was saying everything rishbalians are saying! LOL ROFL
"ho sakta hai vo bevda jooth bol raha hai" ROFL
"ho sakta hai vo aurat pagal nahi hai" ROFL
"ho sakta hai vo tumhaari maa hi nahi" ROFL
"ek hi raat main tumhe khoyi huyi maa mil gayi aur tumne badla lene ka plan hi bana diya" ROFL

LUV U RK!! muah!!

"impress karne ke liye ab yahaan koi aur bacha nahi!" ROFL

Heart LUV U RK!! muah!! Heart LUV U RK!! muah!! HeartLUV U RK!! muah!! Heart

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_charu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 9:46am | IP Logged
melodramatic bore episode Unhappy poora episode drawing room mein...i lost interest midway..perhaps bec. the beginning was Dead i'm now sick and tired of understanding Madhu so i won't even try this time ! i'll accept it and expect more such nonsense from her...why can't she adopt all the dukhiyaari janta of India ?? 

What made her so angry and why did she ask RK to go away ? can't he be with his mother?? getting Sultan arrested was a big crime? and if she'll say that getting him arrested was the reason he brought Meera to RK mansion, i'll break my TV..

She doesn't have a problem with Sultan taking RK mansion hostage, rather she wants to convince him that it's a misunderstanding? for a misunderstanding, will he take this big a step? are we foolish or Madhu thinks she resides in swarg lok with devi devtas? at least RK was talking logic..kyun na ho..argument toh hamare hain na? who will believe that Bhai's world changed overnight? now he's not even worried for Bhindipie and kaka !  

yes, this proof, that proof or even that bangle is not sufficient to prove that Sultan is MK's son..plz RK, can u call the media and tell them that so and so gangster is trying to malign his and his father's reputation..who will the media believe? RK or a criminal?? at least he'll get rid of this pest from his house? 

"batao, kitni keemat hai tumhari" and blank cheque was unnecessary...if Bhai wants money , he can lootofy any bank, why wud he come to RK right?? 

someone plz enlighten me how can RK give him Meera Mohan Kundra name? and why can't Bhai himself tell the whole world that his mother is MMK? when RK didn't accept his step father as his own, who can dare to force him to accept MMK even if she IS his step mother ?? 

anyhow , i'm not interested in finding logic in this idiocy..i was only interested in Rishbala equation and seems like Madhu is all set to make RK believe Dead ye ladki nahi sudhregi jab tak koi kaand nahi hoga..

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river123 IF-Dazzler

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Glad I'm not going to be the first one to post today.  My review can be safely tucked into the middle of the page!

  • Today it struck me - it is going to be progressively difficult to watch this show if Sultan is in every frame.  With his constant broken-record refrain of giving his mother her right - the name of the man he claims drove his mother crazy, the father he claims to hate.   
  • It is kind of disgusting to watch this, with him claiming friendship with Madhu, at the same time seeking to destroy her family, take over her house.   The character does not make any sense to me at this stage.  Come to think of it, it never did.
  • There was an unintentionally hilarious moment, when Sultan was lovingly (?? ) caressing Meera's hair.  A Meera, who looked all calm and comfortably ensconced on Dips-Sikky's bed, with pink plastic toy artfully arranged to remind us all - lest we forget - of her fragile mental state. 
  • Couldn't completely figure Madhu out.     So she is mad at her husband, making it seem like it was his entire fault.  So getting Sultan arrested caused this "Occupy RK Mansion" adventure? And no anger at Sultan?  And she is still trying to play peacemaker, thinking this is all a big misunderstanding.  Time to wake up and smell the coffee, Madhu. There is some outrage on the part of her family when she is talking to Sultan.  But Madhu being Madhu still wants to believe Sultan. 
  • RK was superb as the concerned son.  Then, as the man of the house, trying to figure out what Sultan's shtick is, trying to pay him off with the blank check so that he leaves his family alone.  But that doesn't work.  Sultan is back to his "give my mother her rights" slogan.
  • Kudos to RK for picking all the possible holes in Sultan's story.  Am really rooting for them to come true.  
  • Loathsome Dips - not an iota of concern on her face on seeing a distraught Radhaji.  Just that greedy sick gleeful look on her face as she is anticipating the drama.  
  • All in all, RK was the redeeming factor in the show today - the lines, the owning the scenes.   Madhu didn't have too much to do other than act illogical and have pained suffering looks.  Watching Sultan was as painful as a tooth extraction without Novocaine.   Dips and Sikky were kind of painful too, today.

