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ArHi FF: Raaz A Dark secret ch4 pg14 7/2 (Page 14)

sana11 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 April 2012
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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
they are so happy and content with each other Big smile
who s following her and whats so disturbing her ,...
awesome update Clap  Clap ClapClap
update the next soon dearBig smile

kushiasr26 Senior Member

Joined: 11 March 2012
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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
nice update
who is following her is it nk
nishi22 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 March 2012
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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 7:56am | IP Logged
intresting..plz do pm menext...!!
IPKKNDfan4ever IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 November 2011
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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 8:33am | IP Logged
amazing update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
so the story took a leap..and Arshi are happily married ! :)))
just love they address each other like babe, jaan and all...soo romantic !!!
...isnt nk the one Khushi loved ??...and isnt Rosh NK s kid..
i mean on Arshi wedding night, Khushi said she  s pregnant !!...

and isnt it NK who s following Khushi everywhere ??...

i think Khushi must tell Arnav...
just loving this small cute family...!!

and the house !!!!!! omg its so BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great updates !!!!!!!! really eager to know the past !

*just a small request, could u please write the translation in brackets or a different color?...i mean sometimes its hard to read...Embarrassed
if possible..otherwise its ok SmileBig smile*

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poojaraizada Senior Member

Joined: 15 September 2012
Posts: 285

Posted: 01 July 2013 at 7:59am | IP Logged
This Was Amazing
I loved this chapter
the relationship that Arnav And Khushi share is wonderful
Who is following her?
I have a feeling that NK is connected to her someway or the other
thanx for the PM dear
plz continue soon
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 April 2008
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 4:00am | IP Logged

The Sun rays from window hit on her angelic face  She move aside & snuggles in her quilt and gets closer to her hubby .she  suddenly she remembers she is in Dhli . She flung her eyes open.& looks  side table her cell Its 8:00am now. & they have to go reach AR  at  sharp 9:00 for a meeting  she gathers herself  and pulls her hair into a pony tail  & comes out of the  bed. Before going to Kitchen she look at bed, where her husband sleeping peacefully.

She picked up Roshni from her crib and put her next to Arnav and put pillows around her making sure she won't roll off the bed


Roshni  put her one leg on Arnav's arm and her tiny hand on his head  because  of that arnav  slept like someone tied him in a one position. Roshni's face literally touched Arnav's jaw line .  She smiles to herself & runs in to the bathroom to wash her face and then goes to kitchen.


She prepares Arnav's favorite black coffee  , &  egg and cheese Sandwiches him aswell as  she made herself and him  a bowl of fruit    and for  Roshni  cornflakes with strawberries .


After 3 years of their marriage she knows exactly knows what her husband wants.. Arnav  loves light breakfast in the  morning. She readies breakfast and put the plates on table. Then she goes to their room with his fav black coffee


. She knew he was running around continuously for 2-3 days for his work, their home shifting & most importantly handling Roshni  . He badly needed rest. So , she let him sleep in and  today  she decide to wake him in her special way .


She comes to his side , & put his coffee  on a side table. she look at his face , he looking so cute in his sleep. she thinks.


The rays of the sun are hitting his face he begins to move

She stands in front of the bed blocking the rays of the sun he  goes back to sleep

His hair comes on his eyes as he turns a lil

She bends down and sits at the edge of the bed  and slowly moves the hair from his eyes and face without trying to  wake him he is smiling in his sleep

"aisa time pe ek picture tho bantha" she thinks and takes her cell and snaps a pic

"Oh em geee  yeh tho 8th wonder I got to see today Arnav Singh Raizada smiling" she says

and is about to get up.


When arnav  pulls her hand back 'he didn't realize he had pulled her a lil to hard until she fell on his chest



He wraps his arms around her tightly and hugs her his closes his  eyes and getting few min more of sleep

"Good morning handsome she pecks his lips Arnav get up you are wake  we are getting late babe" she says


He just smiles and holds her tighter  "its my  office lets me sleep in  we will go in late " he mumbles

"Arnav get up you are acting just like a lil kid who doest want to go to school"She says

"Haan yes madam me not in mood to go I'm in mood for"

He opens his eyes and puckers his lips


"Asrnav what is this badmash(naughty)" blushes Khuhshi  she is trying to move from his arms

Due to the voices and movement


. Roshni turns around a little & goes back sleep on her tummy Khushi  shakes Arnav ,


She whispers in his ear "baby please get up for me" and she plays with his hair

He smiles and kisses her lips  it was one passionate lip lock he sucked her lower lip and nibble on the top one she gasped a lil he entered his toung and explored every corner of her mouth the kiss ended as wonder French kiss

"Now that's how you start a Good morning"  he teases


She will still lost in moment due to the kiss the power he had over her always made her weak he was a amazing kisser  he probably did his masters in romance 101  he knew exactly what to do when to do it and he was damn good at being a true  romantic , i'm so lucky ". she thought and smiled looking in his eyes . 

