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pallavi.14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Hey everyone. I am here to irk you guys again..
sorry for that in advance, this is an OS on Kriyaansh.. It is the first time I am trying out something like this, hope i will pass with at least grace points.

so Its a write up which a very dear friend of mine Kuhu aka Kuhu_arsha wanted me to write on..
she gave me some aspects weaving which i had to write an OS, i really hope i am not letting her down..

Okay enough of my opening you go with it.


"Joseph.. my routine, large one please.." she ordered at headquarters bar..

Bar keeper flashed his toothy grin at her and immediately placed a large sized Mug on metal counter.." here you go kriya... your usual Beck's light chilled.." he left with a smile on his crinkled face...

Kriya inhaled the skunky smell of her drink and took a sip from white froth spilling out of glass mug..." Umm... it feels so relaxing.." massaging her neck she averted her gaze to plasma screen in front..which proudly features the success kriya and her team nailed perfectly in that case...

She had worked day and night to bring out the master mind behind  whole conspiracy and now its time to celebrate her 'Me' time, the time which her job swallows down.. Being a spy and working on needles of clock was part of her life since she ever knew... but as they say there comes a saturation point of all good dreams too..

kriya was not exactly saturated but was kinda tired after spending sleepless night for almost one month and chasing the credentials of links...

Her train of self calming zone was interrupted by a manly husky voice.."So Agent, breathing easy after grilling assignment.." he questioned with a smug plastered across his well sculpted face...

Kriya scoffed at his dominance and retorted back..." Don't poke me Reyaansh.. find yourself some other agent as of now let me laze a bit"

"Ahaan...when you are spending your time off, how can I not take the pleasure to rattle your peace.." he took his seat on the high raise stool adjacent to hers and rested his elbow on counter top...

"Joseph one for me" he winked at bar keeper and flashed his pearly smile...In no time he was steering glass filled with shinning amber potion of Kentucky spirits whiskey, viscous liquid coated the surrounding with sweet goodness of its...

It reached to kriya's sensing organs making her flesh have thousands of electric goosebumps rise up under her tissues, she knuckled her fist and gulped big amount of ice cold beer... making her throat burn with inflictions...

"Ohh.. looks like someone is having adverse effects of our deadly combo" Rey spoke up while teasing her more..

"Shut up..Rey and If you forget then let me remind you this is our work place not you third grade pub, so maintain some decency.." Kriya finished her mug's content, paying for it she hopped down from her seat...

"Fine... lets store it for later then, Now..." pausing for moments and covering the short distance between them.." Do what we are best at..."

Rolling her eyes off at his statements.." You..know what, i think you should grow up Now, we are doing that since ages..come on cultivate some more creative cells in you" taking her black leather jacket from near by coat stand and putting it on her white tank top she passed him...

"And why not just say this..that you are not being your sporty self this time Baatcutter.. show me the Lynx avatar in you" He abetted her by annoying her to the deepest veins..

Her eyes opened wide at the choice of his words and clicking her fingers she swear.." Bring it on..let the destiny play it.." kriya took out set of her car keys from her pencil denims and challenged him..

"Woah... You scared the hell out of my system... but Only a little.." Reyaansh stepped forward and grabbing her from waist poured out the details..." let us decide the pointers of deal, first of all... destination will be as usual as from last four years..we are both gonna take the same path, no diversions and no shortcuts.. and most importantly the bet..."

kriya pushed him..." have some breathe you jerk, and whats for bet??"

he sniggered to which kriya throw a deadly glares at him which he surpassed as nothing..."nothing different, the winner will have leisure of making loser do whatever he wants... you see whatever.." rey dragged the last word making it clearer to her..

"I am not deaf Reyaansh Singhania, so stop exaggerating.. and cool be ready to slave me.." she dashed out of glass doors and catches elevator to parking lot..

he chuckled.." run.. run kriya, no matter how fast you are now, its me who is gonna win this time.. And its a promise from you my little feline creature.."

