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ArHi FF: Raaz A Dark secret ch4 pg14 7/2 (Page 10)

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Whatever happened here...?
Waiting for more!

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Arnav took his time to finish his paperwork at the AR Fashion   as long as Roshni  was fast asleep he had no problem he thought. Immediately he called his lovely  wife to ask her whereabouts,

"Hey darling  where are you love I'm almost done"

said Arnav


"Jaan my shopping is about  done  mera  bhi kaam bas khatam hi hone vala hai,  Can you meet me in the mall". Asked Khushi



haan yes sweetheart   we'll just come to the mall mai abhi mall mai ata hoon, meet me near your favourite Cafe, we'll go from there for lunch. Simultaneously, NK  shakes his hands with Arnav   and says see you soon and leaves from the office for some important  on site work.


Khushi happily walks around the mall towards the Cafe, window shopping on her way. She senses someone following her, which leads her to be restless waiting for Arnav  and Roshni  She rings Arnav couple of times but it all goes in vein,

"haye devi maiya what the ' cell hai but he doesn't answer it uff "


Khushi couldn't see the person's face which worries her more. Arnav   sees Khushi waiting for them outside the Cafe, as he walks towards her Khushi sighs in relief

"Thank you devi maiya " she says to her self


when she sees them and smile and . Arnav   gives a peck on Khushi 's lips and says" I missed you beautiful while she smiles and says I  missed you both more and kisses his cheek


They walk towards her favorite Restaurant, with Arnav holding Roshni   on his right arm while his left hand was on khushi's waist.


Khushi diverted her mind on to the interior designing selections, Arnav  just smiled at her childish way of talking yet a mature minded wife he thought.


Khushi  noticed Arnav   staring at her amusingly she questioned him, "Maine koi joke mara kya did I say a joke whats so funny my handsome hubby?"


Arnav smiled and said, "Nahi baby  I love the way you talk I can hear you go on for hours ,  tum jab aise baat karti ho toh mujhe bahot acha lagta hai"he said staring at her


Khushi laughed at her husband for his flirty talks.

Suddenly roshni started crying Khushi  asked Arnav  to order food

"Arnav  babe you order the food please our lil  princess is a lil cranky ill just take her out a lil bit" said s Khushi


"Sure baby go ahead come soon" said Arnav


while she walked out with Roshni for some fresh air. Arnav  nodded and Roshni  went outside, while leaving the Restaurant Khushi noticed someone staring at her. Now that person had glares (sunglasses) and a  baseball hat on, so his face still wasn't clearly noticeable. Khushi  was about to inform Arnav  but she retorted herself from doing so. She had no idea how Arnav would react on that. 

As the time passed since marriage she had learned that Arnav  is very practical person in life, he thinks from his brain than his heart. But when it comes to his wife, child and family, he doesn't use his brain or his heart. Arnav  just jumps on a conclusion she knows that he can't hear or see anything against his loved ones, which makes Arnav's reaction unpredictable and uncontrollable she thought to herself.


Khushi just forced a smile on, ignored the person looking at her and walked straight pass to her table where Arnav  was waiting for her patiently. He smiled, and informed her the dishes he had ordered,

Madam your favorite pani puri,, different kinds of  chaat , malali kofta puri and ofcourse jalebi


"aww Arnav , ye saare toh mere favourite dishes hai,(these are all my favorite dishes)  Thank you so much honey" Khushi  said smiling and squeezed her husband's hand.


Arnav  winked at her. Khushi  couldn't stop noticing the person looking at them, she was feeling uncomfortable so she asked if she could change the seat with Arnav


"Babe can we switch seats please" she asked


. Arnav narrowed his eyebrows  and was suspicious, so questioned her about why she wanted to change seats,

"Why sweetheart what's wrong?"