PS: Pain seems to have been the buzzword today.

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amrithas IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 10:54am | IP Logged
I think its beyond time that RK took his biwi to task and ask her to stay away from this matter n Sultan, forget ever entering the room he occupies! Call it whatever u want, but if this Madhu Sultan Milap continues, this show wont even be worthy of going through the WU's! And thats it! 

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Shazzie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Its time for me to stick to reading FF's and/or re-watch old episodes of MEIEJ. Writers in this forum are MUCH MUCH BETTER and can write a better plot than the one that is being shown. 

Summary of today's epi 

  • Wife is angry on husband that he got a criminal arrested for vandalizing his studio, breaking his father's pic. I have lost hope on Madhu.  I simply cannot relate to her. What exactly was she angry on RK about? And then she very nicely goes to speak with sultan who says that go from here! The irony is that it is madhu's  house  and sultan is saying to her to go out and she is still talking nicely. 
  • Dips only and only motive is downfall of RK& Madhu. She is actually enjoying that RK is in trouble and doesnot care an iota about Radha.  DeadDead
  • A gangster can walk in and take 'kabza' of any person's house. It reminds me of those  extortion agents who take 'kabza' of house if the house owner is not able to pay back the loans. But then sultan is not the bad guy! He is the noble peace award winner, gold hearted gangster who is soo gullible that he can be influenced by any story. Characterization of this gangster reminds me of a characters played in comedy circus/comedy shows. Dont know whether I should laugh or be disgusted by him! Dead  
  • I m glad that madhu raised valid point that how can he believe any story by a drunkard. Sultan didnot even bother to validate his story.
  • RK said all that what we all had been discussing here. One fine evening, he found his whole family and decided to take revenge! What a super sonic development indeed. 
Can anyone explain to me that what is sultan gaining by living in RK's mansion. He wants his mother to be recognized as MK's wife. Then he should go and disclose to media, go and prove in court. How can RK give name to his mother and that too by staying in the house.  He thinks that without any proofs, and by a gangster's words, whole world will agree to him!

This track is totally logic less! Sorry if this comes out as a rant rather than a episode discussion. 

Only feeling it evokes is DISGUST! PLAIN DISGUST! There is no drama quotient in it. 

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dramacrazy12 Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shazzie

  • Wife is angry on husband that he got a criminal arrested for vandalizing his studio, breaking his father's pic. I have lost hope on Madhu.  I simply cannot relate to her. What exactly was she angry on RK about? And then she very nicely goes to speak with sultan who says that go from here! The irony is that it is madhu's  house  and sultan is saying to her to go out and she is still talking nicely. 

While I cannot relate to Madhu ...I am trying to understand where she is coming from given her personality and what she believes until now. To her Sultan is her friend and a good person (she has completely ignored that he is a gangster who commits murder until now so it is not going to sink in now)...and all this is a misunderstanding because why would Sultan want to attack RK (she is unaware that Sultan was dreaming of a life with her). She sets up a meet to get the issue resolved but her husband screwed it up by calling cops and furthermore lied to her by omission when he got back. She expected better out of her husband ...she expects nothing out of Sultan after all what right does she have there. Now Sultan has retaliated in the worst possible way and caused Radha's breakdown and she blames RK for lost opportunity.
For her to make any sensible decision ...she has to understand that this is not a misunderstanding but a conspiracy  and Sultan is not what he pretends to be. That is not an easy job unless she sees/senses that
1)Sultan is being stubbornly unreasonable and is not goody two shoes.
2) There are cracks in Sultan's story
3) Meera's behaviour being fishy.
4) Sultan is intruding in her private moments and has lust on his mind
We started on first two things today...the spoiler indicated beginning on last thing...we still have to see point 3 happenning.
Once she sees that this is not a misunderstanding ...she will see what is at stake and why RK is behaving the way he is .

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