Rey slipped out and reached to his secret den inside his cabin, opening up the heavy metal shutter doors from his mobile sensor programs... brushed his fingers on black Lamborghini Aventador, the best buy he has done till date... flapping up its doors he slithered on beige leather seat, adjusting mirrors he programmed destination in GPS of metal machine and opening up garage.. rey pulled out his shiny black GTI automobile.. its surface was  as clear as one can spot fine lines of their faces.. he rolled over sleek steering wheel and applied brakes just beside kriya's Red jaguar XKR-S she has already been out of her usual parking space,was just waiting for the race to begin.. her jaguar's windows were down so rey peeped in..

"Nice color suits your personality..glittering Red and grey interior speaks of how stiff agent you are.." he laughed after drawing similarities of kriya and her roaring machine... this irked her up.

"Get a life Reyaansh, just start up now, will you?" thumping hard on her accelerating pedals she made her Jaguar thunder..

wearing their Bluetooth and shades both raised their hands in thumbs up while kriya did a gesture of slitting throat too, and in reply of which rey mimed an air kiss which she overruled..." ready..lets the race begin.." they yelled in unison and zoomed out of their headquarters building..

Touching the national highway they both paced up and pushed the gas button, making fuels working up higher... they were like having a mouse and cat chase.. it was a scenic view, glistening red and black four wheels effortlessly bustling and making course through wide lanes of concrete expressway under the setting horizon of evening sun, orange and red splash of colors spread in sky was enriching the whole atmosphere of their race... rey muttered to her...

"Kriya just wait and watch dear..slowly i will make my way out and you will sulk on.." kriya heard his daring confident remark. 

she smirked and lowered her gear.." that.." asked him arching her brows..

his Lamborghini was just at mere arm's length from her jaguar..."Really" he answered back and then chuckled to irritate her..

" then have this... it will soothe your damn male ego Sir.." she banged her cars front on his passenger seat door.. he was amazed with her antics..

"Ahhaa...ouch, Its unfair.." he blasted his tonsils out..

she gave a loud wicked laugh.." everything is fair in love and war..."

"But what was that for exactly?  i could have crashed my car.." he was uncertain about her this wild side all of sudden..

"That's for making me slog like a pig over the last assignment sir" and while saying that she reversed her car and again tugged at his black roaring engines bonnet leading away.." and that's for doubting my capacities and questioning my skills of thinking in front of my juniors SIR.."

He looked at retreating hatchback of Kriya's red jaguar.. smiled and accelerated again.." So how does it feels now Ms.Kriya, feeling better Now? Hm"

She banged her head to grey puffy head rest of her seat.." You can't even reckon what i am thinking.. I feel like blasting your good for nothing head in million pieces, but unfortunately being your subordinate i have to report that also to authorities .." she paused  and blinked her eyes.." I think you are an amazing easy target Reyaansh Sir, so just stay on deal for now.."

"So..purely business" he whispered

kriya watched through rare view mirror and calculated he was at good meters away.." All in all business.." she replied with a calm composure..

" much as i hate to say this, pay for your sins now..." he ignited the fuel, speedo-meter needle ticked 280 and he was in seconds par with kriya's red panther...

GPS of her jaguar instructed her of a toll plaza at next 400 meters... which she was clueless as its new one and was not here last time she raced on this track,so being a cautious citizen she slowed down her speed limit and followed the bill boards of cash token lane... but her eyes went wide almost popping out when she saw rey's black Lamborghini crossing her and zooming off the lanes of Smart toll tag broads...

"Ohh... You knew about this toll" she blared in her coup..

he laughed like a manic.." I always keep tabs on my future, don't you know this..."

"And you also knew that my car doesn't have that tag installed?" she punched her steering wheel while waiting for her number and leaned to windshield for counting cars just before her...

"Ahhaan... I have every in and outs about my Agents, so bye have fun and see you honey.." with this he took off Bluetooth and geared his running machine to smaller one,now he was calm about marathon...

Kriya motioned her head frustratedly and shouted.."How could I be so stupid.." and on clearing her toll payment.. she raced as if driving for her life, with a determination on her face...