Khushi replied while making an excuse


"haye devi maiya what's wrong with you my wonderful hot hubby  it would be easier for me to feed Rosh  from that side. Bas" she said


Sure jaan come the switched seats that ticked off the person who was watching them


As they finished their lunch they left to their new house, 

They pulled up to their new house  

OMG Arnav its huge and beautiful says khushi 

Arnav  took  Rosh from Khushi   placed her car seat  inside the house near the door  picked her  up  in his arms and brought his wife in there house just like a newly wedded bride

 They entered in  their new home

, . 

Khushi's  eyes were moist looking at Arnav, she got emotional but still they  entered the house Khushi  said aww home sweet home.


While Arnav said, "Our home sweet home."

Arnav  glanced around the house quickly 

and said he was tired after all that driving he wanted to rest.

Their Bedroom

 Khushi agreed and made the bed for them and placed Roshni  in between the bed. Arnav   immediately went to rest, " babe  tum bhi thoda rest le lo, subhe se ghum rahi ho na thak gayi hongi.(wifey you also rest we been busy all day ) " she nodded positively. Arnav dozed off easy, but Khushi couldn't take a nap. She walked around the house, examining things, when suddenly she remembered she had to go out. She looked at Arnav  sleeping peacefully, however disturbing him could be wrong. So Khushi decides to leave without informing Arnav , but instead leaving  him a note.

3:00 pm

While Arnav  's taking a nap Khushi  sneaks out to her old  college where she had taken a fashion design course  when visting her bua  , she had no idea why she was going. But she had some strong vibes, after looking at a drama poster in the mall which was to be presented by her ex-college. Khushi had started to do what she wanted since landing in Dehli  after so many years, 'maybe Dehli  just means Freedom' she thought to herself.


Arnav  's nap was interrupted when Roshni started playing with Arnav' s  facial hair and giggling. Arnav  jumped up, when he noticed roshni  playing, he also played along with her  tickling and telling his princess  stuffs. Arnav   called out to Khushi  from his bedroom, "sweetheart  tum kha ho where are you babe ?, dekho rosh   uth gaya hai she's up please iske liye milk laeye


" jaan? Khushi ?

As there was no voice replying back at him, Arnav   got worried and got up and searched the whole house and returned to his bedroom. When he noticed a note on the side table, it said

"Babe, I'm going out will be back home soon. Please take care of Rosh  Love Khushi"

By the time Arnav   finished reading the note, Khushi  came running back home in tears, why did I go to college she thought.


Khushi smiled at the couple romancing near the college tree and writing their initials on it. She was happily watching them from a distance until she got disturbed by her memories and realized someone staring at her from far away; she didn't know how to react so she ran from there crying leading her to be heartbroken. She went to the mandir



Arnav questioned her about her whereabouts


"Babe where did you go?" he asked

She  replied that she had gone to Mardir  but she was disturbed, but had composed herself before entering the house.


Arnav I just went to the Mandir


Here parsaad and hand him


 I went there because "Kis ki nazar na lage  to our family"

Thank you devi maiya  before I stopped there  then came home she thought

Khuhsi excuses herself saying she'll make evening coffee  for Arnav, and walked towards the kitchen. 

But instead of preparing coffee  she made tea  which was noticed by Arnav  from a distance as she added tea  instead of coffee  powder.


 He didn't utter a word except said from a distance, "jaan  can you make  chai instead I'm in mood for tea, kya tum aaj mere liye chai bana sakti ho please?" Tumhare haaton ki chai  miss kar raha hoon.


Khushi snapped back into reality, sighed in relief that she was preparing the right drink. After the chai , Arnav asked Khushi  to get dressed as they had to reach Sahntiwaan   place for dinner. Khushi nodded positively with a smile, and left to get ready. She wore a pretty pink anarkali dress, while Asad  wore a demin jeans and his white shirt tucked in, roshni  was dressed in cute pink frock  like her mommy Arnav was in mood to meet his di and nani it had been long




Arnav, Khuhsi had a good time at a family get together it was great to everyone


our Rosni has grown so much my gudiya naniwas holding her in her arms


yup nani she is grown so much she looks so much like chote now hai na says di


hello hi bye bye ' nahi Anjali betiya roshni is a copy of Khushi she doenst look like Arnav at all says Mami