he smiled back and kissed her forehead for you anything "jaan bhi hazar  ill just get up ok babe"


She got off him "coffee has gone cold you get ready ill make another one"


and he got up "no  baby its still hot I'll drink it  you have to get ready along with getting our princess ready" 

he looks at their adorable daughter he kisses her chubby cheek  and goes in to the bathroom


she smiles to herself  "I'm so lucky ti have such a  wonderful husband" she thought she pecks their princesses cheek baby wake up princess  she is a lil cranky and looks at her mommy

and streacthes her arms out to be picked up Khushi takes her in her arms


good morning princess and hugs her tightly

she begins to  cry  "ka hua baby huh ?  sleepy  lets get ready  then  we will drop you nani and bua's  sleep all you want their baby my good lil angel"


she gets her ready and they quickly gets herself ready


as she getting ready she is multi-tasking  , she gets  Roshni's things ready in her bag , stuff her drawing book & story books ,few dolls toys  extra clothes her diapers and other  necessary things in her bag , While  they go to office they


will go to Shantivaan  , and drop Roshni  there., they all are ready and finshing up breakfast  she is eatting and doing her lil princesses hair at the same time

"baby please don't move so much your cute pig tails will be crooked " says Khushi


ASR  shakes his head  o"pen your mouth "and feeds  a her sandwhich


"you take care of me and rosh  but forget too care for yourself now eat jaan" and feeds her


she smiles and take the sandwich and is eating it   asad is wiping his lil princess face who has a milk moustache


she puts all the dishes in the sink and  they get ready and get in the car


they drive to shantuvaan


"mama ki achi  beti  hai na aap  be a good girl princess  nani i k o thoda bhi thang na kar na" t

(My good Girl don't worry nani and di)

(she kisses her  forehead). 

"haan princess thoda nahi bhot thang kar na" laughs Arnav  . (Khushi hits asr's arm ) 

(yes princess worry them a lot)

"arnav tum bhi na ".she looks at him


"nahi  princess main mazak kar ra hoon im joking  be a good girl ok "? he kisses Roshni  on the cheeck . 


"nani,di  thank you so much raat ko mil the agar kuch bhi chaiye do call me" says zoya)

"roshni  she is my granddaughter  don't say thanks gahr ki bachi hai yeh "


after 3 years im seeing her again it's a pleasure and fikar nahi karo Khuhsi she is just like Abhay to me says di(anjali's son)

 they leave

they reach the office ...


"jaan you go I'll park and come  ok " says Arnav   ...Khushi nods her head n walks towards the stairs...she reaches the conference room...


NK  is standing there...seeing Khushi  he stands up from his place...zoya's eyes light up..."badi achi dosti nibhai hai tum ne...ek baar bhi call kar ke nahin pucha k mein zinda hun ya mar gai...tumhe itni si bhi fikar nhain hai meri...mein ne kitna miss kia tumhe...but tumhe kya farak parta hai...mein kausi kuch lagti hun tumhari...ab hanse q rahe ho...hug nahin kroge apni dost ko..."


(wow what friendship you valued ,not once you called and asked if im alive or not ,you even care do you?  And I missed you so much  but what does it matter to you  after all who am I to you? Now why are you smiling wont you hug me ?)


NK  is shocked at this sudden bombardment...but his eyes are filled with tears and he smiles...thinking i knew u would come back.Khushi runs towards him...NK  is smiling in disbelief...he is about to open his arms...


when Khushi  suddenly comes towards him and passes by hitting his shoulders...and runs into Nikhil's arms who was standing behind NK..


NK ..almost crying"KHUSH, MY HAPPINESS, MY JALEBI BAI  ...tum yahan...i can't believe...itna salon baad after so long ...aur tum ne soch bhi kaise liya k mein tumhe bhul jaunga? (you here after so many yaers  how culd you think I forgot you?)

How could you think I can forget my Jalebi Bai   main ne kitna contact kia tumhe but tumhara number change ho gaya tha...tum ne ghar shift kia n address bhi nahin diya...

 (I tired to contact you so much  number changed and you moved and you weren't even on a social network )


Ie:Nikhil Khanna   he  is Khushi'ss best friend form childhood  they were neibhors in laknow  and Nikhil  and Lavanya  work in AR.


and" NK is heart-broken..."so she was talking to Nikhil  " he thought himself to be a total fool thinking that she  will be saying such things to him...after all that still think she would forgive you just like's impossible!!


they hug again and this time Nikhil  twirls her around holding her waist and just then ASR  walks in and  is taken a back...he is irritated the way this guy   is being so close to his wife and  NK  is s also miffed...


Nikhil 'Khushi  break the hug and Nikhil   introduces her to La ...his other  best friend n office mate...