Kriya reached to her finishing point exactly at nine with dark black and grey layer of sky heading them, she came out with utmost disgust on her face watching rey lazily spreading out on his black lustrous bonnet, he was juggling some apples in his hand and was humming to music booming from his deck system... kriya was agitated on that site and switched it off.. this brought rey back to his surroundings...

"Whatt... i was enjoying that, and its your favorite one..." he slipped down and stood on his foot..

"Look... " she couldn't complete it... as he turned her, supporting her back to his chest and crossing his arm across her neck locking her to his manly cage...

"you have some less time to fulfill my bet, and that was tit for tat... so find the 'surprise in your car Agent... Reach on time exactly an hour later..." he pushed her towards jaguars driver's door so that her feminine front crushing down with windows,forcing her in between his strong muscles...

"And I hate late comers.." with this he freed her and took a large bite of apple... with a devilish grin...

After few minutes kriya found a glossy silver box under her seat.. opening up that she was spell bound...

"Nerve of that moron... he wants me to be in this Six yards.." she felt the soft texture of red chiffon fabric and wrapped up with thoughts of evil...

"Get ready to witness stars, Captain..." and she left for some mental peace...


Kriya entered the the place which was scribbled neatly on handmade paper, it dropped when she unfolded the Saree which Her captain Reyaansh has left for her... She was clearly very impressed with him, the saree spoke about how intelligent shopper he is... running fingers through her soft descending curls, kriya made her way towards neatly trimmed lawns.. there were yellow lights adorning fence, she knew where Reyaansh could be as that was the favorite place of hers in this farmhouse...

Hurrying her steps to poolside at the backside she felt it altogether a different world... poolside was ornamented with yellow glittering lights on the sides of it was a lavish gazebo spread out with fine mattresses and matching cushions.. draped with net curtains tying from each corner...It was surrounded huge vase of red roses bloating the redolence in airs and Chinese lanterns floating on clear pool water.. illuminating the sphere,she bend down till water level and brushed her fingers with lantern edges it was emitting the warmth.. she witnessed his hazy reflection at back of hers in water and smiled with serenity.. This was the moment when kriya marooned her stiff cloak of being a Spy and she was really having a time of her life..

rey smiled with elegance watching her bare back which adorned only two red threads firming her blouse piece in place, his eyes beamed with ecstasy and fascination... clearing his throat he voiced out a deep hoarse sound.."Madame.." rey forwarded a champagne glass from back of kriya.. smelling the liquid she let out a small chortle..

"Ain't you the weird one here??"

"what did I do?" Rey was perplexed with her question rather her proclamation.

"You know what I mean... don't you?" with this she got up and steadied herself on heels..indicated to glass cutlery in her hand.

"ohh...about that.. see you are not a wine or champagne woman but a beer one so for maintaining the essence of dinner date I just did beer in those fancy glasses.." he winked at her and then proceeded to capture her bonny waist...

"I thought many things for this perfect encounter, but you sealed my mouth..." he traced fingers with the curves of her sculpted waistline and rested his hand on the bells of her silver waist chain... whacked them to create musical chimes...

"Nice... so now what have you decided??" kriya took a sip of her Budweiser...whether it was the smooth lotion she was gulping down her throat was creating those havoc or her boss's soft fingers who were audaciously making patterns along her waist chain... she was feeling hops deep down her belly... placing her empty glass aside she enveloped her hands around Rey's torso delicately..

"Err... you look lip smacking, even goddess Venus will envy you today" withdrawing his hands from her crook of waist he took a step back and gazed at her as if reading and noting her every aspect, scarfing down the inch details of kriya in that red see through chiffon saree which has silver sequence work on  borders, those sequence were shimmering over her tropical tan skin embellishing it more...and the fabric was playing peek a boo with his hungry eyes... the sheer cloth was swaying with nights wind making it possible for him to have a perfect chance of gobbling her intense training toned petite frame...

"You are an enticing woman.."  he plunged towards her with out a warning, and engulfing her with vehemence in his every touch..

"So its a bait, Am I right?"
Kriya's brow bones were domed with skepticism..