Khushi looked at Arnav


And lowered her eyes


Mami  you are right she is a copy  just as beautiful as my lovely wife I always wanted my daughter to look like her mother    says Arnav


After a while of chatting and all  they left  


While driving back home Rosh slept off in her car seat. Arnav noticed how Khushi  was distracted by her own thoughts staring out of the window; he was almost going to ask her. But thought he would give her some time to settle in once again in Dehli


They reached home, Arnav  carried Roshni  and placed her  on the bed and went to freshen himself up, Khushi stood near the bedroom window staring at the moon. Her eyes questioning the moon, she felt her questions being unanswered which led her to


Arnav couldn't control himself, he never could see his wife upset; he hugged her  from behind, leaned forwards and kissed her neck. She  jerked with the kiss she felt on her neck, while Arnav asked her if she was thinking about him,


"Thinking of me baby " he said while still holding her in his arms


while Khushi strongly denied

"no Arnav I wasn't"

shrugging Arnav 's hands off her.


Arnav sighs and pausing asks Khushi , "Darling  are you ok baby since evening you seem upset ,

tum theek toh ho na? Shaam se kafi disturbed lag rahi ho"

Khushi turned around wiping her tears and says " haan babe I'm just tired". She keeps thinking of things that happened today and moves Arnav  from her way

" Arnav hatoo move "

and pushes him from her way slightly

and goes to bed. Settles down on her side, turns off her side lamp and falls asleep immediately.


Arnav narrowed his eye brows  and worry wrinkles formed

He had his arms crossed on his chest

Arnav  gets distrubed by her actions, he retorts saying anything to her, but was surprised on how she forgot to wish  him & give him a good night kiss . Arnav  slowly picks Roshni  and places her  in the crib.


It was past mid-night, Arnav   was fast asleep however Khushi  was restless she kept on moving her sides. The restlessness was disturbing her badly she woke up checked on Roshni   and then on Arnav She noticed how peacefully Arnav was sleeping a tear rolled out of the corner of her eyes thinking how rudely she had talked and behaved before sleeping  to Arnav  today.


She decides to rectify the misunderstandings that occurred earlier, she moves slowly towards Arnav  and snakes her hand around his bare top. Hugging him happily she whispers, "I'm sorry babe, I shouldn't have talked to you that way or acted like that " she kissed his cheek


Arnav  was well aware of Khushi's situation, and replied, "baby  , ufff tum bhi na, I can understand its ok love you babe "


Khushi happily kissed on Arnav's lips  while he smiled and kissed on her forehead, she mentioned Arnav  that she couldn't sleep without her cuddly pillow.


Arnav you know right I can't sleep without my strong sexy pillow  she teased

She placed her head on his bare chest


Listening to that Arnav blushed while both still had their eyes closed but smiling

He pulled her on his chest and wrapped his strong arms around her


. Finally Khushi  kissed him on his chest feeling secured, while Arnav hugged her back and they bid each other goodnight.


Good night my sexy hubby  

And pecked him one last time

Good night my hot happening wifey and they closed their eyes and fell asleep in each others arms

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rimzu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 5:34am | IP Logged
nyc update...but i really wanna kno whose following her??

update soon
chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 5:35am | IP Logged
but who the hell is following her
and why is that person following her
gosh this is getting bit confusing
but i can see they love each other a lot
though something has her disturbed for sure
wonder what that was all about
so he is pretty possessive of his wife and child
awww bless aint that cute
cheers for pm
cant wait to know more soon
rini_kat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 5:51am | IP Logged
nice update.but who is following Khusi.Is it NK...I don't think Roshni is Arnav's child...I am just getting confused
pmehra300 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 5:58am | IP Logged
Amazing chapter
Loved it
Who was following khushi
Is he the father of the baby
Arnav and khushi are so happy in their married life 
Yellow. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 6:04am | IP Logged
awesome update!! is nk following khushi???? 
Charmz_58 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 6:11am | IP Logged
It was an amazing update 

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