Lavanya .."hi Chamkili ...nice to see you again after so long I missed you " she hugs her


Khushi ..."hi La I know ...same here its been so long we need a girls night to catch up what say.."

Khushi turns around n sees Arnav  ..."hey hubby come here him...this is Nikhil   my childhood friend" AKA my rockstar  or Nik

and Nik .."Arnav  my husband..."


Nikhil smiles widely and Sahkes Arnav's hand  OMG I never knew my boss is wife is my best friend  that is just  rocking says Nikhil


ASR Shakes his hand  back and smiles but aslo ...gave him a how-dare-u touch-my-wife look

and shakes his hand  even tigther

that Nikhil is at the verge on thinking that my hand is no more his




NK  looks at them &  is annoyed  " sir um shall we start the meeting now  ."


Sure let's start says ASR


After a few hours


Whiel working Arnav  glances at  Khushi  , she seems disturb .Khushi  goes to get a coffee for herelf .

 Arnav silently followed herKhushi  senses someone stand behind her.

 Suddenely that person hugged her from behind , She scare for some time , but when she recognizes his touch she  sighs in a relief . 


"Darling  kya hua. What is wrong ?" he ask in concerned tone . Khushi  turned around to face him & hugged him back .


 Arnav  cupped her face & sees her eyes welled up. 'Babe  "before he ask her anything she softly says him " Arnav   , I miss Roshni  a lot , she is fine na , did she eat  something , and her nap time she was so sleepy   woh theek hai na? , Arnav  . i...i ... 


" Arnav   understands she misess Rosh  a lot today  , because till date Roshni  always with her all the  time . She never left her alone for a moment. He pull her closer to him & wipes her tears with  his thumb. then he kisses her forehead , then nose & slightly give a kiss on her pink lips. & say something in her ear , that made her smile .


 ASR told her " beautiful  don't worry she is fine , & Nani and di  said she will call if necessary  everything is fine ." Khushi nodded to him. " Come Darling we have to complete the huge deal   na. after that if you aren't needed baby you can leave jaan just that you are the ceo na ?"


 they both come out of the  staff  room. here NK see this whole scene from glass door & cliched his fists in anger.


They both go to conference room and sit at the atble Nikhil   looks at her Khushi  " Jalebi  bai  what happened why are you crying , is everything is ok. ? you  need something "


before she  could answer ASR  gives cold glare to him like this is between husband and wife look . Nikhil   steps backward. La   sees it  & asks Nikhil  what happened.


'Why is Chamikli upset "asksL a

"Don't know yaar"says Nikhil


 "Chamkili  are you ok? What is wrong you seem upset  "asks La

"Haan just miss my lil princess 1st time i since she was born i left her " says Khushi


NK also look at  Khushi  .  he had found out that she seems very disturbed but didn't know the reason .  only When he heard La & Khushi's convo he knows d reason of her disturbances.


ASR goes to the  Plot  to find some land for  the new branch of AR with a realtor and Aman     Nikhil   & La go to meet mr. roy for the consignment details the martials they need  for  the  next fashion show the martial has to be top notch high quality . 



Nk and Khushi are alone in the conference room  ,  Khushi  was completing the  designs and for presentation that was needed for tomorrows meeting with mr and mrs Mehra since the next fashions how is huge  they our  interested in keeping AR fashion  collections in their stores

 while ASR had also made sure NK  was  there to brief and help Khushi


Khushi   calls NK in her office to give some file " inform him that she completed her side of work.


"NK this is all done give this to ASR when he comes  and make sure you Nikhil and La  go over the presntaion for tommorows meeting even though Ill be the one to handle it you all should study it" . says Khushi  in a a formal tone


" You may go now that will be all " she says without looking at him

 When Nk   calls her , "Khush" she stops what she is doing and looks up


 She gets up from her chair  and is walking   to the door She about to leave from her  office  ,   

 NK comes near to her. & face her Now NK   back to the  door." Khush   why don't , you  go early today I mean everything is done and the rest ill handle with, Nik  and LA arnav  sir is out   , as you seem to miss your daughter go to her  you will feel at peace"  .


" Khushi  turn around with a frown on her face & cuts NK  in a mid-way " I am not Khush  or Khushi  to you  , I am Just Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada & you may call me Mrs . Raizada or Ma'mn, but no first name and not at  all my nick name only the people who are important or mean something to may call me Khush  with this . She hits his shoulder and storms out of her office   with tears in her eyes .

NK   just shocked at  her behavior and still can't believe his ears ..


 Nikhil khanna will be played by Khushal Tandon


Edited by Fiza28 - 02 July 2013 at 5:10am

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 4:47am | IP Logged
wow amazing update loved it.
opsyellow IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 February 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 4:48am | IP Logged
So Nk and Khushi have some past! Do I dare to guess that Roshini is NKs? Was NK the guy who got Khushi pregnant? Arnav is jealous of her friends LOL

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