"Um-hm.. Probably"
she understood his clear intentions with those twisters Rey's.

crimson red settles down on her cheek bone which she can vouch for,as Rey always have those pigmentation effects on her... Kriya's lips curved in crescent shape with an elfin gleam in her orbs.. she slightly pushed Reyaansh back... and with syrupy voice she purred into his ear drum..."You are free to devour reyaansh...but on my terms.." chewing his lower lip he gave into her..

" and whatt are they??" he was confused as why she was killing the mood..

"Just entreat me without using your fingers on me, they shouldn't brush upon my flesh and you have a prop to use as well, that's..." she motioned her head pointing towards the sides of decorated gazebo...

"What..A red rose??" he was not astonished by her choice and she nodded with approval..

"Here you go Honey.." with a swift turn he grabbed a rose stick in his mouth horizontally..His fine eyes were grazing her to every bits of her anatomy... he endures such a high level passion in them..

kriya's always french ponied hairs were open today and curled with tender bounce..that sight of hers caught him like a wave bang in his chest, robbing his ability to speech and sending several thunders to his soul stirring him up.. Rey swept that rose petals across her bare neck line throttling the roaring senses in her... she curled hands into fist at sides..

both of their minds and heart were engaged together at precise. Rey held the rose in right hand and tingled it along her left arm weaving through her palms till shoulder bone, and nuzzled to her shoulder blades puffing warm breathes on her sleeves his teethes worked with the sliver broach holding up her saree, letting it free he teared away.. making red fabric falling down in heaps..

Kriya couldn't take away her eyes from Rey's caramel ones which yells the story of his raven..her soft lips drawing nearer to him slightly parted.. but he had something else on mind, winking at her he gently placed that red rose on her half opened lips, her eyes  fluttered with all types of mixed emotions about what was he doing exactly.. but those doubts got cleared in a jiffy as he  rested his lip brims on rose, blooming the overwhelming heat in her.. he gingerly coddled her upper lip.. sucking the flavor of red rose and intoxication of beer juices from her lips.. both were indulged in an obsession of melting in a hungry kiss...

Grazing her jawline with the rose blades he segmented inch apart leaving a scandalizing thrill in her body.  He lowered the feather petals stroke them in lines with her heaving curves, his eyes smoldering hers causing her to turn scarlet with carving. Rey was having the most pleasurable time of his life watching The Great Agent Kriya who was known for her killer instincts and harsh dealing with criminals was now turning wobbly like a gummy worm..

trailing the rose till her flat exposed belly he toyed with her belly button which sends shivering rhythms down her spine.." Rey..stop and do something already..." she hissed with urgency in her words...

"Hm-mm not so soon dear,let me have my lamb slaughtered beautifully" he whispered that in her hairs and turned behind her crossing her parted hairs down the shoulders..

Rey whopped  some air on her naked shining slender back, snaking the same coral colored flower down along her spine he uttered.."you asked me to have this pleasure, so i am gourmetting it.."

Kriya knew any moment she would be collapsing in a pile of jelly right there, but being already drugged with the curiosity of experiencing this.. she tighten her curled fist.."hold me Rey... be with me"

Rey curled his lips in a snarl he spoke in a murderous volume just the way he threatens prisoner while interrogation..." Not yet darling.."

with this Kriya felt soft textures of red rose in every curves, dips and planes of her back posture and the final dash of his sweet torture made her eyes go wider.. he loosen the string  holding her piece of blouse with his fangs..

"Reeyyaannsh..." kriya ached with the thirst and scrunched her eyes shut acknowledging his chiseled chest creasing her unveiled dainty femininity..

His hands swept her off from tile flooring and leads way to the enchanted world of theirs in bedecked plush gazebo.. placing her on fur mattress softly..Rey concealed her velvety sun kissed frame with his..
Enveloped in the amore of each others arms.. they both were witnessing purple and grey skyline shimmering with stars, at exact Midnight Rey collided with her nose and murmured.."Happy Anniversary Wifey..." with this he gave her a mouth full kiss...

Kriya smiled bearing a rosy tint from their ferocious act."Happy fourth anniversary Hubby.." she snuggled more to his exposed broad cage rubbing her palms on his worked abs..

"Love you.." kriya purred faintly in his nape vibrating words against his skin and gave a gentle kiss..

He kissed her forehead running fingers through her hairs with love and passion.."Love you  Mrs. femme fatal Singhania.." wrapping her up tightly both drifted to a slumber land of esteem love, aggression and  mania for their work which they share..


The End..

Was it confusing? Then let me clear they were a married couple and work as spy agents and were having their wedding anniversary but being an adventurous couple they celebrate it in their own way..

I am just keeping my fingers crossed for this..

Hope you guys liked it...Do post your valuable reviews and suggestion and hit the like button..

If not then i am open to all the criticisms too.. so eagerly waiting for them...

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kuhu_Arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 7:21am | IP Logged

wowieee me 1stDancing

sholly sweetie 4 late cmt my net ahhh s***Angry
no more bakwas sedha cmt peCool

1st thnku so  ise acept krne k liyeHugHug
n d os girl u nailed it yrStarStarStar

beginning  was perfect i luv it totally,,,,
kriYaansh spy agent wowiee
der convo,,,bet.. kriya losing itLOL,,,
n lst me der romance Blushing hayeeeBlushing
btw me  lst tak guessed nhi kar payi  that they were marriedTongue
well it was beautifully describeClapClap

hawt,,superb ,,awesome ,,,amazingg,,,fantastic,,, brilliant ,,, beautiful ,,,outstanding n even those words r not enoughBig smileBig smile ur works r always unique n fabulous.. i toh love ur works..n u knw datBig smileBig smileHug
mene jitna socha tha use bahuttt acha hai yeh os,,,,well done pallu,,,tussi cha gyeClapClap

luv u n once agn thnkx alot mere liye yeh os likhne ke liyeHug
muhaaa :*

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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 7:44am | IP Logged


this s d 1st tym m reading ur workEmbarrassed

and i jus loovveedd itttBig smileHeart

beautifully writtenClapClap

and d twist n d end was amazingggBig smile

totally a mindblowing osThumbs Up


Edited by aishu3003 - 26 June 2013 at 11:32pm

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 7:44am | IP Logged
Res. .:-D
yupie. .me 3rd. .:-D . . .
Superb OS DI. . .
I totaly lovd it. . .
Baba re. . .
Start read kerke toh i thought ki kriya n rey ek dusare ke khoon k pyaase h. . .
Lovd the way potrait the whole OS. . .
Unka race,beech mein unke coments,finaly rey winning. . . . .
And then mocking kriya. . . .
And kriya fumming with anger. . .
Then the unexpectd twist,and then sach pata chaling ki rey and kriya HUSBAND AND WIFE HAIN. .
OMG. . . . .and apni anniversary adventurs way mein celebrate ker rahe the. .by. Godd. . . .
Hahaha. . .
Bt,i lovd the whole sequncs. .

Edited by Madhukumari - 26 June 2013 at 11:34pm

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sweetydiyafrien IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 8:47am | IP Logged
that was just awesome and superb os...SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

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-Ocean.eyes- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 8:52am | IP Logged
So you entered in writing KR os's

Amazing os di

i loved it

kuhu ke sath hamari bhi lottery lagg gayi

bubbles thanx a lott dear that you gave this challenge...

And di thanx a lott for accepting it..
Amazingly penned down...

Like nailed it..
I was so waiting for the end..

You know what..end tak aisa hi lag raha tha that they are just is senior and other junior...aur bas competition laga rahe hai ek dusre se...thats it

no one would have guessed ki they are married
that was surely an amazing twist here...loved it

and that farmhouse was so beautifully described...wowww

and again hamare se jyada uss rose ki lottery lag kya karwa raha hai rey usse

i loved the ending

thanx for the pm

Edited by -Ocean.eyes- - 26 June 2013 at 9:49am

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 9:43am | IP Logged
its superb 
i was about to bug u for update but u updated this 
i really loved the story
please update ur other one also

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-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 10:32am | IP Logged

it was really well penned down  ClapClap

great writing skills...

i could n't have guessed that they were married

amazing way to hide the twist..

fram house description

nailed it Big smile

thank you for the pm

do write more

and do pm me

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